FIT File: Zwift CEO Eric Min // Zwift Ride, Zwift Tron Bike, Price Increases, and the Future of Zwift

For those not subscribed to the FIT File (it’s free!) via your regular podcast app or on YouTube, here’s a quick post with the highlights from the most recent episode.

In this episode, we sit down with Zwift CEO Eric Min to discuss the new Zwift Ride, the Zwift Tron Bike, price increases, and the future of Zwift. Note this is a *different* interview than one that I did solo with Eric, where we dove much more deeply into the business aspects of the company, what worked, what didn’t work, and more. There’s virtually no overlap between the two interviews.

Below are the chapter/topic markers for this FIT File interview:

0:00 The Origins of Zwift
8:51 Zwift App Evolution
10:14 Jon Mayfield’s Role at Zwift
12:20 Zwift’s Inflection Point
13:50 Future Plans
16:59 Working with smart trainer companies
18:22 Zwift Tron Bike
Tron Bike Ideas in the Zwift Ride
22:55 Zwift Ride Concept
28:25 Zwift’s Target Audience
31:24 Thoughts on the Price Increase
34:46 Zwift Family Plan?
39:11 Future of Zwift Run
41:52 What Zwift Level is Eric?

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One Comment

  1. Jay Dub

    Great listen, always nice to hear the story from a CEO.

    Is there still going to be a technical / Zwift HQ tour video? I remember seeing some testing equipment in the original interview video.