Eurobike Sports Tech Roundup: Cool & Quirky

Above I’ve got a bit of a round-up video of sorts diving into a few different things I found floating around the Eurobike show floor. Some of it’s cool, some of it’s quirky, and some of it might well be vaporware. Also, you get to see me be thoroughly distracted by an assortment of crazy bike contraptions cycling by as I filmed this.

Now, I’m going to actually break some of these out into separate posts, specifically the Rouvy one, with a dedicated written post on that, since it’s so cool. But till that happens (likely Monday, after I get some Tour de France time-trial tech stuff out), enjoy this quick video on some goodness I found. Likewise, once the other bits end up at the DCR Cave, they’ll get posts as well.

0:00 Quick Intro
0:44 Smallest inflator on the market
1:45 Rouvy GoPro to 3D World Converter
5:29 Lezyne Saddle AI Alert Light
6:09 Lezyne Flexi Stem Mount (for action cams/lights/etc…)
7:28 Some New Thoughts on Trainers/Smartbikes
8:59 Xpedo Power Meter Pedals
10:46 WhiizU Virtual Cycling Platform
11:46 Eurobike Announcements Going Forward?

Also worthwhile, check out some of Shane Miller’s videos from Eurobike. We spent the first two days together, and then he apparently can’t find his airplane ticket to leave or something, and is still roaming the floor 5 days later (actually not kidding). We chat at the end of his first video, and then he’s got follow-up videos on even more quirky sports tech stuff, including one on Power Meters & Random Bike GPS units, and one on…like…everything else. Legend has it he’s just gonna find a coat closet and stay till next year.

With that – thanks for watching!



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  1. Heinrick Hurtz

    App agnostic.

  2. Marta

    What is the name / model or website of the air pump?

    • ArT

      Mini pump on aliexpress for a long time – link to

    • That’s actually a different model, and appears larger and lacks a display. I’ve seen some other re-brands of that one as well.

      There’s countless mini pumps out there. But the XCadey one above is certainly the smallest one I saw at Eurobike, and seems to confirm what XCadey is saying that it’s the smallest they know of as well. And also the smallest with a display I’ve seen (most inflator companies basically offer a display and non-display version, with the display costing a touch bit more, but usually worth it).

    • ArT

      Yes, you are right, the indicator is important.

  3. usr

    Oh, is that rouvy tech an application of gaussian splatting? That tech could change a lot in the indoor platform market, could be a huge opening for companies able to pull it off with low fixed costs. Might be the start of a price war.

    Clearly, I want to see a screencap of watopia mountain route put through that pipeline 😅

  4. Karim

    Love the bikes in background in video whizzing by. I am in the market for a travel and home rechargeable inflator. Have you tried or have an option on the fumpa OG (larger one) or cycplus? Ideally something with an accurate gauge and can do multiple tires. Thanks.