Smart Trainer In-Stock Alerts

Please note: Service currently in beta, see known quirks at bottom of this page!

Having a hard time finding the trainer you want in-stock? No problem, I’ve got ya covered. Below shows a constantly updated table of the most popular trainers and smart-bikes and their current stock status.

But even more importantly for the harder to get ones, you can now subscribe to in-stock alerts, which are tailored to your specific country for US and European readers. The moment that trainer (or smart bike) comes back in-stock you’ll get an e-mail alert. Act fast though! For the most popular (and hard to get) trainers, they may only last in-stock an hour or two.

We have plans to increase the number of stores/retailers we monitor – but we’re working to simply start small and stabilize first.

Can’t decide what trainer to get? Read my complete Winter 2020-2021 Smart Trainer Recommendations Guide here. As well as my full Cycling Trainer App Guide here too!

High-End Trainers

These are the best smart trainers out there today, with the flagship model from each of the four major smart trainer companies.

Mid-Range Trainers

These trainers are all mostly in the $800-$900 price range, and are great options when you’re looking to save money (for example, to then apply that saved funds to something like a Wahoo KICKR CLIMB or Elite Sterzo Smart).

Wheel-On Trainers

Then there’s the wheel-on trainers, which are ideal for training on a budget

Smart Bikes

Last but definitely not least we’ve got the full-on smart bikes. These are the three core smart bikes that are offered in both the US and Europe.

We purchased this last Black Friday (2022) during (more)

We purchased this last Black Friday (2022) during one of Wahoo’s refurb sales, and it’s become our main ‘trainer’ at home, for both myself and The Girl. It’s worked well as a cross-over bike, though, we bought an extra saddle/seatpost to better deal with swaps, plus added some RedShift Aero bars. It’s effectively replaced the Tacx NEO 2 that I had in the Shed.

These three accessories below seem to be the hardest ones to find in stock right now, so I’ve included them here as well, in case you’re looking for them.

The KICKR CLIMB simulates a climb by raising (more)

The KICKR CLIMB simulates a climb by raising and lowering the front of your bike, recreating climbs up to +20% and -10%.

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Beta Notables: The trainer stock alerter tool is currently in beta, as such, you may encounter some bugs. At this point, I do think we have most of them worked out though. In general, folks in the US should find things pretty spot-on right now (mostly because it’s easier with one country/currency). For folks in Europe, I think we’re mostly past all the issues. Still, with tracking 44 countries and prices/stock inventory across nearly a dozen EU retail sites, the number of geo-location combinations quickly adds up. As always, if you see an issue, feel free to reply to the notification with details on what went wrong – and we’ll definitely take a look!