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The failed openwater swim that landed me in the hospital

My plan was simple: Go for a short openwater swim. Since I rarely get openwater swims in while at home in Paris, I planned to make the most of my beach time in Tampa.  I had a few different openwater … Read More Here

A history of products destroyed in product review testing

As you already know, a lot of products come through my testing ‘lab’.  After my testing is complete and my review is written up these products head back to their respective companies.  Leave no tracks behind and all. But sometimes, … Read More Here

Not a happy ending: Losing a crank mid-ride

Generally speaking, in cycling, there’s no good reason for bike grease to ever end up on your left leg.  The right leg, sure, it can brush the chain, chainrings, or any other number of parts related to the chain’s operation … Read More Here

Snippets of workouts from the past week (and how I killed a $1,700 camera)

This past week has been a work whirlwind for me, hence why the posting has been a bit light lately.  Thankfully, the worst of it is over, and now I’m almost back to full speed around these parts.  But that … Read More Here

How to learn from the Marine Corps Marathon App Fiasco Failboat

For those of you outside the DC area, you may be unaware of all the trouble that occurred over the past few days when one of the nation’s largest marathons contracted an app to be put together to allow racers … Read More Here

A very short trip to Jamaica

This will be a very short post, for a very short trip. After leaving Canada and the ANT+ Symposium on Wednesday (well, technically Thursday I suppose) I caught a few flights that eventually had me descending into the very water … Read More Here

The Las Vegas Triathlon (not much of a) Race Report

If you were following my Tweets this past weekend, you know that things weren’t quite all rosy in Las Vegas for me.  Shortly after wrapping up my week-long wandering of the Interbike floor, The Girl and I headed out for … Read More Here