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The MySwimIt Safety Device: Good or bad for triathlon races?

This evening I got an interesting comment posted to an old post of mine from last summer.  My original post was about the NYC Triathlon swim deaths that occurred during the 2011 Nautica NYC Triathlon.  That post touched off a … Read More Here

Were the NYC Triathlon swim deaths preventable? A look at our sport.

It’s easy to look at the tragic deaths of two triathletes during the NYC Triathlon this past weekend and dismiss it merely as an unfortunate case of ‘chance’.  It’s easy to say that it’s simply a fact of life that … Read More Here

Race Reminders: NYC Triathlon Early Registration, IM 70.3 Race Openings & Marine Corps Marathon App

It’s that time of year where the most popular triathlons for next year start to open…and sell out just as quickly.  The first wave of these starts later this week, with many of the other big names occurring over the … Read More Here

The New York Triathlon 2010 Race Report

There are early race start times…and then there’s Nautica’s NYC Triathlon start times.  How early you might ask? Well, 5:54AM. I don’t even think the birds are up that early.  But…I was. Actually, I was up at 4:00AM.  Luckily, I … Read More Here

The NYC Tri Expo and Underwear Run

Quick Administrative Note: In an effort to bring you the latest scantily clad triathletes running around central park, the normally scheduled Weekly Mailbag post will instead appear tomorrow.  Thanks! As you might have guessed by the title, I’m up in … Read More Here