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Guest Post: How to take great triathlon photos

Note from Ray: Hi All!  I’m venturing into my first guest poster on the blog.  Bruce is not only the guy who takes all my awesome triathlon race pictures, but also flies The Girl and I around to races.  Bruce … Read More Here

Getting pushed out of a plane at 14,000 feet

As you may remember from yesterday’s little Space Shuttle adventure, we had a brief stop to make on the way home…or so I thought.  I had been told by pilot and crew (aka…The Girl) that we were just picking up … Read More Here

Checkin’ out a Space Shuttle launch

Back a few years ago a friend (Bruce) and I started talking about the idea of going to see a Space Shuttle launch.  We’re both fairly interested in aviation and space, and it seemed like a logical road trip to … Read More Here

How to fit two triathlon bikes into a really small private airplane

There’s some smart nuggets amongst ya’ll yesterday in the guessing game around details about the picture I posted.  You can read all the guesses here.  And here’s the original the picture: Some of you picked up on two key items … Read More Here

Wild West Virginia

This weekend was quite a whirlwind – and I’m not even talking about the 17” of snow we got.Friday afternoon I ran away from the DC area in a westerly and then southerly direction towards Snowshoe, WV.  The commercials around … Read More Here