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Wahoo Adds New RIVAL Features: Race Distance Snapping, Find my Phone, and More


It’s been a couple of months since the last Wahoo RIVAL GPS watch feature update, but true to their word, Wahoo has continued to add new features to the RIVAL GPS watch. Some of these race/athletic focused, and some of them more general focused. These add to the existing features Wahoo has added post-launch including track running mode, structured workouts, alarms, and music control.

Wahoo RIVAL users should start to see these features hit their devices over the course of the day (rather, be offered to update over the course of the day). As always with device updates, it may take a few days for everyone to see the new features. Firmware version number 1.44.11 or higher is what you’re looking for (along with the latest Wahoo ELEMNT companion app on iOS or Android).

What’s New:

There’s three core new features being rolled out today, and here’s the quick and dirty overview of each:

Race Running: This feature basically ‘snaps’ your race distance to known markers on a course. For example, let’s say you’re running the NYC Marathon, and notice that your GPS is doing craptastically bad (normal, for that course). This allows you to force the distance back to ‘known good’ markers by simply pressing the lap button when you come near a Mile or Kilometer marker. Some of you may remember the Garmin Connect IQ app that I showed years ago that does roughly this same thing.

Pin Page: This lets you set what is basically a ‘favorite’ data page on your watch during a workout, that will automatically switch back to that favorite page after 10 seconds (if you’ve changed to a different page).

Find my Phone/Device: This allows you to find your phone from your watch, when your toddler/cat/bird/SO steals it to browse Instagram. But inversely, it’ll allow the phone to find the watch. So that when you take off the 24×7 watch you’re supposed to be wearing, you can find it again.

So, with that quick overview, let’s dive slightly more deep on each one.

Race Running:

First up is the Race Running feature. As noted up above, this lets you snap your race distance to the nearest mile or kilometer marker. The main reason to use this is during races, but some people may have well-marked trails/paths (and they might even be accurate too). What’s interesting here is that I suspect Wahoo is actually leveraging their existing snap-distance feature that they have in the Track Mode, which snaps to the nearest 100m chunk when the lap button is pressed within 25m of the turn.

Beyond the distance though, Wahoo will recalculate your pacing-related data fields too – so those also match correctly.

Ok, to get started it’s got a new workout profile (aka sport profile), which you’ll see in the sport list. By default it should show up automatically, tapping it opens up the details:

clip_image001 clip_image001[7]

You’ll be able to change all the usual data fields/settings for it. But when you scroll down on the Race Running field, you’ll see the new options shown above.

There are three options within it:

Course Markers: This lets you toggle whether you’ll be tapping using the mile or kilometer markers. So for example, if I’m running a race in the Netherlands, I’ll want to use the ‘Kilometers’ setting, since it’s 99% likely the markers are in Kilometers (some big European marathons will actually put out mile markers for major mile distance). Inversely, if I’m running a race in Washington State, I’m gonna use the ‘Miles’ setting, since it’s most likely I’m going to see mile-markers instead.

Pace Units: This allows you to differentiate between pacing and distance. This is handy for people like me who may be using distance in kilometers on a race, so I can match-up to the course markers, but might actually prefer pacing in mins/mi (or vice versa).

Auto Lap Pop-Ups: This lets you disable auto-lap notifications for distance. The laps still happen, but the notifications don’t. The main use case here is again the NYC Marathon (or similar tough inner city courses) where you know the GPS-based distance is gonna be crap. So this allows you to use just the manual Course-Marker laps for notifications, rather than the automatic ones.

Now, as always, you’ll need to apply a bit of common sense here. Which, I fully recognize that at mile 21 of a marathon, may not be fully present. But having done more than my share of running races over the years, there’s plenty of scenarios where race organizers simply misplace mile/kilometer markers. Or, they get moved post-placement by volunteers/officials/police for any number of valid or invalid reasons.

Typically speaking, races will spray-paint markers on the ground in the days/weeks leading up to the race, for placement of signs. Then, at 5AM in the dark a truck will come along and volunteers will plop the kilometer/mile-marker sign on the spot. Hopefully fueled first with coffee. And hopefully on the correct spray-painted marking (as opposed to the pipe/cabling markings the utility crew just did the afternoon prior).  The good news is that if things are incorrect, you can re-correct at the next one if you need to.

Pinned Workout Pages:

The idea behind this feature is you can pin a preferred workout data page, and have it automatically revert back to that page after 10 seconds. For example, in most cases my preferred running data page is a foursome of: Lap Distance, Lap Time, Lap Pace, Current Heart Rate. But perhaps I want to see the total distance or time on a different data page. I manually tap to change data pages to find that on some other page. The Pinned Workout feature will then automatically revert back to my favorite page after 10 seconds (without touching it).

To enable this, during a workout, simply hold the two zoom buttons together. By default, these are the bottom two buttons. You’ll see a confirmation on the screen as this happens:


And that’s it! This will persist across workouts as well (within the same sport profile), meaning, the next time you do a run it’ll be the same. Also, you can undo this by simply holding the bottom two buttons again (either to change it to a new page, or get rid of it).

Find my Phone/Device:

Frequent loser? I mean, loser of stuff – not a loser in life or anything. Then these two features should help you out. First up is the ability to find your watch. Within the Wahoo ELEMNT app, if you scroll to the bottom on the settings page, you’ll see a ‘Find ELEMNT RIVAL’ option:


Tap that, and then the watch will do something exciting, chirping and vibrating (if it’s on a hard surface, the vibrations will probably be louder than the chirping):


The only thing I’d say is kinda silly here is that it just plays its tune once, lasting 5 seconds. Whereas most other ‘Find my junk’ things out there will continue to play for extended periods of time, and/or until you tap the unit. And given the ‘You Found Me’ page stays on the watch until manually dismissed, it might as well chirp for at least 30-45 seconds, if not longer.

Note that this feature will ignore any do-not-disturb or silence settings you have on your watch. Inversely, both features in this section require that your phone be within range of your watch. In most cases, that should be within a few rooms of your phone/watch.

Next, is the ability to ‘Find my Phone’ from the watch. Simply hold the bottom left button down to access the menu, and then select ‘Find my Phone’.


Within that, press the ‘Play Sound’ button:


That’ll change your phone’s volume to 100%, and then plays this loud sound that increases in volume. It’s one of the better find my phone type sounds. However again, it only plays it twice lasting about 5 seconds in total, rather than just continuing to play it.



As I’ve noted since the beginning, the RIVAL was always going to be a long-term ‘thing’. Something that was realistically going to take 12-18 months to become competitive. The company stands at the 9-month marker now, and I think they’re on course for that 12-18 month timeframe. Certainly, folks will argue (correctly) that watches like the COROS Pace 2 are far more full-featured at just $199 – albeit, without the looks of the Wahoo RIVAL.

Still, things like the Race Running are cool, and just as useful to certain groups of folks as any other feature. The thing with features and watches is there’s rarely a single killer feature for everyone. Rather, it’s the collection of all these small features that makes or breaks a watch in the market. Everyone has their own ‘1% feature’ – a feature that only 1% of people care about or use, but for that person, it’s their most important thing. Getting a unit to have enough of these features to compete is the tricky part.

And in the case of the Race Running feature on Wahoo, they’ve likely done their homework. If you look at the Race Screen Connect IQ app that I highlighted five years ago, it now has nearly a quarter a million downloads. It’s insane. Thus, there’s clearly demand for this type of feature, and Wahoo must have looked at things like that and said (logically) – why not just build it into the product?

Similarly, for more generic features (like Find my Phone), it’s effectively just a check-box that Wahoo needs to check along the way to competitiveness. Because again, different people value different things.

With that – thanks for reading!

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  1. inSyt

    Incoming: Loads of downloads for the Race Screen Connect IQ app.

  2. Owen

    Nice to see further updates, and accuracy (elevation specifically) seems to be improving over time.

    Do you think it likely they’ll add some form of navigation/breadcrumb trail at some point? That’s the only nice to have that’s missing for me.

    • Yes, I’ve gotta believe route navigation is high on the list…

    • Kuifje777

      Agree! Not having any kind of navigation is the only reason for me to hold off on the watch. It must be comparably easy for Wahoo to implement this, as they already have the backend working for their bike computers.

    • Patric

      Agree too…
      I’ve asked the support if something in developement. They said no, but i can’t believe.

      Also a native Stryd-support would be awesome, for example like Coros do.

      Holding on my Rival as a backup-watch.

  3. Stefan

    Instead of the Race Running feature, I would have preferred the Rival to work with a run sensor (eg their own Tickr X!). This would give correct pace at 90% of the times, no matter if you‘re in the city or in a tunnel. This and different HR zones for different sports types would make the watch perfect for me!

  4. Sankarsh R

    When will metronome come to this watch?

  5. Andrew Weyl

    Hey Ray,

    I think in your list of features you wanted to say Pin Page instead of Ping Page

  6. portemat

    That “Pin Page” would be great on the ELMNT bike computers too.

  7. wu qingwei

    Any news about the stryd support ?

  8. Sankarsh R

    Hi Ray,
    Any new about when Metronome will be added to the Wahoo RIVAL?

  9. Sean K.

    Any idea when Wahoo will add structured workout sync with Today’s Plan?

  10. Alan Taylor Farnes

    Just bought a new Rival (Oct 2021). Apparently the find my x option is gone now. Weird.

    • Alan Taylor Farnes

      And the music control also doesn’t work on my watch. Weird.

    • Alan Taylor Farnes

      I also can’t get rid of the little red 1 badge on the bottom right of my elemnt app. Usually that means there’s an update but I can’t find an update nor any reason why there would be a notification badge there.

  11. Paul Robichaux

    I really, really wish that Wahoo would add an option to check or force firmware updates on the RIVAL, as they do on their bike computers. As things stand now, there’s no way to tell when or if you’ll get an update. My ELEMNT companion app is in a cycle now where it will show the little red “1” for half an hour or so, then it will disappear, then it will come back. I’ve already applied FW updates to my other ELEMNT devices, but the RIVAL remains steadfastly un-upgraded.

    • Alan Taylor Farnes

      I was having this same issue and contacted Wahoo support. They told me that updates happen over the air at 2 am. In order for that to work the phone and the watch must be connected. I usually turn my phone on airplane mode while I sleep so that’s why it wasn’t working. I just left it connected last night and now everything is updated.
      I agree that a check for updates option would be nice like on the bolt.