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Wahoo Adds Native Stryd Support for RIVAL Watch, Outlines Future Plans

Its been one year since the Wahoo RIVAL GPS watch was launched, and in that time Wahoo has added a number of features. From track mode to structured workouts, music control to race distance snapping, find my phone and even … Read More Here

Wahoo Adds New RIVAL Features: Race Distance Snapping, Find my Phone, and More

It’s been a couple of months since the last Wahoo RIVAL GPS watch feature update, but true to their word, Wahoo has continued to add new features to the RIVAL GPS watch. Some of these race/athletic focused, and some of … Read More Here

Tech Tidbit: Wahoo RIVAL Chirps Happy Birthday To You

While it’s been quiet the last week on the site, that’s largely because I’ve been on vacation. Or at least, vacation from posting (while on vacation). And while I had grand plans for many pre-planned posts, those never entirely materialized. … Read More Here

How To Use Structured Workouts On The Wahoo RIVAL

While the big news from yesterday was Wahoo’s new BOLT V2 bike computer, they also announced structured workout support on the Wahoo RIVAL GPS watch, enabling you to sync in workouts from TrainingPeaks, as of today. Though, it sounds like … Read More Here

Quick Hands-On: Wahoo Adds Music Controls to Rival Watch, Plans for TrainingPeaks Workout Support

Over the last week Wahoo has quietly rolled out a firmware update that adds music controls to their Wahoo Rival multisport GPS watch, enabling it to changes songs on your iOS device. For those on Android, Wahoo says music control … Read More Here

Wahoo Adds Track Running Mode to RIVAL GPS Watch: Hands-on Test

It’s been 5 months since Wahoo released their RIVAL GPS watch, aimed primarily at the triathlete crowd. The watch has seen a few firmware updates along the way, mostly minor tweaks though. Albeit, one of the bigger updates was adding … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

While the weather gets chillier, the sun has mostly kept itself in view. And atop that, a steady stream of new products makes their way into the cave. Most are more minor in nature, but still certainly interesting. Plus, this … Read More Here

Wahoo RIVAL Multisport GPS Watch In-Depth Review

It’s Wahoo’s first go of creating a multisport GPS watch, how does it handle, and stack up against the competition? I dive into all the details, literally – complete with a triathlon test. Read More Here