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Wahoo Further Clarifies Canyon/Trek/Giant KICKR Incompatibilities with New Adapter


If there’s anything the internet is good at, it’s sleuthing through imagery to find inconsistent details. Last month when Wahoo and Canyon casually dropped a support update out saying that the Canyon Ultimate CF frames (specifically the rim brake variants) weren’t compatible with Wahoo KICKR17, KICKR18, KICKR CORE, or KICKR V5/2020. This also applied to a number of Giant and Trek trainers. They said it would rub the frame, and then the frame would catch fire and give your riding buddies Syphilis. Or something like that.

For realz though, they said it’d rub your frame and break it– and indeed, some Canyon Ultimate users had started noticing this back this past summer. However, that didn’t seem to be the case for me and my Canyon Ultimate CF SL. It was absolutely nowhere near touching anything. Even in my most laborious sprint, nothing flexed enough to do anything. Albeit, I do suck at sprinting.

So this is the long story of vindication for my bike. And also Wahoo’s new adapters.

(Or, you can just skip over the juicy internet mob parts, and go straight to the update parts at the end…but that’s not what you want to do on this mid-January Wednesday. You probably need some excitement in your life about now.)

My Canyon Ultimate:


As always, the internet does not suck at sleuthing. And it didn’t take long after Wahoo & Canyon’s announcement before the comments started flooding in on my older posts and YouTube videos, telling me I was going to soon die of a shattered bike.




Now mind you, I’d been riding an assortment of Wahoo KICKR trainers for the better part of 3.5 years at this point. I’d had the KICKR 17 in the summer of 2017, then the KICKR18 and KICKR CORE from the summer of 2018, and then the KICKR2020 from mid-summer of 2020. At no point has my bike touched or been touched in an inappropriate way, and my bike still hasn’t started smoldering or shattered. I mean, sure, my drivetrain is always a dumpster fire that needs cleaning – but the frame itself hadn’t combusted yet.

So, I went back to Wahoo with an exceptionally lengthy e-mail asking for clarification. I’m pretty sure by now anytime a company receives a long e-mail from me, they know it’s unlikely to be good news.

(The e-mail included half a dozen links to both Wahoo and Canyon pages showing numerous inconsistencies in the wording and naming, including a reference on a single page that pointed to a mostly internal reference model number for the Canyon Ultimate CF SL)

image image

A boatload of e-mails back and forth and I finally had my answer.

Turns out, only the 2019-2021 variants of the Canyon CF SL rim-brake versions are actually impacted. Prior variants, like my lovely 2016/2017 variant aren’t impacted at all. And in fact, unofficially the 2019-2021 variants can be ‘solved’ by simply turning the adapter around and using the 135mm side, which eliminates any unwanted rubbing. After all, this is not a Tinder date – rubbing was not appreciated.

Important note though that as of today – January 20th, 2021, Canyon hasn’t however finished the approval of this axle adapter flip-around, nor, the upcoming new axle adapter.

So while both Canyon and Wahoo’s site just blanket list Canyon Ultimate with rim brakes being incompatible, in actuality it’s only certain newer model years. I don’t know if Wahoo or Canyon will update their 28 different pages that list these models all over their sites, but, at least I got some clarity that mine is perfectly fine – and maybe yours too.

New Wahoo Axle Adapters:


As it stands today, the following bikes are considered incompatible with the Wahoo KICKR 17/18/20 and KICKR CORE trainers:

  • 2021 Trek Emonda
  • 2020-2021 Trek Domane & Madone
  • 2021 Giant TCR Advanced Pro
  • 2020 Cervelo S5
  • 2019-2021 Canyon Ultimate CF SL/SLX/CFR rim brake models*
    *Fix pending final approval from Canyon

Each of these however can be fixed via a new adapter that Wahoo has started production on, and will be made available shortly (for free). These new parts essentially add slightly extra clearance for the frame to avoid undesirable contact with the KICKR trainer.


The three parts at left will replace the two existing parts at right (above) and give greater frame compatibility and clearance. They are as follows:

1.    New 12×142 Non-Drive Adapter
2.    New 12×142 Drive Side Insert
3.    New 12×142 Drive Side Cap (allows the frame to pivot)
4.    Original Drive Side 142/148 Adapter provided with the KICKR/CORE
5.    Original Non-Drive Side 142/148 adapter provided with the KICKR/CORE

More specifically, the following:

– Part 1 replaces the old/stock non-drive side KICKR 142/148 adapter (#5)
– Part 2 and 3 replace the old/stock drive side KICKR 142/148 adapter (#4)

Finally, there will also be a new 148-only adapter that will replace the existing combined 142/148 adapter, but I don’t have a photo of that yet.

These new adapters will be made available to any customer upon request, via customer support, for free. That’ll happen in the next few weeks. Additionally, a rolling production change will occur for new KICKR’s coming off the assembly line to include these new adapters instead of the older ones.


Ultimately, it’s virtually impossible for bike trainer companies to test every single bike and bike configuration on the market. It’s just never gonna happen, and also physically impossible to have every bike ever made on hand to test/validate. Still, I think there are ways that bike trainer companies can work with the major manufacturers to ensure these sorts of incompatibilities are quickly discovered and listed before they get too far down the road.

Which isn’t to say that Wahoo or Tacx or Elite needs to send out pre-production unannounced trainers to all the major bike companies to validate, because honestly, that’ll just result in leaks. However, having new trainer units ready to roll to the major frame makers as soon as a product is announced would be helpful so that incompatibilities can be found quickly and documented. And on the bike manufacturer’s part, there probably has to be a realization that the vast majority of customers of high-end bikes are using them on trainers. After all, when these 2020 bikes came out, the KICKR 17/18/CORE were already on the market for quite some time.

But the best news here is that I’ve now got a post I can point to the next time someone watches one of my Wahoo trainer videos telling me my Canyon is gonna shatter. An answer for them, and a page view for me. See…win-win!

With thanks for reading!

(Speaking of views, if you’re looking for which trainer to buy – hit up my full Winter 2020-2021 Trainer Recommendation Guide Listing here.)

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  1. Thomas Palguta

    Thanks for sharing. I went back and forth with Wahoo about my 2020 Trek Checkpoint SL5 in Nov/Dec to eventually be told, after many photos, that my Kickr ‘17 was not compatible. Had to buy an adapter for a Snap that was my wife’s ($59.00) to make that work with the Checkpoint. Needless to say, I was not happy. I really hope this is the solution. The Snap is OK, but nowhere near as nice as the kickr.

  2. Wahoo “sucks” big time lately since they can’t make reliable heart rate monitors…. The HR Tickrs 2 and X2 are useless!! Firmware is bad. Such a sad story!!

    • Knope

      I’ve tried the Tickr line before and always have connectivity issues. I have no idea why they’re so beloved in the fitness community other than “great marketing” (and first to market with BLE + ANT+).

      Conversely, the Polar H10 has been rock solid for me and my spouse for years.

  3. Renaud

    Hi Ray. Thank you very much for this information.
    I happen to have a 2019 rim brakes Ultimate CF and just noticed the rbbing on my frame. I bought my Kick Core last may and this incompatibility did not exist at this time.
    What should I do ? Shall I stop using my trainer straight away ? Is my frame damaged and unusable ? Does it need some repair ? Should I contact Wahoo support ?
    Let me know…

    • As a starting point, you should check the frame to see if there’s any damage. Check out that Reddit link at the top to see what damage would look like.

      Assuming none, then flip around that adapter and use the 135mm side for now to keep things safe.

    • Renaud

      Thanks. As you can see there’s been some rubbing against my frame… :-/ I flipped the adapter and there is no contact now. I’ve contacted Canyon support to be advised…
      Now I’m wondering if I can use my bike without risk.

    • Renaud

      I just had an answer from Canyon, I was advised I can continue to use my bike but indicated not to use any Wahoo trainer.

    • Moshik Amit


      I also have Ultimate cf.
      Do you need to use force to spread the part where the wheel is?


  4. Been using my Trek Emonda 2021 and my Trek Madone 2020 consistently on my Kickr Core 2020 and I never noticed any possible rubbing whatsoever. Or maybe it’s just me not caring at all XD, certainly doesn’t seem a major endangering issue .

    • Update: I just noticed i have similar scratched on my Emonda. I have sent a support request asking whether this can affect my bike ride safety.

    • Lars

      Hi Luca
      Did you get any reply from Wahoo and would they deliver a adapter to fix the problem? I have just purchased Kickr Core and I am now realizing there is a compatibility problem with my Emonda 2021.

    • Luca

      Here’s their latest reply, dated 28th Jan though ?

      “Your replacement Adapter has been ordered and you will receive an update with the tracking details once it has shipped.”

  5. JB

    Hi Ray,

    Good to have that overview and covered by Wahoo. Not natively speaking English, but there feels something not right with this sentence?

    It’s just never gonna happen and physically impossible to have every bike every made

  6. Carl Sealby

    Thanks for that Ray, very interesting, roughly how much clearence should there be between the frame and the trainer? I am currently using my Ridley Fenix sl disc, with thru axle, on a 2020 trainer, but I’ve noticed just lately when I’ve been swapping it for my wifes Scott with QR, that when I’m swapping the adapters the cassette side adapter has started to become very difficult to get out, that difficult that I need a screwdriver to prise it out, but I also noticed when I’m tightening up the thru axle you can see the frame and rear mech pull in quite a lot? Hope that makes sense.

  7. Phi

    As opposed to my Scott plasma that sits up in the air at an angle of ~22 degrees cause the chain stays foul on The neo, driving and just about all other trainers.

    • Steve

      That was what forced me to get a H3 when my Direto broke. I have a Plasma 3 Premium that is known to be incompatible with the Neo, and when I borrowed a KICKR it fouled my Canyon Ultimate as per this article. The H3 is perfect with both (and the cheapest of the three top level trainers – win win!)

    • Phil

      Yeah mine was the team issue and I have found a low tech solution by putting the red of the trainer up on blocks.
      Tilt the whole thing forward and it clears.

    • Todd Tannenbaum

      And the Saris H3 comes with a bunch of adapters included in the box… don’t need to purchase additional adapters later…

  8. Mary

    Oooof. Had no idea of this and have been riding my Domane on the Kickr Core for months. Do you know if we can go ahead and request the replacement parts? Off to look for damage now…

  9. Todd

    Any idea what the issue is with the TCR? Wahoo seems to only list the Advanced Pro 0, but you list all TCR Advanced Pro. I can’t imagine what would make the 0 different from the 1, so I am guessing your list is right?

  10. Will

    All bikes and trainers are designed using Computer Aided Design software.

    They only need to share the interface surfaces.

    Car manufacturers and suppliers have been doing this for decades.

    To make life simpler going forward they need to agree standards.

  11. Steve Hislop

    Any idea about compatibility with gen 1 & 2 Kickr with new frames? Specifically the 21′ Emonda?

    • Filip Deneve

      I have a 2020 Emonda Disc and had a Gen 2 Kickr.

      While you could buy the adapter kit and give it a go, I would advise you not to try it.

      First issue: there is hardly any clearance between the Kickr and the chain stay (around the place where the brake caliper sits). From what I’ve read the difference between the Gen 2 and the Gen 3 is a cutout around the axle to provide more frame clearance. I tried solving it by cutting out part of the trainer (the trainer is 5 years old and it was just empty space covered by a cap so I thought I’d just give it a shot).

      I then installed the bike on the trainer, clearance was ok and I took the bike off again to check for any damage (better be safe than sorry).

      That’s when I ran into a second issue.

      I found that the part that screws on the quick release at the drive side and tightens things up I don’t know the name in English) had become stuck in the frame. I was afraid I had damaged the thread of the dropout but in the end I managed to (forcefully) pull it out without damaging the frame.
      Workaround n° 2: I filed off the paint, which did the trick.

      I then tried riding the Kickr for 1 minute without resistance to check everything was ok. While everything seemed to be good that time round, when I took the frame off the trainer, I noticed that the paint on the 142mm adapter (that needs to inserted into the Kickr where the 135/130 mm adapter is usually placed) had been chipped off.

      That’s when I decided I’d had enough. I was afraid the adapter would damage the frame in the long run so I decided to sell the trainer, tell potential buyers to stay clear of disc brake-equipped bikes and buy a trainer with actual thru-axle support.

      I’d happily add some pictures but I have the impression that I can only add one so here’s the picture of the chipped 142 mm adapter.

      You could try flipping the adapter as Ray suggests but (if my logic is sound) that will mean the clearance issue will be back.

  12. Will

    Plus the dynamic clearance envelopes

  13. Tom

    This makes me feel much happier thanks Ray.
    I ordered my KICKR back in November, literally seconds after I pulled the trigger I spotted the compatability issue with my canyon (the same medal as Ray’s). I tried to cancel my order straight away but couldn’t so was staring down the barrel of the hassle of posting it back to wahoo.
    Anyway by the time it had turned up I had been digging around and spotted Ray using his ultimate on a KICKR. My new trainer arrived and I thought let’s put the bike on and see if anything is an issue. Couldn’t see one so for the past three months I’ve been riding in zwift with this constant worry at the back of my mind that my bike would disintegrate at any moment.
    Ray (and I guess to some extend wahoo), thanks you’ve certainly put my mind at ease.

  14. ars

    I went back and forth with Trek & Wahoo multiple times, getting different answers each time. Until Wahoo finally gave me a bit more detail. They also changed their website several times regarding the emonda & domane issues. Turns out, the AL versions should be fine, but the carbon models are the ones having the issue. Here’s a table they provided me with the trek specific models that are having issues. My 2021 AL5 Domane seems to fit ok on the kickr, but i’m still going to apply for the new adapter. I wish they would update their website to list the SPECIFIC models of the frames that are impacted.

    • John

      Thanks for posting that graphic, @ars!

      I agree it would be very helpful if their Kickr bike compatibility info (not even a wahoofitness.com link, instead it links to some strange third-party website: yonyx.com) was more specific w/r/t to the specific models and what the issues are with each.

  15. Steven

    Why are trainers not able to fit within the bounds of a rear wheel? Isn’t the shape around the axel well defined. I’ve never heard of a wheelset not fitting. I’d accept that these aren’t designed to fit a 5spd freewheel but anything wider than 130mm should work.

    While I’m here, I’d like to see cassette spacing adjustment on a trainer and not have to adjust bike from wheel to trainer to wheel.

  16. Steve

    Interesting to see this article. I’d not spotted the kid year releases on this subject. I actually engaged with you on twitter about it back in the summer!
    link to twitter.com

    Both Canyon and Wahoo were a bit “huh?” when I contacted them about it, but the wahoo guys did say using the 135mm on the borrowed KICKR I was using was a possible solution.

    In the end, when getting my permanent replacement once some stock re-emerged, I just got a H3 which is great with both the Canyon and my Plasma 3 TT bike (which has known incompatibility with the Neo).

    Whilst I do get your point about trainer companies not being able to test against all know frames, the issues with the KICKR and Neo are largely of their own making. They could easily have a narrower dropout contact point in the case of the KICKR. The H3 is super narrow at that point and there’s a good 2+ cm of clearance. And I can’t imagine the Neo has to be quite than “long” at the front.

    • Will

      Technically it is trivial for the trainer companies to test every bike. The bike companies share the CAD surfaces – virtual testing. This is a failure of process to date.

  17. Alain

    It doesn’t rub on my Domane SL6 Disc either although others claim there is running. I wonder if the disc vs rim brakes scenario is the same situation here?

    I had just acquired the Kickr V5 (2020) in October to go with the insideRide for my 2020 Domane SL6 when I read about rubbing. I was going to go the route of using a lathe to remove some of the material on the spacer / adapter as some have done but when I test fit the adapter with my frame I have several mm of space so it doesn’t actually rub.

  18. Bjorn

    Looks like Wahoo copied my solution to make the frame pivot in combo with the Climb :)

    I’ve contact them a long time ago because the dropout om my Venge was getting damaged by the adapter. The adapter turned at the frame side instead of the Kickr side. My solution was an nylon washer on between the adapter and Kickr. Really curious to see how their solution performs because it looks like the are both metal.

    • Bjorn

      Now that i look again i see that the washer is for the drive side. Now I am even more curious if the new adapter for the non drive side will also solve the problem. Am afraid not …

    • Bob

      Wow, I’m surprised this issue is not more talked about. I just lifted the bike a few time and it was enough to create a bunch of carbon dust where the adapter meet the frame. I have used a similar solution, I made a plastic washer and installed it on the adapter (the section that goes in the Kickr) which allow it to rotate. I have ordered a nylon washer as a more permanent fix. I have contacted Wahoo before about that issue but they seemed not aware of the issue. On my aluminium bike it rubbed a bit of paint away which is not a big deal. Now on a carbon bike, the damage could be much more substantial.

    • Bonty

      You should just lightly tightened up the thru-axle, the bike should easily fall back down if lifted up at a 45 degree angle.

      It may be that your thru axle is too tight?

    • Bob

      It’s torqued with a torque wrench to 10Nm as required by the frame manufacturer.

  19. Tom Holmstrom

    Doesn’t #1 replace #5, and #2 replaces #4?

  20. Kevin

    To those wondering if it was causing damage or not, I really had to push to get my 21 Domane to seat. Took it off after one ride because I thought something was off and there was clear paint damage. So if you were able to seat your bike I’m hopeful that you don’t have any issues!

    • Brian

      Same here. I have a 2021 Domane SLR7 and had a hell of a time mounting it..I decided my Emonda ALR would be my trainer bike.

  21. Ross Evans

    I’m not sure I agree with the correction to the Canyon year variants. My 2016 Ultimate CF SLX is definitely impacted by this issue with the KICKR’18. I have managed to bodge a fix using some shims but its great to know there will be some revised adapters available as a permanent solution. Thanks for the update!

  22. Brandon Schuh

    For the Trek Emonda, does it apply to all models? I was considering a emonda ALR rim brake.

  23. Andy A

    Another incompatibility, although not the same as this one.

    Specialized SL7 with Kickr 15/16 and Thru Axle adapter.

    The non-driveside adapter piece that goes through the thru-axle hole on the frame is longer than the frame is wide, so when you tighten up the QR skewer to compress everything together, it doesn’t actually push on the outside of the non-driveside frame. It pushes on the end of the adapter which is poking too far through the hole in the frame, and therefore it doesn’t actually hold the bike tight.

    I did raise this with Wahoo and they said they were unaware, but as it was an old trainer model it wouldn’t be resolved.

    Kickr 16 replaced with one with native thru axle support and all is good!

  24. George Wilson

    I noticed they recently added the ’20 and ’21 Madone to the list despite previously only saying the Domane and Emonda have issues. I have a ’19 Madone SLR which as far as I’m aware was not changed for the ’20 model year. Should I be worried?

    • George Wilson

      Update: I took a look at my driveside on the trainer. Seems to fit fine to the hanger, although there are some small marks on the frame that seem just like a layer of paint. Any suggestions?

    • George Wilson

      A better pic

    • Tom Holmstrom

      I have the same paint missing on my 2021 Madone SLR Disc. Don’t mind all the wax flakes in the pic.

    • George Wilson

      the driveside spacer has a slight pattern on it. You can see it inprinted on the inside of the derailleur hanger in both my photos and @Toms. But while you can also see the pattern slightly on the photo Tom posted, you can’t on mine. Maybe there is a slight difference betweeen the ’19 and the 20-21 Madone?

    • ars

      seems like normal paint scratching from bumping on the trainer/wheel when mounting and taking off. I think the frames having the real issue are seeing the dropouts being chewed into, more than just superficial paint scratches

    • Tom Holmstrom

      “Superficial paint scratches”???? First of all,, paint wear is mentioned in the notice that trek sent out. Secondly, do you know what paint wear leads to? Next step is carbon wear…aka frame damage. No amount of paint wear is acceptable, no matter how minor some may want to deem it.
      My nondrive dropout doesn’t have a single mark, scratch, or ding. It is absolutely perfect. My drive side has no paint left around the entire lip of the dropout.
      If it was being caused by just putting the wheel on or putting the bike on the trainer, then it would be on both sides.

  25. Mario B

    Didn’t realize this was an issue until I read it here so I greatly appreciate the article. I took off my bike from my trainer which I’ve had it on since Dec and unfortunately I have this issue. Not sure if it’s just cosmetic (not a big deal cause the bike already has war scars) or something more structural. Bike is an Emonda SL 7

  26. Jeff Willert

    I’m curious if there have been similar issues identified with any of the other major competitors in the mid-high end direct drive trainer space? Have you heard anything about Tacx or Saris H3 issues related to incompatibilities with some of these bikes (Canyon/Trek)?

  27. Tim

    Is the added 5mm a legitimate stress to the frame? I have a 2021 Ultimate (rim brakes) and I bought a Kickr Core a couple of weeks before Canyon acknowledged the incompatibility issue. I bought in US, but live in the Middle East. Returning is not an option. Ugh!

  28. Mathias Ritter

    Anyone knows the compatibility of the Canyon Ultimate CF SL rim brake to a Tacx Neo 2T?

    Looking into buying that one. Tacx has not updated their compatibility document in a long time and Canyon cannot give a straight answer

    Thank you.

  29. Mike F.

    Owner of a 2019 Canyon Ultimate SLX (rim brake) and a newly purchased Wahoo Kickr V5. Reached out to Wahoo customer service, and as of today’s email, the new adapter will still not fix the Ultimate’s incompatibility with the trainer.

  30. Timothy Longua

    So I think I have a handle on this. I have a 2021 Ultimate (rim) and bought a Kickr Core in December. I ran into the same problem and caught it early enough that it only scratched the paint. Here is an update:

    It’s fixable. Wahoo knows about the problem and is crafting an adapter for the 6 bikes determined to be incompatible. They won’t confirm dates, but have promised to ship the adapter free of charge when complete.

    In the meantime, I had washers made. 26mm x 19mm of varying thickness. After playing with it, I determined that 1.5mm does the job. You can probably get away with 1mm, but 1.5 adds a little wiggle room. The 1.5mm washer is still within the width of the frame (there is no stretch/stress to the frame)

    Canyon hasn’t approved anything and basically told me the problem can be solved by not putting my bike on the trainer.

    I’ll use the Wahoo adapter, especially if approved by Canyon. That said, it’ can’t be any more effective than the 1.5mm washer.

    • Mathias Ritter

      Hi Timothy,

      Thanks for your help. I actually got a good selling deal and sold the Wahoo. I’m going for the Tacx Neo T2 which Garmin/Tacx rep confirmed it was compatible for the bike.



  31. Mark


    Thanks for this useful info. Do you know if it just the 2021 Giant TCR Advanced Pro or does it affect the Giant TCR Advanced 2 Disc as I have just picked up my son’s new bike and he is desperate to try it out on a Kickr Core (we have snow forecast for the next few days).

    Great site buy the way.

    Thanks, mark

    • Mark

      I can confirm that it does indeed affect the TCR Advanced disc models too as I have just checked. I have contact Wahoo who say the adaptors will be sent to retailers to distribute but speaking to my local retailer he knew nothing about the issue. They have contacted the local rep who said it only affects Trek bikes but Wahoo own website list the following:
      Canyon Ultimate with rim brakes [disc brake version still compatible]
      2021 Trek Emonda
      2020-2021 Trek Domane & Madone
      2021 Giant TCR Disc Models
      2020 Cervelo S5
      Lauf True Grit

      Looks like either need the adaptor or I will be selling one of the Cores to buy something else.

  32. sigs

    The 2020-21 Domane is fine but no room for error, anyone who has superficial damage isn’t being careful enough when installing. If is slightly misaligned you will get those teeth bite marks, you have to be really careful when installing it, I would request the new inserts once available.

    • Kev

      Respectfully Sigs, I’ve got to disagree! I was incredibly careful and still managed to get paint chips after a single ride. More importantly, both Wahoo and Trek agree that you should NOT be riding the 20/21 Domane on the Kickr, and CAN request a replacement.

      I’m super happy you’ve had good luck, though!

    • Bri

      What do you mean by “request a replacement”?

      I had been riding my ’20 Domane SL5 on this thing for 6 months before I learned about the issues. It’s a little tricker to seat, but seems stable once I tighten up the thru axle. Pic attached of what it looked like when I found out.

  33. Andrew

    Hi Ray. Any word from Wahoo when they think these will be available? I’ve reached directly a couple of times but have not heard back from them. Thanks.

    • Mark

      Hi Andrew

      My LBS put me in touch with the local Wahoo rep who after checking told me they are expecting them to be released in a couple of weeks so as an end customer I’m hopeful that we will have them within a month. I’m in the UK

  34. Victor

    Tried my 21 Emonda SLR and it was a no go. I also tried my 21 Trek Supercaliber and drive side was not fitting as well.

  35. Hylke

    Hi Ray,

    I asked wahoo for an update on the issue as I am planning to buy a giant TCR disc. It seems that there are still some troubles with the new adapters since I got this response:

    “Wahoo is doing all that it can to modify the current thru axle adapter design to accommodate certain frames in the marketplace and we are working closely with these manufacturers to ensure the success of these revisions. However, this process takes time. The bicycle manufacturers provided their feedback on the first run of these adapters and it was determined that additional revisions to the design were required. The investigation is still ongoing to determine if their recommended revisions can be made.”

    As I recently bought the wahoo kickr v5 I will hold out on buying a giant TCR as I would like my new bike to also fit my smart trainer.

    Keep up the good work!

  36. Tom H

    Welp, after that recent email from Wahoo, I just sold my Wahoo KICKR Core and my Saris H3 will be here in a few days. I would have just waited it out, however my 2021 Trek Madone SLR 9 ETAP will be here this week too…..I certainly wasn’t willing to put my brand new SUPER EXPENSIVE bike on my Wahoo…I was already using a 2021 Trek Madone SLR on my Wahoo and it wasn’t having terrible issues, but it did chip the paint slightly on the dropout.
    I mostly didn’t like the part of the email where Wahoo said something like “it’s not possible to make a product compatible with EVERY bike out there”. Makes it sound like they’re accepting defeat on this one….

  37. Paul

    I’m in the same situation – my Canyon Ultimate with rim brakes already damaged. Interested in updates about subject – when those new adaptors will be available.

  38. Brian

    Thanks for posting this as I did not know about this until I saw it by chance. For those still watching this – latest update from Wahoo as at Mar 5th 2021 and quoting their email reply to me in full:

    This email is a follow up to your support request with Wahoo. Wahoo is doing all that it can to modify the current thru axle adapter design to accommodate certain frames in the marketplace and we are working closely with these manufacturers to ensure the success of these revisions. However, this process takes time. The bicycle manufacturers provided their feedback on the first run of these adapters and it was determined that additional revisions to the design were required. The investigation is still ongoing to determine if their recommended revisions can be made. Wahoo is committed to doing all that we can to make our products compatible with as many frame designs as possible, but there are inherent limitations to making one product to work with all the various frame designs in our industry. Unfortunately we are unable to provide a specific timeline or estimated date for the availability of these adapters at this time. We appreciate your patience during this process and we sincerely apologize for the delay, we will provide additional information as it is available. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Looks like the first version was not ok and they are redesigning it (and it may never be solved for all bikes is being suggested).

    • Mark B

      Piling on here. Like many of you, I did not know this when I ordered my Domane AL 5. Found this out by going back to the Wahoo site to refresh myself on setting the Domane up on my Kickr V5. Based on Ray’s article, I too sent Wahoo an email asking for the adapters. I got the same reply. Here it is for the record:

      Late in 2020 several bicycle manufacturers updated the frames on a few bike models that resulted with them being incompatible with our 2017 through current KICKR and all versions of KICKR CORE. Wahoo is working closely with the affected bicycle manufacturers to explore compatibility solutions for these frames. Wahoo is committed to doing all that we can to make our products compatible with as many frame designs as possible, but there are inherent limitations to making one product to work with all the various frame designs in our industry. We appreciate your patience during this process.

      In the interim this support request will be placed ‘On Hold’ which will allow us to provide you with updates as they are available.

      i think I will wait to see how things go before putting it on the trainer. Not good since I ride a lot of my trainer.

  39. Rruss

    FYI my recent response from wahoo:
    When they mention “the article you reference” they are talking about this article.

    “Your support request is on hold pending additional information becoming available of a compatibility solution for Trek frames on current production KICKRs. The article you reference contains incorrect information – this is something we are exploring however we do not have a solution available to ship at this time. We will provide you updates when they are available however we cannot offer a timeline for availability. Please do not use the bike on the KICKR in the interim – it is not compatible and will likely damage the frame.


    I’ve been less than impressed with wahoos poor response time to questions and non helpful answers for such an expensive product.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure what/why Wahoo would say anything is inaccurate here. We literally went back and forth half a dozen times with the individuals overseen this, both before and after it was published to ensure it was crazy spot-on accurate.

  40. Kristen Ege

    Is this a problem only with the wahoo trainers?

    I have a Direto XR and am considering buying a Giant TCR 2021.

  41. Kevin Moran

    I have the 2017 Kickr and an Emonda 2021 SLR after contacting Wahoo here was their answer Lee (Wahoo Fitness Support)

    Mar 25, 2021, 2:13 PM EDT


    We are actively exploring solutions for these frames but do not have a solution available at this time. Information online to the contrary is unfortunately not correct. We will contact you with any additional information on this as it becomes available. We sincerely apologize for any confusion.


    So I’m at a loss for a solution.

    • “Information online to the contrary is unfortunately not correct.”

      I’m not terribly sure why Wahoo supports keeps trying to passively-aggressively pass the buck here. At the end of the day, what they stated above was accurate – and verified by them – prior to and after publishing of this post, which noted that production would begin soon. In fact, they can even see that in the comments section above, when two part orderings they had sent me were typo’d (by them), and then a reader noticed, and I confirmed with them, and then fixed (all shown in the comments above).

      The correct wording they should be using in their responses is:

      “At this point, our adapters have been delayed further while we work with bike manufacturers to ensure it meets their specification.”

    • Stephen Garner

      Unfortunately, Wahoo’s customer service on this issues has been absolutely horrendous, from my experience with this. Initially, Wahoo seemed to be responsive and helpful, but it quickly turned to blaming me and other excuses. A summary of my experience is below (sorry, its a bit ‘TLDR’).

      On 27 January 2021 Wahoo asserted that my frame (2021 Domane) was on the incompatibility list at the time of my Core purchase (3 October 2020). Unfortunately for Wahoo, internet archives are easily searchable and I demonstrated their assertion be false. In my email to Wahoo, I provided a screen capture of the compatibility list from a 9 November 2020 archive of Wahoo’s website that clearly establishes that 2021 Domane was not on the incompatibility list published on Wahoo’s website, even a full month after my purchase of a Core. (link to web.archive.org)

      On 2 February, Wahoo asserted that the published incompatibility list is “Known Incompatible Bikes” and stated that it is the responsibility of the end user to ensure compatibility of Wahoo’s product with bike frames. However, I have reviewed all of Wahoo’s documentation provided with the Kickr Core and nowhere in the product manual does it provide any statement that the “the KICKR end user is ultimately responsible for ensuring that their bike frame is compatible with the KICKR trainers such that damage to the bike frame does not result from using the KICKR trainer”, nor does it provide any instructions to the end used on how one would assess compatibility with the bike frame.

      On 2 February, Wahoo asserted that “To fully ensure compatibility, we recommend visiting a local Wahoo retailer to test your bicycle’s fit before purchasing.” However, I did visit a local Wahoo retailer on the date of purchase of my Kickr Core on 3 October 2020–my local Trek Store (to which I have receipts as proof)– and I was informed at that time (3 October 2020) that my 2021 Trek Domane was compatible with the Kickr Core that they were selling in store. Further on this point, I contacted my local Trek store (who is Wahoo retailer) and they informed me that they only received a service bulletin related to Kickr/Core compatibility issues on 7 January 2021, which is more than three months after I purchased my Core.

      Two months later….. still no solution…..

    • Mark B

      This article is out now. link to velonews.com

      It states that a new adapter will be available in about 6 weeks. Those who contacted support are supposed to get notified. Ray…can you verify?

    • Rao

      Oh, my God. Finally!?

    • Nancy Redheffer

      Not as of 2 days ago when Lee last replied to me.

  42. Bonty

    Add a 2021 Ribble Endurance SL Disc to the list of incompatible frames….

    Long story short, the drive side sleeve hits the frame before it comes in contact with the mech hanger face. requires a further 1.5mm length of the 12mm OD section. ( As pictured )

    The whole issue here in my opinion is that they will have to reduce the freehub threads from 5/8″ to a smaller size to allow a smaller OD locknut to be used ( the part with the two flats ) and beef up the internal ( make the I.D smaller ). This would then enable Wahoo to supply a Drive Side 12mm spacer which was 12mm along its OD and had no step ( which is the part that hits my shiny new carbon frame ).

    Also, less than impressed by essentially being schooled by Wahoo for not doing my homework first.

    How do I travel 200 miles with a Kickr to try it on a bike which the companies showrooms are all shut due to Covid-19. Unless you have forgot, we are in a global pandemic.

    C’mon Wahoo, it’s up to YOU to make sure they fit and be up to date with your incompatability list. Also, People don’t buy a brand new bike just for a turbo trainer ( I hope), It’s in YOUR interests that you do your homework and stay ahead of the game.

    You’ve dropped a major one with the shaft design and you know it.

  43. Benny Phelps

    Hello all,

    First things first, Ray: Thank you so much for this article, it was really helpful for me to aware before mounting the bike on the trainer.

    Now, sharing my experience about my bike having clearance issues in the drive side; KICKR V5 arrived today, however, I only opened the box to get out the Thru Axle adapters (C & D) and conducted some tests with them.

    I own a Trek Domane SLR 6 Disc 2017; Thru Axle 142×12;

    The non-drive side (Adapter D, as referred in the manual) has enough clearance; however I would be worried about the teeth bite marks left in other users here from what I can see in their photos.

    The big issue really is in the drive side (Adapter C), which has not enough clearance; the axle actually does not go thru, which clearly indicates an issue if mounting this in the trainer.

    Then I did a test using Adapter D, to check how the clearance goes; I was able to pass thru the axle smoothly, which indicates to me, that the needed clearance for my bike on adapter C, should be the same one as in adapter D.

    I’ve contacted Wahoo support before and after buying the trainer; I live in MX City, and there was no chance to test the KICKR before buying it; Wahoo did not help much, they only indicated that it was my responsibility ( I fully disagree) to make sure the trainer fits my bike, bla bla bla.

    I contacted Wahoo today and waiting for their response , on either providing the new parts or indicating any other option available; I’ll post any updates.

    Best Regards.

  44. MG_90

    Any update on comparability update with Giant TCR Avanced 3? I just tried to put it on the wahoo kickr core using the 142 non drive side adapter which seems ok but there isn’t enough clearance on the other side. Two considerable chunks taken out of my bike on the drive side. I can’t believe this. I only bought the trainer last weekend and I’ve never had a scratch on my bike. Do you know of any other smart trainers that are compatible?

    • Stu Brown

      I feel your pain, I have just done this on a brand new bike.

      I got nowhere with Wahoo really. I ended up taking matters into my own hands by first drawing a revised spacers then machining it.

      Job sorted, plenty of clearance now

    • M

      The damage it causes is horrific. You just don’t expect it with a leading brand like wahoo. I hope you get sorted.

  45. MGE

    Does anyone know of any smart trainers that are compatible with Giant TCR advanced 3 2021 frame? I’ve just returned the wahoo and I’m now left with a few gashes on my frame!

  46. G M

    I just received my Wahoo Kickr Core today and noticed when setting up with my Ultimate CF that there was zero clearance between the Kickr and the frame on the non-drive side. I’ve not ridden the bike on the trainer yet and I’m now considering what to do.

    All the discussion / images about new adapters appear to be for through axle, while the Ultimate is a 130mm spaced QR. Based on the fit of the Ultimate on the Kickr, I do not believe that there is any way to solve the issue with a new adapter. Basically the frame touches the Kickr even with no adapter fitted, so there is just no space to fix this with an adapter modification!

    Caveat that with saying I do not believe there is a way to fix it with an adapter while keeping a strict 130mm spacing. I considered the 135 adapter flip but I don’t like the idea of flexing the stays that much, I might settle on adding 2.5mm of spacers to the 130mm side to end at 132.5mm which will give enough clearance. The alternative is grinding the Kikcr frame but this seems too drastic…the alternative alternative is using my Inflite instead!

  47. Charlie Crichton

    Thanks for this article, super interesting. When I contacted WAHOO and linked this article asking for the new parts they just replied saying this is still being look into and they went able to help at this time.

  48. Ed Choi

    I was close to purchasing a V5 before I stumbled on this article. Here’s an update from a local bike shop as they’ve been in contact with Wahoo regarding this issue for a while. I have a ’21 Trek Emonda SL6-Pro.

    “Update from Wahoo – they’re landing the first batch of adapters in the next couple of weeks in Georgia. There were some re-works that the bike brands involved wanted to address, hence the delay. Once they land there they will ship our first round to us. We’re still waiting on an estimate of how many units they will be sending on the first round, but there will be many more to come. We’re also still waiting on a timing confirmation for when they will be included in the box with new Kickrs – let you know as soon as I know. Let you know when we have more info or have some ready to ship your way, whichever comes first.”

    Seems the delay might be because the affected manufacturer’s are involved now or more so than before.

  49. Nancy Redheffer

    May 2021. Wahoo support told me there is no solution to date for my 2021 Domane. I’m confused by conflicting information and frustrated.

    • Stephen Garner

      This has been an uncoordinated, unqualified, disaster (all on Wahoo’s part).

      I received the following response from one of Wahoo’s Support Supervisors last week: “[The adaptors] have now been approved by all manufacturers, but we are still a few weeks from receiving the adaptors at the warehouse and shipping them to customers.”

    • Nancy Redheffer

      Thank you so much, Stephen!

  50. Andrey

    Thanks a lot for the article.
    I read it ontime, just before mounting my Cervelo S5 current model on it for the first time …phew.
    I have Cervelo 2019 which is the first year when they started making that new S5 frame, so I think when Wahoo saying Cervelo S5 2020, they mean 2019 and up.
    Anyhow, called Wahoo tech support today and they said that are in the process of testing and manufacturing those new adapter kits, they are very much aware about the issue. They gave me a time frame that those kits will be definitely available by fall 2021. They took my information and address and promised to send me a confirmation email when kits are ready to be shipped. They will also provide those kits for free.

    Lets wait and hope.

    • Tim

      Literally so confused about this issue – I have a cervelo s5 2021. Bike shop telling me only 2020 on the list and not a problem, your post indicates 2019-2021 (which makes sense fundamentally the same model). Tested the trainer in the shop with bike doesn’t seem to be any issues, but now wahoo have emailed me confirming 2021 S5 not compatible and I should return the trainer… Extremely confused as to what to do!!

  51. SMO

    Has Wahoo started shipping the new adapter kit? I have several customers with 2021 TREKs waiting.

    • Nancy Redheffer

      No. Although I have read posts by people claiming to have received Wahoo again this week told me none are available. They continue to work on a solution. I’ve emailed support and they are very responsive. They have assured me they will contact me when an adapter is available for my Domane.

    • SMO

      This simply is to slow. Same with Campagnolo freehub – no update what so ever. Thx.

  52. GW

    I’ve had a very strange experience with their support staff. I have a Domane and I’ve been waiting for their adapters since January. They said they would be available soon.

    I don’t get any proactive communication and I follow up about once a month. Most of the responses are bordering on rude/condescending. There definitely isn’t good customer care being practiced.

    Do any of you have the same issue with their support staff? Has anyone heard any more detail on adapter availability?

    • Stephen Garner

      GW – I have a Domane as well, no additional updates. I have also had the same issue with their support staff. Its a shame because it is such a great trainer, but Wahoo has really done a belly-flop on this one…

  53. Brian McRobbie

    Hi all frustrated Wahoo users

    I just received this from Wahoo, so I thought I would share as its sounds like progress:

    Your order attached to this support ticket request #XXXX has been shipped! Your tracking number is XXXXXXX.

    Although when I click the tracking number UPS has no record of the shipment! (one step forward …)

  54. Brian McRobbie

    Just an update – correct tracking number received, delivery on Monday 31st! (but the tracking also says its in my home city so maybe sooner).

    • B L

      I never received a tracking number after confirming my address, however, the part showed up quickly after my email exchange. Installed on my trainer the other day.

  55. Adnrey

    Juts received an email from Wahoo that they will be shipping me a new set of adapters and its free.
    In the email they also included a URL to the installation instructions:
    link to support.wahoofitness.com

    • Darren Rhodes

      Me too, thanks to this thread I registered a ticket with Wahoo in April and got the same email yesterday saying we need your shipping address and the adapters will be shipping very soon! Wahoo!. Great to hear some are shipping already, it helps clarify what ‘very soon’ means!

      All thanks to finding this article and thread, awesome.


  56. Melissa

    After my first wahoo catastrophe with my giant tcr 21 frame I am reluctant to buy another wahoo with the adapter. Does anyone have any recommendations for another smart turbo that’s compatible? When I ask the brands they don’t seem to give a definite answer!

  57. Erik C

    Now with the adapters shipping out from Wahoo, should I go for the Wahoo trainer or stick with my first thought and go for the Saris h3 ? Or… ?
    I have a Trek Domane SLR7 2021 model.

    Thanks for the advice

  58. Brian

    Ok, so parts to solve this compatability issue arrived and been installed and seemed good. Than (after a ride) I noticed that the new axle nut is shorter and does not seem to hold the free hub in place (explains why shifting was dodgy). I have raised a ticket with Wahoo to understand what is happening – maybe i have got it wrong.

    Here is a link to a video where i put the old axle nut on – no movement and then the new axle nut and i have about 5 mm lateral movement. can anuone see what i have done wrong?

    link to youtu.be

    PS – yes i know the cassette should come off to tighten things properly which i had done initially but i didnt here to keep the video shorter

  59. D Ho

    I have the exact same issue with 2017 KICKR. The drive-side adapters are significantly narrower and result in a hub width of < 142mm. There's a 2-3mm gap between the dropouts. Even with the old drive-side adapters in, it is still narrower than 142mm.

  60. Bonty

    Has anybody from the UK received the revised adapters yet?

  61. Darren Rhodes

    Greetings all, in the UK and received the new axles adapters this morning. Just fitted to my Kickr V5, very straightforward process and no problem with axle width. My bike’s a 2020 Trek Domane SLR and it goes on nice, with consistent space between frame and the adapters on both sides.

    I’d never tried the Domane on my Kickr previously (having been pre-warned), so I was changing bikes, and also from QR to thru-axle, and from Shimano 11 speed free hub to SRAM 12 speed XDR, and unexpectedly, the XDR cassette was too far inboard, a whole gear out of alignment. Now I could have set up the rear mech wrongly, though it works fine on my Hunt wheel, but I just removed the cassette and added the XD 1.8mm spacer and everything is perfect. Slightly odd, but I’ll take that and delighted to get my ‘new’ bike onto my Kickr, finally!

  62. Brian

    Hi D Ho and others, an update on the incorrect parts that meant the free hub could move with the new parts from Wahoo. I contacted Wahoo (with heaps of information) and they advised that i was sent the incorrect parts – they were prototypes that were not meant to be shipped. They have been really good at sending me another set of parts which I have just received. I have fitted them and they work really well. “Hopefully” you have the same problem.

    So if you notice the free hub can move then raise a ticket with Wahoo as they are now aware that they have shipped wrong parts and they were quick to resend the “correct” parts. Good Luck.

  63. gdawg81

    Just received the adapters here in Australia. Must say wahoo support has been really good with this. I first contacted them few months back checking re kickr compatibility and Trek Domane before purchasing either. Since the adapters weren’t yet available (nor was there any stock of Trek Domane here) I ended up buying a kickr and a different temporary bike. Recently wahoo contacted me to advise adapters are available, verified my details and sent them down. Very happy with the support. Now if only Trek hurry up and ship some bikes here!!

    • Erik


      I just received my Kickr and tried mounting my Trek Domane 2021 model on it with the replacement pieces I had already received from Wahoo upfront.
      However, the chain is not rolling as smooth as it should be. I purchased the same cassette as the one on my bike to avoid having to change my derailleur set up. I thought it might be an issue with the used chain on a new cassette, but I have now swapped the cassette from my bike to the Kickr to rule it out and have the same issue.

      I have uploaded 2 vids and photos of the parts I used.
      link to we.tl

      Did I miss something?


  64. Bonty

    Wow, any prospective buyers of a Wahoo Kickr that own the previously incompatible models AND own compatible QR bikes who ntend to swap them regularly should be aware that this will be a headache for you.

    You WILL have to keep reverting back to the original non-conical threaded nut to use your original QR adapters unfortunately.

    I kind of understand why they done this, in order to increase the “meat” inside of the drive side adapter due to machining back the outer diameter.

    My new adapters went back in the packet and I’m using a custom made EN16T drive & non-drive side adapter which allows the use of the original threaded nut so therefore it’s easy to swap between 12mm thru axle and QR bikes.

    Such a shame that the design of the entire axle is gimped.

  65. George Benson

    Is there anyway to use the Canyon Ultimate Rim with a Kickr Core as of yet?
    Dont really want to use a 135mm incase it strecthes the rear.

  66. Erik


    I just received my Kickr and tried mounting my Trek Domane 2021 model on it with the replacement pieces I had already received from Wahoo upfront.
    However, the chain is not rolling as smooth as it should be. I purchased the same cassette as the one on my bike to avoid having to change my derailleur set up. I thought it might be an issue with the used chain on a new cassette, but I have now swapped the cassette from my bike to the Kickr to rule it out and have the same issue.

    I have uploaded 2 vids and photos of the parts I used.

    link to we.tl

    Did I miss something?


    • Darren Rhodes

      Hi Erik,

      From what I’m seeing in your videos, your indexing is slightly out on the trainer, which is not surprising. I have to re-trim my gear indexing every time I swap between trainer and wheel. This has been the case for me on two different Kickr trainers (2017 and 2020) and two different bike frames, each with different drive trains (make and number of gears), so I don’t believe this anything to do with the new Kickr axle adapters. I put it down to the cassette being in a slightly different lateral position on the trainer compared to rear wheel – I even get this when swapping wheels. I wish the manufacturers could achieve a tighter tolerance and avoid this, but at least with SRAM etap, re-trimming the rear mech is no major hardship.



    • Erik

      Pfff that’s annoying. It seems Di2 trimming is more complex than the manual way. Swapping the bike multiple times a week doesn’t seem to be a good option. So I might be looking in a 2nd bike to put on the trainer instead…

    • Chad McNeese

      Di2 is actually pretty darn easy (short vid below). If you pay attention to your adjustments when on the trainer, place that info on a note nearby, you can easily reverse the settings when you need to pull it off. Maybe not ideal for frequent swaps, but doable and might be “easier” than obtaining a dedicated trainer bike. More than one way to do it, so it’s good to consider the options.

      link to youtu.be

  67. Chas sibley

    I have a 2016 slx with this issue.. If I flip the adaptor to the 135 side it then requires a slight spread of the frame to make the bike fit. Is anyone actually using the kicker /canyon in this configuration?

    • peter

      I also have a 2016 ultimate slx and I am now wondering which direct drive trainer is compatible with this model. Has anyone tried it with the tacx flux or elite xr model?

    • Moshik


      I’m new to Kickr with Ultimate 2017 frame.
      Are you still spreading the frame?
      Any damages to it?


  68. It may be impossible for trainer manufacturers to test all bikes. HOWEVER, they could do more to help ensure compatibility.

    Look at what 4iiii’s does: they offer a PDF template you print and stick to your frame: link to 4iiii.com

    Companies like Wahoo and Tacx could offer something like that and simply say “if your bike isn’t on the tested and approved list, print this, measure for 5mm clearance here and here. If it’s less, you need spacer-X. If there’s overlap or less clearance, no bueno, even with spacers.”

    • Chas sibley

      Following on from my previous comment.. I’ve searched fir a washer the same diameter as the axle adaptor… Drilled the centre out to 10mm. The washer is only 1.5mm thick.. But added to the 130 side of the adapter it adds the necessary clearance without having to flex the frame outwards and still leaves enough of the axle adapter showing to sit the dropout on. Seems fine after a month or so

    • Marcin

      Hi. I just bought Kickr Core and luckily discovered incompatibility issues before mounting my Domane.
      I saw that the easy fix is removing 6 mm of material from 142/148 mm adapter but my question is if anything should be done also to driveside adapter? Replacement set has both parts different than original ones and I wonder if grinding one adapter is enough to solve problem.

  69. Marcin

    Hi. I just bought Kickr Core and luckily discovered incompatibility issues before mounting my Domane.
    I saw that the easy fix is removing 6 mm of material from 142/148 mm adapter but my question is if anything should be done also to driveside adapter? Replacement set has both parts different than original ones and I wonder if grinding one adapter is enough to solve problem.

  70. Jason McMahon

    This has really helped me out. I never had issue with my old dumb trainer – even fitting kids bikes to it was easy – but I found that I struggled with fitting bikes to my Kurt Kinetic R1 and my Bkool Smart Air. To make the kids mountain bikes fit I resorted to removing parts of the plastic housing from the trainer and I bought shims to take out the gaps. For the kids MTB I also had to remove the rear disk calliper!

    I felt like I shouldn’t have to do it and worried that I could be causing more problems, but I tested it pretty well and so swallowed the worry carried on.

    I feel so much better knowing I’m not alone. 🙂

  71. Ryan Milton

    Ok!! I wondered about this. Just requested my parts for my Madone SL7 2021.

  72. Moshik

    Hi Ray

    Thanks for the article.
    I’ve written a big letter for you to see if I’ve done right.
    I’m attaching the letter.
    If I have done right, please consider modifying your article to show that we need to turn around the non drive part and use force to put the bike in. This way all will be clear and no questions will be asked.

    Thanks again

    • Hmm, the letter didn’t come through. The site will show previews of images, but not things like PDF’s. You can also just include a link if you want instead.

      (As long as there’s just a single link, it won’t generally get hung-up in my spam pending box)

    • Moshik


      Sorry for that.
      Here is a link to my google drive.
      In general – after doing everything I found out here I need to use some force to put my bike in. Is it supposed to be like that?
      link to docs.google.com


    • Moshik Amit


      I have a business proposition for you regarding this issue.
      You have my email so can contact me there.


  73. Andy L.

    Thanks for flagging this. I have a 2021 Canyon Ultimate CF SL 8 with rim brakes, and I am having the rubbing issue.

    But, now I am confused, because my bike does not have a thru-axle, so I had used it on the Kickr with the standard 130mm quick release skewer. If I change my Kickr to the 142 thru-axle setup, that would make it too wide for my bike, right? Do some Ultimates come with quick release and some with thru-axle? Or am I missing something?

  74. CF

    Hi Ray, Thanks for this! I just got my bike tuned at my LBS and they said they noticed something during the tune though both mechanics said it was likely safe to ride. I looked when I got home and saw that the rear stay on the NDS had been chewed away a bit by the rubbing against the Kickr Core I have. I did some googling and here we are. I’ve put thousands of trainer miles on the bike/trainer combo (had both since April 2020) and I am worried my bike’s integrity is impacted. Seems like neither Canyon or Wahoo will help me out and I feel like it would be bad karma to try to sell the bike, but the bike seems okay…It doesn’t seem like the new adapters will help as I have a QR…I just spun the adapter around as you suggested and got the bike back on the trainer successfully and did a ride but as others have asked, does stretching the rear stays like that cause any issues?

    • Andy L.

      I was having a similar issue (as per my comment above) and what I ended up doing was using an angle grinder to grind down the black ring on the Kickr that was making contact with the chainstay. The Kickr was already out of warranty, and I can’t see how the modification I made to the Kickr could have any downsides to its integrity, especially since my 5-second sprint tops out at a paltry 700 watts :)

  75. Jens

    Hi there, I recently bought the Kickr Core and have attached my Canyon Endurace 2022 bike to it with the 130 mm thru-axle adapter that came with the Kickr. It seems the rear of my bike only rests with half of the frame on the 130 mm adapter. Tried using the 135 adapter, but that one is way too big. Seems like the size of the 130 is fine, but the adapter end is just quite small. Anyone with the same ‘problem’ or is this normal? Thanks again!

  76. Suri K

    Amazing! Thank you so much for clearing this. I have the exact same model of Canyon Ultimate. I can now buy Kickr without worrying that I might need some adaptors to make it work or damage my frame.

  77. Moshik

    I found a solution to the problem. It will require some footwork from you.
    The issue is that one side of adapter one makes the frame touch the Kicker and when using the other side I need to apply force to spread the rear fork to get the bike in.
    I went to a friend of mine that had a CNC machine and he created a few washers for me. I applied the washers on the adapter and this gives me enough clearance so the frame does not touch the Kicker and the bike go in smoothly.
    I also don’t do 1000 watts sprints on the Kicker
    Hope you find this solution useful.

  78. Adam

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. 2018 Canyon Ultimate CF rim brake.. has been hanging from the wall lording it over my Steel Gravel/Winter bike for a very long time. A mechanical mid zwift race yesterday meant the MTB went on the trainer, which was painful to say the least. Got me thinking if there was anything I could do to make the Canyon compatible… and turns out it is! TFFT. Cheers DCR.