Giveaway Extravaganza 2018 Winners!


Another year goes past – and another huge Giveaway Extravaganza is now complete! This year was pretty crazy once again, with boatloads upon boatloads of people stopping by the site to enter the dozen giveaways.  As with every year – y’all really like free stuff!

Here’s a little 30-second snippet of what roughly 30 minutes looked like on the site’s real-time stat traffic (Google Analytics).  This was from the start of the Wahoo KICKR CORE + KICKR CLIMB giveaway (so about 10AM US EST, hence why the US West Coast is still pretty quiet while Europe at 4PM CET is quite busy):

The most popular? The Fenix 5 Plus. But only just barely, and only after a re-tally. Prior to running a de-duplication sweep (for things like duplicate entries on the same giveaway), the Wahoo combo was in the lead. But once I cleaned up the duplicates on that one, Garmin edged out just barely!

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus: 5,855 entries
Wahoo KICKR CORE+CLIMB: 5,816 entries

Now some of that was mostly because those two units were both big ticket items as well as timed nicely for both North/South/Central American and European/African time zones.

This morning I’ve gone through and removed any accidental (or otherwise) duplicates of comments.  I also ensured that any comments that got tangled up in the SPAM filters were carefully put back in place (this took about 8 hours of time). You were allowed one comment per giveaway, though you could enter as many different giveaways as you’d like.  Thus everyone is all accounted for (once per giveaway)!

The Winners:

From there it was off to Random.org for the winners.  Here’s the full tally of winners and their comments.

Giveaway #1: Suunto 9 Multisport GPS Device

Total Entrants: 2,129
Winner Number: 700 (Mary, whose e-mail address starts with MVM….)


Giveaway #2: Wahoo BOLT Cycling GPS

Total Entrants: 2,261
Winner Number: 1,638 (Sven)


Giveaway #3: GoPro Fusion 360° Action Camera

Total Entrants: 2,436
Winner Number: 1,817 (William J.)


Giveaway #4: Favero Assioma Duo Power Meter Pedals

Total Entrants: 3,426
Winner Number: 3,297 (Peter C.)


Giveaway #5: Garmin Fenix 5 Plus GPS Watch

Total Entrants: 5,855
Winner Number: 2,080 (Rain, but e-mail begins with bc….)


Giveaway #6: Wahoo KICKR CORE + Wahoo KICKR CLIMB

Total Entrants: 5,816
Winner Number: 4,991 (Prafful)


Giveaway #7: The Anything Announced Soon Giveaway!

Total Entrants: 4,719
Winner Number: 4,134 (Zachary S.)


Giveaway #8: DJI Spark Drone

Total Entrants: 4,448
Winner Number: 2,779 (Simon G.)


Giveaway #9: Fitbit Ionic GPS + Fitbit WiFi Scale

Total Entrants: 3,990
Winner Number: 1,608 (Dave L.)


Giveaway #10: Quarq DZero Power Meter

Total Entrants: 3,223
Winner Number: 889 (Shaun H.)


Giveaway #11: GoPro Hero 6 Black

Total Entrants: 2,971
Winner Number: 435 (Joshua T.)


Giveaway #12: Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS Watch

Total Entrants: 4,081
Winner Number: 1,015 (Ivica Š.)


A huge congrats to all the winners!

Thanks for the support!


Of course, the giveaway extravaganza wouldn’t be possible without the support of Clever Training – we split the costs of the Giveaway Extravaganza.  They’re my partner here on the site and sell just about every sports tech gadget around.  And not only that, but as a DCR reader you’ll save 10% off anything you purchase with them (or points back) – either via the VIP club for all items or DCR reader coupon code for most items (DCR10BTF), plus free US shipping for orders over $75!  And don’t forget about Clever Training Europe now, with the same 10% savings code!

Or, if you’re more the Amazon type – then just whack the Amazon button below before you start your shopping.  It need not be electronic related. Baby wipes, batteries, or a bee hive (yes, you can buy those on Amazon) – whatever you order, hit the logo below (or on the sidebar) first and it supports the site. Super simple!


Below is a listing of all the products that were given away yesterday, as well as all the links to reviews and to purchase/support the site.

ProductAmazonB&H PhotoCompetitive Cyclist
DJI Spark
$499 ($549 combo)
Favero Assioma Power Meter Pedals (Dual)
$459/$719 (single/dual)
Fitbit Aria WiFi Weight Scale
Fitbit Ionic
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus (5/5S/5X)
Garmin Forerunner 935
Garmin Forerunner 935 - Tri Bundle
GoPro Hero6 Black
Quarq DZero
$679 (Spider only)
Suunto 9 Baro
$599 (non-baro is $499)
Wahoo Fitness KICKR CORE

Have a great weekend all!

P.S. – All winners will get follow-up e-mails by Friday for your shipping details (and model preferences where applicable).  If you’re a winner and don’t receive an e-mail by Friday, please use the contact form to get in touch. Sometimes things get stuck in spam folders.  Thanks!

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  1. Anthony LoSasso

    I lose…:( but thanks so much, Ray, for doing this! You’re the best!

  2. Charlie Parker

    Congrats to all. Thanks for running this Ray

  3. Mario Lira Junior

    Not this time, but thanks for the effort put into this

  4. gaukler

    Lots of fun, even if I didn’t win anything.

  5. Neil

    I think there’s been a mistake – I couldn’t find my name up there.

    Thanks for the exciting day, Ray.

  6. Patrick

    Thanks for doing this! It’s pretty fun and I’m guessing it’s a LOT of work for you. Have a great week!

  7. LucaB

    I didn’t win but hey… participating to this was already a win!


  8. Alex Castano

    I’ll try again next year. Thank you Ray!

  9. Geraint Morris

    Dammit another year goes by without a competition win. Maybe my 40 year losing streak will end soon :-) Congrats to the winners

  10. MAGNUS

    Another year, another sad panda! One day.

    Congrats to those that won… And a big thanks to Ray and CT!

  11. Jake

    Such a fun event. Thanks, Ray.

  12. Gareth

    No win but was fun trying- thank you!!


    Thank you!

  14. Lisa B

    Thanks for doing this! Didn’t win but super fun to play and think about the new stuff and possibly winning :) safe travels!

  15. dan

    I totally refuse to accept these results…….there is no way I did not win …….

    I’ll sit by and await the correct results which I am sure will be published shortly


  16. Dustin

    Bummer. Maybe next time?! Thanks Ray & CT

  17. Ian Marchant

    No win this time…

    One day this may change though! and I guess this is why we all keep staying up all night to see if it is this time.

    Weirdly fun trying to land entries in suitably widespread positions though.

    Same time next year?

  18. Christopher Bowers

    I missed the first six, because I didn’t have my twitter notifications set up correctly. Made for an exciting rest of the day, even though I didn’t win.

    Thanks, Eay and Clever Training.

  19. Timothy Hyde

    Was just thinking about getting the Wahoo trainer. Thanks.

  20. Vikrant

    Congratulations all you winners. I’m so happy for y’all

  21. Chris

    Congrats to all the Winners! Thanks for being consistently awesome Ray!

  22. Brent

    Thanks again for doing this! Always exciting!

  23. Anton Peterson

    Well done to the winners. Enjoy your prizes. Looks like either I need to start saving up or wait for next year’s draw. Thanks again Ray and Clever Training for making this competition possible.

  24. gingerneil

    Well done everyone – especially Ray and the CT team for running/support these.
    Next year… :(

  25. fab

    Congrats to all the winners, and a big thank to Ray. ( now the last part of the fun: Checking how close/far i’ve been to the winning number)

  26. Chris

    Nothing again

  27. Simon Guthrie

    So, that really improved my day!

  28. Andre Santos

    Better luck next time I guess :)

  29. Terry Lazarou

    Thanks for running this awesome contest. Winning may be cool, but participating is hot!

  30. Erin

    Congrats to the winners. Tough 24hrs entering every single one but I guess based on the results I won’t be one of the first 100/200 to enter next time as they don’t seem to won(based on latest 2 giveaway stats) magic number seems to be over 1000 so about an hour or so after the entries open ?

    • Domen

      I analyzed winning numbers of all DC Rainmaker Giveaway Extravaganza winners and magic numbers are 379, 1608, 1806 (from those each have won 2 times). Notice it has been 7 extravaganzas (from 2012) and 77 winners in total. I can post another 71 winning numbers if you want, but this probably won’t help you cause next time every number has in theory same chance for winning.

      Ps.: more statistic in comment below.

  31. OnlyTwo

    participating was a real struggle
    congratulations to the winners
    and also
    commiserations for the losers

  32. Andy

    Had a great day entered every product. Thanks for the event.

  33. Pedro Almeida

    Thank you Ray for another great giveaway!

  34. Tom

    I won in my heart, which that and $5 bucks gets a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

  35. Patrick Utrecht

    Thanks for the event, and grats to all the winners. Guess having your b-day doesn’t make you win *sadface*. Maybe next year!

  36. Dan Hunter

    Congrata all and thanks to Ray and CT for the fun.

    Next year!!

  37. Jimmy Stevenson

    Congrats to all the winners. Maybe next year… :)

  38. Rafał Sienkiewicz

    Congrats to all

  39. Taff Tanner

    Well done all the winners! Good work DCR!

  40. Diego

    Thanks Ray (Y)

  41. Tim Johnson

    Thanks for the contest, even if I didn’t win anything again, not upset at all.

  42. Keith Shuker

    Not a winner, but pleased for those that did win. Great giveaway, Ray. Thanks! :-)

  43. WarHar

    Congrats to all the winners, it was a great way to spend the day. Thanks Ray!

  44. Juan Pablo Unfried

    To be honest I didn’t even wanted to win anything. It’s just like I don’t even care. People who won are just lame ? and just awful awful people…

  45. Anders

    Congrats to the winners!

    And thanks for all the sharing.

    Can we please have the Polar Vantage review now? :-)

  46. Rob

    Bummer didn’t win, was hoping for the Kickr :)
    Thanks for all you do Ray.

  47. Mike Kohnle

    Thank you for the day of fun, Ray. Congrats to the winners.

  48. theboxers

    Congrats to the winners, not me :-(

    Ray/Clever Training thanks for the chance to win these items

    I’ll be in it to win it next time round

  49. Edward Fingland

    Thanks for running the competition! Was fun to be a part of it!

  50. TomS

    Thanks, Ray, for doing this once again!

  51. dan

    To any and all winners…if you want to simply have your item shipped directly to me for a compensation to you of 100.00 usd please reach out


  52. Kenny

    Guess who set a reminder for TOMORROW instead of today for the giveaway… THIS guy!

    Congrats to the winners!

  53. Blake Antcliff

    Ah well, it was still fun to try (and Seduced) in entering every giveaway,
    looking forward to the Fitbit HR Vs Garmin Tracker reviews
    I’m Garmin my Partner is Fitbit.
    any smart scales that can work with both (also both use MyFitnesPal)?

  54. Zach S.

    Saw “Zachary S.” as the winner for the anything announced soon contest and got real excited…. and then real sad. Darn you Zachary Smith!

  55. Frank

    too bad i didn’t win anything but that was fun, congrats to the winners. :)

  56. Rouleur

    Congrats to all the winners, thanks Ray for these giveaways!

    I’ll try again next time :)

  57. Peter

    Congrats to all Winners!!!??

  58. Adam

    Thanks Ray and Clever Training.

    I look forward to next time…

  59. Andrew

    Thanks for the awesome competition Ray. One way to make it bigger next time is to double the number of prizes to 1 per hour making it even harder to enter all 24?

  60. Dave

    I won???? Holy crap!! Thanks so much, Ray!!! I’ve been entering for a few years and I can’t believe I won something.

  61. Domagoj

    Congratulations to all winners.
    Hope I will have more luck next time. :-)

  62. Thor

    Sad I didn’t win anything , but a big thank you for doing the giveaway.

    ? When We use the Amazon link to support your work , how/where on our Amazon accounts does it show that it was a “referral”?

  63. Hubert

    Thanks Ray, huge give-away!
    Interesting time laps : European people, do you ever sleep???

  64. Julien

    See this article on the blog/website
    Realizing I haven’t received any mail
    Wating for the next giveaway, being sure I’ll win this time!

    Thx Ray for the amazing job!

  65. Nicki Watkins

    Bummer. I commented to soon. None of the winners were early entries :(

    congrats to the winners

  66. Phil

    Thanks for running this… there’s always next year :'(

  67. Domen

    Statistic of DC Rainmaker Giveaway Extravaganzas. (or what to do if you are bored and love numbers)

    There has been 7 Extravaganzas from 2012 until including this year. It has been 9 winners in 2012, 8 in 2013, and 12 in all subsequent years. So, altogether 77 lucky winners who were drown among 253,634 valid entries. In average this is almost 3300 entries per giveaway. I can also tell you that this year you had more chance to win any of the twelve prizes than last year, since it was roughly 9000 less entries. Still at 45,355 entries is 2018 second most popular Extravaganza (in 2017 there was 54,422 entries in total).

    Most entered individual givaway was last year Tacx Neo smart trainer giveaway with 6376 entries, which is followed by this year Garmin 5 plus with 5855 entries. This means you had a 0.015% chance of winning most desirable prize. On the other end of spectrum you had 10 times more chance to win (0.157%) Garmin Edge 500 in year 2012, which was at least entered giveaway (btw, also first ever Extravaganza giveaway).

    Next section is just for fun (as I believe that random numbers are really random, especially if your source of randomness is atmospheric noise around the world, like in the case of random.org.

    About winning numbers

    There was comment above as to when you should enter to have high chance of winning. I browsed deeply into the data and found some interesting facts. First I was curious why some people and to some extent also me think, that is better to enter later, for examle not immediately after giveaway opens but half or maybe hour later. I have no better idea regarding checking this distibution of winning entries than following one. For every giveaway out of 77 I divide winning entry (sequential number of winning comment) with the number of all entries/comments. That way I of course get number between 0 and 1. If it is simplier we can multiply that by 100 and get number in percent and imagine that as how many people entered before and how many after. Example: For Anything Announced Soon giveaway starting at 12pm there was 4719 entries and lucky bastard :) Zachary won with comment number 4134. That means 87.6% (i.e. 4134/4719*100) of people entered before him and 12.4% after him. That also mean that at constant (timewise) comment rate he should enter 105 minutes (or 1:45 pm) from the giveaway start. He entered at 1:29 pm so there were more entries at the start.

    So after I get those numbers I calculate the average and get 53.2%, so indeed in past years you have slightly better chance if you entered later. Because we should expect that average of numbers between 0 and 1 is at half or 50%. I also ordered all 77 numbers by value and plot it in first graph (red line) and compare that to predicted (if you want to 50% tendency) black line. Deviations aren’t so big, given the relatively small sample.

    At the end I looked deeper into winning numbers. As I mentioned in reply above magic numbers are 379, 1608, 1806 (from those each have won 2 times). Then if we look into the distibutions of winning numbers we can also notice some anomalies. – Bar graph in reply to this comment. –

    First of all we must emphasise that winning number is very dependent on the number of total entries for given giveaway. But we can see that in past you had high chance of winning if you participated somewhere between the two hundredth and four hundredth participant. Other notable winning entries are between the first eight hundred(<800), then at 1800-2000 and one peak is also for numbers around 3100.

    So now you know when you have to enter next year, of course with the premise that history repeats itself.

    At the very end we must thank Ray for data (hope I didn't violate some copyright rules when I was "stealing" data from posts with winner announcements) and naturally for all these awesome giveaways (remember that there are many more free stuff giving events at this site organized by him). Sorry I didn't include those in statistic, but I already spend quite some time for this useless analysis. Sorry if I made any error or if I have been unclear (english is not my first language). You all are welcome to correct me or ask whatever you are interested in.

    • Woah – that’s super cool!

      Nicely put together!

    • Ian Marchant

      fantastic! I was thinking of doing something similar, so I could try and work out if there was a good time to enter :-)

      I think that in the next one, I may just go with entering when I see it and hoping for the best…

    • I wonder how much the day of the week impacted slightly lower numbers. I don’t usually do anything on a Monday – because most people are busy. But with the various announcements this week and my travel, it was about the only day that worked for a long while. :(

      Oh, plus a major religious holiday too. :-/

    • Domen

      I believe that day has not so much imact on numbers of entries. Past Extravaganzas was like this year always on week-days(Monday 1x, Tuesday 2x, Wednesday 2x, Thursday 1x, Friday 1x) and it was basiclly grow from year to year. Except in 2016 when was small drop, probably becasue many went to opening of IKEA Museum on the day of Giveaway Extravaganza. (Can’t find any other cause).
      In my opinon the reason for lower numbers is that you annouced event just 3 days before, not like previous year a week (7 days) before. Additionally this happened just before weekend and likely there are less visits on non-weekday vs. weekday, so many simply missed it. That is just my observation, but you can tell if in average there are much less visit of page on particular day, like Monday.

      Regarding religious holiday it certainly has an impact, but probably not so huge, as there are many days that there are some sort of special day for someone and he can’t enter. Today one religion, tommorow another and the day after national holiday and so on …

  68. Navnit

    Congratulation to all the winners and thank you Ray for crazy Giveaway. It doesn’t matter if I won or not it was fun participating in.

  69. William Jian

    I’ll never be this lucky again. Thanks again for putting on the giveaways, DCR!

  70. I had a dream!

    No win but a lot of fun. Thanks Ray.

  71. Zachary Smith

    I am excited to see the future announcements! I am waiting patiently for the email. Thanks again Ray and CT for such an awesome “Giveaway Extravaganza”

  72. Julia

    I really wanted the double pack of ladybugs! I remember reading about them and wondering if it was really a thing. Bear in mind what can be bought on the internet these days.
    Thank you Ray; I entered for the things I want. I didn’t win but I had fun and I can still dream.

  73. Shaun

    Thanks Ray, was very surprised to see that I won a prize (don’t think I’ve won anything before!). Now I just have to get home to find out the specs to get it shipped. Looking forward to using the new power meter. Hopefully next year will be another year of awesome give-away’s, although I feel guilty about not being a DCR subscriber now

  74. Sean Parchem

    I really enjoy you site ray. Especially when I can load the web page during the give away.