My 2017 ANT+ Symposium Keynote Video


Each of the last 7 years I’ve gone to the ANT+ Symposium held in the mountains outside of Calgary.  As always, this annual event caps off the busy sports tech conference season (following Interbike & Eurobike).  But unlike those two events, this isn’t a trade show.  Rather, it’s a conference for companies that are largely in the sports technology realm to discuss products and standards.  And, it’s hardly limited to ANT+ these days.  Just as much conversation is focused on the end-state product as the protocols used.  And of note?  This year sold out – the first year ever.  I know a bunch of companies that waited to the last minute and were unable to attend.  On the bright side – they still get to check out my keynote here!

While there are numerous technology and protocol sessions that happen, there are equally as many business/commercial focused sessions.  But more important than all of those is the discussions that happen outside the conference floor rooms.  They’re the discussions occurring on nearby trails running, riding, or hiking.  It’s these discussions that truly influence product direction, whether it be two companies discussing a partnership – or myself trying to convince a given company to implement your ideas.

In fact, that’s really the secret agenda of the symposium for me.  It’s effectively my hunting grounds to be able to convince companies to change products or platforms based on what I hear in thousands of comments each week from you.  Despite taking only a handful of product related photos there, almost every minute of my time from when I landed till when I took off was meeting with companies.  Some for near-term ideas, and some for things 1-2 years down the road.


But of course – there’s many ideas that I want to discuss more publically.  And no better way to do that than in front of everyone in attendance.  Thus, my annual keynote address.  So if all that interests you (or, if you just have 55 minutes to burn) – go forth and enjoy!

Additionally, if you’d like to download this year’s keynote presentation (PDF), you can do so below (it’s sorta big).  Further, I’ve also linked to the 2010-2017 presentation files and to the 2011-2017 video clips.

DC Rainmaker 2017 ANT+ Symposium PDF (Watch here)
DC Rainmaker 2016 ANT+ Symposium PDF (Watch here)
DC Rainmaker 2015 ANT+ Symposium PDF (Watch here)
DC Rainmaker 2014 ANT+ Symposium PDF (Watch here)
DC Rainmaker 2013 ANT+ Symposium PDF (Watch here)
DC Rainmaker 2012 ANT+ Symposium PDF (Watch here)
DC Rainmaker 2011 ANT+ Symposium PDF (Watch here)
DC Rainmaker 2010 ANT+ Symposium PDF


Initial Note: You can go back and see all my past ANT+ Symposium posts from all the years, here with one handy link!  Yes, even including when I ran into a moose on a run.

Secondary note: I have ANT+/Dynastream donate my speaker fee to charity each year.  This year that went to KidSport.

Third Note: I’ll be covering public things that came out of this symposium over the coming week or so.  Of course, you already saw one thing earlier this week with the Garmin Running Power post, and then the careful listeners will have picked up on at least 2-3 in my keynote session video as well.

Fourth note: That’s it, have a great weekend all!


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  1. Guillermo

    Thanks Ray,
    I’m developing an app to connect to trainers and sensors and I’d really would like to integrate to Garmin’s cycling/running dynamics data via BLE or ANT+. Are they releasing a new API?
    Please contact me if you have any details.

    • Mike Richie

      Ant Wireless and the Ant+ Alliance have just released profiles for HR Running Dynamics (the HR straps like HR-Tri and HR-Run) and Running Dynamics (the RD pod): link to
      Ant+ profiles for various cycling related profiles are also available on

    • As noted, ANT+ has already released the running dynamics related updates earlier this year, linked above – or here’s a piece i wrote about it: link to

      Meanwhile, Cycling Dynamics was ‘released’ by Garmin to the Power Meter TWG (Technical Working Group), but it’s up to individual power meter companies to agree upon it and adopt it.

  2. Rodnest

    Hi. Good bye oxygen measurement (moxy, oxy4, bsx…)? Thanks.

    • I don’t think it’s dead per se, but I think without BSX pushing it along (despite the fact that Moxy did most of the leg-work from an ANT+ standpoint), it’s going to significantly slow adoption.

      Though, the good news is core devices like Wahoo’s as well as Garmin’s either natively or via Connect IQ do support it – so that will keep it alive for a while.

  3. Eli

    Heart rate:
    – Why no better integration of devices with recovery type HRV analysis? With ithlete, HRV4Training, etc Seems like with tracking style devices they would make it easier to take a measurement and do the tracking.
    – You mention all the extra metrics on devices but how about post analysis? Seems like only one company uses HRV to do any post analysis work. Firstbeat killed off their Athlete product but they still have their high end product which is expensive enough to need to email them for a quote. Where are the competitors? LifeQ seems very quiet

    For advanced power metrics:
    – How good are the power meters at collecting the data? Your reviews only check power accuracy.
    – Torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness only looks at power that is useful at moving forward. That seems like a limitation from being able to also show the force on the pedal that doesn’t help move you forward. (I think Pioneer and Powertap’s P1 pedals are the only power meter that do that)
    – Are there any changes to the device profile to add more data that can be collected? (I know there are lots of issues with power meters working with headsets correctly over BLE but seems like BLE has more advanced metrics data like vectors on pedal strokes)

    – Microsoft hyperlapse has been out for awhile now. Is anyone else doing that type of video smoothing for quickening up videos?

    Muscle oxygen? Is this going to go anywhere? BSX is dead and moxy is still on their version 1 product at the same high cost. (Somehow the Fenix 5 is a muscle oxygen sensor link to )

    • Eli

      Also as other future possibilities, any AI based training? By AI I mean some automated training based on what the user is actually doing impacting training plans. Seems like with everyone uploading all their exercise sessions someone would be trying to train a neural network and figure out what training methods work the best so so create personalized training plans that way.

      All I’ve seen so far is link to for the bike with the way it uses power to calculate what your body can do to push you hard but doesn’t really plan what workouts to do (link to and a run training app I’ve never tried link to what says it figures out what workouts you should do but don’t vary during a workout.

    • Anonymous Coward

      Firstbeat SPORTS Individual Software is still available for $800 for a lifetime license; supports up to two (2) athletes. Could be worthwhile, if only they supported bike data (power), and had maOS and/or iOS version.

  4. Mike Richie

    Really great overview, from high end/elite athletes to lower end/fitness types! Kind of amazed you got through it all without mention of Apple (except their product cycle), of course, they don’t do Ant+ (which really is too bad), and some might say they really don’t do fitness/sports very well.

    • Yeah, I didn’t actually touch too much one specific products in this presentation – but rather – more on trends and such. So while I may not have called out Apple Watch per se, there’s lots of inferences to it throughout the entire presentation.

  5. dennis bossaerts

    hi Ray,

    haven you spoken with / will you speak with the polar team about how they see their future on cycling related devices?!

  6. Joop

    I appreciate the presentation (viewed the Youtube video)! A nice overview of the interaction between tehnological advances and the consumers needs. I was a bit surprised that the majority of visitors of this website isn’t the prosumers, who are heavy into running, cycling, triathlon etc. In my circle (collegues, family) only those know this website. I presumed that for most of them the information provided in the in-depth reviews was to much.

    • I think part of it is the power of search (Google). I write just as often about low-end/mid-range devices, and do so in a way that ranks highly on search. Since more of those devices are bought than high-end devices, by extension I see more visitors there. However, those visitors don’t tend to be as ‘sticky’ as higher end unit visitors. If that makes sense…

  7. Legend. Thanks for providing that distilled insight n’ trying to influence the companies to make better ‘cool shit’. Massive props.

  8. James L

    Ray – Really interesting. A couple of questions about the collaboration between devices and user websites and also the better HR monitoring. First, I continue to be disappointed that I cannot get anaerobic calorie expenditures for my Fenix 3HR – is that available on another website that I can export my heartrate data to? Secondly, are the improvements in optical heart rate mainly do to sensors or to the software? I am wondering if my Optical HR measurements on my F3HR have kept up, or if I need improved sensors? Thanks again for all that you do!

  9. ReHMn

    It is good that after a cycling power meters, running dynamics came to the point where power is being measured as well. But I am more curious about power measurement at swimming…
    On bike and run the environmental factors have huge impact on performance, wheres at pool swimming all environmental factors are constant (water density, temperature +/- 1C, no wind, no elevation, etc.). That’s why measuring power makes more sense. Measuring torque, to be precise…

    What do you want to know? How strong are you, or how long can you keep your strength?
    In a bench press if you lift 150kg 6 times, you are a king. The guy next to you lifts 50kg 30 times during a same amount of time.
    He moved 1,5 tons, while you just 900kg, what means that his power is more then 1,5 times bigger then yours, even if you thought you are stronger…
    That’s why in cycling when calculating power, the cadence is a key factor. As well as ground contact time and stride length in running.

    Garmin has initiated some indicators on swimming efficiency with their SWOLF at Connect, but without the power meter portion. SWOLF is just taking into calculation the number of strokes per length and the time for that length…So I am looking forward to read a test about those, here on dcrainmaker.
    And I hope it will be compatible with 920XT and not limited to Connect IQ 2.4!!!

    One more thing on running power…very educational documentary, how perfect conditions doesn’t meet calculated expectations.(link to Even if the result was an enormous achievement…

  10. Gabe

    Pretty amazing timing that TomTom is on the way out and Garmin introduces an watch with music capabilities .

    Can’t wait to read your review on the new garmin watches.

  11. Eli

    Wonder what device will use the new chipset for gps from broadcom. BCM47755
    link to
    link to
    (Garmin tends to use MediaTek)

  12. José

    I assume at 18:30 you meant Garmin and Wahoo, not Garmin and GoPro?