Giveaway Extravaganza: DJI Spark


Watches aren’t your thing? No worries, I’ve got you covered. Literally in this case – the DJI Spark can make sure you’ve got coverage from above.  Almost all selfies look better from further away, and this will do exactly that for you.  And, in rare cases it can even follow you on your bike – perfectly capturing the moment you crash into that tree while looking over your shoulder trying to spot the drone.

Don’t fret though – that moment might just make you rich on YouTube when it goes viral.  If you didn’t crash into that tree, then this unit easily fits into your back jersey pocket to grab the perfect Instagram or Strava worthy pic.

Giveaway Opens: 2:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 4:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: DJI Spark

Product Source: Myself
Fine Print: Base Spark package in color of your choice.

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Thanks all!


  1. Rafał Sadowski

    Hell yeah

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    Time for lift off.

  4. cj

    Ready for takeoff!

  5. Maciek

    I am in!

  6. Christoph

    I just love drones 🙂

  7. Chris Gregory

    Worth a shot

  8. Kyle

    I’d love me a spark

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  10. Carl

    hopefully in time for my summer holidays into the mountains. Thanks Ray

  11. Constantin Budai

    Good luck everyone! THX DC.

  12. Erwin Ripmeester

    a drone, cool!

  13. Jamie

    Prizes getting better. This would be amazing.

  14. Vincent

    Keep m coming, Ray!

  15. John

    Let’s have a go

  16. Chrislyn

    I want one please

  17. Great

    I think I can win today

  18. Philip B

    Nice to be covered 😉

  19. Mark H

    If only one could keep them from phoning home…

  20. mike cycle

    go Ray go

  21. Juri

    That would be pretty epic 😀

  22. Ruairi Egan

    I’ll send you great shots from Ireland

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    This will be cool.

  25. Nikolay

    I’m in.

  26. Brandon Burger

    Your a legend

  27. DerLordBS

    Would be great.

  28. tom

    high flying spark

  29. Ty

    Wow! Awesome prize. Always wanted a drone, but could not afford

  30. Henning

    That would be too nice…

  31. Rob M

    Count me in!

  32. Tim A Stevens

    This would be fun to play with

  33. Miggue

    Fingers crossed. Txs

  34. Jamie

    These prizes are great thank you.

  35. Coverage of my non-existing Training!
    Please send me one 🙂

  36. Henrik Forsell

    Cool thing!

  37. Brett Wallace

    Oooooooooo a drone

  38. Сергей

    Отличная вещь. Хочу!

  39. Angus Barnes

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  40. Felix Alcock

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    yes please from the sweltering heat of Zakynrhos

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    Spark Sparkle Sparkle, Please!

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    New selfie-stick?

  50. Robert K.

    Pick me, pick me!!!!

  51. Bryan Ng

    Sweet and amazing

  52. Becky Diggle

    My son would be made up with one of these

  53. Kaelyn Scull

    Oh pretty!

  54. Juan vela

    Will love to have this drone

  55. Simon Arnu

    I’d like to spy on our cat with this thing…

  56. Dustin N

    Wooo! I wish I could type something unique and exciting for each comment, but I don’t see that happening for 12 giveaways…!

  57. MCos

    It’s way too late for me to be thinking of all the cool things I would probably never do if I had the spark..

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  59. Adam Collins

    Thanks for the opportunity Ray! Your reviews are excellent and informative.

  60. Ben

    Love the giveaways!

  61. Keith C

    Nice bit of kit

  62. Dima

    I’m in, would love to take selfie from above while cycling ?

  63. Lasse Kristiansen

    Yes please!

  64. Craig Chambers

    looks awesome

  65. Michael

    This would be useful.

  66. Donal Smith

    Adding myself to the list, thanks!

  67. Massimo

    Need one !

  68. Jonas Serrebo

    Ooh, aerial photography is for me! 😉

  69. Joakim Melén

    Come fly to me, come fly, come fly to meeee!

  70. Mikkel If Hansen

    It is going to fly high above Hawaii 🙂

  71. Mirek

    I have no idea what to do with drone but I can learn 🙂

  72. Seamus B.

    Great job Ray. Good luck everyone.

  73. Joe H

    Everything’s my thing!

  74. Dalibor Valter

    No idea what I would use this animal for, but I enter anyway :o) Tanks!

  75. James Nichols

    Yes please!

  76. Ryan B.

    Yes sir!

  77. Mark Visser

    Now how how does my run look like from above….

  78. Nigel Van de Velde

    Can it follow my cat?

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  98. Sebastian

    A drone… What to do with it? Unknown yet. Intriguing though.

  99. Chris K

    Exciting! I missed the fenix 5 (still sleeping) but this would give me my gadget fix.

  100. James

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