Week in Review–February 6th, 2017


The Week in Review is a collection of both all the goodness I’ve written during the past week around the internet, as well as a small pile of links I found interesting – generally endurance sports related. I’ve often wondered what to do with all of the coolness that people write, and while I share a lot of it on Twitter and Facebook, this is a better forum for sending it on to y’all. Most times these different streams don’t overlap, so be on the lookout at all these places for good stuff!

So with that, let’s get into the action!

DCRainmaker.com posts in the past week:

Here’s all the goodness that ended up on the main page of DCRainmaker.com this past week:

Monday: Week in Review–January 31st, 2017
Tuesday: Hands-on: The AIRhub on-road cycling resistance unit
Thursday: First Look: FeetMe Sport Insoles with Running Power
Thursday: Headed to ISPO this weekend, got tech companies to see?
Friday: A Week On A Small Australian Tropical Island
Sunday: Heads up: Stack of February Sports Tech Sales

DCR Podcast!

Boom, we’re back! Here’s a handful of the topics discussed in this past week’s podcast:

– Some highlights from CES, and shows in general
– ISPO discussion
– Hanging out in Australia, takeaways from that
– Motors in pro cycling
– Reader questions

Listen to the full podcast here on the Podcast player, or just download the audio file from the same spot.

Stuff that I found interesting around the interwebs:

Here’s a not-so-small smattering of all the random things that I stumbled on while doing my civic duty to find the end of the Internet.

1) A look at the business of cycling photography: This was initially run in the print version of Velo back in November, but is now available online. (via Neal Rogers)

2) Qualcomm discusses the future of watches: I took a photo at CES that showed just how many watches Qualcomm has components in (from a sports tech standpoint), and it’s pretty impressive.  This article outlines that in a bit more textual detail.

3) An app that gives you treadmill pace without a footpod: It can, in turn, be used with Zwift for running.

4) GoPro plans Hero6 in 2017: Unsurprisingly, GoPro will be returning to its annual pattern of new camera releases.  It’s a pattern that’s worked well for the company until they skipped doing so in 2015 (resulting in much turmoil since).

5) Suunto’s Summit: Last year Suunto held a small summit for testers/fans, and this year they appear to be making it more widespread.  Looks like more details released in the week ahead.

6) Strava rolled out emoji support in activity titles: I much appreciate they went with utilizing of the doughnut.

7) Ironman is casting for a reality TV show: Of sorts. More like a reality TV journey show.  Or something like that.

8) 2016 Island House Invitational Triathlon Full-Length TV show available: They’ve posted the full 44 minute TV production to YouTube, so you can check it out and get your fill of warmth and pretty island scenery.  Some good drone usage in there too.  It’s funny, this is one of the few endurance sports sponsorships (Island House) that does make me want to look into their ‘product’.  The 2015 version is here.

9) Sydney gets signs saying runners must wear helmets: Pretty funny. And unfortunately, I can’t take credit for it. My dates don’t quite overlap the incident. (via Matthias)

Sports Technology Software/Firmware Updates This Week:

Each week I quickly highlight some of the new firmware, app, software and website service updates that I see go out. If you’re a sports technology company and release an update – shoot me a quick note (just one liners are perfect, or Tweet it at me is even better) and I’ll make mention of it here. If I don’t know about it, I won’t be able to post about it. Sound good?  Oh – and if you want to get a head start on things, this page is a great resource for watching Garmin firmware updates.

Garmin Epix Firmware Update: Holy balls! Didn’t think that would rise from the dead. Bug fixes.

Garmin Fenix Chronos BETA firmware update: I believe this is the first beta update that pulls in the Fenix5 changes for Chronos (I don’t have a Chronos to validate this).

Garmin Forerunner 920XT BETA firmware update: Minor tweaks.

GoPro Hero5 Black Firmware Update: SD card compatibility fixes

GoPro Hero5 Session Firmware Update: SD card compatibility fixes

Kinetic Smart Control Trainer Firmware Update: Addresses a bunch of bugs, including accuracy. I haven’t tried the update quite yet – on the list for tomorrow.

Polar Loop Firmware Update: Minor bug fixes.

PowerPod Firmware Update: They’ve added a new secondary calibration option, for those that want higher levels of accuracy (it just takes a bit more time).  Additionally, it adds in algorithms to do real-time CdA.

Suunto Spartan Firmware Update: This enables GLONASS support. This came out last week, and I thought I had it in the previous week’s notes, but apparently not.  So…here it is.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Josh

    Still a zero percent chance of the 920 getting audio alerts?

  2. Luca

    And also still zero percent chance to have Garmin open the power use in running mode…

    • Fwiw, you can do running power now on Garmin Connect with CIQ apps. Though I agree, I wish they’d just support it straight up ala Suunto.

    • Chris Houghton

      I’m hoping they add this soon. It would be great to have power as an option in a structured workout. With all the hills around my house both pace and heart rate are useless for any type of interval workout.

    • Joe E

      Agree, needs full support, without it you can’t have Lap Average Power and 10s Average for running, which makes power near useless during a race / run. Only good for post activity analysis really unless you use the Stryd App, which is not great.

  3. fiatlux

    Note that the FR920XT fw update is no longer BETA – that was last week. It is v9.20 proper now… FR920 9.20, at last! ;-)

  4. Patrick

    Hmm, still no new Forerunner 410 updates. Maybe next week.

  5. Paul S

    “Garmin Epix Firmware Update: Holy balls! Didn’t think that would rise from the dead. Bug fixes.” No, no, it’s still dead. They just opened the coffin and repositioned the corpse a little. (Of the bugs fixed, I was affected by none. None of the bugs I care about were fixed.) Epix is listed as “discontinued” at buy.garmin.com.

    Actually, I’ve wondered if their lawyers told them that they could get in trouble with a device they only supported for six months, but not for one they supported for almost 2 years. The last update prior to this surprise was in November 2015.

    • Patrick Utrecht

      It really must have bombed sales-figures wise. It has all the potential the fenix 3 had and then some, but in such an ugly casket. The few stores here that still carry it are reducing it a lot now.

      Interesting point about the legal advice, but with so few customers would they actually bother? It’s a surprise move though. Maybe since they’re working on the F5 they see or found bugs / stuff that they can also apply to the forgotten epix…

    • I think one has to keep in mind that ‘Support’ doesn’t mean firmware updates. It simply means if you call/e-mail/whatever, that they’ll still assist you in some manner.

    • Patrick Utrecht

      Good point, going by that standard I’d give Garmin the benefit of the doubt. They still exchange damaged/broken computers/watches after 4+ year for refurbished ones. For a fee (if it’s outside regular warranty), but you get a working device.
      Thanks for the clarification.

      PS I still think Epix has gotten the raw end of the deal.

    • rabbit

      But you must have been surprised by the 3.40 update, too? Some month ago you told us, garmin told you, that there will be no more updates for the epix.,.

    • Absolutely was surprised by it. I believe I also gave them a hard time back in the fall in one of the Connect IQ posts about it and missing on a picture.

      Though, sometimes things are cause and effect…

    • rabbit

      Maybe something to calm down worries of future 5x buyers, that 5x could be handled like epix ( so more a marketing thing as customer satisfaction…).

  6. Juri

    Has Gamin recently said anything about a potential google fit integration? Fit`s APi v2 is supposed to launch tomorrow with Android wear 2.0 and allows for way more logging of data. Would be nice to finally use it in conjunction with Garmin connect.

  7. Jørgen Austvik

    PowerPod: “Additionally, it adds in algorithms to do real-time CdA.” Any more info on this? E.g. how close they are? Transmitting data on ANT, so we can hook up our selves with CIQ? Would you need to pair with another power meter?

  8. Greg P

    Any updates on the 2/1 relaunch of the Karma Drone? Was anything changed besides the battery latch?

  9. Adriaan

    I haven’t got the point of the chasing triathlon… The winner of the 5 stage triathlon from previous day is getting a time advantage for swimming on a next day.
    It makes sense in Biathlon, where the shooting and penalty laps can easily mix up the sequence…
    Apropo, chasing! Sydney police must have super runners among policeman. Imagine them chasing me for not wearing a helmet…

  10. Jay

    Evidently this is now shipping. Lots of skepticism as to whether this works or its accuracy though. Would love to see a true review comparing to a known-entity power meter.
    link to aroflybike.com

    • Yup, they said a few weeks ago they sent me one….but it hasn’t shown up yet as of this morning anyway. I’ll ping them and see where it is, or if they have a tracking number.

    • Ok, got a tracking number. Shipped out yesterday, says it’ll take till the 16th to get to my US forwarding box, and then depending on timing and what else I have to ship over, it could be anywhere from a few days to a week or so.

      I suspect it might arrive earlier than the 16th as it’s not going very far. If it gets in by Monday, I’ll be shipping stuff over that day. So we’ll see.

    • Jay

      Cool. At least it didn’t turn out to be vaporware.

  11. Davis

    With GoPro announcing there will be a new GoPro in 2017, the real question is will the newest model include optical stablization like the Sony and several smartphones, or will GoPro instead opt to exclude that feature to continue to push the sales of their gimbal??

    Or is it invalid to think that optical stablization would reduce the need for a gimbal?

    • I’d agree, that’s the real question. And I honestly have no idea on the optical stabilization.

      My bet is that they:

      A) Use the Ambarella chip that came out Jan 2016 (yes, over a year ago) to do 4K60 – that seems obvious, especially with others now doing it.
      B) Match other Garmin features, like BT pairing of audio devices for mics
      C) Go with a configuration to get the 4K ‘linear’, as opposed to fish-eye (making it more competitive with DJI which is ‘flat’)
      D) Focus just a crapton on software, that’s really their pain point right now – at least competing with Garmin.