5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

A busy (and chilly) weekend at home as we slide into December.  Here’s what I was up to!

1) Unboxing Stryd

I actually had a bunch of things I was getting unboxed on Friday.  These three were on the list.  Seemed to be a bit of a running focused day.


Of most interest was the Stryd running power meter.  I previewed this Gen2 version this past August when the team came over to let me take one out on an initial test run.  Over the last 2 months or so they’ve been shipping out units, and one made its way here.

(Actually, it made its way to this country a few weeks ago, but for reasons DHL can’t explain, it disappeared for about 10 days, then was randomly and unexpectedly delivered on Friday.)

The Gen2 version moves to a footpod design, versus the older chest strap design.  Oh, here’s a few pics of the box of course:

It’s got a nifty wireless charging dock, kinda nice.

DSC_5561 DSC_5563

The whole setup process was pretty quick and painless, especially given I already have a Stryd account from the Gen1 heart-rate strap version.  Before long, I was ready to roll.

2) A Stryd Power Run

After getting everything unboxed, I headed out for a run Friday late afternoon.  I was sliding in between various meetings, so things were a bit tight in terms of fitting in the run.  Still, I had one hour allocated and managed to squeak it in.

The trick with these sorts of runs is actually ensuring all of my gear is charged, sync’d, and ready to go.  For example, yes, Stryd was unboxed, and then charged, but also then configured to the app.  Oh – and making sure that the FR920XT I was using was further updated and configured with the Stryd data field (and also paired to an HRM-RUN to compare Running Dynamics metrics between Stryd and the HRM-RUN).  Then ensuring that the VIRB Ultra 30 I was using to record the snippets had battery juice and was also updated.

Same goes for the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Watch as well as the Garmin FR35.  Plus the Suunto Ambit3 that too was paired and recording Stryd power data.  Oh, and the RunScribe pods I had also.  One can see how this starts to add up logistically.


In any case, here’s a video I shot demonstrating the whole Stryd footpod thing.  Expect more in time, but this explains the basics of it all:

I want to dig a bit more into:

– The exact differences between the very specific Running Dynamics metrics from the HRM-RUN, vs the Stryd running metrics
– The differences between using the Stryd Chest Strap vs the Footpod, in terms of power reported
– Are there comparable metrics between RunScribe and Stryd – and if so, do they compare properly?

Plus of course all sorts of general Stryd tests in terms of running and training with power.  I prefer the footpod a million times compared to the previous chest strap edition.  Stay tuned!

3) Back in the pool

We’ve been roughly trying to take the little one swimming once a week, even while travelling.  For example she enjoyed the warm pools in Colorado last month on two different weekends.  We somehow missed last weekend though.  So it was back in the saddle this weekend.

This weekend happened to be the national Telethon, which is a national fund-raising effort that supports research for rare diseases.  It was the 30th anniversary of it.  As such, the public pool we visited was technically free this day, though you were strongly encouraged instead to donate to the Telethon, which had set up tables and such.

2016-12-03 11.04.28

2016-12-03 12.28.17

Meanwhile, in the pool the peanut enjoyed both swimming as well as a raft.  I think she thought the raft was the greatest thing ever. It was like her most favored bouncer, but in water.

2016-12-03 11.41.18

Oh, and on the way out you could pickup various goods in exchange for a donation to the Telethon as well.  Obviously, we did that.

2016-12-03 12.29.11

Who would skip baked goods for charity?  Nobody, obviously.

4) Watching really cold stand up paddle boarders

The baby decided that sunrise meant she would rise as well.  Though, that was also true at 1AM, 3AM, and 4:15AM.  None of which contained sunrise, I can vouch for that.

The bright side to this somewhat rare circumstance was that it meant we (or rather, The Girl) heard a whole lot of commotion going on down the river this morning.  Upon looking out the windows, this is what she saw:


This event happened in years past – I believe last year in January – though we didn’t realize it went by the house, which is kinda cool.



I don’t know exactly how many stand up paddle-boarders there were, perhaps a hundred or so.  They just kept on paddling down the river.  It’s always interesting to me just how calm the river is early in the morning (be it 3AM or 7AM), before all the boats start cruising through.  In peak summer hours, tourist boats float by every 3-5 minutes.  This time though, it was just Santa:


If I wasn’t so tired (and lazy), I would have hoped on a Velib bike and followed them downstream for some pictures closer to the Eiffel Tower.  But…not today.  Instead, we played with the baby.

5) Pictures with Santa!


It’s officially December.  And more importantly, the season of stalking a Santa to get your little one’s picture with.  In this case, our first little one’s first picture with Santa.

The Girl did some work and found out that one of the newer shopping malls in Paris (ok, one of the only shopping malls in Paris) was partnering with Disney and would have Santa on-hand on certain days this month.  So Sunday late afternoon we trotted across town to meet up with him.  The mall was decorated rather festively:


And best of all – there was no line whatsoever at the big man himself!  We had feared arriving to find 50 people in line and being rushed through the whole situation, potentially kicking and screaming.  The Peanut is like a light switch – she’s either happy and giggling, or she’s really ticked off and screaming.  There’s virtually no middle-ground.  She does not have a dimmer option.


Thankfully, she was in the giggling mode this time.  She thought Santa was hilarious, and the staff thought she was hilarious.  Giggling the entire time.  While we couldn’t take our own photos, they had a reasonable option for getting all the photos (22 in total) that they took on a USB stick.  Not too shabby!

With that – our weekend was complete.  Next up this week – time to get a Christmas tree.  Plus another one for the DCR Open House coming up later this week!  You can still register if you want to check things out!

Have a good week all!


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  1. Jason

    Ray … Watched the Video… Seriously impressed with the commitment to get both the blog out and the training session in. You must have been getting some crazy looks

  2. Owen

    Hi Ray, interesting Stryd video, what do you make of the measured wattage numbers? On a bike, for me 400W is really working hard, which doesn’t seem to match too well with your 400W while running at 6min/mile. I’d be interested to see some results from Stryd during hill intervals if you have any? Thanks!

    • I’d say the numbers were a smidge higher than I’d have expected. Historically with the older strap, my running power numbers roughly equaled my cycling power numbers in terms of effort.

      So for me, a 6-minute mile I would equate more to around 300ish watts, or basically my FTP. Whereas 400w on the bike would be in the 3-8 minute max category (rough guess).

      I haven’t ventured out to hills yet with it. Hope to later this week.

    • Tim Grose

      I’ve had mine a few weeks and have noticed it is quite “easy” to get my watts up to say around 270W just running “steady” (at least min/mile slower than say 10K pace) which, for me, on the bike is not far from FTP and so I would be “blowing” for sure. However in a race I averaged around 330W in both a flat 10K race and a hilly one a tad longer. This for approx 6:00 min pace and 73kg. That average is in fact more or less identical to what I got in a 10 mile bike time trial (just under 23 mins) and I am definitely a better runner than cyclist. So “in the ballpark”. I also noticed that it is a lot “easier” to get your watts uphill than downhill. Yesterday I was seeing about 50W higher in a 7:00 mile uphill mile to a 5:15 one downhill (it was a hilly course!) when I thought I was “trying” to similar levels (HR was similar) although, of course, there is only so fast you can go downhill.

    • Owen

      Interesting, thanks guys! I look forward to hearing what you think after some more time in the field.

    • Ingo

      But the above observations do reconcile with the statement that “Easy Running Is Harder than Easy Cycling” (link to runwithpower.net) so at the same cardiovascular effort we should generate more “power” running than cycling, no? Similarly, at the same wattage we should have a lower cardiovascular response when running. Not an expert, just thinking out loud here.

    • Pierre-Luc

      Actually you’ve hit 400ish.W while being at 5,5’/mile or during an acceleration wich I believe is a good estimation of what the current power was.

      But it needs more investigation* :)

      *Before Santa received my list ;D

  3. Arnaud

    Hi Ray, just wondering if the Apple Watch Review is still coming? Thanks ;)

  4. Hey Ray, have you used the Tune yet? I’ve had mine for about six weeks and so far I’m liking it. I haven’t run enough for it to build a profile for me yet though as I’ve taken a break the last month or so. I do appreciate that they sent out free units to everyone that backed their cancelled Kickstarter campaign though.

  5. LJ

    I was out running that morning, and let me tell you, some of those paddle boarders looked miserable up close. It was really, really cold out there. I have no idea where they were going though, lost them once I hit Pont D’Lena and turned around.

  6. Neil

    Hey Ray, looks like you’re having fun with your peanut! Where can I find that raft? My peanut (8 months) loves the water and would probably go crazy with something like that.

    • Hey Neil,
      Are you in Europe? The raft is from a big sports store called Decathlon. Our friends bought it in the summer so I’m not sure it’s still available? You can find all kinds of baby pool rafts on amazon, I think we are going to get this one for our trip in January! link to amzn.to
      Let us know what you get! I am always interested in other parent reviews!

    • Neil

      Thanks! We’re not in europe, so I guess we’ll grab one off of Amazon. I’ll let you know what we end up with! It’s fitting that our peanut, Coralie, is a natural fish, we first heard of her name during the 2012 Olympics with french swimmer Coralie Balmy. It won’t be long now until we’ll need to pick up a balance bike and some trainers :)

  7. Aldo

    I have to say, very impressive running an interval at 5min/mile, holding a camera and speaking at the same time… and without missing focus.

    I guess multitasking improves a lot after having a baby (I can speak for myself also on this).

  8. I’m expecting a Stryd for Christmas, so I was happy to see the unboxing and the video. However, I was disappointed to see, and am seriously tired of, the proprietary charging dongle/stand/clip situation. It seems like every device I own has it’s own required charging dongle/stand/clip. I don’t understand why these companies can’t simply use a standard USB connection. Or failing that, why their proprietary dongle/stand/clip can’t have a USB input so I can use my own cable and only carry the dongle/stand/clip.

    • Mike

      Waterproofing is the issue. There are some water-resistant USB port designs, but if you make a swimming watch with one, or a foot pod that will be going through puddles, you’re asking for a lot of warranty returns.

      Wireless charging, like Stryd is using, could be an interesting long-term fix for this since it’s less dependent on the shape of the device.

      By the way, while the Stryd charging station is big, it does us a standard micro USB input.

    • Mark

      Speaking of wireless charging, is Stryd using one of the standard wireless protocols? Qi, PMA, etc. That would be smart…

  9. Nice a Stryd In Depth review to come soon ? Cant wait!

    • Oh, I forgot to mention. I cant wait to see your feedback when you go on hills. Being a mountain runner, i am very interested to see how Stryd works when on hills, technical terrain…etc
      Nice video and again, I look forward to an In Depth review ?

    • MAGNUS

      Following: as a data geek, I’m interested in a review as well.

  10. Steve

    Oh man, I’m incredibly interested in reading your thoughts on the Oakley Radar Pace…

  11. Ok, yeah, tech, BUT THAT BABY PICTURE THOUGH! If only we were all that happy in the water.

  12. Melanie W.

    I was hoping to see the Peanut and Lucy with Santa.

  13. RiccaRunner

    Re Stryd Wireless Charging. I have plopped the sensor on a standard QI charger and worked no problem. Unit charged flawlessly.

  14. Hamish B.

    Sadly I can’t get the stryd footpod to provide power data to my Ambit3 Run. It seems that although the Stryd Pioneer (the HR strap stryd version) was able to provide this, the Ambit3 Run Firmware is not yet supporting power from the foot pod.

    Hopefully Suunto will see sense and update the firmware to do this, since native stryd support was the reason I bought the suunto over a garmin!

  15. Hamish B.

    forgot to say that otherwise the Ambit 3 run is great!

  16. Ingo

    Had a chat with Stryd guys and at the moment you have to decide if you want to pair the footpod as a power meter or as a footpod with the Ambit 3 Peak – you cannot currently get power and cadence/speed at the same time. Suunto apparently working on it because they got it to work with the Stryd chest strap before. Not sure about an ETA though and given the fact that they just released an update for the A3P it might take a while I’d think. Does anybody have any experience with how using poles during trail running (power hiking uphill) will impact the power numbers (vs. no poles)?