The DCR Easter Bunny $600 Gadget Giveaway Winner!

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This past weekend I held the Easter Bunny Giveaway, aimed at giving you a side of gadget to go along with your chocolate Easter eggs.  Some 6,193 of you entered over the weekend – which I believe is a new record for a single-device giveaway.  Pretty crazy!

As is usually the case, I hopped over to my lovely friend,, and stuck in the total number of entries:


Then it was back to the post to find #709:


Congrats Emiliano!  You’re the winner of $600 bucks of gadget awesomeness!  Hopefully that OCR class wasn’t too boring.

As for everyone else?  Well, you can still go buy some love for yourself from Clever Training, and you’ll still save 10% on basically everything they sell, unless it’s already on some sort of big sale.  From GPS watches to trainers to power meters, and even gel packets. Socks too.

Thanks to them for the giveaway, and everyone for the support!


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    I didn’t win again :(

    Congrats Emiliano!

  2. Elliot

    And I had already figured out exactly what I was going to get as well :(

    Well done Emiliano.

    • Ken

      Lucky you (& lucky Emiliano), I would’ve needed to win a handful of times to empty my wish list. ;-)

      Thanks you to Ray & Clever Training!

  3. Lucky guy,,,
    Wish it was me… my 910xt won’t turn off anymore so I could have done with a win so I could go shopping!

  4. Fab

    congrats Emiliano. what training schedule are you following for such a successful achievement? mine does not seem so efficient: I did not win anything, again :D

    thx to Ray and CleverTraining anyway.

    happy weekend everyone

  5. Harald

    congrats Emiliano !

  6. Runnermax

    I realize that my “subscription” post was never actually posted. Seems to happen sometimes (not only for giveaway but also my comments to other posts…)

    So here is another try!

    Congrats Emiliano.


  7. Young

    Sweet and fair draw and thanks to Ray for this giveaway chance.

  8. blaf


  9. Kevin F

    Congratulations .. that would be a pretty sweet prize. I could sure always use a few more tech toys.