Giveaway Extravaganza: Quarq RIKEN AL Power Meter


Here’s the deal: As long as you don’t go around pronouncing it Quack (like a duck), you soon might be blessed with the power of power.  Yes, our second power meter of the day.  Because that’s how I roll.  Assuming I don’t have a flat tire anyway…in which case I don’t roll well.

With the Quarq RIKEN AL you’ll get all the power meter goodness you might need to take on the world.  Or at least take on that 4 year old biking ahead of you on the bike path.  Remember though, if you pass him – do it with conviction.  Throw all the watts your Quarq has at it.  Can’t have him thinking he can stage a comeback attack.

Giveaway Opens: 4:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Quarq RIKEN In-Depth Review & Quarq RIKEN AL First Look

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Nora

    Looks awesome

  2. Yes please! Pick me! :D

  3. David Smith

    Pick me

  4. Alejandra Ruiz Bernal


  5. Greg

    Going for the win!

  6. Alan E

    “get all the power meter goodness you might need to take on the world”

  7. Tom

    My power meter is just about dunzo, so good timing.

  8. wojtek


  9. Ron Gubitz

    power me up

  10. Eric L

    Me wants!

  11. J Kenning

    Please !!!!

  12. Martin Fredriksson

    Mor POWEEER!!

  13. RaD

    more power per meter?

  14. Querubim

    I’m in…

  15. Brian Lamar

    I need more power!

  16. Harith K

    Should get me into cycling!

  17. Sean Moritz

    me please.

  18. hunter

    Wow that rocks

  19. Crumbum

    Thank you

  20. Matt Foreman

    So much better that virtual power.

  21. Efrain Urquidez

    I’m in!!

  22. Mara

    Loving it

  23. Chris


  24. Non

    This one rules!

  25. Cedric

    Yes Please !

  26. Dan welch

    That would look sexy on my rig

  27. Mihael P.

    Power to the people :)
    Thanks Ray.

  28. Simon

    in thanks

  29. Carlos


  30. Virginia R

    I’m in :)

  31. Matt

    I’ll take one!

  32. Keara

    Need a new power meter! Help a girl out!

  33. Boris

    youplaboum powa

  34. Jill

    I want it

  35. AlbertMC

    On for this one too

  36. Raul Freitas

    Aha, it was more than time to pick my name up! Thank you, Ray. Pls keep up with the great work.

  37. Andrew C

    I have the power! Quack quack

  38. Matt

    Oh boy that would be nice!!!

  39. Dag

    Here we go again

  40. Nerea


  41. Joe ellis

    Pick me pks!

  42. Ben

    What a cool prize! :-)

  43. Mike G

    My first entry of the day, yes please!!!!

  44. David K

    Yes please

  45. Nicole welch

    How many of these things are there?

  46. Mike Ayala

    Want that power meter

  47. Sarah

    Pick me!

  48. Samantha

    I would LOVE a power meter!

  49. Roger Walker


  50. Brett L Abney

    Would love to have a power meter!

  51. Chris Harrison

    Wow, thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Karen

    *crosses fingers*

  53. Kevin perry

    Why not

  54. Antonio Giovinazzo

    Me wants! Big time!

  55. Harith

    I’d like to win this./.

  56. Filiberto Casarrubias


  57. James

    I’m in

  58. Leomar R. Paese


  59. Carl P

    Pick Me! :D

  60. James Gill

    So many power meters up for grabs!

  61. Lee Douthitt

    Im in.

  62. Pieter


  63. Mark M

    Power is everything!

  64. Angela Carbol

    Yes please!

  65. Michele Bagrowski

    Please! That would be an awesome addition to my bike!

  66. Michal Balicki

    Oooo Power!

  67. Corri


  68. Andrew

    turning, turning, disco inferno!

  69. shawworld

    Oh yes please

  70. Alessandro

    Love U DC!

  71. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  72. Matthew James

    Hurrah for giveaways

  73. Alex Murphy


  74. Kyle McEachern

    Looks good

  75. Scott Trice

    could use this

  76. Fer Abad

    I’m in your hands randomize

  77. Brett


  78. Idelacruz

    Thanks a lot!!!

  79. Jonathan


  80. Tom-s

    I’m in :)

  81. Skammenv

    Oehh that looks good!

  82. bruno


  83. Scott Waeltz


  84. susan Klimkowski

    Need to be victorious!

  85. Gary


  86. Pedro de Carvalho Paese


  87. Sarah


  88. Matt Perkins

    It would be great to have a power meter!

  89. Stephen Allison

    Yes please!

  90. Misha

    Wow, def need.

  91. Danny Painter

    et encore

  92. Pepe


  93. Kim

    Way cool!

  94. Stephen g


  95. Aaron

    Yes, PLEASE!

  96. Chris T

    Count me in

  97. Jerry Mags