Giveaway Extravaganza: Quarq RIKEN AL Power Meter


Here’s the deal: As long as you don’t go around pronouncing it Quack (like a duck), you soon might be blessed with the power of power.  Yes, our second power meter of the day.  Because that’s how I roll.  Assuming I don’t have a flat tire anyway…in which case I don’t roll well.

With the Quarq RIKEN AL you’ll get all the power meter goodness you might need to take on the world.  Or at least take on that 4 year old biking ahead of you on the bike path.  Remember though, if you pass him – do it with conviction.  Throw all the watts your Quarq has at it.  Can’t have him thinking he can stage a comeback attack.

Giveaway Opens: 4:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Quarq RIKEN In-Depth Review & Quarq RIKEN AL First Look

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Mike S.

    Sign me up yay

  2. Arno

    More Power!!!!

  3. Sandy

    I wish I get this power.

  4. Patrick

    Power is here. I need this to … Be cool 😉

  5. Joyce

    Worth a try!

  6. Jim DAmco

    me me me

  7. Derek Loughlin

    Power is my middle name. Well not really

  8. Daniel Leopold

    Now this would be awesome!!!

  9. WyldScallions

    So much yes!

  10. Justin B

    Yes I need a power meter! Hopefully win one of the ones you’re giving away 😀

  11. Ethan

    Need a powermeter!

  12. Alex Frost

    Delicious! Loving the comments from Ray on each of these products.

  13. Natraj ponna

    Yes for power meter

  14. Yuji Iwanaka

    Yes Please!

  15. Victor

    Here’s to hoping I actually win!

  16. stephane feret

    Could be very usefull to start my training for my first iron man in 2016 at the embrun man. Cheers!!!

  17. Tuffli Nguyen

    You are the MAN. Thanks for offering the great giveaways!!

  18. Boliche10


  19. Jake H

    I’m in!

  20. Monica

    Just what my bike has been waiting for all her life!

  21. Kory Lefkowits

    Yes Please, sir!!

  22. Bryce

    That’s Quarky!

  23. Keren Miers

    Power me!

  24. Luis Fernando Oliveira

    That’s all right as well

  25. Nicholas

    Me please

  26. Stephen G

    Sign me up!

  27. Almost makes you want to watch the Mighty Ducks

  28. Stefan Zachara

    Yeah, let’s grab that :-]

  29. Jason

    That would be nice

  30. Nathan M

    God, I hope I get it, I hope I get it
    How many boys, how many girls
    How many…

  31. Geoff R

    Me !

  32. Mary

    Quack quack.

  33. Brian


  34. Erik

    Yes please 🙂

  35. Tim


  36. heather barkholtz

    Me please!

  37. Tim Kehoe

    That would be a nice addition?

  38. David

    Thanks if its me

  39. Nick14

    More POWER!

  40. Mar

    I’m in

  41. Chris G


  42. Chris

    Bring on the power…

  43. Kimley


  44. Ricardo Pereira

    Wouldn’t mind adding this to the bike..

  45. Victor

    Yes this would do me well!

  46. Luke vdH

    Yes please!

  47. Meagan

    Oh yeah!

  48. Jm1

    Nice !

  49. Half

    I’d really like à power meter!

  50. Gaelle

    Girl power !

  51. David Griffiths

    No idea if I’m within the time limit but what the hell….

  52. Darren Lamica

    I’ll take one!:)

  53. Grzesiek

    Need power!

  54. Not sure if it can detect my actual super low power^^

  55. Sergio

    I’m in

  56. Vladimir Kartaviy

    Give me the poweeerr!

  57. Nord

    Surely, I’ll win this time?

  58. jared snow

    I want, I want, I want… I need, I need, I need!!!

  59. Rachel

    Then I could match my husband!

  60. Bill

    Just what I was hoping for!

  61. Andrew Broad


  62. Steven

    I need more power!

  63. Danielle Crowell

    What would I do with all that power???

  64. Daniel

    wow, another one!

  65. Andy Prosser

    I want the power. 🙂

  66. Monica

    I may have to get a new bike to go with this beauty!

  67. Helen


  68. Lindeval Guimarães


  69. Filippo

    Pick me!

  70. Navnit R

    Thanks Ray for making this great giveaway.

  71. Murphy

    Stephen Hawking endorses this power meter

  72. Ian Gould

    Yes please!!

  73. Ricky roberts

    Power me!

  74. Terrance Ramirez

    Pick me

  75. Erin W

    Pick me, pick me!! This would be a welcomed addition to our home 😀

  76. Gaelle

    Girl power, yeah !

  77. AndreW


  78. Dennis Upton

    Need a non wheel meter….so I can do race wheels and a trainer wheel.

  79. Byron

    Try #4

  80. Mac brown


  81. Shaun

    Go go power rangers

  82. Greg

    way cool

  83. Dan Kelley


  84. Levente Jozsef Budai

    Chain reacción.

  85. Robin

    Ok, time to go to sleep in Geneva, but I’ll give this one last bash and look forward to next year’s extravaganza.

  86. James Antinnes

    I’m game

  87. Mark Goldman

    Exciting. Count me in!

  88. Dana

    I want this!

  89. Gary

    Cool gadget!

  90. Stanko

    I am in!

  91. Alex M

    Just woke up, what did I miss?

  92. Ryan Wilson

    exciting stuff

  93. Chris Boggs

    I’m in.

  94. Rando

    Sweet a PM

  95. Sören Gayer

    I don’t have one yet

  96. Franko

    Like it!

  97. Tony Race