5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past few days.

1) Enjoying a bit of New York City

After my time Friday morning on the TV show, we spent the rest of the day wandering around the city (10 miles worth of walking, to be exact).  And a few of you guessed correctly that we’d be hitting up Katz Deli at some point on the trip.


A few hours later while we were still walking our way back when we stumbled into the Broadway Bites street food vendor ‘faire’ (for lack of better term).  There were dozens of small eateries setup like a typical ‘Bite of…’, except this lasted two months. Very nice!


Finally, after completing our long and meandering walk we ended up cleaning up and heading out to see a show (The Lion King).  Since you weren’t allowed any photos inside, I took one of outside from the foyer of the theater, as the view was actually pretty good:


They were setting up down below in Times Square for an event around yoga, which started at 5:30AM.  We’d actually see them the next morning as we headed out to the airport.

2) Flew on down to Florida


Saturday morning we headed on down to Florida to hang out with friends and family for the week.  I’ve gotta say I always forgot how convenient it is on US airlines these days to not only have WiFi but also streaming TV.  None of the European carriers have that for short-haul flights (only Lufthansa for long-haul international flights).

In this case, we were able to watch the World Cup from the plane, while I also worked on stuff via WiFi.


3) A nice warm morning run


Sunday morning we headed out together for a bit of a fartlek run.  For the first portion we ran along the road near the beach, getting glimpses of it in between properties that weren’t yet developed.


Then we headed inland on the island thinking that we’d be able to make a circle.  And in theory, that might have worked…but in reality, we made one tiny 50-meter directional selection error that resulted in a much longer run looping around aimlessly trying to figure out how to get out of the myriad of canals.


Eventually we found our way back out and got on back home.  Where thankfully there was a pool awaiting us.  There’s rarely any better way to end a hot run than to jump into the pool.


4) Hanging out at the beach

The remainder of the day was largely spent hanging out at the beach.  The weather was blue skies and perfect for it.


The only minor hiccup was that I learned the hard way that the umbrella I was hanging out under wasn’t quite as good at repelling the sun’s rays as I hoped.  Thus, I’m a bit more colorful today than I was when I started this trip.


5) Preparing for the Giveaway Extravaganza on Tuesday!

Last but not least – there’s been a bit of time dedicated to preparing for the Giveaway Extravaganza that starts tomorrow!  The games kick off at 12:00AM Eastern, and will iterate through a new giveaway every 2 hours for a total of 24 hours.  Craziness!  Be sure to check in to win big!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Paul E

    Why is the pool shot blurred out? :)

    Do you have to be online to win at each of the times the drawings are held??? Off to find the complete rules…

  2. John B

    Mmm…Katz’s Deli…Good Choice.

  3. Tim


    Is that as close as you got to the ocean? I don’t blame you if you didn’t go in.

    I’ll tell you what, if I was almost killed by a stingray last time I was in Florida, I would have started doing the “Stingray Shuffle” as soon as I arrived at the airport.

    • Fear not, I’ve been shuffling my way all over the sandy ocean bottom. No stingrays there. Though, ironically on the deck behind the place here that looks over the intercoastal, one of the guys caught a stingray last night while I was there.


    Quite the jet setter… Looking forward to tomorrow.

  5. OOh your pool suggestion looks like a great one! Might jump in the pool after one of these hot runs after work!

  6. Paul

    Ray there is a triathlon on Siesta Key at the public beach on Saturday am… Were you planning on racing?

  7. Long Run Nick

    Hi Ray, I am from NY and have lived in FL since I retired from the Army–too many years ago(27). Question:I hope you aren’t using the Garmin Vivofit to measure miles covered. I find it way off. I run with both the 620 and VVF. I find it is pretty consistent for me as far as running is concerned. An 8 mile run at about 10:30 pace per mile gets close to 1,800 steps a mile. Sadly the distance reflects close to 12+miles. Just taking a shower can register over 400+ steps. My dog walking 3-4x a day measures more than the actual distance.
    I am in the Garmin Challenge- 150,000 steps per week. I run 40-50 miles a week + 7days a week walking our dog and rarely surpass 150,000 steps a week. Some of the folks get over 200,000 steps. They must take a lot of showers.:)

    • Nah, in this case I was using a slew of GPS devices – all of which agreed.

      I don’t see as far a variance of steppage in the shower though (usually I’m only 60-100 steps total in there). Sounds like your showers must be much more exciting.

    • Long Run Nick

      Soon to be 71, wish that was the case.):

    • There is an easy fix for the showet thing, just leave the Vivofit on the sink while in shower, that’s what I do.

      As for distance accuracy I find it remarkably accurate if I run at a steady pace on smooth surfaces like tar and gravel roads. Other than that it’s just in the ballpark or worse.

  8. Ciberjim

    Hey Ray, Thanks for the detailed reviews. I happen to be a runner who loves tech. Thanks to your review I made a good choice with the FR220 for my wife last month. I cycle as well and considering triathlons. I need a watch and wonder if the Fenix 2 is the right one. I want a decent day to day watch that also has the best running functions. I am considering the FR620 as well, but I’m wowed by the excess of functionality of the Fenix but I only want to do this once for the next several years(drop $500 on a sports watch) any thoughts appreciated.

    • Hi Ciber Jim-

      Definitely check out my 2014 Recommendations Post from this past Friday, it might help you narrow down things a bit. Given you’re a triathlete, I’d focus more on the Fenix2/FR910XT than the FR620.

  9. AlbertMC

    Congrats on your blog Ray.
    As for wifi access and TV on board, you should try Norwegian, they offer it throughout most of their fleet.
    When in Brazil check Azul, they offer this feature too.