The Because It’s Almost St. Patrick’s Day…Giveaway


While I was enjoying the umpteenth day straight of mind-bogglingly sunny weather here in the ‘City of Light’, it occurred to my that St. Patrick’s day is Monday.  Despite the French fondness for any reason to take the day off, it is not considered a national holiday here.  Not that it would matter anyway, I get to spend some 12-14 hours on a plane bouncing across the ocean.

So for no other reason than it’s (almost) St. Patrick’s day, and sorta-spring like (lucky charms and all), it’s time for a giveaway.


The prize is simple: A $400 credit to to Clever Training to buy anything from the site you’d like.  You can use it on anything they offer, from a Garmin/Polar/Suunto watch to a PowerBeam trainer, or a Quarq power meter.  If the item is over $400US, you’ll simply pay the difference, shipping is free either way.  The giveaway is open to all readers – including international folks.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Give me your weekend workout plans.  Simple as that!

Got it?

Entries will be accepted through Monday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (March 17th, 2014).  I’ll be you giving one device worth up to $400US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, depending on how tired I am after flying to Mexico City on Monday.  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  For devices/gadgets/gizmos over $400, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF.  Even spring running or cycling gear.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail.   No leprechauns allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!


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  1. Helena

    Saturday: rest
    Sunday: 30km skate

  2. Dave Galloway

    Watch rugby
    Brew beer
    Shovel snow

  3. menekk

    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Marató de Barcelona

  4. For me it was a nice 10k footing while visiting Munich to prepare a 30k race happening in less than two weeks : eco trail of Paris !

  5. Henrik

    Rest after a week of commuting to/from office.
    Play with the kids.

  6. Getting ready for the Fred Whitton Challenge in the UK in May so test ride on Saturday of 165km around the edge of the Scottish highlands.

  7. Saturday: Short run – short on time
    Sunday: 45 minutes of Spin – snow and rain make outdoor biking too hazardous.

  8. julien g

    Saturday : 15km trail running around volcanos
    Sunday : 60km moutain bike

  9. Leandro

    Saturday: 1:30 hs TrainerRoad workout
    Sunday: 10K St. Paddy’s run!

  10. lex

    Last weekend was a water polo game on Saturday and a four hour ride in the hills of the south of the Netherlands. This week is recovery week so only an easy 2 hour ride is programmed.

  11. Lars Johan Ulveseth

    Saturday: 1 hour Barry’s Bootcamp
    Sunday: 1 hour Barry’s Bootcamp

  12. Chris Hughes

    Saturday: 5k Race
    Sunday: 3 mile recovery run. (Or bike ride depending on the weather)

  13. Alessandro

    Recover after injury!!!

    Not less important!

  14. gert

    Checking out the Luxemburg 70.3 triatlon scene for June 2014

  15. klonnolk

    Sat: rest
    Sun: 15km race

  16. Rob

    Saturday: 2 miles easy
    Sunday: Tobacco Road Marathon…My First!

  17. gsb

    Tue: CX on dirt roads, 2h
    Wed: 30 easy run (test of right calf/achilles)
    Thu: MTB 2h
    Fri: Rest day
    Sat: Run 60min (or CX 2h if test not OK)
    Sun: Road cycling 3h or MTB 2h (depending on weather)

  18. Andrew

    5km Parkrun pushing my twins in the buggy. Hoping to break 19 minutes!

  19. Max

    Saturday: 100k cyclo-sportive – Joop Zoetemelk Classic
    Sunday: 10k race, finished 12th in a new PR of 00:36:20

  20. Chris

    12 hour sleep followed by a 10km run and 60km bike ride.

  21. Alex

    – Saturday : time trial of 30k
    – Sunday : half marathon near Nogent-sur-Marne, France : 1:26:12

  22. Mike

    Did an eleven mile run on Saturday.

  23. Gareth

    a glorious mountain bike ride in the Forest of Dean on the first dry weekend for some time. Can’t wait!

  24. Iqbal

    My weekend routine as follow
    Saturday: long run alone or with my buddies
    Sunday: easy run and 1 hour gym work

  25. Justin

    I will be taking the kids for a long bike ride this weekend.

  26. Matt L

    Friday – 30 min easy run
    Sat – rest day
    Sunday – Anthem/Shamrock 1/2 marathon.

  27. Josh Goldschmidt

    Rest Saturday. 14 mile run on Sunday.

  28. Mike Thayer

    Saturday… 35 miles on the road bike.

    Sunday… 2 miles on the treadmill and 1.5 miles running in the rain after a month off due to injury.

  29. Maddy

    Well, plan was simple, Saturday 7km run, Sunday 20km bike, otherwise running after my kids. But got ill, so only running after kids happened.

  30. Well, I’ll go for a 50 km ride on Saturday with the necessary coffee stop and on Sunday 70 km with some hills :-)
    Btw the weather in Crete is amazing as well!

  31. John K

    Sat morning 50 minute spin class (since it is still so cold here in Chicago)
    Sun morning swim (2k yds)
    Sun afternoon run

  32. Kim Kronberg

    Saturday: 8 km orienteering in snowy and slushy terrain (typical spring weather in Finland).
    Sunday: 17 km cross-country skiing.

  33. Tofel

    Sat: running 3x1mile intervals
    Sun: 70min long run

  34. Stephen Miller

    12-mile canoe race on Saturday followed by a 4-hr “recovery” paddle on Sunday

  35. Hong Vuong

    Just a bike time trial.

  36. Brent

    Ran 35k, and it was Gooood :-)

  37. Rob

    Saturday: Long ride
    Sunday: ‘Long’ swim (main set 400s)

  38. Mike Galante

    18 mile run, in the rain.

  39. Florin

    Sat: 1 hour of bike intervals
    Sun: Rest :)

  40. Cédric

    Sat: ski ride with daughter and son in Les Houches, Mont-Blanc
    Sun: 6k easy run with my son around Passy’s lac

  41. Daniel

    Saturday: a quick and easy 5k run
    Sunday: Free weights and maybe 30 minutes on the trainer while catching up on some podcasts.

  42. Grant

    105km Cycle on Saturday and 15km run Sunday

  43. Saturday did a 2hr trainer ride (b/c it’s so freakin cold in Chicago still!) followed up by a 15 min run outside.

    Sunday did a 75 mins on the treadmill (20 degree weather, no thank you) followed up by 1300yds in the pool.

    Today will hit up the pool for 2100yds of training fun!

  44. Cleave

    My plan was to do a 19 Km time trial on Saturday and two (2) 40 minute criteriums on Sunday. Did all of them and added in a few kilometers (28 Km) by riding to the criteriums and back home.

  45. Will

    Run :
    20′ warm up at 5:30m/km
    3*8′ at 85% Max heart rate R=2′
    footing : total 1h20

  46. Aaron Gray

    Planning on doing 100mile ride and 4 mile brick afterwards.

  47. Gadi

    Jerusalem Marathon (I’ll do the half marathon)

  48. Peter Surnak

    Saturday: 1:30:00 easy running
    Sunday: 45:00 swimming, 60:00 bike trainer (some of trainer road workouts…)

  49. Nigel

    Sat was a 850m swim
    Sun 20k bike ride followed by 5k run.

  50. Hugh

    Saturday will be a 2 hr trainer workout or hills if the weather cooperates, Sunday will hopefully be a group ride with some miles added on at the end.

  51. Louis H. Poulin II

    Saturday: Rest Day
    Sunday: Indoor Triathlon and a 75 minute run

    Thanks for the great blog!

  52. Robin Rörberg

    I’ll take the weekend off, the closest I’ll get to working out will be lifting my newborn son repeatedly! :)

  53. Ben Hales

    30 minute run/3 hour bike Saturday (various Z4/Z3 intervals), 30 minute run/2 hour bike Sunday (steady Z3). Recovery with Girl Sout thin mint cookies. Thanks!

  54. Mika

    2 hours of Saturday was spent in an endurance workout on the trainer. And yes, it was as boring as it sounds.

    30 min on Sunday biking around the neighborhood with the kids.

  55. Marcos paredes

    Saturday: 80km at 65%-75% with the race bike
    Sunday: 95km full power MTB ride
    Monday: I’m at bed because flu :(

  56. Seb

    Saturday: interval training (50mins): 3-2-3 (80%pace) + 10km swimming (evening- 5km+3km+2km)
    Sunday: 80km bike (30km/60%pace+30km/80%pace+20km/50%pace) + 5km swimming

    W Triathlon!


  57. MaciekZ

    * Saturday: 10k race ( Maniacka Dziesiątka) + 1.5k cool down
    * Sunday: light excercise + stretching + 45 minutes of swimming

  58. Jason

    2 Hour trainer session on Saturday.
    Long run on Sunday

  59. Randy

    Eat a ton of pasta on Saturday; run the NYC Half on Sunday.

  60. Brian Geisel

    Racing this weekend – indoor & outdoor inline speed skating in Atlanta. High intensity sprints Friday through Sunday capped off by a 5K outdoor race.

  61. Rob C

    Saturday – Long 18k run at 5 min/km pace
    Sunday – Short 6k recovery run at 6/6:30 min/km pace with my wife


  62. Neil Grunberg

    REST! Dealing with a bad achillies ahead of running in the oldest race in North America in 2 weeks – the 30km Around the Bay in Hamilton Ontario (3 years older than the Boston Marathon)!

  63. Joe

    my weekend workout was recovery from a hard crash earlier in the week. celebrating my birthday is so much better with legs up and an icepack on my ankle

  64. Love your reviews & thanks for the give-away.

  65. We celebrated our daugther’s birthday over the weekend. Took a rest week on triathlon training and get back into the groove this week.

  66. Todd Thorsgaard

    “Cross-training” by snowboarding with my daughter and friends!

  67. twoxj

    90 min bike Saturday, 75 min run Sunday

  68. KLe

    Saturday: Easy run 10k
    Sunday: Easy long run 15k+

  69. Allen

    50 mile bike

  70. rwc926

    My weekend training plan:

    Sat. – Sufferfest Rubber Glove on trainerroad
    Sun. – 1K indoor swim

  71. Cristi L

    I usually have my ‘long’ run (between 10 and 20 KMs, still new to this running thing) on the weekend, during the day, which kind of messes with me as it looks as though I can’t run properly before 18:00 o’clock in the afternoon :)

  72. Ron

    XC Ski and an hour of VO2 max intervals on the trainer.

  73. Francois

    ZA bike training for About 2 u
    Zo Running ten mile

  74. Eric Schoch

    Sat: Bike ride with my 2yo daughter – which I call the “Tour de Playgrounds” ;-)
    Sun: Ran the Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary, NC – finished in 3:49, a huge PR for me!
    Great weekend of activity!

  75. Gregory Harkay

    Saturday: first road ride of the year. 3.5 hours with a very solid headwind!
    Sunday: first trail run of the year. 1 hour.

  76. Jesper Schwartz

    2 hours on bike and 1,5 hour running

  77. Nate

    Some shoveling and a long run.

  78. David

    I ran about 6 miles with my dad in Louisiana during my baby shower weekend.

  79. Toby Hedger

    In a training hiatus due to pregnancy! Had to give up running two weeks ago, so this weekend was relegated to two long power walks, and then some shoveling this morning (yet another morning of snow in DC!).

  80. Richard

    Saturday – 30mi bike
    Sunday – 7mi run

  81. Ben Entwistle

    45 min Z2 run Saturday.
    1.5 hour bike ride Sunday with a few friends!

  82. Brian

    Friday: 3k swim / 45 min trainer ride
    Saturday: 3 x 5km run / 90 min trainer ride
    Sunday: 3k swim / 90 min trainer ride

  83. JT

    10 mile run on Sat. Sunday is always a day of rest for me. The following weekend is the Charlottesville 10 mile race. yahoo!

  84. Charles

    M: Interval run
    T: Masters swim
    W: Strength and core (lower)
    R:Masters swim, strength and core (upper)
    F: Rest
    S: Trainer brick
    S: Free run

  85. My plans are easy: I´m a professional sky and trail runner and for the upcoming season my saturdays are altitude-saturdays. I have no high mountains where I´m living, so I choose the stairways at the world heritage in Kassel/Germany. My aim is to reach 2000m of ascent. The difference between top and bottom ist 100m with a lot of steps. Wish me luck to get that in a good time!!!

  86. Saturday: 3 hour bike intervals on the turbo followed by 15 minute threshold run
    Sunday: 2.5 hour endurance ride on the road followed by 30 minute easy run

  87. Saturday will be 5 mile temp run, Sunday will be a 50 mile tempo ride with the mighty Fullarton Wheelers CC!

  88. Guillaume

    Sat: 40mi trail run link to
    Sun: 20mi road run link to

  89. On Saturday I will try to finish my first Brevet (200km)! and on Sunday I will try to do a short ride <120km
    Holly Molly! :-)

  90. Tom Rebbitt

    9 mile (running) race Saturday, then had planned a 17m long run yesterday but was struck down by man flu.
    But plenty of time to fully recover before London marathon….

  91. kelly garban

    Sat. 40 mile bike
    Sun. 10 mile run

  92. ulgui

    Sat: Rest
    Sunday: Semi-indoor triathlon of Meudon / My first tri ever! Hope this will give me luck for this giveaway :) For the record ended 49/152

  93. My weekend workout plans include a 22mi ride w/ Team360 in DC, plus TRI-MANIA Summit and Expo.

  94. Joe Haimowitz

    Saturday – Indoor bike race followed by 45 minute run and weights. Sunday – 90 minute swim in am with a 2 hour run in the afternoon (-13C and WINDY). Spring can’t get to Ottawa too soon.

  95. Lots of training — track work Saturday, and a recovery run Sunday. Shoveling Monday. :(

  96. Andrew Wessman

    Mini brick Saturday working up to my first Tri, a sprint, this summer. Then Sunday a 4 mile run.

  97. Pia Völzke

    Saturdays training: sit ups, 2km warm up run, sit ups and pushups, 2km high intense, sit ups and pushups, 3km high intense, sit ups and pushups, 3km cool down

  98. Rick

    Two 50-mile tempo rides with friends.

  99. Dave Boland

    Planning an upper body workout – shoulders, biceps and triceps on Saturday, followed by my first outdoor run of the year on Sunday – planning for around 8km.

  100. Javier

    After my first tri, (short one) follows an hour run on Tuesday, 35 min gentle swim on Wenesday and later that day 1.5 hrs bike. Finishing the week with an hour long run, easy pace.