The Because It’s Almost St. Patrick’s Day…Giveaway


While I was enjoying the umpteenth day straight of mind-bogglingly sunny weather here in the ‘City of Light’, it occurred to my that St. Patrick’s day is Monday.  Despite the French fondness for any reason to take the day off, it is not considered a national holiday here.  Not that it would matter anyway, I get to spend some 12-14 hours on a plane bouncing across the ocean.

So for no other reason than it’s (almost) St. Patrick’s day, and sorta-spring like (lucky charms and all), it’s time for a giveaway.


The prize is simple: A $400 credit to to Clever Training to buy anything from the site you’d like.  You can use it on anything they offer, from a Garmin/Polar/Suunto watch to a PowerBeam trainer, or a Quarq power meter.  If the item is over $400US, you’ll simply pay the difference, shipping is free either way.  The giveaway is open to all readers – including international folks.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Give me your weekend workout plans.  Simple as that!

Got it?

Entries will be accepted through Monday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (March 17th, 2014).  I’ll be you giving one device worth up to $400US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, depending on how tired I am after flying to Mexico City on Monday.  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  For devices/gadgets/gizmos over $400, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF.  Even spring running or cycling gear.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail.   No leprechauns allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. Andrew Salmon

    Fri: Tandem with my wife over some hills near home for 45 mins
    Sat: Solo bike round lake Zurich plus some hills 3h
    Sun: 1h easy on single bikes beside river with my wife

  2. Adrian Cuciurean

    2.5km indoor swim on Sunday.

  3. Yannis

    21km ran up Zurich Uetliberg and back 2km indoor swim at the pool afterwards on Sunday

  4. Steffen

    Just returned from a trip to Ireland (talk about stupid timing – back to work in Germany whilst the Irish family will enjoy St. Patrick’s Day today). Did a few intervals on the turbo, high time to switch the back wheel back to the road tyre!

  5. Dean Shears

    Last weekend, 33 mile trail run on the Saturday and 8 miles of easy running and walking for recovery on the Sunday. And the weather was perfect!

  6. Filippo74

    20km flat run

  7. Edu Callejo

    Saturday, run 15km and gym workout. Sunday 22km long run

  8. Peter Van Quaethem

    A 19km run to prepare myself for the 20km of Brussels on May 18th.

  9. Kasper Dall

    Well, as the weekend is actually over, I can tell you what actually happened. 25 min. run on saturday and a stormy 3hr bikeride yesterday…

  10. Martin

    Long Ride on Friday, Skitour for Recovery on Sunday and take free time on Monday for Uphill training.
    Perfect weekend if the weather in Austria at Saturday is nice for first year barbecue.

  11. Dominika

    Friday 1 hour horse riding
    Saturday 20mins running
    Sunday 30 mins running

  12. 19km long run with 5k build to Z2, 5k at Z2, 3k easy Z1, 3k Z3, 3k CD. Add in some headwind, if you have 🙂

  13. On Saturday a 10km trail running and on Sunday around 30km of MTB ride

  14. carlos

    12.5k tempo running in Madrid

  15. Johan

    A 30 km bike ride on Saturday, followed by a 3 km run with the girlfriend on Sunday.

  16. George K.

    Saturday: simple get the blood flowing 30 min run
    Sunday: local 10K race (didn’t go particularly well, hadn’e slept well, felt tired half way through, but managed to finish around the hour anyway)

  17. Laurens

    100km easy ride on Saterday and a race on sunday. Going to break the 40min at the 10km, looking forward to this.

  18. Fjellheim

    Friday treadmill, 15 minute slow warm-up, 15 minute tempo and 15 minute cool down.
    Sunday 7 km easy running.

  19. Ricky Henstock

    Tri Club swim on Saturday and Tri club ride on Sunday.

  20. Jamie Belcher

    Sat Long Bike / Run Brick, 2:00 bike with :20 run.
    Sun Easy Run :40


  21. AlohaSovatha

    Still recovering from my first tri, so only did two short bike rides this weekend. Damn, now I know many people are reading your blog, Ray!

  22. Jean

    No run this weekend, but a 18km walk to Vézelay, in Burgondy, on some good rest under the sun andwithout smog. Back to run on Tuesday!!

  23. Azrul Syaffiq

    A 5km uphill & downhill run on the weekend. Total elevation 284m. Repeat 5 time. that would be 25km with total elevation 1420m. 🙂

  24. Phil C

    Friday – Rest
    Saturday – 15 Mile run with strides @ End
    Sunday – 15 Mile bike ride.

  25. Tonny

    50km of MTB XC. Nice

  26. Nejc vidali

    I did one short run of 12km yesterday and tomorrow 21km. Training for local marathon.

  27. Rudy

    Went riding my bike in parco del Ticino along the canal, and then climbed some hills on the way back.

  28. Alex

    Gym workout for saturday and tempo run for sunday.

  29. Nick Pawley

    An hour gym (rehab workout)…onward and upward!

  30. Ed

    2.5 mile run Friday and Saturday.

  31. Paul

    9km run on Saturday
    25km ride on Sunday morning
    Slooow 17km run Sunday afternoon
    Interval running session on Monday evening
    Rest on Tuesday 🙂

  32. Garth Calver

    Weekend starts Friday – 20 km run early before work, need to fit in the long run before regional junior lifesaving championships will keep me busy and on my feet for 2 days, on the beach in the sun! Slow 15 on Sunday pm

  33. Kieran Campbell

    Exercise has taken a long break in favour of wedding prep so fiancé and I are taking the bikes down to the National Park for a long ride through the trees. Gotta love Australia in the Autumn!

  34. sai

    Saturday run 4 and cross train. Sunday run 6 and situps by the lake.

  35. Garret Barends

    10km run on Saturday, 31km trailrun on Sunday.

  36. Well, green beer drinking was in my workout plans this weekend. The town I live in (Wilmington, DE) has a pretty nice St. Patty’s bar loop, and we had a party starting at noon that went till 8:00. Plans as follows:

    Friday – Upper body weights, treadmill 4 x 400’s w/1% incline at 5k pace (400 jog recovery), pick up keg for party
    Saturday – 20 min race day warm simulation, party
    Sunday – Easy run – 45 min, no watch, no pressure, just enjoy

  37. Eduardo

    Saturday I ride my bike doing 80km in road. Duration 4.24h
    Sunday I run 10km in Fathers Day race. Duration 50min

  38. Ráksi, Ádám

    Plan: 2*1,5 hr asphalt run at @150-155 bpm

  39. Gary H

    Saturday: 10k tempo run
    Sunday: cycle 1 loop of Ironman UK 2014 route

  40. Maria

    For the weekend I only have a dance class planned. Hopefully will manage a short run. I do most of my workouts during the week.

  41. Andrew

    Saturday: Touch rugby – 2 hours…
    Sunday: Croquet 1 hour

  42. David Sànchez

    Bike ride with tri team-mates!!

  43. Will

    Saturday was spent enjoying the sunshine, but Sunday we rode over to a friends cross country race which went well then a nice ride home in the sun!!

  44. So, last weekend i did an 160k Ride in Austria.
    At the upcomming weekend i will do a long job about 25-30km.


  45. Tridave

    Saturday: easy run along the Vardar River (5 miles)
    Sunday: Macedonian National Half Marathon Championships (13.1 miles)

  46. Tom Z

    Sat Rest
    Sun 10k race pace – didn’t go as expected though!

  47. Jose Carlos Sanchez

    Friday: 10K race quiet, the area around my city
    Saturdays: MTB Keynote Speaker, about 65 Km from the Sierra de Madrid
    Sunday: My favorite race of 15K trail running through the natural park of Ruidera

  48. Rich O

    Friday – Run to and from work easy
    Saturday – 1 hour spin bike
    Sunday – Push little one round the local park in a buggy for as long as he sleeps for!

  49. Francesco

    8K run on Sunday at 5:30 mins/km with HR ceiling at 170bpm. I finished on pace but went above the HR ceiling by a couple bpms…

  50. Peter Vosters

    Simple run of 7k
    After a week bike training of 216k

  51. Micke Sandberg

    Fri: 90 min indoorcycling
    Sat: 60 min distance run at moderate pace
    Sun: 28K longdistane run

  52. Shmuel Raviv

    I’m planning to go mountain biking on Friday and to run 10 kilometers on Saturday.

  53. Vish

    Sat – Warmup – Interval Training on hills 5X5min (2min recovery) at threshold pace- Easy Recovery Run
    Sun – 2hr Run at easy pace.

  54. Pat

    40km road biking – Saturday

    8 hours back breaking gardening Sunday


  55. Conrad Colman

    Because the weekend starts on Friday… First ocean swim of the season after work.
    Saturday. 7 hours intense training on a racing yacht, followed by 1:30 max effort on the big followed by race pace 5k.
    Sunday. On the boat again, followed by running intervals.

  56. adamk

    2 days of orienteering: Spring Spartacus Cup 2014 in Hungary

  57. Tal Kman

    Duathlon competition simulation :
    20 min warmup
    10km running
    40km cycling
    5km running
    Long cooldown

    Wish me luck 🙂

  58. Brendon

    Sat: trainer workout on my bike
    Sun: short run

  59. Alex

    I was visiting sunny San Diego from the Polar Vortex that is Chicago. I got in a lovely experience climbing Mt. Palomar.

  60. Ed

    Saturday will probably be an easy 5K run after a week of ski.

  61. Matthijs

    Friday evening (I call that weekend already): Shameless Friday Session in gym: which is pump arms
    Saturday: Long run, 15 km
    Sunday: rowing (the actual one on the water) 25 km

  62. Stephanie Bina

    Brick training: 3 hours cycling, 1 hour running and 30mins easy swimming.

  63. Craig T

    Saturday run 5 miles tempo
    Sunday run 1 hour
    Can’t wait for weather above 40. This weekend will be cold and windy.

  64. Mike

    Sat: 2 hour trail run
    Sun: 3 hour trail run
    NFEC Bear Mountain training

  65. Harri

    Resting and recover from flu

  66. Dennis Smith

    DC Rock & Roll Marathon on Saturday 3/15; Sunday off; Monday shovel snow!

  67. Dave

    Saturday, a nice easy bike ride with my son – 65k or so.
    Sunday – run 5k.

  68. Benoit

    No running workout.
    It was winter kayaking (through ice and slush) saturday and alpine skiing sunday…
    Very nice week end!

  69. Ian

    I have a running injury, so I will be strictly cycling. Indoors. On the trainer. In front of the TV. I’m ready for summer.

  70. Kevin H.

    Sat: Swimming in pool
    Sunday Run prior to flight back home
    Monday back on east coast and shoveling snow

  71. Siggi P

    Well, the weekend is over already. Was planning a short run Sunday night, but a combination of laziness and awful weather, even by Icelandic standards, put a stop to that. Settled for a 1000m breaststroke session Monday morning.

  72. Simon

    Sat: night orienteering competition

  73. i usually do stretching, 2 sets of pull up (4-6 each), bench press with 80kg weight, sit up and thats all..while controlling my breathing on each move

  74. Torben Knudsen

    Saturday: 16K trailrunning
    Sunday: 19K running

  75. Markus

    Friday: Bowling with coworkers
    Saturday: Moving house
    Sunday: Moving house & a surprisingly hard easy run (9km)

  76. Nicholas Forsyth

    If it was this past weekend, I did a 140km cycle from my house to a dam inland with a climb of around 2500m, 5 hours give or take, then a 4km swim at said dam (57min). On Sunday raced a 32km race around the dam (2hr40). And if you mean this weekend coming up, its race day for our South African Triathlon Champs, so easy ride Saturday and hopefully a quick Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday. $400 would go nicely towards paying for a powermeter!

  77. B Jackson

    Morning ride, move furniture and bucks party!

  78. JQC

    Sat: Play with daughter. Work around the house. Run 6 miles. Play with daughter.
    Sun: Play with daughter. Yardwork. Run 4 miles. Play with daughter.

    Playing with daughter will be the most exhausting, but most fun!

  79. Jon

    Ski walk up “lost” ski area (oh, and walk down also)

  80. h m

    Went hiking this weekend in the melting snow near fort william (scotland) – back to my usual cycling this week.

  81. Hayden

    After 3 years of being “out of the game”, I will be doing the local running club 7.4km race on Saturday. Which will hurt a lot, and the Sunday will be chasing my 3 year old son around and a recovery swim. I may be sleep deprived, but I love my family and my life again

  82. Mattias T

    Core workout on saturday and a 5k treadmill run on sunday in the north of Sweden.

  83. Ray G

    Sat: Did my first 50km ultra in Hong Kong.
    Sun: suffering the after effects

  84. Sam

    My training this weekend consisted of a lite 10km run Saturday, followed by 5 hrs of bushball (paintball) Sunday.

  85. Amanda Carlton

    My plans are to get in a quick 3 mile run on Saturday and hopefully get the road bike out of the house and onto the road on Sunday.

  86. Neal

    10K saturday, gym sunday

  87. Suzanne

    My training this weekend is a bit different than the usual group on here. I helped train a group of our local sailors on Saturday with a very busy day of drills. Then Sunday we went sailing again, for fun, in some big wind. I also went for a horseback ride as I’m working on my horse’s fitness.

  88. Jason

    My training was non existent this weekend due to a bad SI joint. I did see my frends off before their bike ride, and did one slow lap around the track with my 3 year old son.

  89. Edward

    My wife and I finished the four-day Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu on Saturday, so with Sunday a rest and travel day, that was the extent of my workout.

  90. bettie

    illness kept me home.

  91. John

    Cross training on Saturday. 1000m repeats on Sunday.

  92. Quinn

    Since it’s still a little chilly here in MN, 1 hour in RPM spin class followed up by 1.5 hours in TRX. Awesome calorie burn!

  93. John

    9 mile run followed by some pool work Sunday

  94. Kyle Shaw

    My weekend workout was hiking up Mt. LeConte in Tennessee. Hiked in from Newfound Gap on Saturday, stayed in the Mt. LeConte Shelter over night, and hiked/slid down on Sunday. Beautiful place to visit. Wish the weather had cooperated!

  95. aahhttoo

    10 km run on Saturday
    10 run on Sunday

  96. Saturday morning- 15 mile long run
    Saturday afternoon- Trip to Crabtree Brewing
    Sunday- Rest Day

  97. Ben

    Slow shortish run on Sunday to ease myself back into things post foot and knee injuries.

  98. Stephanie

    Friday: 7 km run
    Saturday: Speedwalk
    Sunday: Moving 2nd part
    Plan was to have 1 km running phases in exact time but there was awful weather outside during whole weekend.

  99. Jeremy

    Saturady 10K run followed by another 20k run on sunday!

  100. Joe

    Crosstrained this weekend. Getting ready to put some miles down this week.

  101. Helena

    Saturday: rest
    Sunday: 30km skate

  102. Dave Galloway

    Watch rugby
    Brew beer
    Shovel snow

  103. menekk

    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Marató de Barcelona

  104. For me it was a nice 10k footing while visiting Munich to prepare a 30k race happening in less than two weeks : eco trail of Paris !

  105. Henrik

    Rest after a week of commuting to/from office.
    Play with the kids.

  106. Getting ready for the Fred Whitton Challenge in the UK in May so test ride on Saturday of 165km around the edge of the Scottish highlands.

  107. Saturday: Short run – short on time
    Sunday: 45 minutes of Spin – snow and rain make outdoor biking too hazardous.

  108. julien g

    Saturday : 15km trail running around volcanos
    Sunday : 60km moutain bike

  109. Leandro

    Saturday: 1:30 hs TrainerRoad workout
    Sunday: 10K St. Paddy’s run!

  110. lex

    Last weekend was a water polo game on Saturday and a four hour ride in the hills of the south of the Netherlands. This week is recovery week so only an easy 2 hour ride is programmed.

  111. Lars Johan Ulveseth

    Saturday: 1 hour Barry’s Bootcamp
    Sunday: 1 hour Barry’s Bootcamp

  112. Chris Hughes

    Saturday: 5k Race
    Sunday: 3 mile recovery run. (Or bike ride depending on the weather)

  113. Alessandro

    Recover after injury!!!

    Not less important!

  114. gert

    Checking out the Luxemburg 70.3 triatlon scene for June 2014

  115. klonnolk

    Sat: rest
    Sun: 15km race

  116. Rob

    Saturday: 2 miles easy
    Sunday: Tobacco Road Marathon…My First!

  117. gsb

    Tue: CX on dirt roads, 2h
    Wed: 30 easy run (test of right calf/achilles)
    Thu: MTB 2h
    Fri: Rest day
    Sat: Run 60min (or CX 2h if test not OK)
    Sun: Road cycling 3h or MTB 2h (depending on weather)

  118. Andrew

    5km Parkrun pushing my twins in the buggy. Hoping to break 19 minutes!

  119. Max

    Saturday: 100k cyclo-sportive – Joop Zoetemelk Classic
    Sunday: 10k race, finished 12th in a new PR of 00:36:20

  120. Chris

    12 hour sleep followed by a 10km run and 60km bike ride.

  121. Alex

    – Saturday : time trial of 30k
    – Sunday : half marathon near Nogent-sur-Marne, France : 1:26:12

  122. Mike

    Did an eleven mile run on Saturday.

  123. Gareth

    a glorious mountain bike ride in the Forest of Dean on the first dry weekend for some time. Can’t wait!

  124. Iqbal

    My weekend routine as follow
    Saturday: long run alone or with my buddies
    Sunday: easy run and 1 hour gym work

  125. Justin

    I will be taking the kids for a long bike ride this weekend.

  126. Matt L

    Friday – 30 min easy run
    Sat – rest day
    Sunday – Anthem/Shamrock 1/2 marathon.

  127. Josh Goldschmidt

    Rest Saturday. 14 mile run on Sunday.

  128. Mike Thayer

    Saturday… 35 miles on the road bike.

    Sunday… 2 miles on the treadmill and 1.5 miles running in the rain after a month off due to injury.

  129. Maddy

    Well, plan was simple, Saturday 7km run, Sunday 20km bike, otherwise running after my kids. But got ill, so only running after kids happened.

  130. Well, I’ll go for a 50 km ride on Saturday with the necessary coffee stop and on Sunday 70 km with some hills 🙂
    Btw the weather in Crete is amazing as well!

  131. John K

    Sat morning 50 minute spin class (since it is still so cold here in Chicago)
    Sun morning swim (2k yds)
    Sun afternoon run

  132. Kim Kronberg

    Saturday: 8 km orienteering in snowy and slushy terrain (typical spring weather in Finland).
    Sunday: 17 km cross-country skiing.

  133. Tofel

    Sat: running 3x1mile intervals
    Sun: 70min long run

  134. Stephen Miller

    12-mile canoe race on Saturday followed by a 4-hr “recovery” paddle on Sunday

  135. Hong Vuong

    Just a bike time trial.

  136. Brent

    Ran 35k, and it was Gooood 🙂

  137. Rob

    Saturday: Long ride
    Sunday: ‘Long’ swim (main set 400s)

  138. Mike Galante

    18 mile run, in the rain.

  139. Florin

    Sat: 1 hour of bike intervals
    Sun: Rest 🙂

  140. Cédric

    Sat: ski ride with daughter and son in Les Houches, Mont-Blanc
    Sun: 6k easy run with my son around Passy’s lac

  141. Daniel

    Saturday: a quick and easy 5k run
    Sunday: Free weights and maybe 30 minutes on the trainer while catching up on some podcasts.

  142. Grant

    105km Cycle on Saturday and 15km run Sunday

  143. Saturday did a 2hr trainer ride (b/c it’s so freakin cold in Chicago still!) followed up by a 15 min run outside.

    Sunday did a 75 mins on the treadmill (20 degree weather, no thank you) followed up by 1300yds in the pool.

    Today will hit up the pool for 2100yds of training fun!

  144. Cleave

    My plan was to do a 19 Km time trial on Saturday and two (2) 40 minute criteriums on Sunday. Did all of them and added in a few kilometers (28 Km) by riding to the criteriums and back home.

  145. Will

    Run :
    20′ warm up at 5:30m/km
    3*8′ at 85% Max heart rate R=2′
    footing : total 1h20

  146. Aaron Gray

    Planning on doing 100mile ride and 4 mile brick afterwards.

  147. Gadi

    Jerusalem Marathon (I’ll do the half marathon)

  148. Peter Surnak

    Saturday: 1:30:00 easy running
    Sunday: 45:00 swimming, 60:00 bike trainer (some of trainer road workouts…)

  149. Nigel

    Sat was a 850m swim
    Sun 20k bike ride followed by 5k run.

  150. Hugh

    Saturday will be a 2 hr trainer workout or hills if the weather cooperates, Sunday will hopefully be a group ride with some miles added on at the end.

  151. Louis H. Poulin II

    Saturday: Rest Day
    Sunday: Indoor Triathlon and a 75 minute run

    Thanks for the great blog!

  152. Robin Rörberg

    I’ll take the weekend off, the closest I’ll get to working out will be lifting my newborn son repeatedly! 🙂

  153. Ben Hales

    30 minute run/3 hour bike Saturday (various Z4/Z3 intervals), 30 minute run/2 hour bike Sunday (steady Z3). Recovery with Girl Sout thin mint cookies. Thanks!

  154. Mika

    2 hours of Saturday was spent in an endurance workout on the trainer. And yes, it was as boring as it sounds.

    30 min on Sunday biking around the neighborhood with the kids.

  155. Marcos paredes

    Saturday: 80km at 65%-75% with the race bike
    Sunday: 95km full power MTB ride
    Monday: I’m at bed because flu 🙁

  156. Seb

    Saturday: interval training (50mins): 3-2-3 (80%pace) + 10km swimming (evening- 5km+3km+2km)
    Sunday: 80km bike (30km/60%pace+30km/80%pace+20km/50%pace) + 5km swimming

    W Triathlon!


  157. MaciekZ

    * Saturday: 10k race ( Maniacka Dziesiątka) + 1.5k cool down
    * Sunday: light excercise + stretching + 45 minutes of swimming

  158. Jason

    2 Hour trainer session on Saturday.
    Long run on Sunday

  159. Randy

    Eat a ton of pasta on Saturday; run the NYC Half on Sunday.

  160. Brian Geisel

    Racing this weekend – indoor & outdoor inline speed skating in Atlanta. High intensity sprints Friday through Sunday capped off by a 5K outdoor race.

  161. Rob C

    Saturday – Long 18k run at 5 min/km pace
    Sunday – Short 6k recovery run at 6/6:30 min/km pace with my wife


  162. Neil Grunberg

    REST! Dealing with a bad achillies ahead of running in the oldest race in North America in 2 weeks – the 30km Around the Bay in Hamilton Ontario (3 years older than the Boston Marathon)!

  163. Joe

    my weekend workout was recovery from a hard crash earlier in the week. celebrating my birthday is so much better with legs up and an icepack on my ankle

  164. Love your reviews & thanks for the give-away.

  165. We celebrated our daugther’s birthday over the weekend. Took a rest week on triathlon training and get back into the groove this week.

  166. Todd Thorsgaard

    “Cross-training” by snowboarding with my daughter and friends!

  167. twoxj

    90 min bike Saturday, 75 min run Sunday

  168. KLe

    Saturday: Easy run 10k
    Sunday: Easy long run 15k+

  169. Allen

    50 mile bike

  170. rwc926

    My weekend training plan:

    Sat. – Sufferfest Rubber Glove on trainerroad
    Sun. – 1K indoor swim

  171. Cristi L

    I usually have my ‘long’ run (between 10 and 20 KMs, still new to this running thing) on the weekend, during the day, which kind of messes with me as it looks as though I can’t run properly before 18:00 o’clock in the afternoon 🙂

  172. Ron

    XC Ski and an hour of VO2 max intervals on the trainer.

  173. Francois

    ZA bike training for About 2 u
    Zo Running ten mile

  174. Eric Schoch

    Sat: Bike ride with my 2yo daughter – which I call the “Tour de Playgrounds” 😉
    Sun: Ran the Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary, NC – finished in 3:49, a huge PR for me!
    Great weekend of activity!

  175. Gregory Harkay

    Saturday: first road ride of the year. 3.5 hours with a very solid headwind!
    Sunday: first trail run of the year. 1 hour.

  176. Jesper Schwartz

    2 hours on bike and 1,5 hour running

  177. Nate

    Some shoveling and a long run.

  178. David

    I ran about 6 miles with my dad in Louisiana during my baby shower weekend.

  179. Toby Hedger

    In a training hiatus due to pregnancy! Had to give up running two weeks ago, so this weekend was relegated to two long power walks, and then some shoveling this morning (yet another morning of snow in DC!).

  180. Richard

    Saturday – 30mi bike
    Sunday – 7mi run

  181. Ben Entwistle

    45 min Z2 run Saturday.
    1.5 hour bike ride Sunday with a few friends!

  182. Brian

    Friday: 3k swim / 45 min trainer ride
    Saturday: 3 x 5km run / 90 min trainer ride
    Sunday: 3k swim / 90 min trainer ride

  183. JT

    10 mile run on Sat. Sunday is always a day of rest for me. The following weekend is the Charlottesville 10 mile race. yahoo!

  184. Charles

    M: Interval run
    T: Masters swim
    W: Strength and core (lower)
    R:Masters swim, strength and core (upper)
    F: Rest
    S: Trainer brick
    S: Free run

  185. My plans are easy: I´m a professional sky and trail runner and for the upcoming season my saturdays are altitude-saturdays. I have no high mountains where I´m living, so I choose the stairways at the world heritage in Kassel/Germany. My aim is to reach 2000m of ascent. The difference between top and bottom ist 100m with a lot of steps. Wish me luck to get that in a good time!!!

  186. Saturday: 3 hour bike intervals on the turbo followed by 15 minute threshold run
    Sunday: 2.5 hour endurance ride on the road followed by 30 minute easy run

  187. Saturday will be 5 mile temp run, Sunday will be a 50 mile tempo ride with the mighty Fullarton Wheelers CC!

  188. Guillaume

    Sat: 40mi trail run link to
    Sun: 20mi road run link to

  189. On Saturday I will try to finish my first Brevet (200km)! and on Sunday I will try to do a short ride <120km
    Holly Molly! 🙂

  190. Tom Rebbitt

    9 mile (running) race Saturday, then had planned a 17m long run yesterday but was struck down by man flu.
    But plenty of time to fully recover before London marathon….

  191. kelly garban

    Sat. 40 mile bike
    Sun. 10 mile run

  192. ulgui

    Sat: Rest
    Sunday: Semi-indoor triathlon of Meudon / My first tri ever! Hope this will give me luck for this giveaway 🙂 For the record ended 49/152

  193. My weekend workout plans include a 22mi ride w/ Team360 in DC, plus TRI-MANIA Summit and Expo.

  194. Joe Haimowitz

    Saturday – Indoor bike race followed by 45 minute run and weights. Sunday – 90 minute swim in am with a 2 hour run in the afternoon (-13C and WINDY). Spring can’t get to Ottawa too soon.

  195. Lots of training — track work Saturday, and a recovery run Sunday. Shoveling Monday. 🙁

  196. Andrew Wessman

    Mini brick Saturday working up to my first Tri, a sprint, this summer. Then Sunday a 4 mile run.

  197. Pia Völzke

    Saturdays training: sit ups, 2km warm up run, sit ups and pushups, 2km high intense, sit ups and pushups, 3km high intense, sit ups and pushups, 3km cool down

  198. Rick

    Two 50-mile tempo rides with friends.

  199. Dave Boland

    Planning an upper body workout – shoulders, biceps and triceps on Saturday, followed by my first outdoor run of the year on Sunday – planning for around 8km.

  200. Javier

    After my first tri, (short one) follows an hour run on Tuesday, 35 min gentle swim on Wenesday and later that day 1.5 hrs bike. Finishing the week with an hour long run, easy pace.

  201. Ernesto

    Sat 70k cycling, 10k run
    Sun 30k run, 5k warmup, 5x5k 4:10/km. Final long run preparing the Santiago Marathon in 3 weeks

  202. Plan was for a 5 mile run and 20 mile bike, but looks like I will need snow shoes, because I just woke 10 inchs of snow. New plan… Sledding with the kids.

  203. 3underscore

    Really hoped to get a run in as the weather has finally turned. Ended up the main exercise of the weekend was chasing a two year old around the park. Probably more fun though 🙂

  204. William Powers

    9 Miler on Saturday, 2000yds in the pool today.

  205. Oliver

    On Saturday I plan to bike around 40-60km and on Sunday I’ll run 10k.

  206. kasper vissing

    Friday: rest
    Saturday: football match with my local team
    Sunday: 5k slow run (yeah, I’m in bad shape!)

  207. 60 min weight training

    10km treadmill run (hey I’m in Canada! It’s still ice and snow!)

  208. Weekend just gone was to rest 😉 did 9 miles cycling as part of a Cycling Leadership Training Award and 9 mile hilly walk on Sunday. Next weekend a 5 mile hilly run to kick start training for South Downs Half Marathon in 9 weeks 🙂

  209. Tyler

    Doing back-to-back-to-back trail runs in prep for my first real ultra; a challenging Kansas (not an oxymoron) 50 miler.

  210. Manos Maragkoudakis

    Sat. Bike: 4h hilly course
    Sun. Bike: 5h with 2X20′ @ 85% & 1X20 @ 80%

  211. Damien

    House moving, unfortunately no workout this and next weekend…

  212. Richard

    Sunday – half marathon
    Mon – fri – 1 hour crossfit session
    Wed – 6 mile run
    Fri – 20 mile run
    All in preparation for 3 marathons in the space of 14 days

  213. Managed a hill run Saturday evening, stood in the cold for a few hours serving hydration to 5K racers and then knocked out my own run in the afternoon.

  214. Christopher C

    [Friday] Hot Yoga
    [Saturday] 3 hours and 17 minutes of Trail Running (since 3/17 is St. Patrick’s Day)
    [Sunday] 15 Mile Trail Run + 60 mins of cycling

  215. Andi

    Is this still on?

  216. AI

    47mi road race Sat,
    30mi easy spin Sun.

  217. Alex B

    22 Mile Long Run on Sunday – last long run in preparation for the Brighton Marathon in 3 weeks time. All hopefully on course for a Good For Age time for London and Boston.

  218. Brad G.

    The 68 mile Georgia Death Race (in 21:05) this past weekend. This weekend will be volunteering at the Double Top 100 mile trail race (and maybe a little pacing)

  219. Paul Isley

    Knocked out a 3.5 hour ride some with teammates, some solo. My Garmin 510 bricked and lost all data…another story for another day. Then due to terrible weather Sunday was an 1:15 trainer session.

  220. Liza T.

    Saturday – 10am: LSD run 2pm: Les Mills Body Pump 4pm: Dance Central 3 showdown (with daughter)
    Sunday – 10am: 20 laps swim 12 onwards: Rest and Recovery

  221. Jon

    11 mile run followed by a 20 ride. Gotta enjoy this 40F weather while it lasts!

  222. Daniel

    Sat 5 miler at pace
    Sun hill repeats

  223. Sonny Winston

    I am going to get a fast 10km in, then drink myself into oblivion.

  224. Dan Contant

    Fri: 95 k bike ride
    Sat: travel day
    Sun: 1:15:00 16k run + 1:00:00 easy spin

  225. Clint Kale

    Friday Rest, Saturday mountain biking in the woods for a couple hours. Sunday 40 minute run.

  226. Graeme

    Recovering from a 900km training camp in Tenerife!

  227. Márk Olasz

    Sat 12k bike
    Sun easy 5k trail run

  228. Sander Claassen

    Sat: 2hours golf training and 5k easy run
    Sun: 5k stears climing event in Eindhoven, netherlands. Just for fun.

  229. Scott

    Short run and now….snow shoveling in DC….wonderful.

  230. roarshade

    Saturday – easy 5k run
    Sunday – long run 21k

  231. Marcus

    this past weekend:

    Sat: 8k easy run
    Sun: Barcelona Marathon, including personal best on the distance!


  232. Chris Walker


    Saturday morning will be walking the dog for an hour, then a 65 mile endurance cycle followed by 10min easy run with the dog. Then a walk along the beach with the dog again.

    Sunday will be 3,000m endurance swim in the morning followed by breakfast/lunch. Then 13 mile run with the dog along the river.

    Training for Ironman (City to Summit) in Scotland, and following a simple 20week plan. The girl signed up for it first (oh man I didn’t realise what I was letting myself in for…) I normally just do Half’s!

  233. Patrick Hughes

    Sat – 2 hour road ride (finally not on a trainer)
    Sun – Endurance swim and an hour run

  234. greg

    This past weekend:
    4 miles Saturday
    18 miles on the course of the NYC Half Marathon on Sunday

  235. Jennifer

    Heading out for a long run Saturday – probably 8-10 miles.
    Sunday will just be an easy run/rest – just a couple miles.
    Training for my tenth half-marathon, with a specific goal time in mind.

  236. Scott Turvey

    Sat: Fly to Shanghai, do one hour on spin bike when I get there
    Sun: Another hour on bike, collapse 🙂

  237. Maryro Mendez

    Saturday: long long shake out run 50 min fartlek with hills
    Sunday: 22 mile run with last 10 at goal marathon pace. Cool down on the bike 30 mins. Training for Boston

  238. specialist

    10 mile TT on the bike!

  239. Chris skinner

    Some 3′ AE reps on the road + 10-15 second sprints

  240. Joosep

    Sat: 1.5km swim
    Sun: 10km tempo run

  241. My weekend workout plans are continued physical therapy, recovering from surgery to reconstruct my femur after a skiing accident in January. Some of this involves outdoor walking, which I’m logging via GPS. Most of it involves indoor work with stretch cords and ankle weights. Muscle atrophy is the pits!

  242. Martin Groeneveld

    Sat: Easy 5k run in the morning and playing a soccer game in the afternoon.
    Sun: Recovery (cycling or running, depending on the weather)
    Mon: Long run 32k

  243. Nate page

    40 min 10k tempo run on the treadmill on sat and 7 miles in Sunday. Ready for spring

  244. James Cisneros

    Saturday: 6 miles on the treadmill at Gold’s Gym, clocking starting at 9:50/mi pace and ending in 9:00/mi pace. Familly went for a nice 1 mile walk around the neighborhood while my son rode his tricycle that his Papa and Grandma gave him last Christmas.

    Sunday: 3 mile road run, 9:00/mi pace

    Looking at the various responses is overwhemling…so many athletes that put in the time and effort to run, swim, bike, and so forth. I know being a father and husband is challenging enough! My wife and I recently started to build a training regimen this past January. I went to health fair that my school district that I work for was offering and WOW! it me like a ton of bricks. Cholesterol 230’s, pressure high, weight/BMI too high! I new I had let myself develop poor eating habits…affecting my too. She struggles with her weight I really wasn’t a great supporter for her. I was discouraging her…I’d eat the fried stuff while she’s trying to eat lower fat, more wholesome foods. My eating habits and lack of care to my health made her hurdles seem insurmountable.

    We go regularly together, we take our son on family walks with our dog and we are making lifestyle changes to benefit our family. The miles may seem a drop in the bucket when you see 35km bike ride, 3km open water swim,…I enjoy the exercise routine I am slowly building. I really enjoy the exhilaration and being free when I run. I feel my mind open up and mood change for the better. I try to use running as a vehicle to think and handle a very hectic life of teaching, graduate school, family, and supporting my wife as she prepares for her PhD program she will be entering in August.

    Thank you for the Blog and letting us get to know your adventures, family, and passions.


  245. Chris Chapa

    Easy run 9 miles and maybe ride the bike.

  246. @Run_Pappy

    3 Mile tempo and a brisk afternoon of golf in Phoenix.

  247. Dan

    Sat: broke 10mi for the first time
    Sun: 2mi easy jog

    Only a few more weeks until my first half!

  248. MJL

    Cary March Madness Half Marathon, yesterday morning!

  249. Stefan Raab

    Saturday: Load car with 2 wood bunk beds, unload said beds and carry up stairs, assemble, carry other beds up to second floor.
    Sunday: 20 x stair repeats until all trash is removed and jobs finished.
    Not sure how this will help me with tri season. Ah the joys of a new house.

    Monday: Shovel snow. in DC. seriously. Be glad you left for sunny Paris.

  250. Jari Lilja

    Sat 7:00 Cycling indoors 3x8min@280W RI2min
    Sun 7:00 Cycling Indoors 60min@250W 13:00 Cyclocros Endurance Easy 2h+

  251. Arron Hampton

    Long then longer rides. Chiberia’s Polar Vortex has had a serious stronghold on us for many months. Road season is coming. Must ramp up base ASAP! Ride long. Ride outside. No matter yo!!

  252. Candice Badders

    Saturday: Yoga followed by run with my pup.

    Sunday: Relax! Training for my first half-marathon starts tomorrow! (So nervous already!!)

  253. chris

    nice 9 miler and then time with the family!!!!

  254. LF

    Saturday run and Sudany bike!

  255. Michael Rodgers

    Saturday: 4 mile Pace. Sunday: 12 mile Long run.

    (1st taper weekend for April 6 marathon!)

  256. Peter

    2.5 hours on the computrainer on Saturday and an 11 mile run on Sunday.

  257. Following your country hopping training, this weekend:
    Friday – skiing in Sierra Nevada
    Saturday – 90min run around Casa del Campo in Madrid
    Sunday – picnic in Retiro park, Madrid
    Monday – 90km cycle around Dublin Bay with St Patrick’s Day pint along the way

  258. Carina B

    Morning run and afternoon yoga every day, and also looking forward to getting my bike out this weekend, the snow is almost gone now in Stockholm

  259. David

    Weekend WO Plan:

    Saturday: brick session
    5h 30 min ride outdoors at zone 2
    30 min run at zone 2

    2h run at zone 2
    1 to 1.5 mile OWS

  260. Owen Delaney

    Skiing Le Pas de Chavanette (The Wall), Portes due Soleil, Swiss Alps. 1km long and 331m vertical drop, classed as too difficult for normal classification. Bring on the fear!

  261. Mark van den Bergh

    On saturday a 16k run in 5.00min/k and on sunday hopefully a 60k maiden voyage on my new Wilier Gt-R (to be delivered this week!) Or else i’ll hop on the Orbea Ora time trial bike.

  262. Stephanos

    Taking advantage of the beautiful weather for running!

  263. Joseph McLeod

    Rode up the mountains in north Georgia!

  264. Nir

    Saturday: the last long run before the taper for Vienna Marathon: 38k…

  265. Rob W

    It was a long cycle ride where I strategically set out into the headwind…so I could get the tailwind home.
    Except, it never works like that, does it?
    No. The wind is always a headwind, even when you turn round…. 🙂

  266. 90 mins Trainer Sat
    90 mins MTB and 120 mins rolling hills on the road!

  267. Greg

    Saturday: Pool baby discovery with my little Arthur (2 years old) & Wife
    Sunday: Run ~5 miles around the beautiful Enghien Lake, France (95),and Wed/Fri/etc.. 🙂

  268. Amaury

    Going to set up my new FLO wheels on my Madone. Then heading out for a spring warmup on Saturday. Sunday I’ll then be pushing hard by vineyards here on Long Island, NY. Then taking a break to finish my first new borns crib.

  269. sAAmp

    Sat: usual couch lounging
    Sun: 5mi of escalator sprints
    Mon: DFW Dash

  270. Dan Zimmerman

    1.5 mile run up hill to get to car to rescue wife with twisted ankle.

  271. Gordon Mah

    1:00 h zone 2 bike on trainer followed by
    LSD 1:30 h run on Sunday

  272. My weekend plans were nice and easy compared to most with it being a cutback week. I had a run about an hour each day, took an hour bike ride on saturday and went for a hike on sunday.

  273. Rob

    Sat: 2h Tempo Ride @ 70%-90% FTP 90-95rpm
    Sun: 45m Recovery Ride @ 55% FTP
    Sun: 8mi Tempo Run @ 6:50 pace

  274. Kay Scarbo


  275. Michey

    I ran the Rock and Roll Half on Saturday, then did some 12oz curls on Sunday.

  276. Nat

    Friday: 45-60 min fartleks over lunch
    Saturday: skiing and a short hills run
    Sunday: early morning LSD then evening yoga

  277. Chris

    Friday: 10m in the cold
    Sat: Nothing
    Sun: 16 miles in the rain (rained the entire time)

  278. Lou W

    Friday – Rest
    Saturday – CrossFit Open 14.3 (Deadlifts and Box Jumps)
    Sunday – Softball Practice
    Monday – Shovel 🙁

  279. Melody Balcet

    Run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (#5)!

  280. Iwan Balcet

    Run around ALL OVER Washington, DC cheering on my wife at the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon!

  281. Dave G.

    Friday: Rest & Recovery
    Saturday: 1:55 run including 2 x 2.5 mile MAF test (I skipped the 65 minute low intensity trainer ride that was to have followed).
    Sunday: 2:15 coached trainer session followed by a 40 minute brick run in the bitter cold wind (9 degrees with the windchill yesterday).

  282. Alex

    Last iceskating was friday, saturday Joop Zoetemelk classic (150km bike) sunday 12km run to the beach and back.
    It was a great weekend, hope it was for everyone!

  283. Matthew Basanta

    I just want to get outside and ride now that the weather is nice.

  284. ms

    2 x indoor swimming routine, nice and easy considering rainy weather

  285. Travis Thiex

    13 mile Run
    8 @ 8:01

  286. Steve Gupta

    Masters swim Saturday morning.
    Long ride on Sunday

  287. One day I do long run (2h+) or bike (3-4h in winter, whole day in summer – depending on light and not wanting to wake up too early when I needn’t). The other day running to swimming and back. Optimally + some basic body weight training as usual. Or if there’s a race day, I like to ride bike after for recovery and relax 🙂

  288. Noah Rosenthal

    Easy weekend: lifting and swimming friday, step back 12 miler on saturday, and short bicycle trainer session on Sunday.

  289. Ben Hartke

    35 bike ride on Saturday and a 3 mile trail run on Sunday.

  290. Dudi

    10km easy from my home to the beach 🙂

  291. Timo M.

    Snow on the ground => long [1.5 – 2 hour] XC-ski
    No snow => long [2 – 2.5 hour] road bike

    Mostly easy with some interval-ish periods mixed in

  292. Ranapoona

    5 mi intervals x2 then Sunday 30 mi computrainer ride

  293. Jeremy Grand-Scrutton

    Cancelling a long-standing plan to ride a hilly 100km on Saturday, and running a local off-road 5km on Sunday.

  294. Steven DeArment

    5 mile run on Saturday, 6 on Sunday…and tagging along with my wife on Saturday afternoon for her first ever run over 3 miles!

  295. Pedro S

    Saturday: rest
    Sunday: 2h15 turbo session

  296. Miguel

    We still have a lot of snow in Spain so.. Ski!

  297. Nathan

    Hey Ray!
    Happy St Patricks day !

    For me it was, swim 2km friday night, 20km running on saturday and then Bike/Run on sunday (40km+5km). Now, it’s a week break.

  298. nami

    weekend plans; get back to the gym and start strength training.

  299. David PR

    Sking on Saturday
    Horse riding on sunday
    sunbathing both !

  300. Marco G.

    Because it’s still freezing here I have to train using sufferfest with trainerroad this weekend. I’ve developed cabin fever. Please help me relieve this never ending indoor trainer pain with a new toy. Thanx so much.

  301. Mike Diotte

    Yes pleae!

  302. Jarek

    Satruday: 1h30 minutes, run at the half marathon pace,
    Sunday: long swim, easy.

  303. Steve Eadie

    3 hours hilly ride Saturday, then 3 hours steady bike Sunday

  304. Roy

    40k mountain bike ride and then a couple of pints to wet St Paddys day. Has to be done. Happy Paddys day folks.

  305. Thomas

    Hey Ray,
    on saturday I did 10km slow run, on sunday I did a 10km run with 5km at 10km competition pace, for preparing my race next sunday!

  306. Dana Spencer

    150m bike ride with 3x 20 min at Race pace followed by 45m T-run on Sat. Sunday was a 30 min bike pre- 8 mile run followed later in the day with another 8 mile run. Spent.

  307. Laure

    Hey Ray,
    on saturday I did a 15km race, so sunday was a recovery day!

  308. Garry J

    Snowboarding on Friday and recovery during the weekend with a run Monday.

  309. Charlie Anderson

    To recover from this cold. Easy trainer ride Sunday.

  310. Mat

    Sat Morning: 10x500m @ T-Pace
    Sat Afternoon: 1 hour muscular strengthening
    Sun: Long Run 2 hours with 2×20 Marathon Pace

    Preparing the Paris Marathon the 6th April.

  311. Jyrki

    Sat: 10k run
    Sun: 2h+ orienteering (freezing, but no snow…)

  312. Brian Ruggles

    Papa John’s 10-miler here in Louisville, KY this Saturday, then hopefully a long run on Sunday. Hoping for warm weather!

  313. Tim D

    10 mile easy pace run Sunday with -5 wind chill. Love the polar vortex!

  314. Murphy Flynn

    3.5 hour bike follwed by a 40 minute run on Saturday. 60 minute run and 2400 yd swim on Sunday. Preparing for my first 70.3

  315. Tommy Short

    Getting back to it after an injury = 5K run and a 30mi Bike ride. WOOT!

  316. Raghu

    10 kms easy run on sunday.

  317. Thomas

    21k run last yesterday(16th) done in 1:26:08, next Weekend: 5h bike and 2,5h Long jog 🙂

  318. Jon Valdez

    Taking the directions literally, To Enter: Give me your weekend workout plans. Simple as that!
    Friday-Brick 30is mile ride followed up by 3-5 mile run
    Saturday Morning Water Ski on Mission Bay. Saturday Afternoon 20ish mile ride
    Sunday Morning 45-50 minute core circuit exercise program; Sunday afternoon long run approx. 2 hours

  319. Alex Kirkpatrick

    Lots of skiing!

  320. Nikolaj Starnø

    Sat: a 1/2 h run and 1 h on Road Nike
    Sun: a swim and 2 h MTB – then a beer and a loooong nap 🙂

  321. German

    No plan for this weekend. Rest was medicaded by the Doctor.

  322. Colin

    An easy 10 miler yesterday.

  323. Joelle

    After 6 days of workouts Sat was a rest day! Back at it Sunday with a 5 mile run. Gearing up for 1/2 Ironman training which starts April 6th!

  324. Jon Rushton

    Recently took to cycling and training to do my first 100 miles. Looking to losr weight and have fun. I did 40 miles my furthest distance yet! Not long till I break the 100 mile barrier!

  325. Patrick McIntyre

    It will amount to at least 50 miles on the bike and 16 on foot……but the most exciting part is some of that may be outside!!

    • Ryan Doe

      TrainerRoad “The Thumb” and a double run day. Nothing too exciting, weather was pretty nice though!

  326. Kevin Nicholson

    10 mile run on Saturday. Cross training at YMCA on Sunday. Getting ready for race season.

  327. Taylor Chapman

    30 mi group ride on Sat, followed by interval runs on Sun

  328. EvE

    My weekend workout plans: depending on the weather; a long mountainbike ride or an epic windsurf session.

  329. Pawel

    Sat: 40′ of TR plus Core/Stregth work
    Sun: 1h on treadmill in hotel plus Core/stretching

  330. Alexander Serebryany


    I want to do my own interval workouts using my new FR 220!

    Thank you very much for best in the world reviews!


  331. Joe Brescia

    Saturday is soccer day, so Sunday is the only day this weekend. It is also my choice of St. Party’s Day and that’s my annual first long ride. In all green kit. With beer. Needless to say no intervals or crazy climbing/descending, but challenging and fun none the less. Espresso gel chased with a chocolate coffee stout is wonderful.

  332. Debbie Petch

    On Saturdays, weather permitting, I hike 3-5 miles in the Black Walnut forest. Sundays-lane swimming.

  333. Rex Richards

    Vacation – San Diego
    Friday 3/14 – 2 hour USS Midway Tour – not sure of official mileage traveled.
    Nutrition – jogged .3 miles to the local Greek Resto- Gyro plate

    Saturday 3/15 – 4 hours wandering around Sea World. Sorry Sea World staff would not let me put in some laps with the dolphins or the killer whales.
    Nutrition @ SW – what ever was available for purchase along the route.

    Sunday 3/16 – Recovery Day – Big Breakfast # 2 @ Konos Surf Shop & Cafe.
    1 hour active recovery walk along Mission Beach – distance traveled unknown. Very crowded, lots of start and stopping.

  334. Tae

    Friday: 1600m time trial and 7 mile moderate run
    Saturday: R&R
    Sunday: 30 mile Bike Ride with scattered 2 minute cadence intervals

  335. Dan

    Sat – Run – Zone 2 (01:15), Swim – Endurance Form #3
    Sun – Bike Zone 2 (02:00)
    Mon – Strength (01:00)

  336. Brett

    Took the weekend off from triathlon training and rested!

  337. Jesus Agulleiro

    Friday: 8 to 10 miles.
    Saturday: None (I have 24 hours work shift).
    Sunday: About 16 hilly trail miles.

  338. Rob

    Hiked 18km as training for the 4 days marches in Nijmegen (4 days, 50km a day) and a short recovery run after running my first 1/2 marathon after 15 years..

  339. Peter

    Skate skiing at Eldora Nordic Center on Saturday, did 26 km. Sunday was a 2500 m swim at the gym.

  340. 50 min swim on Friday, 2 hour bike on Saturday, and a 1:40 run on Sunday.

  341. Canadian

    Fri: 17 km long run (had the day off work)
    Sat: 6.1 km
    Sun: 8.54 km

  342. Russ Lilley

    LSD on Saturday 12 miles
    Cross Train on Sunday 18 miles biking

  343. John

    Saturday – 3 mile run
    Sunday – day off!

  344. Ben

    Saturday – 10 miles on the bike, over every damn hill in the Surrey Downs
    Sunday – lumberjack duty

    How’s that for cross training?!

  345. Matthew

    Sat – 3 mile run, Sun – 8 mile run

  346. Tim Edwards

    7 Miler on Sat
    Sunday – off!

  347. Don

    Two workouts:

    1. FTP (15 min warmup, 5×1 min 100+ RPM, 10 min rest, 3×20 min @ FTP, 15 min cooldown)

    2. 1 hour Active Recovery

  348. Chris Howe

    I’ll give you guys my early season training which is light for the most part. Weekends in the Spring are spent doing:

    7am EST
    – 1h15m Z3/Z4 Turbo Trainer
    – 0h25m Z3/Z4 Treadmill Run Incline increasing with each KM (typically 5km in 25 minutes)
    – 0h20m Z2/Z3 1000M Freestyle Swim
    – 0h30m Core Workout Routine
    – 0h30m TriggerPoint Roller Massage/Recovery/Stretch Session

    Thanks for another great contest Ray!

  349. Mat

    Friday 15km fast
    Saturday 8km recovery
    Sunday 30km long and slow plus a little windy 😉

  350. JimH23

    Friday Spin Class followed by Battling ropes workout I’ve been doing lately. Saturday Off, and Sunday some time trials with a local bike club.

  351. David S.

    Took both Sat/Sun off to watch show jumping at the Grand Palais, so shifted final 20 miler to today, Monday. Did the southern side of Paris, up to the Chateau de Vincennes and finished by Notre Dame. And it’s now taper time for 6 April…

  352. Eric

    Saturday was a 40 mile hilly bike ride followed by an hour and a half lift and ab work at the gym. Afterwards a nice two-hour hike with my lady to enjoy the beautiful SF Bay Area weather.
    Sunday was just a nice, easy 5-mile run in the evening!

  353. I plan on doing 10 miles on Saturday and taking sunday off.

  354. KenNie

    Saturday: 15k run
    Sunday : Taking a spinning class and then lifting some weights

  355. Saturday 3h road ride: 4×20′ tempo @ 160-168 bpm with 6′ min rest, after that 1h-1,5h base ride.
    Sunday 4h offroad ride over 145 bpm avg.

  356. Nick

    12 oz curls of green beer

  357. Chris Portman

    I racing in the Get Lucky 7K in Chicago IL

  358. Michael

    Saturday is an easy 30 minute spin on bike trainer. (Should have gone outside, weather was nice for a change)
    Sunday is Shamrock Half-Marathon in Va Beach.

    • Leif

      World Champions 1/2 marathon (copenhagen) is less than 2 weeks away. The weekend is therefore not fully packed, but 1 hour TRX, 1 hour Spinning/BKool, 8-10 km brickrun. If possible 2 k swim. Thanks for some great inspiration – go for Linneo bar if you’re in DF. Cheers Mate

  359. Yang

    50+ mile enduro ride

    20m cx training ride for sea otter

  360. Adam P.

    I plan on running 9 miles, surfing for 2 hours and riding the bike for 30 min.

  361. Jessika

    I ran a modest 6km on Saturday. Then the same today.

  362. Nick

    I am bumping up my long run mileage to 11 this weekend in my training for the Kalamazoo half marathon in May. Hopefully the lovely weather holds and there is even less snow this weekend!

  363. David

    Saturday is long run
    Sunday rest

  364. Jeremy

    45 mile bike, 80 minute run

  365. Dan Oakley

    1 hour sufferfest on the turbo on Saturday, then a quick hour and a half sunny ride on Sunday before flying out to Korea.

  366. Ricardo

    Saturday rest because on Sunday it’s a sprint race in Kurnell, Sydney.

  367. Roger Breshears

    2 hour Trainer Road workout (still too cold to ride outdoors) followed by a short brick run.

  368. Vincent Pimente

    3 hr ride on Saturday and brick workout on Sunday

  369. Raphael

    Next Saturday, hopefully 2 hours of bike if the weather is still sunny and mild
    And Sunday, long run – 1h30

  370. Ursula Lenseele

    Just one hour of running in Lille because of the smog. I prefer to wait it’s over.

  371. Martin

    Bike to local parkrun event and 5km parkrun on Saturday morning.
    Improbable cross training on Saturday night, taking my 16 year old daughter and her friends to see gig by All Time Low (they wish they were Green Day!). Queue shuffling and Dad dancing.

  372. John

    Weekend plans? Big miles on the bike, supplemented with big beers off the bike.

  373. Rory

    Friday 5km interval
    Saturday 8km tempo
    Sunday 28km LSD

  374. Michele

    saturday 1.15 h uphill skialping early in the morning
    sunday 1.00 h bike trainer

  375. CyrilleOnTheRoad

    One day of tempo run and the other doing some home trainer biking.

  376. Brucy

    Rollers, twilight run, and snow shoveling!

  377. Ran 5.5 miles along the lakefront of downtown Chicago on Saturday as part of my Team In Training triathlon training schedule. Getting ready for my first event – Elkhart Lake (WI) triathlon on June, 7th 2014! Sunday was a rest day…and I needed it…too many cocktails on Saturday night.

  378. maarten

    Saturday 10 k run.
    Sunday a well earned rest.

  379. John

    4 km swim and 50 mtb

  380. Shane DeLaronde

    Sat – 3km swim. 2 hour trainer session.
    Sun – Longer run and weights.

    Love the site.

  381. Sara B.

    10k (run/race) Saturday, active recovery bike ride Sunday. Unfortunately, it’s the treadmill for a rainyand windy Monday.

  382. Randy

    20 mile run

  383. Josh W

    2.5hr (mostly) Z2 ride, 20min Z1 transition run on Saturday, and a 75min run (60 at Z2, 15 at Z4) and 30min easy swim on Sunday.

  384. Danny G

    Saturday: 11 mile run in the hills
    Sunday: Rest

  385. robert taylor

    Plan vs. reality:

    – Plan: two 15 mile “maintenance” rides
    – Reality: two days of bed rest to fight flu-like symptoms …

  386. Eyal Goren

    28 km run on Saturday morning with a friend who is preparing for the Boston Marathon, followed by 45 minutes of swimming (indoor pool – still freezing cold here in Montreal…)

  387. DS

    To Enter: Give me your weekend workout plans. Simple as that!

  388. Josh Chambers

    5 K run Saturday and 10K on Sunday!

  389. Thomas Kokholm

    As always, great blog post and reviews (okay that was the appreciation for now)

    sat: 35k @ race pace
    sun morning: 5k slow, afternoon: 10k slow (recovery)

  390. Sehlis

    Saturday: 22km easy run, with nice weather
    Sunday: 73km Mtb, cold and windy. Freezing a lot when I was back at home.

  391. Andreas

    Saturday 45 min on the ergo bike pushing hard.
    Sunday 1:30 on the ergo again. Hope for better weather.

  392. sk1

    Saturday: 5 mile easy run + 20 min Power Workout
    Sunday: 16 mile long run

  393. Sebastian

    I would like to do my first 100km cycling this year 🙂 Preparing for Herbalife Triathlon in Gdynia, Poland in August

  394. albert

    100km on the bike on saturday and 10km run +2km swim on sunday

  395. Sat: 13.5 ride and 5 mi run and a short walk
    Sun: 8 mi run and 45 min walk

  396. David Mangnall

    Sat 1/2 day hike along the Pennines way near cross fell, Sun gentle jog along the sea shore where I live in Lytham St Annes time dependant on hr and weather but 10 k ish

  397. Friday: Run day
    Saturday: 50 mile bike ride
    Sunday: 22 mile cool down ride

  398. David Richinger

    Hi – love your blog (and your Lady’s cupcakes. Stopped by her shop last week while in Paris).

    Anyway: my weekend workout plan:

    Saturday: 12-18:00 volunteer fire dept. competition training (involves lots of sprinting, rolling and unrolling hoses, connecting hoses to valves, etc.)

    Sunday: slow 10k jog (just coming off excruciating 10-week break due to first-ever shin-splint episode), with intermittent exercise stations (push-ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks, burpees, planks, etc.)

  399. MikeB

    Core workout and short run

  400. Matt

    Long(er) run for the week. Get wet in the pool.

  401. Bobo

    Hi Ray,
    Cette semaine, le 7mn workout de l’ tous les jours, mardi une sortie running de 45mn, jeudi seance fractionnés, et ce weekend 10 heures de randos en raquettes dans les Alpes. Merci pour ton site.

  402. Troy

    Flew out of Noosa, Queensland back to Adelaide on Saturday, but managed to squeeze in a return run to Hell’s Gate at sunrise. Sunday was a planned 75ish km ride with friends through classic hill segments of Adelaide… Norton, Lofty and Montacute.

  403. MJJ

    After a hard couple of weeks training i needed to taper. So that ment two days of recovery runs and sunday i also added 45 minutes of easy swimming.


  404. davidCagle

    first duathlon Saturday!!!
    recovery ride Sunday

  405. Nancy

    12 mi run on Sat. 5 mi recovery on Sun.

  406. Pat Connolly

    I was planning on a brick workout: shots of Jameson followed by a Guinness and then running home.

  407. Olly

    Friday evening 3.5km swim.

    Saturday morning 4hr bike ride & 5km swim.

    Sunday 2hr bike with 1hr run off it.

  408. Albert

    Weekend workout plans? Recovery

  409. luis

    Tapering 🙂

  410. Richard C.

    This weekend, I biked 52 miles in the hills, ran 14.75 in the hills, and took a swim lesson.

    Loved it.


  411. Justin

    too late!?

  412. Murray

    Sat: KICKR session
    Sun: MTB session
    Mon: Guinness session

  413. Saturday I swam 2300 and Sunday I lifted weights and ran 6 miles.

  414. Adam Johnson

    Saturday: 9 mile easy pace
    Sunday: 1 hour bike in Dallas!

  415. Chad

    Saturday: rained out
    Sunday: 4 mile easy morning run, followed by a mid-afternoon 8 mile race pace run with a friend

  416. Jan Knyttl

    I had friday hill running for 60min, saturday free time and sunday 80min long run

  417. Hugo

    I have been Run-Biking with my GF on saturday and simply training for 10K on sunday

  418. jeffrey schmidt

    did 16 miles on the bike Friday
    today I walked 50 minutes around the neighborhood

  419. Alberto Alkaraz

    Skiing both days in Candanchu (the Pyrinees).

  420. Néstor Rodríguez

    Hi. Saturday-20 minutes soft running.
    Sunday-Barcelona Marathon.

  421. Dsoler

    Training plans!? Give me a break! I’m traying to recover from Sunday’s marathon! 🙂

  422. Robin Black

    60 min hilly trail run

  423. Jan

    You have said to enter: Give me your weekend workout plans. Simple as that! ;-). Well. 40k short bike hills, 1h swim, 1h gym and 1h run. 😉

  424. Jan-Roger Brokstad

    Friday: footbal
    Saturday: strenght
    Sunday: easy spinn on tt bike

  425. Travis

    Run, run, & run.

  426. Jan-Roger Brokstad

    Friday: football
    Saturday: gym work out
    Sunday: easy spinn on tt bike

  427. D. Smith

    Lots of home projects

  428. Josh S

    just ran a lot and hit the sauna for some heat acclimatization training!

  429. Abdullah Khan

    Awesome contest!

    My workoutplan
    Sat Morning: Running
    Sun Morning: Running

  430. Maria Clara Soares

    I just walk 5 miles on sunday to get back in shape!

  431. Joel

    Work out plan, gardening.

  432. Nicos loucaides

    Saturday testing my new bike setup on a 13 km course
    Sunday going for 60-80 km uphill ride

  433. Jakob Claffey

    Saturday: 2000m swim & 8km run
    Sunday: 1.5 hr trainer ride

  434. Jón

    Saturday there was a half-marathon on the plan but moving house put a dent in that…

  435. Jim S

    5km run today; Been sick for the last three weeks.

  436. Pieter V.

    Running the Zion Half Marathon on Saturday. Easy run the day before and after.

  437. Diane Paietta

    Taking my beagle on a hike after work.

  438. Jim S

    5km run today. Good to be out since I have been sick for the last 3 weeks.

  439. Matthew Fox

    This weekend I’m going to ride my bike to the rec center (22 miles round trip) and swim 1500 meters. Then I’m going to pedal home and run a 5k. Then I’ll cap it off with some gluten free beer that actually taste like beer.

  440. Mike C

    To Enter: Give me your weekend workout plans. Simple as that!

    Saturday: Run around chasing my toddler, eating pizza
    Sunday: 45 min Cycle Trainer, eating more pizza

  441. laq

    To Enter: Give me your weekend workout plans. Simple as that!

    well after running around all st. paddy’s day cooking and cleaning and sitting in a car last weekend to watch my daughter irish dance.. next weekend is “serious” workout day. my daughter will be home from college so while she sleeps off mid-terms i plan on doing a 3 mile walk – a big step in my new fitness life that i am determined to keep up (3 weeks and going strong)

    then add in doing wash, and running around with an active teen, and you have my weekend.

  442. Phil R

    Swim on Saturday, then over did it on a Sunday morning 15 mile run and slept all afternoon.

  443. Michael Jones

    Saturday morning 1 hour on the treadmill at the gym. Then Trainer Road / Kickr. 90 minutes Saturday (Mist) + 2 hours Sunday (Perkins), week 5 of a Century training plan.

  444. Shawn

    Saturday easy 10k. Sunday Encinitas Mile race.

  445. Keith

    Run Saturday easy. 1 hour on the trainer in the afternoon.

    Sunday 2hrs on the bike and hot-tub later.

  446. George

    Saturday went on a 20 mile easy bike ride on road bike

    Sunday started an easy neighborhood bike ride with my girlfriend and her daughter but had a family emergency and had to cut it short.

    Monday Gym Workout

  447. Ponder

    Saturday: 5k swim, 10k run
    Sunday: 8 mi hike

  448. Eric

    Sat: 2hr TrainerRoad, 1hr tempo, 1hr sweet spot; 30min run
    Sun: 1hr swim, 3x 5×200

  449. Saturday: 16 mile long run – 8 miles easy – 4 miles @ 8:45 pace – 4 miles easy
    Sunday: Recover from a long week of running

  450. Dennis

    Training for half marathon and a triathalon the following month. Friday p90x3 core work, Saturday my long run -6miles and Sunday I will swim for an hour at the gym pool.

  451. Karen Krause

    2.5 hour bike on saturday, 45 min swim and recovery 1 hour run on sunday!

  452. Jacob

    I plan to do a 5 mile run as part of training for my first half marathon in August and first 10k in May!

  453. Jay

    Marathon here I come

  454. Jason

    Plan to do a 3 mile run along The Strip while on vacation in Vegas on Saturday and Sunday. And then do some core/weight work in the hotel gym to start the day out right.

  455. Vien

    A 7-mile hikes on Friday and Sunday, followed by all day in bed with a cold. This really happened!

  456. Benjamin S

    Well…the weekend here in Oz has just finished however here is what I did:

    – 35min pre-race bike workout
    – Sprint Triathlon Race

    2nd in Age Group – 10th overall and 6th fastest bike split of the day

  457. Scott Gill

    Busy weekend… I have a 7:30AM flight on Sunday that doesn’t reach my destination (San Antonio) until 5:00PM… As soon as I get to my hotel, I will be lacing up and heading out the door for a ‘run until I can no longer see’ workout. Saturday is the St. Patricks Day parade!!! I will need to hop on the trainer for a couple hours in the weeee morning in order to prepare for a full day of drinking heavy beers and consuming pound upon pound of corned beef.

  458. Jeremy

    Swim 2500m friday
    Run 20miles saturday
    Run 4 miles Sunday

  459. John P

    Brick, hour ride and half hour run

  460. Mia

    Sat – 4 hr ride (outdoors hopefully)
    Sun – 2 hr run in AM, 30 min easy spin PM

    Thanks Ray!

  461. steven v w

    Saturday, I was inspired to go for a ride up the summit, short but all up hill, after seeing this post. Sunday, Cheered my ‘girl’ on during a 5k as part of her half marathon training. This will be the last ride for awhile, shoulder surgery Wednesday. Thanks for a great website 4,719 Frenchmen can’t be wrong.

  462. Marcus Lee

    Sat: Bike 25 mi
    Sun: Swim 45 min

  463. Running Dog

    ACL rehab on a stationary bike

  464. Paul

    Just made it! Long run and short ride! Beautiful weather!

  465. Jef Vachon

    Sunday’s my first 20min run!

  466. Paul

    Just made it! Long run and short ride! Great weather!

  467. Thomas Z

    22 mile run

  468. Mary

    Saturday: 1:10 long run
    Sunday: Group Computrainer ride!

  469. Omar


    5 min dynamic warm up
    5 min run 60% VO2 max
    30 run 85% VO2 max
    5 min run 50% VO2 max
    5 min static stretch


    5 min dynamic warm up
    45 min 60% VO2 max (Recovery)
    5 min static stretch

    75 min whole body strength workout.

    • Luke Majewski

      Saturday and Sunday: Training Camp!

      103 miles and 11k feet on Saturday, 50 miles and some snow falling at the finish on Sunday.

  470. Brad Kwok

    Sat: 10km easy run
    Sun: 30km trail running competition, elavation 1800m+

  471. Kyle G

    1 mile run with the Airedale (and then a few more sans the pup, he insists long-runs are hard)

  472. Mike Rivera

    Sat: Short training ride
    Sun: Rest…recovering from running injury.

  473. Andrew Fraser

    A slow 12 mile run on Saturday, followed by a faster 12 mile run on Sunday.

  474. Vivek

    Hot yoga Friday
    30 miles on the bike sat
    5 mile run Sunday.

  475. Jonfucius

    Lake Superior is still frozen off my backyard. Ice trekkers, running shoes and the dog for an otherworldly diversion that counts as a workout!

  476. Chris

    Saturday was a slow 10k run and Sunday was a fast 10k. Everyday includes a simple at home workout. 50 pushups, 50 chin ups, 50 squats and 5 mins worth of handstands.

  477. Whatever my coach tries to kill me with….

    20 mile run plus some riding…..

  478. Chris H

    Saturday, a slow 10k run. Sunday, a fast 10k. Everyday includes a simple workout. 50 pushups, 50 chin ups, 50 squats and 5 mins worth of handstands.

  479. German Merino

    To Enter: Give me your weekend workout plans. Simple as that!

  480. Scott in CA

    hiking in the Tien Shan mountains, starting at 1800m