The Because It’s Almost St. Patrick’s Day…Giveaway


While I was enjoying the umpteenth day straight of mind-bogglingly sunny weather here in the ‘City of Light’, it occurred to my that St. Patrick’s day is Monday.  Despite the French fondness for any reason to take the day off, it is not considered a national holiday here.  Not that it would matter anyway, I get to spend some 12-14 hours on a plane bouncing across the ocean.

So for no other reason than it’s (almost) St. Patrick’s day, and sorta-spring like (lucky charms and all), it’s time for a giveaway.


The prize is simple: A $400 credit to to Clever Training to buy anything from the site you’d like.  You can use it on anything they offer, from a Garmin/Polar/Suunto watch to a PowerBeam trainer, or a Quarq power meter.  If the item is over $400US, you’ll simply pay the difference, shipping is free either way.  The giveaway is open to all readers – including international folks.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Give me your weekend workout plans.  Simple as that!

Got it?

Entries will be accepted through Monday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (March 17th, 2014).  I’ll be you giving one device worth up to $400US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, depending on how tired I am after flying to Mexico City on Monday.  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  For devices/gadgets/gizmos over $400, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10MHD.  Even spring running or cycling gear.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail.   No leprechauns allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!

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  1. Daniel Sherman

    A short three mile run on Saturday and what’s billed as the hardest olympic distance tri in Arizona, the Bartlett Lake Triathlon, with over 2000 feet of climbing on the bike and over 600 feet of climbing on the run.

    • Kyle Schmidt

      5.5 mile speed training on Saturday morning, followed by an upper body weight training workout in preparation for a half-marathon next weekend. Sunday is for food and fellowship!

    • Melonie MacDonald

      Sat: 50min swim, 90min pace run
      Sun: 60min swim, 120min bike/trainer workout. First time taking my new Kickr out for a spin.:)

    • Sean

      Saturday: 10 Mile Run then building my new bike! TriSeason is on the horizon!

    • Tona Mendoza

      Long ride and long run!

    • 22 mile long run for Boston!

    • Mad_Triathlete

      Easy weekend:
      60min swim saturday morning, 90min bike (easy spinning) in the afternoon
      30min run sunday morning and a 2hr gym session on late afternoon

    • John

      Bouldering in a climbing gym tonight, racquetball in the morning, weight training Saturday evening, Spin class on Sunday. A light weekend!

    • Luis

      long bike

    • david micallef

      saturday = 12m run
      sunday = 50m bik & 1k swim

    • FrostByteVA

      8 mile hill run, and perhaps another 20 miles on bike. Waiting to win the prize so I can get the Polar V800 to track swims…

    • Darryl H

      Mon 15km run, 1hr cycle (trainer)
      Tue 10 x 800m intervals + 5 km run
      Wed 60km cycle + 10km run
      Thur 80km with hills, + 5km run
      Fri 15km run
      Sat 30km run
      Sun rest

    • Reiko Donato

      A 60-mile ride on the IMCHOO course on Saturday and an 8-mile run on Sunday.

    • Matthew Shepherd

      I will be Running along the beautiful Bournemouth beach on Saturday for 5 Miles,
      Then Going out on the Mountain bike round the new forest, using my garmin to explore! Distance unknown!

    • christine weisshaar

      lifting weights tonight, then 14 miles saturday! sunday is rest day.

    • Marcel Brinkman

      A long Sunday morning ride in the Surrey Hills – trying to emulate some mountain training South of London… :-)

    • Dan Morley

      Saturday 16k run
      Sunday 32k run

    • George Christidis

      as many bole km as possible, to prepare for the 200km local brevet in less than a month

    • Duan Dao

      definitely use a watch

    • John Nash

      18 km build-up on Saturday.

    • George Lin

      3 mile run and a full body work out on Saturday and Sunday.

    • Olivier leclercq

      2 weeks after the Vasalopet. Time to run again: 10 kms saturday morning. 15 kms sunday hopefully……

    • Tony G

      Since today is Pie Day, i gotta work it off somehow, so probably a quick spin on the trainer tonight. Followed by a full day of Soccer Coach training camp tomorrow. Then rest, and beer.

    • Lee Douthitt

      40 mile ride Saturday if the weather keeps, 8 mile run Sunday either way.

    • steve

      Indoor bike (trainerroad of course) Saturday, 2 hour run Sunday.

    • Robert Warden

      Weekends up to Boston (with all thoughts and focus on Boston).

      Wake. Run. Eat. Rest. Relax. Sleep. Dream. Wake. Run harder. Eat more, Rest longer. Relax diligently. Sleep deeper. Dream…. Boston Bound 2014!

    • Anne Chen

      Indoor trainer on Saturday and strength training Sunday

    • morey000

      Saturday- LSD, up hill ~20mi, prepping for Mt. Lemmon marathon.
      Sunday- recovery run ~8mi

      Happy St. Patty’s Day. 😉

    • 60 minute trail run on Friday afternoon. Short tempo run on Saturday morning with strides. Shamrock Half Marathon in Va Beach on Sunday. Possible recovery swim or ride after the race.

    • Kirk

      Sat: 1 hr run. 10 min warm up with 5×4 min zone 4 intervals and 3 min recovery.
      Sun: Rest day

    • Kyle K

      NYC 1/2 Marathon Sunday!!

    • Michael Hughes

      I’m going to run with my wife both days, 5.5 on Saturday and then either 7 or 10 on Sunday. One of those days I’ll also spend an hour on my new Kinetic Road Machine (on my very old Gitane Super Corsa, which I have just resurrected from the dead).

    • Fraser Allan

      Rest Day then crossfit 14.3.

    • taniwha

      All out effort on the indoor rowing machine on saturday morning.

    • Chmouel

      Some cycling tomorrow morning in sunny paris and after I belong to my family :)

    • Craig Ingram

      I’ll be doing a two hour training ride on the mountain bike Saturday and 100kms in the hills Sunday. Hope the rain stays away!

    • Herr Mustermann

      An easy post-flu / post CeBIT mountainbike ride in and around beautiful Hanover.

    • 4 easy miles with my daughter who just started cross-country.

    • Mack

      I’ve been sick all week so hopefully I’ll be healthy enough to exercise. I’d like to go on a nice 8 mile trail run this Sunday if so.

    • Sebastiaan

      A three hour bike ride on Sunday, walks with the dog aplenty and a run if I’m feeling like it. Gotta love an early Dutch spring!

    • Doug English

      Sat 30 km bike then 5 Km running Race, Sunday 2 hours on bike and swim and hike on mountain trail

    • Sean Montierth

      Cycling and running.

    • Dale

      Plan to do a training run on Sat and my long run on Sunday.

    • Johnny

      A 10km run on the Southdowns, followed by Daddy duties looking after a one year old…. Far more tiring than a run ha ha

    • adam

      started with a takeaway – whoops! but hope to end it with a 20k run around the most depressing city in the north of england!

    • Lee Reforma

      60 mile ride + 6 mile run in Chappell Hill, TX

    • annie eisenbqck

      CrossFit Open 14.3… Bike ride

    • Fanie Nel

      Did 30 km run today, 100 mile cycle tomorrow and mini triathlon on Sunday. IM South Africa is in 3 weeks, last big week.

    • I’m planning on a three hour bike ride tomorrow, and a 10-14 mile run on Sunday, depending on how the legs feel!

    • Jorge

      Saturday bike
      Sunday rest

    • Joe Rodriguez

      Saturday: 1000 yd swim & 40 mile bike ride
      Sunday: 20 mile bike ride and 10K

    • Nicole

      DC Rock & Roll half-marathon on Saturday; 1 – 1.5 hour easy bike ride on Sunday.

    • Catherine T

      Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in DC!!!!

    • Owen warburton

      Can’t train this weekend as managed to fall off bike last weekend and waiting for the stitches to come out. Might still try to sneak something easy in though.

    • Toby

      A 10k run to check the start of the cherry blossom (Sakura) season.
      Sunday running with backpack to an onsen…

    • Steve E

      My plans for the weekend – Saturday might be intervals or cross training depending on how I feel (I’m fighting off some sort of cold or sinus infection…. Ugh) and Sunday will be a nice, easy 12 mile run.

    • Dave Mawer

      A recovery run tomorrow because I ran hard today… followed by an hour’s worth of intervals Sunday!

    • Harvey

      Four Courts Four-Miler (in a kilt), then a move on Sunday (more strength training than cardio)

    • Ryan Vittetoe

      just a couple of runs: short fast 3-4 miles Saturday, 10 miles on Sunday

    • Luis Rubi

      Saturday: Recon ride
      Sunday: Race!

    • Spence Bridges

      Riding mt diablo in Cali.

    • Keith Brown

      12 km tempo run on Saturday AM. Got a marathon on the following Saturday so this will be my last quality run before the race.

    • Raymond Fong

      Saturday: 15km run
      Sunday: 15km run

    • Dan

      20 miles on the trail on Saturday.
      recovery on the bike on Sunday!

    • M

      I’m doing a 60min spin on my kinetic by Kurt trainer, followed by a 10km run. Sunday I will be doing an open water swim in my wetsuit.

      (Plus, painting some of the house, playing with the kids and loving the wife!)

      Good on you rain man!

    • Pieter Maré

      10km paddle Sunday
      10km run Mon
      2km swim Tues
      10km run, 45min bike trainer Wed
      2km swim, 45min bike trainer Friday

    • Justin Hoffer

      Taking a spring trot around the neighborhood.

    • Dani Pindado

      No workout on saturday because on sunday i am going to take part on a 10.55km race in Magstadt, germany link to

    • Dave B

      Long run Saturday, long bike Sunday.

    • Jan Hawkins

      Saturday: 1 hr run, 1 hr swim, as much as I can fit in on the bike
      Sunday: 45 min bike, Interval rune

    • john mitchell

      First half marathon in 4 weeks but got a calf strain so had to cut back this week-rest Saturday then 6 mile easy run on Sunday.

    • prucha82

      After busy last month working in the warehouse, flue, recovery and tiredness I am going back to running this weekend, after more than 3 weeks. I will try 8-10 km depends how I will feel. Weather here in Pilsen is cloudy and rainy, but can´t stop me! Wish you all have fun with your sport/lessiure activities during this weekend. Greetings from Czech Republic.

    • Mike A

      Sat: 40 min swim workout, 3 mile easy run
      Sun: Brick – 2 hour trainer ride, 30 min run

    • Johan Carlhem

      Training??? I will be in bed dreaming of a new bike, eating bon bons and ice cream while recovering from a cold.

    • Madeleine Cozine

      Saturday – 8k race – Shake your Shamrock!!!!
      Sunday – AM 90min Masters Swim, PM – 90min endurance run

      Happy St Patrick’s Day all!!!!!

    • Eric

      Hoping to get my first 2 digit mile run in since I sprained my ankle.

    • Saturday – easy 20 mile bike ride with the lovely bride on her new Ruby.
      Sunday – training ride with daughter prepping for her 700 mile epic this Summer.

    • Jeff Sankoff

      3 mile run today, skiing Breckenridge tomorrow then Sufferfest video when I get home at night. Legs should be good and toasty after that…

    • Harald

      today only working in the garden

      tomorrow on Sunday it´s either a 30km long run at 6:13min/km for marathon training (which would be the sensible thing to do)

      or a 10km race here in Hamburg and then the Girl takes the car home afterwards and I´ll do a 20km long run from there home to get to the 30km to meet my training schedule

    • Stanley C

      Saturday: Party all night
      Sunday: 20 minutes jog at the park followed by stretching and bodyweight exercises: pull ups, push ups, sit ups

    • Kyle

      18 mile long run scheduled for Sunday

    • Andy Comiter

      On Saturday I’m doing an easy 1/2 hr bike with an easy 1/2 run before dinner. 2575 Triathlon on Las Olas (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)- .5 mile swim/12 mile bike/3.1 run. Most intense activity of the weekend- Watching the Florida Gators in the SEC Tournament!

    • Jim

      Run, bike and rock climb. Spring has Sprung!

    • Lindsay

      Swimming and a short 4 mile run along the river tomorrow – building up to the Rock n Roll half marathon in Liverpool, UK in late May!

    • Ilan Goldfeld

      Friday : 3 * ( 22 min Z2 + 2 min walk)
      Saturday: rest day

    • Daoud Amojee

      1 mile swim Saturday and a 5k run or maybe slightly more on Sunday. A good dose of metric and imperial…

    • Chris Banting

      Run the second leg of the Sarasota Half Marathon relay with my sister.

    • Eric S

      7 mile tempo run on Saturday. Rest day on Sunday.

    • Thomas Veheim

      Im going for a 15km run today and tomorrow Im going to Barrys Bootcamp!

    • Joel Jueckstock

      11 mile run on Friday, easy rest/recovery run + strength work on Sat., rest on Sunday–hang out w/ my kids!

    • Charlie

      Taking it easy this weekend. Probably a 2 mile run tomorrow.

    • Peter Godwin

      Steady run for 40min

    • David G

      Brisk 50km cycle in 50km winds in the outskirts of Edinburgh on Saturday. Olympic lift session on Sunday morning followed by a 10km run before dinner!

    • Simon Fairclough

      Two weeks until Head of the River and 4 weeks until my first duathlon so: Saturday run to the rowing club to warm-up, 20 minutes on the ergo at threshold then tempo run home.

      Sunday run to the rowing then 5k test on the ergo, then an hour on the water in the eight before 24minutes on the ergo at threshold and a flat out 5k run home.

    • Dani Pfulg

      Skiing as long as there is snow an the legs are not too tired.

    • Niels

      Rest Day then a 5K training run

    • Jamie Baker

      5 mile run and 1000m in the pool on Saturday. 11 mile mountain bike on Sunday.

    • Benjamin Wilson

      Starting training for my first duathlon; a brick (2k run/8k bike) today (saturday) followed by 45 minutes of intervals, possibly on the trainer due to the northern new york weather.

    • chris

      5 tempo run on Saturday, Sunday rest, Monday hill repeats

    • Todd Fields

      Sat-rake dead leaves and cut weeds
      Sun-MTB all day!!

    • Mark R

      Saturday is a rest day. I’m running a 6 mile long run on Sunday.

    • Andrew

      Spin and then a 6mi run

    • Acatri.St

      40mi bike ride on Saturday morning. Beach run (5km) on Sunday


    • Russell

      Local St. Patty’s 5k

    • Scott

      7 miles Saturday and 5 miles Sunday for first half in June

    • Nicholas frenette

      10 km running and some computrainer intervals

    • Sean Benjamin

      3 hour bike ride, no other rules other than the amount of time.

    • Bartholomew Eisfelder

      Indoor ride on the trainer :( snowing again…

    • taku

      Took the kids to Disney, walked a bunch, running trails on sunday 10k 1700 ft of climbing

    • Robin Crimp

      9k run – early days in training for the Queenstown Marathon

    • Cheryl Morton

      For this 51 year old female, training for my 1st half marathon at the Gol a Coast means a training plan of running 4 days a week. I don’t really know if I can do it but I’m going to give it my all

    • Bo

      Running and weight training for me this weekend. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Isaiah

      Some long indoor bike rides. Still cold outside

    • MountainAthletics workout with North Face in DC.

    • Greg

      Long run Saturday, long run Sunday. Training for a 50 miler in may.

    • Sam

      Run on a park in Bangkok (at 26+ degrees)
      Despite the protests going on around town.
      Sport wins over battles…

    • K. Cooper

      Ran a local 10K with my kids. Daughter won her age group, son won 2nd for age group, and I won 1st for “old guys” Masters…

    • Lucas M

      Just a long swim on saturday and medium Zone 2 run on Sunday

    • chris12345

      Mardi: 1H05 Home trainer
      Mercredi: 1H05 course à pied_14Km
      Jeudi: 1H Home trainer
      Samedi: 1H Home trainer (à jeun)+1H15 course à pied 16 Km+3H de vtt
      Dimanche: 50 Km de roller 2H05

    • Mike Kmiec

      Sat: 2 hour bike ride, tempo pace
      Sunday: some core and strength work
      Mon (St Pattys): 1 hr trainer ride at threshold

    • J dal Cais

      120′ ride on Saturday and 60′ run on Sunday.

    • Saturday-70km medium/aggresive cycling
      Sunday-100km easy/medium cycling

      preparing for 160km century ride on jun 2014 and trying my new bicycle setup

    • Sharon

      Saturday: 2 hours and 15 minutes on Kickr trainer, trainerroad’s Warren workout
      Sunday: yoga and an easy recovery ride on the trainer

      Thanks for such an informative and fun site.

    • Terrence Hornsby

      Saturday: 65 mile ride
      Sunday: 20 mile bike, 5 mile run brick workout
      Enjoying the Florida winter weather!

    • Hervé H.

      15K runs in forest saturday
      2k swim sunday
      + a big nap

    • Fergus Anderson

      Slow 6km run as I recover from IT band problems followed by 20mins core strength exercises

    • OJ

      Sprint triathlon on Saturday, easy run on Sunday of undetermined distance, then weight training on Monday.

    • Bill Burton

      42-mile bike ride on Saturday. 8-mile run on Sunday.

    • Ted Wollnik

      24 miler run sat followed by 5 miler on Sunday in prep for May Ultra

    • Daniel Sheeter

      4 mile trail run and an orienteering event.

    • Raymond Wynman

      Saturday ride for 48 miles @Z2/Z3 pace with Z4 intervals in the middle. Sunday ride for 1hr @ recovery pace.

    • Douglas Cash

      Last few long runs before a 3/30/2014 marathon. 6 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday

    • Sadly weekend workout consists of me relaxing, drooling over workout gadgets and being insanely jealous of all runners I see out on the road. Being pretty sick lately and ER visits in the past week will do that to a gal. :)

    • Rob Rix

      Jogged up a mountain (1300m) on Saturday. Lay around enjoying coffee, wine and a good schlocky book on Sunday.

    • Bernie Pechlaner

      15-20 mile road Saturday
      28 mile trail run Sunday

    • Stephen Kmep

      Saturday: 1500m pool swim and 50km breaking in the ZIPP disc on the P5
      Sunday: first Half Marathon race of the season

    • Dboatrunner

      Planning to do a 10k run, with some weights later on!

    • Pedro Fradique

      No training this weekend but a nice bike ride with my older kid, through new cycle tracks in Lisbon.
      Thanks for the giveaways as allways.
      Good luck all.

    • Saturday:

      Morning 2.5 h bike – main part – 214W
      Evening: 45′ swimming, main part 100/200/300/400 at thresold, after that 300 / 500 paddles / 800 of endurance.

      relax :)

    • Sumet N

      Weekend plan:
      Saturday Bike 60-80 kilometers
      Sunday Run 8-12 kilometers

    • Nice 10 miler run. First “long” run in a while thanks to a hectic life lately, but felt awesome!

    • Jason Chan

      quick 5 miler speed training
      core workout at the gym

    • John Tsimperidis

      To Enter: About 15 miles of cycling around Windsor, UK on Saturday and followed by a proper barbeque with burgers and lots of beer on Sunday!

    • Chase Gibson

      Saturday, 10 mile run with an alumni runner of mine. Sunday, 16 mile long run.

    • Celso Costa

      Run 8K on Saturday

    • Alex Schleif

      On Sunday, I went for a 164km bike ride from London to the South Downs and back – almost 2000m of climbing in gorgeous Spring sunshine.

    • Charlie Brandwick

      1 mi. swim and 6 mi. run on Saturday. 60 mi. ride on Sunday.

    • Arnd

      Sat: rest day
      Sun: long run

    • Roland Kuehne

      Saturday: 30k long run
      Sunday: 45min recovery run

    • Friday: drag 100lbs of gear 3 miles ice fishing
      Saturday: 4 hours of standing/speaking at our Multisport team start of the year meeting
      Sunday: Recovery day
      Monday: 30 minute run on treadmill

    • Joel

      Run 5 trail miles!

    • Wayne

      Saturday: Rest
      Sunday: Easy 3 Mile Run followed by an easy 20 mile bike

  2. Jake

    A warm weekend so I should be on the bike saturday for an unknown amount of miles.

  3. Tender

    Long run this weekend with a vivofit and forerunner.

  4. Luke

    6 miles tonight and another 10 on Sunday. Hopefully outdoors.

  5. Blanca

    Rest on Saturday, Body Pump class and 115-minute-long run on Sunday, getting ready for Madrid Marathon on April 27th!

  6. JohnM

    I’m starting off with some strength training (fighting to pry the trainer tire off my rear wheel and install a road tire) followed by some brisk base miles in the still rather chilly Ohio countryside.

  7. Ken

    Take advantage of the warm weather on Saturday for my 2nd outdoor bike ride, then volunteer at the St. Patty’s day road race I’m registered to run in but can’t due to a hurt hammy.

  8. heiha

    Saturday rest, sunday cycling

  9. James Spooner

    A nice sunny long run over Hampstead Heath in North London hopefully!

  10. 14 km of easy running on saturday and 8 kms with strength exercises on sunday. Next sunday I´ll be running Trasierra Trail near Madrid and it’s time to adjust the effort

  11. aho

    It’s spring! A nice long run sunday morning :)

  12. Erik Lindahl

    Gonna do the “Birkebeinerrennet” 54km nordic skiing on saturday and 45min easy session on bike on sunday for recovery!

  13. Looking forward to a long run with my training group

  14. Go for a 60km test ride with new GP4000s tires (link to on Saturday afternoon, bouldering on Saturday evening and finally a “longer” 100km ride on Sunday afternoon facing 60km/h winds and (likely) a lot of rain. Sounds fun!

  15. Keith Forshew

    Spin class on Saturday unless it warms up, followed by a short couple of miles brick run. Sunday long run 12-14 miles in preparation for the Philly Love Run in a few weeks.

  16. ron

    bike ride then spa with the bros

  17. Lee

    Saturday 3 hrs mountain biking (training for Leadville races) hopefully before the snow rolls in
    Sunday Snowboarding.

    Gotta love Colorado.

  18. Diego Alberto Prado Cardozo

    Completely NOTHING….all weekend with my kids!

  19. Jeff

    A 4 mile run Saturday, followed or preceded (haven’t decided yet) by a bike ride of uncertain distance (not part of the current training plan, just feel like getting out on the bike). Then a 10 mile long easy run on Sunday.

  20. Nelson Diogo

    A soft 60km Road Bike ride on saturday morning + 10km run right after! A light run at the mountains nearby on Sunday to get some climbing

  21. Paul

    Looking to ride 4 hours or so Saturday and maybe 2 on Sunday.

  22. davide

    run. run a lot.

  23. Erik

    Saturday is my scheduled “long” run through the city of Tacoma, WA! Going for a very short 60 mins as per the LLS Team in Training schedule. Then on Sunday I have a 40 min jaunt through my city (Kent, WA) to recover. When I’m not running, it’s yard work time!

  24. ray

    Finally getting some above freezing yelps here in northern WI. Running 14 miles on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.

  25. RELAX! teaching Handgun Shooting & a bit of Scuba.

  26. Matthias

    Forecast says a rainy weekend is coming for south Germany.
    But I’ll still do my road bike rides to test my never used (so far) rain clothes.
    I plan to do each day a 50km round tour.


  27. AK

    Swimming (in a pool) for an hour on Saturday and then a 3 mile run for Sunday. Trying to will spring into existence in a somewhat cold Wisconsin.

  28. Mark

    Shooting for a 90 minute run on Sunday (if my injury gives me the go-ahead)

  29. L

    First run after two weeks off due to a stupid never-healing injury

  30. Morten

    Long nice run :)

  31. Headed to Rochester, NY, where I hear they just got another foot of snow. Should make for an interesting long run…

  32. Thomas

    I’m going to play rugby on Saturday, do a recovery jog that afternoon and then do a 7 mile tempo run on Sunday.

  33. Training for HAT (50k) with an easy 20 miles on the trails.

  34. Lars Frederiksen

    Saturday a short fast trailrun (12-14k) Sunday a good long Trailrun (30-35k)

  35. ed

    to take it real EASY this weekend after having just qualified for BOSTON MARATHON 2015 a week ago. First time trying, first time qualifying. WOOHOO!

  36. Tracy

    Saturday is my long run day. I have a 9 miler this weekend. Sunday is my cross training day. Usually it’s biking or hiking.

  37. Martin

    Intervalls today, easy ride tomorrow and no clue on sunday.Cheers

  38. Ride OUTSIDE, not on the trainer.

  39. Scott

    I will be running in the Get Lucky Twin Cities 21K in St. Paul, MN.

  40. Tovi

    Friday: 2 hour easy ride today on my rollers,
    Saturday: 1 hour swim tomorrow followed by another easy 1 hour ride
    Sunday: Running the March Madness 13.1 marathon in Cary, IL to test my current level of fitness and speed!

  41. Amanda Abbott

    A 1 hour spin class on Saturday and a 4 mile run on Sunday!! Yay for finally being able to run outside again!!

  42. Kevin Kunak

    10 mile trail run Saturday and St Pattys days 5k on Sunday.

  43. 1:30 MAF run on Saturday and a 3 hr easy bike on Sunday. And drinking beer in between the two :)

  44. George H.

    The Rás na hÉireann 5K in Somerville, MA on Sunday followed by a wee bit of IPA for the 12oz curl part. Beer is very Irish you know. :)

  45. RL

    Long run on Saturday, short one on Sunday.

  46. Chris M.

    Run a marathon. Then beer can arm curls.

  47. Stevie Lyn Smith

    Running my 10th marathon at the DC Rock’N’Roll Marathon on Saturday. On Sunday I am taking a rest with coaches orders to eat a lot of junk food, be lazy, lay around and swear whenever sitting down/standing up! :)

  48. Flo

    Sat: 2h30 ride with lots of hills (Z2-Z5)
    Sun : 4H30 flat ride (Z2) + 20 min fast run

  49. Swim today, DDP yoga and 10 mile bike Saturday, swim and 15 mile bike Sunday.

  50. Joe

    Friday Crossfit 14.3
    Saturday 4000M misc. pool workout (Testing out recent TomTom updates)
    Sunday Funday 8mi run with hill repeats followed up by 18 holes of golf. (TomTom again…no electronics on the golf course.)

  51. Beast Mode ride on Saturday (century ride , 9000 ft climbing) then many a sprint tri on sunday

  52. Barry Brown

    Still recovering from Ultra Marathon…Saturday 6-8 mile recovery run. Sunday 5-6 mile recovery run.

  53. Kimmie

    Friday : yin yoga, Sat Morning 10 miles run, Sunday morning spin class

  54. Mikael Klingbjer

    My plan for this weekend includes: some easy running and indoor swim on saturday and (if it’s not snowing) some bicycling and strength training on sunday.

  55. John

    Off to Alicante in Spain for 10 days from London. Looking forward to running in the sun again, shorts, t-shirt and garmin 620 packed!

  56. Dave S

    Cross country skiing!

  57. 56 Mile Bike ride followed by a 30 minute brick run!

  58. Tom W

    Just a little short/slow runs .. then, NYC Half marathon to round things out for this weekend!! BOOM!!!

  59. Chris

    45 run and swim tomorrow. 3 hour run Sunday.

  60. Saturday: long run
    Sunday: tempo run and yoga

  61. Robert Turek

    2 mile recovery run on Saturday to get me ready for the Shamrock 1/2 Marathon on Sunday!

  62. wai

    Cross training – upper body work (Sat) & Easy Metric century spin for LSD.

  63. Henrik

    Hard day with the family saturday:-) and then a relaxing 20km run on sunday.

  64. Saturday- Shamrock Run 5k followed by a 3 hour ride
    Sunday- 36 mile Road Race and an afternoon off

  65. Saturday spending the day on some trails around a local lake. Sunday teaching a Total Body group fitness class!

  66. Cheryl Kreinbring

    Sat: 2 hour trainer ride (probably with my tri teammates), strength workout
    Sun: 7 mile run
    Plus, dog walks! 😀
    Wait…is Fri also part of the weekend? 3700y at masters swim and a 4 mile run

  67. Jim

    St. Patrick’s Day 5K

  68. Gary Soles

    I’m working this weekend, but I’m gonna try and run up and down the stairs a thousand times!

  69. andrew deak

    10km st Patrick’s day run on Saturday in Ottawa, with a 5km warm up and a 5km cool down. Long swim on Sunday, followed by a 100 minute spin session.

  70. nion

    long road ride 120k

  71. Jeroen OV

    Last beach race of approx 40km on the beachbike this season @Castricum @Netherlands

  72. Antonio Grimaldi

    60km ride on saturday around Rome and sunday last long run(16/18km) before the 20th edition of Maratona di Roma! (March 23rd)

  73. David Montalvo

    A competion of Trail running, trekking and mountain bike on saturday, sunday road bike and swimming…

  74. Mark

    Tempo run tonight and 14km LSD on Sunday

  75. Jon C

    Saturday: long run
    Sunday: long bike + short run

  76. Tammy Abbott-Thiel

    8.75 mile run (half-marathon training continues) followed by cardio and weights at the gym.

  77. Dino

    My first 50k run on Saturday (Marin Ultra Challenge)! One hour recovery swim on Sunday (Aquatic Park).

  78. It is spring in Wisconsin- FINALLY- and we’re getting the road bikes out for the first rides of the year! SO excited!


  79. Ricardo Sequeira

    20 minutes run on saturday in easy pace because the the lisbon half marathon that i´m running in sunday. best regards to all

  80. Matthew Aune

    Probably a very familiar workout for you, Skyline Drive starting from Front Royal and turning around somewhere near Big Meadow.

  81. Marc

    A 1 hour of bike trainer… Can’t wait for the winter to give us a break!

  82. André Sousa

    Long Run (+- 2 Hours) or 30K on mountain bike… it’s gonna depend on the weather… :)

  83. Tina I.

    Long run this weekend.

  84. Michael Simpson

    A couple of family walks. Trying to get back in the grove.

  85. JP

    Finally, after a lot of troubles with my legs, looks like I’ll be able to do 10k runs on both days! Awesome!

  86. beth

    a little resistance band workout…in recovery.

  87. Nasser

    A 1h30 hometrainer session on saturday with work around 100% FTP, then a swim session in the evening.

    On Sunday, a long bike ride (4h00) and 30 mn run (brick).

  88. ruben

    A 20-25 km run followed by a 1.5km swim on saturday, and if danish weather has mercy upon me and my bike, a 90-100km bike ride on sunday :)

  89. Kendra

    Run outside in the gorgeous weather and Crossfit.

  90. Saturday- 1hr zone 2 run with 3x3min in zone 4

    Sunday – 1 1/2 hr in trainer followed by 15min zone 2 run (quick transition)

  91. Bj

    Going to run on Saturday, enjoy this great weather, and work around the house.


    tuesday 9 km
    thursday 9 km
    saturday 12 km
    sunday 24 km
    Preparing my second marathon

  93. Matt

    Saturday is a rest day then Sunday is the Germantown Half Marathon here in Memphis, TN

  94. Jason K

    Assuming I finally kick this flu bug I have, I’ll be at the gym with my trainer on Saturday morning, running a 5K on Sunday, and maybe doing a swim workout Sunday afternoon.

  95. Greg P

    180 min bike saturday, 90 minute run sunday

  96. J. Berg

    – Saturday morning, ~7 mile LSD run
    – Saturday evening, St. Patrick’s Day theme dinner with friends
    – Sunday morning, 90 minute MAF cycle on the indoor trainer
    – Sunday evening, strength training (lunges, squats, pull up, fly, etc.)

  97. Margaret Howe

    10-12 mile training run on the Chicago lakefront followed by an hour of yoga.

  98. Eli

    As much biking I can fit in on Sat and Sun to get ready for Bike Florida

  99. Joe White

    10 mile tt tomorrow and a 70 mile ride Sunday morning with an evening swim!

  100. Aaron

    An somewhat intense 2 hr bike session on Saturday. And then a longer run and long swim (4-5k) on Sunday.

  101. John Leitch

    Commited to my first Marathon at Loch Ness this year today, so out for a 6 mile run tomorrow morning follows by a 13 mil run Sunday night. It is also new bike week so will be taking it out on it’s maiden voyage on Sunday morning before entering the Sport Relief Glasgow 50 miler next Sunday!

  102. Aaro

    Saturday calls for a long run, sunday is gymday!

  103. Back to running this weekend after stomach virus!!

  104. David James

    Racing a local crit on Saturday with a long recovery ride with teammates on Sunday.

  105. Steve E.

    Just allowed to exercise after LASIK surgery. Thinking light runs. Could end up skiing.

  106. Christopher Stephens

    Saturday morning: 5 mile run with my coffee shop pals at Team Joe downtown.
    Sunday morning: 4 or 5 mile run with my coffee shop pals at Team Joe uptown
    Probably a spin Sunday mid-day with Asphalt Green Tri Club, followed by volunteering at the JackRabbit Indoor Tri Series finals.

  107. Brian G

    St Pats parade (no running involved) after a long swim…THEN I will run so no one will see how slow I am :)

  108. a short spin on Saturday and then kicking off the 2014 season with a Sprint Tri on Sunday

  109. David Manley

    Still recovering from a chest infection so will go for a simple 5K run tomorrow and a gentle hour or so on the bike Sunday where I’m helping out in a club TT. Not fit enough to do it yet.

  110. Dylan Benyon

    Saturday – 10km road race followed by a spinning class.
    Then a 2km swim on Sunday :)

  111. Long rides on my Merida CycloCross,… Saturday 100-120 km – and on Sunday 60-70km – Restitution? Cold beers in the afternoon, when analyzing (and bragging) the rides on Garmin Connect/Strava :-)

  112. George Grenier

    Sat – easy 3 miles
    Sun – NYC Half Marathon with post race beers.

  113. Seb

    today 15k run, saturday 60k bike ride, sunday 2km swim
    + foam rolling all the way

  114. Andy D

    5k Parkrun Saturday followed by 20m marathon pace training run on Sunday!

  115. Christophe

    saturday: 1 hour swim in 50 m outside pool (3km)
    sunday : racing half marathon in Chartres (France) I hope in 1h25?

  116. Chuck

    Long run on Sat, bike (probably trainer) on Sun and maybe a few games of racquetball….

  117. Chrisn

    55 mile bike ride on saturday

  118. Alex R.

    I’ll be riding up to Mt Hamilton’s Licke Observatory with my friend Pierre.


  119. Austin

    2:20 min bike / 20 min run Saturday
    50 min run sunday

  120. Three and a half hour ride on Saturday and a swim/ ride on Sunday. Last week of peak-hour training before Oceanside 70.3!

  121. Yunome

    40km Cycling to bike shop and has a 25 km long run on Sunday.

  122. Lukas D

    Monday, Wednesday Friday running in preparation for the Linz marathon (not sure how many miles as of now), tuesday gymnastics and thursday rock-climbing. Hope all of you guys have a wonderful week!

  123. Jonathan

    Rest day Saturday, long run Sunday.

  124. ian edwards

    running club AGM tonight followed by a curry :-)
    a short sea swim tomorrow and a longish bike ride on sunday morning with the new bayside triahtlon club.
    no running just yet since achilles isnt 100%.

  125. Bruno

    100 miles road cycling on Saturday.
    3 hours road cycling on the mountains on Sunday (7,500 ft)

  126. Kenneth Johnsen

    Got my cholesterol measured on wednesday, and it’s way too high since I almost stopped running this winter.
    So this weekend I’m starting up again, with a 5k on saturday, and a long run on sunday (probably around 8-12 km).

  127. Vidar

    Program says 6k swim, 2hour run on Saturday, then 6 hours bike on Sunday. Due to a Tenerife training camp next week the weekend will be easy with swim competition on Saturday 400m and 100m freestyle. Short bike on Sunday maximum 2 hours.

  128. Brian Breuner

    Saturday – Strength Training
    Sunday – Two Hour Ride

  129. Grant

    9 mi run on saturday followed by coaching son’s soccer game

  130. Rob Ford

    10 mile long run Saturday. (Building back up) 1 hour easy on Sunday.

  131. Paul

    Riding on the trainers doing 1 minutes intervalls

  132. Peter

    4km swim, 7,5k fast run and 1h indoor ride

  133. Gabriel

    Will be in Boston for the weekend so a run on Saturday and a bike/swim workout on Sunday

  134. Lee Fox

    New Bedford Half Marathon! Gonna finally break 2 hours.

  135. Jeff

    Just finished a week of skiing. Planning to get some miles on the bike this weekend!!

  136. Eric

    2 trainerroad workouts scheduled, one of them as part of a brick.

  137. David Alexander

    Planning to do recovery 1km swim and 10km jog after the surgery of clavicle plate removal two weeks ago!

  138. I am still recovering from the Way Too Cool 50KM last weekend, so I plan an easy 10 mile run at 4am on Saturday and an hour swim (4000 yards) on Sunday AM (followed by hot tub to relax the muscles).

  139. Jyrki

    easy swim on Saturday morning, hard bike on Saturday evening, bike-run brick on Sunday

  140. Stu

    Sat is rest before a St. Pat’s run on Sun.

  141. Tobias

    Well, eating Raclette with the family (my wife’s choice), watching a Movie in cinema (Kids choice :-) ) and on Sunday my choice will be a very nice run :-)

  142. Saturday: Teach 2 60-minute indoor cycling classes – Zone 4 interval rides + Swim 1 mile + 3 mile job; Feet up Sunday.

  143. Jeff

    Try to do a 10 mile run and hope my injured hamstring doesn’t completely snap.

  144. Hallvard

    Saturday will be a combination of gym classes including strength and core. Sunday will be a 12 km run – the goal is “GoteborgsVarvet Half marathon” in May

  145. Francesco

    40k trail Saturday followed by 20 road Sunday to top up my 105km week

  146. David Heroux

    Run 10k Saturday and a gym day Sunday.

  147. Sat – organizing short race event (5k race for 300pple). 2 easy runs – marking and cleaning the trace.
    Sun – 22k aerobic trail run and then chasing my kids for rest of the day

  148. Gary O'Brien

    Saturday is a 2 hour bike followed by a 20 minute run
    Monday is a 30 minute recovery run trying to find a way around the local parade

  149. FarAway

    An easy 3h ride on saturday before an all-out criterium sunday to get into the racing season rhythm.

  150. Friday is weight training and Sat and Sun is supposed to be rest days, BUT since I was sick yesterday I have 2 miles to make up for (whichever day I choose). It’s Spring Break and my kiddos are ready for some fun, so it might mean taking them to the skate park and trying out my 40th birthday roller blades as well!

  151. Ben Dobson

    A nice long saturday ride with my cycling club to blow away the stresses of the week, and a shorter blast on sunday in and around my other social commitments. Hoping for the wind to finally die down!!

  152. Ryan

    Swim session then a bike handling course [cornering, braking, etc.]

  153. Tim

    If I survive the onslaught of the germs from my kids I’ll ride my MTB tomorrow!

  154. Dave F

    NYC half marathon

  155. Rich M

    Going to put in a 2 full days skiing trees in the east while wearing plenty of green, and take my dog jogging on the trails in the evening now that it’s light out! (Thanks daylight savings!)

  156. Mats Janné

    Plan is to ease back into exercising after having been out of it for four weeks due to surgery. I’ll probably do an hour or so on the treadmill tomorrow and another one on Sunday. (Yes, I’m doing it on the mind numbing treadmill, I want to be able to step off easily if my sutures are acting up.)

  157. 1 hour run in the N GA mountains!

  158. Sat – Long Bike @ 70% of FTP (3-4 hours depending on time available).
    Sun – 5k Race (normally would be long run at marathon + 45 sec pace). Short OWS in the afternoon.

  159. Rich M

    As much as it is killing me I have no running workout plans. Healing up some tendinitis and out of commission until at least next week. My plan is relax a bit and do some light biking.

  160. crocky

    Lazy weekend coming up. Will ride the bike with the kids.

  161. Sweet!

    14 ‘ish miles on Saturday with my running group, 6 on Sunday.

  162. Saturday- 30 minute run, 3 hour bike, 3k in the pool. Sunday – 20 mile run, 2.5k in the pool

  163. Oystein

    1+ hour indoor cycling due to meniscus damage + possibly kettlebells workout.

  164. Robert

    Interval training on spinner/1 – 2 hours swimming/1 hour rowing

  165. Karen

    volunteering at a 100km race and then hopefully a nice 6 mile run and maybe a bike ride as well

  166. Erik

    Run an easy 8ish miles on Saturday and a St Patrick’s Day themed 5k on Sunday.

  167. Charlie Xu

    Since it will be a warm weekend, I am going to do some 1900 swimming. Give me legs a rest.

  168. Patrick

    Sunday long run enjoying the beautiful weather

  169. Friday: Indoor climbing
    Saturday: 12km running
    Sunday: Enduro MTB Trip

  170. Greg

    Sat is rest day, Sun is 16-18 mile long run

  171. Scott

    2 hour bike on Saturday. 7.5 mile run and 40 minute swim on Sunday.

  172. Thad Carnine

    Saturday 2 hour ride with 30 min brick run
    Sunday 1 hour tempo run

  173. chad

    Swim for an hour Saturday, rest Sunday

  174. Brenden

    Run 26 trail miles Saturday, run 20 road miles Sunday.

  175. Dale Woitte

    2 days of P90X3 and a 2 hour trail run in the snow (Sunday)

  176. Greg Gwynn

    A couple of 5 milers this weekend racing a half next Saturday!

  177. Lindsey

    45mi ride (up Kings Mtn, down 92) on Saturday, and an 8mi Double Dish Loop run on Sunday!

  178. Fiona Terris

    Just finished the fundraising Sport Relief Mile in exceptionally, hot summery Paris and got a 34k Paris Marathon training run tomorrow. If I win I’d like the prize to go to my running club leader, she is so inspirational and doesn’t have a GPS.

  179. Brian

    Swim tomorrow morning (~1500, I’ve been sick)
    Work a fat bike demo (hope to ride some)
    SSCX ride on the road Sunday 35-40 miles

  180. TK

    xc skining, cycling and eating pasta :)

  181. Aaron Skutch

    fits right in my training budget while unemployed!

  182. Franko

    saturday: 2-3 h bike ride; sunday: 3-4 h bike ride

  183. ian

    6 mile run friday, 8 miles on saturday, 1 hour trainer ride on sunday.

  184. David

    5am(to avoid the heat), 27k trail run in sentul, Indonesia on Saturday followed by charity fun run in Jakarta Sunday for recovery! Followed by bicep curls with a few pints of guinness to celebrate St. Patricks Day! Hon Ireland!

  185. Darren Burgess

    Tomorrow I’m trekking in the Brecon Beacons and going over Pen Y Fan, Saturday I’m doing a costal kayak paddle in west wales and looking to cover 25 miles. Sunday I will be doing a 10km followed by a few laps in the pool.

  186. Costa

    Saturday 10km tempo run @ 4’10
    Sunday longbase training 32km @ 4’50-5’00

  187. Antti

    I’ll start writing my bachelor’s thesis (need to be ready in May!!!). Did 26k run yesterday so today I’ve day-off and on Sat and on Sun will have some easy runs.

  188. Van Soetaert

    Thanks for all your great reviews, Ray!
    I’ll be putting in about 100 miles on the bike this weekend on the American River Parkway in Sacramento.

  189. Tim Nail

    2-Mile time-trial run on Saturday and a long ride on Sunday.

  190. Robert Forshaw

    Just finished up a lunch time swim tomorrow I got a 10 mile run lined up followed by a 6 miles run on Sunday! Been a recovery week for me so I am looking to ramp up my pace this weekend!!!

  191. Nick

    3 miles today and a 12 miler tomorrow or Sunday.

  192. Jan

    40ish mile group ride on Saturday, if it doesn’t rain. If it does rain, then Sufferfest Blender for me!

  193. Mateusz

    50 minutes on Saturday, 18 kilometers on Sunday.

  194. Two LSD rides on my road bike to get some important km in the legs before trainingcamp

  195. I am training for my first 1/2 marathon in May! So, this weekend I will be running 7 miles. Looking forward to it with the 50 degree weather coming for Saturday!! Weights on Sunday.

  196. Steve Tramleasure

    17 mile trail run

  197. ChrisF

    Nothing special, the real training has to wait a few days… So just a swim and a short run this weekend…

  198. Minh Nguyen Ba

    Easy run 14k tomorrow morning in Regents Park and Hyde Park, followed by an easy endurance swim, 2x1000m.
    Sunday early long ride to Richmond Park while the crowds are still sleeping, then off to the pub to watch the footie!

  199. Bryan Thomson

    This weekend I will be participating in the Portland Or Shamrock run. this run kicks off the running season for many people. It will be my 3rd year doing it and am hoping to beat last years time. My run will be a very hilly 15k.

  200. joham beetge

    My last long run 16km’s and then heading to lucerne to relax the legs before my first half-marathon next sunday!

  201. Rickey

    Potentially last weekend with workable snow, so fatbiking and downhill skiing are the plan

  202. Alan

    This weekend technically starts today.
    Friday: 5:30 PM Ride for 25 Miles. Fast paced, time trail course on our local bike path through the animal reserve. I’ve been trying to hit the 1 hour mark and I’m only 1:40 away from that. Tough but love it.

    Sat: Hill climbing day. 50 miles minimum no more than 60.
    Heading to the local hills for a minimum of 3500′. If I can talk my riding buddies to detour through Rattlesnake climb and hart park, we can pick up another 1500′ easily. Knowing me, I will bribe them and we’ll get that extra 1500′ easily.

    Sunday: Enjoy the beautiful weather day. This is the day that I like to just get in a 25 mile recovery ride. Enjoy the beautiful weather with my buddies. Nothing to prove, everything to gain. We hit this on our local bike path which is 40 miles long. If its beautiful and sunny, its a 15 MPH ride, no helmets and just wool cycling caps.

    Monday, hit the grind again!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  203. Robin

    6 mile run and yoga on Saturday, half marathon on Sunday. Score!

  204. Dan Loots

    Weekend training plan is whatever my gastro riddled body lets me do!

  205. For this evening if planed to play some soccer with the the guys at te gym followed by ab training en some weight lifting.

    Saturday at least 110km of cycling

    Sunday 120km cycling at least

  206. Antoine

    Crossfit open 14.3 tomorrow morning, probably a bike ride in the afternoon and then a 1:30 run on Sunday.

  207. Matt

    Running for the first time after 2 months off due to injury!


    Two hour TrainerRoad ride, and hopefully 1 hour Skate Ski.

  209. nathan

    I am thinking a few walks and try to get a trainer ride in. Still a bit too much snow on the ground outside.

  210. Ricardo

    Going for a 40km bike ride on Saturday (enjoying the sun) and mountain biking on Sunday morning.

  211. Harry

    Trip to the gym, followed by an easy 5-mile run today; 7-miler on Saturday, and 7-12 miles on Sunday. Lots of dogs walks in between.

  212. Jesse Bennett

    5K race on Saturday 1:30 brick 1 hour bike to a 30 min run

  213. Kelly hutton

    Moving a lot of hay over snow and ice by hand due to truck breaking down! Love using my garmin bc it’s neat to see calories burned. Hoping to get 12 miles running in this weekend.

  214. Matt Dokken

    I will be starting my couch to 5k work out program

  215. Heather

    I’m doing a 30 minute ride on saturday and then the St. Patty’s Day sprint tri on sunday

  216. Nicole

    6 mi saturday, NYC half sunday!

  217. Mark

    My son was born yestwrday(3/13) so my work out plan is to carry his 7lb 3 ounce body around the house and up and down stairs. All while fending off my daughter who will want a free ride as well.

  218. Ben

    TT practice on a hilly route & a long tempo run!

  219. Dominique

    Ride at small intensity for around 40km on Saturday … resting on Sunday, or short running session ?!

  220. Pedro Navarro

    Getting ready for a Grand Canyon R2R2R run, so I’ll be doing 3-4 hours of trail training this Sunday!

  221. mh

    2x20m at 90% on sat, 2-3hrs endurance on sun

  222. Lorenzo Zanetti

    Sat 3h long bike easy ride
    Sun italian duathlon championship Bergamo

  223. Miko Santos

    A half-marathon race this Sunday. Hoping to break my PR! :)

  224. Matthew

    1 hour run and 45 min swim on Saturday, 1 hour ride on Sunday.

  225. Oskar

    Floorball on saturday!

  226. bbjm2013

    5 mile run w/ 20-burpee stops every 1/2 mile.

  227. Adrianna

    I’ve been working months to recover from an injury so this weekend I’m hoping to tackle 5 miles running! I’ve been able do 5ks with no pain, so hoping to keep moving forward! 😀

  228. Running the Asheville Marathon @ the beautiful Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.

  229. Nicholas

    A few thousand kilometres in my aircraft on night shift.

    If it was last weekend, then it would have been cycling for 235km and 4600m of climbing in 10.5 hours!

  230. Richard N

    A casual 10k round London. Its the six nations final day so not much room for anything else. Maybe a swim on Sunday.

  231. kevin Price

    45 minute ride today. 10 mile Run Saturday and a 1.5 hour trainer ride sunday

  232. joseph lanotte

    Sufferfest Violator video on my trainer in a few. Then heading down to Charlotte for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Be back Sunday and probably only have time for another Sufferfest video, maybe Rubber Glove, been a little too long since i’ve tested my FTP.

  233. Dan

    Ok my workout plan is varied as I’m training for my 1st marathon on May 25th. Mon is military fitness, like cross training but with ex army instructors shouting at you for an hour! Tue is a 6 miler easy run, wed is a 9 miler run, thurs is a 6 miler again, fri is some easy cross training and rest. Sat is the long run at 14 miles and that’s my week. Pretty busy but loving it all the same and cannot wait to get this 1st marathon under my belt! In hopefully under 4hrs 30 mins!

  234. JP Miller

    Friday: 3.14 mile Pi Day race
    Saturday: 22 mile run. 5 weeks to Boston!
    Sunday: Easy Run, easy ride or both
    Monday: get broken hand checked by doctor after surgery 1.5 weeks ago

  235. mucher

    8 km on Saturday -easy pace;around 5:40-6:00′
    24 km on Sunday – long run, pace around 5:10-5:30′ /km

  236. Kristyl Gomes

    30ish miles with some hills bike ride on Saturday morning, followed by lap swim for about 40 mins on Saturday evening. Sunday I’me giving myself a break in the tri routine, by going up to Tahoe for a day of snowboarding :)

  237. Hoping for a long run Saturday morning and some trainer time on Sunday!

  238. 20 km Tempo run saturday and 2h15 LSD trail running sunday !

  239. Wade Staab

    Sat: 2200 Meter Swim followed by a 60 Minute Interval Run
    Sun: 2.5 Hour Bike ride followed by a 40 Minute transition run.

  240. Brett Hoyer

    Weekend training plan is pretty low. Tapering down to a easy bike saturday and an hour run sunday in preparation for the Rome marathon next weekend. $400 would go a long way towards outfitting that new road bike i have been dreaming of.

  241. David

    Family cross-country ski tonight. 6 mi. Run Saturday and 12 miles Sunday.

  242. Oliver

    Love this one! Thanks Ray!

    I’m in taper/peak for IM Los Cabos:

    Friday – Swim: 45 min w/ Warm up and Drills, 4×500@Z4, Cool down
    Friday – Bike: 40 min w/ 20 Warm up and 20 min at IM pace, then T2 practice into brick run…
    Friday – Run: 95 min brick run off bike at IM pace

    Saturday – Swim: Open Water Swim w my team, practicing mass starts – 35-40 min total, mostly recovery
    Saturday – Bike: 120 minute recovery ride @ Z1
    Saturday – Run: 45 minute recovery run @ Z1

    Sunday – Bike: 90 minute recovery ride @ Z1
    Sunday – Run: 60 minute recovery run @ Z2

    Thanks for all your great info!

  243. Lars

    10 + 18 Km run.

  244. Martin Middlemiss

    Tapering for my first marathon in three weeks time, so a nice easy fifteen miles running.

  245. Susan

    Long run on the roads Saturday with my running group, trail run Sunday if the trails are dry.

  246. Kris Tyson

    30min pre-ride warmup run and 3 hour interval bike ride on Saturday. 2 hour steady state bike ride on Sunday.

  247. Jim Libecco

    St Patrick day races with my 6 and 9 year kids with my 3 year old in a jogger.

  248. Now as it appears spring has sprung, going to put some much needed miles outside on the road bike.

  249. Mark Tyrrell

    fitness class with my wife tonight, 15-20 mile bike ride tomorrow, rest on Sunday cause I start PT for my IT band on Monday

  250. Semih

    14km trail race on Sunday.

  251. A aggressive bike ride in the South SF. ~70 miles w/ ~7k elevation! Should be a great day! Route: link to

  252. Holly

    Run at least a mile per day…trying to get a streak going!

  253. Leo

    Century training… Hill repeats, sprint repeats, recovery…. Do it again! Then coffee

  254. Matt

    8 mile run and hopefully a bike ride outside

  255. Mike Behr

    I have a 10 mile road race tomorrow shooting for 1:30 or less. The a 28 mile bike ride and brick Sunday. My daughter is having tri team tryouts sunday afternoon,probably take a dip in the pool as well

  256. PuddleThumper

    Long run of 8 flat miles on saturday. I’m rehabbing the knee still and looking forward to doing a “long” run. bike sunday of 90 minutes or more on roller trainer.

  257. Easy 3 mile run Saturday
    NYC Half Marathon Sunday

  258. Dan

    36 mile road race.

    Yay bikes

  259. Chris McDaniel

    Started this morning with a 5 km run, Saturday will be a 10k run, and Sunday will be a rest day relaxing in the sunshine.

  260. Joel Melburn

    Still winter in Canada these days so looking at:
    Trainer Road work outs on the bike Fri – 1 hour, Sat – 2 hours, Sun – 1.5 Hours.
    Gotta throw in some stretching and a bit of core work after Sat effort.

  261. Noah McMurray

    Two days of rest & recovery after a full week of long commuting miles (325 miles Monday thru Friday).

  262. LT

    I have 2 hours blocked off for a pleasure ride on my touring rig. No plan, no goals, just go outside and enjoy.

  263. Mike

    Multiple car bombs and Guinness. Oh wait you meant triathlon training plans.

  264. A Saturday Parkrun and Sunday 15 miles – Edinburgh marathon training on tour – in Dorset!

  265. Sarah C.

    It’s going to be a hiking and kayaking weekend for me, as spring has officially sprung in my part of the world!

  266. Darren S

    Saturday is a brick workout: 2:30 bike with a quick 20 minute run. Later on the day, followed up with a 1:30 Swim!!

    Sunday is another brick workout: 2:30 bike with a 45 Minute Run!!! Getting ready for IM Lake Placid!!

  267. Fiachra Crean

    10 mile steady run on Saturday, and last long run before Manchester marathon (6th April) on Sunday. 22 miles with 16@MP planned. Then the madness of the taper can start!

  268. Darren Wells

    Saturday Swim 1000 yds Sunday Bike and Run Brick 12 miles ride followed by 2 mile run

  269. Brett E

    16mi training run for an upcoming marathon

  270. David Zuniga

    Transitions on Saturday: Bike: 1. 20′ z1 + 15’Z2 +15’z1 , 2. 30′ z1 + 3x(3’Z3+7’Z1)
    Run: 1. 5′ Z1 + 2x (3’Z3 + 3’z1) 2. 10′ Z1 + 4′ Z2 + 4’Z3

    Sunday: Bike: 2:55 Z1 – Z2

  271. Alfredo

    today friday: 5x1Km repeats with 20′ warmup and cooldown
    tomorrow saturday: 1h swimming
    sunday: 15km marathon pace
    …since next monday I will have my first marathon in Rome!!!!!!!!!

  272. Edward Gould

    Sat: 20 miler, 20 – 30 second off of marathon race pace.
    Sun: a couple of hours of easy spinning out on the bike.

  273. Leon

    80k ride on my cyclocross bike

  274. m.c.

    Short run tomorrow. Mock Sprint Tri on Sunday.

  275. David Bacus

    Saturday: Early morning 60min run followed by some greek yogurt and cereal. Nap, then gym session working leg strength plyos/balance and calisthenics for upper body. Random lunch meal. 60min trainer steady state late afternoon. The rest of the day is up in the air.
    Sunday: Mid morning 40min run pace depending on how I feel. Black bear diner breakfast hopefully. Afternoon gym sesh to be determined. 60min trainer with tempo intervals and catch up on my TV shows.

  276. Lisa R

    Saturday trainer ride Sunday long run + swim

  277. Steven Laplace

    Long run along St Thomas VI waterfront starting at the University with a turnaround point at the West Indian Company cruise ship dock

  278. Just a short run each day – still recovering from IT band issues.

  279. Kasey

    Racing the Chuckanut 50K in RAINY Bellingham, Wa

  280. Brian Olson

    Nice 3000m pool session in the warm sun!

  281. Being a week away from the Maratona di Roma, it will be an easy pace 90-min run, a 2-hr recovery and aerobic maintenance ride to keep the legs ticketing and a couple of swimming sessions. May attend a body bump class, will see how the body feels.

    Bring on Roma!

  282. Sat Morn: St Patrick’s Day 5k race here in Vancouver, Canada, followed by 5k tempo + WU/WD
    Sat Arvo: Optional jog
    Sun Morn: Long run (35k hopefully)

  283. Vlada

    Sunday – St. Patrick’s 5K race

  284. Daniel Calo

    Friday : 10 KM running at easy pace
    Saturday : 7 Km Running at Pace
    Sunday : Back to work…(still Israel…)

  285. Eddy

    3 rides, first was today: climbing, tomorrow cadans and sunday speed.

  286. Tara Hildreth

    Friday – Hill repeats by my house and Saturday – 40 mile ride in the beautiful SF bay area!

  287. Hello Ray :)

    Saturday: 1H40 bike into 20mn run at longchamps
    Sunday: 4H bike in chevreuse valley

    That’s about it !

  288. Lisa R

    Running 8 miles tomorrow and resting on Sunday…Training for my first Half Marathon!!!

  289. Hiking every morning this weekend. Living in the Pacific northwest has its benefits :)

  290. Pawel

    Saturday: 140 mins bike
    Sunday: 60 mins run

  291. Paul O'Neill

    I will start this evening with a quick 10km from rambla Poblenou ( barcelona) along the beach to the W hotel and back. Leaving at 7am tomorrow morning for a 109km Bike ride! round trip with 1220mts climbing! then Sunday midday i hope to be in the sea to cold test my body with 1st sea swim of the season.. hoping for at least 15/16 degrees.. Brrrr hope to do at least 700mts.. All in prep for Aix en Provance Half ironman!!

  292. Bike for 3 hours and a day of snowboarding.

  293. Marshall Hunt

    9 mile run, and a lot of toddler chasing.

  294. Nick M

    First Road Race of the year on Saturday!

  295. Harrison

    Saturday: Long run around 12 miles. Moderate pace.

    Sunday: I think I’ll sneak out for a short ride. Possibly the first ride of the season in a short sleeve jersey.

  296. Samantha S

    Same as my husband:

    Saturday is a brick workout: 2 hour and 30 Min. bike with a quick 20 minute run. Later on the day, followed up with an hour and 30 minute Swim!!

    Sunday is another brick workout: 2 hour and 30 min. bike with a 45 Minute Run!!! Getting ready for IM Lake Placid 2014

  297. Jason Andersson

    I am going for a 2hour run on Saturday and a 2.5hour trainer bikeride on Sunday. IronMan in August is the goal race :-)

  298. Charles

    Interval training saturday, 10k Sunday, with Garmin 620, and treadmill

  299. joesentme

    sat: 1 hour easy run, sun: 4 hour trail run

  300. Brian Edwards

    Running the 10.8mi berserkr games, starting with a helo jump. Nothing too exciting.

  301. Ivan Higuera

    1800 mts. Swimming (if i get to the other side of the pool in the 500 mts.) and Sunday, 50 K of cycling, but in the colombian mountains 😉

  302. Mary Alice Foote

    Easy 3 mile Friday. Jacksonville Florida Gate River 15k run Saturday. Yoga on Sunday.

  303. Justin F.

    Tonight: 60 minute spin bike ~26 miles
    Saturday: 2000 yds swimming; 30 minutes spin bike ~12 miles
    Sunday: Innertube Water Polo, aka recovering from St Patrick’s Day Party on Saturday night.

  304. Charles

    Friday – Easy 5 mile recovery run
    Saturday – 7 mile tempo run
    Sunday – Easy Long Run (10-13)

  305. Nate

    Walking around….not any strict workouts

  306. Richard King

    Saturday: early morning swim then a 8km run with the other half
    Sunday: 100km club ride!

  307. Michael

    12 mile run this weekend, most likely Saturday.

  308. Claus Kaimer

    a 3 hours bike ride with a couple of AT sessions at about 10k.
    2 km run to the Gym as a warm – up and then 1 hour session with some legs/Shoulders and core training.
    5 km run after the gym

    3,5-4 hours bike ride with our local club. Nice rolling two by two at a average 30k/h

  309. Ron

    Running the NYC 1/2 Marathon on sunday

  310. Floris Van de Vijver

    2k swim tonight, tomorrow a 100k bike ride (with some of the famous cobblestones from the Tour The Flanders), and sunday another 3k swim.

  311. Mark

    Saturday, 4 km swim, 2 hour spin session, 30 Min run
    Sunday is 29 km LSD run
    Food and sleep to follow.

  312. sak

    Go for ride 20 km then sit up push up

  313. Sorrel

    An hours run on Saturday, a 14 mile Time Trial on Sunday morning and a swim on Sunday night. Tired just thinking about it!

  314. Andrew M

    I plan on putting up my middle finger up and directing it to this winter that just won’t end! If that doesn’t pan out I’m going to put log an easy 10 k run on Saturday and a 26 k long run on Sunday.

  315. Cirque da Solei 5K run on Saturday and then a open water swim at Lake Mead on Sunday.

  316. Meghan

    Saturday – 2 hour hill ride on the computrainer on my amazing new felt TT bike!
    Sunday – Swim practice with my tri team and maybe a run after :)

  317. Yves

    Saturday : 90Km ride + 45 min run
    Sunday : 2h ride

  318. Yann T

    Rest day saturday
    200 km road cycling on sunday (Longjumeau 2014, event near Paris)

  319. Kaitlin

    The weather is warming up in Boston this weekend so a nice 2-3 mile run on Saturday and the same on Sunday

  320. Mixuli

    Tomorrow skiing with kids and Sunday NYC half with approx 37,000 friends.

  321. Ritchie

    10 mile training run to get ready for half marathon in early April. Then go home and mow the yard. yay me.

  322. Kuba

    12 km tomorrow and 25 km on Sunday – getting ready for Lodz Marathon (13th April) :))) If only the weather forecast wasn’t rain+snow the whole weekend… Oh well – I’m still going :)

  323. Jørn

    Saturday: 50-70km on the bike, mostly intervals
    Sunday: 100km on the bike

  324. Chris

    25k trail race in Costa Rica: Cascajal de Coronado link to

  325. ustuerzlinger

    Half Marathon :-)

  326. David

    TCT Field test. Need to set up my training plan for my first 70.3 race.

  327. Masa

    A 10k run on Saturday, and a 5-mile trail run on Sunday.

  328. Matthew Mickiewicz

    I’m deployed so I dont have a ton of free time, so its usually lots of intervals:
    Friday- I did Andy Potts’ great workout from Monday- Bike WU with a 30′ build, and MS: 5 x YES. Five times…(10′ @ Half IM pace, 5′ @ OD pace, 4 x 1 ‘ flip flops: (1′ @ IM and 1′ @ all out) then 2′ EZ. then 15′ easy run.

    Saturday- Brick+intervals. 15′ WU. 90% power for 10′ f/b 10×2′ @ 105% power on 30″ EZ. 10′ @ 90% power. 30’ tempo run. Repeat and bump up power by 5.

    Sunday-LSD run…on a treadmill. 2 hours. It’s all I got righ now. meh.

  329. Tiuri

    For sat morning: technical cross-country training
    Sat afternoon: long training ride (cycling)
    Sun morning: technical swim
    Sun afternoon, depending on the energy level, a nice short run!

    Happy weekend!

  330. John F Melville

    40 minute spinning on Friday night; 3 hour hilly endurance ride on Saturday (gonna be a nice day in DC); 2 hour endurance ride in zone 2 on Sunday. It’s going to be a great weekend!

  331. Mark Chandler

    Saturday 80 Group Ride
    Sunday Im thinking solo hills ride with a bricked run afterwards

  332. Mike B

    Saturday 1 Hour of intervals on the kickr.
    Sunday 3 hours of endurance riding outside.

  333. Matt

    Finishing up training for the Paris marathon in a few weeks
    10km run Friday
    25km trail run Saturday
    25km trail run Sunday
    Monday rest

  334. Nathan lobb

    Saturday 7k interval training –
    Sunday easy run 3k

  335. David Bennett

    Gonna be a slow weekend. Will be taking the dogs out for a 3-4 mile run on Friday, and a Sunday evening short run.

  336. A repeat of this ride courtesy of my GARMIN 800 & 910 from CLEVER TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    link to

  337. Joshua Williams

    Hope to do about 3-5mile run tomorrow evening, than so long as the whether holds here in TN, go for a 20 or so mile bike ride, do some mountain climbs in preparation of Three State Three Mountain challenge may 2!

  338. Kathy

    A nice 4 mile run on Saturday followed by a day of relaxation on Sunday in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day

  339. Pere Pascual

    easy steady 10k tomorrow, and 21k trail running monday

  340. Plodders

    Tonight Tri club swim session, Tommorow strava challenge 100 miles in the brecon beacons; Sunday 10km run hopefully in some nice weather.

  341. Daniel Alenius

    Sat: Bike 20 mile + 6.2 mile run
    Sun: Bike 60 mile

  342. Jason

    Rest day Saturday and a Mountain bike ride (cross training/fun) on Sunday.

  343. jimmy m

    3 weeks until the south beach triathlon, so i’ll be doing a 30/30/30 (minutes, that is) swim/bike/run on saturday, then a 2 hour bike ride followed by an hour run on sunday.

  344. Peter

    Sat: Turbo trainer and run. And the rugby on the telly!
    Sun: Gym.
    Mon: Enjoy the day off. Love bank holiday weekends! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  345. Charlie O

    A short, intense run on Saturday and a long ride on Sunday (hopefully in the sun). If I’m lucky, I may get a swim in as well.

  346. Dallas Johnson

    Sat- 8 mile run
    Sun- 10k XC ski picnic with kids and wife

  347. jason W

    Friday: 25mile hilly bike
    Sat: work 12hrs, the 45min 1mile track repeats
    Sun: work 12hrs, rest, get ready for Mon + Tues long bike days.

  348. Elaine

    Sat: ~40mi bike ride through the hills of Laytonsville and Mt. Airy, MD + 15 min run, and the most important… Walk the dog :)
    Sun: 9 mi run in the AM and master’s swim practice in the PM. +More walking of the dog!
    Mon: REST!!

  349. Rich

    10 mile run on Saturday to get ready for a 1/2 marathon March 30th.

  350. Mike

    Hill sprints at Buttes Chaumont tomorrow morning, a long, long run on Sunday, hopefully all still in the Paris Spring sunshine!

  351. Chris

    A bike ride on Saturday and a run on Sunday.

  352. Karoline Jones

    Shamrock Run 5K (costume!) and 60 min swim tomorrow….3 hour bike ride Sunday (hoping outside weather permitting!)

  353. Rob

    Sat- 7 mile progression run
    Sun- 2hr ride with 4 intervals included

  354. Rachel

    I’m running the Sarasota half marathon with my mom.

  355. At least an hour on the trainer in front of a training video (or maybe a YouTube video of Tour of Flanders or something along those lines).

  356. Brad

    Short run Saturday and 18 mile with 14 at marathon pace run Sunday

  357. Saturday: 15 mile trail run AND measuring a 5k course for a race I’m directing this Summer.
    Sunday: 15 mile trail run again… Love weekend doubles! 30+ miles for this weekend as training for an upcoming 50 (which I totally need some new gear for!). Cool giveaway!

  358. Ben

    Easy ride tomorrow with friends, then a nice long 3-4hr ride with the club on Sunday.

  359. CK

    P90X – Core Synergistics on Saturday
    60 min bike on Sunday

  360. Vincent Beggs

    More for fun than for a workout but skiing at Seven Springs in PA.

  361. Long bike ride Sunday if the weather allows it, treadmill long run otherwise. Long walk Saturday at a comic book convention, too, that counts for burnt calories doesn’t it?

  362. Aigars

    Great! I’m in Trysil, Norway and next 3 days, no next 6 days, are booked only for alpine skiing…

  363. Tim

    Fri: Swim tonight
    Sat: 1.5 hr spin session
    Sun: 29 km long run

  364. Richard Mable

    Bike up to Mt. Tam and back from SF tomorrow! Then skiing in Tahoe! Best of both worlds.

  365. Jon Rust

    20 mile around town today, easy 5-6 mile job tomorrow, 100-110 mile ride sunday

  366. Dathan Chesnut

    10 mile mountain bike ride Saturday. 15 mile long run Sunday.

  367. Mike Alexander

    Rock N Roll USA Half Marathon: Washington, DC. Then back to Triathlon training Monday morning!

  368. Luis

    Hi Ray, I’m gonna resume my long runs, after a long period recovering from a sprained foot and ensuing shorter runs… The aim is to start doing half marathons next year (vice the current 10-km).

  369. Henrich

    Saturday – long run – 21km
    Sunday – long recovery ride – 60km+

  370. Luca

    I have to recover from an injured-knee, so it will be a soft training with mountain bike and some swimming pool. Running forbidden for at least two weeks! :(

  371. Tom

    4K swim & 100K trainer ride on Saturday, then 27K run on Sunday 😀

  372. John Williamson

    Easy 5 miles on Saturday then pre-Boston Tobacco Road half marathon fitness test on Sunday with an easy 8 split 2 before, 6 after.

  373. Scott Ramoth

    5K Saturday, long muddy trail walks with dog both days.

  374. Damien

    Long workout, 30 km in preparation for the marathon.

  375. TJ Templeton

    A police qualification test (obstacle course) tomorrow morning then a 6 mile run. Sunday lap swim.

  376. Liangda Ho

    Saturday: 20mile bike
    Sunday: Morning Yoga , maybe a 6mile easy run.

  377. Ben

    Winding down the training hard training and heading into Ironman Los Cabos (2 weeks!). This weekend has a 4 hour bike / 1 hour run brick on tap Saturday followed up with a 2 hour run on Sunday.

  378. Chris

    Saturday 7 mile run, Sunday hour on the bike trainer.

  379. Alex

    sat: 7k run easy followed by 90min swim easy with some drills
    Sun: 60min on a trainer, WU25 min and then 7×1.5 in z5

  380. Harm v Baar

    Not enough sports (14km of running on sunday). I have to study and work

  381. Damian

    An hour’s easy run on Saturday and a easy 80km bike ride on Sunday.

  382. ola

    in the middle of insanity workout, thought i’d mix my normal routine up a little bit! so it’s insane workout on Saturday and rest day on sunday

  383. empewu

    Hi Ray
    preparing for my 1st half-marathon
    Sat: 40 min easy pace + short intervals (4 x 1 min)
    Sun: 90 min easy pace

  384. kentd

    Still cold and snowy in Michigan. Friday night – 1.5 hours on the bike trainer, 5×30 sec sprints. Saturday – half hour swim, 4×200 meter sprints; Run 20 min indoors. Sunday – brick: 45 min bike (trainer), 45 min run depending on foot injury.

  385. Mark

    I plan to get in a mountain ride on Saturday morning, coach my daughter’s soccer team, and go for another ride with the family on Sunday. :)

  386. Ben Lee

    Sat: 20-30 min run and practice transition for race on Sunday
    Sunday: Race Super Seal Olympic Distance
    Monday:rest or easy run

  387. Luís Sousa

    Half marathon on Sunday, and for tomorrow I’ll have some easy 5k.

  388. Jens

    Short run on Saturday and a long bike ride on Sunday

  389. Fabian Gruber

    Squash on Saturday and if muscle pain and weather allow it a nice long run on Sunday. Would prefer temperatures in the +Celsius region and no snow/rain though.

    Alternatively: 90 min gym on Sunday.

  390. Shannon Field

    70-80 mile road ride to include the 35 mile Saturday team hammerfest.

  391. T

    6 mile trail run

  392. Eric M.

    1.15 km swim on Sat!!!

    I hope I win and before my pre-order of the fenix 2 goes out!!

  393. Jen

    I’m running my first marathon on Sunday!

  394. Liesbeth

    No work out, but 12 km race in Antwerp.:-)

  395. Scott Trice

    Saturday 5 mile run followed by 40 miles on the bike
    Sunday run 10-12 outside hopefully.

  396. Flemming Vind

    Saturday 25k in marathon pace
    Sunday interval 10 x (800_200m)

  397. Justin

    Saturday – 2.5 hour ride
    Sunday – 10 mile run

  398. Karen

    Still nursing a hamstring injury, so on Saturday I will cross-train with an HiiT ellliptical workout, and on Sunday I plan to venture into the nearby hilly beautiful fausses reposes forest for some speed-walking hill work. If no pain, I should be able to run again in another week! #fingerscrossed #missing running

  399. Phillip Partridge

    Some hill training, which is going to be difficult in Holland 😉

    A 15 km run with big spotters hill as the hill.

  400. Dustin J

    Running the Rock N’ Roll DC Marathon on Saturday. This will be my first full marathon and I am excited to run around DC and see all the monuments.

  401. Steph

    Hopefully a long run and long bike ride this weekend -assuming it doesn’t thunderstorm.

  402. Mikkel Stecher

    Saturday 60 km cycling Road
    Sunday 20 km Mtb

  403. An easy swim on Saturday and an easy run on Sunday. Just ran a half marathon last weekend so taking it easy this week before I launch into tri training.

  404. David M

    Hoping for sunny weather for the first outdoor ride of the year, otherwise time on the treadmill at home pushing my 5k time.

  405. Chris

    12 mile run Saturday and either the first outdoor ride of the Spring Sunday, or a 4-5 mile run

  406. Magnus F

    Spinups on the trainer tomorrow and a 4 jour LSD on Sunday morning. Top of with training a bunch of 7 year olds in floorball Sunday eve.

  407. Tony5

    13 mile run on treadmill with 6.5 at threshold and 2hrs on the kickr with 1/2 at tempo because we just got hit with 45cm of snow. Blah.

    This will sure help cover the cost of my v800 :)

  408. Saturday : 3hrs Karate + sparring training
    Sunday : 1hr Interval runs + 2hrs Karate
    Then some serious

  409. csccoy

    Saturday rest, Long run Sunday

  410. Jeffery

    50 mile bike ride on Saturday and a 5k run on Sunday.

  411. Saturday : 3hrs Karate + sparring training
    Sunday : 1hr Interval runs + 2hrs Karate
    Then some serious

  412. morten duelund

    Short interval on turbo, saturday and a two and a half hour road bike trip with friends from The club

  413. Kristjan

    To enter, I give my weekend workout plans.

    (getting ready for full triathlon in august)

    Friday: 1h road cycling
    Saturday: 1h swimming (pool)
    Sunday: 1h running

    Simple as that!

  414. Michael Gagliano

    Simple…endurance miles on the bike all weekend!

  415. Don Pendergraft

    I’m running 4 miles on Saturday morning.

  416. Saturday : 3hrs Karate + sparring training
    Sunday : 1hr Interval runs + 2hrs Karate
    Then some serious

  417. BWCarty

    1-2 hours on the KICKR, 1-2 hour run, easy pace

  418. Darren Wrigley

    ftp test saturday followed by a short run. track workout planned for sunday

  419. Lukas

    Swimming pool 2km and maybe bike, depends on weather

  420. mark

    First ever bike run brick in prep for a first go at a sprint tri

  421. Adam

    Rock n Roll DC Marathon….

  422. A.Kessler

    1-2 hours on the bike Saturday/Sunday… hopefully all outside.

  423. Manny Prado

    Triathlon training: 30 mile bike; 10 mile run.

  424. I’ll be taking part in Parkrun here in the UK tomorrow. It’s an awesome timed 5k event done every Saturday here in the UK. Then I’ll be getting out on the bike hopefully.

    Sunday sadly is a totally different story as it’s my first day back at work after a 2 week break so hopefully will be doing something short in the evening but got to see how the first day goes first.

  425. 6 miles on Saturday and hill repeats on Sunday!

  426. I am running the Tralee marathon on Sunday, which just happens to be in Ireland and part of the local St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this weekend.

  427. Nic Pillinger

    Saturday – managing my last day of taper tantrums
    Sunday – Wrightsville Beach, NC half marathon – going hard from the gun!

  428. Paulo Chaves

    25km long trail run and at least 60km of road bike

  429. Jeff D

    Saturday: 8 mile run
    Sunday: 15 mile run

  430. Lisa Starmer

    Vacationing in FL and I will run 5 miles Sat and ride for 50 miles Sun. I will really enjoy the warm weather.

  431. Andres Bolanos

    Friday: Rest day
    Saturday: Brick 60min Bike – 90min Run
    Sunday: Brick 60 min Bike – 40 min Run

    Both at the beach! 😉

  432. Mark

    My workout plan this weekend consists of carrying lots of boxes. We’re packing up getting ready for our move.

  433. Nathan

    The weekend work out starts tonight right? So first workout is visit at Ikea with my girlfriend. Estimating a 2 hour slow pace run with higher intervals in the kitchen and lighting isles. Ending this session with a run up and down the stairs in our building to carry our purchases home. A good way to start the weekend and demanding strong mental and physical strength.

    After a high protein breakfast on Saturday morning, time for a stretching session combined with mounting furniture bought the day before. I have back problems so really need to spend the time stretching. For Saturday afternoon, a long session (4 hours) in the crowded shopping streets of Munich. Height difference of about 200 meters (estimated 4 stories per shop at 4m per story). Then home for a well deserved break.

    Sunday: Another high protein breakfast followed by a visit of the in-laws for lunch. Big risk of injury there due to obstacles on the way (think my mother in-law trying to make me trip and funny jokes from my father in-law). I’ll have to be very careful with the terrain and have to wear proper footwear.

    In between all that there will a paced run of 40min and an interval session of 30min to prepare for the Andechs Trails next month.

    Happy St Patrick and a great weekend to you all!

  434. Michael P

    Easy run along the Rock n Roll DC Half course on Saturday to cheer on some friends. Long ride on Sunday.

  435. dan

    27 Climbing bike miles tomorrow, then the same route in reverse Sunday!

  436. Joe Byrne

    saturday morning will be an attempt to lower my 5km time down to below 19 mins. after this is a beginner club cycle im leading for our new to tri programme. saturday evening will be a recovery run. sunday morning will be a nice hilly cycle in the wicklow mountains and sunday evening will be a nice long endurance swim set. bank holiday Monday be a tough turbo session and a club swim session! going to be a busy weekend!!

  437. Allen

    Dreadmill Tonight and Saturday, Long run Sunday if it gets above freezing

  438. Michael W

    Weekend workout plans: 18 mile run on Saturday, 6-8 mile run on Sunday.

  439. James F

    2 days of Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps

  440. Andrew

    I will be doing a MAF test tomorrow and then a nice easy run Sunday.

    Happy Patties!

  441. LCP

    Today: weight training, trainer ride plus easy run, swim later then maybe yoga.
    Sat: resistance training, tempo run
    Sunday: Tempo trainer ride+run

  442. Brian Sharbono

    I’m racing a 10k road race on Saturday followed by an 8 mile trail race on Sunday. Busy weekend!

  443. Sanae

    Long run Saturday morning and FitStar.

  444. Saturday morning swim. Afternoon trainer. Sunday long run.

  445. Den

    Nothing special. Some drills, easy run (3-4 miles) and swimming tomorrow and a long run (15 miles) on Sunday.

  446. Lifting today, running 5 tomorrow.

  447. John Himes

    3 hour ride followed by 5 mile run Sat
    11 mile run Sunday

  448. Tommy Parkin

    Friday: 2 hour Trail Ride
    Saturday: 15 mile run
    Sunday: 3 hour ride/ 1 hour run Brick

  449. Scott C.

    playing with my kids… endurance training.

  450. Alexaxnder B. Krause

    Saturday a 12km and Sunday an 8km walk (to lose the extra kcal consumed at mums birthday brunch in the morning)

  451. Chris

    Looks like it will mostly be WT based since there is meant to be the remains of tropical cyclone Lusi passing overhead this weekend!

    Sat – Brick (pool swim/WT session/ then speed based run / bike /run)
    Sun – 3 hr ride (hopefully outside)

  452. 2hr trainer ride plus 4mi speed brick on Saturday and then a 12mi long run and recovery bike on Sunday. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  453. Rick

    March Madness 1/2 marathon Sunday.

  454. S. Wall

    2:05 ride followed by a :15 transition run on Saturday and 1:35 run on the books for Sunday

  455. sosa

    Saturday: Run- 15’Easy + 3 x 10′ Tempo /break 3′ + 15’Easy
    Sunday: Run 22km marathon pace

  456. Paul Wilson

    3-5 mile recovery run on saturday and 15 miles on Sunday

  457. alderaic

    hills running tonight,
    weights tomorrow morning
    long run sunday morning (20kish)
    not a ton of workouts but it’s still snowing here!

  458. Terry

    HIIT training tonight, 60 minute swim class Saturday morning, and 130km – 150km club ride Sunday…!!

  459. Swim and long run on Saturday, hard ride and afternoon run on Sunday!

  460. Matt

    run tonight and then an indoor training ride tomorrow morning.

  461. Friday Night: 1.75 Hour Trainer Ride 5×15 Aerobic Intervals
    Saturday: 2.5 Hour Trainer Ride 20 min Run
    Sunday: 45 min AM Trainer Spin 1.5 Hour PM Progressive Run


  462. Thomas A

    4 mile run tomorrow morning before the family wakes up.
    15 mile bike ride on Sunday followed by immediate 4 mile run so I can test out my new tri shorts I just got.

  463. Todd Koleszar

    50 mile ride on Saturday
    2000m swim and 10 mile run on Sunday

    Hoping the weather cooperates and I can do all this outside, minus the swimming.

  464. vince

    It’s 50 degrees outside, which means 10 mile long run time! St. Patricks Day 5k tomorrow, followed by 12 ounce curls in the evening…

  465. Nine mile jog around the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, CA then workout my stomach with a bowl of fruit covered in lime and chili powder sold my man Juan sitting under his rainbow umbrella. Thanks!

  466. Lorcan

    Fractured my foot :( so a long swim rather than a run in the sunshine.

  467. EZ 10K on Saturday and the NYC Half on Sunday! Looking for a PR!

  468. Mike G

    Hoping to get a 2+ hour ride in on Saturday (hopefully the first outdoor ride of the season). Then,if my bothersome knee is up for it, a longish run on Sunday.

  469. Doot4runner

    20 mile easy run on Saturday.

  470. gatriguy

    12 mile long run and 6 mile tempo

  471. Stu

    2 hour hilly run in the park Saturday and 2 hour bike ride with my coach on Sunday. She can finally find out how slow on the bike I am!

  472. Damien

    The program of the weekend, the first session mountain bike in 2014 and 10 km trail in the forest

  473. Peter Wellsman

    It’s going to be a great weekend on the west coast of Canada! Weekend plan is Saturday group ride in the AM 80-100km then eat followed by easy 10km run in the evening. Sunday too many options, run, ride, race, MTB, so maybe one or two of those. :)

  474. Ronald de Waal

    Wood chopping for next winter :)

  475. David E

    Long run tomorrow morning followed by a beer league hockey game on Sunday!

  476. Tina Reilly

    Saturday st Patricks day 5k. Sunday st Patricks parade in south boston.

  477. Torstein H

    Saturday: Strength training
    Sunday: Threshold intervals on the Kickr

  478. Ben Fisher

    90-120 minutes on the trainer. It’ll be my first weekend back in a long time so I want to keep it light. And, I may scale some boulders in search of some spring rainbows on the river 😉

  479. Donald

    6 hour road bike, 1 hour TT bike.

  480. Scott

    12-14 mile run Saturday. 1.5-2 hour KICKR ride Sunday and a short run.

  481. Priz

    3 mile run tomorrow followed by a round of golf. Sunday gets a 50 mile bike ride and possibly more snow in DC!

  482. Kendra Carroll

    Friday evening tempo run, Sat morning 2 hr Masters swim and 11 mile training run, Sunday weights and 1 hr Masters swim.

  483. 4 hours on the Tacx!

  484. Patrick

    Saturday, I’m going to try to get out on the bike for a slow endurance roll (weather permitting). And Sunday, the plan is for 2×20 min zone 4 intervals with 5 min rest in between.

  485. Daniel

    Bike. Bike. And more bike.

  486. a great full day of skiing at Copper tomorrow, and 1:20 half mary training run on Sunday, I may try to squeeze a bike ride in there too.

  487. Trainin Ronen

    Friday : short run , steady.
    Saturday : tennis , core training , long run.
    Sunday : swim training , bike training

  488. Matt

    hill repeats

  489. Andrew Benson

    5K Run tomorrow + 30min core workout
    Sunday: 100K Road Cycle

  490. Duncan

    My weekend will consist of two rides. 90km road bike ride on Saturday and some mtb action on Sunday. Thanks ray!

  491. Miha Vidali

    I will attend a local 12h race. 12h of going up and down on a local hill. One way is about 1.5 km and about 330 m of altitude gain.

  492. 8 miles on the treadmill while watching the final episode of True Detective on Saturday. Ab Ripper X and some freeweights on Sunday.

  493. Thomas Brock

    I’m doing a couple of short, easy runs this weekend…Working through a pesky bit of post-winter shin-splints…

  494. Ronald W

    Tonight will be a 10k run. Then an interval session on Sunday.

  495. Mike Barro

    Track workout tonight. MTB tomorrow!

  496. Sofie

    This weekend I’ll be studying for my exam on wednesday. Plan is to go do 1h of swimming on saturday (long distance) and 1h of interval-running on sunday.

  497. Orn

    80k @ 5° followed by a very long, hot shower.

  498. Brian J

    St. Pats Day 5 Miler and a 60 mile bike ride

  499. Susanna

    Threshold test with trainer and recovery!

  500. James White

    80 mins at half marathon pace (thanks coach!) on Saturday then an easy paced 3hr bike ride on Sunday. Good news is the weather’s looking good for the weekend :-)

  501. Sara

    9 mile long run for half marathon training. :)

  502. Aditi

    8-10 mile run!

  503. Sat AM: 14mi ITT
    Sat PM: 32mi circuit race
    Sat PM2: Banquet for 150th Celebration of Rutgers Univ Rowing

    Sun AM: 10mi easy w/ 4×2 .5mi @ 10k pace
    Sun PM: 3000scy recovery swim

  504. Sean Ostermann

    Have my long run on Saturday (training for Fargo marathon) and then indoor trainer ride on Sunday for a couple of hours.

  505. Henrik

    Rehab training fo my knee.

  506. Brian Boake

    As I am active Canadian military on the US base in Bahrain, my weekend starts early…Thursday evening, 2hr base training on the trainer, Friday another 2hrs on the trainer plus some core work, tomorrow, Saturday the last day of my weekend, I will wake up and have an hour or so run followed by a swim workout.

  507. Being named Patrick give an headstart ? 😉
    WE plan : easy rest & recover week so short bike (1h30) and short run (30m) on Sunday and for the remaining, enjoy the early spring sun ! Simple as that !

  508. Seth L

    Saturday’s Ride
    Warm Up:
    30 minutes in zones 1-2
    15 minutes including 5 x 1 minute up tempo
    Main Set:
    45 minutes on a HILLY course; seated, power in zones 2 – 3 on any hills, recover on downhills
    15 minutes easy
    45 minute TT @ race cadence, 78-85% FTP building, half IM effort here
    15 minutes easy
    Brick Run:
    Run 30 minutes off of the bike —– >
    15 minutes in zones 1 – 2/easier pace
    10 minutes build to high zone 2
    5 minutes easy
    Work at Newton booth at race expo rest of the day (it is a workout)

    The first 40 minutes is a warm up building in zones 1 – 2. Then, in the final 40 minutes do this:

    :30 surge/:30 ez
    1 surge/1 ez
    1:30 surge/1 ez
    2 surge/2 ez
    2:30 surge/2:30 ez
    3:00 surge/3 ez
    Go back down the ladder starting at “3”.

    35min ride to get some much needed food with friends.


  509. Jason

    Intervals on rollers, plus a long run

  510. Brian

    NYC half on Sunday!

  511. Saturday: pump class
    Sunday: 15 km run at 5:15 min/km
    I’m also a week away from Rome Marathon so I’ll add some yoga.

  512. Ann Marie Morley

    I’m running 3 miles on Saturday and 5 miles on Sunday. … Getting ready for a May half marathon!

  513. Fabian Campo

    Two hour long run with the last 40 min at race pace. I will run a half marathon and I will speed up in the 11km. Some cool down after will help to reach the 2 hours.

  514. Matt

    2.5 hour run on Saturday Morning and a 1.5 hour run Sunday Afternoon

  515. Jason D

    Medical Board Exam, followed by a 70 mile ride back home down the California coast and through the Santa Cruz mountains.

  516. Gretchen

    Spring skiing on the fresh 15″ we just got!

  517. Wade

    18 – 20 mile run on Sunday, or 4 hours whichever comes first…

  518. I’m just hoping it doesn’t actually snow all day Saturday as predicted. I’m planning on a couple of ~40 mile rides.

  519. Kurtis Adams

    Sat AM – 2 Hr Trainer Ride
    Sat PM – Swim Session – 2,000 yds
    Sun AM – Local St Patty’s 5k – First race of the year!

  520. CJ

    Sit around and fill out brackets for March Madness…maybe have a beer or two.

  521. Jeff

    2hr Ride Sat, 10 Mile Run and 2.5hr ride Sun

  522. Matt L

    Saturday – 60 miles biking, 4 mile run
    Sunday 70-80 miles biking, brick 30min run

  523. Dustin

    Long run on Saturday morning!

  524. Jimmy W

    Practice pose running technique- xfit and a assemble the new bike

  525. Helge

    2h30h endurance ride on sunday

  526. Laura

    Saturday – rest day! Sunday – Tri team swim practice

  527. hollyoak

    2x15mn easy running tomorrow before a 10k race on Sunday!

  528. Sat: First 5k of the season
    Sun: Swim stroke drills and running running form clinic.

  529. Scott

    Saturday – 2hr trainer ride steady state.
    Sunday – 50 minute run followed by 1000 yards in the pool.

  530. Shalom

    Long run, 30 min swim and racquetball

  531. Trailrunning, distance not decided yet.

  532. Cody d

    6 mile run on the trail Friday. Biking the causeway to Antelope Island. And a 4 mile run Sunday

  533. Chris S

    8 mile run on Saturday – 20 mile bike on Sunday

  534. Vince

    17+ mile run down one of our canyons here in Utah as we train for the Ogden Marathon in May.

  535. Michelle Garcia

    Run! T25! Hang out with some old friends!

  536. John C

    I will be doing the DC Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon on Saturday and then a 2 hour indoor bike ride on Sunday.

  537. Sean

    33k training run on sat….in Sunday a little snowboarding for some cross training :)

  538. Greg Reasoner

    Great review of the Garmin Vivofit & even better timing as I got mine on Wednesday.

  539. Diplomatack

    Easy 10 mile bike ride in the local ecopark with the husband, and tennis or a hike on Sunday. We aren’t organized planner, vamos a ver.

  540. jaco Louw


    I’m doing my first adventure race. 20km mountain bike and then a 6km trail run.


  541. Harry

    I’m racing then an easy ride Sunday.

  542. Matt

    Ride with some intervals, or a run if the weather is no good.

  543. D Uck

    Saturday: off! Sunday: 5k race.

  544. Rusty Davis

    Sprint intervals chasing a 2 yr old through toddler “gymtastics” then a 5 mile cool down during nap time.

  545. Evin

    Friday Swim 1500M

    Saturday 40miles riding out MacArthur past great falls

    Sunday running 6-8 miles.

  546. Still Winter here :( Two workouts at the gym: Saturday morning 50 mins threadmill, Sunday 50 mins stationary bike

  547. Matt

    Hopefully get a long run in.

  548. Up at the crack of dawn to work a horse using a HR monitor. It gives us a gauge into emotionality and stress levels that then guide our training protoccol. New innovative use in the world of horses. Stay tunes for late breaking news as this research progresses.

  549. Yves

    Sat : 2 hres XC ski
    Su : 1 hre home-trainer

  550. Emily

    20 miler Saturday plus a 5k race with my mom on Sunday.

  551. Friday evening: 3hour walk with a few short runs
    Saturday: Mountainbiking (Cross country)
    Sunday: Roadcycling to get some mileage in

  552. Racing my first Olympic Distance tri of the season!!!

  553. Franko

    saturday: 2-3 h bike ride; sunday: 4-5 h bike ride

  554. Glenn Gervais

    25 mile very hilly Mountainbike ride!

  555. Saturday morning 6.5 mile Aerobic Base run followed by an 18 mile evening ElliptiGo ride with my wife. Sunday will be 45 minutes of Motor Skill Development intervals with a recovery dip in the ocean.

  556. Martin

    Tomorrow a long hike in the mountains and on sunday a longer bike ride.

  557. John Caracoglia

    Running my 2nd Marathon, Wrightsville Beach Marathon in Wilmington NC.Goal is sub 4hr

  558. maija

    easy swim and long run!

  559. Seb

    8K easy run on Saturday, a round of golf on Sunday.

  560. Katrin

    As a German girl being in the Rocky Mountains right now on a business trip, I will go skiing in the Rockies as well as doing some geocaching!

  561. Ruben Cervantes

    22km LSD for this Saturday in preparation for Fargo Marathon.

  562. Jodi Plante

    Fri: 90 minute treadmill run.
    Sat: 60 minute swim and 60 minute zone 2 run.
    Sun: 135 minute trainer ride and a 15 minute brick run.
    Fun , fun, fun!

  563. Wesley Brown

    2 hr bike ride
    30 min wu
    2x(20 min Tempo + 5 min SS + 5 min recovery @90-110rpm)
    5x(10 sec sprint + 50 sec recovery spin)
    10 min Tempo
    15 min cd

  564. jvecer

    saturday running, sunday cycling

  565. Andy

    Saturday: As long as possible ride to get some base miles in. Birthday party in the evening
    Sunday: Recovering from party. Maybe a very gentle ride if feeling ok

  566. Jake

    Saturday: 4-5 hr mtb
    Sunday: rest and ez swim

  567. Nicolas

    Run & ride both days. Hoping pollution will get better over the weekend.

  568. Norman N

    Just finished a marathon a week back so its easy for now. 24k run on Sunday with my running group!

  569. Harald

    Saturday: 30km run, during the run strides: Warm up . On grass run 6-8×30 left-foot steps. Goal = 19-20 seconds. On the recoveries skip 60 times (30 skips each leg alternating). Include walking in recoveries. Perfect form! Zone 1cool down.
    Sunday: 10km run, on soft surface. Heart rate zone 1 only. Check cadence several times (21 plus right foot strikes in 15 seconds).

  570. Greg Padden

    Gonna do a bike ride about 30miles and lots of hills!

  571. Lexa

    Circuit workout tomorrow and a 5k on Sunday

  572. Peter Eidegren

    Stretching in bed cause it’s gonna snow this weekend

  573. Leonard

    Tonight à 10k walk. Tomorrow a 70k bike ride. On Sunday a lazy day :-)

  574. Manuel

    Friday to Saturday: loooong recovery sleep
    Saturday morning: Pre-Breakfast Zone 1-2, 12k easy run in 1:00:00
    Saturday afternoon: It’s Blackroll time 😉
    Sunday: Rest day (it’s recovery week), Blackroll again

  575. Mark Burghart

    My first outdoor ride of the year will be tomorrow!!! Can’t freaking wait. Trainers are great, but I’m starting to die indoors!

  576. Hans

    Saterday: AM easy bike ride 2.5 hours in z1/2, PM 1 hour swim
    Sunday: the first run-bike-run competition of this season: 5.5k run, 20k bike, 2.7k run (with easy bike ride to competiton and back home (2x 25k)

  577. Alex Frost

    Sunday: Ride, Climb, Ride, Climb. Rest

  578. Wong Shoon Hooi

    Due to haze pollution, will not be able to do outdoor exercise such as running. Planning to do rope skipping, squats and core strengthening exercises, and a game of badminton!

  579. Andreas Hjort


    I am doing hard intervals to push up my running pace for the 70.3 in Aarhus Denmark

  580. Vege Runner

    I’m preparing for marathon (13th April). Here’s how my weekend training schedule looks like.
    morning – streching & 5km short run (parkrun)
    evening – (~16-18km) easy, relaxing run (pace above 4:55m/km)
    morning – cross-training with my teammates (2x10km, zone2) + some exercises

    Here in Poland we currently got really nice weather. Zdravim! :)

  581. Andras Beck

    A long steady run on Saturday morning,15km max pulse 150, flat course. On Sunday, possibly a short bike ride to ease my legs, not longer than forty minutes, max pulse 140.

  582. David

    A 2h30min Long Run, longer than i’ve run before…

  583. Kevin D.

    Running the Sarasota Half Marathon this Sunday while visiting my folks in Florida.

  584. Yuri

    Saturday: 8x50m freestyle/backstroke, 400m legs only, 2×50 freestyle time trial, 1500m hands only with training paddles. 30 minutes rest. 10 minutes easy run. Running exercises. 6km tempo run. 15 min easy run.
    Sunday: 1:30 cycling on trainer. Cadence 85-95 pulse 135 max. Each 10 minutes 1 minute of standing pedaling. Short transition. 1 hour easy run.

  585. atul

    3 mile tempo run
    30 minutes on bike trainer

  586. Marcel

    10 km run on Saturday,
    3 hr. run on Sunday

  587. Gail

    2+1 hr b/r brick, then 2+6 mi s/r brick!

  588. Adam De

    Fire Fighter 1 practicals on Saturday, depending on how much hose hauling/running they make us do in full gear, either go for a run up the canyon or get a couple hours of skiing in. Sunday will be a full ski day at Telluride, Co followed by some moonlite cross country skiing. Good times.

  589. Mihai Raducan

    After my first 28k trail run w/ 870 m positive altitude change I’ll recover during the week end. Short 10-20 minutes rides on a roller (at max 60% of MHR) and a few walks. This is the move I’m talking about: link to

    PS: I have 2 THR (total hip replacements), left and right hip so this move was a monumental effort for me.

  590. Ronald

    3km swim and a 12km run. Wash my bike.

  591. Ed

    16mile run Saturday.
    Mobility Sunday.

  592. Stan Hembrough

    Long run on Saturday. Probably around 13 miles.

  593. Alice

    I’m off today (Friday) so it’s long run day as soon as I’m done here. Then work Saturday and Sunday but I’ve got soccer on Sunday night! There may or may not be drinking during the game

  594. dragos

    run 5km saturday and 14 km sunday

  595. Marc Barfoot

    Food…..Run……….Bike (Prob Turbo as we still have floods)……erm Food……TV………Sleep…….Run (with the dog who hopefully wont kill any more squirrels)…………..Watch TV Cycling…. Food…Sleep

    Oh and lots and lots of Espresso.

  596. Frans

    I’m planning for my first ever >20k run on Saturday and some 3000m of swimming on Sunday!

  597. Philipp Hardt

    Biking and running as much as possible with my fitness level at the moment. Early spring is good motivation to climb on a new step this early in the year :-)

  598. Daniel Ward

    15 mile marathon training run.
    4000m swim set.

  599. Krispy

    Unfortunately, probably just cleaning this weekend… which isn’t too bad considering they are expecting light snow.

  600. Fabrizio#21

    Sunday morning Rome Italy my second 2014 Duathlon sprint race

  601. Brian

    Friday night: scenic commute home via bike (only 16ish miles)
    Saturday: Skiing

  602. Sara

    Saturday 5.7 mile run on the Sacramento River Trail with my running buddies.
    Sunday is always my rest day. :)

  603. Garrison Parker

    Off day on Saturday since I am working a double shift, easy 4 miles on Sunday after my flight down to Florida.

  604. John3

    120 min Z2 @90rpm ride on Saturday
    120 min Z2 @90rpm (4x10min @80rpm Z3/Z4 w/10-15min Z2 recovery @90rpm) muscular endurance ride on Sunday

  605. tmosvold

    Light jog on saturday morning and some strenght cycles on sunday.

    Nothing fancy :)

  606. Recovery Weekend – Strength Train Upper Body on Saturday and Sunday is walk for 60 min and then off to Church to reset my soul.

  607. Stacey S

    First Tri of the season. The Parris Island triathlon in Beaufort, SC

  608. 4 hours of riding. 1 of which will be the dreaded… Hill Repeats!

  609. Landon Mueller

    Racing the Rocket Run 10 miler on Saturday!

  610. Panos

    Long ride on Saturday and long run on Sunday.

  611. Charlie Watson

    I’m doing my first Half Marathon at the Shamrock in Virginia Beach…
    I NEED to win… this ole retired guy (you know… fixed income and all…) can’t afford to buy a decent Tri GPS watch but I sure need one!

  612. brian kimberlin

    Hour tt, 15 min run tt. Sunday 45 minute run

  613. k b

    Saturday – 15k row on erg
    Sunday – 7 miler thru the park

  614. To Enter: Give me your weekend workout plans. Simple as that!

    In addition, I will be hammering on the bike, running a ton of hills and water boarding myself in preparation for IMLP!

  615. Andrea

    13 mile run on Saturday, swim workout on Sunday

  616. I will be spending my weekend recovering from Wisdom Tooth extraction, possibly spending time Mediating on the matter and gulping liquids. OUCH!

  617. Martina Colleran

    13km this morning (Friday) circuit training class tomorrow morning and trail run Sunday morning.

  618. 3.14 mile run today, a few miles with the dog tomorrow, and 10-mile long run on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

  619. JJ Zonvil

    I’m in a get-back-on-the-wagon training period. Slow going. Early morning session on the bike trainer Saturday, followed by a 5 mile dog walk. Sunday is “endurance day” with a repeat bike trainer session and another 30-45 minutes on the elliptical. Shorter dog walk with the cold weather coming back through. Dreaming about pancakes as the ideal recovery feast…

  620. Sean Murray

    30 min run on Saturday and a 6-8 mile run on Sunday.

  621. Ryan Sunley

    Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we’re going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.
    Seriously, that’s what I’m doing (trying to sneak in a couple quick runs in the morning too)

  622. Sean Runnette

    65 mile club ride on Saturday and maintenance Sunday!

  623. Reinier

    Friday 3x1mile interval training
    Sat just some easy fitness
    Sun 12 mile slow run

  624. Jose Untalan

    This weekend I’ll run once again, maybe 4-5 miles. I haven’t run since my disappointing LA Marathon performance on Sunday.

  625. Luis Iturralde

    Sat: Open water morning swim , 80 min run @ marathon pace
    Sunday: 4 hour ride

  626. Susan Woods

    I’m doing a 30 minute run tonight, masters and weights tomorrow, and and indoor bike class on Sunday,

  627. alex challis

    Race Saturday then Sunday taking my girlfriends young cousin out for a ride ( might drop him home after a few miles!)

  628. Brandon Skaggs

    Tri Training
    Saturday- 1000m swim workout in the morning and a 6-7 mile run in the evening!
    Sunday- 40 mile bike ride

  629. Mike

    Saturday: 10k run in Edinburgh followed by a visit to the physio for a leg massage (aka my new foam roller)

    Sunday: 50-60 mile club ride heading north of Glasgow city centre to do some hill repeats, depending on which way the wind blows… here’s to breaking out the short sleeved jerseys for Spring!

  630. Sat: Crossfit and 40′ swim. Possibly test out the TT bike with an easy hour.
    Sun: Long swim workout and medium tempo run.

  631. Steph

    Wow, marvellous!
    sat: easy 8km between my son’s polevault meeting and diner w/friends; sun: 17—23km of hilly trail in the forest before the polevault competition.
    Happy St. Pat!

  632. Chris Thompson

    After having a Bod Pod test, V02max test, and talking to a doctor who is a cyclist all within the past three weeks I’ve learned that my running program for the last five or so years has been totally wrong. So, I’ll be on the treadmill monitoring my BPM’s in order to build the aerobic base I never had. At least running is fun again!

  633. Jason

    Saturday 65 mile bike ride
    Sunday 10 mile run

  634. Ryan Glover

    TrainerRoad + KICKR because it is still too cold outside!

  635. Roberto

    Saturday morning run of 10 km, and sunday another 10 km to complete my weekly goal. Thank you for this great post.

  636. Robert Rhode

    60 min hilly run with some uphill strides, 60 min swimming (100s at T-Pace)

    Bike workout: 90 minutes trainer hills

  637. 50 km run in the trails! AFter that, just watching a sprint tri

  638. Thierry J

    I’ve started workout today with a 13kms road run for first try of my new Mizuno’s aero wave shoes!
    On Saturday, I’ll be a great supporter of my son’s handball team for their match.
    Then I’ll join my wife’s family for a cool week-end in The Vercors mountains.
    And perhaps I’ll run there a small trail workout on Sunday.

    Enjoy your weekend, all of you!


  639. Saturday—heading to Folsom CA for a training “fun run” covering the first half (new) of the American River 50-Mile Endurance run

    Sunday—10 miles to complete my 60-mile week and then a local Masters swim meet!

  640. MartinF

    Run 10 miles Saturday and set up my Vivofits for the wife and son and myself. Go the the gym for strength training on Saturday and Sunday.

  641. Lars Viborg

    2x5K runs, 2xpostworkouts 20 min.

  642. Pablo

    I will start with a saturday morning/ late friday bicycle tune up and a 1 – 2 hours ride, for sunday a 2 mile recovery run

  643. Tom Sullivan

    2500 m swim on Saturday and 40 mile ride on Sunday

  644. Daniel Gravo

    I am training for my first 1/2 marathon and am in the 6th week of a 12 week training plan. Saturday I am running 4 miles and Sunday 8 miles.

  645. Chris

    Shamrock 5k on Sat. then green beer until Tuesday!

  646. D

    Run on Sat; race volunteer on Sunday:)

  647. Jacob Snow

    40:00 run on Saturday
    1:30:00 run + 30 on the bike on Sunday

    *Running is not work; it is meditation*

  648. Ned Bowen

    A couple of easy trainer rides after a few months off for a knee injury.

  649. Sam

    6.5, 6.5, 5
    Just starting to ramp up. Cumulative fatigue

  650. Juan Otavo

    30km Mountain Bike …. hell yeah…

  651. ken

    Run Friday evening/ followed by excessive wine
    Saturday Dim Sum in Chinatown, no exercise
    Sunday Bike Ride — first with new wheels

  652. Sat: 2000 mts swim
    Sun: 12-14ks easy run

  653. RobW

    Saturday is a 10K easy run in the morning

    Sunday might have to be a rest day depending on how Ireland get on in the 6 nations :)

  654. Rachel

    Saturday brick and Sunday long run!

  655. Mick Oliver

    Light run on Saturday Morning, 90km Bike on Sunday.

  656. Scott B

    Two 1.5-2 hour bike rides. One ride will be at a relaxed pace. The other will include some intervals.

  657. Loooooooooooooooooooong. Out before the girls wake up and back just in time to join them for lunch.

  658. wuera

    10km Friday
    7km Saturday
    12km Sunday

  659. Aaron

    I will be biking (outside if the New England weather happens as predicted) and then taking my son ice skating.

  660. Kostas

    Today I did 20 minute warm up @5:20/km followed by some dynamic stretching and 3*800@3:20 per repeat(don’t laugh I forgot my Garmin @ Home ). Saturday it’s gonna be sort of a 12km trail run. Pace TBD . Sunday is either going to be cycling a 40k or rest depending on how Saturday night is going to be sexwise .

  661. Brent Darnell

    This weekends workout:

    Computrainer ride:
    5min ez and calibrate.
    10min of SLT x:30.
    5min ez.
    10min spin-ups x:30/:30 (:10 at 110rpms, :10 at 120, :10 at 130, :30 at 90rpms).
    5min ez.
    10min of SLT x :30.
    5min of ez.
    10min of spin-ups.
    5min ez.
    10min SLT.
    10min spin-ups x:30.
    5min ez.
    Plan is not to go over 150watts on any of these. Gearing up for Saturday and Sunday training.

    3000 speed/strength swim.
    w/up: 300ch w/up (switch it up), 6x 50dr/fr w/fins (sculling), 12x 100 (desc 1-3), 12x 50 (25fast/ 25ez), 100ez. 200 ez, 300fins. Work hard on every third 100 of the main set.

    1hr 30min spin class or if time on CompuTrainer ride. 5min ez and calibrate, 14min spin ups x :30, 1min ez. MS: 20x (1min 165watts, 2min 135watts). 10min cool down. MS at 100rpms. stay seated the entire time. Then a Brick run: Easy run off the bike. Goal is to keep the cadence high, especially the first 5min.

    2-3hr Long ride. Plan is to get with a group if possible. Focus on keeping my cadence high the entire ride.

    Monday: St Pat day!!

  662. berber

    going to the gym :) Have done enough cycling this week.

  663. Evgeniy

    Following Training peaks virtual coach:
    Saturday: Strength workout
    Sunday: 4-5×20 seconds fast on soft, gentle downhill

  664. Gregor S

    Friday and Saturday: Try to finally get over that flu.
    Sunday: ~12 km run in woods, enjoying that spring is finally here.

  665. J Brennan

    It’s a yoga and soccer weekend, I’ve been adding soccer to the training plan and it does great for my running pace. It’s a lot easier to motivate myself to do interval sprints when I’m trying to beat someone to the ball instead of just going around a track or trying to fartlek to the next intersection.

  666. Marko

    1100m swim + ~50 mile ride on Saturday
    Half marathon race “Lucky 13.1” on Sunday

    Last big weekend before Oceanside 70.3!

  667. Most likely: runing for about an hour and short ride on indoor trainer. Terrible forecast here for the weekend. Otherwise would have ridden my bike for ~3 hours.

  668. Joel Hopper

    Mountain biking 20miles of singletrack then running 5 miles Sunday to mobilize lactic acid.

  669. Sammara Evans

    Saturday I plan on running eight miles in honor of Jamie Rowley (a single mother killed while running Wed 3/11/14 morning) #RunForJamie. This could have happened to any one of us….we all need to be careful and wear reflective gear while running the streets in the early morning. On Sunday I plan on running five miles…I’m challenging myself to run more miles this month (goal is 100 miles).

  670. hugo

    Saturday: long brick: 5hr bike ride +35 min transition run

    Sunday: 90 min run(3×30 mins) in the AM. PM is 1 hr bike ride(trainer) easy in small chain ring

  671. andy h

    early am swim Saturday
    80 min run pm Saturday
    fly to Mallorca with cycle club Sunday (40 mile leg stretcher pm)

  672. Greg ebersole

    60 min indoor ride, 45 min swim
    60 min indoor ride, out door run brick 30 min

  673. Marco

    Saturday my 6yo doughters birthday
    Sunday 10 miles run to burn all the cake I will eat on saturday

  674. Chris

    30 min swim, 6 mile run Saturday and 10 mile run Sunday.

  675. Marky

    Saturday: 53 mile ride maintaining high cadence.
    Sunday: 1.2mile OWS at race pace

  676. Alexandra

    Doing my first road race (ever) this weekend with my team!

  677. Tommy Garland

    3 hours steady saturday on the bike in the sun in northern france, followed by either another 3 hours steady on sunday or 2 hours intervals, depending on how late saturday night is…

  678. Nate

    20 mile road run on Saturday, and then an easy run on the beach on Sunday

  679. Matt Jemmott

    Rock and Roll 1.2 Marathon – DC!

  680. Peter

    new band workout — 5 sets or 6 exercises 30 seconds on 30 seconds rest

  681. Alejandro

    6 miler tomorrow before the 22 miler on Sunday in prep for the Paris Marathon.

  682. Michael Mischnick

    I’m still getting back into the swing of things, but tomorrow will be a short 3-3.5 mile easy run (still on the treadmill here in Minnesota), and Sunday will be a 6 mile long run (trying to gear up for a half marathon training program starting in June).

  683. Lee

    3 mi at race pace Saturday; 8 mi one minute slower than race pace. All on vacation in FL.

  684. Francois

    Run and bike on Saturday, swim and bike on Sunday. Of course, hangovers could get in the way…

  685. michael mccall

    i would love to say ime out mtb all wkend but ive just had my scaphoid removed and bones fused, so my activity all wkend is recovery.

    Good luck everyone

  686. Joe Wagner

    I have a 5-6 mile hike tomorrow as part of training for a backpacking trip to Philmont in June.

  687. Eric

    Missing NYC Half due to stress fracture. Lots of crying and any some quality time with the elliptical . Maybe some swimming.

  688. JMatzen

    Bachelor party saturday night and racing superseal tri sunday morning… should be interesting.

  689. Nemo Brauch

    Well, the best weather this weekend looks like its going to be 8-11pm on Saturday night. So since there is a full moon this weekend, I might just have to take the Cyclocross bike over to the Alligator Wildlife Refuge and do a moonlight ride. Intervals will be riding away from bears.

  690. Ben

    Hour swim tonight followed by a rest day tomorrow and 18K run Sunday to make room for lots of Guinness monday !

  691. Chase Fleming

    Stair repeats at Mount (more like a hill…) Bonnell on Saturday. 50 mile “dam loop” on the bike on Sunday, followed by an obscene amount of breakfast tacos

  692. TFOLL

    13 mile easy run Sat. morning. Probably some core + general strength on Sunday.

  693. Olli H.

    I will go for a slow “run” on sunday because I was lazy over the last cold weeks :/

  694. André

    Saturday : interval : 20x1min.
    Sunday: 30km bike or a short run.

  695. Eric

    2.5 mile run on Sat

  696. Pat

    One of the Sufferfests videos, in TrainerRoad!

  697. bromasi

    Because the weather is so crappy I plan on riding the trainer,LeMond spinner bike,I’m going to ride my age in minutes (76).

  698. I have a 15K run scheduled for Saturday morning and a 100K ride on Sunday morning in hot and muggy climes of Mumbai.

  699. Rodrigo Meira

    I have a 36 minutes run (4×9 minutes), then a 80 km bike ride, 4x20km, then a 25 min walk on saturday….

    Sunday will be a 2.000m swim …
    Monday will be a rest day :-)… But no beer for me :-(…

  700. Kevin

    12 mi. run Sunday. One week until Publix Georgia Marathon on March 23.

  701. jeff

    60 mile tour de houston

  702. Marcella

    I’m still a beginner, so my plan for the weekend is a 45-50 minutes run on sunday at a slow pace.
    And since this is my first comment (I discovered your awesome blog less than a week ago), hello and thanks for all the very useful posts :-)

  703. B Carter

    Friday evening: 1 mile TT as fitness test
    Saturday AM: 10 mile long run
    Sunday: Easy 5 mi

  704. Thibaut

    Today: Swimming
    Saturday: Home Trainer
    Sunday: Long Run

  705. Tyler

    24 mile long run Saturday
    8 mile recovery on Sunday

  706. Josh

    Just getting into running, hoping to get a 2-3km run in this weekend!

  707. Andrew Crockett

    Competing in Abu Dhabi international triathlon. Woohoo!

  708. Bill

    Probably just out for a walk with the family; I’m rehabbing a dislocated shoulder and really can’t do much more…

  709. John

    Olympic Lifting training Friday evening. 5k St. Patrick’s Day Race on Saturday. 10 mile training run on Sunday. 2 fisted 12oz curls all weekend to celebrate.

  710. Andrew

    A nice easy 50 mile bike from 4th and King Caltrain in San Francisco through Sausilito to Tiburon and back.
    Maybe stopping at Tony’s pizza if I think I deserve it !!

  711. Today (Sat) I’ll be doing a 140k road race (Queenstown to Wanaka, return, via the Crown Range… twice… ouch!) and then Sunday will be a 2h long run… it won’t be pretty!

  712. John

    We are training to get into shape for our wedding! We just starting specifically training for a half-marathon we are running in a few months, we will be going for a 4 mile run on Sunday.

  713. Kyle Polansky

    Thanks for the giveaway! My plans are pretty simple. I have a 1600m track race on Saturday. I’ll do an easy 3-4 mile shake out in the morning. The race will be in the afternoon, and I’ll do a total of 10 miles for the day including shakeout, warm up, race, and cooldown. Sunday is just a recovery day, 2-4 mile runs at 6:20-6:30 pace. One of them will be in the morning, and the other in the evening/night.

  714. Jackson

    6 mile long run! Its finally going to be warm here in DC!

  715. Alvaro Ricardo Echeverria Solis

    Saturday: 1 mile of swimming and 30 minutes running
    Sunday: 30 minutes running.

  716. Jake Scheckman

    Long airplane ride to Costa Rica Saturday, then hiking in Monteverde National Park Sunday!!

  717. Aditya

    Saturday: 10 mile time trail followed by a 40mile ride.
    Sunday: Open water swim followed by an ambitious 17mile run.

  718. keith chant

    Done quite a lot this week – enjoying the weather in the UK so:
    Saturday – rest
    Sunday – my first proper standalone marathon, 4 laps of a reservoir in Northamptonshire

  719. Vidal

    Ocean swim Saturday and 11 mile run Sunday!! Thanks Ray!

  720. Sat – Open water swin
    Sun – Hikking in the Pyrenees

  721. Caio

    Saturday: 5K run
    Sunday: 10K run

  722. Harry

    Since it’s kind of cold here (still) my usual winter short runs of 3-4 miles on Saturday and Sunday.

  723. Kyle

    Mile swim tomorrow and technique work followed by a long ride on the bike! Make it rainnnn!

  724. Sebastiaan

    This weekend is race weekend!!!

    Saturday I will relax and eat some pasta, because on Sunday I will run my first half marathon (21,1 km) at the Drunense Duinenloop in the Netherlands
    Looking forward to the race. The weather will be great!

  725. Woody

    Long Run Saturday, swim on Sunday

  726. Martin Devine

    Plan for the weekend is an hour of cycling on the trainer this evening, 5 or 6 easy miles of running on Saturday morning, then the Alloa Half Marathon on Sunday morning (with a mile or two of warmup/cooldown either side of the race).

  727. Hike with Scouts trying to get them ready for Philmont Scout Ranch!!

  728. gdrs

    Just a simple 30km long run :)

  729. Jeff Fosburg

    An hour or so today on my bike indoors and hopefully outside for an hour or so both Saturday and Sunday on the bike.

  730. Mark Marriott

    Rest day on Saturday followed by a 30-mile bike ride Sunday! Weekends are for recovery!!

  731. Rob Montgomery

    Picking up my new Cannondale Synapse 6 on Saturday and plan on taking it for a test ride. If weather doesn’t permit then perhaps a dreadmill run.

  732. Mark Norfleet

    Sat, 20+ mile run on a snow free path if I can tolerate that distance while recovering from a bad cold.

    Sun. 7-8 mile social run around Ann Arbor with my fiends starting at the 5th Ave. Sweetwater Cafe. 8:30 if anyone wants to join us…

  733. Kevin Tan

    Friday evening…. Praying hard that the haze will be blown away when I reopen my eyes so I can run again (after being forced to stop running for a week due to the haze and high PM2.5 figure)

    Saturday (hopefully), a 11km run through Upper Peirce Reservoir.
    Sunday (keeping fingers crossed), a 24km run pass Seletar Airport, Yishun Ave 1 and Yio Chu Kang Road with the very people who help me achieve my very best marathon.

  734. Tommy

    20 mile trail run in preparation for a 50 mile trail run next week!

  735. Mark Strawbridge

    Competing in my first Duathlon on Sunday part of the Training for my First Triathlon in May.

  736. Nina

    Couch time with my beloved tonight(friday) and on Saturday a 8km run- training for my first half marathon (Two oceans in April) and on Sunday a 32km cycle and an open lake swim of 1km(trainig for the irat ever ITU in Cape Town, South Africa). Super excited just to share with you! Thanks for the awesome reviwes!

  737. Eric Chrans

    Had plans to run in two 5Ks this weekend, but duty calls. Instead will spend the next 4 days on a submarine conducting training. Did get in a 6 mile run today before I have to get underway.

  738. Rasmus

    Saturday: Long run 25 k
    Sunday:Bkool trainer, Sufferfest Blender

  739. Josh S

    Coming out of hibernation to start training for a 10K in June. 30min Easy Run, then cooking some Irish food. :)

  740. Kevin Sheasgreen

    9 Mile Temp run tonight, 2.5 hrs computrainer followed by 3 mile easy run for Saturday, followed by 15 mile run for Sunday.

  741. Maddog Milone

    Regular Run
    Long Strides with some Plyo work.

    Ala Cheering on Course for the NYC Half Marathon on Sunday
    followed by some ab-work

  742. smachim

    trying out the new Ambit2: swim 2000 bike 40 and run 10

  743. Elizabeth

    Brick workout with the hubby when he gets home, downhill skiing on Saturday and rest on Sunday. A perfect end to a recovery week before kicking it up a notch for the next few weeks again to ready myself for a 70.3 and my first ultra in Switzerland.

  744. Saturday: 45 mins cross training — I’m gonna swim this time.
    Sunday: Long Run, 120 mins.

  745. Bill L

    Some Endurance miles on Saturday & a little practice Crit on Sunday

  746. Tomek

    Cross on Saturday and long run on Sunday…

  747. JJ

    Sat: RnR Half; Sunday: 40 mi ride + swim clinic. Yup, Tri training is in full swing.

  748. Hugo Noronha

    Saturday: 100KM road cycle around Sintra
    Sunday: 100KM road cycle around Lisbon

  749. miguel

    well for starters on saturday i will start by playing some video games until my 2 year old wakes up, then my old lady will go to the gym and I will take the 2 year old to a place where i can chase her around, i would really like an hrm for that.. following that we will have lunch then naptime, ill probably do a 2 hour set of video games again before returning to an evening of changing diapers and chasing the lil squirt.

    sunday will be my day to myself so me and a workout buddy will get together to play some multiplayer games on the couch from 11- 3, so a couple of sets of that and maybe a burrito and pizza should cap off the weekend… my fitbit will definetly break 1000 steps!

  750. Alasdair

    Ten mile run in preparation for Rock n Roll San Francisco in three weeks time!

  751. Aaron

    10 mile run Sat.
    The kids will probably drag me out on a few bike rides and some practice sessions for baseball and soccer — those count as workouts, right?

  752. Andrew McCabe

    50 mile ride/2mile run
    3500yd swim

  753. Louise Kennedy

    Oh holiday in Suffolk in the UK so no access to my bike. Will do a short 3 mile run with my dog Billy on some local footpaths and perhaps a longer 5 or 6 mile run on Sunday along the quiet country roads.

    Then home Sunday and Monday I start more serious duathlon and 100 mile bike training…

  754. Brian

    Working Saturday followed by a slow training run on Sunday

  755. Drew

    An easy 5 tomorrow and then hitting the trails on Sunday!

  756. Amy H.

    4 easy miles with my dog on Saturday, then a hilly 10-miler Sunday morning.

  757. Steve Cooper

    Shortish run with family on Saturday (pushing Chariot), followed by 12 miler on Sunday. Forecasts are for sunny 10 degree C weather – spring comes to the frozen north!

  758. Gerrit van der Heide

    Saturday morning 45 minute easy run and sunday morning a 2,5 hour bikeride. It will be a windt bike ride I think…

  759. KDC

    Leg workout followed by 45 minute run. Then on Sunday doing a LSD run

  760. tibo

    Sat: knee strengthening to help get ride of a bursitis…
    Sun: 1h swim (25/50/100/50/15y with rubber around the ankle)

  761. Law

    1.5hr swim Saturday + Shamrock Run on Sunday!

  762. Sarah G

    2 hour bike and 1 hour run.

  763. Amy Thoma

    12 miles running with 3×1 mike at T pace
    6 miles easy

  764. Doing the Instant Classic Trail Marathon outside of Richmond tomorrow and then another 6-8 miles on Sunday (training for the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler in June!).

  765. Milan

    20K trail if the weather for the weekend stays nice, it not, I will do something shorter.

  766. Hoang Nguyen

    Friday: 5 mile run, 30 minute swim, biceps and calves
    Saturday: 2 hour bike ride, abs
    Sunday: Attempt at 1/2 mile swim, chest

  767. Daryl Klassen

    First outdoor ride and a 10k run

  768. Bernard

    saturday: 15mile trail run
    sunday: strength training

  769. Anthony B.

    Run to Get Lucky 15K road race in Corvallis Oregon

  770. Francesco

    Saturday: 2 km swim
    Sunday: 1:30 easy run

  771. Jason Jones

    Friday is a short 6 mile loop, Saturday will be a long run day of 14 and finishing up with a easy 5 mile loop to tidy up the week. Still recovering from last weekends 50K trail race.

  772. BorderT

    Fri: Dancing at a concert
    Sat: Walking the dog and 30 min. Hometrainer
    Sun: 14 km run in the forest with local running club

  773. Lisa

    Sat= race day! Early season sprint. Followed by 2 hr bike. Sun= 2 hr run.

  774. Aben

    Run 10K twice!

  775. Marc

    Sat: 4 hr ride + 30 min run
    Sun: 1 hr ride + 80 min run

  776. Ole

    20K run Sunday

  777. cj

    We are at sea on Saturday, so it will be strength training and some cardio. On Sunday, we will be in port, that means I can get off and go for a 10km run, over the bridge and into downtown Miami and back again. Some more strength training in the evening.

  778. John S.

    It’s looking like I’m going to spend much of my weekend at work, but hopefully I’ll be able to get an hour on my bike tomorrow while the weather is nice and maybe run a few miles at some point.

  779. diamondadi

    Swim. Bike. Run.

  780. Brian Nobori

    Sat: 5k fun run
    Sun: 21 miler training. BSIM here I come!

  781. Tudor

    for me it’s going to be simple – racing Abu Dhabi Tri on saturday, rest on sunday 😉

  782. 21km long run on Saturday to finish a 4 week phase – then Sunday will be 12km of XC skiing on our local trails here in the French Alps to tire myself before jumping on a plane to Portland, OR where I’ll be able to do a few leisurely runs as its a rest week.

  783. Mathieu

    Long Run on saturday – 14km for the Ottawa half marathon

  784. Ben Kuehner

    9 mile progression run. 2500m swim and 60 mile bike on Sunday down in Galveston

  785. moria

    go to the gym and running for 5km

  786. Jim Martone

    Saturday I’ll be taking my road bike out for the first time since October and riding it as far as I can. There is still snow on the ground in Northern NJ but it’s finally melted enough to ride.

    Sunday after spending time with the family, I’ll be browsing Clever Training for my prize :)

  787. Gian

    Saturday morning easy recovery run after last weeks LA Marathon. Sunday probably an other easy run.

  788. Tasha

    I plan to do a 45 walk/run tomorrow (Sat) and then my first 5k on Sunday :)

  789. My first cycling road race as a licensed USAC rider! Then a short run with my golden retriever and then a long run and swim on Sunday.

  790. Just finished 200m sprints. Saturday I’m doing a LT criss cross workout, alternating just above and just below my LT. Sunday I’m doing the Crossfit Open 14.3 workout. Huzzah!

  791. Kyle

    Heading out for a 10 mile long run on Saturday and an easy 6 miles on Sunday.

  792. Jonas Schmidt

    Friday: 40 min @ HRzone 3.5.
    Saturday: Easy run.
    Sunday: 12 km hard run!

  793. Maris

    I am going on holiday with my best friends in nature to relax :)

  794. Pieter De Neve


    Friday evening starting with a 1hr run.
    Saturday, after following livestream of Abu Dhabi Triathlon, go for a 3hrs easy bike ride.
    Sunday: 1hr swim or 1hr run, depending of the feeling in my legs.

  795. Wes H.

    First open water swims of this year. In the lake on Saturday and Sunday. Very cold, but I can’t wait!!!

  796. Tashunko

    sat: work (reconstructing my rooms), easy run 1 to 2 hours, work
    sun: work, ride on turbo trainer, it should rain, work
    maybe swim or badminton if my wife would like to

  797. Theo

    80km bike ride saturday
    2.000m Swim Marathon suday

  798. Mark Andrews

    Saturday will be a morning ride at glentress Scotland followed by an evening run session! Then Sunday it will be water rescue training and a road run at night!! Happy weekend folks

  799. Shannon

    Easy run and swim on Saturday leading to Shamrock Half Marathon on Sunday!

  800. Tom Edwards

    DC marathon!

  801. Rene

    well well. Been out today for 10km.
    I’ll buy new shoes tomorrow which I plan to testdrive on Sunday morning with an interval training for about 12km.
    Sunday afternoon I’ve an appointment for a 2,5km swim training with my buddies


  802. Michael Garner

    7 mile run that will go from road to off road

  803. YecoYoung

    Thank you for your great work…

    Friday – 7mi – Tempo Run
    10mi – Recovery Kickr
    Sat. – 7mi – Recovery Run (with Wife)
    – 45min Intervals on Kickr
    Sun. – 2hrs of Soccer Training
    – nap for 2hrs

  804. LT Thompson

    masters swim or run saturday and hopefully a ride sunday

  805. Rodrigo Valle

    Saturday : rest
    Sunday: 10k “Father’s Day Race”, in Porto, Portugal. Will try sub-45min for the first time.

  806. Jakub H.

    SAT: slow flat run / 10km
    SUN: trail run / 18-20km

  807. Jesse Thomas

    25-30 on the bike Saturday and an easy 3 trail run for Sunday.

  808. Alvin G

    No training, just races – trail half marathon on Saturday, Shamrock Half on Sunday.

  809. Rob

    Going for the Lepra run 10 Km!

  810. Anthony M

    Fri: weights and 20mi biking
    Sat: 6 miles
    Sun: stretching and yoga!

  811. Jake C

    Swim and Run on Saturday
    Long run on Sunday!
    Thanks DC

  812. Paul M

    RnR Marathon, son!

  813. Benoit Leclair

    I have been out of it lately. I’m starting back my training for a 10K run coming in May. So this week-end, among all the errands for my daughter’s birthday and shoveling, I will go do a 5k run.