TomTom releases phone app, allows for mobile uploading with TomTom Runner & Multisport units


Today, TomTom released their phone app for uploading workouts wirelessly from the TomTom Runner and Multisport units to your phone.  The intention to release such functionality had been announced back in December, though without a specific timeframe attached to it.

I’ve been using the app for the past week, giving it a bit of a whirl after recent runs and rides.  I’ll do a quick walk-through of how it works.  Note that this makes for the second company to introduce GPS watch workout to phone synchronization (the first being Garmin, Polar would make for the third upon release of their V800 in April).  As I’ve noted previously, this will pretty much become the norm for companies by the end of the year.  I’d say that anyone releasing a new device after this summer that doesn’t have this functionality, won’t have terribly successful sales.

With that, let’s dive into the basics.

First, your TomTom unit will need a firmware update to enable this functionality.  To get that you’ll simply plug it into your computer and let the TomTom MySports Connect application find the watch and then find the firmware update from TomTom’s servers:


The update process only takes a couple minutes to complete.  All your settings are saved, so it’s a pretty non-intrusive update.

Once the update is done you’ll be able to use the device just like normal.  In order to demonstrate things, I went out and got a few workouts on the device first – a blend of runs and bikes, though no swims (because let’s be honest, voluntary non-training-plan pool time was not on my high priority list).

With a few workouts completed, it was back into the device I went.  On the device if you scroll down into what is normally the settings area, you’ll see the new ‘Phone’ option.


(In case you’re wondering why my unit looks so dirty, it was raining out, and thus I was fighting a constant battle of the drops and wiping them away.)

It’s within here that you’ll pair your phone.


In this case the pairing process happens solely within the TomTom app, and doesn’t require you dive into the Bluetooth control panel on your phone.  To pair, you’ll let the app search for your TomTom unit, and then on the phone you’ll confirm that by entering in a pin number that the TomTom unit displays.

20140122_183335000_iOS 20140122_210557000_iOS 20140122_210604000_iOS

(Note: On my first round of screenshots above, the watch names were cutoff – fear not, on final release, they are not cutoff, I just didn’t re-screenshot it.)

With that complete the TomTom unit will automatically start downloading any workouts upon completion if the phone is within range and the app is opened up.  The TomTom unit does not have to be in any sort of special sync mode.  The ‘Sync’ option you see below merely controls whether or not it syncs at all (On/Off).


In my case, I had my small pile of workouts that were backlogged to complete on my initial sync.  I found that shorter workouts went reasonably quick.  For example, a 40 minute workout took about 45-60 seconds to sync.  Whereas a longer 2hr workout took a few minutes to sync.  The slowness here is primarily Bluetooth Smart transfer throughput speeds, and is a pain point that I’ve heard from numerous companies about.  Over time we’ll probably see that improve with hardware changes, but nothing near-term that I’ve heard about.  And ultimately, an extra minute or so after a multi-hour workout isn’t that big of a deal.


Note above you’ll see the little phone icon on the front of the TomTom unit indicating that the phone is within range and ready to upload.

Once a given workout has finished transferring to the phone, it’ll go ahead and upload the workout to TomTom’s site where you can access it there just like normal.  That process takes mere seconds – it’s very quick.


Below, upon completion, you can see that my first activity is immediately available on TomTom’s site:


Now, the app does have a few tiny options in it.  First you can log into your account and see the workout from the app itself.

20140127_092942000_iOS 20140127_093257000_iOS

The only catch here is that it’s basically just enumerating a web page within the app window.  So it’s not quite as polished as an app showing the data natively.  So while it’s pulling up a mobile-friendly website, it’s a bit chunkier than some implementations.

20140127_095039000_iOS 20140127_095110000_iOS

There’s also a handful of settings you can configure within the app.  First, you can choose what data type you’ll upload activities on – be it WiFi Only, or both WiFi and Mobile Data.  Next, you can select the same option for the satellite pre-caching data.  This is the data that produces super-quick satellite lock times by pre-downloading satellite location data.

20140127_093324000_iOS 20140127_095139000_iOS 20140127_095142000_iOS

Finally, you can tweak your online TomTom account settings, as well as view info about the watch itself.  Interestingly I was able to pair multiple watches into the app – so if you happen to be…well…like me – you’re good to go.

20140127_095027000_iOS 20140127_093320000_iOS

Now, there is one downside item to note.  As it stands right now the app only transmits to TomTom’s site.  That means that if you traditionally setup the TomTom desktop software to upload to a site like Training Peaks, or if you had it create a .FIT/.TCX file, then you’ll need to take a slightly different (additional) step to get that data out and into those formats.  To do so you’ll plug in your phone to your computer, which will then act as the conduit to grab the original TomTom file.

In order to grab said file, you’ll go ahead and crack open iTunes once the phone is connected.  Then go into your phone within iTunes and select the ‘Apps’ button.  From there, scroll down and find ‘MySports’ in the left hand side.  On the right side you’ll see the .TTBIN files that are the raw TomTom files.


Then, along the bottom click the ‘Save to’ button, which simply saves these files somewhere.  I’d just create a folder for them somewhere handy.


Once you’ve got it saved somewhere, simply double click on the workout file, which will go ahead and re-process it within the TomTom MySports app and then spit out the usual .FIT/.TCX/etc files like it always did (or upload to sites like Training Peaks).  Unfortunately, you do need to connect the TomTom unit to your computer as well in order for the app to process it.  Kinda a pain, I agree.

It sounds like this process is probably semi-temporary for now.  TomTom is already polling users on their forums for which exporters (connections) they’ll add in the next update of the app.  So swing over there to add your feedback.

Now, you can actually get around this by leveraging my post from last month that automatically syncs the files to other services.  That’s because below the covers the TomTom service is simply MapMyFitness.  So by using the sync services that support MapMyFitness – you can quickly get the data to other web sites.

Finally, some of you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned Android yet.  The TomTom Android app is still forthcoming, a bit down the road. This is pretty much in line with every other sports tech company in having the iOS app version out before the Android app version, as many companies are still struggling with inconsistencies of the Bluetooth Smart stack on top of Android – even in 4.3.  It’s not that companies don’t want to release Android apps leveraging Bluetooth Smart, it’s just proving more complicated and less stable.

With that – I’m glad to see TomTom taking advantage of the Bluetooth stack in the device.  Given they’re one of the few devices on the market today that’s purely Bluetooth-only, it’s good to see what I hope will be the beginning of lots of new phone connected features.  The implementation thus far of this first step seems quite clean and easy to use – so hopefully that bodes well long term.  And, since my review last summer they’ve also made lots of improvements to the unit itself – both big ticket items as well as little items.  Good to see.

Thanks for reading!

(Oh, quick note: It may take a few hours for the app to show up in all global iTunes app stores, so hang tight if you don’t quite see it yet.)


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  1. Neville

    Bought my Multi Sport Dec ’13 – my “settings” menu is different to yours:
    – clock
    – sensors
    – options
    – profile
    Version 1.5.4 updated few minutes ago.
    No sign of “phone” or “flight mode”

    Wonder is this is US only?

    • Community Manager, TomTom

      Hi Neville, the update is not US only, but it is coming out today so timings might be a bit different depending on market. I just updated my watch here in the Netherlands. The software version you’re looking to have after the update is 1.6.12.

      In case you don’t get the update even after trying again please reach out to us so we can look into what’s going on. You can contact us through the following page: link to

  2. Gunnar

    Cool stuff. Now all they need is phone notifications on the watch (as well as power data for the multi sport watch….for use with the Stages Power Meter) and I’m in!

  3. Adam

    Updated to the new release….watch name still cutoff. :-)

  4. Olivier

    Thanks for the update.But again just for freakin iphone. I now the problem with the android fragmentation but most of the smartphone runs Android not iOS. Anyway it’s cool to see Tomtom be proactiv in the developpement of new features.
    Power meter and triathlon mode…maybe?

    • Adam R

      But FAR more iPhones have BT4. Makes sense for the first release.

    • While more phones in the world might run Android, way more phones in this target market run iOS. The simple reality is that the millions upon millions of cheap Android phones in rural China aren’t for people who are going to be buying GPS sport watches. Thus while the overall total might be tipped in favor of Android, it’s simply not representative of the target mraket.

    • Android/Apple are split about 50/40 in the United States, 70/18 in Europe. For all consumers. Fitness gadget buyers are definitely more skewed towards iOS. We see a 45/50 split on our website visit analytics; slightly different visitor of course. I agree the hangup here is BT4. The reality is they will need to support both very quickly, or suffer negative feedback. I do feel a bit sorry for BB10 and Nokia owners. :(

    • Keith

      Complete and utter rubbish. Many top end phones are android (Lg g3, s5, z2 and so on) and all of them are capable of running simple apps for running already. I absolutely hate the fact that this has been used as a reason not to develop it side by side when the markets are a) skewed in Androids favour, and b) you are relying on just the people loggin in to the site. If you asked everyone buying the watch what os they were running then I would hazard a guess it would be android bias and not Apple. Had I known the TOMTOM stance was firmly toward apple, I would not have purchased it, I hate apple Iphones and wont be seen dead with one – this should not penalize my use of the watch, and Apple should not be the ‘chosen’ route every time for developers. I just hope more people complain about it and that TOMTOM listen.

    • You know that TomTom released their Android app yesterday, right?

      You can download the app via the following link: link to

      Phones include: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Nexus 5, HTC One and HTC One M8. They noted that over time they’ll add more to teh list.

      Finally, despite what you think is rubbish, it’s the reality. For the fitness segment TomTom is covering, the world is not skewed towards Android. Given readers to this page are the exact market for a company like TomTom, then the mobile stats are pretty much exactly their target market. I’ve yet to hear any argument to the counter.

      With that in mind, for the last 30 days 69.45% of all readers to this site are iOS, not Android (using a mobile device). The remaining 31% are a blend of Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and 3% unknown. So, in effect, I asked everyone – and as a result, the vast majority (nearly 70%) are running iOS. But don’t let facts get in the way…

  5. Eddie

    I’ve updated to 1.6.12 and suddenly QuickGPS is no longer updating – constantly getting the “connect to computer” icon on the watch status screen. I also tried to update the QuickGPS via the new iOS App and whilst it made it to 100% complete the icon is still showing on the watch that the QuickGPS needs updating.

    Anyone else encountering similar problems post upgrade to 1.6.12?


  6. Luke

    Seems to me Polar (and now TomTom) have completely blown Garmin out of the water from an app/website perspective.
    Garmin connect (either online or on the iPhone) is quickly getting out of date from a functionality stand point.
    If this promised Garmin connect update isn’t revolutionary I’m going to strongly consider jumping ship…

    • I’m not entirely sure I understand. If we look at functionality of the FR220/FR620 vs the TomTom units with respect to the phone app integration, here’s where we stand as of today, January 30th:

      Garmin FR220/FR620:

      1) Download completed workouts to phone/web from watch
      2) Download firmware updates from phone to watch
      3) Download satellite pre-caching data from phone to watch
      4) Download workouts (structured) from phone to watch
      5) Live Track and broadcast your current workout, including sensor data
      6) Download courses (routes) from phone to watch (for Edge 510/810).

      TomTom Runner/Multisport:

      1) Download completed workouts to phone/web from watch
      2) Download satellite pre-caching data from phone to watch

      Am I missing something? And honestly, I’m not big fan of Garmin Connect, but we don’t want to really do the same comparison between Garmin Connect and either Polar Flow or TomTom’s MapMyFitness site (simply browsing the comments of the TomTom review shows that).

      As for Polar and their app with the V800, it’s really unclear what will be there for launch. Right now, it looks like basically just #1 above. Down the road, it sounds like most of the items plus potentially more.

      Don’t get me wrong, TomTom’s doing great stuff – but one should keep perspective about where the competition is. Otherwise, you end up being behind it.

    • Mikey

      Yeah but he Tom Tom is also significantly cheaper than the 220/620.

      Is this watch the least expensive with bluetooth?

  7. Mmmm mine won’t connect – stuck on the pairing screen but nothing. bum !!!!

  8. Hoss

    For me, the Quick GPS feature is the real winner here. Being able to cache GPS locations via BT 4.0, without having to connect the watch to a computer, is a huge plus. The app will enable me to connect to a computer only for firmware updates — I’ll charge the watch using an AC outlet. Way to go, TomTom!

  9. Brendon

    Hi Ray

    As always great review. Does the app sync with Strava?

  10. Johan Lundberg

    I managed to brick my tomtom runner while connecting to the iphone app. I have filed a support question with tomtom in both US and Sweden and hope to get an answer soon. The problem might have to do with me trying the watch in demo mode while beeing connected to the iphone, but I am not sure. My watch is now stuck in watch mode with no way of resetting och meing it responsive again…

    • Johan Lundberg

      Got a response from TomTom support and am asked to let the watch drain it battery as reset would not work. This would probably take many days if not weeks. I am really fed up with this bull… What kind of support is this?

    • Can you get the light to turn on by tapping it? And, will it stay on? If so, that’ll help burn it out pretty quickly.

    • Johan Lundberg

      No I cant turn on the light, the watch is completely dead. Were in contact with US support and they indicated that it most probably will need to be returned.

      I cant tell you how disappointed I am with TomTom right now, this feature was one of the main reasons I bought the watch in the first place.

    • Community Manager, TomTom

      Hi Johan, I want to apologize for the difficult experience. I don’t have enough information to say what went wrong but I’ve reached out to our product team and they would like to get your watch back for analysis. Our Customer Care department will reach out to you via email to arrange for a replacement of your unit. Are you based in US or Sweden currently?

    • Johan Lundberg

      Got a call from a very nice lady at TomTom support and they will replace the watch immediately. From what I understand development is really eager to find out the root cause to my problem. A little happier today :-)

  11. Eddie

    UPDATE: QuickGPS now working well, managed to update successfully via the App which is a great feature.

  12. frank d

    Does TomTom allow you to add your own sport?
    (rowing, xc skiing, windsurfing, …)

    and allow you more control of which pieces of data you have on screen?
    (current time, time elapsed, heart rate, current speed)
    Which certainly would seem possible with that lcd panel.

    It previously seemed like you could not get the current speed in there (per previous review)

    It is completely impractical or downright impossible during some activities to have two hands free to press a button a few times to get to a data field and then go back to heartrate. (let’s say you wanted to check current speed)

    I just looked at the Casio STB-1000 which can show workout data via bluetooth, linked from an iPhone, but the problem is that it keeps rotating the display every 2 secs to show 3 data fields each, does not have speed in running mode, …

    Maybe it is still to early for that level of multi-sport watch with that level of configurability?

  13. Kenni Lund

    Has anyone tried the direkt upload to Runkeeper?
    Does it work and how?

  14. Neil Meads

    So it sounds like Tom Tom have made some important updates since the first review here, but where does it leave the multisports watch in comparison to the forthcoming Polar? Trying to make my mind up between TomTom now and saving some $ versus waiting for April and the V800

    • Kenni Lund

      My dilemma as Well.
      Today I use my iphone for running and cykling. I have a wahoo blue HRM and planing for fun on the wahoo RPM.
      I have a Kickr as Well.
      What i am looking for is a multisport watch with BLTE with easy avtivity upload to runkeeper and strava.
      Om split between the tomtom, the V800 and the FR920xt.
      Hehe :-) two out three dont eksist. :-)

    • Sebas

      I would probably wait. At the moment the TomTom Multisport uses only about 30% of it’s potential.
      A lot of really basic things are missing (eg. useless interval function that will just show up as a normal run with no data being recorded,manual laps are not being recorded, no open water swimming, no triathlon mode, the pretty embarrassing MySport website,the list goes on and on just have a look at the support forum) and they should really concentrate on fixing that first before moving on to stuff like iPhone connectivity.
      After using it for 3 month now I really questions whether they have anyone who is a runner or athlete on their team…
      That said they seem to be really open for suggestions and listen to what the customers have to say which is rare. The watch has a lot of potential but at this point I would not buy it again.

  15. Edsim

    Excellent review as ever – can I ask though whether this app will work with my iPod touch? That would be really handy…

  16. Community Manager, TomTom

    Hi everyone,

    Quick word of advice for all of you updating to software version 1.6.12 to enable Bluetooth pairing with your phones. Could you please make sure that you have MySports Connect 1.2 before updating your watch? You can check which version of MySports Connect you have on your computer by right clicking the tray icon and clicking Settings.

    If you don’t have MySports Connect v1.2 – you can always download and install it from this page: link to

    • And what if you updated your watch while still on 1.1.9 ? As mine does not connect. Also could you please try and make the link to downloading the latest version a bit harder to find as it only took me 10 minutes and I would much rather spend at least 15 minutes searching for the download link and even then not be 100% what the version was i was downloading.

    • Community Manager, TomTom

      Hi depicus,

      I’m sorry to read you’re having trouble with the updates. We created this new Support page to clarify for users in your situation how to resolve issues: link to

      In case this does not help, please reach out to our Customer Care via the following page: link to

    • Ok didn’t work the first three times but like a true athlete I rallied and tried a forth time and this time it worked so I am all fixed – thanks Major TomTom :)

  17. Russ Shupe

    I installed the update on my Runner and then the app on my iPad 3rd gen and iPhone 4S. Did a run this morning on the treadmill and the upload to MySports worked just fine (about 2 minutes upload time or so) and it also synchronized with my RunKeeper account as well.
    So no complaints here, actually a bit of a bonus for me as I didn’t realize this was in the works. Thanks.

  18. Ryan

    I can confirm I got this working on an ipad 2 successfully (it’s not listed as supported).

    Simply hit pair (with no pin entered) when it asks the first time for a pin (and none is given on the watch). The ipad will ask again for a pin, but the watch will now display the pin. Took a minute to sync, but works perfectly.

    Keep up the great updates Tomtom; bring on the strava integration!

    • Jason

      Ryan, how did you install the app onto ipad 2, when I click on install iTunes says incompatible with ipad…..? When I try to pair on the multisport the watch says start app….? Thanks

    • Kenni Lund

      I have no problem instaling app on ipad 2 from app-store.

  19. Kenni Lund

    How about batteri life?
    Hey everybody. How do all you users og This watch experience batteri life?
    Gps, gps and HRM, Gps and HRM+CA/RPM?

  20. Trey

    I just updated me watch and connected it with my phone. But when I Unpaired it with my phone it is stuck in the clock screen and nothing is moving not even the time and it just has that new phone icon stuck there. Plz help I can’t go for any runs .

    • Community Manager, TomTom

      Hello Trey,

      Sorry to read you’re having problems. Did you try connecting your watch to the PC via the cable? That might bring it back to normal. If that doesn’t work, please reach out to us so we can troubleshoot in more detail. You can reach us via this page: link to

      For anyone else experiencing any pairing issues, the following page could be of assistance: link to

  21. JV1967

    When I tried to save the .ttbin files via Itunes to my computer (as per Ray’s procedure above) it WILL create double entries on the MyRunner/Mapmyrun site (if you double-click to recreate .fit etc files), since the activities were already uploaded via the app and you have to delete them manually….Maybe slight glitch to be ironed out ? (dialog in TomTom Connect on detecting double entries maybe ?)

  22. Martin David Redfern

    Ray. Just got back from my usual 5-and-a-bit-K run (absolute nightmare – 50K wind in my face on the way out) plugged in my Multisport and discovered an new update 1.6.13. Can find nothing on TomTom’s website about it yet and can’t immediately see on the watch what’s changed.

    Just realised – my first post! So will take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work on everything – it’s thanks to you that I started running again after 29 years. To think I was only looking for info.on the Tanita BC-1000. My credit card companies are very pleased! All the best to you and yours.

    Martin (aged 51 and two quarters)

    • Yup, that’s the update for the phone piece. Once you do that you’ll be good to go.


    • Community Manager, TomTom

      Hi Martin, just wanted to clarify that 1.6.13 is a small stability update addressing some reported cases of QuickGPSFix not working properly after 1.6.12. No new major functionality to mention.

  23. Bill K

    Thanks for the review. I was surprised to see this functionality early this year…definitely an improvement. Very anxious to know when a usable record for Interval Training and LiveTrack capability. The most important items are Interval Training and a functional reporting website….Important enough that I am looking at replacing my MultiSport with a Garmin 220. I love the TomTom watch format and control button, but this doesn’t make up for the lack of usability.

    I’d love to hear some encouragement from TomTom

    • Community Manager, TomTom

      Hi Bill, thank you for the feedback. As we’ve stated before, advanced interval training is definitely on our priority list. You can find more information here: link to

  24. Nicole

    Help please!
    the phone link appears to have ”misplaced’ a my bike leg for a team 70.3, I had used the phone app to upload a short bike and run and to help the GPS location before the race to make sure it worked, however when I was loading the bike leg it didn’t do the uploading to site part like the previous transfers….
    It is not appearing on my phone app or dashboard and there is no data on the watch anymore.
    Tell me there is a fail safe data location somewhere!

    • Community Manager, TomTom

      Hi Nicole,

      Sorry to read you’re having trouble. Why do you say there’s no more data on the watch? Is the bike leg not in the history at all? That would be very strange in case it’s your most recent activity. If it’s still in the history, you should be able to upload it via the computer if the app is not processing it for some reason.

      This link should have all the information you need to do it: link to

      Let me know if it works!

    • Nicole

      Thanks for the reply, I only had 5mins spare at work earlier so wasn’t too clear.
      The watch was showing nothing in the data status so I knew it had gone somewhere, and the ride was in my watch history. However both the phone app and dashboard were not showing it.
      Once I got home I managed to find the file in iTunes HAPPY DAYS! however, I left my watch at work and I’m getting a message saying that a watch has to be connected to re-process an activity file so I’ve emailed the file to work to try tomorrow.
      I will definitely try the process as mentioned in the link you forwarded me.
      …to be continued….

    • Nicole

      All sorted kind of… I have 3 entries/copies for that session on the phone app now but that’s fine at least it’s there!
      Thanks Tom Tom

  25. Steve

    When will it have Strava integration? Thanks!

  26. Zach

    Ray thanks for the great reviews as always!

    Hope to see auto-pause functionality available on this device soon. My OLD Garmin gave me the option to set auto-pause based on my pace; super handy!

    Also hoping to be able to setup a workout in the app or online and then sync it with the device.

    So far enjoying the tomtom! I’m not quite as into the ‘data’ as a lot of folks are, so this unit serves my needs well.

  27. Ingrid

    Hi There,
    I really appreciate your site and the in-depth reviews!

    I purchased a tom tom runner watch two weeks ago and though I liked it, I could never get the my sports website portal to even open for me to set up my account. I went back and forth with their customer service (who were very responsive) but ultimately they had no eta fix for the portal login issue. Apparently a lot of people have had this issue. I was frustrated so I returned the watch, and bought the Nike+ watch because I hope (haven’t tried it yet) that perhaps their web portal is better managed and user friendly since it is, well, Nike. :)

    Cheers to you and all the helpful advice you and your users have posted. I just wanted to add my two cents in case anyone else in the US is having the same issue.


  28. I got my TT runner a month or so ago, I’ve had zero problems. Upgraded/updated the watch with ease and have never had any problems. If you need a bit simpler watch (compared the Garmin 620), this is definitely worth checking out. Plus the smooth integration into runkeeper is fantastic!

  29. anthony

    it is amazing that this hardware is not compatible with strava – a serious disappointment.
    I regret having purchased this watch and intend to return it asap –
    really surprised that this issue has not been picked up by the i.t support team –

    • Not sure what you mean as I upload all my runs and rides to Strava and never had a problem.

    • Agree. In fact, I talk to the Strava upload working just fine from the very begining nearly a year ago, within the original review: link to

      The piece I was referring to here was direct upload from the phone app. I’d point out that no hardware based GPS watch/unit actually has said functionality as it stands today (Watch > Mobile > Strava). A lot of companies racing to provide it, but none quite yet natively.

      The Leikr unit does upload to Strava, but requires WiFi, fwiw (not that I recommend buying it).

  30. Alberto

    I recently purchased the TomTom Multisport, nice little training device. I’ve always used Polar devices in the past 10 years (the last one was the RCX5) but I’m happy with the TomTom, thanks DC Rainmaker for the detailed review that guided my choice.
    The TomTom Connect software works very well, being able to choose the output file format to upload my trainings on Strava is very convenient (I used to get the gpx file from the Polar Websync, but I now have the option of going for the .fit file, that includes hearthrate data).
    I’ve also installed the Multisport app on my daughter’s iPod touch, so that updates to TomTomMySport/MapMyFitness can happen without accessing a PC.
    The big question is: as my main training site is Strava, how do I automatically sync MapMyFitness training data to Strava?
    I set Syncmetrics up following Ray’s guide… but it syncronises Strava training data TO MapMyFitness, not the other way around. Am I compelled to ‘transit’ through another site, like RunKeeper? Thanks in advance!

  31. ice

    As to now the TomTom multisport with HR and cadence sensor pack has a best price on internet as low as 255E

    So no reason to go for a super advanced (and expensive) Polar V800
    As soon as Android smartwatches from chinese manufactuer will be out….ti will be completelly outedate with its’s closed ecosystem vs an open android
    Once they will pass the 1st generetion problems you can easyly buy one of them and recycle the BT4+ sensor from the TomTom pack

  32. I am looking to buy Tom Tom multi I want it for basic swimming and tracking my half marathon runs. I use map my fitness app on my phone. I really want to just use a watch to keep track of time distance pace and map of my runs and date. I was wondering what package of multi do I need will basic do this? One last thing what is battery time when used as basic watch ?

    • The basic multi-package will do the trick, since you don’t need any of the cycling sensors and/or barometric altimeter.

    • When using as watch only what is the battery life?

    • Alberto

      Last week I couldn’t train, so I now know how much the battery lasts in watch mode: I charged the TomTom on monday morning and it lasted until saturday morning.
      On saturday it didn’t die, but the low battery icon had been on the screen since friday night, so I recharged.
      I’d say 5 full days in watch mode are what you could expect.

    • Can you completely shut off the watch, so that when you’re ready to go for a workout and it’s been a few weeks (vacation, just busy) you aren’t disappointed by a dead watch?

      I have an Ambit2 and it seems to be always powered up, and yes.. the battery slowly drains.

  33. When using as a watch as standard watch just for time what is the battery life ?

    • Tom

      Moeg: I use my multisport as an everyday watch and (try) to get in one activity per day. Obviously, some activities (using gps and/or bluetooth) will drain battery more than others. I have no issues with battery life and only need to recharge about once per week.

      It recharges fast too!

  34. A couple last questions does watch notify or vibrate on runs to tell you when you complete a mile? Will it show you your pace and time while running? Last will basic watch upload your elevation you get on runs like map my run does through my phone I don’t know the top level watch does or give you for running ?

  35. What does the barometric altimeter do what is it exact function does it relate to running?

  36. Rick vW

    We own both the multi (wife does Tri) and runner (moi). What I like the best about these devices is that TomTom does not abandon them and move to the next piece of hardware. that should be recognized more. I look in my drawer and its like a “Gadget Story” instead of Toy Story. Why? Because companies choose to go after a quick buck, often times, and want to force new sales.
    Every time TomTom does an upgrade of the software they unlock more and more capability and I just really love that.

    The ONE big issue that we have with both watches: they somehow will “ghost” drain. I leave them fully charged for a day, in regular clock mode and suddenly they are blinking for juice. Hope its just some background process that can be coded out of the watch with some future software.

    DCRainmaker, your reviews are the very best.

    • Ariel

      I completely agree! TomTom deserves more credit for the constant updates. It was the fact that they come out with updates that convinced me to buy this watch over a Garmin Forerunner 10.

  37. Hi!
    Have searched internet through, but couldn’t find the answers. Maybe you got them. :)
    Have tried syncing with iPhone and it works great. Now I have the iPad and would like to do the same and some additional things.
    1) after syncing iPad and TomTom runner iPad doesn’t show any activities, it is just blank, but it isn’t possible to reload data to phone or PC. What’s wrong with this application on iPad?
    2) the second question is more for iPad analysts, I guess, but maybe you know the advice – I would like to import GPX file to Endomondo, using iPad – is it possible?
    I would appreciate any comments,
    thanks, Guna.

  38. Abraham

    The app tom tom mysports don’t work with mi tablet 2 with iOS 7.1.1
    Am I doing something wrong?

  39. Frederick

    I bought my tomtom in February.
    Love the watch, the only issue is the touch screen light that always randomly goes on and that there is still no android app available, almost half a year later after the launch of the watch.

  40. alessandro

    Hi Ray,
    thanks for the interesting review. I’m considering buying one Tomtom runner cardio mostly for the optic cardio feature, but before I have one question about the mysport program: is it possible to build custom workouts as with the Garmin?
    I couldn’t understand this point…

  41. Antonio de la Vega

    I have got the multisports with altimeter, but the clock screen shows the altitude increase by two meters in two meters. And the inclination data don’t works fine.
    Also, when you transfer the data to the PC the altitude data in the clock are replaced with data from a database.

  42. Dehan Louw

    So it’s now August 2014, some time after the initial release. Ray, what I would like to know is this: Has TomTom, according to you, showed interest and ability to tapping into the potential of the hardware by addressing issues that any forum you can find are crawling with(I mean multisport mode, open water swim etc.) ? I’m trying to see if buying one can be considered an investment into later updates, or is a hardware change inevitably on the horizon. Because as I see things right now this just isn’t an option for a serious triathlete. Thanks a lot!

  43. Sam

    Does anyone know if Tomtom is planning on releasing the app for Windows phones?

  44. jessica

    My phone will sync gives me the code shows it is connected but no corresponding app on my phone to upload the info…

  45. so what i am seeing is this can NOT be done yet; TomTom to Phone to TomTom Online site to Garmin Connect then GC pushes to Strava and TP. i am buying if we can somehow get this to GC without plugging in or using a desktop. much thanks.

  46. eli NYC

    does this sync with Mapmyfitness?

  47. ian

    Can I connect/sync tomtom watch to a garmin connect site

  48. HL McConnell

    Hey, your reviews are great. I’m really thinking about the TomTom multisport for my triathlon training. I need a watch for the swim, and run mostly. But interested in this watch for the bike as well. My only worry is when I do my triathlon this spring is the watch even worth having for a tri? since there is no triathlon mode right?

    • If it’s indoor swim, it’s a good option, but for an outdoor tri it’s really not as ideal due to the lack of triathlon mode. I’d look at the Suunto Ambit 2S as a great option there.

  49. Jessie D'Haese


    I have the TomTom Multisport with software version 1.8.25.
    I’ve noticed that sometimes the data from my watch does not upload to my cellphone app, nor if I connect it to the computer.
    This happened twice already this month, and this makes it difficult to keep track of my workouts.
    I think maybe it’s because sometimes, after a short workout, I don’t upload the data immediately. When I have my next workout then, it only uploads the “short” workout from the day before, but not the one from that day.

    Have you experienced the same problem and do you know what to do about it?

    I tried to ask this question at the TomTom forum too, but for some reason I can’t log in there with my account. Very strange.

    Thanks in advance, anyway!

  50. Hi!
    Great reviews in general….
    But I have 2 questions for you

    First, related with tomtom multisport… I bought this watch a few days ago, and it’s really comfortable, and works properly…. But…. His name says multisport but…. I can’t use it in Triathlon!?!?!?
    It’s a shame…. Because, I think that it’s one of the principal functions…. Do you know if tomtom has plans to actualize?? Because it’s not a new model, but….
    And, I can’t find any article o review about the Bryton Amis s630, that it’s my watch actually (in my dreams, I have all the watches that you have…. Uf… I would be so happy….). And, for me, it’s my first watch with GPS, and, had some issues, but… For the price it’s a very good option…. Why don’t you have any review??

    Good work, and thanks for your blog!!!!

  51. Truly no matter if someone doesn’t understand after that its
    up to other viewers that they will assist, so here it

  52. Andy

    Tomtom Manager,

    What is in the pipeline for updates for the multisport watch? You just released an iOS app update that referenced a future watch update. Any chance of live track, open water swimming, a true triathlon mode or step/calorie tracking?

  53. tbone

    I just got this watch, before encountering the mixed reviews in various places. Heavy caveat here, I’ve only used it once, but it worked well! Connectivity to my phone, heart rate response, etc. were all quite seamless. You can find your resting hr in demo mode (maybe other ways as well). I still haven’t figured out how to connect it to Runkeeper, which I had been using, but I’m not overly concerned about it. Most of the small problems I encountered with connecting my phone (Sumsung Galaxy S5) had to do with not reading the instructions completely enough. I suspect some negative reviews were written at that stage in the process. It’s always important to remember the role of user error in bad reviews.

  54. Lisa

    Hi, I can’t seem to save more than one activity on my watch, am I doing something wrong?

  55. Mike

    Hi all,

    Watch has worked perfectly since I bought it 3 months ago for cycling, running and treadmill workouts. No problems synching, no issues with app, software or website. Great product.

    I know you can race against a previous training session and you can set up intervals on the watch itself. My question is, is it possible to design a workout on a PC/Mac/website, such as intervals and distances, and then upload it to the watch to run?

    Is this something that TomTom are looking to do in future?

  56. I have a question about the GPS signals. When I was at my office setting it up, I connected it to my computer and went outside and got a signal fairly quickly. Then the next morning I got up to do my first run with the GPS at my house and it took a few minutes to locate the GPS signal and I ran for about 30 minutes before noticing the GPS signal wasn’t working and my distance wasn’t being said I had gone .60 miles in 30 minutes. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?

    • Your plan of connecting to computer to update the cache is definitely best. It’s odd though that it would lose it and not-regain.

      Generally speaking you never want to start a run unless it finds/completes GPS first (it sounds like you did, but that’s odd). I’d keep an eye on it to see if it does it again, if so, I’d reach out to TomTom support and perhaps reset the unit.

  57. Alan

    This feature is exactly what i am looking for in my next GPS running watch. Is TomTom the only manufacturer to offer this feature or should I be looking at some other watches as well?

  58. Martin

    Syncing via bletooth problems:

    Bought the new TomTom runner 2 (Spark?) a few days ago and it works well and has many useful features, I got the Garmin Forerunner 220 at the same time but returned that in favour of the Tomtom…but one thing Garmin definetely did better was syncing to the phone…thesyncing with the TomTom is…not so good…after a run it can take just a few minutes or several hours before it begings syncing and when it does, it most often stops at 4%, 24%, 75% or whatever random number….Also during syncing the phone says there is a connection question from the device and I have to press “accept”, like 3-4 times…(but not every time..) so if I want it to sync completely and fast the USB cord is best, but I dn´t want that!!! I want to sync via bluetooth.. Anyone else has this problem??
    (The phone has android ..5.0.2)

  59. Keely

    Thank you so much for this! Saved my butt after doing some large scale testing and totally losing the files to my phone.

  60. Steve Thibault

    I don’t know if this is must me/my computer. But when trying the steps to upload to training peaks I can’t get past the early step of finding the Tomtom MySports app in iTunes. The Phone is connected, and I’m looking at the apps tab. Other apps are listed, just about every other app is listed.

    What am I doing wrong?

  61. Hey, I really like all your posts, but I’am heaving a huge problem with my tomtom watch. I have de new spark cardio music and I can’t make it pair with my Samsung Galaxy S5 with android 5.0.
    The phone can’t find my watch.
    Did you know something that can help me with this issue?
    I really tried all the troubleshooting at the site.

  62. Nena

    I’m looking for a comparison of the TomTom Multisport to the 910xt, or at least a review on the multisport, I’ve only found a review on the tomtom runner with a touch on the multisport, have I missed a review solely on the current TomTom Multisport?