The Because It’s Cold…and January…Giveaway

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This morning I landed back home in Europe after being in DC for a couple days.  In doing so, I increased my environmental temperature by approximately 50°F….to approximately 50°F.  Just think, if I did that again it’d be like being in the Caribbean.

And then I remembered that everyone else stateside is left in the cold.  The windy, snowy, icy…generally miserable cold.  For you in Australia, you don’t get to complain at this juncture about your warm temps.

Thus, in order to make the situation a tiny bit better, I figured a giveaway was in order.  It’s been a little while since the last one.  Actually, sorta way longer than I realized.  Not exactly sure how that happened, but we need to get that fixed pronto!


The prize is simple: A $400 credit to to Clever Training to buy anything from the site you’d like.  You can use it on anything they offer, from a Garmin watch to a PowerBeam trainer.  If the item is over $400US, you’ll simply pay the difference, shipping is free either way.  The giveaway is open to all readers – including international folks.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Give me the lowdown on the coldest swim/ride/run you’ve had this winter – simple as that!

Got it?

Entries will be accepted through Sunday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (February 2nd, 2014).  I’ll be you giving one device worth up to $400US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday (my Mom’s Birthday) or Wednesday (if I’m still celebrating the Seahawks win on Sunday at the Super Bowl).  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  Devices/gadgets/gizmos over $400, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF.  Even cold weather gear.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail [entry period closed] instead.   No bunny rabbits or chocolatiers allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. Alvin

    My coldest run was on the Island of Svalbard. Funny thing is that Polarbears made it necessary for my mate to run with a rifle!

  2. jerome

    My coldest run so far was in Brussels, Belgium, 2°C, about 15k, ended with a sprained ankle… nothing to do with the weather though…

  3. Stefan

    Last Weekend, -10 C. Just 4k, first run after injury. To short to feel to much of the cold, but great to run again.


    Rides in Austin start in the 30’s and end in the 70’s. #layeringisanart

  5. Jacov

    It’s summer here, so I think the coldest temperature I’ve been out in recently is about 15C. But it has been wet!

  6. 80 km / 1500D+ / -2°Celsius. 3h of biking in a white and snowy land is wonderful !! I love the french Alps mountains !

  7. f

    This winter is boring until now… There was just one day with something which might be regarded as snow.
    It’s only colder than 0 C at night… So until now the CX bike didn’t see any snow this year. What a pity! 🙁

  8. Philip Cumbus

    Stratford-upon-Avon. Warwickshire. England. As I ran up and back down the Avon I felt like a modern day Shakespeare, reciting what little verse I could recall from memory. The bracing winter wind galvanising my imagination in a way that the Bard would have been proud of I think. ‘Oh for A Muse of Fire’ I wished!

  9. Yeung Ka Ming

    Coldest cycling in Hong Kong was the date with mild rain at Christmas Eve here. People kept shopping at the last minute while I went on cycling on a rainy day. Double coldness!

  10. Eric

    Toronto, Toronto, Toronto……

  11. anybody

    Last Wednesday I started running after some injuries again. It was about 0°C. As the feet didn’t feel well it was rather short.

  12. Gal

    Coldest run this decemebr was about 1°C with light wind at 5:30AM

  13. Lee Douthitt

    8 along the water in Baltimore so the wind made it extra special.

  14. Jann

    This winter till now is fortunately not that cold in Germany….

    -2°C run (10k) yesterday…

  15. Erik Rubin

    Jan 24 in New Jersey, USA … 45 min recovery run in 12 °F weather (wind chill -5 °F). Two things I remember most from this unseasonably cold run … (1) when I would blink, my eyelids would snap open because my eyelashes froze together, and (2) there was so much salt on the road that I could taste it in the air when vehicles would pass by and dust it up!

  16. Marta

    20 minute recovery run in Uccle, very windy and cold. Couldn’t feel my toes..!

  17. Neil Grunberg

    -25 Celcius! Up north with the family for 10 days and after day 6 enough was enough… too cold for the kids to go outside but I wasn’t willing to spend any more time with them…. I mean, I had to run… dressed up, ran a quick 6km along the cottage highways enjoying the amazement of the drivers (mixed with looks of disgust)… came back frozen as a rock – great pic (if I win happy to send)… so enjoyable that I didn’t the next day. Only odd thing is (maybe because of where we were) Garmin didn’t pick up a reading for the temp so there isn’t proof, except of course for the pic!

  18. ScottE

    I’ve been inside for months and months on the trainer and treadmill. However I was in Ottawa on business a few weeks ago and swam in the hotel pool while it was -18F outside!

  19. Noël

    1 hour run and it was minus 7 degrees..

  20. Angie Cheng

    freezing 2k swim in pool

  21. Di Oliv

    Running in Switzerland in -10*C. Huge experience!

  22. Jayne

    My coldest run this winter has been from my car to the gym (some days as low as -35F with the windchill). Treadmills can be useful this time of year. I draw the line at 10F.

  23. Tom

    I went on a 10 mile run when it was 5 below. It was a sunny day. When I finished my run, I looked down and it was like I was wearing sequins. My wicking clothes had wicked the sweat away and frozen instantly when it hit the air. I was able to brush it off and go inside dry.

  24. Brenton

    As an Australian living in Canada, I have gone from runs in c. 40 – 45 degrees celsius (Sydney in summer) to about minus 20-25 in lovely Toronto. I have had to invest in new skins, new long sleeved shirt, new jacket, new gloves and new beanie. To make it worse, I have grown a beard at the moment and I get ice in the beard when I go running!

    Special mention also to my run yesterday in Douglas, Isle of Man. Temp wasnt too bad (c. 5 degrees) but the 60 – 60 km/h winds were a little trying!

  25. Mike Lamb

    Yesterday did 32 miles on the bike when the temp was 46 degrees. It felt strange biking when the ground was covered in snow!

  26. Ray

    Christmas time in Finland, Helsinki – not quite as cold as your run around but it did get down to -5°C. No frozen sea either 🙁

  27. HuronTurtle

    Michigan winter along Lake Huron has been exceptionally cold this year (as I’m sure it has been everywhere else). I’ve attempted to run only once outside this year and that was the PoHo Hot Cocoa 8k in January. Quite a treat (puns intended) with the weather and the finish. Chocolate and hot cocoa waited for runners at the finish line, but the run itself was a winter obstacle course substitute snow on the ground, light rain, ice, black ice, and sub-freezing weather for your traditional obstacles. I laughed and loved it the whole way through like a jolly fat man in December. I think my hips suffered the most trying to keep my legs pressed together as one or both feet would land on a patch of icy here or there. I can’t say how well I ran it for time, but I finished with a smile, or maybe that was just how my face froze in it position. Can’t wait until next year!

  28. Lisa

    Half marathon race in 32 degF weather (windchill in the 20’s). And since it was a race, I ran in shorts which resulted in a lovely lobster-red color for my legs!

  29. Josh

    Went for a run this winter when it was around -15° wind chill. I wanted to test out some new gloves and a hat I got. Couldn’t find my balaclava, so I just tied a bandana around my face. When I got to the turn around, I pulled the bandana down to get some clean breaths (since the bandana was pretty damp at this point). I only had it off my face for a fee seconds, but when I tried to pull it back up it had frozen completely. So I finished the run with a very thick ice necklace.

  30. Two weeks ago, three of my teammates and I set out for a training ride to the apple orchards in Rockland County, NY. At the beginning of the ride, the clouds rolled in and it began to drizzle. The precipitation quickly escalated, turning into sleet, and at one point, we turned a corner, and found ourselves riding through rivers of snow on the road. We decided that it was time to ride over to the closest coffee shop to warm up and wait for the weather to clear up. As we sat inside with our hot chocolate, the snowflakes just got larger and larger, so we decided to ride home as quickly as possible.

  31. Refreshing 21 km in the snowy forest today in the morning.
    Sunny weather and -15C (feels like -23C).
    Kiev is really pleasant now 🙂

  32. My coldest run was today, 5km and it was -7C, but strong wind made real feel be -29C!!!!

    link to

  33. I went to the local lake here to do a workout, thought that the wetsuit would save me even though the water was only 52 degrees. It was kind of like having a brain freeze, all the time, without a hope of it ever getting warmer!

  34. Trent

    Coldest this year for me in Taiwan was 10°C (and today was a balmy 28°C), a far cry from the day I went skiing when the temperature was -57°C…

  35. Brad Hammond

    0F with a wind chill. Not much fun.

  36. Jim S

    16km run at -22C

  37. Benoit Leclair

    Béring from Montreal, QC suburb I went for a 45 min run at lunch time two weeks ago, it was -35C (-31F). Coworker taught I was crazy but we’ll dress it wasn’t that bad. And felt very proud when done.

  38. trdjohn

    Well hope a XC ski won’t exclude me, but -5 deg F was my lowest aerobic workout temp.

  39. Elizabeth T

    Snow running in 10 degree weather

  40. Erica

    December 14 in Toronto…windchill was -23 C, blizzard conditions. I went on a 12k group run. It wasn’t actually that cold while we were moving, but the blowing snow kept freezing onto my eyelashes and forming a nice lattice in front of my vision, and standing around waiting for public transit afterwards was terrible!

  41. Run with 30 degree in here; quite a big difference! 🙂

  42. maria costan

    with my husband running at collserola in Barcelona, spain

  43. ivan

    with my wife running at collserola in Barcelona, spain

  44. prem

    trail running in the mountain, but here the coldest is 5º celsius

  45. Maddy

    Was walking/running through some snow last Sunday, -7 ºC, with two kids in the stroller, but it was sunny. So far only few days of really winter weather in the heart od Europe.

  46. jose

    the worst and coldest here is february- march

  47. Alan Moore

    Here in Toronto – ride out to Burlington and back. -23c plus a windchill that reduced it further to about -35c – that was a nice brisk wake-up on a Sunday morning and made me feel ALIVE!! plus reminded me I had to buy some new warmer clothes!!!!

  48. Dan Irish

    Jan 5, 2014 -33C Rawson Lake, Kananaskis, AB Snowshoe

  49. Liefje

    A run in 5 degrees, nice and smooth run.

  50. Lynette N.

    It wa 27 degrees. Brrr!

  51. Matt

    I went for a 5k run in Hernando, MS in 25F temps. That’s cold for the South!

  52. Nathaniel Smith

    I ran once when it was -15deg Fahrenheit. I had no skin showing. One of those runs youbwill never forget.

  53. Charlie Constant

    150k bike ride at threshold at -2 degrees under pouring rain, had to get to hospital as i couldnt feel my feet AT ALL for the next 4 hours, good fun and defenately worth a 400$ voucher if you know what im saying 😉
    I LOVE YOU DCRAINMAKER thankyou for being my main source of distracation when i should be doing my homework 🙂

  54. Jeff B

    I do my best to avoid cold weather. Trainer and Treadmills!

  55. Chris Cronin

    10 degrees F for a 30 mile bike and -5 F for a XC ski — a lot of snow and cold in Michigan.

  56. Evan

    Ran on Jan 7th during the height of the polar vortex. Air temp was about 7 F in DC, but the wind chill made it feel below zero. Surprisingly, the run wasn’t that bad…I think we had all layered up enough to actually be dressed appropriately.

  57. Ross T

    A 5 mile run hill workout in a blizzard. Not easy to turn quickly to head back up the hill. Fell more than once but managed to finish without injury

  58. Tanner

    -5 F 12 mile nordic ski in Sturgeon Bay, WI. I’d use that dough to get a garmin as my phone freezes in about 15 min at that temp. Yeeaa!

  59. Meghan N

    Cross country skiing on a MN lake with 0 degree windchill

  60. Leao

    I love to run on cold. So beautiful landscapes. The coldest run was probably on Milan, Italy, -5*C

  61. RL

    -19C cross-country skiing.

  62. My chilliest swim this year was 5oc water in beautiful Loch Lomond in Scotland

  63. Ricky Henstock

    My coldest ride was my first ride this year, it was about 0 degrees C but felt about -10 with with wind chill. It was after a week of heavy rain and cycling through axle deep water. It took about 8 hours with my feet on a hot water bottle to get the feeling back in them!

  64. Steve G.

    I’ve been training mostly indoors this winter on the treadmill. I would guess that the coldest outdoor run I’ve had this winter to date has been low 30s Fahrenheit.

  65. Michael

    A recent run – There are no cold workouts, only poor equipment. Should have been dressed better.

  66. M. Bern

    It was a sunday before sunrise running at -1C (30.2F) with real feel about -5C (23F)

  67. CE

    Newish to running and new to winter running – so all my runs seem to be breaking their own coldest run record. Canadian winters. Yay.

  68. Sofie

    10K run in january last year… early in the morning… temperature around -10°C… during the run not that cold of a feeling… but afterwards in the shower… I noticed my frozen but…

  69. TJWood

    Coldest run was last week, temperatures in the low 20s with a single digit wind chill. Cold by Texas standards.

  70. Kirk

    Ran a 10k in Louisville, KY two weeks ago, wind chill -7 degrees F. About 3 miles in I realized my beard was frozen.

  71. Šimon Slávik

    My coldest bike ride was last year when was out there -21°C.

  72. Lars Storm

    Last Sunday: MTB race – 2×44 km – -6C/windchill = -15!

    We had 2 rounds for the day, first round to get the feelings back in your fingers so that gear shift actually happened when your brains ordered it. Second round was just to keep the hordes from getting up from behind. Also: drink at home because all liquids were frozen after 20 min.

    All in all a nice race 🙂

    link to

    /Lars, Denmark

  73. KWoo

    A pretty mild 4 mile run in 30F weather.

  74. Slip slidding around the Dublin Mountains in early January it was about 0C, with snow, black icey paths on railway sleeper trails and a biting wind. But it still amazing – such a spectacular way to see the city and the countryside. Every time I go up there it looks and feels different – makes me go back every week.

  75. Simon Porteous

    I ran at 5am last Saturday in 20C/68F to avoid the summer heat. Does this count? 🙂

  76. Jason

    Going on a swim with my son at great wolf lodge!

  77. Zach Sawyer

    F^3 Lake Half Marathon in Chicago last weekend, -6º windchill!!

  78. Joe Kennedy

    35 degrees and snowy, slushy roads gets it done here in Maine today. Great run!

  79. Levente Varga

    My coldest run was 10k last week in a -7 C but nice sunny day here in Slovakia.

  80. M Chin

    This morning. Ran 6 miles through the rain nonstop.

  81. D chin

    It was raining and I got sobbing wet and it was really cold and I ran 6 miles

  82. DelaneyBC

    About 2 weeks ago, as an employee of the US Government, I decided to take advantage of our “slush” day off (you know, the TV news predicts snow so we all get scared and stay home even though nothing happens). Funny thing…while I was out there riding, it actually did start to snow. We had almost an inch by the time I (carefully) returned home. How cold was it? Well, it took a bit to peel my fingers off the bike despite my winter biking gloves. It was a great ride. And, now I can add “I went biking in the snow” to my repertoire of bragging banter…it ranks right next to “I went skiing in Colorado in July”.

  83. Gergo

    My third marathon in -3°C a month ago. 4h 06min. 10min short from my Pb! 🙂

  84. Mike Richie

    I live in the Boston area – and it’s been cold. Most Saturday mornings I do my version of a “brick” and ride from Lexington to Woburn for an 8 AM Step Class. Yesterday wasn’t too bad, about 25 degrees F when I started (6:30 am). But on December 28th the temp was supposed to be in the 20s, but when I started out the temp was 15 degrees F and after I was into the ride, I realized that the wind was 10-15 knots with gusts of 20 so the wind chill was under 0 F. The next Saturday the raw temp was under 0, I drove my car ;>)

  85. Sean T

    It was only a 5k, but I did a tempo run before work last Friday in Dallas. A recent software update on my new Garmin Forerunner 220 (thanks, delayed satellite acquisition for a few LONG minutes. Standing in the middle of my street staring up at the sky in the dark at 19F was a rough way to start the morning!

  86. Tomasz

    Cross country skiing in the woods. Only -1 C and 7 km, but it was my first sport alike activity since more than 3 months due to some major illness. Mission accomplished!

  87. Unfortunately, due to injury I have done almost no swimming, biking, or running.

  88. afrofrench

    No glorious cold story this winter since it has not been too bad so far but i did have a memorable bike ride when i arrived to work with a face full of frozen snot… which i noticed only 10 minutes into my day when i started feeling my face again.

  89. Running in Anchorage completely unprepared for the cold. I think I wore everything I had. There was still people out wearing shorts though because it was still mild out for the locals.

  90. Jonas

    Approx. -10 C, MTB. Not the pleasant ride but it was worth it.

  91. Ann Clarke

    Just finished 9 solid day of riding in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Okay, it was the Tour of Sufferlandria and I was on a trainer but my basement is really cold!!!

  92. Jeremy S

    Did about 4.5 miles a week or so ago. I believe it was around 5 out with a -7 wind chill. Started strong but ended up dragging along. I thought I was being a sissy. Turns out I was getting sick. Haven’t run since 🙁
    (but will be changing that this week!)

  93. Fabian Campo

    Best run was in Andorra, running on top of the snow after climbing a nice mountain.

  94. Travis Rothman

    I went for a 17 mile run in 15 degrees in Raleigh, NC for a long run Saturday. For the first time, this San Diego native had to wear 3 layers on top, 2 pairs of pants, 2 gloves and 2 beanies to get the long training run for the Boston Marathon in.

  95. iain

    Coldest run this year was one of the -30c days we’ve been having. Bundled up like some kind of ninja, I was out for just over 3 hours, and it was tricky to consume gels and cookies. Had to sneak them under my balaclava quickly and then pull it back down before my face froze.

    By the end of the run I had a pretty good icicle beard going. Ther may have been colder runs, but the length of time made it a little risky frostbite-wise.

    Still, I live to tell the tale, so a good time was had.

  96. Dan

    Hey Ray! Go Hawks!!!

  97. Andy White

    First fatbike race at Silver Lake, WI. Air temp was 12F, I think the windchill dropped it to zeroish.

  98. Axel Boltz

    Zero degree night time runs on vacation in Vermont when the windchill wasn’t as bad.

  99. Wally

    A 20 degree run on a frozen Mountour trail- treacherous.

  100. 33 degrees at the outdoor pool!! Lucky to live in Southern Arizona… except for the fact that all of the good pools are outside and we get some chilly mornings!

  101. James

    2 mile run in old bean town in 20 degree F

  102. -2 C with snow in MTB in Padua in febbrary of 2013. I ride with ice on brake cable

  103. Clinton

    Half Marathon in Temple Texas 35 degrees. What made it so fun was the 17 mph head wind..

  104. Fabian Gruber

    I temporary moved my home base from Hong Kong to Ithaca, NY (finishing off my MBA here). I haven’t been running outdoors yet, but walking to the University (15min) at chilly -22 degree C or -7.6 Fahrenheit on my first day at Uni was kind of a nice welcome. 😉

  105. Last Sunday…. I returned from Lima, Peru, where the temperature was at 27°C. In my home country, there was -12°C. I did 20k run in -12°C which become my lowest temperature for running ever. H

  106. Michel Rodriguez

    Being a tropical creature, anything below 17ºC is cold… so I usually stay inside and ride the trainer but my run in 6º C last week was more than I bargained for…

  107. Gme

    End of December hovering around zero in Kent with a blasting rain. Love running in the rain!

  108. robert taylor

    29F and sunny here today in Denver. We had a little snow overnight, so went cross-country skiing as an alternative to a run.

  109. Darren Lavey

    I’d have to say my coldest workout would have been 4.5 miles when it was about 25 F here in DC a few weeks ago. Oddly enough, it was also my fastest run ever.

  110. Here in Ottawa, Canada I have done many runs this winter in temperatures in the -20 to -25C (-4 to -13F)range, with windchills of -30C (-22F) or colder. It’s all what you get used to!

  111. Terence

    Got caught in an unexpected rain storm during the TNF100 Hong Kong across the ridgeline of Pat Sin Leng. Temps were around 50F before the rain and visibility dropped to a few feet. COLD!

  112. champ

    living in Australia, I don’t really have to deal with swim/bike/run in the cold. My coldest swim was in Canberra Triathlon, the water temp was about 19 degrees Celsius

  113. Alan Brwon

    20 degree’s, now I feel that wasn’t so bad after reading some of these comments!

  114. Mike

    Running for the morning commuter train in the single digits

  115. Ed St. John

    20 degrees so far. Been way, way too snowy and icey this winter to get out when colder.

  116. Nathan Simpson

    It was so cold one day this summer in Australia I had to wear a t-shirt.

  117. David Bennett

    I ran on the treadmill of a submarine water temps around us was basically freezing

  118. Bill Brickey

    Just some icy snowy mess that I tried to ride my new Mtb in, not very successfully I might add. Still got 1.5 miles though and wouldn’t change a thing!

  119. Pavel

    5km run in -25 with windchill. Icicles on my nose on my way back home. Shivering but glorious.

  120. Rob in Sochi

    About 8C, yeah I know not very cold, but I am in Sochi right now and this is not your typical Winter Olympic weather!

  121. Eric

    Just after Christmas in CT, 16 degree weather with a gusty breeze making it feel much cooler for a 7 mile run. There were many days in January that were colder than that but due to a knee injury I have not been running very much lately.

  122. Jacki Partain

    I had 2 days off work because of the weather last week, and on the first day when I didn’t have to go in I thought, “Nice! I’ll go for a nice long run.” I only ended up going 4 miles though, when I made it out my neighborhood and onto the main road I lost my shielding from the wind, and I wimped out and turned around!

  123. Mike

    Not the coldest day (termperature wise) I ran this winter but the wind just made it seem cold.

  124. Vincent Huard

    A six miles run at -20 celcius…That is hard at first!

  125. Bryan

    It was in my living room on the trainer. The heat went out so I had to ride to stay warm!!

  126. Ian Braucksieker

    I went for a 10k when it was -16f… Inside.

  127. Chris

    20 degree run 10 days ago. At least I got to test out my new running toys!

  128. Just last week! My hands were so cold, even with two pairs of gloves!

  129. Went out and spun a few miles at 7F. All for points!

  130. Noah

    Live in San Diego so…I think it got below 50 once this winter.

  131. Local hills on the SF Bay peninsula, leaving my house at 5 am in the dark and temp dipping to a rare 22º. Head to toe layers, even balaclava. Feet in neoprene, two pairs of legwarmers on, merino under the jacket. Windstopper hat on in addition to the balaclava. Mist/fog/moisture in warming air cutting through anything that didn’t block wind like little daggers. Couldn’t feel my toes for an hour afterwards. I know it’s nothing compared to people in other places, but this was the worst I’ve ever experienced on a bile.

  132. Justin N

    14 miles in a Minnesota snow storm. Brutal

  133. Nic

    Running in single digits – cold enough that I had to pull out a PR so I could get back in the warm 🙂

  134. Jeremy

    6 miles in 25F, not really much to complain about

  135. Chris dyroff

    -4*F tempo run in the dark, early, morning. Warming up was nearly impossible.

  136. Kirsten

    We don’t get too low here on the Wet Coast of BC, Canada. -5C run maybe?

  137. Ty

    I have run in colder temps, but it was always go outside and get started, so it wasn’t so bad.

    I did a 5K on Jan 4 that I stood around in shorts and a tshirt for an hour before hand in 20* weather, with some wind. By the time the race started, I was freezing. At the half way point my hands hurt so much. But I did medal in my age group with a 22:xx, so I was pretty happy with that.

    I am in SC and currently have runners knee, so I am anxious to get back out there.

  138. Kevin

    First ride on my new bike the temp dropped below freezing on my way home and had to walk the bike home.

  139. christine

    this morning’s KP half marathon in san francisco: pouring rain, temps in the 40s, and wind! even so, it was a beautiful course … and i finished 68 seconds short of a PR!

  140. Andrew Kerr

    It’s summer in NZ, I nearly had to put arm warmers on one day. Or there was this day in springtime that was cold: link to

  141. Albert Dee

    Here in Indy did Mayor Ballard’s Polar Bear Pedal on the 1st of January. Temps were in the teens with wind chills in single digits, snow on ground but roads were salted and was quite an enjoyable ride. Even got to have a short chat with our mayor while we were riding.

  142. Kuba J

    Interval running drills. It was around -15 C RealFeel -25 C 🙂

  143. Shannon McCarthy

    Mine was at about 20* around Seward Park. Cold enough to start, but it felt colder on the lake side!

  144. Coldest run: a Jan 4 race called “The Resolve.” It was a 5K or 10K, or if you were an optimist like me who thought the weather might be decent, you could run both in “The Double.” The weather was probably good the day I registered (which always makes me think it will be good on race day…no, there’s no logic to that, clearly), so I signed up for the Double. Unfortunately, the weather on race day was miserable: snow, wind, and a high of about 20 degrees. Ran the 5K, warmed up in the car and then returned for the 10K. At the end, I had my 9-miler in the bag for the weekend, bragging rights, and, best of all, I was the fastest female running the Double! I’m not all that fast (4th in AG for the 5K; 3rd for the 10K), but I managed to be faster than the only other woman crazy enough to run both. And there was a prize! (Yogurt, sunglasses, Kind bars, and a gift card to Sports Authority!) Yay!

  145. Steve

    50km training ride for a 130km winter race. It was -30oC with a nasty sidewind. Finally got my layers dialed in but alas, my goggles fogged! Wind drifts on the country roads and only had to push the bike a few times 😉 My first winter as a winter cyclist, and I’m loving it! Great to celebrate bike power all year round. cheers

  146. pendrag

    my first race for the winter is actually Feb 9th.
    Training during the winter though has had its ups and down; from injuries to mechanical failures

  147. jay d

    12/21/13 Longest night of the year and ran 12.21 miles in 30F weather with icy roads and light snow/sleet at 10pm with a garmin 620 to benefit charities by Nike

  148. Justin

    On the banks of the Mississippi River, with a 20MPH headwind and a temp of 20 degrees. Brutal

  149. John Grover

    9°F 4 mile run then 5×200’s then the 4 mile run back. Numb all over! #seattleseahawksSB48champs!

  150. Jason

    23 km in -23 Celsius last February. A lot of frozen parts.

  151. Daniel H

    Negative Fahrenheit outside meant 13 miles on the treadmill. My biggest accomplishment was to not go crazy…

  152. Greg Judin

    There were also plenty of snotsicles on said ride 🙂

  153. Lannon Rogers

    Went for a swim at my local club and found out they just switched out the water. Ice Cold! I was the only one dumb enough to still get in. Had to be 50 degrees. My toes were numb but I completed my mile swim. Never leave home without your wetsuit!

  154. andrew nagy

    10 miles in Long Island with temps in the single digits, below zero with the wind chill factor.

  155. Tim Runyan

    Living History Farms 7 mile cross country race in Des Moines Iowa. 10 degrees at the start of the race with fresh snow the night before. We had to break the ice in the streams before we could cross.

  156. Stacey Scarboro

    Pick me! Don’t remember what the question was and I can’t bring my self to scroll back to the top while on my iPhone

  157. Lisa R

    Chicago…January…Wind…Snow…Drifts. I didn’t want to know the temp.

  158. Joshua Grant

    My coldest run this year has been 50 degrees, I am going to miss San Diego when I move.

  159. Zach

    My wife and I completed a goruck challenge in okc together! 11.5 miles while wearing a 30 lb ruck lead by a special forces combat veteran!

  160. Calvin Torres

    Running at 5am in 45F weather. I’m from California and to me that’s cold.

  161. Bobbo

    58 .. san diego

  162. Meagan Galliano

    Not too cold so far! 11 miles in 60 degree weather here in San Diego!

  163. Brett

    <16 deg T-day 5k running in 3" shorts and a singlet after stripping out of the Mjchlen Man snowsuit.

  164. Burke Neville

    1/27/14 -5 degrees with the wind chill way too cold

  165. Mary

    I was on vacationing from the cold of Chicago in California. We were right by the Pacific Ocean and I assumed it would be warm enough for a swim without a wetsuit. Not. I have no idea what the water temp was but it was freezing.

  166. Chou Li

    Vall de Núria ski resort, Spain. -5 C 10K. Finished the run with a nice cup of hot cocoa and churros…

  167. AC

    It’s been a mild winter so far in wa state. Coldest activity to date was a mountain bike ride in Capitol forest, 26 F when I left the house.

  168. German

    Less than 2 hours to go. The winner…..

  169. Rafael

    Went out for a run in-10C to find out that I I run much better in the cold than if hot weather. Luckily I live in Canada.

  170. Ok, I live in New Orleans, so our cold is far less extreme than most people’s cold experience. I’ve been swimming in our local outdoor pool a few times this winter when it was 40 degrees. The pool was heated so swimming wasn’t too bad but getting out of the pool was rough!

  171. drew

    The coldest it’s been was -20F, so we went skiing. The coldest “real” workout…just ~20F for a couple of runs about 2 weeks ago. Nothing crazy, but none of this “California winter”, either ;).

  172. Peter Wellsman

    Had a ride last year when it started to snow west coast cement after an hour I had 2 inches of snow covering my bike and me on all forward facing surfaces.

  173. John

    6 deg F. Some snow and trails. Fun run, frozen toes.

  174. Marc Dowdell

    I did a buddies run/pub crawl in -25C during Christmas break. 10 miles in the dark in Edmonton, Canada 🙂

  175. John Lauer

    I’ve had colder, but by far the most miserable was standing around for hours in the start village and corrals at the NYC Marathon waiting for the start.

  176. Lou Weintraub

    Setting a new mile record time in an icy early morning run at CrossFit. Girl behind me fell on ice.. Very slippery.

  177. Steve Tramleasure

    A night run in a frigid 28 degrees. 🙂 Pathetic…I know.

  178. jess

    Ashenfelter 8k turkey trot on Thanksgiving was about 20F! The next week I broke my foot and haven’t run since, booo. A new Garmin device would be nice when I start up again!

  179. Craig

    It was a cold winter! Coldest run was -5!

  180. Brian Ruggles

    I’ve chickened out a few days and gone on the treadmill, but I’d say my coldest run was around 18 degrees with 10-15 mph wind here in Louisville, KY.

  181. Charles

    Coldest ride was … 10degC… Yeah it doesn’t get cold enough here in Taiwan but at least it was windy and damp!

  182. Tommy Garland

    -5ºc with a wind chill of 20mph, in the rain/snow… shivering for the rest of the day after getting home.

  183. Eric

    My coldest run wasn’t so cold. I’m in Alabama and it was only down to 38F. It was however very windy and raining. I was running my long run while training for my first 1/2 marathon which I finished at Disney on 1/11/14. Thanks for this contest and for the site!

  184. Gabriel

    I live in Guatemala City so nothing compared to what most of you have had to endure. Coldest bike ride was at 45F a couple of weeks ago

  185. Josh Chambers

    Waiting at start gate to run the NYC marathon! Great race

  186. Kbartlez

    Coldest ride so far (and it’s not even) in Los Angeles was 38F in the morning.

  187. Gijs

    The coldest run was just above freezing point, we had a mild winter so far;)

  188. Andrés

    My coldest training run was 18*C (65F)

  189. Ebony P

    I’m in Australia and it doesn’t get that cold where I live, but I have done a triathlon in 36 degrees C/96 degrees F with loads of heavy forest fire smoke.. It was awful!!

  190. Dan M

    9 degree morning run in NC, should have stayed in bed!

  191. sameer

    my coldest ride at 6am (50F) was when I wrapped myself in newspaper and when I returned never even broke a sweat. port Elizabeth,south africa

  192. Bo

    Tuesday ice storm. Mobile,al. 2 mile run. Frozen snot. Enough said

  193. Tim

    No clue on the temp, but my iPhone froze. Literally froze. Chicago winter has been brutal on my gadgets!

  194. Moe

    I live in SoCal so the coldest run I’ve had was 25 degrees… Fahrenheit!

  195. Barnabie Agatep

    rain and 15 degrees = wet and cold

  196. Stanislav

    During my recent run to mt. Si the temperature was -3C at the bottom and -10C (14F) at the top.

  197. Anton

    In this year it was -23C 10km run. And my record is -28C with strong wind in last year, after that i dont run below -25C. Russia – Ural

  198. Mark V. McDonnell

    Yep, as a south Floridian I must advise, then immediately take cover: once wore a long sleeve shirt for a quick 5 miler in 52°F / 11°C weather during a cold spell 4 weeks ago.

  199. Stephan

    Here in OH, we’ve had a brutal winter. Stayed indoors for the most part, but braved a windy 10F run.

  200. Ben Mullin

    Numerous cross country skis well below zero F this year with now two instances of the polar vortex crap. I like winter, but seriously, cut this crap out.

  201. Eli

    Running in the low teens during the polar vortex in DC with winds pretty strong and blowing trash cans across the road. Actually didn’t feel anywhere near as cold as the bike ride I did in the upper 20s

  202. Fernando

    Hmm, my coldest run was at 9 degrees Celsius, i know thats not too big of a deal to some of you out there! But where I live in warm temperatures almost all year round. Anyway it started at 5:47 a.m and I just started doing some easy laps around the park, hands, feet, nose, cheeks and throat started to get a little bit numb, but it was a new feeling for me and i love it, so i started running around the city, and when i got tired of it, i hit some hilly trails a little muddy, by the way! Which I’m not really used to, when i reached the top i was so happy about myself, that i just wanted to stay in the moment, so i did for a few minutes, then i turned and head back home, city was filled with cars, sus was up, temperature rised and when i got home and cooled down I started chilling myself, so made myself the most delicious and proud warm-bath that i ever had, enjoying what i just did in a totally new experience!

  203. Bruce

    Another California runner . . . New Years Day trail run: 30 degrees at the start of the run, ~65 at the end.

  204. Alan

    Casual ride on Jan 1st. 12 degrees out. Cold for us here in the Philippines. Cheers

  205. Paul S

    -28C cx ski here in Ottawa and a -30C hike & camp in Adirondack Park… At times, you jogged to warm up!

  206. John B

    It was in the 20s. This Polar Vortex was interesting once but needs to stop visiting the Northeast! The coldest Winter I have ever experienced.

  207. Joe Brescia

    I’ll do one better for you Ray. Yesterday was the warmest commute I’ve had to work on my bike in two months. It was 39F! That’s a warm snap for us in South Jersey this winter. Thank god for my cross bike and snow tires. We’ve once again had more snow and cold than the winter Olympic venue. Another storm coming out way tomorrow. Woo hoo! NJ is the snow capital of the world!!!

  208. Marcus Lee

    Kaiser half marathon today in SF. Raining and a bit windy. Maybe next time I’ll stick to the treadmill 😉

  209. Christina C

    Ran in below zero temps…just for fun.

  210. Erica

    I have to be honest, I’m taking a break from running and biking this winter, and have been boxing and yoga-ing instead. I hope that doesn’t disqualify me! In that sense, my coldest run was rushing to the gym in polar vortex NY weather — below freezing, nose numbing, fingers freezing in their gloves. Unfortunately I am a big wuss when it comes to the cold!

  211. Lee Ragsdale

    A run that kicked off at 6:00a with a temp of 22. Enjoyed running on 3-day old snow on the Raleigh greenways – a rare occurrence in the South. Snow helped the roots stand out in the pre-dawn gloom with no headlamp.

  212. Fernando Pitarello

    Winter was several months ago in Buenos Aires, and my coldest run was a 20 miler with 7C and rain…

  213. Carrie

    Coldest run has been low 50’s here in South Florida.. But to us that’s pretty cold 😉

  214. Paul

    Love the site, great stuff!

  215. Tom Bowles

    13 degrees for a couple miles earlier in the winter. It convinced me the treadmill wasn’t all that bad after all.

  216. 6 miler in 5 degrees F. Minus 11 F with wind chill.

  217. Chris Jmio

    My coldest run this year was a 3 miler @ -15 C. When the temperature dips past -10 C, I usually run close to home, so that I’m not stranded too far away. Your Seahawks Won…, yeah? I’m a Packers Fan.

  218. Kristy Lahoda

    Ran on the ice and ended up breaking my YakTrax!

  219. Markus

    Halfmarathon last sunday, -8°C. Pretty hard since there was nothing as cold as this, this winter, in Vienna.

  220. mdonald

    El tour De Tucson. First rain in 31 years and freezing cold. I didn’t know what cranoed quads and game could feel like.

  221. Ryan

    Not that cold a 35 degree Celsius run in Mali’s winter

  222. ben

    Coldest ride I’ve had was in the basement… which is a balmy 60ish degrees.

  223. Sean Morse

    Coldest swim? Desert Triathlon 65 degrees.
    Coldest bike? 41 degrees, thought I was going to die.
    Coldest run? 60 degrees, I live in Southern California and hate the cold.

  224. Seba

    8F last Sunday @ Manhattan Half Marathon

  225. Fabricio D'Amico

    My coldest run was 21F on W&OD trail. Lots of ice and snow.

  226. Doug

    Ran 15k in a snow storm. Ended up with icicles in my beard and eye brows. Loved every minute of it.

  227. Elle

    According to my garmin, my coldest outdoor run was last week at about 50F, though I swear it felt more like 30F to me. When it’s only that cold a few times a year, it’s hard to want to spend money on proper winter clothes. I’m a cold weather wimp.

  228. Mary Allen

    I ran on NYE with 39F! Brrrrrrrrrrr

  229. Chris

    Hills of New Jersey – 6 mile run – 10 degrees.

  230. Neal Mckegney

    Hit -40 degrees Celsius on a run this winter

  231. Travis tucker

    Went hill running against wind in 35 degree weather.

  232. Catherine T

    A Tuesday five miler where the “feels like” temp was 3. I wore my face mask that makes me look like Hannibal lechter.

  233. Boliche10

    Had a nice 2 hour ride here in DC with temps below freezing and of course, plenty of wind! Hands and feet were frozen and it turns out my water was just as cold because it froze. 2 hrs in the freezing cold with no water… Miserable!

  234. Todd Thorsgaard

    Live in Minnesota. So many cold runs! Christmas morning 5k was 1 F, today was 11F for about 3.5 miles. Coldest so far was a 5 miler at about 6 below 0 F.

  235. Chipper

    A New Years Day polar bear swim in the Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

  236. Alasdair

    Today actually! It was around 8 C here in San Francisco this morning and spattering with rain. Did 8 miles with the gf around Golden Gate Park!

  237. TJ

    I have been suffering from ITBS injury this winter and have not been able to run much. The coldest weather I have run this winter was more than a month ago, it was around 40 F during a half marathon I ran.

  238. Diego Casco

    Weird day really cold day at 0 Celsius at the Ávila mountain in Venezuela, night trail run at top of the mountain with friends at January 10th, just the clear night sky our head lamps, suunto ambit 2 just in case… Just perfection

  239. Shaun Hurry

    Competed in the Banff, AB Olympic Triathlon. It was September and 6*C with torrential downpour rain in 30km/hr wind. On the plus side the lake had never been warmer at 11*C! It was a fun time considering it was my first time ever in a wetsuit along with booties, mittens, hat and swimcap.

  240. Viesturs

    I’m not proud of that, but no workouts outside on this winter 🙁

  241. Philip White

    Woo, made it back to Seattle from DC just in time to enter (I think!).
    My coldest run this winter would have to have been the Hellgate 100k in December. Although it wasn’t nearly as cold temperature wise as a lot of other runners posting here, it was the duration that made it bad. Almost 18 hours of 20-30 degrees with snow for about 14 hours. Will be doing it again this December!

  242. Dan

    Christmas eve bike ride trying to earn some extra calories for the holidays… 35 miles at 25 degrees Fahrenheit. I had to stop when every point of contact with my bike lost feeling!

  243. Jostein Moene

    My coldest run waa on January 22. I was on a business trip to a city called Sarpsborg. It was snowing and pretty windy. Hit the road 6 in the morning. It was snowing and pretty windy. Temperature was minus 7 degrees Celsius. According to my Garmin the felt temperature was -13 degrees Celsius. I had forgot to pack my gloves and my cap so I started the run with running with my hands down in my running pants. People driving by must have thought I’m crazy:-). For the next days run a colleague of mine borrowed me a hat and something to wear on my head:-)

  244. Justin

    Biked in below freezing temps the other week in Seattle. Hot packets weren’t enough to keep warm!

  245. Clint

    Coldest has been a quick 3 mile run in single digit temps. I couldn’t decide whether I should run faster to get done sooner or run slower to cut down on the wind chill.

  246. Noah Gray

    I went to see my mother in sunny Napa, California and assumed that i would not need my overshoes because sunny means warm. During a two hour ride in 38*f I almost called my wife to pick me up since my toes were so cold but an hour in and they felt ok… Turns out they were completely numb. I couldn’t tell i was walking when i got back.