The Because It’s Cold…and January…Giveaway

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This morning I landed back home in Europe after being in DC for a couple days.  In doing so, I increased my environmental temperature by approximately 50°F….to approximately 50°F.  Just think, if I did that again it’d be like being in the Caribbean.

And then I remembered that everyone else stateside is left in the cold.  The windy, snowy, icy…generally miserable cold.  For you in Australia, you don’t get to complain at this juncture about your warm temps.

Thus, in order to make the situation a tiny bit better, I figured a giveaway was in order.  It’s been a little while since the last one.  Actually, sorta way longer than I realized.  Not exactly sure how that happened, but we need to get that fixed pronto!


The prize is simple: A $400 credit to to Clever Training to buy anything from the site you’d like.  You can use it on anything they offer, from a Garmin watch to a PowerBeam trainer.  If the item is over $400US, you’ll simply pay the difference, shipping is free either way.  The giveaway is open to all readers – including international folks.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Give me the lowdown on the coldest swim/ride/run you’ve had this winter – simple as that!

Got it?

Entries will be accepted through Sunday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (February 2nd, 2014).  I’ll be you giving one device worth up to $400US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday (my Mom’s Birthday) or Wednesday (if I’m still celebrating the Seahawks win on Sunday at the Super Bowl).  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  Devices/gadgets/gizmos over $400, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10MHD.  Even cold weather gear.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail [entry period closed] instead.   No bunny rabbits or chocolatiers allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. Alex A.

    During a “cold snap” in California last December, on a 3 hour morning ride, it was 41F out (w/o windchill). I know, at least I was outside!

    • Drew N

      13 mile run on an old college route in the Poconos it was 10F with -4F windchill. I loved every minute of it!

    • Mike

      Too cold for bike rides in Austria – frozen grounds. Will be flying to Gran Canaria for a week of biking instead :)

    • Morey000

      This week I did a swim in the outdoor pool, and it was sunny and in the low 70’s. Coldest run? early morning run might have been as low as 32F. Had to wear a light jacket and gloves.

    • Blake

      Last Saturday. 2.5 hr bike ride, started at 28F. Should have worn ski goggles! Next time for sure!

    • Brian

      I live in Houston so I can afford to be picky. My policy is that I don’t ride if below 40 and go for a run instead. Coldest run was about 35.

    • Greg H.

      As a cross-country ski racer, cold is something with which I am intimately familiar. When training at Mt Ste Anne just north of Quebec City, it is regularly 0 to 10 °F (-18 to -12 °C) outside with fairly regular excursions below 0 °F. My time there this January was no different, and even back home in Pennsylvania I’ve gotten out to run and ski when it’s been below 10 °F in the last couple weeks. No big deal, just wear another layer and keep the head/neck covered!

    • Luke

      16 miles in NYC with temps in the teens, the wind chill while running over the Queensborough was unnecessary.

    • austinklee

      Ran the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving morning. Temp was 22 F at the start and only 28 F at the finish. Thanks to your advice on cold weather gear/prep I was only cold during the standing around portion of the race before it started. I was sufficiently warm the rest of the race.

    • CaptainChris

      I am a cold weather snob! I draw the line about 32°f. I have done many of these runs this winter here in Maryland!

    • Rich

      Another California feller here, 45 degrees for my time trial yesterday, sleeves and a buff were all the special gear I needed

    • Drew Keller

      Run in temp of 24 with windchill well below 20 and for Austin, TX that is cold!

    • carl bush

      Hiked at 12^ F on New Years Day. Mtn biked on the ice in the 20s last weekend.

    • Russ Shupe

      In Prior Lake, MN – we’ve had some pretty chilly days but the most memorable run for me was this past Christmas Eve – went out mid-morning on a 5 miler with the temp 0 degrees with -15 windchill. For me one of the things that helps me to get out is eye protection for the cold wind – I use a cheap pair of ski goggles. Looks weird but protects the eyes and they don’t fog up!

    • My run Yesterday! Up until then it’s been a string of trainer rides in the basement, P90x work outs in front of the TV and an occasional ride on salty roads when the temps creep into the mid 30s. Yesterday I’m not sure it got above 29 in Frederick, MD but with the sun out, and compared to recent history, it felt downright balmy!

    • Sarah

      Fred Lebow Manhattan Half in New York this past weekend, 12oF before the sun came up. Beautiful day, though!

    • Rhenium

      Montana in mid-January, -25C.

    • Clayton Montgomery

      Well it doesn’t usually get very cold here on the Tennessee/Georgia border but this past week I’ve been doing the Tour of Sufferlandria in the polar vortex of painfully cold weather in my garage. Usually stays 60F in the winter but been a nice 35F since its been 0F outside for a week. Ouch

    • Lasse

      13 k run in new snow and minus 3 C and 10-15 m/s winds. the problem wasn’t the cold but more the slippery ground. It really takes its toll on the hips and groin…

    • Jeff

      The Houston Marathon. January 2013.

      It was my first marathon ever. Sadly, due to a busy work schedule, work travel, and Christmas traveling, I had missed a good chunk of the last third of my training. The longest I had ever run prior to that day was about 18 miles in early December. The rest of December I basically missed, and the only training I got in in January leading up to the marathon was 5ks and 10ks. I was worried about it. Turned out, I had a lot more to be worried about.

      The few days before hand, the marathon committee sent out a ton of emails about the coming chill. The forecast was calling for the coldest day of the winter so far. They also were calling for precipitation. This being Houston, that almost certainly means rain, not snow. But some forecasters were actually saying it might get to be snow in the early morning before temperatures picked back up.

      I had done no running in anything beyond shorts and a t-shirt, so I was worried about changing up the kit before racing. I bought a long sleeve technical shirt and wore a short sleeved shirt over that and hoped it would be ok.

      I woke up, dressed, and headed for the marathon.

      I don’t remember the exact temperature in the morning, but I think it was around 35F. When I started training for that marathon in August/September, it was 100+F. The George R. Brown conference hall is always used as the rallying point for the Houston Marathon, so I hid in there as long as I could. Then, they tell all the racers to head out to their corrals. I found my corral… and waited. And waited. And waited. It seemed like I was out there for an hour, but it was really something like 25 minutes before the gun went off. It was ~35F, and it also started drizzling just as we got outside. I remember standing under a small tree with 4 other people, listening to the announcer say “my friend up here (some big name runner) says these are ideal conditions for a marathon!” We all laughed in that uncontrollable sympathy laugh of a person on the brink of mental break down, cracked a few jokes about it, then returned to silent shivering.

      There I was in running shorts and a pair of technical shirts freezing to the point of teeth chattering, and the gun goes off. What nobody prepared me for, and none of the books I read really gave me any clue I’d be waiting on, was how long it takes for the average runner to get past the start line and actually start running in a big marathon like the Houston marathon. It took 30 minutes of cattle-herding to get to the start line and begin… All the while, standing in the cold rain.

      It was miserable until we started really moving. It took until mile 5 before I could feel my fingers again. By mile 10, it was back up in the 50s (God bless Houston in the winter…), and by mile 16… I was walking. I went too hard in the cold at the beginning, something nobody told me I was likely to do, and with all the missed training, my legs just couldn’t take it.

      I grew up in Pennsylvania, so I figured, “As long as it isn’t freezing, I should alright, right?” Oh boy was I wrong. I’ve never been that cold. And since I didn’t start running until moving to Houston, where runners basically try to lose as much clothing as possible all year long, I didn’t know leggings and arm sleeves were a thing. You better believe I had some ready to go for the marathon this year a few weeks ago.

    • Brian Pederson

      Average about 67° all winter on my trainer and treadmill……………. in the garage 😉

    • Frank Ferreira

      Had a cool training ride at 5 pm in sunny South Africa with Avg Temperature 29.2C, loving this winter

    • AlisiaV

      So, my coldest run? I HATE to run in the cold! I normally run inside on treadmill — but I did go out with my Husky (he looooves the cold and run) and did so last weekend — AFTER 12.5 inches of snow on Tuesday — thought it would be all cleaned up (at Asbury boardwalk — they allow doggies) and nope, I feel on the ice right on my butt — good thing is that I had a nice comfy loose down coat — yeah, I’m not a fast runner…was really jogging it! ha ha. Temp was about 18…brr for me!

      ps.. found this site 2 weeks ago and love it — keep checking for info. Bought the Tanita Scale after reading review — love it! (got a Garmin 3210xt, had the 305, 205 — been using garmin for years). Read the Garmin Vivofit article — got one in the basket — waiting….to pre-order

    • Um, I live in Northern California so my coldest run was back in November 39 degrees maybe? Yeah, i had to break out the arm warmers :)

    • Rebecca M.

      I hate the cold, so I’ve been training inside. So…75F is the coldest for me this winter.

    • Bill R.

      Coldest run was at 10F earlier this week in NC. Coldest ride was also this week as the heat went out in the house… it was about 50F on my trainer. Coldest swim.. indoors…. that first five seconds always seems to be cold.

    • Isaac Shavrick

      i rode int he winter it was a 30 degrees outside with 20 mile an hour winds
      it was freezing!

    • Kyle Schmidt

      It’s been chilly down here in Atlanta recently, and a couple weeks ago I did a 5 mile run at 5am. The temperature outside was 7 degrees f. Not sure what the real feel was, but when I returned my beard was covered in ice, my water bottle was frozen shut, and I had frostbite (mild) on my ankles where my leggings didn’t meet perfectly with my Vibram Five Fingers shoes.

      The only run that might have been more interesting in the cold was this past Wednesday morning not being able to make my 24 mile commute home from the office. After a 12 hour car trip, I had to park my car about 7 miles from the house, only 1.5 miles from a friends, because the bridge heading home was frozen over. I had to “jog” to my friends at 1:30am in a suit navigating through the stranded cars from the snowstorm that dropped 2″ on the ground and paralyzed the city. When I awoke in the morning, I jogged the remainder 5 or so miles home to be with my family because my car was still stranded. Thta’s definitely the most interesting “run” I ever had.

    • Chris

      35 deg F CX race… in the rain. Thats misery.

    • kentd

      Grand Rapids Mi. Attempted to run a 7 degrees (windchill was deathly cold). This temp will hurt your eyes. Gave up and went to the YMCA.

    • Pompom

      Coldest ride this year was 30 degrees, but much colder with wind chill and 50 mph descents!

    • Vincent C

      Only -6°C during a run in Norway.

    • Jacques C

      13 degree run a couple weeks ago – wind chill of about 0. Wasn’t too bad!

    • Melanie P

      Since I’ve been injured since Dec. 2, my coldest run this winter was on Thanksgiving day. The temp for the 5K I did was 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • James

      minus 20 C run in Toronto, Canada

    • Kat

      Last week my dog and I took a run in 4 F in Upstate New York. After a few strides we had to return and put on her booties to avoid any more salt particles and ice shards wedging into her footpads. It turned out to be a good workout, complete with iced up eyelashes and frosty dog whiskers!

    • 1.5 hr ride earlier this month from Glen Echo. The temps in low 20’s w/wind chills in the mid teens. Glad the weather this weekend is much warmer!

    • Matthew Aguirre

      This will be hard because im in SoCal. Im not even sure Winter came this year. But the coldest it got was in December on the 7th. Did a local 10k that my friends out together…i actually had to wear gloves…even though it was only 55-60 degress out. Im a wuss.
      Thanks Ray

    • Ricky

      I ran a 5k race in 20 degree weather and in 6 inches of fresh snow.

    • steve

      So far this year, that would be the -15C Robbie Burns 8K last Sunday. At least the sun was shining.

    • Charlie B

      Over Christmas I went for a run in Northern Minnesota on a balmy -15 degree day. Thankfully no wind.

    • Paul

      Just a couple of weeks ago in the bitter “polar vortex” of the northeast US. -4 windchill…. brrrrrrrrr

    • Steve Fitz

      Last week it was about 12 degrees when I started and about 8 when I finished with a 20-30 mph wind to boot. Not fun without a mask!!!

    • My coldest event was a half marathon I did 2 weeks ago where the temperature at the start was in the high 40s. Since it was in Florida, everyone was all bundled up but the temps helped me to my first sub-2hr half. Hoping that leads to my first $400 gift card 😉

    • Caleb Appleton

      Did a 20′ FTP test in the great snowmageddon of hotlanta this past week.

    • Troy

      I live in Minnesota, we just went through a ‘polar vortex’ where -20F was a common occurrence for several days. I don’t have a treadmill, don’t want one, don’t have space for one, can’t justify the finances to buy one. But, I must, MUST run. I ran…. You can dress for the cold.. another layer is always possible, and for the cost of a treadmill, you can buy a lot of layers.

      I have had icicles dangling from my handlebar mustache that slap me in the cheek while I run.

    • The coldest ride so far was at about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, with sub zero wind chill. Was on my road bike on some local bike trails. Chemical warmers in the shoes and gloves. But I had to get out, was going stir crazy.


      Climbing the Stelvio in May 2013 before the Giro went through! 8deg and raining at the bottom, -3 and a blizzaard at the top! Never ridden in snow before so was not exactly prepared for it either!

    • José Gifford

      I tried running in -30 C during the Polar Vortex. I decided treadmill running isn’t that bad.

    • Joel Reeves

      did 20 miles at 7 degree

    • Matt

      I managed to get out for 5 mile run on Dec 30th in 15 degrees in Chicago. I passed on the recent deep freeze though. I think my coldest ever was Moscow last January with a high of 12.

    • Go Hawks. Mild Seattle winter so coldest run 30deg.

    • Jose Ramon

      2°C last week in Spain

    • Olivier

      X- country skiing in sweden. -8 degrees celsius but feels more to be honest. No wind, yesterday it was minus 1 but felt like minus 20 degrees celsius due to strong wind.

    • John

      Coldest workout this year was a 25 mile bike ride…..when I left the house it was 27 degrees F. Anyways, I definitely regretted it by the time I returned home, pretty miserable overall.

    • Tex

      Walk to end of driveway at zero F in shirtsleeves to pickup morning paper.
      Otherwise 15 mile ride at 18F – both January 2014.

    • Josh Schroeder

      In an attempt to keep a cycle commuting streak alive, I rode to and from work (5km each way) earlier this month in roughly -30°C temperatures, with a stiff westerly wind causing the snow to drift. My studded tires are pretty good on the ice, but a lot of the pathways were drifted over, causing my pedals to bottom-out in the snow. It turned into winter cyclocross with a heavy hybrid on my shoulder. The ride to work in the morning was kind of fun. The way home _against_ the wind wasn’t.

    • jason brooks

      This past Tuesday (Jan.28) I began my 20 mile run at 945, in Birmingham Alabama, temp in the upper 20’s a dusting of snow expected…. by mile 10 around 11 am, there was three inches of snow, icy roads with cars being abandoned left and right and i was 10 miles from home on my out and back course, I ended up abandoning my run and helping stranded motorist until almost 4 pm, temps now in the upper teens and me with only tights and a single layer of under armor under my vest, gloves and hat. Three of the motorist who i helped on the walk back home had no place to go and were far from home and were very grateful to join me on my walk home and ended up staying two nights before the roads improved enough to continue their journey. It started out as a run, and turned into reminder of just what a good feeling can come from helping your fellow man.

    • I don’t remember the exact temperature but it was during the month of November, perhaps one of the coldest months in Northern Ireland. It was quite a few years ago but it is my most memorable run ever. I don’t think that I’ve ever experienced such a run in the ten years that have passed since then. 7 minute miling all on my lonesome. I had just had a bad day at work ( Spanish Teacher) looking to find my zen. All of a sudden it started to snow. Pure silence, no traffic on the roads, clear beautiful sky and the sound of my kayanos crunching on the ground. It was my most perfect, peaceful and pleasing run ever.

    • Tyler

      Were not used to the recent polar cold here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA. I’ve had a lot of runs on snow and ice lately but one of my coldest in my life was on January 7th. A friend and I did 9 miles total in 1:03:09 but it was a fartlek. 4 miles easy, then 12×1 min on/1 min off, then 2 miles easy. Air temp was 16 degrees with a wind chill of 8. Wind was brutal and in our faces on some of the surges. Wind was blowing 10-15mph and gusts around 20mph. We worked up a sweat though thanks to the surges.

    • Letitia

      Well, no one’s going to feel sorry for me. I live in South Texas. I did, however, get caught in the rain this winter and got completely drenched. Don’t know how this has never happened to me before. Kind of liked it! And the best part was that I wasn’t the only dummy out there that day!

    • David Altmaier

      I live in North Florida, and we had snow for the first time in a long time. I so unprepared I didn’t have any pants to run in and had to improvise. When I ran it was probably about 27 degrees.

      Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Marco674

      During the “polar vortex” week back in late december, I went out for a two hour fatbike ride in -31 celcius temperature. It felt like -45 with the wind….but I had a blast! It was immensely quiet in the woods and all I could hear was the creaking noise made by my big tires. Priceless!

    • Pete G

      -26C for a 6k run. 4 layers on too and 3 layers on the legs. still took 1.5k to even approach being warm. I miss mild European training weather sometimes.

    • Mike

      Well the heater at the YMCA pool was broken this morning, so the water was 77 degrees F, instead of the usual “way too hot to swim laps” 85 degrees. So does that count as my coldest swim??

    • Jason Silvers

      I live in Alabama so some people will laugh when I say I rode in 40 degrees. I dressed wrong and I thought my toes were going to fall off.

    • Curtis

      I had a run in -1 degree F…frosty!

    • Jayson Terkuc

      Saturday January 25, 2014 after driving through a terrible snow storm to participate in the Brighton, Ontario snowshoe race only to find out it had been cancelled on account of extreme snow conditions I decided to create my own snowshoe race from my house. The entrants only myself. The route across my own property and through several of my neighbors properties and finishing out the course along Grippen Lake. Total distance 6.7km, knee deep (and sometimes deeper) snow and a temperature of about -20 deg Celsius not including windchill. Glad to report I both placed first and also sadly last place in the race. At the same time one of the best runs I have ever had!

    • Carl Hensley

      The local polar dash, it was -9 at the start and took a couple of miles for my feet to thaw from waiting around for the start.

    • John Friesen

      Coldest ride this year was -3C. This is my first year cycling since I was a kid. Much colder and I will have to get some warmer gloves!

    • Steve

      Coldest run this winter, 2F with a steady 13MPH northwest wind, felt like -17F (all weather details from Ground out 4 miles and headed in, nose and toes were getting numb.

    • Nick

      My coldest was 16 degrees Fahrenheit (4 after windchill), but the one that felt the coldest started in 4 inches of snow with 4 more during the run. My beard was frozen solid and my glasses were covered in ice, twas pretty awesome.

    • David F.

      December morning run at 28F in NorCal (but last week was 58F at the same time of day — we may not have water but at least it’s nice out!).

    • Theo

      December: a 20F run around the forbidden city in Beijing.

    • John-Paul

      I went last weekend on a 55km/4,5 hour longdistance longboard skate trainingsession in Holland. It was about -2 degrees Celsius so it’s not really winter weather over here, but cold enough to feel your limbs go numb when you are doing nothing.

      It’s to warm for this time of year in Holland, and I’m still wondering if it’s a good or a bad thing.
      Let’s say that last year I have been in worst weather conditions.

    • Robert

      1 mile around the neighborhood @ 40 degrees with my 10 year old.

    • Eric Roesner

      Living in Minnesota, everything outside is cold. About 3 weeks ago, went for a run outside when it was about 15 degrees with a nasty windchill.

    • Travis

      This week down here in SC. Went on a 12 mile training run with snow still on the ground, I believe it was 20F when I started and not much higher when I finished with a pretty brutal wind chill.

    • Dave M

      Short swim in sea at 4C this weekend. Air temp of -1C. Bracing.

    • Thomas Gibson

      Went out in a little drizzle not too wrapped up. Half way through the wind and heavy rain set in. The three of us has a huddle to keep warm then slowly rode home.

    • KLodore

      Treadmill watching the weather. Polar Vortex and Lake Effect snow make running outside in Michigan almost impossible!

    • Stephen

      I love being warm to much venture out in the freezing cold. I have though walked to the gym from the parking lot in negative temperatures, does that count.

    • Eric N.

      I’ve pretty much wimped out on the coldest days this winter and worked out indoors. My coldest run outdoors this year has been a balmy 27 deg F.

    • Daryl

      In December I went out for a run in Wisconsin along Lake Michigan with the thermometer at zero F (-18C), which isn’t too big a deal, but is near the coldest weather I like to be out in. I forgot the cold wind coming out of the North, which put it down near -15 F on the last couple miles. Set myself a new personal best for lowest temp run. :-)

    • Cuthbert T

      Coldest ever run was my first parkrun in January 2011. 0c, frozen lake, iced paths, plumes of frosty exhalation, I wore too much stuff, but still felt pretty cold. Ice block feet especially.

    • Shawn

      Germany has had a very mild winter, so I have only hand to do one 2 mile run at 32 F.

    • JP

      Not that cold this winter in Madrid..The coldest around 0Celsius last Wed but wind and rain made it quite cold..

    • BigBangBear

      First, thanks for last year’s Wahoo Kickr review. It’s been a blast.

      Second, this winter I have done many runs around -20oC with -30oC wind chill for 45-60 minute. Worst part was the wind was around 34km/h with worse gusts. Had to bail on the resolution run this year because it was under -30oC and close to a -40oC wind chill. Joys of living in Subury, Ontario.

    • I’ve had it pretty rough in Arizona this year. I think our coldest day has been in the low 40s. Ha! Arizona is great! I can run outside every day of the year!

    • Vidar Fjelltun

      My coldest run so far this winter has been – 11 Celsius (12,2 F), so its been A god winter so far in my part og Norway… The run was 10 km long.

    • Matthew Elam

      Sprinting up hills in Boston, beard frozen solid.

    • jonrdt

      Been a wuss this year .running on indoor track at gym. Need to get back to running outside.

    • Charlie

      Riding out of Vail, I was wearing gloves but my fingers froze anyway. I think it was zero Fahrenheit? Even more painful was warming them back up!

    • Ron Gubitz

      Running after an ice storm in St. Louis. Fell twice in 16 miles but had a blast trying to navigate all the treachery.

    • Rohan

      I n Canberra Australia i went for a ride with my friend and halfway through it started raining and i mean pouring.We decided to keep on riding for another 30 minutes and when i got home It took 3 hours before i could feel my fingers.worst experience i have had in the cold.

    • Amy

      8 mile run, -30 wind chill, -2 without the wind. Grateful for wooded trails to break the wind! Yay for living in the Great Plains!

    • andrew

      64 degree run here in South Florida – it was rough!

    • Danielle

      Early December long run — a balmy 7 degrees F for 10 miles of hills. A light dusting of snow on the ground to round it out.

    • Henry Wang

      Manhattan half this year! It was 14 degrees!

    • Ben G.

      Ran a 11 miler in late December which started out with just a few snowflakes and ended up a blizzard. I had about 1/2 inch accumulation on my shoulders and chest by the time my trusty running partner (German shorthair pointer) and I got home. This is not a big deal in many parts of the country but I live in the desert of southern Utah.

    • Lucas Wall

      During the Worst Day of the Year Ride on Jan. 26–about 12F and 3″ of new snow had just fallen. Not a great day for a road ride, surely, but a lot of fun anyway.

    • Will Hamilton

      Last year, Christmas vacation in Calgary with family. Trying my hardest to get in shape and keep my momentum heading ino the holidays, I went running outside in -1F, in boots, layered to the brim. Didn’t end well. Finally getting in shape after years of obesity, but still a ways to go (and nothing will stop me, sun, rain, or…OK, maybe snow, snow can definitely stop me).

    • Bimi

      Too warm in europe this winter – never got below -5°C at my place.

    • Joel

      Went for a run in Yellowknife, NT Canada at 40 below zero. (on a treadmill in my hotel).

    • Edward CHAN

      got a 100k run below 10degC in Northface100

    • Christmas morning. My wife was inside preparing breakfast for our family and though the sun was shining it was bitter cold. I struck out for an hours run. It’s always amazing that you can be freezing cold and still sweat!

    • Paola

      Cortina trail in the Dolomites (cortina, IT). It snowed the night before so they had to change some of the route. Still best race ever!

    • Ivan

      During the “Polar Vortex” that made its way all the way to South Florida (Boca) I decided it was a good idea to go for a run. According to WunderMap it was a cool 39F. I out on a pair a shorts, long sleeve tee, and a beanie, and I was on my way! I was cold for about 2 mins and then it was really nice the rest of the way!

    • I’ve been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather here in California, coupled with virtually zero rain. The coldest run was maybe 40 degrees which for me is a perfect temp to pound out some miles.

    • Christopher S

      Rode 4.4 miles on “Black Betty” my town bike,at 7F to cattail lake to do laps on our 400m speed skating oval. It took 20 laps to warm up to a comfortable operating temp!

    • ken pakula

      Skyline drive bike ride in the rain and cold temps…didn’t think I’d make it back to the car.

    • Daniel Sherman

      My first swim with a personal trainer was in her apartment pool. It was unheated and outdoors. The water was a chilly 66 degrees. I’d been looking forward to this lesson and wouldn’t let that stop me. It wasn’t too bad swimming but I shook for an hour afterwards!

    • Kasper Dall

      The worst thing wasn’t the cold, but it was windy as h***! Bottles were slush-iced within the first hour, despite the temperature only being around -4C…

      link to

    • Brad

      I would love to have an embellished story, but the coldest temps I have run in have been indoors. I have a room above my garage and I did a p90x legs workout, biked 30 minutes, then ran 2.0 on the treadmill. All while it was 45degrees in the room.

      Does the p90x part make me tougher? :)

    • Harvey

      My coldest run this season was a few degrees above zero Fahrenheit in a blinding snowstorm. It was nearly midnight, so I wasn’t wearing sunglasses, and the icy flakes kept stinging my eyes. The snow was already accumulating, and there were still numerous patches of ice from the last winter storm, so I wore a pair of old Asics with screws in the treads for traction. It was the first time this season I decided to wear a fleece vest under my outer running jacket, and though it was nice for the first five minutes or so, my core quickly warmed to the point of regret (but not so warm that I had to remove it). It was me on the ice-textured sidewalks and the ploughs and salt trucks on the roads, approaching each other warily at intersections. Turns were a little slower and wider than normal as even with the ‘screw shoes’ traction was less than ideal, but overall pace was, unexpectedly, somewhat better than normal (still much slower than you, Ray). I got into a rhythm enjoying the peace and solitude especially as I got off the main roads and into the neighborhood cul-de-sacs, and nearly doubled my planned 4-miler into a 7-1/2 mile jaunt that made me feel I had earned the next morning’s snow day work cancellation.

    • New Year’s Eve 5K in East Meadow, NY!

    • Pat

      A 15k over thanksgiving. Was snowing, blowing, and icy. But fun!

    • Sylvain Gauthier

      66 F because i always run on a treadmill or on my tacx during winter here in canada

    • Julie Lalancette

      a 1 hour run at -18F… it´s pretty cold in Quebec

    • We’re having a bit of a non-winter here, but coldest run was 0 C with a freezing mix of somewhat solid rain coming down…bot fun, but not horrible, either…

    • Pedro Fradique

      Well, nothing very extreme, here in Portugal our water is usually mild, even in the winter. One of my new year resolutions is to restart running, and it’s been particularly cold this winter, so maybe something more exciting will come along.
      Thanks for the giveaways.

    • Brian

      The coldest run I have had is about 12 degrees, not bad for South Carolina!

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Walter Appleby

      The polar vortex that recently hit Atlanta, Georgia allowed me to run in the teens and closer to zero with the wind chill.

    • Katrina

      Lake Michigan swim….so cold I thought my organs were going to stop working. And if you can beleive it, it was in the summer. Strange currents fluctuate the temps all through the year…never know what you to expect when you step in that lake.

    • Mark S.

      Being from Minneapolis, most runs in the last month have been around 0, plus or minus 10 degrees. Ten miles today at 7 degrees!

    • Michael

      A treadmill run in my drafty basement.

    • Jason Tierney

      I participated in an ‘ugly sweater’ 5 mile training run a couple weeks ago. The actual temp was -1 but with the wind chill (whatever that means), it was-13. Seriously….. It hurt my feelings…and my fingertips. I’m only a novice, too, not nearly as adept at tri as 99.8% of the peeps on here. True story, & darn it, I really, really, really want a running gps watch.

    • Bob M

      My coldest run this winter was while attending a summit in Gettysburg, PA the week before Christmas. I planned for cold weather, but was surprised to see snow on the ground when I got there. I ran twice while there, and both times, temps were in the mid to high 20’s. Worse than the temperatures, however, was the fact that there was ice on the ground. I am sure others at the summit who saw me must have thought I was crazy.

    • Rob

      It would have to be the Georgia “snow-pocolypse” this week. Nothing like a little sleet and ice in central Georgia to make that 10k run go a little faster. Since it’s Georgia, the entire state shut down at the sight of freezing rain, by the time the snow started to fall shelters were already at capacity…think a winter’s version of ‘I Am Legend”. Needless to say, the streets were clear of traffic…icy, but clear.

    • Mark

      Just a couple of runs in December when it was cold here in the PNW.

    • Adam C

      Running home 5 miles from the hospital in scrubs because my car was stuck during the Atlanta snowpocolyps.

    • BrokeTriDad

      -10 here in East Tennessee. A mile felt like a marathon.

  2. Angus

    Probably about 18 degrees on a ride in December. It was a cool ride to the beach and about the same temperature in the water (in metric). In Australia.

  3. matt

    14°C swim. 2 km training on course for a half ironman. Scary cold

  4. V. Chu

    Ran 4.2 miles when it was 14°F (0°F with windchill) in NJ. At 6AM. In the dark. Barefoot.

  5. I am new to the world of Tri’s and really enjoy the site. My coldest swim would be at Wrightsville Beach, NC when it was mid 50’s (F) outside. I don’t know the water temp, but it was a cold as I have ever been. And I don’t like being cold.

  6. sassda

    December 5th 2013,north california.
    It was morning, I was going for my usual morning run.
    It was during one those so called “cold wave”, I took my wife running glove in case.
    It was indeed pretty cold. I started running in my usual short and t-shirt.
    After a few miles, I was doing good, but then I realized, I couldn’t feel my fingers in spite of the gloves.
    It started to “tingle” we’ll say, but I kept pushing.
    When I got home, it took me about 20 minutes before regaining some sensitivity in my fingers.
    Upon uploading my run to garmin connect the verdict fell. 30F, feels like 25F.
    I will never ever make fun of a californian cold wave by running in short, t-shirt and thin gloves, lesson learned 😀

  7. Robert

    It was 30 degrees in Palo Alto one night this winter for a run. Not much to complain about here.

  8. Albert

    January 28 in Manhattan, at 24F.

  9. Ted

    Believe it or not it was 21 and clear & sunny here in Seattle on December 7th and I ran in the sun and cold but I guess dec 7 is technically not winter so in that case my answer is last Sunday at 6:30 AM is was in the low to mid 30s and the Burke Gilman trail actually had some slippery parts made more fun by the pitch black and no headlamp! Go Hawks!

  10. Brian

    My coldest run so far was 65 degrees (indoors). Mainly because the pollution has been so bad in SLC lately, I don’t dare run outside, feels like running after someone smoking a cigarette.

    Now skiing… had some cold days (way up above the pollution where life is happy!)

  11. Madelein

    This competition is “hemispherist” – down south winter is still on its way :)
    Coldest run was probably around 15C in the last couple of months at 5 in the morning

  12. frank

    8c swim in just togs , sort of training swim, plenty of brandy after

  13. Kyle

    The coldest it’s been here isn’t that cold. I did spend thanksgiving in Mammoth and did a run while it was in the high-forties. Even there it wasn’t too cold.

  14. Eeku K

    Yesterday I ran 14 km in -18 C and windy. (according to Garmin Connect felt like -26 C) Afterwards it took a while to defrost my beard. :-)

  15. Ray

    Dang! We don’t have winter over here in Singapore D:

  16. Mansi

    Doesn’t get super super cold here in Delhi… but feels chilly enough when running through the wind.

    My coldest run was when it started drizzling slightly and I had forgotten my cap at home. Frozen cold hands, and red nose and ears!!

    But I’ll take the cold over the Delhi summer any day : )

  17. Andrew

    I don’t think Its been less that 20C for the last 3 months in sunny South Africa!

  18. Malcolm

    Decided to go cycling in Boulder when it was below 20 F after being used to mid 70s of So Cal. Got 30 min into a planned 3 hour ride before deciding it was too cold.

  19. Hi Ray,

    Thanks again for a great prize! Clever Training has been great to buy stuff from. I’m glad they sponsor you!

    My coldest training this winter was on my bike. About 6 degrees here in Baltimore County, but sunny. I bundled up for my ride, but the wind was biting. So bad, I had to stop and get out of the wind because I thought my teeth would fall out they hurt so bad!

    Keep up the great reviews!


  20. Aaron Claessens

    Coldest so far is about 15 F … I’ve been opting for the trainer in the basement when it’s colder than that. However, today it was 79 and clear here in Hanoi where it’s actually quite peaceful for Tet

  21. Jay

    Not too much of a report about the coldest event but today it was maybe (just) 40ish and I got out with my daughters and the Bob stroller and did a park loop.

  22. I’d love to tell you about the coldest one, but it’s summer time here, so ocean is quite warm (for a wetsuit at least) 😉 The most rough was one of link to, with high wind and 1 meter waves.

  23. Christian C

    55 F OWS on a cold December day in NorCal. Couldn’t feel my face, hands, and toes after a 25 minute swim!

  24. Marshall Hunt

    I ran one mile in -2F temperatures just to see what it felt like. It hurt.

  25. Nathaniel Woo

    I ran a 5K on January 1 in Minneapolis, when it was -10 degrees Farenheit. The crazy thing is that I wasn’t the only one. There were probably close to 1000 people running/walking as well!

  26. TJ

    I’m spoilt in Australia. The issue here is getting out early enough in the day when it’s still reasonably cool. I feel for those who are self-disciplined enough to fight true winter weather and keep running through the cold!

  27. Coldest – probably freezing… haven’t been exercising outside much due to darkness more than cold…. that and schedule issues.

  28. Robert

    New years days run in Seattle. The last run I did before I injured myself :( was only 43°F so not too cold

  29. Joe

    Going for a run in what my phone’s weather app called “ice fog”. Not only was it so thick I could barely see, but I got frost on my arms from the condensation freezing.

  30. Kenni Lund

    -5 degress Celsius Here i Esbjerg, Denmark. I love doing my 10K around the Harbour at Night.
    It’s beautiful with all the lights on the crains and Oil rigs.

  31. Tom

    -1°C, strong headwind 18K run at night with headlamp.

  32. Sebastian

    -5 C this morning

  33. Jean Ayotte

    I ran a few kilometres at the end of december at around – 17°C. And skied at -25°C a few days later…

  34. Dan Wendt

    Temperature of my morning runs in Southeast Idaho this time of year tend to average around 15°F.

  35. Eric

    Ironman California 2000 swim. The air was freezing, the water was freezing, and even before the gun went off so was I.

  36. Jae

    10 degrees C and wind chill. Almost froze toes and ears off during run.

  37. DBoatRunner

    During a training run with my team I ran a 10k in 5C temperature through Toronto. I wore only some running shorts and a t-shirt…..the fact that I knew I would freeze if I stopped running allowed me to PR!

  38. Giedrius

    Yesterday, run at -20C, 10km in Vilnius, Lithuania.
    link to

  39. Ali

    Hmmm. What if I’m in Oz, where it’s summer, and it’s hot? Can I tell you about the hottest run I had? It was over 30 degrees C! We’ve been having a brutal summer.

  40. Muzman

    -21C at 08:00 in Kiev, Ukraine. Sun is shining. Revolution goes its way.
    However, I saw one outdoors runner today in the morning and he was running slower than some people are walking at a such ‘chilly’ weather. I vote for a treadmill!

  41. My coldest so far was last Tues night I ran in the middle of the snowstorm that hit the NE hear in the US. We were about 6 inches deep and about 20 degrees. It may have been 17 when I ran a 5k on Thanksgiving but that doesn’t count as winter right?

  42. Jem

    I went on a quick tour through Olympic National Park in November. The whole tour was way colder than I would have liked but day 3 especially sucked. I got rolling in the morning with my Garmin reading 0° C and it never went past 6° C all day. With the overnight forecast predicting -9° and wet I ended up renting a motel… I got home a few days later and had a cold for a week…

  43. Richard

    18°F but wind chill 3°F.

  44. Caroline

    My first Gran Fondo (Ryder Hesjedal’s Tour of Victoria). It started out sunny and warm and I only had on short sleeves and short fingered gloves. As we rode away from Victoria, a storm moved in and the temperature dropped 10 degrees (C not F, I’m Canadian) and started pouring. By the time we were heading for home, my hands were so numb that every time I wanted to shift into my big ring, I had to reach over and pull with my right hand because I couldn’t push hard enough with my left hand alone.

  45. Andre

    I’m hoping this qualifies. Since we get lots of snow out here in the interior of British Columbia, I nordic ski during the winter. The bikes are hanging on the wall. The coldest ski so far was at -18°C back in November. Since the speeds are lower than cycling (not tons of glide at that temperature) and I have the proper clothing, I was in fact quite toasty.

  46. Hannu

    It was not run/bike/swim, but 30 km iceskating at -16 C (feels like -22 C)

  47. Jørn

    A windy 65km ride on the road bike. Avg temperature 0.8C according to Garmin 810

  48. robert

    45 min bike to work a week or so ago in toronto
    -24C (-39C with wind chill)
    celsius and fahrenheit meet at -40

  49. For my Dopey training, I had to do a 20 mile training run on a Saturday. Just happened to be the same day as a half that I had signed up to do. So I started the run at 7 miles at -1°F to the start line (where I had left my car). I then warmed up for 30 minutes until the race began, and did 13.1 miles in 6°F weather.

  50. Keith chant

    It’s not been that cold in the UK (so far) this winter but just after Christmas I had a just below freezing point bike ride where I (and others) found plenty of black ice.

  51. Not very cold at all this winter up here in Sweden, but the coldest one was a premiere run with my Icebugs in December. -10 C. 24 km. Awesome shoes.

  52. N

    3 mile slow jog in 10F weather here in Minnesota. Otherwise mostly indoor training this Winter. Can’t wait until Spring!

  53. Bert

    Well… I haven’t been very cold yet this winter, as Europe was pretty warm up until last week, when I moved to Asia for two months for work!

    So I guess my coldest moments up until now are when I get off the treadmill/bike trainer and step into the flow of the hotel AC, my clothes all soaked from sweating. 😉

  54. Snowy

    -1C here in London.

  55. David Chang

    Swimming in the SF bay is always cold, no matter what time of the year it is!

  56. berber

    It hasn’t been cold yet in the Netherlands… The coldest I have run in so far was yesterday: 2 degree C weather…

  57. milkywaye

    Hmm.. wasn’t the coldest ride,.. but it was an interesting one. It was part of my daily bike come to and from work: 22km each way.
    As an Englishman in Holland I am used to people being better cyclists than me, but the cherry on top was cycling home in deep snow. I had all the gear on for the sub zero conditions; thick mtr tyres, helmet, lobster mitts, thermal bib tights, oakley glasses with Amber tint etc.. but it was slow going.
    Or so I thought.
    Suddenly a mother on her citybike whizzed past. Not only was the bike rusty, but it had shopping bags laden with shopping on the back, and…… a child in the baby seat in front! (Unlike me, she was remarkably in control of her bike in the icy conditions)
    So… bring on the cold weather rides.. I need to practice snow riding a lot more to save face

  58. Steve

    Coldest ride….both water bottle froze

  59. Oscar P

    According to Garmin Connect my coldest activity was a 91km ride I did last weekend. link to

    I usually keep my apartment warm and cozy at 22C and outside it was 5C for the first hour of my ride but it got much better later on. In part because I stopped to buy shoe covers which were due long time ago! What a difference those make.

    With those post I discovered that when analyzing activities in GC there is no option to add a column for Temperature. I think every other measurement is there but not temp.

    Thanks again Ray for this site! The job you do is second to none! Congratulations.

  60. somecows

    Basically every time I’ve run for the past few weeks, cuz we are having the polar vortex here in Pittsburgh.

  61. Brian

    Being in San Diego, the coldest I’ve been is maybe a brisk 45 degrees on a bike ride… but it warmed up into the 60’s by the time I was done…

  62. james

    Cold span here, commuting in 20F weather. About 20 degrees colder than normal. Yeah, not that cold for those on the east coast but no one has any gear for that weather around here.

  63. I ran about 30km on Jan 20 in Helsinki. It was a sunny Monday below -18˚C/0˚F. I blogged about it with 10 cool pics!

  64. Harrison

    Ran around in 45 degree weather in the morning of Los Angeles. Winter weather :)

  65. Roberto Jose

    I ran 13.1 miles in 39 degree weather. Not too cold, I live in south Texas. For us it’s freezing.

  66. Laurie

    Went for a run in Bend OR when it was in the teens in late Nov! First time ever running in temps that cold. Thank goodness for Omni-tech!

  67. Jay

    I ran around the block 2 times (.9 miles) and came home with frozen hands. Found out the temp was 20 degrees with a very heavy wind. Las Vegas doesn’t get much colder than that.

  68. Stef

    Mud and snow trail run last Sunday. Temps from freezing to -10 C with rain and snow all the way. It was fun!

  69. Matteo

    The coldest run was 27k in the alps at -12*C…brrrr…

  70. Living outside Barcelona, I cannot say that any of my workouts were particularly cold, especially as I am Canadian….the coldest? Probably -2 so far this year, commuting to work on the bike in the dark in the morning. Start out with a big downhill, and while that’s not Canada cold, it’s nippy!

  71. Marcel

    This morning here in the snow in Uldum in -4 Celsius. While it was not mend to be a mud and snow trail it became one :).
    And to think that back home in NL it is +6 C.

  72. Dec 2013 was the first time I went to DC for a week and it had just started snowing there. I was in the last month of my preparation for a marathon in January 2014 so was forced to train in the cold & windy conditions without proper winter gear. It was nowhere as cold as it is now but as I live in Mumbai, it was the coldest I had experienced.

  73. Tom Hopper

    Live in sunny Brisbane but went home to UK over Xmas. Completely forgot how cold it could get out running and forgot to wear hat/gloves on my first run back. Brrr! Didn’t make that mistake on subsequent runs…

  74. Gabe Hanlen

    Coldest Run in these parts was a brisk 47 In Fort Lauderdale a few weeks back…but it was seemingly -20 everywhere else! Make it Rain DC! Thanks!

  75. Manuel Arguelles

    21F weather track workout in Charlotte

  76. Hill work at -5 C. It was fun!

  77. Jani T.

    XC-Skiing in Paloheinä, Helsinki at -18c and after that i went to smokesauna and swimming to lake Kuusijärvi, Vantaa.

  78. David Passarelli

    Swimming in a hot spring by mount fuji at 55 degrees ferenheit. Sorry, don’t mean to rub it in. Thanks DC rainmaker!

  79. Jay

    Halfmarathon in the snow at up to 2100m altitude in Arosa, Switzerland

  80. Chris

    Two hour LSD run for marathon preparation where my hands were so numb when I got home, I couldn’t turn the key in the lock. Cue awkward wrist/key/whole body rotation antics.

  81. Tom

    It’s been unseasonably warm in England, but I did get caught in a ridiculous downpour in December, couldn’t see a thing, headtorch just reflected water back at me. Was drenched within a mile or so, 9 miles in it was probably a bit much.

  82. Adam

    Warsaw, Poland, -12 on last Tuesday run…

  83. Diamondadi

    20 k run in -6 C

  84. Lars Thomsen

    Ran a 5k trail in the snow, -5 c 😀

  85. hollyoak

    Been a warm winter, but swimming outdoors in a 50 meter pool is always going to be a bit of a chilly experience…last week my fingertips got all white had to get the blood black in with some running hot water…it worked, with a bit of a buzzing feeling!

  86. Leo

    Coldest swim: every single (27 C, swimming pool) swim, when you wake up at 6 am for it.
    Coldest run: maybe -5 C, it has been a mild winter in Poland
    Coldest bike… no biking this winter, unless you count the +10 C ones during Christmas holiday in Florence.

  87. Esko

    -22 celcius 30km biking last weekend on the frozen sea surrounding Helsinki, Finland. Sun was shining and it was absolutely fantastic sight after the dark season of the winter here in north. Enough clothes on and i was just fine 😀

  88. T

    35F on a trail run

  89. ErwanM

    Hi Ray,
    I generally don’t run under -10*C (which happens quite often here in Romania). I much prefer ski-mountaineering in those conditions. Anyway, two weeks ago, I had a 12km run by -5*C and I think that it’s my best for this winter…
    With that, please consider me in (with finger crossed) 😉

  90. I live in Northern Ireland. Beautiful place but not noted for its sub tropical temperatures! Did a swim in May that was 14 degrees C! Ironically the sun was splitting the sky for the cycle and run, and by the time the run had started, (along and over a beach) the wet sand had started to evaporate creating a strange almost horror film like fog/steam effect…surreal, and cold.

  91. Don

    Early Sunday morning, was 15-20F, but that wasn’t bad. About an hour into the ride it started raining hard, soaking me, and then it turned to hard hail. I turned around but I had an hour of riding to get back home with the wind freezing the water on me and the hail hitting me in the face. I’ve never felt so cold in my life. I couldn’t feel my feet or legs or hands. Worst. Bike. Rice. Ever.

  92. Niklas

    Hasn’t been that cold here in Göteborg, Sweden so far this winter. The coldest run for me is probably the -5C easy run I did last week.

  93. Sami

    52 F / 11 C riding through a cold spot in SF Bay Area mountains. Yeah, rough, I know.

  94. Brad Clements

    4 miles at 8 degrees in 5+ inches of snow. Didn’t wear the Yaktrax because, “it’s been a week since it snowed….surely the sidewalks are clear by now!” Lesson learned…

  95. ljarocho

    About -17 deg. C, last year on a long sunday run. It was snowy, chilly, windy. Not nice at all:)

    In Warsaw, Poland.

  96. Josh

    Coldest would be through the streets of Osaka. Most of the time its bearable, except for this one windy day with 40km/h winds.

  97. I live in Southern California, went for a ride back in December. It was in the 70s when I left the house, stayed that way as I headed up CA39. When I got to West Fork road, still in the 70s. About half the way down West Fork the temp dropped to the low 40s, with a fair bit of wind, and in dense shade. It was nothing compared to the temperatures people in some areas are getting, but when you’re dressed for a moderate sunny day and hit temps like that, you get a bit chilly!

  98. Keios

    Light run on wednesday, -15C

  99. Arbra

    Last tuesday -1 C. That’s all.

  100. Bruno

    Nearby Antwerp (Belgium) it has not have been that cold this winter. I did not had to take out the real warm clothing.

  101. Dwight

    I’m spoiled as it was a 55F morning here in San Diego!

  102. Kawika Liu

    I’ve done multiple early am runs since I’ve moved to Northern California in the 20s and 30s. My legs stay cold, but my upper body usually gets warm after a mile or so.

  103. Dagfinn

    Out for a cold run.
    -2 C and 16m/s wind.
    The wind was trying to knock me of my feet when it came from the side 😉

  104. While it’s 0 degrees in US, we have -20 degrees in Lithuania (it’s the “feels like” temperature and yes, that is on Fahrenheit scale). I was silly enough thinking I can get dress warm for a run. 10 mins in and my poor fingers were ice cold and my face and nose and skin were ready to give up on me. Yeah, winter running must be done either on a treadmill or on the inside track.

  105. Open Water Scuba certification in 52F lake in Huntsville, TX.; not bad for cold weather divers but torture for a Caribbean man. We loose heat to water 20-25 times faster than to air.

  106. Vasilios Z

    A nice, snowy trail run in -8 here outside Stockholm. So far a pretty weak winter by our standards.

  107. My coldest run was in around 20 degrees with a windchill in the negatives in Kansas City. Whoever said Kansas is flat didn’t visit my parents place. Although it hurt, that run made me realize how much I love running to put up with that pain.

    My birthday is the same day as your mom’s!

  108. Deano

    Hmm, southern hemisphere summer at the moment so how about 18km @ 33C in beautiful Mallacoota?

  109. Josep

    Near the Catalan Pyrenees. About 10 km in -5C. Thank god for hat, gloves, and 3 layers of clothing.

  110. Daoud

    Down here in South Africa its been 6 months since winter. Had a run last Sat, around 28C with a little sunburn.

    I feel for you northern hemispherers :)

  111. Chris

    I live in California…I got nothing! Cold and California don’t play well.

  112. Running -16C on 17.01.2014 in Tallinn, Estonia

  113. Thomas C

    My coldest run this winter was during a race between Saint-Etienne and Lyon (in France) by night in early december : around -5°C (23°F) during 45 kilometres. And their was even a longer race (75 km) for the strongest!

  114. martins ozolins

    Last week I was skating on a lake, when I managed to found the probably single weak spot on otherwise thick (15-20cm) ice and break in. Very short swim, got luckily back on ice, but the temperature was -15C, so the clothes almost froze, while I took my ~10mins of skating + running to reach the warmth of home.

  115. Kevin Ryan

    It was a crisp 25 degrees and the mountain was steep. My beanie was soaked with sweat from the climb. Maybe it was the cold or the speedy downhill because I realized I had made sweatsicles.

  116. Eddy

    Sunday morning ride over the Saleve mountain (1286m/4200ft) near Geneva, Switzerland on November 17th… Temperature on the descent was 0°C/32°F excluding wind chill and perhaps -15°C/5°F at times with wind chill. Wish I had worn thicker gloves :)

  117. Kim Bo Jensen

    Not much cold weather in Denmark this winter. The coldest has be some heavy snow on my daily commute (on bike) that left me covered in snow.

  118. Joeri B

    Not so cold this winter in Belgium, but one day it was freezing a bit, around -3 Celsius in the morning, but sun was shining beautifully. So I thought let’s ride in my MTB shorts, it will warm up pretty soon and be around 10 degrees. But no way, after 5KM’s, I had a feeling that “certain” parts between my legs would freeze off, painful. Returned home and that was it for the day !

  119. Quique

    This winter in Zaragoza, nice city but with a terrible wind some days. Temperature about 0ºC, but that was not the problem, the hard part was the cold wind on the face. Anyway, it was a challenge running fighting against the weather.

  120. Haupi

    Sunday ran 10k by -5 C and wind in my face… It take a 10 minutes to defrost myself when I came home…

  121. Wim

    Technically, I believe it was still fall when I had my worst ride of this winter. It started out in fairly okayish conditions, with the occasional hint of sunshine even. Inevitably though, roughly at the halfway point, the locks of heaven opened up as we would say in Dutch, bringing forth swimming pools for raindrops. Given my tendency to go riding on desolate farm roads between corn and potato fields, shelter was nowhere near to an option. The result was the wettest I’ve ever been. I believe I even dried up a bit during the shower afterwards. Also, I had to do the remainder of the ride almost by memory as I couldn’t see anything anymore through my muddy glasses. I know they say that it is in such weather that the champions are created, but at the time I would gladly have sold my mother in law to be couchpotatoing at home.

  122. der Nathan

    Not really much of a winter here in Germany this year. However, towards the end of November it was cold enough (-5 C) that I slipped on some ice while running and tore my right gastrocnemius. Meant that I had 5 weeks indoors on the trainer so I really missed out on the cold!

  123. it was december in ankara… -14C and when I came back from the run I had an ice beard…

  124. John

    The Steamboat Springs Pentathlon…although it’s amazing how warm you can get running up a ski slope.

  125. Mattias

    -6 ° C, dark (headlamp), windy and snow, 15 K run, in the (not so cold) central Sweden.

  126. Thomas Chan

    Edmonton, Canada. Jan 01, 2014, Resolution Run -20c with wind.

  127. Droffen

    As we don’t have a real winter so far here in Munich, Germany, my cold run this season was at +2 deg C only.
    So not really very cold but the coldest for me so far.


  128. Don Kiely

    It’s been fairly mild most of the time this winter in Fairbanks, Alaska, but Running Club North’s annual Airport Run was -33*F earlier this month. Doesn’t look like I’m going to break my all time record of -49*F from a couple of years ago!

  129. Meara

    Wasn’t really that cold, but I’m from Seattle, so used to it being damp but still above freezing. But I was in DC for Thanksgiving and got my friend to do a 5K with me that morning, I think it was 22? But my PNW bones were chilled!

  130. Stefan

    Winter has yet to come in my country, my coldest run was something like 10° this winter :)

  131. Martin Smith

    Mine was only a balmy -2c run a couple of weeks ago, sounds almost tropical compared to some of the temperatures elsewhere in the world at the moment.

  132. RubenV

    Currently enjoying the warm winter we have in Europe due to that polar vortex.

    So no ice beards in Belgium (yet). Which makes for some very nice cycling weather.

    Last year it was -15C though, so I recognize the pain. Massive respect for those who face the cold!

  133. Mike Bremner

    The UK hasn’t had much other than rain this winter so no real cold days however there was one day when the local loch had a very thin covering of ice (so thin the ducks were breaking it as they swam).. We figured why not so gave it a go – never had to icebreak on a swim before!

  134. Matt Phan

    Unfortuantely, temps are pretty mild here in Vegas this winter. Closest thing I got to swimming in cold water was when my water heater broke and I had to take cold showers for a few days until it was replaced :)

  135. Stefan

    Gee, the winter has been pretty mild in Germany so far. Sub-zero °C temperatures just set in a week ago or so, so technically my coldest workout this winter was a stage of the Sufferfest Tour of Sufferlandria with the windows cracked wide open and -5° C outside…

  136. Andrea

    First of all, love your website and all the effort you put on it! Thank you so much, it’s somewhat between funny, inspiring and useful.

    Then it’s turn to get into my entry: January 16th, after passing an exam at the University I had a long ride started with 6°C cloudy, then moved to 8°C rainy (well, perhaps stormy..), at this point I was delighted with a flat (which I was thinking to inflate with pouring rain, saving a 1,5€ CO2 unit) and on the way home the rain stopped and I was not so thankfully dried by a damn cold lateral wind. I had an headache for the following two days..

    Enjoy yourself around the world DCRainmaker!

  137. Ben idle

    Back home in England when I slipped on the ice and almost ended up in Weymouth harbour

  138. It was so cold there were patches of ice floating in the water. I ice-skated during the bike section and ended up turning into a snowman by the end of the run. I fell unconscious. Woke up and realized it was all just a dream. Have a great day:)

  139. Wojtak

    week ago ,hardcore 8km run in freezing cold -15c, windy weather in Goldap, north east of Poland

  140. JeeWeetje

    The coldest run is still at a +1 degree Celsius this winter. Which makes it hard to call it winter at all.

  141. Lieven

    Western Europe didn’t have a winter yet. My coldest ride was at about 6°C… (last winter I went out at -8° when my bottles with energy drink froze and I got stuck with two giant Calippo’s)

  142. Okay, it wasn’t even winter (in fact it is summer here in Wanaka) but Challenge Wanaka iron-distance this year was in frigid temps! 3-4C air temp at the start, and water temp of under 14C left me utterly frozen for the entire bike ride. I distinctly remember feeling the cold seep into my brain in the swim, and I didn’t like it!

  143. Mark

    As you know, Paris has been pretty mild this winter – so far. The coldest run so far this winter was in December when running down by the Seine, the wet pavement was slightly frosty/icy and I came close to slipping/skidding into the river at one point.

  144. Tom Smulders

    Riding the snow along the Dutch coast. White snowy sand, freezing wind and probably around minus 10 degrees Celsius.

  145. Andreas

    -11˚C on an usually cold december morning in BC, Canada. I slipped on the ice and almost broke my face :-) Next time better put on spikes.

  146. klonnolk

    -11°C run. With wind – feels like -20°C

  147. Nicola

    Hot, humid and hilly. A easy run just isn’t possible no matter how slow I go.

  148. Anders Backman

    Stockholm Sweden, a week ago, sunshine and -10°C. Lovely weather! I ride a recumbent handcycle which gets me very low to the ground and transforms me into a dirt-monster on wet roads. Just take a look at this picture.

  149. Nicolas

    -8 degrees in Val d’Isere, last 2 kms under heavy snow falls

  150. Tom

    Due to the abscence of winter in Belgium this year, my coldest run was limited to a nice 4°C (40°F). Since I had too many clothes on, I was sweating like hell.

  151. Robin Skibo-Birney

    Last weekend I started off in sunny Geneva and finished at the top of the very snowy Salève in France, where the 1000m altitude change resulted in a 10C temperature drop, a 6-inch increase in snow depth and some pretty gusty, wintry winds. A great 25km run, made all the better by passing a fellow runner at the top of the mountain.

  152. Olivier Dagnelie

    I’d say 2C… Basically no winter (so far) in Western Europe.

  153. arunas

    It was -16C and windy yesterday, 20 min commute one way for a swim in a pool.

  154. I don’t believe in thermometers so I never know how cold/hot it is. So last time I went for a 5 km jog, it was “cold at the beginning – ok after five minutes”. I think that is pretty spot on tempterature wise.

  155. Harald

    -19 here, Celcius, or -1 Fahrenheit for you guys in the US. A 10km run, downtown Bucharest, Romania. Plenty of snow to fight against, which actually kept me warm. Temperatures are about to decline even more, -21 forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. If the competition is still on, I will run again and leave a post :-)

  156. Lionel Gimelfarb

    On Tuesday morning I went to a morning run at 6:30 am and it was quite cold :)

  157. T O Leary

    Set off for a bike spin last Saturday in Dublin on the sunshine though it was 4 degrees C with a strong cold breeze. Bout half an hour in the heavens opened and the wind picked up . We had this horizontal rain driven along by the strong wind . We got soaked through and the wind chill made us miserable all the way back. worse again the wind picked up enough to force us off the bikes , we has to walk the last stretch home . Just miserable

  158. Emlyn Simpson

    Erm… sydney, and Southern Hemisphere summer, so I am going to have to go for the fact I always deliberately have a freezing cold shower after swimming in the 50m, four to a lane olympic pool under the harbour bridge….

    Sorry….not really helping you here… I miss running in proper cold weather back home in England.

  159. Jordan

    -5 °C Run on icy streets in Immenstadt im Allgäu, Germany!

  160. Markus T.

    I started my 2014 Marathon training mid December 2013 – here in Switzerland.
    Since then temperatures did not really rise above 5°C.

    The coldest though was just this weeks Monday – 2 miles intro, 10x 800m @95%, 1 mile outro.
    Temperature: -1°C on the thermometer @ ~7pm.
    Me: scared as hell by the workout, but nailed the intervals, temperature became secondary, me became warm quite quick. Awesome! :-)

  161. Thor R

    Yeah, it’s supposedly summer here in the Southern Hemisphere yet last weekend I had to don full thermals to tackle a 22K training run in single digit (celcius) weather with gale force winds and bucketing rain.
    Some summer, huh?

  162. Tobias

    I haven’t been that cold here…yet. But I’ve done a couple of runs in snow and -7*C.

  163. ATD

    Coldest run just at 16C a week ago.

  164. Dom

    It’s been a very, very mild winter in the UK so far, and I think the coldest run was maybe 4C. I haven’t needed any of the serious cold-weather gear, and the YakTrax are still in storage from last year.
    Rain, though, don’t get me started on the rain.

  165. Manos

    Well for this year I would say the 21KM trail event in the mount Taygetos with 10 degrees Celsius. Don’t laugh people this is cold for us here

  166. Tim Carpenter

    Coldest? Hmmm, must be when it dropped to an icey 12C one morning. About as cold as the nights can get in Western Australia in the summer!

  167. Only -2 º C (28 F) in Madrid / Spain.

  168. Alexandre

    Around 0°C on my bike and not equipped properly… I though I was gonna lose my toes :)

  169. Kirk

    Recovering from a surgery so haven’t worked out however I’ve spent the last 2 nights walking a beat in Charleston SC during ice storms watching the bar crowd 20 degrees and polyester feels a lot colder!

  170. Manuel C.

    Hi. Half marathon in Small town (Cieza) near Murcia (South East Spain). Despite the bright sun in the morning, the temperature was -1ºC at the star of the run. Thanks good, at the end on 21 Km, the temperature was 5ºC… big improving :-)… But the conclusion was that the run was fine… and the place nice…
    Thanks for your reviews…

  171. Ilan H

    5 degrees celsius. Mount Carmel, Israel. 2 hour ride as preparation for a race near the dead sea. The view was great but foggy because of my breath. Was lots of fun though

    In general, it’s interesting Ray.. Why are you doing this giveaway? I wonder what the motivation is

  172. After slipping on a patch of ice with my road bike around Christmas 2012, and breaking my collar bone,
    I’m sticking to the trainer for winter rides!

  173. Rowena

    The coldest run this winter was the 5km parkrun in Yeovil Montacute over the Christmas and New Year period. It was -1 deg C, icy, muddy, frosty. Coming from the Southern Hemisphere, where it’s very hot this time of the year, the run was definitely the coldest I’ve had this “winter”.

  174. Arend

    A run in -29C windchill

  175. Amalia P.

    Hi there.
    Arround 0ºC on my bike in the Rascafria zone (Mountains in Madrid). Nice day, sunny and bright but terribly cold.
    Despite we managed to end the 80 km mountain baki ride.
    Thanks for everythink.

  176. Tabatha teRaa

    I’m a candyass – i did run in -10 celcius; anything colder and i hit the treadmill!

  177. Chris C

    7 mile run at -4 F with wind chill ~ -20F (-30C) in cottage country Ontario.

  178. James Spooner

    It’s been pretty mild here in London really this winter – lowest I’ve run in is about 3ºC I think. Haven’t even had to break out the tights yet!

  179. Judit A.

    Coldest run this winter so far was last Sunday for me in Hungary, temperature was -6°C, distance 8 km.

  180. Ivo

    No real winter in the Netherlands. My coldest run so far was a 23K run at zero degrees Celsius.

  181. My absolute coldest moments were during the Houffa Trail (50 km trail run as part of Xtrails Houffalize) last December. Temperatures in Belgium were around five degress centigrade, the water was just above freezing point. There were two river crossings, one of 12 meters, the other 30 meters, both knee to thigh deep. I figured I’d just run into the first river (after 14 km) to get it over with: what’s a measly 12 meters, right? After about 5 meters I lost my footing and fell into the river with the water up to my lips. Quite a shock, I can tell you! I ran the next couple of hills at full speed, just to get back a little wamth.

    The second river crossing came at 25 km, 30 meters of thigh deep water. I was just about dried up from my unplanned swim, so I treaded carefully indeed. It took me three minutes to cross the river, during which I felt an intense cold creeping up from my legs to my core, right up to my neck. I was pretty much numb all over after climbing up the river bank.

    To this day I really can’t tell you which was colder: the ‘swim’ or the ‘crawl’. After reaching the finish, I heard of several people having fallen into the water and subsequently dropping out of the race due to hypothermia. The race organisation even added ropes and cold water specialists to the shorter distances later that day. I guess I got lucky :-)

  182. Daniel

    Coldest run I have had this winter was last Wednesday. About 1-2 Celsius but that darn wind made it feel like -5 or so.. Not terribly cold but then again, our winter has been pretty mild so far!

  183. Florin

    -2 Celcius some time ago in Romania.

  184. Stephan

    Coldest run last winter (January 2013), in Munich Germany, -20°C, distance roughly 10km

  185. georgE

    Happy training/running weekend everybody!

  186. garrop

    -5ºC getting ready for Altitoy (ever thought of giving it a try to ski mountaneering races?) down by the Pyrenees back in December. Thanks.

  187. Gerald Brown

    Cold? a few days ago I was riding around Mt Macedon in Victoria, Australia on a 43 deg C (109 deg F) day!
    Last winter my coldest ride was up Mt Donna Buang (a beautiful 1080m in 17km climb) Kept warm going up, especially on the 10 % gradient bits, but back wheel slipping out on black ice a few times. I decide to hitch a ride down with some sightseers due to the danger of the icy road descending, but in the end rode down (and stayed on). Arms, hands, fingers just frozen from the decent. The hot coffee afterwards felt like the best ever…

  188. Richard N

    We did the polar bear swim in Vancouver on new years day, that was pretty chilly.

  189. David Sànchez

    2h Bike training -3ºC and windy… very, very cold …

  190. Lee

    That would be a snowy early morning run in December at -7°c here in Switzerland. This year winter mostly has been pretty mild though in these parts.

  191. Lena Furberg

    -5c run the other day, 16c swim at Vansbro and 7c Vättern round bike…

  192. I have to admit that I have not been running in the cold this winter. The coldest workout I have expeienced recently must have been one of my trainer workouts I am doing in my veranda, around 5 degrees celsium in summer cycling kit.

  193. Michal

    Last Sunday 30k run in -14°C
    Warsaw, Poland

  194. taniwha

    Simply waiting for the winter to really start, 5 to 10°C isnt really winter. But runs under heavy shower, Yes i had. too many.

  195. Ben M

    Given it’s summer here in Australia and the fact that it doesn’t even get that cold here in Winter, it’s tough to really give a good story. The run that I felt the coldest that I can think of last winter was actually when I did the Tough Mudder event. This was in September at Phillip Island. It really was not that cold of the day, but jumping into containers of ice water and then being in and out of water continuously after that left me shivering nearly the whole course!

  196. Jeff

    I think it was close to 60°F last week during one of my late-night runs. Also, the heater’s out at the open-air pool that I’ve been swimming in, and it was raining earlier in the week. That was kinda chilly.

    Sorry, Ray, I live in Hawaii — that’s the coldest it ever gets here.

  197. Torstein

    Living in icy Norway I do most of my winter training on a treadmill or on my Kickr indoors in my garage in about 12*C.

  198. Andre

    19C bike ride in Manila was the coldest I’ve ridden

  199. Carlton

    The cold has zapped my motivation. My coldest runs have been on the treadmill in my 40 degree F garage. With no TV or iPad. Yeah, it was rough.

  200. Rich Withers

    My daily commute on the bicycle has gotten quite cold this winter, but probably no lower than -1°C. It’s the wind that hurts the most if you leave some flesh unprotected!

  201. Simone Pillon

    This is a warm winter here in Italy, though in my city (Trieste) the Bora wind guarantees a good windchill when it blows. My coldest workout was a 16km run with a windchill of -1°C.

  202. Relatively warm and wet so far in the UK this year. I haven’t had to run below zero degrees yet – coldest for me so far was around 3. Bound to happen soon though.

  203. Justin

    In South Africa, our winters don’t really hit the charts when compared to the US and Europe. Coldest bike ride was in an area called the cradle where it was early in the morning (dark), the ice cold wind was blowing and I left arm warmers and jacket @ home. Man that cup of tea afterwards was the best thing ever.

  204. Paul

    Hasn’t been too cold here in Munich this year. 1C running outside

  205. jveithmac

    New Year’s Eve bike ride at -2° C in pretty dense fog. Shoe heating worked very well but did not feel my hands afterwards!

  206. It was on local mountains with an autumn surprise rain shower combined with inadequate clothing. Freezing!

  207. Dennis Mijer

    Coldest was an OD triathlon last year. The water was 18 degrees C according to the race organization, but it was actually way colder. They shortende the course from 2 750 mtr laps to 3 500 mtr laps because of the rescue boats. 1 guy, in wetsuit, got pulled out because of hypothermia.

    Besides this, the coldest was a run with -17 degrees Celcius, Good way to keep running to stay warm!

  208. Ronan

    9 c swim for an early season tri. According to regulations, the swim leg shouldn’t have happened. The water felt like a punch to the forehead!

  209. Leo

    Thursday this week in London. I went for a bike session at 9 in the evening, pouring with rain and 0’c. Feet got very wet and cold…. theywere nicely blue by the time I got home!

  210. Stephen-H

    I’ve had lower temp runs with the Polar Vortex hitting us this year, but the dun that felt the coldest was still in the teens with a driving wind and snow all thru it. Just not much for treadmills.

  211. Tami

    does every run count? say from December on? Living in New Hampshire, we have had wayyy too many cold days. Lots of “feels like -2” runs. We ran the other day and it was 17*F and it felt warm. But we’ll still complain in July when it’s too hot.

  212. Luke Tayler

    One morning last winter my Garmin 800 said the temperature was 9 degrees Celsius – yes that’s single digit territory. I didn’t think it was possible for the temperature to reach single digits. Obviously Australians don’t really understand what cold weather is.

  213. Rubin

    Well the coldest ever would be would be January 2009 when i made a picture in a mankini in the snow.

    link to

    I know picture or it didn’t happen

  214. Hu3ain

    Winters are Mostly warm here in Kuwait. Sometimes it’s perfectly fine to start a long run in a vest and shorts. Then it rains plenty enough to offset the summer droughts, and there is no place to hide from the winds in the flat desert landscape.

  215. Markos

    My most “frozen” experience was riding in Oulu in -5 celcium.
    I feel happy now living in Greek +9 celcium 😉

  216. Shane

    Last weekend. Long ride along the windy coast. My hands got so numb that I had to turn around and finish on the trainer at home.

  217. I ran 24km in -5’C and a freezing rain. It was quite good actually, besides the buff on my face. It was like a wet compress in the middle and frozen in it’s lower ends.

    link to

  218. Bernd

    I rode my MTB last weekend for nearly 3 hours. Temperatures were lower than -10°C (14 °F) all the time. My Edge 800 told me -15,8° (3,5°F) down in the shadows of the woods. link to

  219. Jazzar

    Only a few days ago since winter didn’t hit until now (germany) mountainbiking through the snow to an old castle :-) was about -5°C and the snow was still fresh so plenty of grip :-) Now there’s just compacted ice due to melting and freezing :-(


  220. Mike

    Virginia Beach normally doesn’t get snow, but after 12″ my run and ocean swim became very cold, especially when my wetsuit developed a tear in the armpit half way through my swim. Outside temp was 12 degree with a wind chill of 0 and water temp was a warm 44 degrees.

  221. Andy

    A 20 degree trot up the incline in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

  222. Hans

    Since the americans stole our winter, the only mildly cold one was this morning when I was running to work.
    While waiting at the red light (sometimes it is better for your health to really wait:)) I was stretching my legs a little, and asked myself why does my gloves are getting wet. Only then I saw that the light poles were completely covered in a tiny layer of frost.

    still waiting to run in the snow like last winter though.

  223. Jasper

    A run at -25C (-13F), live about 200km below the polar circle in northern Sweden so yeah..

    It’s all about having the right gear though, and once you’re underway for a few minutes it gets more doable.

  224. Wawan

    I’m in Singapore and we got no winter. LoL.
    But these last 3 weeks the sky is cloudy most of the day and the wind is a bit cold especially when you swim and you get out of the water.
    A lot of people DO NOT swim just because of this. It’s very funny for me as if they really want to know how cold it is swimming in winter, they would appreciate this ‘warm’ weather.

    But I got a few cold one in my standard when I first tried cycling in the cold Montreal in 2011. I was not brave enough to swim at the time.

  225. Christian Selvaratnam

    Brass Monkeys half-marathon in York (UK) on Sunday 19th January. 6 degrees Celsius with a very cold wind. Bracing stuff.

  226. carlos

    Last Tuesday in Madrid. It was not super cold but it was really windy.
    The problem was that I wasn’t protected enough because I saw the temperature, but I suffer a lot because of the unexpected wind.


  227. marc steingrand

    actually the lowest temp i did a run this year was 30 °C as i live in brazil and ee are in summer…
    marc steingrand

  228. Federico

    My coldest swim this winter was three weeks ago in Sicily (Italy) with the water temperature at 14 degrees Celsius! ….freezing…

  229. Fran

    Yesterday: 6 a.m. running in the woods at -2ºC and under the rain – alone- is the best proof of commitment I can offer you, but of course it doesn’t beat surfing for 2 hours in the Atlantic, with lots of neoprene of course!

  230. Robert T

    6 degrees with a -3 degree wind chill and 7 inches of snow, kind of unusual for the mid Atlantic! Just did this January 29th.

  231. Sami

    A run at -13C (9F). Greetings from Finland!

  232. ylr

    Running -8°C (18°F)

  233. Simon

    I did a 10k run in Fontainebleau (not too far from where you live) few years ago. -14 degrees ceilcius.

  234. Richard Walker

    Cold enough to need overshoes on when on turbo trainer in the garage :S

  235. Cycling for two hours in 2 degrees celcius : Strava report. When back home, I was just in time to see Wawrinka winning the Australian gram slam tennis tournament.

  236. Dean

    Wilmot Wander on the previous Sunday. Only at 0°C or so, but raining solidly from the start and two hours into a very boggy 34 miles of the event I was more than tempted to call it a day due to being completely unable to retain any warmth.

  237. kyle

    swim in 16 degree water in Dubai…. not that cold i know..

  238. Rain

    I was skiing with temps at -21(celcius), wind chill included. But when I walked my dog next day it was -26.

  239. Brian E

    About 67F on the trainer in front of the TV. What can I say, I’m a wuss. GO HAWKS!!

  240. mucher

    Last sunday in KRK – 20 km at around -15 celsius and in fresh snow; worst part was my eyelids trying to freeze themselves shut.

  241. Tassignon Bart

    The 20th of Jan I did a run on my skiing trip to Feldberg, Germany at 5°C. It was also raining so it felt colder than 5°C. :)

    Greetings from Brussels, Belgium!

  242. Keith Black

    It’s not been too cold in Edinburgh so my coldest run would have been my first parkrun on January 11th – only frosty/icey morning of the year so far which made underfoot conditions a bit interesting by the sea front.

  243. Francisco

    Mediterranean coast of Spain here, so the worst day has been 3º C, and that being at early morning. I hope to best it if I can get up on monday after watching de Broncos beat the Seahawks, although I wouldn’t mind watching R. Willson win. I like how this guy moves on the field.

  244. Peter T

    Hey, it is warm winter here in Slovakia. Coldest run I did was about -4C. This might be considered warm comparing to other guys here :).

  245. David B

    Rather warm winter in south east England.
    Ride at -2C was rather nice, but slippery (fell twice at low speed).
    Running is rather dull as most Thames tow paths are flooded.
    Cold winter? Wet winter!

  246. Jerc

    Mountain hiking in knee deep snow at approximately -5°C.

  247. Andrew Salmon

    Coldest ride this winter was about +12 deg C indoors in our cellar, or about 5 deg C outside. But that’s only because cross country skiing and downhill skiing is more fun when it’s cold. The coldest so far was between -15 and -20 deg C at the top of Engelberg. With the right ski clothes on it’s fun to be out and about in bad weather. Best bit is that the slopes are deserted as the Swiss tend not postpone skiing until it’s bright and sunny.

  248. Jean

    The coldest run I’ve done this year in France was during the SaintéLyon. Maybe around -5°C or more. I was running only 23 km, compared to the 75 km full length race, so I didn’t really have time to suffer from the temperature

  249. Andreas Bauer

    My coldest run was at -1 C in Germany, where the seasons seem to become all the same… :(

  250. Fernando

    Running part of the GR11 trail around Benasque (Spain): 18 km at -3ºC. The trail had some patches that were really icy, it was a mix of running and ice skating in running shoes 😉 On a mountain river bank, some meters above the river bed…

  251. Tom Z

    40k MTB ride at 5AM and -12 C to a former volcano in Eastern Slovakia to see a sunrise – hilarious!

  252. Anders Majland

    Well I don’t like to be cold so not really been training outdoor this winter.

    But was in Barcelona, Spain recently and on a nice sunny day sightseeing (link to I could’nt help but loose the clothes and dive in. Water was arround 13.5°C according to link to but felt a bit warmer – was in for just a short swim. Didn’t even have a towel with me and would have needed my swimsuit for a longer one.

    I’ve also been out on MTB but not really cold. Event if the thermometer show belows 5°C it is easy co keep warm as long as it not raining. One of the best ride was with the big kid on a new local marked mtb route. link to Temperature close to freezing but not much wind and the sun came out and made for a pretty nice morning.

  253. Tashunko

    This winter is extremly hot here in czech, only last week ski mountaineering in -15C. I remeber riding bike in -25C few years ago, big fun :)

  254. Leandro Lourenci

    8ºC at Tijucas/SC/Brasil during a 30K mtb riding. It is very cold for us. :)

  255. Dirk

    maybe you can’t call it winter time yet; was on a bike ride in the french alps around end october; ± 2 or 3°C with an nice view on a snow landscape

    link to

  256. Lasse A

    Ran 18 km (11.2 miles) in -5 C (23 F), but with 10 m/s of wind at 9 pm in Denmark. It was REALLY cold but after about 5 km I felt warm again. Great stuff!

  257. Blanca

    The coldest run this winter has been around 3º C, it’s not getting much colder in Madrid this time… so nothing to complain about!

  258. Sebastian

    The coldest run I had this winter was -8 C or 18 F in Hamburg, Germany last week. So good for the lungs! :-)

  259. -3 °C (27 °F) on Dec. 1st, 14 km in the countryside near Brescia (northern Italy). -3 °C again on an 8 km recovery run on Dec. 13th.

  260. Eric apple

    My coldest run is everyday this month I ran to the treadmill at the gym!

  261. Conor Dolan

    I did a 21km run a few weeks ago(in the west of Ireland), with the temp. approaching 0 C and some very cold rain. Despite wearing gloves, my hands were too numb to untie my laces at the end! not fun!

  262. Adam Y

    32 Degrees, 6,000 feet of climbing. Rain on one side of mountain. Snow and sleet on the other side. It was a cold decent!

  263. Rhona Dempsey

    So hard to pick a winner for the ‘coldest run of the winter award’ – so many worthy contenders! :-(

  264. Filippo74

    This winter is not very cold here in Italy, my coldest run was an half marathon at 5°C (41° F)

  265. Houston

    To Enter: Give me the lowdown on the coldest swim/ride/run you’ve had this winter – simple as that!

  266. No real winter yet in Germany. Lowest temperature for a three our bike ride this year was -1°C = 30.2°F.

  267. Chris

    39° F morning ride in south Texas. Trust me, that’s cold for us.

  268. Ian

    12th January, just outside of Oslo, Norway. -10 degrees C average temp.

    See the ride here

    Nice ride, if a little cold at the top, lots of loose snow though with ice under and I ended up falling off 5 times even with spiked tires on …. ouch. My iPhone packed up at the top because of the cold so I could not take any pics of the winter wonderland :o(

  269. Maciej

    -10 C, but very windy. Last Saturday.

  270. MaciekZ

    I haven’t really had a cold run this year yet. Up until around 2 weeks ago the weather was quite warm for Winter in Poland – around 2-3 C, no ice, no snow.

    Then I’ve twisted my ankle while training in a forest and had to take a break for it to heal. The temperatures got a lot lower in the last fortnight (-10 C) but I haven’t gotten back to running yet and I hope it will get warmer before I do 😀

  271. Michal

    -12° C (according to Accuweather RealFeel -27° C), only 3,5 km, 2 days ago, Warsaw, Poland. It was too windy and really cold…

  272. Paul

    Being from NewcastIe Australia, I have never run in anything cooler than abut 6 C and when I do, I dress in even more clothes than the French runner run you recently featured.

  273. Ewan Hardie

    any of my runs last two weeks where the temps have been all below -30 C (if you add in the windchill we were getting below -40C but when it is that cold it doesn’t matter the actual number!)

  274. John Veeneman

    Nothing too crazy here for me… Been out a
    Bunch of times in the single digits.

  275. Tim

    18 deg F this year on the Bike.
    -5 deg F on the MTB in NJ back in my youth (17yo)

  276. Iris

    It wasn’t this winter but a couple of winters ago, I had just started running, had a couple of weeks experience. Went for a run around the lake behind my house but was badly underdressed. As a result I started out much too fast, in order to stay warm.
    When I was at the other side of the lake, I couldn’t run anymore because of my still lacking running fitness. But walking wasn’t an option either because I would freeze. I ran-walked my way home, and was so very glad to take a hot shower, which hurt a lot actually because I was really frozen to the bone.

  277. RobW

    Don’t think its been below 10C for any of my runs so far this winter, plenty of rain to make up for that though

  278. christian

    Running the U.M Blåfrusen 70km race. Its cold outside, but the spirit of the race makes it warm inside for the racers..

  279. Thibaut

    A month ago, running again the storm, rain and cold (2°C) for 2 hours 30 minutes.

  280. Mathieu

    Hi Ray,
    3°C @ boulogne-billancourt’s semi marathon.

  281. Ben

    1 degrees Celsius along the Rhine in Basel, Switzerland.

  282. Josh

    On Jan 1, 2014 in Newcastle England. I did a 2 mile run in 36f followed by a swim in the North Sea at 42f, and finished with a 2 mile run to warm up right after the swim

  283. Runner girl

    Started my half marathon training on January in Indiana. My coldest run has been when it was -5F. The ground was slick!

  284. Jens

    As winter is just starting in Belgium, no real chilly runs/bike rides so far. But the evening runs are getting colder every day now!

  285. Well, as I live in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), we are currently at summer with temperatures above 40C (104F). So I will describe, instead, my hottest run. Last sunday I went for a long run at 7am around Maracana stadium, however it was so hot that my heart rate was always above 85% and I had to abbreviate it after 1h10′. I am making most of my runs, except for the long run, at the treadmill.

  286. Peter Vosters

    Up until now this winter is no real cold winter in Belgium.
    I remember a few years back a run in the evening. Snowing and freezing around -7°C. It took me some k’s to get my breathing climatised :)

  287. Rob

    The coldest open water swim I’ve ever done is around 10C. Deeply unpleasant.

  288. Alex

    -15F, -30+ with wind chill here in Chicago. One of the few times I had to choose treadmill over roads. :(

  289. Alan

    Few days ago in Zagreb on -9C with light snow, ice rain and lots of slush!!

  290. Mindz

    -20 C cross country skiing in Sweden

  291. On Dec 20th I ran under the rain and wind.
    2° C but according to my chin it felt like -260° C…
    I grow a beard since then…

  292. Stan

    Coldest run was at 32 degrees Fahrenheit with about a 20 mph wind.

  293. RunningBezz

    Mild Winter in the UK so far, but have had a few 0C night runs with a cutting wind. Not had to ditch the shorts for leggings yet.

  294. Martin

    Rode to work about 2 years ago in 2 degrees (C), took me an hour and a half with a slightly numb face.

  295. Ridden about 30km at -8 Celsius in the woods up here in Bratislava

  296. -5C on the Tongariro Crossing last month. Had all the gear on and loved it!

  297. FrankRi79

    -16 BackCountry Ski in Italy

  298. Has to be yesterday (30th) the plan said to do an hour in z2 90+rpm however it was the first dry day in weeks and although very cold I just felt like riding without watching numbers. So with this in mind I head out my street the opposite direction and just followed sign posts to towns and villages I like or not been through before. Ended up doing a couple of hours just getting lost in the cold.

    Eventually my feet got to numb to carry on. I was wearing 2 pairs of socks + overshoes and I still couldn’t feel them by the end. Next time I’ll have to wrap them in some foil

  299. gdrs

    I think last year i ran at -25C, but yesterday was really cold wind and i made 20km at -19C and garmin connect says it felt like -29C. I think it was a bit colder 😉

  300. Ricky

    Hot here

  301. Dave F

    Polar Vortex run in the wind, -2 with the wind chill – finally forced me to invest in a balaclava and running tights (which i’ve steadfastly avoided forever). Got 45 Z4 minutes done, couldnt feel my extremities for about 30 minutes after.

  302. Garth Calver

    So picture this…14 000 people at the start line, 530 am, middle of winter in Durban, South Africa, 87 km’s (54 miles) to go and it’s already 20 degrees C (68 F)! It got up to 36 degrees later that day (June 2), around 4 000 people never made it to the finish line in the 12 hour cut off (usually about a 1 000 people miss the cut off).
    So much for a cold winter!

  303. Malin

    Coldest run so far this winter has been around 0C, not too bad. Wool shirt and windbreaker, winter tights, gloves and headband.
    Last winter I ran quite a lot in -10C weather. Snow and blue skies, fantastic!

  304. LChang

    6C last December in San Francisco Bay Area.

  305. John p

    Surf club winter swimming groups annual race weigh the neighbouring club. Air temp was about ten deg c, windy and raining, ocean very rough and about 16.

    Of the 40 people that started, 12 needed to be rescued or required some form of assistance, and a further 8 didn’t finish. We had breaking surf at the turn buoys, so you had to swim out through breaking surf, swim parallel to the beach in breaking surf, then swim back in, in breaking surf.

    A very challenging swim, cold water and cold air.

  306. Andre Gosselin

    Last January 20th where I did my short winter bike ride to go to the job at -22F. I’m now used to ride in all kind of weather even in winter but that day was extremely difficult because there was a slippy snow mixture that made it almost impossible to keep your balance for more than 10m.

  307. Jens

    Hasn’t been that cold yet in Belgium. Coldest ride was about 3°C.

  308. TheHut

    Jan has been more like mid to late Feb in South Africa so can’t say I’ve done much below 18C on my early morning rides…
    You guys up north need to share a bit of cold. (but only a small bit 😉

  309. Mike Smith

    14 degree bike ride – 1 hour of Brrrrrrr

  310. Gary O'Brien

    Used the ‘Feels Like’ feature on Probably should have taken gloves anyway as it did not feel like 10 degrees

  311. Pat

    Last year, one Sunday morning in early January, here in the Alsace (the bit around Strasbourg, before hitting Germany), it was pretty nippy, around -5° to -10°c.
    I got my cold weather running kit on, and hopped outside.
    Unfortunately it had rained in the night and there was Black ice everywhere, Bambi on ice time.

    I decided after looking like the guys trying to get into the Home Alone house for 5 mins to return inside for a nice warm up.
    That wasn’t before I renched my shoulder hanging on for dear life, only 5 meters from the front door.
    Not my finest moment.

  312. Irene Ayers

    24F which felt comfortably warm after a minus-6F morning!

  313. Ben

    Coldest ride would be the snow MTB ride at the local state park, it was about 17F/-8C when we started and didn’t get much warmer through the morning. Lots of fun friends even though it was scary crossing some of the semi-frozen streams!

  314. Mike Gagliano

    Mountain biking in Wissahickon Park in Philadelphia. Snow on the ground and 16 degrees…brrrrr.

  315. Justin

    It has been a mild winter here so far so the coldest is a run at only -2°C. Coldest ever bike ride was -26°C but that was many years ago…

  316. Petri

    I run indoors in winter so pretty stable temperatures….

  317. Troy Braxton

    I ran in -8’F plus winds and I had no cold gear on because I’m a junior athlete and can’t afford it.

  318. Pedro

    55 miles ride @ Oporto with 5ºC!

  319. Javier

    Wasn’t crazy-cold, but coldest ride 7 ºC and coldest run about 3 / 4 ºC, there’s no way I swim open water with those temps!!! 😀

  320. Brian

    12 degrees swim in the Wellington harbour. Not doing that again . Until next winter 😉

  321. Ben

    Coldest ride this year was out club Christmas ride. I’d covered my bike in tinsel and had a very surreal moment chasing down santa as he attacked down a descent 😉

  322. Kim Smith

    um, I wait for the sun generally to come up, so my coldest run might have been in the 40F’s maybe. If I have done colder I have blocked it from my mind. Life in the desert

  323. Julien

    Biking south of belgium, -2C only … but with strong wind!!

  324. My coldest run was just last weekend – it was 7°F, not sure about the windchill. Only 5 of us showed up from my running group and we had a great sense of pride in doing so. Really, it wasn’t all that bad with enough layers and once we got moving. It probably was also better because we were running together and friendly conversation is always a great distraction.

  325. MJ

    My coldest run (bear in mind I usually run treadmill so don’t have many outside runs to choose from!) I think was on Christmas day here in NoVa, it was below freezing for sure (maybe below 20) with a little wind, especially near the river. My fingers & toes went numb during the run!

    But my favorite cold-ish run recently was w/my DH on the Mt Vernon Trail on New Years Eve. We started in Arlington before midnight, heading south and timing it to be able to see the fireworks in Alexandria. Then we turned around and came back. Didn’t encounter anyone else the whole way on the trail – can’t imagine that happening any other time and we were surprised it happened at all! It wasn’t that cold, just below freezing, with little or no wind. A great way to end & to start a year!

  326. Leslie Brown

    I must say after reading many posts, my 22 degree run in the Midwest fails in comparison to many other athletes!

  327. Henrik

    A not to bad winter this year, the coldest temperature was probably -10 C.
    As a side note, coldest marathon was around +5 degrees C with wind and sideway rain but it was in the summer, normally it should be acound 15-25 degrees…. Brrr!! :)

  328. Brano Jacko

    20km night x-coutry skiing at -9°C 25.december.

  329. Maggie Doyle

    running 3 miles in 20 Degrees with 20 MPH winds by the water here in Southern MD…

  330. Tobias

    I think the coolest run this winter has been about –11 ˙C/12 ˙F, snowing and with a bit of wind. I actually like running in the winter. I often over-dress, though, so I have no problem with the cold, but rather with being too warm. When the wind starts cooling your face down too much, though, it’s not very comfortable. But that just mean you should get a balaclava until next time.

  331. Richard

    Running the military fitness test in extreme winds and coldness!

  332. Dr Jamie Khoo

    I ran 1st half marathon on January 13th Penang run 4th series… Never woke up at 3am in the dark morning to go for a race! Surely it cannot compare to those in sub 0 temperature, but it was a chilly dark morning alright… Finished in 3.08 …been nursing a knee injury since… Sorely need motivation ( hint : new fitness gadget) will surely be great to get back into training for Penang Bridge run later this year… Thanks and greetings from hot, humid Penang island Malaysia…

  333. Ruben

    A 16.8 km long run at -10ºc by the danish shore in Copenhagen, trying to recover from the hungover of meeting friends after the holidays, right the day I came back from wetsuit shopping in Berlin. Wind was so cold it burned the skin below my glasses and above my buff, but worth it!

  334. Philip

    2°C on a sunday morning team bike ride.
    I consider myself lucky as it hasn’t frozen yet, nor rained too much (during the weekends) this winter in Belgium.

  335. georg pieber

    2014-01-25 running: 30min slow/ 30min fast / 30min slow – at -6 °C and 40 km/h wind

  336. This winter is being surprisingly “warm” in Austria. I didn’t run under 0-5 ºC… That’s kind of cool compared with last year, when it was still snowing in April, 1 week before the Vienna Marathon.

  337. Malou

    I don’t run when it’s cold :)

  338. Sam M

    It’s been extremely cold this winter in NJ, but this past Sunday it was 2 degrees F. I had to cut my run short, cold weather gear can only do so much in these temps!

  339. Koen

    Not something about cold weather, but moreover due to the lack of cold weather in the Netherlands! I’m kinda been plagued by hay fever this month. Something that sucks. And also since it hasn’t snowed yet till now, I haven’t been able to walk during the nighttime/in the evening! And yes, I’m a big fan of those snowy days what creates magnificent panoramas.

  340. Yura

    1h run @ -20C

  341. Felipe Telles

    10 degress Celsius! Cant ask for much colder than that! I live in Brazil. Second place overall in the race that day

  342. Nuttysporter

    I love winter so lots of cold training story’s but last Sunday I did my 1.5 km training laps in almost freezing water ( 2.2 ºC/ 35.9 ºF). This morning I measured the water temperature for Sundays open water swim training and it’s now -3.4 ºC / 26.2 ºF. Still no ice because of many the ducks and geese so lucky me :-)

  343. Pavel Pesok

    Coldest run,was in Russia -26 C,coldest water was in ice hole when the air was lower then -15C.i do even 20 km cross country ski in -32 C!!

  344. We’ve had plenty of runs here that have been in the single digits with wind chills making the runs below zero. The best part is that lots of the runs have been an hour or more in duration. Needless to say, we’re excited about warmer temperatures and the spring!

  345. JJ

    Coldest jog so far was 3 degrees before wind chills. Ran 1.2 miles and came back home to warm up.

  346. alex slogar

    Last week in cleveland ohio. Needed to get my run in. -14 windchill. froze my cajones off. Literally.

  347. Kevin H.

    Running Jan 7th in Philadelphia, PA temp was about 8F with a wind chill under 0F. My mistake was running on the Schuylkill River Trail by the Art Museum which does not block any wind.

  348. Jason

    Hey Ray being in dc I’m sure you are aware of how cold it’s been on the east coast. From the constant sub 10deg F temps at night, to the semi-constant mid 20s (closer to teens and single digits this week) it’s been the last couple weeks. Couple that with two snow storms on consecutive weeks and I’ll say it’s probably been one of the coldest and toughest training winters in recent memory. Here in VA I’m use to the 40deg F weather. Doing a site covered track without yesterday was no picnic. Enjoy the warm!

  349. Luuk Jansen

    My coldest cycling was a 4 hour ride. With a lot of fog and a temperature at approximate 0 degrees Celsius. But because of the wind it felt like minus 4 degrees Celsius

  350. nathan

    Running beside the Thames its a good old rainy day in london, nice cold and grey. They’ve just told us its the wettest on record.

  351. Jade

    The coldest winter I’ve experienced so far here in the Philippines. I ran outside at about 4am just to keep in shape since I ate a lot in the holidays. Temperature was about 18 degrees Celsius(Cold for our country which is near the equator) with very strong winds due to a weather disturbance. Nevertheless it was worth the effort.

  352. Sander Goes

    My coldest training wasn’t that bad actually.. Must have been a 2 degrees C / 35F bike ride with some chilly eastern winds. I’m counting myself incredibly lucky for being able to continue my training over here in the Netherlands in relatively pleasant conditions.

  353. It has been brutal in Southern VA. I’m pretty good down into the teens for riding, but a few weeks ago, I went out–and came right back in after 12 miles. Cold!

  354. Martin Hammer

    Running 19km this weekend in -5˙C and with a windspeed of 10m/s making it feels like -20˙C…

  355. FJ

    December 2013, Switzerland, snowing, -10C (14F), and there I was riding my mountain bike on the way home from work. You know it’s cold when your derailleurs feeze up… just as I hit the 250m ascent to get home (this country is anything but flat!)

  356. Eric M.

    .mu first northern Michigan and I’m dealing with this polar vortex. Been running pretty regularly in sub zero air temps and windchills in the savings-10 to have-20 range

  357. Greg

    -30 c, -40 windchill 10 mile run. Would say this is the norm. Here is story even! link to

  358. Maxime Blais

    My worst this winter was -17℃ (feels like -23℃)
    Proof : link to
    I remember my finger were so cold I had to put them in some private place to warm them..
    Greetings from Québec,Canada

  359. Raydi Cham

    cold? can’t imagine swimming during winter. I live in southeast asia, the coldest I’ve diped in probably warm to most of you guys :)

  360. Running 12 miles in the first blizzard of the new year. Thought the snow was supposed to start later than it did so I got stuck in it. About 3 degrees with a -5 windchill

  361. Kevin

    Polar vortex 12 degree F 10mile run , 20mph wind and snow

  362. Remco Raaphorst

    Winter has not arrived in the Netherlands yet :( Coldest run so far was yesterday’s long run that I started at 1°C and got a little warmer at 4°C a few hours later when I finished the run. I would love to see some snow and ice soon and get outside and run for a few hours!!

  363. Stijn

    i’m still waiting for the winter to come along in belgium
    i did a bike ride on the F1 circuit of francorchamps at around freezing point, it was closed so there was no one there to tell me i wasn’t allowed to do so

  364. yuval aharoni

    120 km ride in 6am, 2 degrees (Celsius)

  365. Donnie Brooks

    21 degree North Myrtle Beach SC 15k winter run on Jan 25th 2014. Annual 15k race here in NMB. 21 degree temp with 30 mile an hour gust winds. So it felt much colder than 21. It was miserable and slow! The winds were coming out of the south that day so the last 1.5 miles down ocean blvd were nothing but a headwind. Miserable way to end the race.

  366. john b

    Ran 6 miles while light snow fell @ 20 degrees with combat boots on through rockefellar preserve trails in westchester ny

  367. Mike P.

    During the recent polar vortex, I was able to get out for a 6 mile run in -4F with a -25 windchill. No cars were allowed on the roads, per sheriff’s order, due to a snow emergency. It would have been eerily peaceful if it weren’t for the painful temperature.

  368. Eric

    I went for a long run last Sunday; I took hot water with me. By the time I got back home the water I had not drunk was frozen.

  369. Jakub Malina

    Last week I and my friends done a 13.5 km run. In the middle we were on top of a hill where the temperate showed -12’C.

  370. Elliot

    The water temp has been pretty cold down for the Manly to Shelly beach swim. 21° celsius… 70° fahrenheit. Ok, so not that cold! Sorry for living in Australia!

  371. Marc

    Well, we really didn’t have a cold winter yet in the Netherlands.
    So the coldest run this winter was around -2 degrees Celcius for about 15 km.

  372. Lars Riegman

    The de coldest running was in 4 degrees Celsius. It’s one of the warmest winters in The Netherlands :-)

  373. Dan

    A couple of weeks back went for my normal Sunday morning run and it was in the 20’s and very windy. Was dressed for the weather so it wasn’t too bad. It’s suppose to be in the 60’s this Sunday 😉

  374. Darragh

    Nothing crazy cold logged on the bike, worst was close to zero deg. C but most between 4 and 6 degrees. Positively balmy compared to the ice and snow experienced by others but try to tell my feet that after forgetting overshoes once or twice resulting in some very cold and painful piggys after 70 or 80km of training!

  375. Francis

    -15 run in the snow and ice, after 15 minutes, my breathing wS beginning to have a strident sound.

    Still enjoyed it.

  376. John

    I live in Wisconsin and it has been COLD. Like so cold the kids have had three “snow” days because the wind chills were below -30 and they couldn’t send them outside to the bus.

    Despite this, I live about 2 miles from my office and commute via bike or walking whenever I can. Just this week it was -5 when I left. My wife’s parting words “Don’t call me for a ride when you get penile frostbite”

    Having said that, the coldest bike ride was early in the year when the high was five. The wind blew in my face the entire trip home and it got so cold I kept alternating a hand under my arm to try and stay warm. And then my pedal broke and fell of the bike. There I was, one handed and one footed biking home with sub zero wind chill. Fun times!

  377. Rafael Tadashi

    I don´t usually run/cycle during winter. But 10 degrees would be the minimum

  378. Andrzej K.

    Last week at Warsaw, Poland.
    It was about -10°C degrees (14.00° Fahrenheit) and plenty of snow, very drifty and slippery and I having 17K run.

  379. Tom Edwards

    Last weekend… 20miles in 15F, about 0F with windchill. Lots of snow and ice too! Training for DC marathon so more long cold winter runs to come

  380. Erika

    Went for a run in -15C when visiting the parents close to the Arctic circle. Refreshing!

  381. Antonio Cruz

    It’s not very cold in Portugal compared with other places, but is cold enough for me. I had 2º C this winter, with wind and rain.

  382. Danny Wijnstekers

    -5 celsius on a nice winter evening. I must say, I love running in the cold!

  383. Eric F

    18 degrees out before windchill in Maryland. Had to buy Yaktrax. Didn’t want to run but had Disney Marathon in a few weeks.

  384. Jim Cansler

    I live in Dallas so it doesn’t get too cold here. Coldest run was probably in the mid 30’s but then it started to rain… cold and wet doesn’t go too well….even in Dallas. 😛

  385. Owen Delaney

    Coldest this winter has to be the aptly named Brass Monkey half marathon in York, UK. Had been injured for a few weeks leading up to it, so preparation wasn’t the best, but did somehow manage to pull out a new pb, finishing in 1:24, only to end up coming down for a week with flu and further aggravation to the knee injury. But it was worth it!

  386. Wouter Crooy

    Fortunately we have a not that cold winter this time in The Netherlands. Though last sunday temperature dropped on a sunday morning ride to 2C which is doable. But not if there’s eastern wind which has a realfeel of about -3C. But then again if I see other tempuratures then I consider myself lucky. Though as an ice-skater, I can’t wait till it actually freezes :-)

  387. Kristina

    I was doing a run last week in a -12’C (10’F).

  388. Han

    Sorry everyone. Spoilt here in Oz this time of year. It was cool and raining 2 days ago though at 20 degrees C and took me 2 minutes longer to warm up for my 6am run!

  389. Przemyslaw Mycek

    Last weekend 10k Run through Warsaw city center and along river. Temp. -12 Celsius

  390. Sebastian

    This year is so far bad with sport, but at least weather is very moderate so far and I only did some cycling at around 0 degC… it’s one of the warmest winters in my life… (Denmark)

  391. Aldis

    For the last month running in -10C-14C is the norm overhere (RIGA,Latvia) . However the coldest run for me was at -17C two days ago. Swimming as usual +27C. Haven’t dared to bike though.

  392. Jeremy

    I think for me, it had to have been yesterday. It was about -20 Celsius with the wind chill. I had a balaclava on, and it was so bad that the moisture from my breath was beginning to freeze on the side of my face that was facing the wind.

    Oh, the joys of winter running.

  393. David James

    Regaining my mental sanity from countless hours of indoor training was worth braving 10°F a couple weeks back… or so I thought. I discovered how inadequate my winter gloves were that day; my fingers ached for hours post-ride.

  394. Christoph

    -10°C last weekend. I have to run 26km today at -2°C. brr

  395. Jessika

    Minus a lot! I’m new to winter running but I found out that it’s actually not lethal.

  396. Michael Gross

    Coldest run so far is -2F at the start if a run here in Bucks County, PA. The toughest though was a morning in the 20’s F where a friend and I hoped to sneak in 16 miles before bad weather hit. We drive to a local state park to run. Bad Move! About 5 miles in a light drizzle started which created a thick sheet if ice on everything! Yak traks were no match for this surface. Had to leave the cars in the park and slide home!!!

  397. Aris Laureano

    Went out for my usual 5 mile run but it was 15 degrees out didn’t bother to look at the windchill factor (-5). Before the first mile hands and feet were frozen and scrambled to cut my route short and it quickly turned into a run for my life! Ended up doing 3.41 miles but it took about an hour to get the feel back into my hands and feet! Never again!

  398. Caio Graciolli

    Almost 4° during the Dopey Challenge preparation in Orlando, FL!

  399. Runno

    I running on mornings outside.
    I hav eskymask and two pairs of gloves and then I have warm. usualy here -14 to -20degrees celisus, previous last weeks

  400. Marc

    I would love to go out for a long run with snow and cold temperatures, but I’m still waiting for the winter 😉
    Somehow it seems winter doesn’t want to arrive in the Netherlands this year…..
    (I read some other replies above that winter isn’t here yet….)
    Next week temp. will go up again :(

    Coldest run for me was a 20 km. run at about 3 degrees Celcius.

  401. Scott

    9 deg f 6 mile run last week. I’m a wimp when it comes to cold

  402. Gina

    Walking on the treadmill, it’s pretty much always the same:-(

  403. smachim

    No cold weather in Miami :(

  404. Azrul Syaffiq

    As for me, I’m from Malaysia which don’t have any winter. My coldest run was during Tokyo Marathon last year which is probably around 6 C which I ran with my traditional costume to promote my country to the world. However last week, I ran 100km Ultra in Hong Kong which around 12 C to 18 C. Quite freezing for me as I’m not getting used with cold climate, but I managed to finish the race.

  405. Dathan Chesnut

    Training for a marathon, had to do a 16 mile long run in 10 degree F, with -5 windchill. At least it was sunny. Your Helsinki run inspired me to get out there. Plus 16 miles is an awefully long way on a treadmill.

  406. Ryan Jackson

    Hi back in November I had a fantastic +30C trail run in Cave Creek Arizona on vacation. Two days later I was back home in Calgary, Canada running at -20C / -30C with wind chill on snow packed forest trails. I absolutely loved the extremes. Best thing about the cold weather is you don’t stop running!!! Props to Icebugs.

  407. Jerome F.

    Dec 30th on a visit to Canada, ran outside where the temperature dropped from 22F at the start to 10F at the end, resulting in frostbites on….of all places…my stomach!!!

  408. Peter D

    3 Weeks ago in the morning around 6 am I’ve been out for a run at -6 degrees in Frankfurt, Germany

  409. Kyle

    It was around -12F with wind chills over -20F was so covered up my kids said I looked like a running ninja.

  410. Olav Krogsæter

    Last Saturday. Riding for over three hours in 0 degrees Celsius and gale force winds here in W-Norway.

  411. Peter

    Not been too cold in my part of the UK yet. Lowest was a 5 miler at 2 degrees. Been plenty wet though.

  412. I think my coldest run this winter was probably mid-teens for outside temp. I have done both training runs and even a 5K aptly called the Frosty 5K in those temps this winter. I’m ready for some spring weather!

  413. A two and a half hours training ride with my cycling team at -3°C a couple of days ago in Germany

  414. Richard McDowell

    Swimming in Lake Bled, Slovenia in November. Core temperature was fine in my wetsuit, hands and feet weren’t too bad in neoprene gloves/booties, but water was too cold on the face for normal freestyle. Water temp about 8 degrees C. Managed about 30 minutes of head-up freestyle and backstroke before my hands and feet were complaining…

  415. David Westermann

    I had a run in -6 degrees (real degrees not that Fahrenhei stuff 😉 ) last wednesday

  416. Alex

    Snowy run in the mountains of central Japan.

  417. Mike

    The first week in January I went surfing in ocean city with outside temps in the teens and water temps in the 30s.

  418. Adrian

    My coldest run was at about 0 degrees Celsius in Bucharest, Romania.

  419. JasminTH

    Biking during during a recess in Montreal temperature were the concrete is dray, but the weather is stil cold (10 F) . You then really realize you should have proper winter biking shoes, not anything with a mesh to wick away humidity… And you realize there is just a slight part of your neck that is not well covered

  420. Brenda Frambes

    The coldest I’ve managed was 37 degrees. I’m a sissy. But I make up for it by toughing out three hour trainer rides in the basement.

  421. Mieszko

    My coldest run this year was 26.01.14. My sunday long run.
    It was -17C (wind chill -28C).
    I had my buff on my face so I could breath normally.
    After 150 min of running buff was totally frozen…

  422. Wandering Dervish

    Ray –

    I ran about 3 miles in 11 degrees with a bit of rain thrown in on the 15th of January in Gurgaon, India. I never get lucky with these giveaways but you never know. People posting here seem to brave the elements and get on with it.


  423. I live in South Florida so anything below 50 is COLD! On Thanksgiving morning, it started out in mid 40’s and I rode 90 miles with a crazy headwind the entire time. Knowing that it would warm up to 80 degrees by noon, I had only a Tri suit and arm warmers on. I totally considered myself a cold weather BadAss that morning. Ha!

  424. Paul Desmidt

    it’s never been under 3°C this year so no cold rides!

  425. Lorenzo Balmeo

    I ran several miles on a 18F. Felt awesome!

  426. Mike Gault

    I’m a wimp compared to most of these people. In nj I’ve done a 2 hr 30 degree ride a few times and ran into the teens a few times. Otherwise I just train indoors!!!

  427. rodrigo link

    A 10k run around Trondheim, Norway, at 6am, in October. Only time I had to run. About 4°C, and it had rained the night before. I took a wrong turn (running with a map isn’t easy!) and tried to stop while running in a wooden bridge. The next thing I know, my feet slipping and I fall on my butt… The next 5k were a pain in the ass!

  428. Ganabu

    Wish it was winter. 35+ degree Celsius runs here in Australia are more common this time of year! Some chilly mornings would be nice.

  429. Alex J

    4 miles run last Saturday in Bucharest…. – (minus) 11°C and bonus 70km/h wind and snow storm. Like it !

  430. Nathan D.

    My coldest swim was not this winter but early fall while I was trying to get one last open water swim in. I was living in Germany on a lake and I went out only for about 250m and could barely get back up on the dock I was so cold.

    Cold rest bike this winter was yesterday… It was around 12* and even lower with wind chill… I don’t have much by way of winter cycling gear so I layered with whatever I had lying around. I didn’t last long there either.

  431. Daniel

    Ran the Clearwater marathon about two weeks ago and the starting temp was 38. I scraped ice off my windshield that morning to get there. Probably not unusual for some, but Clearwater is in Florida.

  432. I’ve spent most of my time this winter indoors, on my spinning bike. I did manage an outdoor ride on January 13th. We had a brief break from our ongoing polar vortex (29° F). I’m new to cycling, only started this past June, but I miss being outdoors so much!

  433. Hendrik

    Coldest so far was 6°C for 94km of cycling. Lousy winter 😉

  434. Mark

    I skate skied at -9F a a week ago Wednesday befor it turned cold. I set that as my unofficial cold temperature limit.

  435. Ivan Diaz

    My coldest ride was last November, a long ride uphills from 5oC to reach the snow at -3oC here in Madrid (Spain). Some runs with around -2 or -11 oC, but the sensation of loosing your toes and fingers is greater riding than running.

  436. Jim O'Donovan

    My worst was last week in 3 degrees C but rain rain rain. After 2 hours I have to get help removing my soaked cloths as I was numb all over. A tepid shower almost scalded me. Not nice.

  437. Victor

    Here in Melbourne, Australia I wish we had a bit more of the cold weather. This weekend will be 41 degrees Celsius on both days! Rides become a matter of guzzling water or else!

  438. asia

    15 km run – 17C, cold as hell :)

  439. Michael

    16 mile long run in 9-degree F two Saturdays ago, southwest suburbs of Chicago. Ready for spring!

  440. Juwon Suh

    Awesome givaway! Coldest run this year was 10 degrees and windy long run in snow. After run my nose hair froze and had soaked socks from the snow.

  441. JamieL

    Even in Dubai we get winter – had a couple of morning ride where the temperature was <10C!!

  442. Tobias

    Last Weekend, -11 degress Celcius, 10,5 km in a very nice snowy forest

  443. Ryan morin

    Coldest runs this winter have been pushing close to minus 30 Celsius. Factoring in the windchill it pushes closer to -35 Celsius.

  444. Kevin C

    I’ve done several runs in the mid 20’s this winter. This is my first season running in the cold and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how great it feels, if you dress correctly. After about 10 minutes of running I don’t even notice how cold it is!

  445. Tobias

    -5 C during a run last week. But thats not that cold being in sweden. I tend to choose my treadmill more often during the winter… :)

  446. Rob Forshaw

    I had a cyclocross race the morning after a snow storm where 8″ of snow was dumped on the ground. It was a smaller race so the course wasn’t really cleared. Needless to say brakes didn’t work. Only way to slow down was to let your leg drag in the snow! I had to use de icer on my drive train and wheels so my wheels wouldn’t get jammed. Great race though wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

  447. Ripon

    Cold cold cold !!! Freaking cold !!! Did my last marathon on Jan 19. From next time onwards I’ll do races only in fall and summers. Polar vortex is too much chaos for humans :)

  448. Vladimir

    Ran a bit of snow trail in -15 Celsius last Saturday. Went skiing right after.

  449. Deep in the polar vortex here in Minnesnowta… since I currently have a stress fracture and can’t run, I’m missing out on running in temps well below zero. The coldest I’ve ever ran in, however, was last winter: -5ºF (does that count?!). My eyelashes were white at the finish.

  450. Andrew

    A nice ride in 13 degree F with sub zero wind chill. About 25 miles before I had to come back in and thaw. :)

  451. Chang Siew Kwan

    -6 at Paris with strong wind and rain…

  452. Jonathan Hoag

    25k run at our local park (Oak Openings). -15 F. With. 25mph wind. 6 inches of snow wearing my new Solomon Snow Cross shoes. It was great. Took me 2:45 which is over an hour longer that my PR for that course.

  453. Michael Swann

    Cold? It’s the middle of summer here. I don’t do cold, that’s what the gym is for.

  454. Justin F.

    Nothing too exciting – just a 30M sprint from the parking lot to the gym at about 20F.

  455. Maciek

    My coldest run this winter: -18 Celsius – freezing cold!

  456. Amedeo

    just a run at 3°C: cold but not so much here in Naples

  457. We have had below zero weather for a week or so this past month. This didnt give me much choice but to have to bundle up the best I could to get out there. My coldest day was -12 with just a bit of wind, I lasted about a mile, but then finished up 3 more on my unheated porch where it was 2* haha Mainers are tough!!

  458. Joël Hopper

    1 degree F. Yesterday in Ashevile. 5K of hills with packed snow underfoot is all it took to convince me I should have stayed indoors.

  459. Chris

    It’s currently summer in Australia and coldest I’ve run in recently was almost 30 degrees celcius!

  460. Joe

    Bike ride for 15 miles at 32f to start off the new year.

  461. Ian Grant

    As usual, British weather is a sort of mildly unpleasant, wet, middle ground, rather than any awe-inspiring extreme of coldness (or, god forbid, heat)… however, my recent change of commute means my cold, evening run now ends at a train station with an enclosed, heated waiting room – no more freezing on the platform cos the train is late – hurrah!

  462. Marcel

    Cold 9km run Yesterday mornimg in my hometown of Copenhagen. -4c Wind blowing 25km/h windchill about -11

  463. Ka Ta

    Being from the tropics, there is no snow in my country. However, it was really cool recently and a 22 deg Celsius temperate helped me achieve my fastest ever 21km near a local reservoir last Sunday.

  464. -15 while running in Austrian Alps on a skiing vacation :) Could jump in the sauna straight after.

  465. Andrew

    Everyday run do/from work for the last 2 weeks in Polish winter (about -20C). Never give up! :)

  466. Robert

    Went running in the middle of our last snow storm in single diggites.

  467. Chris Young

    My kids are getting restless in the house not being able outside. So, my wife and I took all 3 of my girls for a run in the 2 Bob Strollers. 4mi run 25°F (-3.8C). Go SeaHawks and Thank you for all your hard work.

  468. Umberto

    here there isn’t too much cold and I keep on running without problems

  469. Kasia

    Last week along the beach with gusty winds, I think about -15C to -20C

  470. Barry 'Dangerman' C

    First open water training session of the year, March 2013, swimming in the local quarry. Not sure of the temperature but it was cold enough to convert my ‘gentlemans equipment’ into a ‘mangina’. Not pleasant!

  471. Byron Carle

    Went for a ride in -10 temps last week then retired to indoor trainer untill warmer – hoping spring comes sooner rather than later!

  472. lisa appelson

    Very happy to say that living in Israel means that my coldest run outside was about 50°F and i probably wore as much gear as others do when it’s 30 degrees colder. I would not be able to survive this winter in other places on the globe. Makes me cold just reading about it!

  473. Glen Huybrechts

    Coldest ride this year was about 0°C – 1°C… It didn’t get any colder yet this year in Antwerp 😀

  474. Harrison zucker

    It was March in Ohio, and the snow stopped for a few days and the roads were clear. So I decided to try a ride in the frigid temps. It was only 17 degrees F but with Windchill if was -4○f. That was my coldest ride!

  475. John

    20 f for a long run during marathon training.

  476. cj

    I have totally lost this one. I work on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, so all my runs have been in super warm sunny weather.

  477. DRino

    riding on the Vesuvio with snow on the side of the street is fantastic!

  478. paul bolton

    10k cross country running race on boxing day. After weeks of rain the weather changed and froze the tops of the puddles. Icy ankle splashes and slippy paths. Fantastic.

  479. Craig

    Surprisingly, not very cold here in northern Scotland. Coldest ride probably about -3C, was lots of ice on the forest tracks, fell off a few times.

  480. Robert

    My wife and I did a mud run here in Texas when it was in the 30’s outside. We’re talking cold, wet, and windy.

  481. Thomas Brock

    So far the coldest run was a 3-mile jog around my neighborhood after this week’s snow/ice storm. It was pretty treacherous and after a few slips and near falls, I kinda wish I hadn’t gone!

    But I lived.

    Thanks for the great site and hard work!

  482. morten duelund

    Thursday running. Temp Was minus 5 degrees and Wind strong. Han problems talking after 10k lips froze up

  483. Paul

    Got out one sunny morning for a run, air was crispy cold, had to wear a scarf over my mouth and nose to warm the air that i was breathing. it was -25C that morning.

  484. Anne M.

    10 snowy miles in -5 F!

  485. Fabiana

    it could be cold but I swim in an indoor pool

  486. Bill Fish

    The coldest I have run this year was 16 with a stiff breeze

  487. On december a short run in the Pyrenees to see the sunrise with my dog, about -4 ºC

  488. Matt Underwood

    A group of us decided to keep open water swimming though into December in the UK. On my last swim it was probably 6c or something like that. I thought I was drinking a lot more lake than usual.. my lips had got so cold that I couldn’t seal my mouth! That was when it was time to call it a day for the rest of the year.


  489. avolas

    It had to be a 12K interval workout, 4 degrees celsius, pouring and real windy. It turned out to be a fartleg, during which I refused to run slow and ran as fast as I could to get myself home as soon as possible.

  490. Chuck Potter

    about 10degF in Rock Creek Park last week!

  491. Rob F

    Track workout in the snow (windchill of 3). Problem was, it was after work and I forgot my good socks so ran it in dress socks. Ended up with frostbite on my toe.

    Although not the coldest temp, but it felt like it.

  492. Chris

    One hour run @2 degrees with a windchill of – 10. Totally fine until the hill sprints when my lungs said “no way idiot”

  493. Faspi

    the worst situation for me was running in the snow….just few meters

  494. Brian

    Hong Kong doesn’t usually get cold but my coldest ride and wind chill dropped down to sub 7*C.

  495. Phillip Partridge

    It was a life threatening 0°C and I had to run because I only had a few days left to achieve my RunKeeper goal. :)

  496. Chris

    -15 F; ipod stopped working

  497. Thorsten

    Tabata interval training in the dark, at 0°C, slight rain. Clock showed 11pm. Did not find time to do it earlier. Drunk folks on their way to parties hat a big time cheering. 😉

  498. Craig

    Run last week in Ohio was -10C for 6 miles at night. It was still more pleasant to run at subzero than the day a I had at work.

  499. Rem

    Yesterday I was late at the office , yet i planned to go back to home by run. so at 8pm i started from west of Paris “Ile de la jatte” and then across Paris via Champ Elysée , Concorde, Hotel de Ville, Bercy, and finally crossed “Periphérique”, but i was just at the middle of my run, 12 more K to go down to St-Maur along la Marne.
    I reach homesweathome at 10:30pm , nice 24k run@Paris by night.

  500. Jonas C

    Way too many -30C days this winter. Had to do a lot indoors.

  501. Clint Lehman

    In Cincinnati we have been a part of this polar vortex. My running buddies and I have gone out on several runs where the temps are in the low single digits and the wind chills are in the negative teens. Its one of those things that doesn’t get better the more you do it. It is still bitterly cold every time.

  502. pwb7106

    Coldest ride was 21 miles @ 22 degrees F.

  503. Fabio Reis

    My coldest ride/run in the last couple of months were about 25-28ºC. Dont have winter around here! 😀

  504. Dave

    I ran in 25 degrees in NYC in Central Park. That’s one of the warmest days we’ve had in the last month, so I figured it wouldn’t be thaaaat bad. It was…

  505. Dominika

    Last weekend I was running with my dog when it was about -12C. For my husky snow is like cocaine;)

  506. vitek

    Bad Homburg, Germany, coldest we had here this year was just -2°C, so nothing to brag about, works actually nice for me running, compared to too much heat.

  507. Emily

    -20C one long run Sunday my first winter of 30k race training. Ugh.

  508. Nikki Gomez

    Berkeley Marina swim in 51F water. Couldn’t feel my face afterwards.

  509. Anthony Yuri

    About 8C in my first half marathon in São Paulo. Anyway, it was a great day!

  510. Sash

    10k Training Run. On the half way Temperatur Droped from 16 to 1 degree with rain freezing to Ice

  511. Brian G

    Coldest bike ride was -21 degrees with the windchill……however I was on my trainer in my basement :). Hey, don’t judge….it was cold in the basement too !!

  512. Jay Kern

    25° 10K run in Atlanta about a week ago. Triflex tights made it pretty comfy.

  513. Iván Higuera

    It was my first time in the road, it was also the coldest morning I recall, probably 2ºC which is kind of rare, even to Bogotá, which is at 2600-3000 meters over sea level.

  514. Nicolas Bernier

    In November, I rode on November 15th for 2hours and a half at 8°C (without windchill) and I ran in the winter of 2012 probably at around -20°C but since then, I prefer running on a treadmill at the gym in winter :)

  515. Pete T

    My best, and worst cold weather run was boxing day, in my new Inov8 trainers in -3 deg C with ice all over the place. I managed to slip over and got myself a nice bruise on my hip, but got a 5k PB 😀

  516. Robert

    10C rideing my bike to rehab, not doing to much training this year, yet

  517. I did a polar bear swim on 1/1/14 when it was 27 degrees out. I did a run later that day and its about as cold as I’ve been out.

  518. Thomas

    My coldest run was 5 F during the first polar vertex in Tennessee

  519. Matt J

    8 mile training run with myTEAM TRIUMPH. Air temp was 4 degrees with a fells like temp of -10 degrees. I was sporting the best ice beard I’ve ever had.

  520. Justin Forehand

    About three weeks ago I ran two days in a row where it was low single digits and the wind chill was -3. Thats pretty cold for Huntsville, AL.

  521. Matthias

    Well, as the winter in Germany is really mild this year the coldest run was just yesterday at about 0°C – nice hill sprints with my triathlon running group.

  522. Jeremy

    10 miles in 7 degrees at 5am this week in icy cold DC.

  523. Russ K

    Polar Vortex in Northern Virginia this month! Temperatures in the teens and a little breezy along a very familiar Russell Road loop.

  524. Adam

    12 miles, 12 degrees. New rule: The temp should always be more than the distance.

  525. Karen Page

    Sadly, I’ve not ridden much this winter. I rode last Sunday between polar vortex events at 50f. Used my Christmas present the new Garmin Tour to record my ride. I read about it here before Santa pulled the trigger.

  526. Jake

    I live in Wisconsin the wind chill was in the -40’s and I still road to work.

  527. Alfredo

    I live in Columbus, Ohio and ran during the first polar vortex that came in and it was 6 miserable miles in 5″ of snow and -15°F wind chill. A few days later I was in Tampa, FL where I ran in shorts and a T-shirt in 52°F weather. I saw people in full winter gear and they stared at me like was crazy. A day after I got back from Florida, another polar vortex hit and I again ran in snowy and miserably cold weather for 12 miles this time. By far my slowest run… Ever. Sometimes I wonder why I live here.

  528. Kelly

    A few days ago I ran 5 miles at zero degrees… With wind gusts up to 25mph…the first mile was tough, but I was fine after that except for the occasional wind gust. Never regret a workout! But that was the toughest and coldest I’ve done.

  529. CW

    This is my first winter running outdoors and I have been testing my weather limits. I had my two coldest runs this week, both around 20 degrees and closer to 10 with wind chill. Distances were 8.5 miles and 3.5 miles. My face and fingertips got pretty cold, need to try mittens instead of gloves.

  530. Mario Lira Junior

    Well, we are at the summer down here in Brazil, and last winter I must have faced a freezing +25C here in Recife, Brazil. Seriously, though, my coldest running ever was at Tampa, Florida, early november 2013 at about +10C…
    Since we are at 8ºS here, right at or below sea level and by the Atlantic, we don´t get much temperature variation, and only two seasons. It either rains or it doesn´t :)

  531. lex

    It hasn’t frozen here in the south of the Netherlands this winter yet, so I’ve not really completed any cold training this winter. AND I LIKED IT!

  532. luis p

    Living in south Florida means that my coldest bike ride was about a couple of weeks ago at 38 degrees. Freezing for our standards :)

  533. Alfredo

    -1 Celsius here in Italy.

  534. Brandon L

    Not exactly this winter, but last April actually, here in Cincinnati it was still quite cold in the morning (low 20s on occasion), when my running partner and I happened upon some ice. We slowed down and I took what I thought was a very careful step to try to just “float” across the ice patch. Next thing I know, I’m on the ground. Finished the run, but ended up with a sprained elbow and, though I didn’t realize it until months later, probably some damage to my wrist (which still plagues me to this day).

  535. Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon – and it’s only in the teens (Celcius that is)…so really it’s probably “warm” for you guys.
    Hot and humid is the theme over here.

  536. Lars

    Coldest iride n the Aussie “winter” was 0C on a ride to the local hills – rainy, windy and felt very cold.

  537. Greg Gwynn

    Not my coldest run but just did the Charleston Marathon in 31 degree temp and running into a 30 mph wind the entire time!! My coldest training run was 8 degrees but at least it wasn’t windy!!

  538. Coldest ride was about 8°, not that cold when running but on the bike without proper gloves or shoe cover I was feeling icy :)

  539. David P

    Numerous below zero run commutes to work, I’m the guy that shows up when other people won’t drive.

  540. John

    Coldest run was at about 10 degrees. Nothing like having sweat freeze!

  541. Z-74

    I think it was last February… the Vesuvius was full of snow and we had a 6°C on the Kayak in the Gulf… I fell because of a side-wave hitting me and since I was all sweated because of fatigue I felt a windchill that I almost fainted…

    Coach “RED” shouted and woke me up just in time before the K sank down to the bottom.

    I can’t say the temp because the MemBelt has no thermometer (unlike T6 or Ambit2) but I figured it was about 8°C.

    Warmer than out in the air (breezing from Maestrale) but I couldn’t feel the difference because of the thermo shock of my fall.

    Swimming… just trying to float there! AHAHAHAHAAH

  542. Eduardo

    Live in Sao Paulo and last winter I ran it was close to 40F! Not bad for European standards but pretty cold for us!

  543. Michael Garner

    4.5 mile run. wind chill was 18 below. Unfortunatley, when i left the house, I just looked at the temp being just 4 and thought, i will be ok. nope.

  544. Nicole Thomas

    Wednesday, January 29, 8º run with wind. my previous coldest run was a balmy 15º

  545. Vitor

    It was 34ºc in Curitiba, i run 6.6miles

  546. Alex Rose

    I did the Tough Guy run in the UK last week. 15k through running through mud, swimming through ice cold water, climbing ridiculous obstacles and crawling through flooded tunnels all in 5*c plus wind and rain! Was definitely suffering from hypothermia by the end.

  547. Stefan

    Not much of a winter so far in Germany, so my coldest run was just yesterday evening at -2 °C but wind chill -7 °C.

  548. Zack

    Not too bad for me. 5 mile run in about 8 degrees with wind chill to about -15.

  549. Carlos

    -4F (-18C) last week here in CT!

  550. It was a “cold” 45 degrees on a 12 mile ride earlier this year.

  551. Alan Ashley

    Cold Run – 19 miles and the temp was 17*F. My beard froze and it took nearly 4 miles to get any type of warm in me. Worst part was stopping for my running buddy after 11 miles. Never did get warm again the last 8 miles. For reference, in Georgia, US. Avg in January is 34* low.

  552. Ola

    This winter it hasn’t been that bad – on January 12 I ran with my running group at -4 °C

  553. Julia

    I ran a 15k last March, and the temperature was in the 30s. It wasn’t until the end that I realized that I was having a hard time moving the muscles in my face due to the cold. Thanks for the great reviews. I’m not a fast runner, but I’ve done three half marathons in the past two years and bought the Garmin 620 based on your review.

  554. I ran Christmas Day in 15F weather at my in law’s in Philly. Since I live in Wilmington, NC this was a huge shock to the system!

  555. Alejandro

    28 degrees in 20 mph winds with rain here in the UK. Pretty weak I know, but thats as cold as it gets.

    • Coldest outdoor activity this winter has been a morning group run. The temp was -8f with windchills somewhere in the -35f range. Got to love the below average Minnesota temps!

  556. Matt S

    Miru peninsula in kanagawa, Japan a couple of days ago. -2C and winds at about 15knots.

  557. Jeff Ryder

    IMLT details are now infamous

  558. Kai

    14K run in chilly -21°C. Not too bad once you’re out the door.

  559. JP Miller

    Coldest run? -1 at 4:45am last week. Gotta get ’em done when you can!

  560. Mike

    Mostly on the trainer these days. Tuesday night rides finished and the Friday night either hikes, snowshoes or rides. Possible ride tonight and it will be above freezing today!
    Night rides are definitely the coldest but the beer and wins make up for that.

  561. Sandy Milton

    Last Sunday’s 6.5 mile trail run in Falkland, Scotland. I’ve just started running with the local Trail Running club – Falkland Trail Runners (aka The Psycho Squirrels). A great group who are encouraging a mature (53 year old) newbie and inspiring me to get fitter, faster and healthier. 6.5 miles; 2°C, horizontal rain and sleet…and we were all smiling (afterwards).

  562. diplomatack

    75 degrees F. I live in Central America. It doesn’t get too cold here. :-)

  563. Wouter

    Because the US get’s all the cold this year: so he coldest ride this year was at 2C near Amsterdam, The Netherlands…

  564. Minnesotan here, so you all with your cold running stories. So cute.

    About three weeks ago there was cold-pocalypse happening here. Stories on the news do tend to revolve around how freaking idiotically cold it is in the winter here, but this was going to be extraordinary – like -20F air temperature, and of course worse wind chill. I’ve been a running a little less recently, partially because it is cold and partially because I’ve been working on some other projects. I wasn’t going to let the cold keep me away from ramping up my mileage though – I decided I wanted to run on the coldest day of the year.

    5K later, I had a sweatcicle on each ear, a beard full of frozen, and some eye-lash icicles as well.

    Lately the coldest it gets is -10F or so, and I tell myself that I can make it through, because heck, I ran when it was colder, no problems.

  565. riv_111

    Right around 0 degrees F. I’ve purchased 4 new pairs of gloves this season and just can’t keep the hands warm.

  566. maxbre

    Evening run in south Germany: at end i realized it was -14 Celsius…

  567. Ronen ofek

    Coldest run was 28 Degrees F. Decision made… Move to treadmill below 32…

  568. Mike

    Chilly London weather before my winter gear showed up. only about 0 degrees but with no thermals it may have well of been -20!!!

  569. Robert

    I did my coldest race ever on Jan. 4th, a 10k trail run and it was 13 degrees when we pulled in the parking lot. A couple days later I ran and it was a minus 2 chill factor. The coldest ride was a 28 degree mountain bike ride.

  570. Zoe Gibbs

    Having joined a running club back in October we run in the evenings. Probably the coldest night so far was around 3 degrees Celsius so not too bad at all, especially for this time of year in the UK

  571. Federico

    Since it’s summer here in Argentina, I’ll give you the hottest :).
    It was not too bad actually, close to 40°C when climbing to see the the Tour de San Luis stage 2 summit finish.

  572. Andy B

    10 mile run in -10 temps. Brrr….

  573. Jonathan Martel

    Christmas 5 km run at -25C ! That was cold!!!

  574. This winter, -2 degrees C was the lowest (as it’s still no real winter here), but last winter it was about -20 degrees C.

  575. Jd Meyer

    -5 Celsius in Dezember In Garmisch Partenkirchen. Awesome Alp scenary!

  576. Aasen

    Didnt go for running, but was -28 C when crosscountry skiing in Moscow, Ru.

  577. Mike Alexander

    I do 90% of my training indoors….I am not sure why, but I do. Also not sure why I decided to do a 10 mile negative split run earlier this week when the temperature was in the teens (F) at 5:00 a.m., then decided to do another 16 miler in the same conditions the following day. Day 3 (last of my running block for the week) was forced inside due to ice.

    btw….thanks for all of the reviews, it makes purchasing products so much easier….knowing all the details with an unbiased review.

  578. Josh Potter

    Not entirely sure what the temperature was, except it was incredibly cold. I had just got into cycling and a friend of mine was going for a ride so I joined him. After 10 minutes it started hailing, luckily the start of any ride I do is 30 minutes uphill, so I didn’t notice it too much, however, once we reached the top of the hill the temperature dropped even more and there was some serious wind chill as well. We didn’t turn back, although we did shorten the route to take out the big descents as I’m not sure we could have taken them – especially as we were both in shorts and a short sleeve jersey! Never again!

  579. Michael Kjaer

    Been injured the last couple of months, so the coldest training session I’ve had this winter was when the local gym’s heating system failed for a day – hope it still counts:)

  580. Run in 20 something and rain. Not bad compared to others but the arctic for those of us in Texas!

  581. Mike P

    Not sure if ‘cold’ is the right word for a number of runs I did in January in Manchester (UK), esp lookin at the North American winter these days: just above freezing (1 C / 34 F) – that’s still not bad considering temps around Christmas had been over 10 C / 50 F…

  582. Trisha

    It wasn’t that cold, but I stepped in a big, slushy puddle in the first quarter mile of my last run. 5 miles later I had very cold toes!

  583. Chris

    Coldest Run was about 12 degrees F, which was cold for sure. But the sun was out and not too windy, so really wasn’t bad at all.

  584. angelo

    Coldest ride was was 13 degree celcius. I think that is the coldest it has ever been here in the Philippines.

  585. Jack

    -12 degrees celsius a 25km long slow uphill from chamonix, france. brrrrrrr

  586. I’ve been in a blizzard that shut down Denver, another blizzard that was actually a little worse that didn’t shut down Cleveland, and running during a cold snap in Michigan where my beard gathered ice. Michigan was my coldest run with temperatures in the teens.

    I also live in far south Georgia, so cold is a rare issue for me. The heat gets pretty bad in the summer, and I disagree strongly with you. The Australians can complain all they want. I’d much rather have temperatures below freezing than over 90. I can always put on an extra layer and run harder. Hot weather just saps the spirit and makes me feel slow and pathetic. I actually gain weight in the summer because it’s so hard to get motivated to go out and do something when it’s that hot.

  587. Ivan

    To Enter: Give me the lowdown on the coldest swim/ride/run you’ve had this winter – simple as that!

  588. Daniela S.

    The coldest run I’ve done (approx. -20C) was running from the parked car to the gym. Yes it was only 10 seconds long. Yes I am a wimp. And yes I’ve done all my exercise including running, biking and weights at the gym all winter. I have a few 5K races coming up in February and March, so I will have to start running outside soon.

  589. Marky

    I flew back to Scotland from Texas in November completely forgetting that it is not quite as warm in Scotland at that time of year. Equipped with a pair of 5″ running shorts and a running vest i hit the streets of Lanark at 6pm. Locals were looking at me like an alien had just landed. People were out with layers upon layers on, even people driving their cars had layers upon layers and here was me pounding the pavement with blue legs, blue arms and a bright red nose. It had one benefit, i finished my run a lot faster than i expected. It was great to get back into the warmth for a cup of tea!

  590. Tim K

    I thought about running this weekend just to say I did it in the Great Blizzard of ’14 here in Atlanta, but I didn’t. I did wear gloves on a run a couple weeks ago though.

  591. Coldest? I was on the trainer in my basement when it was -18 outside. Manged to warm up to 20 degrees 2 days later, so a mountain bike road ride in the snow was in order.

  592. Sam

    I did 100x100s this winter with the local tri club. Wasn’t as hard as last year!

  593. Living in Sweden means a couple of months each year with cold conditions. This year has been quite “warm” so the coldest training is some 20K running in -11 ºC (12 ºF). Last winter was colder… did a 4h bike ride in -21 ºC (-5.8 ºF).

  594. Wally Bixby

    It was this past Tuesday, track workout, temperature 22 degrees Fahrenheit. 10-15 MPH winds. Did 1200 repeats with 400 recovery. When I was cooling down it started snowing.

  595. On Tuesday morning my Garmin 510 registered -1.5F. I had a 15 mph headwind while riding 20+ mph. Wind chill was around -35F, but I had 3-4 layers on which were enough to complete my 14 mile commute to work.

  596. Atis

    Previous Monday went out for a run when it was -11 C, but with all the wind and humidity felt like -17 C. Even after 3km of warm up it felt cold and then decided that some indoor activity will be more comfortable that evening.

  597. Brett

    Doing a 5 mile run a couple of days after an ice storm. I fell turning a corner and got soaked. It was a looooong 2 miles back to the house.

  598. Chris EHLERS

    Just yesterday after snowpocolyps Atlanta, I ran in 5 degree weather to retreave my wife’s car that she abandoned in a store parking lot after her 9 hour commute home. The normal trail that I run on was closed for repairs so I ran along a 4 lane road. An insane proposition any other day, but I had the road to myself except for the abandoned school buses and jackknifed trucks. Not thinking I grabbed my camelback for quick hydration (we don’t get temps this low often). It would have been the same if I had strapped a bag of ice to my back.

  599. Jonathan E

    Beach to Battleship 2013 swim. It was hovering right around freezing at the start, had to scrape ice off the windshield to get there!

  600. Francois

    January 3rd, start my 12k run at 6am.. -25C on the termometer.. quite cold!

    Go big or go home!

  601. Kris Tyson

    A run at -25F temp, -40F windchill earlier this month here in MN. Bundled up well for polar vortex #1!

  602. This winter has been extremely warm for me, since I moved from Finland where I’ve been running in -20 C to California, so I can’t really say that I’ve had a cold training session. Yeiiii for me!

  603. 12 degrees F run in NC on my way to a Parkrun (i volunteered at the race; my husband drove there to race and pick me up). i’m told we’re having an abnormally cold winter. it just snowed here!

  604. Sebas

    I went on a 32km run on Sunday and it was a freezing 10C… does that count? Sorry,not a very cold winter in the UK this year… just very very very very wet.

  605. Alex

    In the garage last night. Bloomin freezing with the fan on…

  606. Mike

    Did 10 mile trail run in 3 inches of fresh snow and 7F

  607. Swan


    During the first day (1/7/2014) of the “Polar Vortex” in NJ it was 3* F when I started riding and a whopping 7* when I finished over five hours later! Thank goodness for electric heated insoles!

  608. Warm winter in Italy…lucky year for me that hate the cold (frozen hands, bad road conditions, etc.)… Bike ride not colder than 5/6 °C….Love this condition!!!!!!

  609. Boom Bumanglag

    I went trail running with my RWB Teammates last week. Clodest run ever as im from Hawaii. hope i win….

  610. Wyatt

    I’ve been on a bike focus for most of the winter (on my KK Road Machine purchased from Clever Training–cheap plug!) so I haven’t been doing a lot of running outdoors. Thus, my coldest run this year has been around -20° C with the wind.

  611. Efraim Shaw

    I did a ride when it was 15 F out, It took a super long time to defrost. Yesterday I ran 6 Mi. in 10 F!

  612. Camp Murphy

    The winter has been brutal here in Texas. Wait…did I just disqualify myself?
    Anyway, I had a nice 5AM run at 25 degrees in December. I really didn’t feel the cold until hitting the open road and the wind struck. I couldn’t feel my thighs and used that to my advantage. Legs without feeling are legs that deserve to be pushed. It was a great run but I don’t know how I’d survive in a place with a “real” winter.

  613. Matt O

    Polar plunge in my local sandpit! Air temp 26F water temp 34F!

  614. Chris

    0 degrees when in high schol years ago. i moved to florida for a reason

  615. A two minutes run at -1 °C in Zurich, cut short to two minutes because of what turned out to be ITBS.

  616. Oct 26, 2013 The Pine Mountain Challenge is 115mile charity ride with an elevation gain of over 8,378 ft. The ride located in the southwestern part of Georgia & the starting temperature was 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The only reason I even did the ride in such cold temperatures was because I had DNF’d the year prior & told myself that I “HAD” to redeem myself for that terrible performance. I was literally frozen for the entire ride, the temperature never got above 40 degrees that day. It didn’t help that I had never ridden that far and or done that much climbing, & my PM stopped working which meant I had no proper way of pacing myself. Some how despite all those factors I still managed to complete the ride.

    link to

  617. John B

    36.3*F water temp swim in Alaska Feb 2013. And my dry suit leaked.

  618. Dan

    Florida boy here. Coldest run was 42 degrees. Actually used my arm warmers!

  619. Janusz

    2 days ago -8 Celsius during cold wind which made the feeling of -16 Celsius

  620. New Years Morning 20 degrees Fahrenheit with 20 mph winds.

  621. Gretchen

    Coldest: 23 degrees, 23mph winds, feels like of 7 degrees.

  622. Rocketman

    Hmm last run was a 5 mile race on New Years Day. I think it was a balmy 20 degrees. Haven’t run outside since!

  623. Omar

    Since your were in DC, you know how cold it was here this past week. I did a track workout (1000m repeats) in 10 degree weather on Wednesday night. Had three layers on, but still managed to run at threshold pace. Yay for me!

    • Brandon

      Up in Edmonton, AB it’s pretty much always cold, with -30C temperatures pretty normal. I don’t head out for workouts when it’s that cold but during winter you just have to grin and bear it otherwise you’re stuck inside!

  624. Matt

    Mild winter here in the UK (but very wet!) so not too cold. Only a couple of sessions below 0c.

  625. Mike Harris

    Coldest run: a 4-mile run through Baltimore city, 16 degrees plus some wind
    Coldest bike: walking 100 feet from the car to the gym for spin class @ 5 degrees
    Coldest swim: we have an outdoor pool that is covered in the winter, and during the first cold snap when the high was like 10 degrees I went for a swim…the condensation was freezing on the roof and falling off as snow/ice chunks

  626. This past Saturday, January 25, I ran in the F^3 Lake Half Marathon in Chicago. The Lakefront Path was icy, snowy, slushy, muddle, and even had some puddles – all on the same route. The temperature was 12 Degrees Fahrenheit with a Feels like of -6 because the wind was coming out of the Northwest at 21 mph. It was a pretty chilly day for a run.

  627. -2 Fahrenheit 7 mile run, in the dark, with 25 mph winds. I also ran a half-marathon one day when it was 8. I set a new PR.

  628. Vicente Alonso

    When you say that you live in Spain, people automaticlly think of sandy beaches and high temperatures.But here in Burgos training below 0°C is an every day thing during winter

  629. Sam

    Half-an-hour run in Quebec when the thermometer said ERR and the weather network was calling for -44 F

  630. BreannaS

    I am a wimp when it comes to cold because I spend the rest of the day caughing. I have done several long runs in 25-30 degrees simply because I would rather run cold than run long on a treadmill. Thanks for the giveaway. ps today it is snowing and 20 something and I have a run planned for after work. I have not run in the snow yet and want to be able to say that I have LOL.

  631. Randy O'Connor

    In my second year of tri’s I thought that, with a solid training base, I would have a fantastic first HIM. With a lake swim, a flat ride on closed roads and a super flat run all the elements for a fantastic race were set. Well, I failed to factor in one element, the weather. Never before had the water for this race been so cold. 53. To some of you, that’s no big deal but here in NC, we don’t swim in those conditions much. Matter of fact, I had never been in water that cold. On my way race day the banter on social media floated between a canceled swim or a shortened swim, neither of which made me excited. I had psyched myself up so much for this race that nothing short of HIM distance would suffice. Gladly, with high winds and choppy cold water, that swim introduced me to what makes our sport amazing. The choice to endure and the reward for doing so. TRI on!

  632. Gary P

    OW swim training sessions during winter are probably the only time you are glad you didnt have a wee before you started training!!! ;o)

  633. Greg Lyons

    100k of biking in 33 degrees with chance of rain. Luckily it didn’t rain. Rode as fast as I could. Stopping just made it feel colder.

  634. tiffany edwards

    30oC! No winter in Singapore! All hot n humid

  635. Larry

    In Minnesota. -24F, wind chill -50F. Just a short run so I could say I did it. Most runs outside this winter, short and long runs have been in subzero temps.

  636. Justin K

    Went snowshoe running after it snowed ~10 inches. It was about 10 degree F.

  637. CompleteUnknown

    My coldest activity this winnter was lest week when I was cross country skiing in Slovenia. The temperature was -5 °C, but due to the strong wind it felt a lot colder. I didn’t realize how cold until when I was back at home and noticed a funnny redish pattern on my thighs. Luckily, my legs “defrosted” in several hours.

  638. Jason Andersson

    In Stockholm I started out in January on a cold (-10) , but overcast day in the forest. When I had gotten halfway through a 15km run, the wind picked up (as the windshield factor) and snow. It felt like it was snowing from the ground, the sky and right into my clothes. I had to shower cold to not “burn” my skin when I got home…

    Thanks for a great blog!

  639. Theo

    Way back in July (winter in Rio) had a 11km run @ 11°C… As cold as it gets here… 😉

  640. Chris

    Not often I’m glad of the Manchester weather but reading other comments feel lucky that although I’ve had plenty of wet and windy runs not many where it’s been down to 0c

  641. Peter

    Well since I can only bike (knees went bad) the heat was down one day on the trainer so about 60 degrees

  642. Ernesto

    Well, it’s summer now down here, but probably the coldest was the swim on a 70.3 triathlon in the ocean. Water temperature was probably around 15 and the course seemed longer (2.200 mts app) so I did not feel my toes until half the run!

  643. Jon C

    20km at -30C (in the -40s with the wind chill). Had to stop due to ice buildup on the sleeves of my base layers.

  644. Harry

    Bike ride so cold we had to stop at a church to warm up and have someone come get us.

  645. Joe

    -8 windchill run one morning in DC. Not a way I prefer to wake up!

  646. Randall

    I’ve done cold and snowy runs; 10F in wind and snow. But by far the coldest I’ve ever been was during the Utah Tough Mudder. Event temp was around 40, cloudy and windy. The 2nd obstacle was the Arctic Enema (ice plunge) and I never warmed up after that. By the end of the 12 muddy miles, I was wet, muddy, shivering uncontrollably and could not warm up to save my soul.

  647. Joe

    Doing a hill training session with my local club a couple of weeks ago in 0°C Yorkshire rain. I had to warm my hands up before I had the dexterity to unlock my front door!

  648. Robert

    -2 °C – Frankfurt isnt as cold this year 😀

  649. Roberto

    Here in the tropic the lowest temp has been 14°C or 57°F @ 6:35 am while commuting to work.

  650. Kent

    last weekend morning run and I reckon its bout 22°C cos that’s the coldest you get in Penang.

  651. Milt MacFarlane

    Coldest swim EVER in 2000 training for Hawaiian Ironman 6 deg needed wetsuit washing up gloves and 2 swim caps still came out shivering 6 weeks later on Waikiki water temp was 26 deg an came out sweating

  652. Edward

    I did my first proper run workout of the year on the day the Polar Vortex landed on DC. It was about 6F, not accounting for wind chill, which is evidently cold enough for sweat to freeze underneath a hat.

  653. Andrew

    After running my first marathon this fall (Philly Marathon) my wife decided to start running with me. Every new run with her is better than the last.

  654. Steve Simonsen

    Since we only get snow once every 3 years or so in Atlanta, I thought I’d run this past Tuesday while it was still just crunchy snow, and not ice. So I literally ran to costco, checked on snow pants for the kids, and ran home. About 20 F.

  655. Mark

    20 degree bike ride to work.

  656. Rick

    Saturday January 25th. We had a warmup to all of 20 degrees. Got out for a run on the snow-packed roads. Negative wind chill. 6 miles. I was just so sick of the indoor track and treadmill I was going outside no matter what.

  657. Xavier Poirier

    This price is built for Quebec!

    We have to get used to cold and ice in Quebec if we want to keep on pace on the run. My worst/greatest run (depending how you see it!) was on january 2nd 2014 with a nice – 27 Celsius. I can proove it with a garmin connect record!

    I am use to have a icy beard these days but on that run I also had icy eyelash and difficulties to open my eyes!

    Thanks for your work and dedication Ray

  658. Ran 90 min, about -3C (windchill -12).

  659. Eyal

    I swam about 4km in 18C without a wetsuit.

  660. Raphael

    Coldest run by 0°C. This winter is not as cold as in past years…

  661. Hill

    Ran across the Brooklyn Bridge during the polar vortex. I felt toasty, but the horrified looks from tourists were entertaining!

  662. CarlosSR

    We went out for a bike ride. It started as a beautiful morning but clouds rolled very quickly. First it started raining and then hail started pouring down on us. It was so bad we had to stop and get some cover under some trees. It took us a full hour with the heater in the car on to regain our body temperature.

  663. Bill

    Back in December it was 10 degrees out as I tried to do an FTP test on my bike

  664. Noah McMurray

    So far I’ve done two commutes (21 miles one way) at 0F. That first sub-zero commute is still eluding me but the winter is young yet!

  665. Stefan

    Almost 2 weeks now as I spin day to day below -10°C. Down to -18°C.
    But yesterday I thought my balls will break loose as ice cubes as I was nordic skiing at the shore in -12°C without any windproof trousers and it was blowing over 60km/h.
    30 min and I had to ride onto the cliffs, into the forest.
    cheers from Poland

  666. Craig

    Considering that MN is a virtual tundra, this is the first January I haven’t ridden outside. So I guess my coldest workout has been a 60 degree house…

  667. Brian Carter

    Living in Alabama, the coldest I ever remember running in was this year Jan 6th. It was 12F (-11C) with windchill of 3F (-16C). I opted for a 5 mile tempo run in that non-sense rather than watch the BCS Championship that featured the arch rival of my alma mater.

  668. Earlier in the winter, before the ice, snow, and bitter cold arrived, I had a few runs in the 20sF. Enjoy. And Thanks.

  669. Luke

    Upstate NY. Last day of the year. Not the coldest day by far, but 32 degrees and sleeting for 20 miles on the bike with plastic bags in my bike shoes left me standing over the heat register in the floor for an hour upon returning home. Never again.

  670. Andrew


    Tuesday January 28th Georgia froze. Having been in Vermont for the past few years to me it was no big deal. But! Winter weather is a whole different animal down here.

    Everything started to close by about mid morning. I left work to drive how 3.9 miles by noon. I sat in the car for about an hour and had made it 2 miles. At that point I decided to ditch the car and run home.

    That was SO much fun that I got my dad to bundle up and we set out on a 3 mile loop running through grid lock traffic on back country roads. The description zombie apocalypse was the most fitting.

    Later that night was when I got the coldest of the runs in. Around 9:30pm my friend called and asked if he could crash at the house. He had been in his car for 8 HOURS! and gone 5 miles. He was still 8 miles out from our house. He did have some boots and gloves in his trunk but was not fully prepared for such a journey.

    It was about 19 degrees out at the time. I geared up and packed a bag with hot tea some cliff bars and extra gloves hat and coat and set out to meet him half way. I ran down dark roads littered with abandoned cars and had a blast.

    We finally made it in around 11pm (Way past my bedtime). And he was able to get a ride the next day.

    All of us safe and sound and grateful for the excuse to go adventuring in the snow.

  671. Darren Guy

    Definitely Lock Dan for the Wicklow Triathlon…lost goggles at the start of the swim and could barely put my face in the water after that!

  672. Brian D.

    2 degrees F at 9pm in Virginia. Daughter and I ran a mile in shorts and t-shirt just to see how cold it was.

  673. Jackson

    Cross Trained in 8 degree F night with YakTrax and 18 MPH winds. It was a bit rough

  674. G

    Living in San Francisco,it got down to 40 on my morning run recently.
    OH,the agony of it all

  675. Chris

    Coldest run this winter was in the Sandia mountains outside of Albuquerque. It was a cold day, but conditions down low weren’t too bad. By the time I got up to around 9500 feet, the weather changed to blizzard like conditions, which I wasn’t exactly dressed for. Great day nonetheless.

  676. Mike Guitard

    Just starting to run, been a cyclist all my life. Working on the treadmill, decided to try a run outside.
    I live in Shawville Quebec Canada. I planed on a 5 km but the -25°c with a wind chill of -37 turned it into a 2.5K. I will ware a balaclava next time and some wool socks. Can’t wait for spring

  677. Eric

    Run/walk this week when everyone got stranded during the 1-2 inches of snow in Atlanta.

  678. Jukka

    Sat 18 January; The coldest ride this year was a slow ~50km with my cyclocross bike. How cold you ask, well cold enough to freeze my water bottle solid:

    link to

    Garmin Connect says the weather was -13C with “Feels like -20C”. There was snow, there was ice. I had wool, I had Goretex, I had Windstopper, I had studded tires and it was still really cold and slippery.

  679. Chris Jackson

    I ran 4.5 miles in -7F a few weeks ago. My 6 year old daughter wanted milk and the roads were too icy for my 2wd, so I ran to the closest store. Wasn’t too bad, given that the sun was out. Much to my surprise, I had to remove a layer to keep from overheating. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  680. Jamie

    Did a pool swim @ 59F. Only 3 of us in the pool that morning – the other two were smart enough to wear wetsuits…

  681. JT

    my first outdoor run (i’ve been using a treadmill)! The cold air is harsh on the lungs…

  682. Ryan Elliott

    Polar Vortex – ran 9.02mi last Friday 1/24 at 7F with windchill at -10F in Pittsburgh, PA. My buff and gloves froze to my body and I had to warm up before I could get them off. It was worth it as I had the trails to myself and with the snow it was beautiful! Cheers to all.

  683. Allen

    22* F for a 20 mile training run.

  684. nathan Kopf

    Well not much goes on outside in Wisconsin during the month of january when we have only had 2 days without a low temperature in the negatives. I have ridden in my nice cool house at a balmy 68 degrees on the trainer though. Right now it is a mere -9.

  685. Guillaume

    It’s been a very cold winter here in Quebec (like was said previously). Two workouts stand out so far for me…

    December 14 was -23°C, a balmy -35°C with windchill. Ran 15k, couldn’t drink anything cause it was instantly frozen, gel packs were rock hard and I had about 1″ of ice on my brow when I arrived home. Still felt awesome.

    The following Saturday, December 21, was more manageable in terms of temperature (-8°C, -15°C with windchill) but there was nasty hail / frozen ice stuff falling down, and quite windy. The part of my face showing through the balaclava got the equivalent of a facial scrub after 16k.

  686. Alex

    January 26 in Berlin, at -12 C.

  687. Mike

    4 miler in Chicago at single digits, with wind chill below zero.
    Not fun

  688. Mark Allen

    Mine was a couple of weeks ago. Temps were pretty low (~12 degrees), but it was that nasty Kansas wind that dropped the wind chill below zero. I thought I layered up enough, but the wind still got through to me and made it very unpleasant.

  689. James

    New Years run outside of Boston and it was approximately 24 degrees F.

  690. Mike

    Last Saturday 17 mi run. 4 degrees. With wind the real feel was -17. Brutal. Chicago winter blows

  691. Nate

    A run in a very “frigid” 32 degrees. Ha!

  692. Paul L

    I traveled to Ukraine for the first 3 weeks in Jan and ran in outdoor temps of 20f since gyms were out of the question. The snowboarding was even colder in Bukovel after it rained and the lifts were soaking wet and then it turned to snow and ice temps of 5f

  693. NWR

    7 degrees F. 6 mile training run. Bad bad idea.

  694. Mark Goddard

    Probably a short four miler while on business on Calgary last month. It was about 30F, not even cold. I love so cal.

  695. DaveG

    Went for a nice 2 mile run during the latest east coast snow fall. 2 miles was all I felt safe attempting given the slippery conditions.

  696. Dan Morley

    Coldest run of the Winter so far was just before Christmas -18C and – 30C with the wind.

  697. scrwdriver

    Run at -12C and ice covered ground. Partially it was ride and yes, on ass too :)

  698. Brendan

    Last Saturday’s John Tacey 10 mile race in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland. What looked like being a cold but dry race turned just as the race started so that the 1st 2 miles were run in driving sleet and rain. Brightened up after that, in typical 4 seasons in one day manner. According to garmin connect it was 4C feeling like -2C. Got a PB so not too bad.

  699. Lior

    On Dec 12, I had a 14Km in 2C. It was very windy and had a lot of rain.
    I wasn’t alone in the park, there were about 3 or 4 other runners.

  700. Stu

    Definitely my 10 degree run through the park last weekend with bitter winds. Could not get warmed up at all (was running too slow – womp womp) and was sore for days.

  701. Rob S

    Dallas Katy trail. 19 degrees.

  702. Kurt Bevington

    Just this past weekend it was about 10°F with a wicked wind chill and a fun inches of snow on the ground. I only lasted for a couple of miles before common sense kicked in.

  703. Dr. D

    Location: Umstead Park – Raleigh NC. Temperature: 28F (Felt like 17F). Wind Speed: 16mph. Distance: 24.69miles. Time: 3:11:44. Elevation Gain: 4172ft. Avg Cadence: 182spm. Watch: Garmin 910XT.

  704. Ken

    Ran 10km in -5C weather in March

  705. Katie S.

    January 26, 2014 – late afternoon nordic skiing training session. It was about 0F (windchill was -10F) with a few 20 mpg gusts, but being dehydrated and tired from a late night made my late afternoon workout super chilly, especially since I couldn’t really warm up that well.

  706. Helena

    Here in the Netherlands we are having the warmest winter ever it seems. The coldest weather we had was last weekend, with a temp of about -3 celcius. I know that that’s nothing compared to “real winter weather” but it’s still pretty cold for me and I’m totally surprised at how well I’m doing in this weather. The only small problem is that with long rides (I’m skating, actually) my hands get cold (I can relate to what Joe said: it took a while for the dexterity in my fingers to get back to normal). The rest of my body is just fine. I’m sure all of you hardened winter runners already know that, but it really surprised me.

  707. Michael

    Did a short run in 28F while visiting Maryland. Just had to get out of the house and do something. Living in FL, anything under 55F requires layering.

  708. Stipek

    The coldest run so far this winter was @ the “Icebear-Cup” 7k-Run in Vienna on Sunday. Recovery-Red Bull at the finish line was frozen at -8°C/17,60000038°F. The cycling tour afterwards was even tougher as it started to snow and therefore it became quite slippy in the roundabouts… :)

  709. 5 mile run after work. Car said it was 40 degrees when I pulled into the garage. Shortly after I set out, the sun set and it got cold fast! Wasn’t dressed for it and when I got home I knew why I was freezing… 21 degrees deserves more clothes than I had on…

  710. Lynn in MD

    I’m in the DC area and a bit of a weather wimp…. so the coldest I got was a trainer ride next to a partially open garage door… so I could see the snow piled up next to the door and got free air conditioning… but didn’t have to be out in the wind & ice!

  711. Joe Wagner

    I’m a wimp and a relatively new runner. My first 5K race was last April it was 30 degrees when we started.

  712. Pat

    We’ve had temperatures of -30C, with winds cranking this up to -45C earlier this month. Crazy to run in this weather!

  713. Toby

    nothing too crazy, I was running on the 12th on the icy trail, it was sort of muddy between snow, it was 3°C with 14kph wind, gusting upto 40kph.

  714. Amanda

    2 hours outside in the 20 degree weather plus windchill. With ice. But so happy to not be injured and be able to run, so it was worth it.

  715. Matt I

    Did 16M in 12° with 15 Mph winds on snowy and icy roads a week ago Wednesday and my water and nutrition froze solid. Nothing like a Gu lolly to keep you energized. Even with 3x gloves and handwarmers my fingers froze. I won’t even go into the frozen snot/buff issue. :)

  716. Matt

    Split between a 11F run on Thanksgiving in Akron and a 10F run on Christmas in Massachusetts.

  717. Ian

    I’ve avoided the really cold weather running and cycling this winter. Partly because I’ve been layed up with an injury, partly because its just been too cold. Like minus 26 celsius (minus 15 Fahrenheit) plus windchill. So indoor cycling and treadmill have been my saving grace.

  718. Adam

    9 mile run in 4 degrees (F). My watch turned off from the cold, so clearly this $400 would be useful to me.

  719. Adam R

    On 24 Jan I rode the Bupa Challenge as part if the Tour Down Under festivities (same route as stage 4). Riding through the Adelaide hills was a chilly 20C or so — a real shock after the 45C we had become used to!

  720. Dane

    We’re pretty spoiled in Southern California. “Cold” to us is when it drops into the 40s. I’m a morning runner and it was 39 degrees one morning in early December. Brrrrr! :)

  721. Brian G.

    Last Sunday I ran 18 miles 14F (feels like 4F). It was 5 miles to Central Park and then the Fred Lebow Half Marathon. Your run around in Finland motivated me to keep running through the cold snap here in NYC. Thanks!!

  722. Ray

    Jan 1st – Toronto 12k Solo Resolution Run in the middle of the polar vortex -25C.

  723. Nik

    Winter? What winter? I live in th tropics. Hence, coldest I swam/ride/run is like 20C early eary In the morning.

  724. Nothing too epic yet, but I’ve had quite a few days of single digits with windchills in the -teens….best strategy was to bundle up and then hit the trails where the wind gets blocked and it’s ALMOST warm ;).

  725. Daniel Calo

    Because i leave in israel, the coldest run that i had was around 7C and only because it was 5am, by 8am it was back to 16c and nice, i’m ashamed ti admit, but it was very cold for me.

  726. Xavier Ulloa

    Well I Live in Ecuador so no chilling temp for me, but it rains a lot I’m a biker if it counts =)

  727. CurtL

    coldest run was about 10 degrees with the wind chill.

  728. Brian Hill

    Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 4 … just this past week … 6deg F outside. Fingers were so cold I couldn’t get the fire started in the wood stove to try and warm up the pain cave – aka unheated barn. Hell Hath No Fury like riding in full winter garb “indoors”.

  729. Jan

    I’m coming back after a bit of a hiatus, which means I’m still in wuss mode. I’ve spent a couple of cold Saturdays (19F – 35F) up on the trainer. My trainer room isn’t heated and has drafty windows, so it was pretty chilly in there!

  730. Logan

    35F and 15 mph winds with a stroller is the coldest I’ve run in so far this year. Mostly treadmill and trainer this winter given our 1 year-old likes to take up our daylight hours lately.

  731. Denali

    I’ve been quite wimpy this year and my coldest workouts have been in the basement on the indoor trainer or treadmill. I haven’t been able to motivate myself to partake in a run or ride in anything less than 40F.

  732. Dan K

    So far. Has to be January 7. Was -6C, but the sun was out. Apparently that was cold enough to close all schools in metro Atlanta. The streets were empty, and I went out to do my intervals. Everybody looked at me like I was crazy

  733. Sean Grube

    A 5 mile run in early January.Actual temp was 2 degrees F, Windchill was -15.

  734. Maurice

    5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day in Virginia. That was cold!

  735. Wesley Brown

    I have biked to work all January in DC weathering most of the coldest days. The worst was about three weeks ago. It was so cold (10 degrees without the windchill) I got about 4 houses from home and turned around for home. After warming up in the garage for 3 mins I decided I’d get to work faster by biking so told mystelf to harden up and rode in.

  736. Mark

    I’ve been a wuss. And sick. Coldest run this winter was mid December, a easy 6 miles at about 25F, partly cloudy. Quite a few snow banks to dodge though!

  737. Joseph

    Last Friday during Houston’s first ice storm of the season. It was awesome!

  738. Tony

    It’s been a pretty cold January in New England, but, well, it’s winter isn’t it? Probably my coldest run this year has been about 10 degrees plus a pretty nasty windchill. Looking forward to spring. Thanks for all you do on your site; I find all the tech reviews particularly useful.

  739. Natalie

    7F and snowing on a run. Not bad, a little slippery.

  740. Nick

    Getting on the trainer in my unheated garage at about 30 degrees while it was in the negatives outside. Riding the trainer sucks enough, without doing in a freezing cold garage.

  741. Chuck

    It was 43F in Miami as few weeks back. I ran 6 miles, it was awful. :)

  742. Robert

    Day after XMas run on Trails at Swallow Cliff (Chicago South Burbs). Cold, snow, and icy. 4 miles.

  743. Lorenzo Zanetti

    -5 C on fat rbike ride in the Alps in Italy 26th January

  744. Lou

    Coldest this winter was 34F with a couple of inches of snow on the trails. I prefer to ride the mtb in the cold as moving more slowly there’s a lot less wind chill.

  745. Chris

    I live in Fargo and do my winter workouts at the gym. Does staring at a -25 outside(-50 with wind chill) from a treadmill count?

  746. Dave Simon

    DC RAINMAKER! What’s up man? Love the blog! After a couple months off after the NY Marathon nursing an IT band injury, I decided enough waiting. Went for a run in Stratton, VT on New Year’s Eve. It was 6 degrees with a wind chill of “who the hell cares?” 2 minutes in to the run, my phone entered “safe mode” and shut itself off. No more music, no more Strava. During the 2.5 mile climb (link to on the access road to the resort, I saw 3 different cars needing a tow service to be pulled out of snow banks. All in, I made it about 45 mins and just barely cracked 5 miles. I ran straight to the lodge and made my wife come pick me up. Enough is enough. Bring on summer…oh, and I’m back in PT for this stupid IT band issue. Awesome.

  747. Rachel K

    Located on the Gulf of Mexico coast, the coldest run for me this year was a breezy 26º. This run was memorable because just when the cold started to get to me a yippy wiener dog appears and starts to chase me down the road to encourage me to pick up my speed.. Since I am training for my first marathon I do my best to not let the weather stop me.

  748. Found the freezing point of a Gu Gel.

  749. Jim Ford

    Like many on here, below freezing run. 20F for about 10 miles. Thanks for the chance to win!

  750. Paul

    Last Tuesday I ran 13 miles with the temp hovering around 0F and the windchill around -20F (Michigan). With a good number of layers, and hand warmers, it was ok except for when the wind picked up, that just plain sucked. The amount of ice I had on my facemask and hat by the end was crazy, looked and felt like an icicle! With the snow underfoot as well that was one challenging run, can’t wait for spring.

  751. Josh Goldschmidt

    I ran this winter when it was only 7 F. Not bad as long as you dress appropriately.

  752. Haltiakeijo

    -21C (-6F) run in Finland. On a frozen lake.

  753. Jerry

    20F run on January 30

  754. Dave

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to train outdoors for well over a month now. Living in the “worst winter weather city in the US” Syracuse, NY. My girlfriend and I have been riding the trainers, running on treadmills and swimming indoors for weeks. We can’t wait to finally get back outside again. I don’t think it has been above 20F in weeks with constant temps in the single digits without windchill due to the polar vortex. Can’t wait for Spring, and a new garmin for the GF would certainly be nice to map those runs and rides!

  755. Ken Smith

    10F on 6 mile Hill run.. Stayed warm, avg heart rate was 157bpm with max 201.. not bad for 46 yr old..

  756. April Pratt

    My coldest run was probably the Jingle Bell half marathon in Atkinson, NH on December 13th. I believe the starting temp was 13F before any windchill which thankfully there wasn’t much of. It may have gotten up to 20 by the time I finished.

  757. Brett

    Snowdrop Foundation 55-Hour Ultra Race – Dec 30 2013 to Jan 1st 2014. Middle day was windy and cold.

  758. Crowey

    Its summer here in Oz, so how about a 25km ride in 43 C heat for a change from all the above 😀

  759. Adam

    My friend asked me during the summer time if I want to swim with him in ‘Baltic Sea’ when the winter hits. I said: “No problem, what’s the big deal!”. Now when the winter is finally here and it brought -15°C and high humidity with it, I wounder: “I’ve changed my phone number, email address, removed my social network profiles and I am not home when I am at home … did I missed something?”.

    Don’t hesitate to answer this post if you find any undetected communication channels.

  760. Doug Perry

    I live in Tucson, so no really cold rides here. But, I visited our daughter in Alexandria, VA and took a ride in 35F weather … very cold for this Southwesterner!

  761. Spiessr

    My coldest run was -2 degrees, training for my next marathon.

  762. Ben S

    A nice pre-sunshine below 0 F run in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Only about 4 miles though.

  763. Gatriguy

    Early morning run in 7 degree weather. Coldest run I’ve ever done.

  764. Christy S

    I was on the run with Ben S above, training for Boston!

  765. skijeti

    January 19th traditionally ‘Epiphany cross’ swim on Lake Uvac. Water temp was -1C outside temp was -11C.

  766. Yonadav

    Coldest run in a long time was in “sunny” North Carolina last week at 12°F! Great blog!