Garmin Forerunner 10 Quadruple Giveaway

Garmin FR10 Giveaway Foursome

Perhaps you didn’t score big last week on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday with a deal.  Perhaps you were focused on getting the big screen TV or deep fryer.  Maybe you were busy running a turkey trot. Or perhaps, you were just too busy eating the turkey.  All fair excuses.  I don’t judge.

So for those folks, I’m giving you a chance to still score big.  I’m giving away a Garmin FR10.

Well, actually, I’m giving away two of them.  One for him, and one for her.  Or two for her, or two for him.  However you dole them out is up to you.

Except, that I decided giving away two wasn’t enough, so I’m giving away four of them in total.

That’s two sets of two Garmin FR10’s.  That way you can be all matchy-matchy like a Christmas Sweater party.  Minus the reindeer sweaters. (Ok, I never expected finding a reindeer sweater on Amazon that awesome on my first result – that’s award winning!).

So how do you win?  Simple, just answer the below question in the comments.  Only one comment per person.  Though, both people in the couple may enter.  If you’re not a couple, then you can bestow the second Garmin on a friend.  In doing so, maybe you’ll end up a couple.  That’s not bad, right?

Anyway, the question…in question:

“With the 2013 season nearly upon us – what’s going to be your first race of the year?”

Entries will be accepted through Sunday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (December 2nd, 2012).  I’ll be giving away two sets, thus two two winners (with each winner really representing two winners).  One set will include a black FR10 + a  green FR10.  The other set will include the black FR10 + the pink FR10.  Winners will be chosen at random, and the first randomly chosen winner gets first pick.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I recently announced a partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company) using coupon code DCR10BTF (along with the link above).  Regrettably, they don’t sell that reindeer sweater, so no discount there. No, I still can’t get over how awesome that artwork of a sweater is.

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail instead.  Note that this is ONLY for Active Duty military.  No ice cream truck operators or elephant trainers allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!


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  1. Jeff

    Probably the Providence St. Pat’s 5k

  2. Ray

    Hincapie Spring Series in Feb 2013

  3. Pete

    Probably going to be Engineers Without Borders River Run in Albuquerque. Mar 2013.

  4. Darren

    Frozen Ass 50k in Calgary, Alberta Canada in February.

  5. Walter

    Red Top Rumble – Atlanta, Georgia – 11.5 miles in the first Sunday in February. Can’t wait! And boy, would this help my wife and I pace better :)

  6. Mike Horn

    My first real race of the 2013 season is the DC Rock n Roll Marathon in March. First marathon!

  7. Lenard

    I would think it will be a 5k run / walk “resolution run” in January 2013

  8. First race that’s booked is in the fall actually as I have a pretty crazy schedule. Gran Fondo Whistler Sept 2013.

  9. Eric F

    Trying to convince wife that we really need to go to Pucon for the 70.3.. I have teh fingers corssed.. And she already has the green FR10.. So I need the bigger one.

  10. Probably a North Face 25km trail run!

  11. Gede A

    The Tahura Trail Run 10K in Bandung! My first trail run!

  12. Natalia Martin

    I’ll be doing the Polar Bear 10k in Redmond, Oregon on Jan. 12th

  13. fred burke

    my first race is ironman 70.3 Auckland nz January 20 2013

  14. Ralph

    Oceanside 70.3 in March

  15. owen lepps

    First race, Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon!

  16. sylverdevil

    my first race in 2013 will be a smaller hungarian event, a mountainbike marathon (Szilvásvárad Maraton) in may.

  17. Iain

    Vancouver Sun Run with 50,000 others!

  18. Dmitri

    Hmm, hard to tell just now, some local road bike race if I can get some training in this winter.

  19. Tony

    Bribie Tri Series Race #3

  20. Katrien VV

    Probably the Sfinx Ekiden run in Ghent, Belgium

  21. Kirk Sutton

    FIrst race will be on my birthday! Iron Horse Bicycle Classic on May 25th. Just moved to Colorado and it will be a good one.

  22. Herbert

    hi! I plan on doing some small “races” as training runs during winter, but my first real race will be the halfmarathon in Vienna/Austria on march 17 as a preparation/test run for IM 70.3 in St. Pölten/Austria.
    good luck to all and have fun training and racing

  23. Liz Briton

    Im doing the High peak marathon with Neill Barton, 40miles through the night over the Yorkshire Peak District in march

  24. dakos

    half marathon next week

  25. Philip White

    Willis River 50k in Cumberland, VA on Jan 12th!

  26. Dragos

    gerar on 27 january 2013

  27. Conor Dolan

    My first race of 2013 will be the Ballycotton 10 (mile) in Cork (ireland).
    Well done on your new website, it looks great!

  28. Becky

    The first race I’ve registered for for next year is the Green Bay 1/2 marathon. I’m sure I’ll do something before that though. There’s a Color Run on New Year’s Day I might do with my daughter. Otherwise there’s a valentine’s day run that I do every year. One of those two will probably be my first event for the next year.

  29. Floris Van de Vijver

    the ’10 miles of antwerp’ are traditionally my first race of the year, although it’s only in april. the months before that are mostly filled with snowboard trips and cycle trainings for the ‘tour the flanders’ in March.

  30. Elliot

    I was planning on the Canberra Marathon in April

  31. Rhona Dempsey

    Hi Ray! My first race of 2013 will be the same as my boyfriend Conor Dolan, ‘The Ballycotton Ten’! It’s a ten mile roadrace in a beautiful town by the sea in East Cork in Ireland. There’s a great atmosphere at this race, it starts every year with a rendition of the race song, “We’re all here again at the Ballycotton Ten…”. Hope you and ‘The Girl’ get to visit Ireland soon. Conor and I would love to run with you guys! All the best.

  32. Kenny

    My first race is going to be the “Cross International de Lausanne” :)

  33. Bernard

    My first is a local 10K, known as the Water Park Race where it starts and ends.
    Hilly fun !

  34. Oliverio Medina

    Hi Ray, I am basically a Timex guy, but I could defintely use a FR10 for the 20 km of Brussels…. pushing my luck with DC Rainmaker’s giveaways!!

  35. Unfortunately I’m going back to evening school so I don’t have much time to do anything else anymore. Does my first exams in januari count as the first race?

  36. Bob

    Probably “De hel van het Mergelland”, “The hell of Mergelland” a Dutch tour with some heavy climbing.

  37. RobW

    My racing year kicks off with the St. Patrick’s Festival 5K in March.
    look forward to running this one every year

  38. Rokas Kurtinaitis

    I have race in April and maybe I will try Vilnius marathon in September !

  39. Andy

    My first race is going to be a 10K at an air base in Germany. I have never raced before, and only done one 10K in my life, so it should be interesting.

  40. Ignacio

    Blacksburg Classic 10miler

  41. Martin Smith

    The local half marathon in March

  42. 3-Königs-Lauf, 6. Jan. 2012, SHA :-)

  43. bhuzyk

    First planned race is the “New Year’s Resolution Run” on January 1st, 2013, 10am

  44. Kevin Murray

    Marmotte Cyclosportive in the Alps

  45. Zack

    Cyclocross Nationals in Madison, WI!

  46. Tyler

    Monument Ave 10k in Richmond is first on tap.

  47. John B

    I’m not sure what my first race will be. I’m still recovering from last season.

  48. Peyton Biggs

    New Year’s Day 5k, Reston VA

  49. Rick Bancroft

    I’ll be tapering off for the winter, but not too low. I hope to do the Rochester, NY half marathon at the end of April.

  50. A. Nauta

    Mid-winter marathon, Februari, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

  51. JF

    No set race scheduled, but race season includes 2 marathons, half IM and full IM, so I’m sure some small prep race in NYC will be my first

  52. Vincent

    VA Beach Shamrock Marathon in March 2013.

  53. Jason S

    Thinking about making my first a jan 8 5k fun run – with an obstacle race to follow.

  54. Kidneyrun@night on 26 of januari. A run in Almere 10km in Holland.

  55. Michael K

    So far only signed up for Copenhagen marathon (may) & Berlin Marathon (September).

  56. John

    Planning on the Monument Ave 10k in Richmond as my first race this year

  57. dennis

    In Germany
    32. Straßenlauf – “Rund um das Bayer-Kreuz” am 03.03.2013

  58. German

    Hot Chocolate on Jan 13

  59. Gregory M

    First 2013 race will be the Wash DC RocknRoll Half Marathon on March 16

  60. Pilar

    I am not sure yet but I will start soon

  61. LiorD

    My first race for the year will be the Tiberias Marathon.

  62. Vidar

    My first race of 2013 will be an 8 km run in Bjørkelangen (Norway), on january 5th.

  63. My first significant race of 2013 and first half marathon ever will be the Cooks Forest Half Marathon.


  64. Gintarė Kurtinaitytė

    My first race gonna be in the end of January

  65. Andy C

    The Brown Willy New Years day 2013 run in Cornwall

  66. Adrian de Klerk

    Bandera 100km Jan 12

  67. Erin H

    A bike-run-bike du in Fergus Falls, MN….yay for bikes! Oh…and it’s in May…

  68. OZ

    My first race of 2013 well be in ABQ

  69. Tricia

    Feb. 9th Krispy Kreme Challenge

  70. Victor

    Krispy Kreme Challenge on Feb. 9th

  71. I’ll be doing The Bosque Duo with a friend

  72. Hoffner O

    will help me to track my runs to reach my goal!

  73. Alistair

    1st Jan 2013
    Madison Cyclocross at Herne Hill Velodrome, London

    1 Garmin for me and 1 for my partner so we can compare lap times!

  74. Fred Clausen

    I’ll be racing Ironman Texas 70.3 in April as a tune-up for Ironman Texas.

  75. Arnaud

    My plan is to start with the “Enchanted Rock Extreme Duathlon” in March. A very cool race in one of the best park in Texas.

  76. Jacov

    Kudus 15km

  77. Brett Ward

    Gonna be a chilly one – Polar Dash Half Marathon in Chicago on January 12.

  78. Eddie Palacios

    If work permits the first mtb race for me will be : Excruciation Exam 2013 Jan. 5, 2013
    Warda, TX

  79. Kepa Ugartemendia

    Open Altitoy Ternua 2013

    Do you dare?

  80. byard53

    Wildflower Olympic? Need to find one sooner…

  81. Nikki

    Santa Cruz half marathon

  82. David No

    1st race may be the LA Marathon

  83. Tosin

    New York Road Runners’ Joe Kleinerman 10k January 5, I think. I haven’t started training, but I figure 5 weeks is enough time to brush up the legs and go for a P.R.

  84. Lauren

    NYRR’s Al Gordon Classic 4 Miler, February 23.

  85. Ben Anderson

    Hmm – haven’t decided yet – might wait for a march 10k

  86. Brenna Griswell

    First race of the year will be my first race ever! I think I’ll set a PR. haha

  87. Richard Elgar

    Newport Half Marathon in March

  88. colin waugh

    PF Changs Rock & Roll Marathon, Phoenix in January

  89. Rhonda Hertzog

    My first race of 2013 will be my first marathon! I’m doing the Rock-n-Roll New Orleans, and am super excited!

  90. lehmilu

    Right after the big new years party and a huge hatful of sleep I will put on my shoes with my loveley husband and go for an run.

  91. L

    I might just hold off racing again until March… don’t want to get injured before the Jerusalem half marathon like I did last year.

  92. Tom Blackburn

    Skipton Sprint Tri.

  93. Syd the Kid

    My first race of the year will be against the clock, as long as I win this watch!

  94. Michael

    Waiheke Wharf 2 Wharf in Jan

  95. ms

    After problems with my knee till January 2013 I only support my friends :)

  96. nbecker

    This will be the Rheinenergie Köln Marathon!

  97. MarcelloS

    Probably my first race will be a 10K “Tutta Dritta di Torino”, Turin – Italy!

  98. Steve

    Stubbington Green 10k on the 20th January -apparently it’s flat and fast so hoping for a pb

  99. Neujahrslauf SHA, 6. Jan, ’13

  100. Emma

    Resolution Run in Seattle on Jan 1st!