Garmin Forerunner 10 Quadruple Giveaway

Garmin FR10 Giveaway Foursome

Perhaps you didn’t score big last week on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday with a deal.  Perhaps you were focused on getting the big screen TV or deep fryer.  Maybe you were busy running a turkey trot. Or perhaps, you were just too busy eating the turkey.  All fair excuses.  I don’t judge.

So for those folks, I’m giving you a chance to still score big.  I’m giving away a Garmin FR10.

Well, actually, I’m giving away two of them.  One for him, and one for her.  Or two for her, or two for him.  However you dole them out is up to you.

Except, that I decided giving away two wasn’t enough, so I’m giving away four of them in total.

That’s two sets of two Garmin FR10’s.  That way you can be all matchy-matchy like a Christmas Sweater party.  Minus the reindeer sweaters. (Ok, I never expected finding a reindeer sweater on Amazon that awesome on my first result – that’s award winning!).

So how do you win?  Simple, just answer the below question in the comments.  Only one comment per person.  Though, both people in the couple may enter.  If you’re not a couple, then you can bestow the second Garmin on a friend.  In doing so, maybe you’ll end up a couple.  That’s not bad, right?

Anyway, the question…in question:

“With the 2013 season nearly upon us – what’s going to be your first race of the year?”

Entries will be accepted through Sunday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (December 2nd, 2012).  I’ll be giving away two sets, thus two two winners (with each winner really representing two winners).  One set will include a black FR10 + a  green FR10.  The other set will include the black FR10 + the pink FR10.  Winners will be chosen at random, and the first randomly chosen winner gets first pick.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I recently announced a partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company) using coupon code DCR10BTF (along with the link above).  Regrettably, they don’t sell that reindeer sweater, so no discount there. No, I still can’t get over how awesome that artwork of a sweater is.

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail instead.  Note that this is ONLY for Active Duty military.  No ice cream truck operators or elephant trainers allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. Mansi Gupta

    Well, I already have a race planned for 2 Dec… but I guess the first race of 2013 would probably be the Mawana Delhi Marathon in Feb…

    And I really hope to win this time… I’ve never gotten lucky in a giveaway so far…

  2. Katie M

    I’m running the Polar Dash Half Marathon in MN on January 1! Hopefully, it’s not too cold or too icy!

  3. Stefanie Frank

    My first race of 2013 is the Rage Triathlon held in the Lake Mean National Recreation area near Boulder City, Nevada.

    [thanks for running this giveaway!]

  4. Shannon R

    Not sure. My travel schedule looks a bit busy, so perhaps nothing till summer

  5. Bill

    I don’t know – still rehabbing my Achilles tendon after a summertime injury :-(

  6. Matt B

    Having just got back into exercise last month after a long period away from cycling and running I’m just keen to enter something next year. I have my eye on the local city to surf or a charity ride the following month. While I may not be in the ‘race’, I will certainly be racing myself against my current and old PB’s.

  7. Malcolm R

    I will be running the Beyond the Black Stump Run on new years day. It’s a 33km unsupported trail run in Sydney and a lot of fun!

  8. I’ll be running a half-marathon on February 20 — a significant milestone in my training for my first full Ironman in July. Can’t wait :D

  9. James Ewing

    Goofy Challenge

  10. Seona K

    Technically it is most likely going to be a running race in the back yard on new years day as this is something my young nephews are really into at the moment. :) Apart from that I’ll be aiming for Tough Mudder 2013 and will aim to find so events in the lead up which will compliment my training.

  11. Matt

    Kurnell Sprint Tri!

  12. Kevin Lang

    Hey DCR,

    My first target is going to be ITU San Diego for the second year, although hopefully with a much better time! I’ve got some fitness to build and some pounds to lose though for that goal! Thanks for a great website!

  13. erica

    thanks for offering the giveaway! i’m planning to run the fred leberman 10K in central park in january (though i still need to sign up).

  14. I’ve still got a couple of races left this year, but 2013 will start with a 30km race (Bay to Bay) on the 6th of Jan. And I hope the wind isn’t blowing like it is today, What is your next race?

  15. there’s a 5k about a week after the new year here i usually run. average temp the last few years has been around 5*F with snow, so it makes for a cold one.

  16. Looking forward to racing Challenge Wanaka in Jan

  17. A Mulawarman

    Twin Cities marathon.

  18. Thinking of doing the Davenport St Challenge. 1st January, lasts less than 1 minute. 11.2% average gradient, max 25%. Great way to start the year!

  19. Ed St. John

    The Indoor triathlon at the North Subruban YMCA as an early warm up for Steelhead.

  20. Ed St. John

    Northsuburban YMCA indoor tri as an early season warm up leading to Steelhead.

  21. Johan

    City Pier City in my home town Den Haag, 10th of march.

  22. Kristi

    Awesome giveaway! My first race will be……a Shamrock 5k! Not very exciting, I know, but after an Ironman year this year, next year needs to get some speed back into my legs. :)

  23. Robert

    First race 2013 a night trail run quarter-half-full marathon that starts at midnight January 26. Thinking just a half in the dark besides a four lap full course would be a tough mental challenge especially at 3 in the morning.

  24. Sarath

    My first ‘proper’ race will be a fast hike to the Everest Base Camp competing against my girl friend ! Training in full flow….

  25. Aaboe

    My first race in 2013 will actually be a mountainbike race.
    This winther, running will play a larger part of my preparations than previous years and the fr10 might come in very handy there :-)


  26. Steve C

    I don’t bother with any races until May. For 2013 it will be the Calgary Marathon.

  27. Sean K.

    The 5/3rd Riverbank Run in Grand Rapids, MI on May 11, 2013

  28. Thor

    My first race will be the Wellington Round the Bays mid-February (link to

    As I’m blessed to already have a good training computer, should i win these watches would make a great stocking stuffer for a couple of keen runners I know.

    Thanks Ray and Clever Training!

  29. First race of the year… Shamrock Half Marathon in March. Unless I do the New Year’s Day 5k, TBD based on how NYE goes!

  30. Bob Lew

    Great Aloha Run on Presidents’ Day, Feburary 18, 2013.

  31. Yao

    The first race in 2013 will be a half-marathon against myself — to celebrate the new year … Had been a couch potato for my whole life, I started to run in September. Now I can finish a HM with comfortable heart rate.

    If that doesn’t count, I plan to attend Lake Sammamish half marathon on March 9th if everything goes well.

    Thank you Ray for sharing so much information here!

  32. Nicola

    Gold Coast Half Marathon – not until July once it’s cooled down

  33. Robert

    Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Pasadena, CA (Feb 2013)

  34. Brett

    Vancouver Road Runners First Half Feb ’13

  35. Edward C

    I plan to ride the Fast One as my first cycling race. Nice and flat, though possibly very wet and flooded if history is anything to go by. If I wake up late and run to my car, I’ll call it a reverse triathlon.

  36. Dan

    1st race of the year will be the Nookachamps 1/2 marathon in January.

  37. Blanca

    I don’t know about the first one of 2013… but the last in 2012 is definitely going to be San Silvestre Vallecana in Madrid!

  38. john crozier

    planning for the prague marathon in may. . .would be sweet with a new garmin on my wrist :)

  39. davide

    I would really really like to run my firs half marathon in Paris! This would my first official run un 2013… But I’m planning some shorter runs earlier in the year to get some results and motivation.

  40. Shaun Moran

    Probably a Brisbane Road Runners weekly race to get the legs moving!

  41. Im with one of the other commenters. Polar dash mn on jan 1. Start the year out right.

  42. Yannick

    May be the first race of 2013Will be the 10k race of Vincennes neer your New home ;-)

  43. Daniel Calo

    Hey Ray !

    I’m from Israel (not very far from you :) ), my first race of the year will be the Saucony – Tel aviv half – marathon, and on April 7th i’ll run the Paris marathon that i can say that you inspired me to run after reading all your runarounds in Paris. :)

    thanks for the making the giveaway


  44. Jonas

    Orange Blossom Half Marathon in Tavares, FL. It will be nice to escape the Swedish winter for sunny Florida!

  45. Fredrik Nyström

    My first race will be the Sandsjöbacka Trail Marathon 43K, january 20.

  46. Heidi crosson

    My first race of 2013 will be the Chuckunut 50k!!!

  47. Ruth Whitley

    I’ll be running my very first Half Marathon on Feb 17th in Wellington NZ for the AMI Wellington Round the Bays, looking forward to a beautiful water front run to break the ice for 2013 :)

  48. Noa tal

    My first race of the year will be the tiberias-marathon on the 10th of January in Israel
    link to

  49. David Wegehaupt

    My first race will be the Phoenix Marathon on March 2. Big race of the year will be my second Ironman, at IMAZ in November!

  50. Izidor Rojs

    My 2013 season starts already this Sunday on 2th of December 2012 with an uphill run ;-)

  51. Standard Chartered Mumbai Half Marathon on 20th Jan

  52. Neil

    Oak Bay Half in May

  53. Kostas

    My first race of 2013 will be the Kaiser Half Marathon, February 3 in San Francisco. Should be fun!

  54. Pip

    My first race of 2013 won’t be till the end of January – a 160km road cycling event around Mt Taranaki here in New Zealand.

  55. Ronny Bjarnason

    Next race on the schedule right now is Ogden, UT Marathon.

  56. Adam

    My first race will be 15K in Warsaw in January.

  57. Alan

    It think I will do Sava halfmarathon in Ferbruary!

  58. No clue…. was thinking my first triathlon in March… But I haven’t been training ACK!

  59. Chamac'h

    Those nice things speak French now… They can’t go anywhere else !

  60. Ken Murayama

    If i can get my finances in order, it will be the Solvang Century Ride in California’s Central Valley in early Spring.

  61. F. Castillo

    I think I’ll do the Duatlon Villa de Madrid on March.

  62. Alex

    24. Lauf im Britzer Garten
    Erster Lauf des Berliner Läufercups 2013.
    link to

  63. Alex

    24. Lauf im Britzer Garten
    Erster Lauf des Berliner Läufercups 2013.

  64. Michal S.

    Hi, not sure yet. Started running just recently, so it’ll be something short for a start.

  65. Paul

    If I ever recover from my tendinitis, I will probably run the Lord Hill run for the 3rd year in a row: link to

  66. James Hong

    Will be running a local 10k in February, however, my biggest ‘race’ will be climbing up Mount Kinabalu and descending through a via ferrata route in March :)

  67. Nick

    Escape From Alcatraz!!!! Enjoyed your race report this year, can’t wait to write my own….

  68. Matt W

    I have my second-ever marathon in January. I finished my first (in 2010) in five hours. Now I’m looking to qualify for Boston

  69. Christian

    I’ll be running the “Pig’s Race” – which is a local race here in Denmark. I’m hoping to finally do a half marathon, as I’ve done the 10k loads of times – but injuries have always kept me from upping the distance.

  70. Anton Møller Christensen

    My first race i 2013 will be a 5k run i Aarhus, Denmark 6. jan – If the weather allow it I hope to start the season with a PR

  71. Manuel

    Hi first thanks for your post and reviews…
    First run would be a half marathon in Getafe, near Madrid…thats the official… but on the very 1st of January some 10k running to star the 2013 in positive mood.
    Thanks again for you post and keep going!!!!

  72. Leon

    Nothing planned so far! :)

  73. Top Pot 5k around Green Lake. Come to Seattle for it! Free doughnuts’

  74. martins ozolins

    If we do not count weekly orienteering races, than smaller hilly ultra ~60km (my first) somewhere in France / April or a marathon in May most likely.

  75. Fabian

    Next race it will be at the evening of 31-Dec, very typical day in Spain to run a “San Silvestre”. The next one will be end of January…. first half marathon for me.

  76. Rasmus Olesen

    First race in 2013 will be Chal Aarhus. Big race not yet decided. Thanks for doing the blog as a whole Ray.

  77. lisa

    My first race will be a 21k in february. Will be escorting some visually disabled runners so if i win, one of them will get the 2nd watch!

  78. Paul Desmidt

    first “race” next year will be march 30 full distance Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders)!

  79. My first race will be on Saturday 12 of January: the Egmond Pier Egmond Beach MTB-race. 38km full speed on the beach, hopefully in good weather….

  80. Bert

    I’m planning on doing a race in Brussels on December 23, hopefully with some snow so I can try out those Yaktrax you talked about in your gear list!

    Then the first race for me in the new year will probably be a big one… the Paris marathon! It will be my first marathon and I won’t be doing any races before that day, so as to minimize my chances of injury.

    Super stoked!

  81. I will run the first race of the year in Barcelona, Spain on January 20, 2013 is a 10km race

  82. Keith

    My first race of 2013 won’t be until the Shamrock Shuffle here in Chicago.

  83. Keith

    My first race of 2013 will be the Shamrock Shuffle here in Chicago.

  84. Željko

    It will be my first marathon. :-)

    Belgrade Marathon 2013

  85. Stefan

    My first race I’m not sure, but I’m definitely going to race the Swiss half ironman in Rapperswil (link to

  86. My first race of 2013 will be Surf City half marathon …unless I find a birthday race in January !!! Thank you for the chance to win !

  87. zena

    My frst race next year will be the london marathon, just training untill then

  88. Lieven

    Mine will be the Tour of Flanders… Cobblestones and Flemish hills until you drop (alsmost) dead.

  89. James

    20th of Jan 2013 – 70.3 South Africa (East London) – hopefully the weather will be good this year!

  90. My first race in next season will be the Half Marathon in Berlin on 7th April. Target my personal best at 1:28h :-)

  91. Michal

    Barcelona Marathon :)

  92. Liam

    British national cx champs on 13th Jan. Bring the mud!

  93. Alexander The Great Marathon – Thessaloniki/Greece – April 21st

    ( link to )

  94. My first race of ’13 will be a half marathon, early in March.

  95. Daniel

    I’ll be running the CPC Half Marathon (link to here in The Hague, The Netherlands on March 10th.

  96. 10k del roscón (link to a 10k race at my hometown, Zaragoza, Spain :)

  97. My first race will be just 8 days from New Years’ Eve, small 11k trail race in the park in Kraków: link to

  98. My first race might just be the Boston Marathon. I’d love to do some shorter races first, but at the moment I’m recovering from an injury and will have to make sure that I can give it all in Boston.

  99. I would love to win two “hers”, both my girlfriend and I are slowely building running after getting injuries. A FR10 would help us alot with pacing, and not overdoing it… :-)

  100. It will be a race called End of Europe (almost 17k). It’s in Sintra, Portugal, and it’s also known as the most beautiful road race in my country.

  101. David Sànchez

    At the current date my firts pre-season will be on December 31st 2013 ;-)

  102. my first race will be probably a cross country run in Maldegem.

  103. Trygve Haaland

    My first planned race of 2013 will be “Nordsjørittet” held in the western coastline of Norway early june. It is a 91km race on a combination of terrain, gravel roads and asphalt so mountain bikes required. Having picked up my running shoes lately I am hoping to attend some races on foot as well, but I have not yet checked the schedule for upcoming events.

  104. Right now it’s Challange Fuerteventura (70.3) i april. But there will probably be some earlier races as well.

  105. Dimitri V

    Only one race next year… trying to stay healthy in doing what i love most: run, bike and swim.

  106. To work on January 2nd. While it’s probably less impressive than most other entries, having a daily ride through Copenhagen rush hour traffic of 30+ kms do actually add up during the pace of a year….

  107. Torgeir Nes

    I have 5k races going on every 3rd week during this winter.
    So I’m hoping to get under 20min before March.

  108. Olav Krogsæter

    My first race next year here in Norway will be Vinterkarusellen – “the winter carousel” – 5 km run on January 7th, together with my son, 13 years old. Probably with snow and frosty weather. “The winter carousel” consists of eight runs during the winter, with 500-900 runners in every race, it depends on the weather :-)

  109. I am looking to train all year for the Bridger Ridge Run.

  110. Patrick

    First race will be Ironman 70.3 in Auckland on January 20th, let’s see if my 2nd 70.3 will be a PB…

  111. TriAbel

    My first race is going to be in March. Not a triathlon, but a swim and run duathlon. I’m looking forward to it.

  112. Mick A

    Doing a local 10k In jan, I’m Old so avoid the Cold.

  113. Ivica

    well, it seems I should wait until june due to force majeure…

  114. Damien Berest

    Mine will probably be the 1/2 iron in the Ardgartan Triathlon Festival, in northern Scotland.

  115. I’ll be running a half marathon on the 6th of January. Epiphany Run.

  116. Krystian

    Hi DC,

    My first 2013 and last in 2012 will be Cracow’s New Years Eve Run :) 10km starting with first fireworks.

  117. Angelus

    Probably a trail: Trail hivernal de la moselotte (25km, 1350m D+)
    (link to

  118. tami

    I think I will run a spring half marathon, if not my first race will be an Olympic triathlon

  119. Michael

    My race next year, will just be getting on the bike again, after crashing in october and breaking both hip, femur and shoulder.

  120. My first race for 2013 will probably be like 2012: the “Ice Trail”, on 20 January.

    It is a beautiful and funny 15 or 30 km trail, only one hour away in the North Paris: Ray, you should give it a try!

    But beware, the name of the race is misleading: should have been named the Mud Trail, especially when it’s rainy 2 or 3 days before :)

  121. As a French runner, my first 2013 race will be a 10 km race in the “8e arrondissement”. But the real one will be 03/03 for the semi-marathon of Paris !

  122. I’ve got a 10k lined up on Jan 20th

  123. Peter VQ

    I’m thinking about running the Rome or Barcelona marathon on March 17th.

  124. Shubham

    My first race would be the Airtel half marathon next year,though I am not running in it this year…

  125. Darren

    TriAthy olympic distance in Ireland

  126. With the 2013 season nearly upon us – what’s going to be your first race of the year?

    Ans: it is going to be the European 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships!

  127. There is too cold for tri race, so just running. First race on January 1. Of course a lot of snow and ice on the track :-)

  128. David

    getafe half marathon the 27th of January in Spain!

  129. Krispijn Scholte

    I was hoping to do the half marathon of Egmond (Netherlands); not sure if I trained enough though…

  130. Ted Bradley

    Brighton Marathon on April 20th or possibly the Lancing Half Marathon! (UK)

  131. Mans

    I hope a long row race will be the first. So I can work myself up to a 90KM race in april

  132. Dirk

    10km at the 4. Kaiserdomlauf in Bamberg (Germany) on March 17th, 2013

  133. I’m going to run my 4th half marathon in Egmond, Netherlands on Jan 13. It’s probably going to be my toughest because of the time of the year and also the course: the first part is on the beach and the final 2km are uphill…
    Nice objective to get into shape after the Xmas time.

  134. Hannes

    Ironman New Zealand. (I really should bike more, but the weather in Europe…)

  135. Romeu Gaspar

    Tróia-Sagres, a classic winter road event in Portugal. Let’s see how it goes!

  136. Thomas De Smet


    Just like Lieven, it will be the Tour of Flanders :-) !! Hope to see you there, Lieven.


  137. Arend

    Freeze your Gizzard half Marathon in Feb!

  138. Mike Beckerleg

    I will be running the Yeovil Half Marathon in March. Provided my dodgy calf co-operates.

  139. David

    Kentish Killer – in Kent, England oddly enough. A cold 70miles up and down some hills in Feb

  140. Bcrle

    Looking forward to the New years days ramble

  141. Rudy

    I don’t participate to races.

  142. jonhammar

    Next year will be a even better year..

    First race will be Lidingo MTB 60km

  143. Alon Lelcuk

    Far Far away (actually not so far from Paris)… Eilat Triathalon…

  144. Well… it will be a local race on cross country skis… (skating style)… don’t know the date yet…

    As regards to running, Paris Marathon in April is still on the schedule (4th in a row in Paris).

    Could be, that i will be squeezing one or two local shorter running races beforehand. Was also thinking about Rome (half)marathon in March, but could be that this will be too early to have such a long race so early in the season (we usually DO have lots of snow, and running outside is quite limited between january and end of february – but thats why I cross train on cross country skis)

  145. Miha


    The first race in my plan for 2013 is “100 miles of Istria” in april (link to I will participate in shorter 100 km version. I hope everything goes as planed.



  146. Geert

    I don’t know when my first race is in 2013. But I know the last!
    This will be the “Oliebollen” race in Weert the Netherlands on the 31 of december. (10 k)

  147. Oliver

    The Aletsch glacier half, in preparation for my third Jungfrau marathon. :)

  148. Anoik

    I will be running a 10 km race in my town in April.

  149. Nimrod

    Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) marathon, January 10th.

  150. Katri

    Probably the first one will be a cross country skiing race, Kõrvemaa suusamaraton on January 26, 2013. In Estonia ;-).

  151. Dean

    I’ve a couple of shorter multi-terrain races that I’ll be using for training but my first goal race of the year is the Virgin London Marathon. It’s going to be epic (or a death march for the last 10k).

  152. Paul

    I will be running a half marathon on January 20th in Cologne.

  153. Chris

    Disney’s Goofy Challenge

  154. Olle Torkelsson

    My first race will be the Barcelona Marathon in March. Hopefully there wont be snow all winter long here in Sweden, then it wont get a fast race..

  155. Shane O'Brien

    My first foot race of 2013 is going to be a very very messy and cold “hell and back” 10k race and assault course in Jan. My first Tri (ever) is going a nice sprint in North Tipperary in Ireland in May.

  156. Jinyu

    I will also be running a half marathon on January 20th in Cologne. :D

  157. David

    Run The Reaganin Febuary

  158. Will

    I will be doing the boxing day 10k around the park in Poole (UK) but as for the first race of the year will be my first triathlon the Mad March in Dorset (UK) on the 3rd March.

  159. Laurence Basell

    Portsea Twillight Run – Victoria, Australia – it’s an absolute classic.

  160. Amy Park

    Looking forward to competing in Melbourne’s Gatorade Triathlon in Elwood in January 2013.

  161. Oliver

    The Aletsch glacier half marathon, in preparation for my third Jungfrau marathon. :)

  162. I will be running the 70km Licanray to Villarrica Ultra in the South of Chile on January 6.

  163. twiki

    My first race of 2013 will be in 2014… one day my injuries will sort themselves out!

  164. Ricou

    My wife and my first race of the season will be the Gran Fondo Gatineau.

  165. I am not sure yet, but surely a small-scale 5k run here in Recife, Brazil

  166. Michael

    A local half marathon in March

  167. Carboni

    My first race of 2013 is going to be the Travessia Torres Tramandaí – TTT, here in RS – Brazil.

  168. Like Carboni just above, I’ll also be racing the TTT. Its 82km team race ate the beach. Right in the peak of the summer. Its a fun race.

  169. pauln3

    Commitment Day 5K on 1/1/13 in Raleigh, NC

  170. Jeff H

    I’ll most likely run something prior to this, but the first thing on the schedule is the LA Marathon in March.

  171. ERiC APPLE

    I will be racing the “Hot Choclate 5K” which is a local race in NY in Feb 2013. I started training this week to go under 20. We’ll see…… Thanks Ray

  172. ERiC APPLE

    I will be racing the “Hot Choclate 5K” which is a local race in NY in Feb 2013. I started training this week to go under 20.

  173. ChrisB

    Probably the Liverpool Half Marathon – see if I can set a new PB three years in a row…

  174. Black Warrior 50k – 02/16/2013

  175. Znookio

    Hopefully the Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon. Bring it on!

  176. Gunk

    I may find a couple marathons as part of the training process, but the first race I’m signed up for so far is the The HAT Run 50k in Susquehanna State Park, MD.

  177. Mike

    Planning on the Nautica South Beach race (classic) distance

  178. Ben Sales

    I’ll be doing parkrun on 5th Jan, hopefully accompanied by my 4 year old wearing his new Garmin FR10 :-)

  179. Frank

    Hell of the west, Ireland you got to try it !!!

  180. toomash

    Not sure yet, but probably nothing before the summer. It’s cold and busy and I’m very good in inventing excuses.

  181. My first “official” event of next year will probably be a local Wounded Warrior 5k on January 26th, and then probably the “Run for Cookies 5k” on February 9th, because who doesn’t like cookies :D

    Would be great to have the FR10, so I could retire my Nike Sportband and get some real world numbers.

    Good luck everyone!

  182. kiwi

    Not sure yet, scheduling in progress :)

  183. David Bird

    I’m far too part time nowadays. The first race might be as far away as the Frampton Cider Run or perhaps the Bristol 10k (July & May). Or perhaps the Hangover 10k on 1 January in Weston-Super-Mare!

  184. Stefan

    Will try to run 2 marathons, they may not be the first of the year, but they are the most important.
    PS: yay reindeer!

  185. Vidar

    10k run on the 10th of january

  186. brettjmcc

    My first race of the year will be against myself and the effects of NYE on Jan 1

  187. Klemen

    Ironman Lanzarote in May 2013, my girlfriend a half-marathon in Gorizia (ITA). Stil havent convinced her for Ironman ;-)


  188. Heidi m

    I’m going to sign up for the Gran Fondo May 19th in NYC. It’ll be my first 110 mile bike ride. I’ve done a marathon, done the 2.5 mil swim, if Ironman is on the calendar for 2014 I need to get the bike ride under my belt before i sign up! Super excited! My husband is along for the ride too!

  189. Esther

    I’ll be doing the 1st Day 5k, a race in my town that goes right past the house where I grew up (my mom still lives there, in fact). It was my first real race and this year will be the third time I’m doing it.

  190. Leeka

    Traditional Keuruu-Multia ski trip together with Liperin Lenkki. Ok, it’s not a race but good fun anaway.

  191. Willem Wijnans

    Egmond aan zee Half Marathon after 5kg weight gain over holidays

  192. Ragnar Florida keys, Jan 4-5

  193. Becki

    My first race of the year will be the Buffalo, NY Half Marathon in May 2013!

  194. Andrew H

    My first race of 2013 will be a New Years Day 5k

  195. Nicolas

    XC Ski race on Jan 5th

  196. Luiz Henrique

    I’ll be running the half-marathon São Paulo – BR

  197. Matthias

    Not sure yet – will probably be in London next year every second week or so. Perhaps I’ll find a nice race over in UK

  198. Peter Sumner

    The half marathon in torre del lago, Tuscany, Italy on January 20th!

  199. jonathan Harris

    The first race of the year will be Hair of the Dog 5K

  200. Kristi Stricklin

    Oklahoma City Memorial

  201. Matt M

    I have a few 5ks in the spring, but the first big one is the San Diego half..

  202. Mieszko

    8th Warsaw Halfmarathon 24 March

  203. dzul

    North face singapore city race..march 2012

  204. Melanie Hoff

    Backyard Burn #1 by EX2 Adventures

  205. Eliza

    First race is Love the One You’re With 5k around Valentine’s Day in Arlington, Va!

  206. Randee

    I’m currently recovering from a stress fracture so I hope to be back by spring….. I’m aiming for the Everest challenge in Animal Kingdom (Walt Disney World) in May! **fingers crossed**

  207. Julie Gorham

    1st real race comes a bit late in June as tri season in Canada can finally enjoy defrosted lakes! BUT, the 1st race I am excited for is a 10km trail race in May, Cours en Foret. I volunteer as the course closer which means I have double the fun as I get to support the newbies in the back of the pack, and I get in a great, challenging run!

  208. Vera Biagioni

    My first race will be watching my husband in the Rome marathon!

  209. Stu Duckworth

    I’m doing the Outlaw Iron Distance Triathlon in Nottingham, UK in July 2013!

  210. Kurthian

    Oshkosh HM

  211. Brian DeCarli

    Our family tradition to start the year is to run the New Year’s Day 5k in Reston, Virginia.

  212. Ja'far Railton

    RAK Feb. 13 – or maybe a 5k parkun before that.

  213. Adrian miles

    First race, Sydney marathon clinic 10k

  214. mike p

    First race is charlotte 10 miler. Cant wait.

  215. Liam Kitson

    West Clare Duathlon on the 10th March 2013. 5K run, 20k cycle and 3k run.

  216. Kim

    My first race of 2013 will be the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile Ultra. I am soooooo excited and nervous all at the same time:) Honestly though, I need the watch for my kiddo. He is 10 years old and will be competing in his first half-marathon this March in Little Rock, Arkansas. He has the running bug and I could not be more proud!

  217. The Gardenspot Marathon on April 6.

  218. Carletta C.

    I’ll be running the Hot Like Chocolate 5K in January in Atlanta, GA.

  219. baelrati

    I don’t know yet what will be my first race of the year, the only thing that I may tell now is that I’m registered for the cyclo-sportive ‘L’Etape du Tour’ on July 7th. But during the first months I’m sure that I will do some running races.

  220. Adam

    Ironman San Juan!

  221. Terence Young

    My first race will be the Gasparilla Distance Classic 15k on Feb 23rd.

  222. shawn skillman

    The Tobacco Trail Marathon here in North Carolina.

  223. Barrie

    I will be running the Fred Hughes 10 mile in St Albans with my wife, she has only been run I g 6 months & has run two 5k’s & a 10k, she is stepping up mileage & loving it

  224. David B NYC

    First race (sort of a race) Gran Fondo NY!

  225. Fran Murphy

    The Frosty Kroc 5 K January 12.

  226. Natalie Pilkington

    Jan 5th Albany trek, half ironman Western Australia! 5 weeks to go, Yay!

  227. Ben Entwistle

    My first race of the year is actually my first ever triathlong. A local sprint with an indoor swim! I have an olympic tri in 6 months, so this is just mainly preparation for how things work!

  228. Craig Tornow

    The first race for 2013 will be a Trail Race in March for a local charity. Support local charaities through racing locally.

  229. Darragh C

    First race of the year – the sprint for the town sign at the end of the club ride on Jan 3rd! It may not be on the official race calendar but it’s always hotly contested!!

  230. Diana Williams

    So far, my first race of the new year is going to be the Hot Chocolate 5K in Atlanta. Hoping it is run better than the one at National Harbor was!

  231. German

    I will be running the 9 mile hot chocolate on Jan 13.

  232. Carlos

    My first 2013 race will be XIV TROFEO PARIS on january 13th in Madrid.(Spain). This is a really nice 10k race.

  233. Shan Haq

    I’m going to run “Inaugural New Years Day Hangover Classic 5k. It’s on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 10:30 am start in Wilmington DE. A FR10 would be awesome for this run. Did I do this right?

  234. Marc Diede

    First A-Race in 2013 will be the Skoda Velothlon in May. For sure 2 or 3 races for preparation.

  235. Randi

    My first big race will be the Rock n Roll half in Dallas, March 2013. This will be my first half in 4 years!

  236. Ademir Gonçalves Júnior

    My first race of the year will be the Night Run Costão do Santinho in Florianopolis, on January 26th!

  237. Tom Moynihan

    my first race of the year is the ballycotton 10 road race in cork on 4th march.have to get my hands on my fifth mug!

  238. Steve E.

    First race will probably be a random 5K. The Issaquah Tri on June 1st is my first planned tri.

  239. Viesturs

    It will be the 1/2 marathon in Riga.
    link to

  240. Carlos Vaquero

    First race, The Barcelona Half Marathon.

    link to

  241. Shateela

    The very first race of the year …. Probably a valentines day run. The first “big races” will be the national rock and roll half and the buffalo marathon. But, I am sure there will many 5ks (crystal city 5k series) and 10ks before that! Thanks for the reminder to sure up the 2013 race schedule !

  242. My first 2013 race will be “Grande Prémio do Fim da Europa” (17km in Lisbon area).It’s a hilly course which ends in the eastern point of Europe (hence it’s name – “End of Europe’s Grand Prix”.

  243. Debby Wineland

    My firat race for 2013 will be 1/2 Marathon New Year Day. Finally I have something to look forward to on my birthday each year. Until I started running being a New Year baby was boring now I can’t wait for the day!

  244. Mreredith E.

    An early 5K with my husband. Yet to be determined.

  245. Mike Welch

    Devil Man in NJ

  246. Marta Ecija

    my first race in 2013 will probably Barcelona Half Marathon

    link to

  247. The beautiful Egmond half marathon on 13 junuary 2013. A very well known half marathon through dunes and beach, hoping for snow…

  248. Suzanne's out running

    Publix half Marathon in March

  249. My first race of the year will be Lowell First Run 2013 on New Year’s Day!

  250. Dion M. Tang

    Well my first race will be the Haspa Hamburg Marathon in April – hoping to set a PR on the distance there. In June I’m counting on attending my first ever triathlon at Challenge Aarhus in Denmark (½IM).

  251. Stefan

    I am running the Winter Running Challenge end of january

  252. Kim Bo Jensen

    My first race of the year will be on an indoor track either on the 10/1 or the 17/1.

  253. Lester Romena

    Tokyo Marathon on the 24th of February – my first time joining a World Marathon Majors event (and Tokyo’s first as well!)

  254. Well, my very first race in the new year is Egmond-Pier-Egmond, which is a beach biking race. That one is held on January 12. I hope to start running again pretty soon (been suffering from plantar fasciitis from March this year), and run the first race on January 27.

  255. Trey Koeneke

    Probably Oz Half marathon in Olathe, ks. It starts and finishes ad Garmin HQ.

  256. Caroline

    georgetown med school charity sprint tri in march…but if you meant an official race, probably the Nike Womens half marathon inaugural race in DC in April (assuming I win that lottery!).

    thanks for setting up this giveway – fun post to see on a friday.

  257. Pietro

    I think the first race of the year is wake up the 1st Jan on massive hangover and run without puking. :)

  258. Bryan

    Looking like IMKS 70.3 at this point, although I’d like to find something sooner!

  259. Amy Shores

    My first race of the year will be the First Run in Lowell, Massachusetts on Jan 1st!

  260. Matthew

    I’ll be running the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Lexington Half Marathon in March.

  261. Seth

    NYC Half Marathon

  262. There is a traditional Cross Country Running race on the 1st of January each year. I’m going to attend, if I wake up in time. It usually starts at 1 pm, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  263. Jason S

    Clearwater Halfathon January 20 in Clearwater, FL. It’s gonna be too cold in Chi-town!

  264. Kyle Polansky

    I can’t turn down a givaway!

    I run for my school’s cross country team, so I will end up running whichever track meets coach decides to go to next year. I primary run the 800m in track, but run much longer distances during cross country season (which ended last week). I’m in recovery mode right now, but I’ll be back to 70 mile-per-week training next week.

  265. Damon

    The JUN 2013 70.3 half IRONMAN in KS. It will be my first attempt at this distance.

  266. I’ll race the Texas cyclocross championship on Jan 7. CX is hands-down the best way to maintain or improve fitness during the winter, plus it’s the most fun you’ll ever have on a bike.

  267. Reed W.

    First scheduled race is the gulf coast half ironman, may TRI to fit in one or two tune up races before. The Garmin is a critical part of my training. My wife has just gotten into endurance sports and is doing her first half marathon this weekend. She is recognizing how important a device like the Garmin can be to her training. Was thinking of getting her one for Christmas. :)

  268. Titan

    My first race will be the 2013 Snake Alley Criterium on Memorial day weekend. It is an awesome course with a crazy hill on every lap.

  269. Sebastiaan

    I would wear it, together with my girlfriend, at the 15 KM Bruggenloop (bridge walk) in Rotterdam on the 9th of december. That would be awesome!

  270. Kevin

    Disney Marathon

  271. Jeff

    F^3 Lake Half in Chicago on 1/26

  272. Viki

    My first race of 2013 is the May Radenska Marathon (21k) in Murska Sobota, Slovenia.

  273. Wenzel

    MY wife and I are going to run the Disneyland Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon on January 20, 2013

  274. Elizabeth Crepeau

    My first race of the year is going to be the Walt Disney World Full Marathon, after that i have several olympic triathlons followed by a 70.3 and a Full Ironman. I am so excited about this giveaway!

  275. Peter Pate

    My first race of 2013 will be the Hot Chocolate 15k in Atlanta

  276. Rev3 Knoxville 70.3 triathlon, in May :)

  277. Peter

    I think to run a 5K on Feb

  278. Tim

    Does the race to get in shape count?

    Probably the Devil’s Backbone Mtn Cross or the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo

  279. Robert Warrior

    My first race will be in March. also my first half marathon which is the Reading half.bring it on :)

  280. amanda abbott

    If all goes well, the Martian Half Marathon in Michigan in April, if things don’t go well….the 10k instead.

  281. Jake E.

    My wife and I will be running a half marathon April 27, 2013. It would be great to do it with matching watches :)

  282. Pietro

    I will run a race the 31st December

  283. Doreen McCord

    My first race for 2013 will be the Shamrock 8k in Virginia Beach, VA to celebrate my first full year of running races! The Shamrock 8k was my first race and first medal. I Run for Medalz! Wish me luck on my first half marathon this weekend in Las Vegas!

  284. Right now it looks it’ll be the Annapolis Sprint Tri, but fully expect to add another earlier than that (it’s my first tri btw *gulp!*)

  285. Boston, but should probably find some before that :D

  286. Magnus

    If it is reborn, Evolutionrace winter challenge start feb., otherwise I’ve got a few 5-k’s in the middle of feb.!

  287. Running for cancer at Terry Fox run 2013 in Singapore link to

  288. Robert

    haven’t scheduled a race yet

  289. Rob S

    Goofy Challenge then HAT50k

  290. Davide

    Rimini challenge 70.3 !!!!

    let’s go!

  291. Tim Galginaitis

    First race: Marine Corps 17.75 k in Quantico, VA. Need the rest of the winter to train for my first season of triathlons.

  292. Francois D.

    the 2013 race season will start with the “Randosportive de Charlevoix” 2 June

  293. Nicole Bailey

    My first race of 2013 will be my first trail race. It will be the Dirty Spokes XTERRA Alabama Series at Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville, Alabama. It is a 5K/15K race and since it is my first trail race, I am going to do the 5K.

  294. Paris Marathon 2013-04-07

  295. Cindy

    Rehabbing from surgery to repair shredded tendon. Dr says it will take a year but is confident he will have me back running again. So first race will be on a trail fully padded with pine needles and oak leaves in Brown County, Ind next fall.

  296. Sebastian A.

    First race for 2013 will be the Swedish halfmarathon”Sydkustloppet” on 27th of april

  297. Craig

    I’m planning on doing the Aonach Mòr uphill race, on 1st January. About 4km long, with 600m of ascent. Then a trip back down the hill on the gondola.

  298. Crystal

    Shamrock Marathon!!

  299. Well not exactly a race, but the Terry Fox Run 10k in Singapore!

  300. Jirka B.

    It’s winter here, so the first race next year may be the half marathon in Prague in April.

  301. Raising funds for cancer at Terry Fox Run in Singapore on Jan 27, 2013 link to

  302. Ed Parks

    The Run2Read Half Marathon, 6 January 2013

  303. Run for Regis Trail Half Marathon Jan. 13th

  304. Brian Bier

    The Cowtown Marathon in Ft Worth Texaa

  305. Daniel W.

    VIPA Herzocross, 03.03.2013, Herzogenaurach, Germany

  306. Tim Mai

    My first race of 2013 is Copenhagen marathon

  307. keith sherman

    Well it was going to be IM New Zealand but that’s looking less likely. If not that the first real race will be IM Cairns. No doubt some prep races but too early to pick.
    Thanks for the giveaway Ray, just great.

  308. Mike T

    The Snowball Crit

  309. Michele Cavallo

    My first race in 2013 will be “Miguel Race” in Rome.

  310. james f

    Planning on doing the xterra switzerland off road race – if I can get an entry.

  311. George Brown

    My first race of 2013 will be the Houston Marathon on Jan. 10.

  312. Like several other respondents my first race will be the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge

  313. Katie

    First race will be the 1st Day 5K in Worcester, MA!

  314. james f

    Planning on doing the xterra switzerland off road race, if I can get an entry.

  315. Theresa

    The Polar Dash (Jan 12th) probably! Brrr.

  316. DaveG

    I’ll be racing sailboats on Jan.1!

  317. Brad Muckerheide

    My wife and I now have a tradition that we both do the same race every year to start the season to kick off our baselines and track from there!! We will be doing the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle and would love to do it together with matching FR10’s!!!!!!!!!!!! Many Thanks for the contest opportunity!!!

  318. Briana

    Mid-winter 10 mile classic feb 3, cape Elizabeth, Maine!!

  319. Chuck

    Miami Marathon

  320. Nejc Vidali

    Probably one local game in January but it’s not yet 100%, because of my ankle injury. I hope for the best.

  321. Chris L

    At this point, my first will hopefully be the Segahunda trail marathon in western NY sometime around Memorial Day.

  322. liz

    first race of 2013 will be the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run, a 4-miler in Central Park complete with fireworks and sparkling cider. gun goes off at midnight New Year’s Eve… Thanks for the great blog Ray!

  323. MLE

    So far, I’ve got the GW Birthday Marathon Relay 2/17/13, then Rock n Roll Half Mary on 3/16/13

  324. Jason Nemecek

    The Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival 10m

  325. Garrubal

    Charleston half marathon on January 19

  326. Blake Sills

    I’ll be for sure racing the Nashville Marathon, but I might be doing a local 15k/half marathon before that, not sure yet.

  327. After being out for almost all of 2012 with a torn meniscus, I have high hopes of ringing in the New Year with the Reston New Years Day 5k. Bigger hopes is to be able to be able to do Shamrock Half Marathon in March.

  328. Anthony Yuri Paz Veras

    Probably the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, if I get better from some injuries.

  329. Hoping to be back in the A’dam for the Tata/Phanos Boscross on 1/6/13 in Amstelveen link to

  330. Fabiano Araujo

    My first race will be Copa InternacionaI de MTB in Brazil.

  331. Julien Ramond

    First race of the year will be the Toronto Goodlife Half marathon on may 5th, quite a way away, but such is life in Canada :)

    thanks for the opportunity

  332. Mike Lin

    Around the Bay 30k, Hamilton Ontario.

  333. Adam Beston

    Local 5k as usual.

  334. Jake

    Shamrock Shuffle – Chicago

  335. Crystal

    I’m thinking of finding a New Years Day race but as of right now the first official race on my calendar is March 16 for Rock n Roll D.C

  336. Samuel L.

    Chevron Houston Marathon 01.13.13

  337. Carrie

    I’ll be running The Shamrock Shuffle 8k in Chicago.

  338. Mike

    The Illinois Marathon

  339. Gaofeng Zhu

    Soldier Field 10 to mark the 10 year anniversary of the race in Chicago, IL. The event will be held on May 25, 2013.

  340. swani

    it will be the new york road runners midnight run!
    it has always been a dream of mine, but this year will be the first time i have the chance to fulfill this. i just moved close enough to central park to be able to run it and still make it home shortly after the race! it seems it’ll be a lucky 13th year of 2000, started with a dream come true!!

  341. Heather

    Lake in the Hills Triathlon

  342. Katelyn

    My first race of the year is a 10-miler in February. Always a cold and fun race. The big one is IMLP though in July!

  343. Jim Burdan

    My first race of 2013 will the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach March 17. It’s also my first race to kick off my pursuit to get into the Half Fanatics Club!

  344. Alvaro Costa

    I will be running a 10K Corrida de Reis on Jan 23th, in Brasilia – Brazil!!!

  345. John Williamson

    The IMS AZ Marathon on February 17th!

  346. Chris McElveny

    First race of the season will be Moab’s Red Hot 55k in February.

  347. Tovi

    San Juan 70.3 in March.

  348. Alan W. Yueh

    The White Lake Half Triathlon (White Lake, NC) on April 6th. Some of the other members of my family will probably do the Sprint the next day–and I usually “help out” with a bike leg for a relay with my kids. Otherwise, we’ll do the “The Great Human Race”, a 5K in Durham, NC, with all 6 members of my family. This race benefits a couple of dozen charities, from schools to soup kitchens to community groups and churches…just about any group can register.

  349. Alex

    Well, my friend just told me yesterday that my first race will be a 2-stage bike race in the end of April. 180k first day and 110k second day. I’m stoked and now got motivation for some indoor training.

  350. vadim

    My first ever half Ironman – 70.3 Eagleman

  351. Kurt

    The Frigid 5 Miler on 1/13/2013. The first race in 2013 on my way towards gearing up for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May!

  352. Anand

    Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (42.2k edition) – Jan 20th, 2013

  353. Tobias Pirzer

    run & bike in Fuhrn (Germany) Jan 13th

  354. My first race of 2013 will be Penang International Duathlon Race…

  355. Linda

    Probably the Gristmill Grinder in April. Maybe…

  356. Lauren

    Myrtle Beach 5k! First race back after September ACL reconstruction!

  357. Collin Taylor

    January 13th. Houston Aramco Half Marathon.

  358. Jake

    The first race I will be doing is the mid west collegiate cycling conference lindsey willson road race because road race season starts before tri season

  359. Juan O

    Any race I can find in Colombia or a country near by, I just love ti run, and for this december I have alerady a Ethernal Running 10K.

  360. First big race will be Spring Desert Ultra 50… In April, but a few shorter ones before!

  361. Edward M.

    Doing my first sprint tri in June or July, but aiming for some early spring 5k’s and 10k’s. Will probably check out the Naarden Wallenloop in May link to I’m not much of a cold-weather runner.

  362. Martin Sanderhoff

    First big race – Duathlon in Jels, Denmark – lets hope the snow is gone at that time

  363. Deanne

    Hangover classic 5k in Monclova, OH. It’s in the afternoon on Jan. 1st. First 5k after months off of running!

  364. My first race will be the rock and roll usa in dc. I am looking for a project this year since u missed my goal last year by two mins (still had a 40 min pr!)

  365. Chad Mcmakin

    Colfax Denver marathon in may

  366. Denise Valdez

    Walt Disney’s half marathon in Orlando on Jan. 12, 2013 followed by the Austin Livestrong marathon in February in my cousin’s honor.

  367. More then likely, my first race will be the Glass city Half Marathon

  368. Steve L

    Hogpen Hill climb. Start the season off with some tourture, and everything else seems easier.

  369. John G

    3M Half Marathon in Austin, TX on 1/13/13.

  370. Kirk

    Bone Island HIM first time at that distance and finish line on Duval St time to party!!

  371. Mark Milliken

    First Race in 2013 will be the Hypothermic Half Marathon in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on January 27, here’s hoping it won’t be minus 40. Cheers to all. :)

  372. I had knee surgery two days ago… I’m sitting here pretending it doesn’t hurt…….but it does. So my first race will be the “race get back running again.” I miss my running! Actually the only race I’m committed to at this point is the Palmetto 200 Relay in April.

  373. Jeff Scarella

    Ironman San Juan, Puerto Rico 70.3

  374. Angel

    Walt Disney World Goofy race (marathon and half marathon)

  375. kab

    First one of the year is going to be a fun 5k!! Keepin it simple :)

  376. Deirdre

    First road race will be the 10-mile Mid Winter Classic in Cape Elizabeth, ME on February 3rd. And the first tri will be the Polar Bear Sprint Tri at Bowdoin College on May 4th.

  377. Joyce U

    My first race of the year I have planned is the Ground Hog Day race in Grand Rapids, MI.

  378. My first real race will be a 50k Hashawha Hills in mid February. Praying for a mild winter.

  379. My 1st race of 2013 is the Rocky Mount Resolution Run on 1/1/13. I have big things planned for 2013, like my 1st ever full marathon! :)

  380. Dan Herdt

    Well my first race will be the Hamburg Marathon. But the race I am really looking forward to is the 3rd Zugspitz Supertrail in June. That will be awesome!!! :)

  381. Cassidy Villegan

    Texas Tri Series-Rookie Tri!

  382. Erik B

    Probably a 10k seeding race for the local big half marathon, which I just find out is the largest half marathon in the world according to Wikipedia. link to

  383. Mark Cable

    My first race will probably not be until March when I run a local men’s 5k with my buddies from work. I leave the majority of running and racing to the better half and usually provide support for her.

  384. Ryan B

    A triathlon relay with some good friends (I’m running).

  385. Walter

    Hi Ray
    Apologies, my first post was a reply to Mansi Gupta who wrote the first comment. Here is my comment again:

    My first race will be on january the 13th (of 2013 :-) the half marathon in Egmond by the sea in the Netherlands. First km’s through the village, then 7km beach (probably with lots of headwind) and the remaining 10 km’s through the woods and dunes.

  386. Kyle Shaw

    Gulf Winds Track Club’s 30k on January 12th. Great preparation for the spring marathon season.

  387. Probably the opening Tri Sprint in Hopkinton, MA

  388. Divya

    Tokyo Marathon – Feb 2013

  389. I’ll be heading down to Florida to run the Walr Disney World Goofy Challenge to raise funds for Autism Speaks in the second week of January. Looking forward to having my wife join me for the marathon on the Sunday (her first full marathon) and my sister in law running her first half marathon with me on the Saturday. Not to mention the family 5K on the Friday before…

    So does 3 races in 3 days increase my chances of winning ;-)

  390. Paul Kreidler

    Frostbite Series Half Marathon in St. Louis on January 26th. However my real 2013 race is my 70.3 debut in Muncie, IN in July!

  391. jonathan f

    new years day 5k in dc

  392. Ironman 70.3 Galveston

  393. Ian Cassidy

    My 1st race of 2013 will be The National CX championship in Dundalk :-)

  394. Zhiquan Yeo

    First race of 2013: Disney World Marathon! (or, it could be the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run on New Year’s eve/day)

  395. Daryl P.

    10 mile Hangover Classic on 1/1. Hopefully there won’t be 40+ mph wind gusts like last year.

  396. Jeremy Radosh

    My wife and I will be running Disney World in Jan 2013. We’ll both run the half and then I’m also running the full marathon (The Goofy Challenge). We’ll look really sharp wearing out matching Garmin Forerunner 10s :)


  397. Steven Kim

    First race of 2013 will be the Austin’s Livestrong Marathon in Feb. First marathon ever…should be fun.

  398. Philmer Lewis

    Chilly Willy Duathlon February 3rd.

  399. Arne G

    That would be the 20km of brussels.

  400. Pat Franklin

    Trail Half Marathon in April.

  401. Jeroen

    first race of 2013: Venloop in the Dutch town of Venlo, half marathon

  402. Elisha

    First running race of the year will be the Hair of the DOG 5K in Virginia Beach, VA and the first tri will be the Smithfield Sprint Tri in Smithfield, VA – they have a great fast/short course and the best BBQ ever tasted afterwards!!!

  403. Harrison Zucker

    My first race will be the first race i ever participated in…Lindsay Wilson Road Race!

  404. Aaron C

    Tower Tri in May … or maybe not … pool swim start was TOO long … maybe Galena Tri

  405. James

    My first race of 2013 will be the new year’s day half marathon at east coast.

  406. Marcus Needham

    “12 Hours in the Papago” MTB race

  407. Lucas

    Probably the New Year’s Day run with the family!

  408. I am doing a “ultra” (as many times around a 1 mile loop as possible… Boring) that starts 12/31 and ends 1/1. Pf changs 1/2 marathon in Phoenix will be my forts race that starts in 2013.

  409. Tara Cucullu

    Surf City Half Marathon!

  410. Filipe Rocha

    Unless I’m luckily wrong I guess my first 2013 race will be Manuela Machado Half Marathon in Viana do Castelo, Portugal

    link to

    If I’m lucky I’ll be running some trail race somewhere in a beautiful place here in Portugal.

  411. Erica

    I hope to Race in February. It is at the Texas Motor Speed Way! A Duathlon. 26th Annual Frost Yer Fanny, Feb 17, 2013 8:30AM, USAT SMW Regional Championship.

  412. dan Szajta

    American triple t – Ohio May 18-20

  413. The Athens Gravel Rouser of course. Race for the fun of it March 14-17.

  414. My first ultra ever! Frozen Sasquatch 50K in West Virginia on 1/5/2013. Brrrrr…it’s going to be cold.

  415. Marcus Stromberg

    My first scheduled race for 2013 is the Running Opener 10k in April.

  416. mary pod

    first race of 2013 is the Mid Maryland 50K trail race

  417. Caldwell Clarke

    New Years Day 5K!

  418. Robert E

    We have a 5.5K here in NC that starts at the stroke of midnight, 12/31, just as the new year starts. It’s called Running of the Lights. I doubt I can sneak another one in 2013 before that one.

  419. Katie Roberts

    The Disney princess half marathon in February! My mother and I are both running and it will be the first half marathon for both of us!

  420. Jordan Oosterveld

    I will be running the 5km resolution race as my first of the year (jan 1). Not really a race, but more so a fun run. Will be my first though, as I only recently got back into running. Went my whole 20’s without a run, and now that I’m 30, its go time! Got to catch up!

  421. Matt

    My first race will be the St Patrick’s Day 8k in DC in March. It’s tradition, third year in a row.

  422. Sarah Flauding

    Not for wimps 10 miler in February :)

  423. Daniel

    Thinking my first “race” of the year will be the TOSRV in Ohio. 200 miles of cycling over 2 days. Epic!

  424. Alan Plank

    Leadman 125 in Tempe… But I will probably do something before that as well…

  425. Muhammad Raydi Koto Cham

    Kinabalu Climbathon 2013 if God willing :)

  426. Daniela S.

    I’ll be concentrating on shorter distances (5K-10K) in the new year. So my first race will either be Valentine’s Day 5K in February or Frosty 5K in March. Should be fun.

  427. Chris Ehlres

    Planning on a Spring marathon…maybe the Albany Marathon in GA. Oh, and I think I committed to a half in Feb.

  428. Maurice

    New Year’s day 5k.

  429. Tamara Danner

    The Syracuse Track Clubs Resolution Run Jan. 1st!

  430. My first race in 2013 will be either the Old Pueblo 50mi Ultra in Sonoita, AZ or the Inaugural Army Marathon in Ft. Hood, TX

  431. Jen

    Redeye 50K trail fun run. Actual race will be RnR Half Marathon in DC March 16th.

  432. My first planned race is the WI half marathon in May. But I know there will be other races before that – I just haven’t figured them out yet!

  433. Pete

    My first race should be the Long Island Half-Marathon

  434. christian rasmussen

    my first race in 2013 is lillebælt halvmarathon, running it as a charity run, trying to raise money for the danish kids with cancer foundation

  435. CCC

    American Zofingen LC!!!

  436. Kyle

    Challenge Penticton. One big race. One season.

  437. I am registered for Surf City Half Marathon on Feb. 3! Will be running with my 60 yr old aunt! If I win, she gets the 2nd watch. Because she’s great like that.

  438. Jan L.

    2013 The North Face Thailand 100km on Feb 2. Very much looking forward to it!

  439. “With the 2013 season nearly upon us – what’s going to be your first race of the year?”

    Well, i a gearing up for a 10km at the Montréal marathon.

    merci !

  440. Simon Cope

    As soon as the snow goes away the self paced 37k “Underhonk” Harriman State Park – Manitou to Tuxedo. Hopefully end-Feb

  441. Leslie

    The Gazelle Girl half marathon. This would be awesome to have to train!

  442. Amanda A

    Probably a half marathon in April (maybe the Kentucky Derby Festival – that was a fun one!)

  443. Courtney

    The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, except that i’m doing the half.

  444. Matt A

    B&A Trail Marathon in Annapolis. Small race with great support and a pretty fast course.

  445. Alfredo

    My first 2013 race will be 21K Rome-Ostia half marathon(link to on February

  446. Jay DeBoer

    “With the 2013 season nearly upon us – what’s going to be your first race of the year?”

    Barry-Roubaix: the Killer Gravel Road Race

  447. Leland

    Other than some fun runs with the club, I *think* it’s going to be the Boulder Sprint Tri, unless I find another sprint or oly in April-ish.

  448. Katie R

    The Emerald Nuts Midnight Run in Central Park!

  449. Crissy

    Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach!!

  450. Kjell Morten Skaanes

    First Day 5K in Richmond, VA on 1/1/2013

  451. James

    Love the new look. First race is Thames Trot 50 mile ultra. :)

  452. Rich R

    The Midnight Run in Central Park with my wife!

  453. Craig Santelman

    Polar Dash – Minneapolis, MN

  454. Nemo

    The OBRC Frosty 5K- a local club race.

  455. Mike H

    February, Fly With the Eagles Half Marathon. Cold as hell but a great way to kick off the year!

  456. Brooke

    Probably the Atlanta Half Marathon in the spring.

  457. Edward

    The first event that’s bought and paid for, so to speak, is the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon in DC. New course this year, which should be interesting.

  458. Pat Sommo

    Syracuse 70.3

  459. Brad

    My first race of the year is the Fat Ass 50K on Jan 6, just a fun trail race

  460. Lynn in MD

    I’m exactly sure yet because the race I was planning on, Cascade Lake, is not being held this year (boo!) but I’m thinking TriRock Annapolis… although I hate the price (too high!)

  461. Sporting life 10k! May 12, 2013!!!!

  462. Zlokroshka

    Multi-sport (nordic ski/mrb/running) race on 2nd of January here in Moscow

  463. Ian

    Really Chilly Road Race. I’m faster running in the cold.

  464. jean donis

    Disney Half- and I’ve got a minnie costume ready to go!

  465. Matthew

    Samson Stomp & Romp on Sunday, January 20

  466. Jason Proudman

    Around the Bay 30k at the end of March in Hamilton Ontario. My running buddies have been telling me how good this race is so I thought I’d give it a try.

  467. Matthew

    National Half Marathon in DC!

  468. HI DCRainmaker!!!

    My first race of 2013 will be the Sentara 5K in Hampton, VA on January 1. This follows closely my last race of the year, the December 31 Beat the Ball 5k in Portsmouth, VA. Hope you are doing well abroad!!!

  469. My first A race will be Mount Mist.

  470. Rebecca Adamson

    Boston marathon! My 4th Boston. Running with my better half and his dad who just beat cancer.

  471. Rich

    probably going to be the Bristol (UK) Olympic distance tri. That’s not ’till the summer but I’m recovering from a knee problem.

  472. Colin M

    Ultramarathon in May is the first goal.

  473. Mynor

    Rock & Roll USA, Washington, D.C.

  474. Lindsey Lawton

    My first race of 2013 will be the half marathon that takes place along with the 26.2 with Donna (or the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer) in Jacksonville.

  475. Undecided, I’m entered in Western States and the Hardrock 100 lotteries – depends what I get into if either, then Leadville. Definitely some shorter tune up races before that.

  476. Edinho

    70.3 Panama, feb 4th!

  477. Charles

    Kinetic Half

  478. Jackie

    Groton RR – April 2013

    (ski season until then!)

  479. Wesley

    First race of 2013 will probably be the Parkway Classic ten miler and Kinetic Half at Lake Anna.

  480. Tim

    First race I’m already signed up for is in June, but I will likely choose a winter/spring running race… Possibly the ‘Frozen’ Half Marathon in St Paul MN at the end of January.

  481. I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I’m thinking about a local Valentine’s Day run.

  482. Dan M

    My first race of the year is the Rock N Roll Half in Phoenix on Jan 20th.

  483. Sandi M

    Phoenix, RnR Half!

  484. Heather Jenneman

    I’m going to do my first full marathon in Lincoln, Nebraska on May 5. I’m supporting the Lifetime Fitness Commitment Day on Jan 1, but not really counting that as a race. I enjoy helping people get on their fitness path.

  485. Marshall

    Shamrock Shuffle on March 9, unless I decide to take a stab at the winter trail running series.

  486. Keith

    Rev3 Quassy is the 1st tri of the season. I’ll be doing the Rolling Irish half marathon in VT on 4/20

  487. Brian B

    I’ll most likely run something before, but the only one planned as of now is the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.

  488. Dolores

    My first race of 2013 will be the Princess 1/2 marathon at Disney. Can’t wait.

  489. Emily B

    Cupid’s Undie Run in DC. I’ve been training in my cute undies!

  490. Bastian S.

    12. Mai 2013- Sprint Triathlon Kropp

  491. Jackson

    My first race will be the Sun Trust Half Marathoin in DC on March 16th!

  492. Eric

    First planned rate, ce Lansing marathon in April… maybe a few 5k’s through winter and early spring. Thanks!

  493. Emily J

    Nothing planned until Quad Cities Sprint Tri on June 15th. Doesn’t mean I won’t find something before then…

  494. Jonathan Tremblay

    Our race for my fiancé and I would be the Ottawa half marathon.

  495. Lisa B

    Mississippi Blues Half Marathon in Jackson, MS on Jan 5. I need to win… my adult kids requested these for Christmas!

  496. Kath Sturgeon

    My first 1/2 marathon in 2013 will be the Galesburg Half Marathon Express, June 2nd.

  497. Katherine Trevino

    My first race will be “Run to Spring” … Hoping for a mild winter so I can continue my slacker training schedule :)

  498. DWM

    Colchester 1/2 Marathon… I hope, presuming the knee recovery progresses.

  499. Sarah L.

    Feldathlon Teamsprint in August 2013

  500. I’m aiming for the 10k that accompanies the Bayshore Marathon in May.

  501. Alexandre Paquet

    I have no idea as of yet the 2013 race calendar isn’t out yet and I’m pretty new at this game! but chances are it will be a running event or my first tri !

  502. dieter neirinck

    Antwerp Marathon (april) or les 3 ballons (june). 3 ballons is a certainty, so the marathon will only be if I find enough time to build distance both in running and cycling.

  503. Michael leccisi

    Birch Bay 1/2 marathon!

  504. Simon J

    Backyard Burn 5 mile trail run in Clifton, VA – March 3rd.

  505. Kontander

    Possibly the Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon in March, it’s a nice flat course.

  506. Derick

    Awesome giveaway! Tried to buy the 910xt over Black Friday/Cyber Monday but to no avail.

    My first race will be the Milton Tri on June 2nd. I’m in the off-season at the moment!

  507. Nick O'Kane

    The Breckenridge 100 is the first on my calendar. Keep up the amazing work!

  508. Ryan Glover

    Debating between Ice Age 50k or Muncie 70.3

  509. Sander Goes

    Next week I plan on riding together for the first time with a friend of mine, Irene. She’s a member of the opposite sex, so how cool would it be to have matching watches? Awesomely-elderly-people-in-matching-jackets-and-bikes-cool , that’s how cool it would be. Hopefully we’ll get to challenge another plenty of times in 2013!

  510. Natalie Cudney

    Chilly half marathon!!

  511. Rhett

    Arizona Rock-n-Roll half.

  512. Joe

    Gorilla Running Hillbilly Trail Marathon! last year was a mud bath, can’t wait for this year!

  513. Markus Bodewig

    First race which I´m registerd for is a 10k in a small city in Germany (Korschenboich) April 22nd. Maybe ther will be something before April….

  514. It’s looking like my first event of the year is either going to be the first race of the Carolina Motorsports Time Trial Series (link to or the Burn Mountain 24 Hour Challenge (link to It’ll be the time trial if they stick to more or less the same schedule that they used last year.

  515. Doug

    Camp Saratoga 8K Snowshoe Race!

  516. elou

    The first run of 2013 will be (with or without sleep) on the 1. january 10:00 like every year with all my runner friends. Enjoy.

  517. Robert

    Lufthansa Frankfurt Half Marathon in March 2013.

  518. Atalanta

    Half-marathon in March….if it’s warm enough!

  519. Jose Dalisay

    My first race for 2013 will be the Pasadena Triathlon.

  520. Rebekah

    The Boston Prep 16 miler in Derry, NH!

  521. TD

    Wisconsin Marathon in May – it’s all about the cheese wedge medal

  522. Shawn Arnett

    My first race of 2013 will be sometime in Feb and it will be my PT Test.

  523. Ragnar Relay Florida Keys with my family! :)

  524. My first race is going to be the Cocoa Women’s Half on January 20th. Though I kind of wish it was going to be the New Year’s Double on Jan. 1.

  525. Trent

    Probably the Bitan Cup Triathlon on April 13. My last race this year will be the Taipei Marathon, on December 16. Unfortunately, between those two there’s nothing nearby…

  526. Chris

    My first race of 2013 will be my first 1/2 marathon! Frostbite 1/2 marathon in Lebanon, TN. on Feb. 9. I have been running since June of this year and this is my first “big” race! Thanks for all that you do Ray!

  527. Kristi Young

    ULM Warhawk sprint triathlon on March 16th

  528. Max Spradley

    1st race in 2013 will be the Boulder Spring 5 Miler…a little tune-up for a Half Marathon a month later.

  529. Deanna

    Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington, Ontario on March 3rd :)

  530. My first race of 2013 will probably be the Crystal Coast Half Marathon on February 23.

  531. BG

    Monument Ave 10K on 04.13.2013.


    My first will be Bogota´s half marathon

  533. Chris

    Calgary marathon in may

  534. Tera

    Not sure what my first race will be but the AF marathon will be the first race I will sign up for in 2013!

  535. Brian

    Colonial Half Marathon

  536. Leo

    My first century…palm springs. Feb 9.

  537. Ben P

    First race of 2013 will be the Lowell 1st Run 10k… assuming my knee stops acting up. A little over a month to go, now to toe the fine line between staying in shape and injuring myself. Good luck to everyone else!

  538. LCH

    Needham 5k on New Year’s Day. 11 am though, not that midnight insanity someone else is doing.

  539. Jennifer Shiver

    My first event of the year will be the “Run For Cookies 5k” with my husband on 2/9/13.

  540. John N

    Rain Run half marathon on Jan 26

  541. Alex Ryan

    Still recovering from a significant IT band injury… would love to do any race. Looking forward to my first local 5K injury-free. I would love to run the Peachtree 10K again too.

  542. Allen

    I will be doing the Mississippi Blues Marathon on January 5 2013, and then after that New Orleans Half Ironman on April 4 2013.

  543. Kevin R

    1st race of the year will be Xterra Jersey Devil. Trying to qualify for 2013 nationals.

  544. Michael S

    My first race will be the Austin triathlon over Memorial Day weekend! It will also be my first race ever. :)

  545. Arachnid

    A small race at the local circuit with friends (prepping for a 5K)!

  546. My first event of 2013 will be a St. Patrick’s Day tri in March — my first. I started running and biking earlier this year and my partner and I signed up for a training program leading up to this event. We’re also registered for a longer event at KSC in May — we’re both space geeks. Looking forward to training with a group! Thanks for the great reviews, which I’ve used on numerous occasions.

  547. Lee

    Chilly Cheeks Duathlon!

  548. trevor moon

    Troika half ironman in Spokane Washington, early may its gonna be a cold one!!!

  549. Rob Robideau

    A one-on-one trail race with my riding buddy

  550. Lane

    Boston Marathon. Oh Yeah!

  551. sunmi carr

    if not on dec 31st, i’ll have new year’s resolution half marathon on jan 1st. otherwise, my next one is rock n roll new orleans (full marathon) on feb 24th!

  552. Graham Dunn

    First race this year will be the ReFridge8er in February…

  553. Mollette

    My first is Jack Daniels Oak Barrel right now, unless I find something sooner.

  554. unhombrecualquiera

    I’m going to do an 8km mountain run in Wiesbaden (Germany) on March 10 2013.

  555. Chris

    Nothing planned until the Knoxville Half Marathon!

  556. Dan Weidensaul

    Goofy Race and Half Challenge! 12-13 January, 2013!

  557. Kevin L

    B&A half marathon (3/16)—first ever half marathon for me!

  558. N

    Goldy’s 10 mile run April……

  559. Jessie Verbeke

    my first race will be probably a cross country run in Maldegem

  560. Edu

    None until Barcelona Marathon

  561. Mark

    Jeez, I better start thinking about that!

    Unless I get off my butt and buy some nordic skis to do some of that, or head up to Jerico, VT to try my hand at biathlon, a 5k in April will be my first of 2013. Maybe the BAA 5k, held the day before the Boston Marathon also in Boylston Square.

  562. Nick

    My first race of the year is the Disney marathon on 1/13/13. I’ll be starting the season early next year!

  563. drhend

    JL Sorensen indoor Tri in January.

  564. Chris

    First race will possibly to the bathroom on New Years!

  565. Steve

    Ironman Austria!

  566. Amy H.

    I’m thinking about doing the Frigid 5-Miler in January. I’m still a beginner runner so I hope I can build up to 5 miles by then!

  567. mHan

    My first race will be the New Jersey Marathon.

  568. Ken

    Smithfield Sprint on 4/6

  569. MarkW

    Probably going to be the Mercer Island Half Marathon.

  570. Josh Browning

    I will be running in the New Orleans Rock-N-Roll Mardi Gras Marathon on Feb. 24 for my first race this year and for my first marathon ever.

  571. Cheryl N

    Great Aloha Run on President’s Day.

  572. NickM

    Dooby Du – Duathlon in NW Ohio

  573. Geoff J.

    I have to find a race tha tworks with my work schedule (which involves a lot of running races) and my travel schedule. Hoping to find a few 5Ks to test my speed.

  574. Cortney

    first run will be Love The Run You’re With 5k in February. My last run of 2012 will be the Fairfax 4 on New Years Eve (not that you asked).

  575. First run of the year will appropriately be Burlington, VT’s “First Run” 5K on January 1st!

  576. Laura M

    First 5K (of the year) in February….first half marathon (ever!) in May

  577. MonumentSquare

    Oh man, I’m really psyched for this race, my first time running the Midwinter Classic 10 Miler, link to . It’s in February and has had some really crazy weather in the past.

  578. Tim H.

    It’s probably going to be GearWest Du in May. I might find a 5K or 10K to do before that though.

  579. Tami

    Probably the local 5k Flannel Run!

  580. Kim Ng

    Hi Ray,

    Been following your blog, thank you for the great review (up to date still without a gadget for running lol). First race for 2013 (no it’s the first race in our life for me and my gf) we will be joining BROOKS HALF MARATHON 2013 on 3 March. We have been training since October, great motivation if we could win it so that we can try to out run each other!

  581. Andrea Bollito

    My first race will be the 3rd of february in Portofino, “Mezza Maratona delle due Perle” Italy!

  582. i love starting off the year with a new years day run… need to find one near my new home!!

  583. Stephen Bilen

    The first race I plan on signing up for is the Ceasar Creek Triathlon Series by Speedy Feet. I may find a few other events between now a then too.

  584. Spaceshiptrip

    The low key, awesomely supported, PR-making Carlsbad Marathon in January.

  585. Sarah

    Taking on the Half Marathon Unplugged in Burlington, VT in early April. Here’s to hoping that I can make it through winter running and that I don’t get closed out of registration like last year!

  586. John Wood

    First race of the new year is the Little River Trail Run, a 10 mile trail race in Rougemont, NC.

  587. Stuart Stent

    Mine will be the “Emerald Nuts Midnight Run” in Central Park at the strike of Midnight on New Years Eve :)

  588. Kristopher wekarchuk

    My first will be the Toronto Goodlife Fitness Marathon!

  589. Heather

    Rock n Roll Marathon in DC: My first marathon!

  590. Elizabeth

    Most likely a New Years Day race. The first registered race is the Va Beach Shamrock Marathon!

  591. Lisa B.

    I will be doing the New Jersey Half Marathon on May 5, 2013. Being a lifelong Jersey Girl, after Hurricane Sandy, a half marathon down the shore to kick of Summer 2013 will be meaningful.

  592. fUkO

    Milano Marathon in April.

  593. Pretty sure my first race will be the Waterloo Re-Fridgee-Eighter link to

    Love the look of the new site btw!

  594. Andreas Krohn

    Challenge Kraichgau in Germany will be my first in 2013.

  595. Iain

    First not race of the year will be the MS150 in April. First race race will be the Hotter ‘N Hell 100

  596. Tony

    FATASS 50K in Boise, ID!

  597. Ryan

    Get in Gear 10k in April

  598. My race of the year will be de International Marathon of São Paulo – Brazil.

    It will be my first at this distance! Yeah!

  599. Dave Reiley

    Surf City Marathon in February

  600. Arbra

    Probably a group marathon early march

  601. My first race of 2013 will be Texas Half Marathon on 02/03/12, which will be the fourth race of the 4-season challenge by Mellew Productions (in Dallas).
    So excited to wrap up this challenge.

  602. Branislav Jacko

    VS liga 5.1.2013 10km run race in Prague

  603. emarm

    The MCRRC NYD 5 k to shake off the 2012 shadows!

  604. Marius

    First race of the year will the “Too Cold to Hold” 10 miler in Dallas. Hopefully I’ll have a new FR10!

  605. steef

    running the half marathon on the beach of egmond the 13th of january

  606. Mike

    Probably an early season, freezing cold NYRR race

  607. Jan Kelley

    The Hot Chocolate 15K in January.

  608. Hoping to run the 3M half in Austin

  609. Adam B.

    Wanderer’s Trail Race in Maryville, TN on January 20th!

  610. Steve Gupta

    Ralston Creek 1/2 Marathon

  611. Bethany

    My first race for 2013 is the Cupid’s Undie Run in DC in February. Figure it’s a fun way to get the season started!

  612. Simone

    Perfect timing for that question! Yesterday I registered for my very first 50 miler! Harriers Elk/Beaver Ultra *eeek*

  613. Eduardo Masuda

    I’ll run the Sao Silvestre race in Sao Paulo/Brasil w/ my fiancee on 31/12/2012. Does it count? Hopefully we’ll run with these Garmin watches.

  614. Haley Moon

    E-bomb tri!!!! May 4, 2013!!!!

  615. Nic

    1st race of 2013: GrandMa’s Marathon in Duluth,MN!

  616. Justin Verdi

    Sentara New Year’s Day 5K, 1/1/2013, Hampton, VA

  617. I don’t plan to race next year at all. How liberating!

  618. Assaf

    my first race- the first full ironman is the Isramen in israel. It’s a great hilly course!! i hope things will be good!!

  619. Dave

    My first race of the year will be;

    The Frozen Sasquatch 25/50 K in Kanawha State Forest West Virginia on Jan. 5, 2013. Will be my first 25 K.

  620. Brian Waldrop

    The USA Fit half marathon in Sugarland Texas 1/27

  621. Chris

    The Sugarloaf 15k

  622. Chuck Swift

    Ill be running a Seattle 5k January 1st!
    My fingers are crossed!!

  623. Rolf

    Probably the Rio Bravo Rumble if my schedule allows.

  624. Chuck

    ING Miami Half the end of January followed by the Super Spartan race Mid-February.

  625. I’m running the Mt. Michell Challenge on Feb 23! 40mi ultra from Black Mountain, NC to the top of Mt. Michell and back. Should be a good one!

  626. Michael Shields

    Probably the DC 13.1!

  627. shawn k

    the Ocean Drive Marathon in NJ

  628. Richard Chapkis

    Hi Ray,

    I am not racing any tris until the Eagleman 70.3 in June. However, I’ll be running a few races before then.

    Love the new format of the site.


  629. Sean

    Gearing up for the A1A/Fort Lauderdale Marathon in February. First full marathon…

  630. I always start the year with the Egmond half marathon in The Netherlands which is organised January 13 in 2013. This time I’ll also participate in the MTB beach race the preceding Saturday.

  631. Kerry Yim

    LA Marathon!
    My goal? BQ or at least finish faster than a celebrity hit list. :-D

  632. Amanda

    Princess Half Marathon Feb 24. Thanks for the chance!

  633. brian

    disney world goofy challenge

  634. Eric Oberg

    Half at the Hamptons on 2/24!

  635. Will

    Mmm, I guess the 10 Miles of Antwerp!

  636. Mark Jones

    St. Patricks Day 10k in Calgary!

  637. Well only signed up for one so far the South Downs Marathon which isn’t till June 2013, but sure I’ll do some more before that.

  638. Andrew V

    I hope for my first race of the year, and the first in over 2 years, to be the Miami ING half, January 27, 2013!

  639. Robert

    How appropriate. The first race of 2013 will be Feb 15 – Mercedes half Marathon, Al.

  640. Karlyn Taylor

    Probably not anything until it gets a bit warmer, looking at an April half-marathon.

  641. Matt

    I’m picking out a midnight run! How to better celebrate?

  642. Troy Gullacher

    My first race will be the Resolution Run in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on January 1st. Its going to be chilly!

  643. With 2013 almost upon us, my first race of the season is a 10K Freeze Series in January put on by the local running club. link to

  644. Joe

    The Merco Credit Union Crit! oh yeah bike racing!

  645. sean bolden

    Hamilton Hangover 5 miler on New Years day.

  646. Steve B.

    Black Park 5k on Jan 5th!

  647. Tour of Battenkill, April 13th

  648. Robert Lejeune

    My first race of 2013 should be the half ironman at Mont-Tremblay!

    Thanks for the giveaway

  649. Cornelius

    HITS Naples – olympic distance…

  650. Nuno Alves

    Probably the Ocean Drive Marathon in New Jersey if i can beat this ITB sindrome in time!

  651. Robert Lejeune

    Typo =/

    Mont-Tremblant it is ;)

  652. Jessica S.

    Assuming this stress fracture heals, hopefully the Rock and Roll half in DC!

  653. maija

    probably a snowshoe 5k in park city in february

  654. Paul Mason

    Running the Southdowns Marathon on the 28th June! a tough hilly cross-country marathon. Looking forward to it :-)

  655. David Walker

    Hopefully Way Too Cool in march if I get in! Otherwise A local 50k in CA. Yay for winter training, off season my butt!

  656. Josh Hunt

    The 106th Annual Jackson Day Race in New Orleans, LA on January 6th.

  657. pascual perez

    half maraton in veracruz mexico 20 of jan

  658. pascual perez

    half maraton in veracruz mexico 20 of january

  659. Mike Guitard

    Well I’m 53 years old and have been an avid cyclist for the past 35, I had an unreasonable fear of water all my life, this summer with the help of my wife I have overcome this fear and have been training for my first triathalon. This year I will be attemptin the annual Norway Bay triathalon (small comunity in rural Quebec not to far from Ottawa Canada) held on the fist weekend of August. Hopefully if this goes well many more after that.

  660. Brittany

    Ragnar Florida Keys Jan 4-5!

  661. Jim Wallin

    My first race will be the Irvine, CA Half Marathon on Jan. 12.

  662. Pedro Fradique

    Well, I must start training again, then i’ll decide what race to go to.
    Hopefully an fr-10 is the motivator I need. ;)

  663. Not positive yet, the first race I’m signed up for is a half marathon second weekend in Feb, but maybe I’ll race before then…you never know!

  664. Steve Kachnowski

    The first race next year that we’re officially signed up for is the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, OH. We’ll probably end up doing something sooner though – maybe a New Years Day run even?

  665. Portabar

    With just barely making the the 17 hr cut off for IM Cozumel last weekend my next race should be racing to them gym for better/more training. Actual race will be the spring race staple White Lake 1/2

  666. Chase

    5k in March

  667. Austin Robinson-Coolidge

    I’ll be running the Twin Cities Valentine’s Day TC 5K on February 9th, which is my traditional first race of the year. It’s always a little slow and creaky for me…..

  668. Neil G

    First up in 2013 is the Tri Mellon Triathlon January 27th in Muscatine, Iowa. Indoor, 900m swim, 10″miles” on a spin bike, 2.5 mile run on an indoor track.

  669. Amber H.

    I’m going to focus on some speed work for the 5k distance. So my first race of the season will be a yet to be determined 5k.

  670. I haven’t signed up yet, but some friends and I have committed to run one half marathon together. Most likely it will be the 1st Half Marathon at the Winpro San Francisco Marathon in June.

  671. Eduardo Nasta

    Ill be running a 10k December 31 in Buenos Aires and then March 17 in LA marathon

  672. Andy

    Cambridge (UK) half marathon in March, around all the cool old colleges, should be fun. If rowing counts, then late February race on the river Cam, the so-called Lent Bumps, where you’re supposed to hit the boat in front of you, great fun.

  673. Betty

    My first race of the years will be the brand new mississippi River Half Marathon in my own home town !!! Woohoo!!!! Cant wait! February 9, 2013.

  674. Betty

    My first race of the year will be the brand new mississippi River Half Marathon in my own home town !!! Woohoo!!!! Cant wait! February 9, 2013.

  675. I’ll be running Saint Patrick’s Day 10km and XC skiing the Kananaskis Cookie Race on Feb 23rd. Haven’t decided if I’ll ski the 25km or 42km option.

  676. CyrilleOnTheRoad

    My first race will be Marathon de Lyon, France, in october 2003.

  677. Erik W

    First Marathon, Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach!

  678. Robert Pineau

    Since I haven’t attempted a triathlon since May 2003, but working real hard in the off season to lose some weight and do another one next year I will be starting off slow with a sprint. I hope to register for the Milton Sprint Triathlon in Milton Ontario Canada on June 2nd.

  679. Joel Neely

    I would love to win. The site is great BTW

  680. Lex

    It will be a waterpolo game against Arethusa in Oss (the Netherlands). They are one of the title contendors like us.

  681. Keith Baker

    The Houston Marathon!

  682. Adam White

    My first race of the year will be driving as fast as I can down to Florida on January 1 to take my kids to Disney for the first time in their lives. As for an actual race, I am waiting for the dates to be published for 2013 adventure races in Indiana or the surrounding area to sign up.

  683. Brian T.

    Rev3 Portland

  684. James Lowden

    Only certain race is Paris Marathon in April but i’ll be racing criteriums from the 1st of January.

  685. Kd

    The Joe Kleinerman 10k in Central Park on Jan 5th…:-).

  686. david ware

    Rock and Roll Arizona in January.

  687. Frank

    Right now it’s the St. Pete Rock and Roll Half Marathon in February, but I might also look for something in January.

  688. Kelly Kachnowski

    While I’ll probably do a 5k or two before, the first race that I’ve officially for is the Toledo Glass City Marathon. Pittsburgh in 2012 was supposed to have been by 2nd marathon, but I got a stress fracture in my foot a month prior… so I put my focus into swimming and biking and then did my first triathlon! Anyway. I’ve been itching to do another full, so we just went ahead and signed up early.
    Thanks for doing the giveaways – I could really use a garmin (the green one!) to help with my pacing. I always go out way too fast!

  689. Colleen O'Brien

    Warm Your Heart 5k on January 6. It’s a single-loop course inside McCormick Place in Chicago. Looking forward to starting my 2013 running off right!

  690. Sarah in Nh

    One of the Freeze Your Buns 5ks in Nashua, NH!

  691. barbara ware

    PF Changs RnR

  692. I’m doing the HITS Naples Half tri on January 12th. Hopefully I will finally get to do a complete 70.3!

  693. Matt O

    My first race will likely be my local YMCA indoor sprint tri in February

  694. Ngurah

    Bali International Triathlon, June 2013.. and it will be my first olympic distance triathlon.

  695. Barry Brown

    My first race of the 2013 season will be The Fort Worth Cowtown Marathon.

  696. Ned Bowen

    I like to start the season off with the Race to Wrigley 5K in March.

  697. Rogério

    First race of 2013: GP Fim da Europa – Sintra to Cabo da Roca, Portugal. (link to
    Hope to wear one of the FR10!

  698. YNWASteve

    I am moving from DC across country to the middle of Oklahoma! The Oklahoma City Marathon (or possibly a smaller half sometime before in prep for the big race) will likely be my first race of the year.

  699. Jamison Smith

    Provo half marathon

  700. Tom Sauerbrei

    1st race will be wildflower 1/2. Thanks for putting on the contest.

  701. Dave

    CapCity Half in Columbus Ohio

  702. Angie P

    My 1st race of 2013 will probably be the Roland Spring Training 5k. Roland Iowa.

  703. Jamey Burden

    Boston Marathon!

  704. anotherjeff

    Most likely a cyclocross race or a relay biathlon.

  705. R. Stevens

    Avondale Crit in January

  706. Lynda

    Redrock Rampage

  707. Mike B

    Hopefully a 5k on new years.

  708. daniel B

    Ottawa marathon :) !!

  709. Vincent Pimentel

    Florida 70.3

  710. Cracow Marathon :)

  711. Ironman Coure d’Alene 2013!!! or maybe a local tri in the pre-season to get things rocking

  712. Monica

    My very first 1/2 will be in May-The Flying Pig in Cincinnati. Training for that involves a mini marathon in March.

  713. TJ

    I am running the Chattahoochee Challenge 10k in February.

  714. Luís

    I´m thinking about participate in an half marathon sometime in 2013…

  715. US Ski Mountaineering Championships in Jackson WY

  716. Sarah Nichol

    Race into the New Year! Tulsa, OK

  717. Tony

    My first marathon in Ottawa May 2013!!!

  718. Joseph

    I’ll be doing the Salt Lake Marathon as my first race of 2013!

  719. Jonathan Freeman

    My first race of the year will be Disney Half Marathon on January 12, 2013

  720. Frigid Fools duathlon my tri-team puts on in February. One cold a@# race.

  721. Jane

    Riverton Half Marathon in March!

  722. JP

    First race of the year is typically the Hangover Classic, a local 5k that takes place at 11:45am on New Year’s Day.

  723. Vimi

    My first race of 2013 will be the Granite Bay duathlon on 1/5/13 – it was free to enter!

  724. Colin

    Houston Half Marathon

  725. yougene

    Me thinks its a new years forest-run with my wonderful wife who just got me some runnings cloves + cap to fight my sad “no-run-today-its-cold” excuse. Bless her :)

  726. Brad

    Indy 500 Mini Marathon is currently the first race on my calendar in the New Year.

  727. Mike Glasbrener

    Granite Bay Ice Breaker triathlon, April 6, 2013 in/near Folsom, CA. It was my first ever to help prep for a 1/2 IM this past summer. I want to beat last years time! I may fold something in before that…

  728. Matt

    Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon and 5K Fun Run, February 3rd.

  729. earl rise

    My first race is probably not until September – Bala Standard Triathlon in the UK

  730. Shannon

    Cautiously optomistic that my first race will be the Bolder Boulder. I’ve heard new Garmins have magical hip healing properties, so you should probably pick me as an act of kindness.

  731. January 12th I have a rematch scheduled with the first half marathon I ever ran. It’s been two years. This time I know I can cross the finish line without tearing up in pain, so it’s going to be pretty swell.

  732. Helder

    Most probably the Meia Maratona Manuela Machado at Viana do Castelo. I wanted to race an 45kms trail, but when I realized it was already full.
    It will be my first halfa marathon, though I have already run to Ultra Trails.

    Been entering all your giveaways, hope I get lucky this time.
    Mery Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

  733. Kyle Christensen

    I’ll be running with my kids in their first 5k on February 3. “Miles for Miracles 5k” in Katy Texas.

  734. Susan

    My first race will be an indoor tri – signing up as soon as the schedule is posted. (I will of course be using the hints from your website article.)

  735. Argiris Roussos

    10k Dafni Athens Greece!

  736. Gijs

    10 mile race in May!

  737. Brucy

    Rumpass in Bumpass!

  738. Disilvif

    My first race will probably be the Crystal City 5K series in April, which I’ve done for the past couple of years. I know the course well so I’ll be trying for a PR.

  739. Jeff McFarland

    My first race will be the Rock Cut Winter Survivor Trail Run 10k on January 19th.

  740. Stacy St

    Haven’t decided yet!

  741. Bhasin

    LA Marathon!

  742. Liesbeth

    My first race will probably be a “winter duathlon”, organised by one of my colleagues (there’s a “summer” edition as well).

  743. Stuart Cromlix

    Probably the early Deer Creek Tri

  744. Randy Egge

    My first race of 2013 will be Ironman San Juan 70.3 on March 17.

  745. Fulvio FM

    Vigone half Marathon Italy

  746. Kelvin Ng

    My first race will probably just be a tuneup 5k race to see how post injury recovery has been going

  747. luis

    ING Half Marathon Miami, Jan 27

  748. Robert De Veau

    Houston Chevron Marathon January 13, 2013

  749. Jon Cox

    Will be the Wellington ocean Classic

  750. Tara Beattie

    Mmmm…Good one.
    Hypothermic Half Marathon Feb 9th!

  751. First race is the Houston Marathon! Looking for a bigtime PR!

  752. Michael

    I’ll probably be running the Stirling Sports Half Marathon this coming February..

  753. David S

    July 29th @ Ironman Calgary 70.3 !

  754. Russell

    A winter triathlon near my home consisting of skiing, snow-biking, and then kayaking.

  755. Rob

    Polar Bear Pink Cheeks Triathlon.

  756. Brian Hidy

    I haven’t even started thinking about next year other than repeating a couple of events from this year, that being the case the “Black Fly Challenge’ will likely be first..

  757. Christy C

    We are running a 5k race next Saturday but haven’t planned out the next year yet. Hopefully we win. My husband has been begging for one of these!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  758. Damain

    Hypothermic Half In Eastern Passage Nova Scotia!!

  759. Justin

    Probably Nashville half in April, unless I find some other races to do before that

  760. Kevin Ryan

    Fragrance Lake 20K traversing Chuckanut Mt. in Bellingham on February 17.

  761. Tina Ryan

    My first race will be March 17th The Yuengling Shamrock 1/2 Marathon – but I am training for my first ever Ironman 70.3 on June 9th (EagleMan in Cambridge, MD). I don’t have the money for a watch & could really use one to help with training. Thanks for your generous offer!

  762. E Y Shaw

    None this year, although I will definitly race for Strava KOM’s (uphills not downhills)!

  763. Ralf

    I will do a 5k run on 6th of january!

  764. Tisztul_A_Visztula

    A duathlon event in Hungary.

  765. Paul

    For 2013, I’m gunning for a Rudy Award (look it up, it’s pretty awesome). So that means the first event of the year is the Winterlude Triathlon in Ottawa, ON. The date for the event is Saturday, Feb 2nd, 2013.

  766. Donald

    Either LA or Huntington Beach Marathon. Haven’t decided yet.

  767. My first race will be the Ordinary Mortals, reverse order triathlon in April.

  768. Melloney

    My first race for 2013 is going to be my first half marathon (in March)!! I’m beyond excited and super nervous.

  769. Hill

    I’m going to be doing my first ever triathlon in March! That will then be followed by another first, either in April or May – half marathon!

  770. trdjohn

    Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K

  771. TW

    Napa Marathon

  772. I don’t tend to race much in Jan or Feb so I’m guessing my first “race” will be the St. Pat’s 5K. The first one I’ll really train for will probably be a duathlon in early April. I do the 5K with my daughter (she’s 8).

  773. Brian Warkentin

    The Chilly Chase in Vancouver at the end of January.

  774. Joe H.

    First race is the National Half! This would help with the training!

  775. Carl Hensley

    Get Lucky 1/2 marathon.

  776. Joseph Brescia

    I’m doing the NJ Riverwinds Tri in April. Brrrrrr…..

  777. Carl Hensley

    Get Lucky 1/2 marathon. Great new site Ray!

  778. @TheSous

    My first race of the year will be the Miami Marathon, my first mult-sport race will be the Fairland Aquathlon.

  779. Patrick

    Hmmm. I guess I better figure out what/when I’ll run. It probably won’t be anything until May though. Maybe a local 5K or 10K.

  780. Erin

    The Texas Half in February will kick off my 2013 race season.

  781. @SeeBeanRun

    Miami Marathon will be my first race of the season (with @TheSous)… my nemesis race, registered twice and still haven’t completed the full!

  782. Dan

    I am thinking of running 2013 Egg Shell Shuffle 1/2 Marathon

  783. Sandra

    Louisiana Marathon January 20th

  784. Devin S

    Moab Half in March… if my name is drawn.

  785. Dan

    Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge 1/26/13
    followed by
    Xterra Wild Horse Trail Half Marathon 1/27/13

  786. Angela

    I’m planning on running a New Years Day 5K on January 1st, 2013: Team Ortho Polar Dash: Should be a chilly one. With so many entries my chances are slim to none but I like playing!

  787. Leah F.

    My first race of 2013 will be the Mardi Gras half marathon! It will be my first time to run a Rock-n-Roll race and I am pretty pumped about it!

    My husband and I were just talking about these watches during our many hours of driving during the holiday weekend! We would love to win! We are both in graduate school and both just completed our first half marathon this past October! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  788. Steve

    Rogue River Run Half Marathon in February.

  789. Russell

    Badger Mountain Challenge 15k
    March 30th, 2013

  790. Mack

    Wildhorse Trail Half Marathon 1/27

  791. Gwen M.

    Mid-Maryland Ultra 50K and Relay
    February 9, 2013

  792. My first race in 2013 is actually my first race. The “31. Saerbecker Triathlon” :)

  793. Our first race will be the Girls on the Run 5k here in Hailey Idaho in April!

  794. piccir

    I’m going to try SouthernCross of the UltraCross series in February….
    Hope to be warm in Georgia……

  795. Victor

    The one to the gym to attempt and loose weight.

  796. Daniel

    My first race of 2013 is going to be the five mile Hangover Handicap on New Year’s Day in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, ID.

  797. 3m Half Marathon on 1/13 in Austin

  798. Colin

    Some sort of tune up before Boston!

  799. Markie Mark

    100x100s at the local pool on the 1st of January. And yes, it’s a race!

  800. Probably a 10K run as a test before a halfmarathon run as a test before a marathon. :-)

  801. Alessandro Cella

    My first race will be a half marathon: “Le due perle” in Santa Margherita and Portofino, Italy, around end of Feb.

  802. avi z

    The Prospect Hill Bomb, Brooklyn NY

  803. Barb

    the Tropical 5k Miami beach.

  804. Janette

    FIU color run sounds like FUN!

  805. Jonny

    PF Chang’s Rock n’ Roll Arizona Half-Marathon in January, my first rock n’ roll!

  806. Henry

    ING Miami half mary

  807. Pawel

    The Szczecin 5K Grand Prix on 20th of January.

  808. Kevin R

    Xterra Jersey Devil. Gotta start building points for Nationals.

  809. Larry Bard

    Rock-N-Roll USA half marathon (DC) 1st running race; The Bugeye Classic 1st triathlon in 2013 (and 1st in 22 years).

  810. Jorma K

    MidWinter Classic 10 miler … cold, windy and boring. The year can only get better.

  811. William

    Patriot’s Day 5 Miler. The second-oldest Patriot’s Day race!

  812. Amy

    US XC Championship 8k in St. Louis February 2, racing for a spot on the world team!

  813. Stuart

    Think it has to be my traditional first race, Larne Half Marathon on 23rd March 2013! Always great training for a spring marathon.

  814. Justin

    Capital of Texas Tri

  815. Sascha

    Dorney Tri Challenge, 26 May 2013

  816. WK

    Sammy the Seagulls New Years Day 5K!!
    I figure the shirt should be entertaining at least.

  817. SteveJ

    Probably Robbie Burns 8K in Burlington, ON

  818. Jonathan

    Maine’s Mid-Winter 10-mile Classic in February. I love the distance and am looking forward to conquering the traditional cold and icy conditions on a challenging course.

  819. Stuart

    Think it has to be my traditional first race, Larne Half Marathon on 23rd March 2013. Always great training for a spring marathon!

  820. J Kurry

    Set the Pace 5k in Camden Maine on January 1.

  821. Lindsey

    Austin 3M Half Marathon. Shooting for a course and half marathon PR!

  822. I don’t know yet! I thought it would be Bumpass, but VTS cancelled that race for 2013! :( I think I’m doing Rev3 Williamsburg in June, but I hope that’s not my first time out for the season.

  823. Andre L M

    Hi Ray…

    Not sure about the first race, but L’Etape is the biggest challenge for 2013 (it is not exactly a race, but surely will be the event of the year for me and my wife).


  824. Lea_yyc

    I will do my first triathlon next year. My race schedule says that I start with the Chinook Olympic Triathlon – June 26, 2013. I’m super excited about it and have been training since the summer.

  825. J Kurry

    Longfellow Frostbite 2.5K … yeah, I’m embarrassed!

  826. Iain

    Kerrymen Pub 5K

    mmmm, flat course.

  827. Ron

    Half marathon January 20th in Baton Rouge, LA.

  828. IKurry

    Chocolate Chase 5k!!! Will race for food.

  829. I might participate in a race this december, but it is 2012.

    As for planned races, it would be a small local MTB XC race called Baložu velokross. Usually there is lots of sand. As distance is short, there is high tempo.

  830. Karin

    Falmouth 4-Miler

  831. WY

    Kaiser Permanente 1/2 marathon.

  832. Maranui AITAMAI

    Marathon de Moorea (Tahiti’s sister island, in French Polynesia) february 13th.
    First marathon for me! :D

  833. My first race of the year will be a NYD 5K with my hubs, as usual!

  834. Marcos Boaglio

    My first race will be an olympic triathlon in La Paz, Argentina

  835. Robert Presnell

    3M Half Marathon in Austin, TX on 1/13/13

  836. Marcos Boaglio

    La Paz Argentina January 12th …

  837. I *think* it’s going to be the St. Patty’s Day 8K in DC.

  838. Meghan

    Valentines Day 5k for me !

  839. Trevor

    I’m just getting into this stuff, so maybe I’ll enter something prior to the next Turkey Trot, but who knows!

  840. Massi

    I will run Boston in April, not yet determined the intermediate steps to arrive well prepared to the event.

  841. Jon

    Looking to return to Jacksonville for the Gate River Run 15k in March. Great weather, fast course, awesome city!

  842. mstonespeedy

    Ragnar Relay Del Sol 2013

  843. Jason

    My first main race this year will be the 67.5km ‘Across the Lake’ race in Taupo, New Zealand. First race greater than 42.2km!

  844. Debra

    I want to run the first race of the Back Cove 5k Series in Portland May 2013 as my first race ever! I have come to love running and want to experience the thrill of going fast while running along side hundreds of others in pursuit of a goal.

  845. dECEIT70

    6th of january: la ronde de l’épiphanie (Lille, 200 klicks north from where you live!!!) an 8k run free of charge where you can eat cakes and drink beer every runner brought when you reach the finish line!!!

  846. Mike Welch

    I will be doing a 5k in March.

  847. Stuart

    Rock n’ Roll Half – Washington, D.C. in March.

  848. John Frey

    The Houston half-marathon on Jan 13th!

  849. Not planning on officially racing next year, but I’ll be riding quickly for the Highwood Pass Gran Fondo!

  850. Ben

    The Color Run Mardi Gras New Orleans

  851. thomas brock

    My girlfriend and I are running the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC in February. It’s a 5 mile run split up with a 12-donut sprint ! We’re pretty excited and Garmins would make it even more fun!

  852. Chris Yeung

    My first race of 2013 is reaching my goal weight before my wife.

  853. Trammy

    SLC Marathon is April

  854. Christopher Strack

    The first race of the year will prolly be the one to the couch against both my wife and son for the clicker and the optimum seat to choose the first show of the year.

  855. George

    I’m going to shoot for my first marathon in 2013. City of Trees marathon in October (Boise, ID).

  856. Jeremiah Manning

    My first race of the day will be the New Years 5K in Old Towne Portsmouth , VA.

  857. Nick Schultz

    Austin Beer Mile is my “A” race, after that I think I may just mess around at IMCDA….

  858. John Zanner

    First race of the year will be the Greenbelt Series in Maryland to kickoff my first foray into crit racing!

  859. My first will be on March 18 and will be Fathers Day Race, Portugal.

  860. Crystal

    Whatever 5K I can find, just getting back into running, not sure about my speed or racing.

  861. Robert

    The Red Top Rumble

  862. Tomás

    The plan is to do my first ultra-marathon in April (50K)! My girlfriend and I are both racing at the “Hells Hills.” There is a chance I’ll be doing a small race before that, but that’s the big one!

    ps great work on the new blog layout

  863. Charles Lee

    First race in 2013?

    Probably the “Goode What Goes Down Must Come Up 4-Miler.”

    This is a predict your time event. No Watches, Cell Phones, Personal Music Devices, etc.. allowed.
    Sounds fun!

  864. Adam

    My first race of the year is the Flying Pirate Challenge on the outer banks of North Carolina. It is a 5k on Saturday and then a 1/2 marathon on Sunday. (the very next weekend I am doing my first Triathlon of the year – and Olympic distance in Raleigh, NC).

  865. The Mardi Gras Marathon in NOLA.

  866. Thom Ingram

    It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We’ve got a full bottle of water, half a pack of chomps, it’s bright out, so we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

    Chicago Marathon 2013

  867. David

    My first race of the year will probably be The Relay in the SF Bay Area.

  868. Stephan

    An indoor tri at OSU!

  869. Graham Brownell

    Hoping to run some 5ks with my family around my new home in Boulder.

  870. Suresh Kodukula

    Preparing for Arctic Marathon in Kemi, Finland.

  871. Marcel

    Crossduathlon nijverdal

  872. gunther goemaere

    a half triathlon in belgium or germany

  873. Terrence Murray

    With the world ending in 2012 (I did not believe the Mayans until I heard about Twinkies going away), I thought the 2013 race dates were… Ok, February 24, 2013 is the Ortega River Run. It is a five miler that I will run as part of my prep for the Gate River Run (15K) on March 9, 2012. Then on to the TRI Season!

  874. Rob Fader

    Starting the year off with The Nippy Niner Trail Run

  875. Dr. D

    April 15 2013 – Boston Marathon. Maybe a warm up marathon before that in March.

  876. Tim J

    Mine will be either the Monster Cross bike race in Feb in Richmond or the Shamrock Half Marathon (already signed up for the half, not sure about the bike race yet)

  877. matotato

    Local half marathon

  878. Jeff

    Salt Lake City Marathon in April will be the first race I’m training for (hoping for a BQ). I’m sure there will be plenty of lower profile tune-up races in the run up.

    Oh yeah, and a polar plunge!

  879. Robert

    I’ll be doing the Foggy Bottom Milk Run 10 miler in Ferndale, CA…I have a pretty good chance to win my age group (65-69) if I can do it in just under 90 minutes

  880. Dwayne Smith

    First Race on the 4th of January is the Orienteering World Cup Series Race 1 in Wellington New Zealand. Followed by 17 more races in January (winning times ranging from 15 minutes through to 90 minutes)

  881. Thom Figueroa

    Run Frosty Run 5k in Watervliet, MI.

  882. Jason Newville

    New Years Day 5K, January 1st 2013

  883. David Nicolau

    party pardee century, first century of the year

  884. Randy

    My first race of 2013 will be the marathon of Antwerp (21/04/2013), it’s the first marathon ever I would like to run and it’s very special, because 1 week before the marathon I will be maried!

    It would be nice if I could track this with a gps watch.

  885. Russell

    The Rock N Roll DC half marathon!

  886. Krystian

    One Short Distance Tri in Switzerland

  887. chris dawson

    Triple-T Ohio !!! 4 tri’s in 3 days. Fri pm: sprint, Sat am: olympic #1, Sat pm: olympic #2, Sunday: Half iron. finish time is combination of all races. Craziest part is course: super hilly bike, hilly trail run. Other tid bit: Sat pm olympic is bike-swim-run (transition into wetsuit is awesome, leg cramps during swim is intense)

  888. Alden

    Surf City Marathon on Super Bowl Sunday!

  889. Dakotaman Triathlon

  890. Dan Moser

    The Resolution Run in Venice, FL on 01/05/13

    My first race ever.

  891. Jeff H

    My first race of 2013 is part of the local Road Runners winter series. The local winter series is full of odd length races this one in particular is a 8k.

  892. Like every other year, it’s probably going to be the Milton triathlon in the beginning of June. However, if I can manage to sucker convince a few friends, I may organize a polar bear dip / snow bike / run on January 1!

  893. Matt Taylor

    A half marathon in my hometown in March. Merry Christmas Ray!

  894. Kasey

    The Beaver Freezer at Oregon State University
    *I accidently replied to the first post, not trying to double dip

  895. First tri? Ironman Los Cabos (first ironman, woo). Wife will do Oakland Marathon (full! go wife!), so the watches will be welcome.

  896. Justin Jakowski

    First race of the year will be the Galena Triathlon in May! Plenty of time to get ready!

  897. Paul Barnes

    First race of 2013 will probably be a local bike race in early March, the Salt Creek Criterium.

  898. I’m thinking the Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon in March.

    Thanks, Ray.

  899. Alan Torrigino

    My first race of 2013 will the Hong Kong Triathlon Association’s Duathlon Race Series #1 on January 13 at Science Park in Shatin. Ray, Thanks for all of your efforts. I really appreciate what you do for us.

  900. Paul M.

    Shamrock Half @ Va. Beach, fast and flat!

  901. Jeff Taylor

    Color Run you come out looking like a rainbow.

  902. Alex Grigg

    First race will most probably be a 5km Race

  903. Maarten van Vliet

    Rotterdam Marathon in April

  904. Tim Vincek

    Tom King Classic, Nashville TN 3/9/13

  905. Gerard

    Probably a few small triathlons but the first ‘A’ race us the Gold Coast half marathon in July.

  906. Dave Caldwell

    F^3 Half Marathon, January 28th.

  907. Ernesto Aramburu

    Pucon Ironman 70.3 in Southern Chile, the most beautiful race in the world!
    Site looks great, congrats.

  908. Phil Kaiser

    Splash n Sprint Regina Saskatchewan

  909. William T.

    My 1st race… Ice Breakers TT in Seattle Washington

  910. John Pitney

    My first race of 2013 will be the IWU Invite (Indiana Wesleyan University).

  911. Audra

    My 1st race… Kona Ironman bike race against my husband in January

  912. My first race of 2013 will be the The Resolution Run on New Years Day.

  913. Nate

    Haven’t decided yet. but thinking about the Rocketman at the Kennedy Space Center in FL

  914. Mike D

    First race? Quincy, MA half mary in March.

  915. kelsey

    My first race will be the Hyannis Marathon at the end of February, so excited !

  916. fmd

    First race ever: La Genevoise (5K) :D

  917. Dmitry Motevich

    I plan to run marathon in Moscow, Russia – April 2013.

  918. Diana

    I’m training for a triathlon in March (Palm Spring Desert Tri).

  919. First race should be Kurnell Sprint Triathlon Race #2 : Sunday 6th January which is the National Qualifying Race for ITU Age Group World Champs, London 2013

  920. John Veeneman

    At this point the only race I have planned for next year is the Flying Pig Marathon in May. I’ll definitely throw in some 5k’s, 10k’s and half’s leading up to it.

  921. Tony

    Resolution Run: 5km, 9:00am, January 1st.

  922. Josh

    Ohio Spring Race Series #1

  923. a_circelli

    I’m training for 70.3 triathlon in may

  924. a_circelli

    I’m training for 70.3 triathlon in may, challenge Rimini

  925. ger

    5K on Jan 1st.

  926. Matteo Castelli

    Half marathon in Paris in March!

  927. Stu

    Tobacco Trail Half Marathon in March.

  928. Adrian Walton

    My first race will be the Pioneer 8km run on Jan 13, 2013, which is the first of the Island Race Series here in and around Victoria, BC.

  929. Stacey s

    Rails to Trails 25k trail run in savannah georgia

  930. Tor-Egil