Garmin Forerunner 10 Quadruple Giveaway

Garmin FR10 Giveaway Foursome

Perhaps you didn’t score big last week on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday with a deal.  Perhaps you were focused on getting the big screen TV or deep fryer.  Maybe you were busy running a turkey trot. Or perhaps, you were just too busy eating the turkey.  All fair excuses.  I don’t judge.

So for those folks, I’m giving you a chance to still score big.  I’m giving away a Garmin FR10.

Well, actually, I’m giving away two of them.  One for him, and one for her.  Or two for her, or two for him.  However you dole them out is up to you.

Except, that I decided giving away two wasn’t enough, so I’m giving away four of them in total.

That’s two sets of two Garmin FR10’s.  That way you can be all matchy-matchy like a Christmas Sweater party.  Minus the reindeer sweaters. (Ok, I never expected finding a reindeer sweater on Amazon that awesome on my first result – that’s award winning!).

So how do you win?  Simple, just answer the below question in the comments.  Only one comment per person.  Though, both people in the couple may enter.  If you’re not a couple, then you can bestow the second Garmin on a friend.  In doing so, maybe you’ll end up a couple.  That’s not bad, right?

Anyway, the question…in question:

“With the 2013 season nearly upon us – what’s going to be your first race of the year?”

Entries will be accepted through Sunday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (December 2nd, 2012).  I’ll be giving away two sets, thus two two winners (with each winner really representing two winners).  One set will include a black FR10 + a  green FR10.  The other set will include the black FR10 + the pink FR10.  Winners will be chosen at random, and the first randomly chosen winner gets first pick.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I recently announced a partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company) using coupon code DCR10BTF (along with the link above).  Regrettably, they don’t sell that reindeer sweater, so no discount there. No, I still can’t get over how awesome that artwork of a sweater is.

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail instead.  Note that this is ONLY for Active Duty military.  No ice cream truck operators or elephant trainers allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!


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  1. Brad

    Springfield, IL Abe Lincoln Half Marathon

  2. Eric Apple

    Hot chocolate 5k
    This would help!
    Thanks for everything you do ray!

  3. TheHut

    Local 60km cycle race early Jan.

  4. cate rowen

    My first race next year will be the Princess Half Marathon at Disney in February!

  5. Amie

    Maybe my town 10K in April… but maybe something earlier!

  6. ciaran rodgers

    Plan to do the sportsman duathlons in county louth ireland in early january, a great race

  7. Naim

    I’ve never won anything in my life, fingers crossed this time.

  8. nuala rodgers

    Plan to do the sportsman duathlon in county louth, should be a great race in freezing conditions near dundalk ireland

  9. Lydia Leary

    Looking to run the cross border half marathon in Newry on the day after st patricks day..

  10. Michael. M

    Paris Marathon in April…come join the fun

  11. Dan Billingsley

    Look like I be starting off the year with the Illinois Half Marathon.

  12. Christina

    Hi! My first race of 2013 will actually be my first ever race: im running the Nice 10 mile Carnivale in France. I’m training to be able to run 10 miles…

  13. Alex

    It will be Alushta Cup in January

  14. Katie

    I’ll be doing a 5k in January but my first “big” race will be the Disney Princess Half Marathon- my first half ever!

  15. Lucy D'Aloia

    I am probably not going to race this year, but I’ll be at a few events supporting my husband!

  16. Marco F

    Frankfurter Lufthansa Halbmarathon, in March.

  17. Mel

    Probably the Winter Rondevous snow bike race or the 2013 Great Bear Chase snow bike race!

    link to
    link to

  18. florea

    semimarathon “Gerar’ – last sunday of January 2013

  19. Sean McB

    My first race will be the Oregon Road Runners Club Y2K13 Run on Jan. 5th.

  20. Jake Robben

    My first race of the year will be the St Louis Track Club Frostbite series Half Marathon

  21. Jay

    Whichever local area St. Pat’s day run seems best..

  22. Brian

    Piru Time Trial 20k first one in a long time

  23. YB

    13.1 Marathon, Los Angeles.

  24. Petteri

    Maybe Paris marathon 2013 – took part last year and was a lot of fun. why not 2013.

  25. corresponsal

    Probably it´s going to be TRI:122 on Lanzarote in march…

  26. dodoskoz

    My first race will be a half marathon in Trikala, Greece at the 7th of April.
    Until then, training training TRAINING!!!

  27. Matthew

    hmmmm, undecided but perhaps a half-marathon at the end of January- someplace in the sun 🙂

  28. Ola Nissen

    My first race will be the half-marathon in Gothenburg, Göteborgsvarvet 2013 (, in May

  29. rodger carter

    AFC Sugar Hill XC race in March.

  30. Adam B


  31. Wheeee! Another giveaway!
    My first race of the season will be the Around the Bay Road Race 30K. My first attempt at this distance. Bring it on!

  32. Patrick

    Frostbite 5K

  33. Predatrice

    10k run for easter

  34. Tom Barry

    My first race will the Reading Half Marathon, followed by the London Marathon shortly after.

  35. blacky

    My first race will be Prague International HalfMarathon id April.

  36. Kelly Primel

    My husband made me do this …my first race will probably be a 5k that he signs me up for!

  37. Chris Stepanski

    Not sure if this is registering twice as a comment 🙁 sorry if so!

    First race is an 100 mile ultra run in New York…in FEBRUARY! yikes.

  38. Kev Dwyer

    First “race” of 2012 will be parkrun in Poole, first race will hopefully be Glasgow to Edinburgh in April 🙂

  39. Amy Shuman

    My first race for 2013 will be Kent Island Metric Half Marathon in April (on my way to training for my first Half Marathon in May), with hopefully many more to come after that!

  40. Amanda Mae

    I haven’t decided on the whole year, but I’m registered for my third Half Marathon in Providence, RI in May 🙂

  41. Letty Vega

    I’m running the Aramco Houston half marathon in January 🙂

  42. F Chew

    First race for 2013 – Boulder Spring half.

  43. szyMarek

    My wife and I will be racing to the delivery room. My son should be born on January 1 🙂 Maybe I’ll e able to register it on FR10: P Greetings from Polish fans.

  44. Jean-Francois Gagne

    First race of the year is actually two: Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge in Orlando Florida.

  45. Lukino

    First race would probably be friend’s bithday run in mid-january

  46. Steve Fines

    First race is a 1/2 marathon in March at the local college.

    It would go faster with an new watch I suspect…

  47. tamoneya

    At the moment im doing the San Jose 408K in March. Currently looking for something between now and then.

  48. Chris Gautreaux

    St Pete Beach half marathon

  49. Chris Gautreaux

    St Pete Beach 1/2 marathon

  50. DianeD

    First race is a marathon in october 2013, Lyon, France.

  51. Anne

    Barry Roubaix in March. Finally going to tackle it.
    Thanks for the opportunity and thanks to Clever Training too.

  52. Luca

    Modena 2013!!!

  53. Matt Rafalski

    New Years Day run 9 AM in Knoxville

  54. My first race will be the Donald Duck half marathon in Disney in January. I’m actually doing the Goofy challenge and will run the Micky Mouse marathon the next day 🙂

  55. Wintertriathlon. 6km run, 10km bike and 8km crosscountryskiing 13th january

  56. Iona

    Romsey 5 mile road race on 27th January. Starts 5 minutes from my sister’s door, which means my neice will be there to cheer me on. Perfect.

  57. Ronna

    I’m going for my 1st race ever! Probably a 10k in the spring. Haven’t decided which one exactly.
    Wish me luck!

  58. Adrian Frazier

    My first race of 2013 will be Rock n Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon Feb. 24.

  59. Barnabie Agatep

    1st race in 2013 will be the Piece of Cake 10K….yay cake!

  60. Murphy

    First race will likely be a midwinter 5 K. First tri will be Red Bank Olympic tri

  61. ryan

    urban assault or el tour de mesa

  62. Lee

    Ironman 70.3 Galveston!

  63. Paul Bunyar

    Well, to be honest, I don’t know what my first race will be. My training has been off since I got married in July and moved in with my wife. Different town. Different routes to develop. More hills. And more drive time to work. I am just now getting back on a schedule. It would be great to do the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon in April. But I am struggling with just getting in 5k runs at this point. So, I probably will be looking for a 5k in April or May.

  64. Brian Lehman

    First race on the schedule is Indianapolis Mini Marathon.

  65. cyn

    5k in February.

  66. Eric Mauricette

    As soon as I get overt this Patella Injury ( any pointers?) I’ll be running a 10 miler on Feb 2nd. Mid-Winter Classic.

  67. First race is going to be racing around my newborn. Baby is due January 1st, so need the gps to see how far Im going

  68. Christine W

    BMO 10km race.

  69. Kenneth H

    Sporting life 10k race in May

  70. Tobi

    MY first race is the DSD Cross in February.

    Good luck everybody with the lottery and even more so with your races in 2013.

  71. Jenni

    I’m also running the DSD Cross.

  72. Steve Langeland

    5/3 Riverbank Run in May

  73. Skye

    I will be running Surf City half marathon on 2/3/2013.

  74. Dan

    I’ll start the season off with a couple quick 5ks in feb.

  75. Lisa

    Start year off with a New Years 5k.

  76. Brent

    First important race is my first HIM in early May, but i’m sure there will be lots of little races leading up to it.

  77. debbie

    The Miami half marathon, January 27th. Why? because I need to go to Miami to escape the hurricanes in NYC!

  78. Aubrey

    One of the biggest races in my country — the Condura Skyway Marathon on Feb 3.

  79. Ernie Ward

    Ocean isle beach half marathon

  80. Mark Bradshaw

    The Bucklyvie 10k near Stirling in Scotland. It’ll be cold, the weather will be interesting, but it’s always fun

  81. Dillon

    My first race ever on my birthday. March Madness duathlon in Central Park on March 24th.

  82. Robbie

    Same as last year, to the fridge.

  83. Rob

    Sam Costa half marathon, Carmel IN, I’m getting a good running base in preparation for Steelhead 70.3 in August.

  84. Crowey

    I hope to do a 10k sometime in March/April

  85. Jose Vargas

    My first run of the year is the Los Angeles Marathon, although I live in Seattle. I’m training to break 3:15 and qualify for Boston.

  86. Andrea C

    My first run is the Bridle Trails 5M run.

  87. jezza

    Half Ironman in Geelong Australia

  88. Fernando Alvarez T

    Lima 42k in May 19… I’m in prep for this big race!!


  89. Tami

    My first race in 2013 is the Irish Road Rover.

  90. Guillermo

    As of now, the Little Rock Marathon is the only one I am definitely doing in 2013, but I will most likely be adding a few races before that.


  91. Emily

    Greenwood 10k in April.

  92. Henry Wang

    My first race will be NYC Half Marathon

  93. Therese L.

    First race I’ve signed up for as of 12/1/12:
    My FIRST Marathon!!! The Richmond Marathon in November 2013. Hoping to sneak in at least one 5k, one 10k and one half marathon before then 🙂

  94. Rodrigo Lucchesi

    My first race in 2013 will be the Santiago (Chile) Marathon, in April!

  95. Kevin V

    Rev 3 Knoxville…..I just hope the intersections are controlled a little more then when you raced there.

  96. CH

    My first will be 2013 Vancouver Sun Run!

  97. mjskas

    My first race of 2013 will likely be the “Love the Run You’re With 5K” in February in Arlington, VA.

  98. Hugh

    At the moment it is the Tour of Battenkill.

  99. patrick

    Looks like it will be the Miami University Triathlon in Oxford Ohio.

  100. Derek

    Planning on doing the SF Marathon in June