Garmin Fenix adds footpod & indoor training support


Today Garmin (Nov 1st, 2012) announced and released a new firmware update for the Garmin Fenix watch – which has been primarily targeted at ultra runners and hikers.  This comes in firmware version 2.90.

The watch itself came out over the summer, but wasn’t available until this past September.  In my review I was pretty hard on it due to the lack of running features.  It felt like a hiking unit that tried (but failed) to be a running watch.  I noted that numerous running watches 1/4th its price offered more runner functionality.

Since the review, Garmin has been on a bit of a streak with releasing new functionality and features roughly every two weeks.  Quite frankly, we’ve never seen something like this from Garmin.  Ever.  Someone lit a fire, and it seems to have worked.

As for the features added, I’ve been using them for a week or so, and will give you a quick rundown of how they work.  Additionally, at the end I’ll talk about how this matches up with the Suunto Ambit.

The New Features Overview:

First, they’ve added a new mode – Indoor – which shuts off the GPS and allows you to record activities while inside.


That new mode comes with a new data field and pages configuration set.  Specifically, there’s ‘Tracking’, ‘Navigating’, and ‘Indoor’ now.  The indoor data pages are shown when the mode is indoor.

While I understand the logic here, I’m mixed on whether or not I like it.  Personally, I like my data pages as-is, so having to duplicate them is a bit of a PITA (Pain in the ass), but long term this probably makes more sense.

Obviously since they are supporting an indoor mode that means they are supporting the ANT+ footpod.  You can use any ANT+ footpod – Garmin or otherwise (here’s all you ever wanted to know about the footpod).  Garmin’s tends to be the cheapest these days (and the smallest).  You’ll see the little footpod icon displayed while connected:


You’ll see the ANT+ footpod pairing menu now located along with the other ANT+ sensors in the ANT+ Sensor Menu:


Once you’re in there and have it paired, you can go ahead and calibrate it using a treadmill (indoors) or GPS (outdoors).


Or, if you know the calibration value you can set that manually.  Note that while I know my calibration value by heart, the calibration value can be impacted by location on the shoe – so it’s best to calibrate it any time you change shoe position.


While running (be it indoors or outside), you’ll now get cadence information displayed.  Along with ‘Steps’. You can choose to display this in a standard data field, or as one of the little mini-graphs:


And finally, most importantly – you’ll now get pace and distance information while indoors without GPS signal (as well as heart rate of course):


And this is available outdoors too.  Below, at the end of my run you can see my cadence graph:


All of this information (speed/cadence/distance) is then shown later in Garmin Connect – be it for an indoor run or an outdoor run.  Or on any other platform you use.


Also of note is that you can specify whether to use the footpod or GPS for speed (indoors or outdoors).  For distance, the Fenix will utilize the footpod while in indoor mode and the GPS while in GPS enabled mode.  There’s not a configuration option otherwise.  Additionally, it won’t automatically switch from GPS to footpod if you enter a tunnel like the other Garmin units.


And finally of note is that while the Fenix continues to support the ANT+ Speed/Cadence Combo sensor for cycling, it does not yet have any method to utilize the speed configuration options indoors.  In other words, you still can’t really use the Fenix indoors if you want speed or distance on a trainer.  Cadence is fine however.

Garmin Fenix vs Suunto Ambit: Round 2

Obviously these changes are aimed at being more competitive with the Suunto Ambit.  So where do things stand between the two watches as of today? 

Well, I’m not going to measure it as of today – I’m going to measure it as of November 29th, the date that Suunto plans to release their long announced firmware update.  I think that’s only fair.  So far they’ve hit all their dates, and I have no reason to believe they won’t hit this.  There’s obviously a chance that Garmin may release another update between now and then.  Certainly their development cadence until this point (Fenix team only) supports that theory.  If they do, I’ll make note of it here.  Since they don’t announce future intentions like Suunto has – that’s my only choice.

At present, I generally think that both watches are overpriced compared to competitive offerings in the GPS category.  At least for runners anyway.  For outdoors folk, I see the benefits of an ABC watch (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass), but for most runners I think focusing on one of the existing units is best.

That said, here’s where things will stand at the end of the month (again, assuming no additional Garmin changes), with the best value unit out there in for comparison:


If you look back at my major issues with Fenix in my review, I outlined the following:

– No interval functionality (i.e. creating interval workouts)
– No workout functionality (either creation, or utilizing existing downloaded workouts)
– No Virtual Pacer support
– No Virtual Racer support
– No Autolap by position functionality (for looping repeats, regular distance autolap is supported)
– No Run/Walk mode

Additionally, I had noted the following, which have since been added/fixed (there were actually a few others they’ve fixed, but these were some of the biggies):

– No ability to use ANT+ running footpod for indoor treadmill use [Added Nov 1st, 2012 in 2.90]
– And once you have those zones manually entered, it won’t use the Z#.# convention like other Garmin Fitness units, instead just showing full zone (i.e. Z2 instead of Z2.4) [Added Nov 1, 2012 in 2.90]
– Doesn’t support setting/downloading heart rate zones via Garmin Connect (generates error) [Fixed]
– Garmin Connect doesn’t know the type or activity class from uploaded files (i.e. Run/Bike/Hike)  [Added Oct 4, 2012 in 2.70]
– Cannot download courses Garmin Connect to the unit  [Added Oct 4, 2012 in 2.70]
– Non-compatible .FIT file formatting (3rd party apps like TrainingPeaks seem to fail on many Fenix .FIT files)  [Fixed Oct 4, 2012 in 2.70]
– In order to set a lap, you must actually HOLD the button down for 2 seconds  [Added/Fixed Oct 4, 2012 in 2.70]
– Inability to simply ‘tap to lap’ [Added/Fixed Oct 4th, 2012]

Looking at the upper portion of the list, I still think the following three items are the most important ones that still keep it from becoming a great watch:

– No interval functionality (i.e. creating interval workouts)
– No workout functionality (either creation, or utilizing existing downloaded workouts)
– No Virtual Pacer support

I’d probably be alright if they focused on adding workout functionality first, then Virtual Pacer support.  Interval can technically be done via workouts, so that could come later.

Additionally, for folks in triathlon to use it as a full fledged training watch – it’s going to need that indoor speed support for trainer workouts.

Looking at the Ambit – the support for ANT+ sensors at the end of the month is HUGE – a major shift for them.  It remains to be seen exactly what the full extent of ANT+ sensors means.  They’ve committed to foot pod support and heart rate.  But they actually haven’t yet committed to which other ANT+ sensors they’ll support (and my direct questions to them privately have been skirted on this particular topic).

Overall, I think both watches are improving nicely, but I still think they lack core running features that are offered in cheaper watches.  The simplest example would be things like Virtual Pacer – offered in the $129 Garmin FR10, but not in the $399 Fenix or the $499 Ambit.

But, progress is progress.  And I’m liking the fact that both teams are innovating.  Hopefully, that keeps up.

Thanks for reading!

Note, my full in-depth reviews of both units are available here:

Garmin Fenix
Suunto Ambit



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  1. I might be losing the plot, but I was sure that the Ambit added route following/waypoints in one of the earlier updates? There’s even Suunto videos of creating routes for the Ambit on YouTube.

  2. Nope, you’re correct, that’s a typo in that cell – forgot to save on my updated chart before exporting. It came back in the September update. All fixed!

  3. I am also looking forward for the interval workout and virtual pacer to be added on the next update. great review, keep it up! thanks a lot 🙂

  4. I might be mistaken but I thought Garmin had other watches in their product line that need firmware fixes and updates. The Fenix seems to be taking up a lot of the developers time.

    What about adding Tempe support on the 910. What about fixing the pace issue on the 910. What about fixing the problem where you can’t delete activities on the Edge 500. There will be many other problems I am sure.

    I love my Garmin. I would recommend one in an instant. But I want to see things being fixed and I want to know when they might be fixed. Just like you said in your ANT+ presentations.

  5. kk

    What happened to the Orange band you ordered? Too bright for your tastes?

    I just ordered mine and look forward to it next week (Sandy delayed delivery).

    Thanks for the 2.90 review, I just upgraded!

  6. When are they going to get the running pace smoothed out on the 910, neither has there been any updates recently. Where is GARMIN!

  7. Anonymous

    One thing that annoys me about the fenix is viewing tracking history. You can review the maps, distance, and start time, etc but not elapsed time.

    It would be great if you can get Garmin to fix this also!

  8. Anonymous

    Also, it would be great to be able to calibrate the temperature sensor!

  9. Ray I have a question about the foot pod. After calibrating it on a track, it always reads about 5 to 10 percent faster than the treadmills at my club, even on different models. Is this normal? If so, why? Thanks!

  10. kk

    “You can review the maps, distance, and start time, etc but not elapsed time”

    You can see elapsed time in the FIT History page (assuming you are saving your “tracks” as both FIT & GPX).

    link to i.imgur.com

  11. or_watching

    “someone lit a fire…”

    I think you can take some credit for.

    Thanks for so many great reviews

  12. Any chance you could ‘light a fire’ under the 910 development team.. as others have posted it’s annoying to see Garmin piling out new models whilst losing interest in existing models with clear issues.
    Instant pace, barometer and course redraw issues remain as a minimum..

  13. Stefaan

    Although you may say both watches are overpriced, the build quality is in another league than cheaper units too.
    I think you get better hardware for the price paid.

    For me, that’s at least equally important. I have the FR 405 and 610. The 610 has broken down with a broken touchscreen due to bad waterproofing, broken wistband and rusty, green back. The 405 has a broken wriststrap too and looks like it’s at least 20 years old and like it had come for free with a large order of running shoes.

  14. Matt

    A shame how these watches are produced and sold with all these issues. Looks like Garmin is selling them, and waiting for Ray to do the quality assurance and point out the major faults… Not my understanding of good quality.

  15. David

    Any idea if any of these support multiple footpods? I use 2 pairs of running shoes (not so much rotating between them but having them in different locations to save me carrying shoes with me all the time). It’s a PITA to have to keep taking teh footpod with me, put it on the other pair of shoes and calibrate each time (can’t even rely on the existing calibration numbers given that changing shoes means a change in location). It’d be great if you could have teh watch recognise both footpods so it just auto selected the one it picks up …

  16. Anonymous

    I was glad to see the 2.90 update with the Indoor training. However, I don’t think the calorie count is correct. I tried two activities after installing the update. The first was just sitting and reading (average heart rate = 68; 300 calories per hour), and the second was on an exercise bike (125 average heart rate; 1800 calories per hour.). Both of these calorie counts are off by around a factor of 4. (I’m a 58 year old male in reasonable shape, with a max heart rate of around 168.)

    Has anyone seen the same issue?


    • Clint

      Yes. Outdoor training works but even with 3.0 update my indoor calorie burn is 3-4 times TOO HIGH. Also, when setting TIME ALERT, the time runs from when GPS begins tracking SATs, not tied to workout time, which is messed up. No calorie burn alert is also I minus. It needs intervals too. Staying with my 310xt for running!

  17. In the data transfer field you write that Ambit only have Suunto Ant, but Ambit uses USB when communicating with a computer.

    Also I read that Ambit would get a interval countdown timer in the November update. This is a quote from the August FW 1.8 press release:
    “The next launch, planned for November, will offer users new training features such as interval timer and compatibility for both the Suunto Foot POD and ANT+ as well as the ability to download community-created features for even greater customization.”

    Have you heard anything new regarding this? have the CTD been scrapped? If so then I am disappointed 🙁

    The community created features could be a very big thing. Will be interesting to see how that is going to work.

    As for the external temperature sensor then i read the following on the Ambit Q&A page:

    “Will the November Ant+ upgrade enable the use of an external temperature sensor?”


    “Ant+ does include temperature sensors in the specification and as Ambit already records temperature, I see no reason to believe it will not.”

    “The November update will make the Suunto Ambit compatible with devices that use ANT+ signal. If the temperature sensor uses the ANT+, it will most likely be compatible with the Ambit.”

    I really hope that means that we Ambit users will be able to use the Garmin Tempe.

    Sincerely Joakim Agren!

  18. Hi SkyForce/Joakim-

    Thanks for the note!

    RE: USB

    Absoultely correct. My brain was thinking transmission protocal but my hands were thinking upload. I’ll fix that.

    RE: Countdown Timer

    Yes, this has been scrapped from the November update with no timeframe given. Sorry!

    RE: Community Created Features

    Officially called Suunto App Zone – it’ll be interesting to see what this allows. This is part of this update and Suunto consideres it “the main communication of this update”.

    RE: ANT+ Temp sensor

    That’s where things get dicey.

    I sent an e-mail to their team asking them for specific guidance on each sensor type (I actually outlined them all out – 1A, 1B, 1C, etc…) for every ANT+ sensor type and whether indoor or outdoor or both. They declined to comment on it.

    Obviously, that could be because they believe the Fenix team could counter. Or because they aren’t planning an update there. Will be interesting to see. Suunto holds their cards the closest of any company I work with, so I don’t have any guidance there.

    That said, in theory, if the App Zone delivers on it’s one-line promise “This is the first time ever consumers will be able to develop their sports watch according to their needs” – then it should be easy. But if App Zone is a bunch of fluff without a real API or SDK, it’ll get overlooked easily.

    Hopefully, it’s rockin!

  19. Since FW 2.9 the auto calibration feature for the altimeter doesn’t work anymore

  20. jpb

    Like many others I’m trying to decide between Ambit/Fenix/610.

    I like the idea of a watch that can be used for trekking or country walks (i.e. compass, provide an OS grid ref to match with a map) and also for running where my requirements are quite simple (ability to display lap times, HR, current pace perhaps and store lots of info to look at later on pretty graphs!) And also have the potential to be worn as a normal watch.

    But to me what is most important is robustness of hardware, robustness of software, ease of use, ability to display key data large enough to see without my reading glasses, battery life and if I’m to wear it as a watch – looks.

    Though competition is good I worry a bit that Garmin and Suunto may be getting into a sort of features war which will end up valuing quantity over quality.

    Having said that I’m disappointed about the countdown timer being dropped (I occasionally umpire field hockey matches)

  21. The fenix doesn’t have “Additional HR data beyond BPM”. Does that mean it WILL NOT work with Firstbeat?
    link to firstbeat.fi

  22. Anonymous

    Just got my fenix, very disappointed. Took the briefest hop on the pool and now it has water vapor inside the crystal!! What a piece if junk – so much for “50m water resistant” – they can’t even make it to 1m. If you use it while fishing, I recommend you use your non-watch hand to net your catch. They better warranty this thing – I’ve had it for 2 days!

  23. The 2.90 firmware has a bug fenix important. Since the update does not record heart rate. It happens to someone else?

  24. Hi Andijuen-
    RE: 2.9 auto calibration altimeter

    Ugh. I’m sure/know the Fenix team is watching this thread, hopefully they can address it.

    Hi Dan-
    RE: Addition HR Data

    Correct. As it stands today, when I load the files into the FirstBeat software, they give a 100% error level, and no pretty graphs. Which pretty much means no R-R data.

    Hi Anon-
    RE: Waterproofing

    Definitely not normal. I’ve taken mine in plenty of watery situations – no issues at all (including swimming). Have it swapped out, I’m sure that’ll be no problem.

    Hi Tinker-
    RE: Recording HR

    Hmm, try going in and re-pairing your HR strap. It might have lost that. I can state for certainty that the HR is definitely still there for me in 2.90 (I know this because A) I looked, and because B) My coach chided me for overdoing my specified HR on a recent run). 😉

    Thanks all!

  25. Hi Andijuen-
    RE: 2.9 auto calibration altimeter

    Ugh. I’m sure/know the Fenix team is watching this thread, hopefully they can address it.

    Hi Ray,

    i was wrong, the way auto cal. has changed, see: link to forums.garmin.com

  26. Anonymous

    Hi, I just bought the Garmin Fenix ​​and only tell my experience. I did a 50 mile Trail on 45th and stayed locked the clock. I will update and if still fails it back. For now bad start …

  27. Thanks Ray for the info AND the quick response!

    Ray, I received this email awhile back. Is the fenix’s hardware capable of recording R-R? Do you think we’ll ever see the fenix work properly with Firstbeat-Athlete?

    Dear Dan Liddiard,
    Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

    I would be happy to assist you with this.
    The Fenix does work with Firstbeat and training effect.
    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    With Best Regards,
    Amy Ch.
    Product Support Specialist
    2nd Shift Outdoor/Fitness Team
    Garmin International
    913-440-8280 (fax) Att: Amy Ch., Associate #6013
    Additional solutions may be found at link to garmin.com

  28. Hi Dan-

    I reached out to Garmin on this. It looks like there was a mix-up in communication with their support team. The Fenix does not support R-R, but does support Firstbeat for their Energy Expenditure metric.

    Companies (including Garmin) actually have to pay for each level of Firstbeat support they’d like to include. They pay more, then Firstbeat functionality gets increased.

    This came as a bit of a surprise to me, considering as a consumer I also pay Firstbeat for use of their software/usage.

    Anyway, figured that might help clear things up. Hope this helps.

  29. ABCH

    Hi Rai,
    you know if Garmin plans to support the Tanita scale with the Fenix​​?

  30. Been using it a bit. See a few issues still.

    As mentioned, the calorie data is way off, 5mi run = 2500cal, I wish.

    For the HR zones, they fixed it for Z1 and up, but the 310XT shows “Z0.8” when below the Z1 threshold. The Fenix just “__”. Not a big deal.

    The last issue I see is related to displaying data “by distance”. Both in Connect as well as TP. Example: link to connect.garmin.com

    Oh, and would be nice if there was some way to configure all the options and profiles “offline” and push them to the device. The profiles offer up some very interesting possibilities.

    Real progress from Garmin! Good job!

  31. Just a quick post to let you know my experince with the ambit and the fenix.
    Last week i bought the garmin fenix, i played with it a bit and quite liked it, the gps sensor even worked in my house no problem.

    I thought the watch was quite comfortable to wear, felt quite normal and unobtrusive, the build quality is black plastic but seems quite sturdy and strong.

    I then started reading loads of reviews on the suunto ambit about how good it was and how they are updating the firmware all the time and the build quality, i have to admit that the look of the ambit is quite impressive, it looks expensive, i must say i got quite pumped up about the ambit and regretted getting the fenix so i made an excuse at the shop i got it from and returned it, i then bought the sexy ambit and couldnt wait to get it home.

    As soon as i got it out of the box and put it on my wrist it felt very uncomfortable, it was catching on my wrist bone all the time, anyway just put up with it and waited to see if it would bed in.

    The 2nd thing that annoyed me was the gps would not work at all in my house, not even if i took it to the window, obviousley the sensor is not as sensitive as the fenix, but any way what really p****d me off was that after 2 days the black paint started to come off the bezel and you could see silver underneath, my heart sank i was so upset, i knew that if i kept it and used it as my everyday watch that in a couple of months it was going to look a right mess, im not exactly the best person for not knocking my watches against things, a bit clumsy i suppose, so anyway back to the shop with the bad paint job ambit to return it.

    You would think that the black would be part of the metal and if you scratched it that it would still be black underneath but no.

    So i got myself the garmin fenix again and i am so much happier now, at least its all black plastic so if i scratch it it will still be black underneath.

    Just my experience so i thought i would share it.

  32. wikus

    I updated to 3.0 but can’t find the indoor option.


    Updated it to 3.0 and tried the indoor option (bloody rain) and the calorie count when using my rowing machine is way off, by at least a factor of 3. Happening to anyone else?


    Since the last FW update (3.0) I’ve noticed the sensors no longer work… regardless of ‘on-demand’ or ‘always on’ settings, googled it and found one other person with the same issue, anyone else having this problem?

  35. _OS_

    I tried indoor training yesterday and I can’t see that the heart rate is displayed on the watch! The heart rate is shown on the Garmin Connect web site after I upload the training. I have installed FW update 3.0. Any ideas?

  36. javier

    can someone please explain me as how to set heart rate zones in the garmin fenix

    • DC Rainmaker

      The quickest/easiest way is to go to Garmin Connect (connect.garmin.com) and then set them within the User Profile section. Then you can sync them back to the watch. Super-easy. Enjoy!

    • Steve Knapp

      Hmm.. I’d double check after doing this.

      I checked my zones after setting them via connect some time ago and they were wrong (defaults) and now the Fenix doesn’t even accept them for download.

      I just set them again manually.
      Menu->Setup->Fitness->HR Zones

  37. Scott

    Hi Ray and others.
    I sold my AMbit and can;t decide between Ambit2 or Fenix.
    Can someone answer these questions.

    Does the Fenix show you Training Effect and recovery time on the watch, really loved this on the 1st Ambit

    What Options can you see for running on the Fenix, how does this camare to what you can view on the Ambit

    Movescount website is fantastic since the upgrade with a wealth of info. Does Garmin connect show you your hear rate zones, Training effect, and is the map interactive. Ie you can click on any of the graph matrics (in moves count) and it will show you where on the map is that particular point. Also the map is colour co-ordinated to reflect the graphing.

    These are the things currently stopping me going to the Fenix, as I love the idea of chanable bands, The track back and in general better navigation, but love the details in the running of the Ambit.

    Oh last two wuestions, what swiming features does the fenix have, and where can I view an updated manual, can only find one for Aug 2012.


  38. Steve Knapp

    “Additionally, it won’t automatically switch from GPS to footpod if you enter a tunnel like the other Garmin units.” – Still does this even on the latest FW. More so the GPS doesn’t seem to always recover coming out of a tunnel. Bummer, lost data for the last two miles of my run. 🙁

    • Steve Knapp

      Garmin pointed out that the GPS wasn’t lost in a tunnel, it was lost in a 1/2 straight/clear stretch. The watch just decided to give up. Hmm.

  39. Jaume

    I always run on asphalt and now I want to start running down the mountain. I bought a Forerunner 610 to train and improve my times in the 10 km and to face my first half marathon. I like very, very much, the Fenix ​​but it hasn’t the features I need. You can not plan workouts but it is better suited to the mountain that the Forerunner 610.
    Do you think Garmin feasible that adding the planning functions workouts, Virtual Partner … that all of us want so many times you’ve commented on your web page?. If I knew sure Garmin will update the Fenix ​​with these features, I buy it right now because the 610 is not waterproof and is something I treasure.
    Thanks a lot

  40. Steve Knapp

    Have you thought about the 910XT?

    Other than the lack of a compass, a limited basemap, and the ability to wear it as a daily watch the 910XT seems a better pick. I’ve had my Fenix since it launched. I really like the idea of it. But it’s quirky at best.

    • Jaume

      Hello Steve

      I know that 910 XT is a good watch but as well you aim it is not a watch for everyday wear, and this is something for me indispensable.
      Are you happy with your Fenix​​?

    • Steve Knapp

      I really like the hardware of the Fenix. The watch is solid. Buttons, strap, even the charging clip, all well designed I think.

      The software just isn’t well sorted in my opinion. I’ll give two examples…

      On a recent race I went through a couple tunnels, the Fenix quit tracking my distance/pace a couple miles from the finish. I email support and they pointed out that it didn’t drop the GPS fix in a tunnel and not get it back, it just stopped tracking in the middle of a half mile clear/straight! More so when I stopped the race the GPS knew where it was.

      I’ve had other times when it hangs when saving the workout and loose my data. Tough problems as they are intermittent and infrequent. But frustrating none the less.

      The other is around profiles. Profiles should be powerful but I’m not finding them so. Someone online wrote a tool to edit them offline which may prove helpful. From what I was reading you can even set the device up to be used by two people!

      But being so flexible also can bring bugs. The Garmin forums have many who mention intermittent issues that were resolved by restoring their device to a factory state. On any other Garmin watch this would be a simple master clear. On the Fenix it is not so. To restore the profiles to their defaults you needed to backup your watch when you bought it. Something I didn’t do, and given it was one of the early devices might not even be helpful.

      Support goes to the outdoor department not the fitness folks. They have been friendly but seems to bounce from person to person repeating “Did you reset the device? Is it on the latest firmware?” I’m guessing their volume of issues is higher and only a minority of them are related to the Fenix.

      I really want to be happy with the Fenix, but I just don’t trust it at this point.

  41. Jaume

    Steve, do you think it’s a good idea change the Forerunner 610 by Fenix?.
    I love the Fenix and it’s a very good clock for day by day, you can swim and it’s good for trail running. The problem is the clock doesn’t have running trainer.

    • Steve Knapp

      I can’t comment on the 610 in comparison to the Fenix as I don’t have a 610. Ray might have better perspective.

      What do you mean by “the clock doesn’t have running trainer”?

    • The FR610 and Fenix are very different from a running standpoint. I find the FR610 (which is what I generally use for running when not testing other devices, or heck, even when testing other devices) a runners watch, whereas the Fenix is an ultra-runner and hiker watch. You’re not going to see vast differences when it comes to tracking in the trails from either.

  42. Jaume

    You can’t prepare personal trainings, fartleks…

    • Jaume

      Thanks Ray Maker and Steve for your answers.
      I’ve sent the FR610 to change by Fenix and in two days I’ll have Fenix at home. I hope Garmin will append the posibility to create personal trainings. If they do, the Fenix will be one of the best GPS

  43. Sue

    Hi any more recent news on which watch to choose? I’m considering the Ambit 2 (or 2 S) or the Fenix. I will use it primarily for running but the other watches you recommend eg 610 are just too bulky and uncomfortable for me (wrist bone issue). Although the Ambit is still a large watch it sat on my wrist really comfortably! In fact apart from the FR10 it was the only one that felt comfortable. I think it was the orginal Ambit I tried on though (Ambit 1) as there are hardly any shops round me they sell these type of watches (in fact any GPS watch!). I’ve yet to find a fenix so not sure how they compare with feel on your wrist? I’ve ordered the FR10 for shorter local runs but I like the sound of the battery life on the Ambit/Fenix and other features (track back, HR etc). I believe the 2S doesn’t have the ability to return to a way/start point? Very confused now after reading all the forums on which one I should choose…. great reviews by the way thanks :).

    • Feel-wise I find the two units (Fenix vs Ambit) fairly similar, especially in comparison to the FR10.

      Looking at the units, I’d definitely go with the Ambit2 over the Ambit1, and if you’re primarily a runner, then I’d go Ambit2/2s over the Fenix. Whereas if you’re more into hiking/orienteering/etc, then I’d go Fenix over Ambit’s.

  44. Chols

    Hey, Im pretty new with Garmin and I just got the Fenix one last week. Can I Use this one indoor just with the Heart Monitor? I just want to see how many calories I burn per sesh, time and heart rate. Thanks

  45. Juro

    Rainmaker: Is there any update about whether Garmin plans to deploy the accelerator based “indoor footpod” functionality to outdoor runs? Currently no running cadence metrics are reported while running with GPS on and also I am not sure if accelator-based data take over when GPS signal lost.

    • Are you sure you’re on the latest firmware update? That was added many months ago, even for outdoor runs.

    • Brian

      I have a similar question. Just bought the Fenix through your Amazon link. (Love your reviews, by the way). Using 4.7 software – I think that’s the latest. I don’t have a footpod, and I am not getting running cadence data when I run outside using GPS. I’m guessing that it’s not possible, because the watch can use GPS or the accelerometer, but not both at the same time? Also, I ran on the treadmill yesterday in Indoor Mode, but the data was WAY WAY off. (The watch said I ran 2.2 miles, but the treadmill said 1.5 miles.) I’ve only run outdoors about 3 times – will the accuracy improve, or should I just get a footpod? Thanks!

    • Juro

      Yes, 4.70. How would I know it works? There is no run cadence metrics or steps visible and no “footpod” metrics on garmin connect. Works ok in indoor mode.

    • Juro

      …and just to be specific, I am talking about the accelerometer based foot-pod functionality, not the same with an external ANT footpod

  46. John

    I want to use a footpod with my Fenix.

    1) Is the Suunto foot pod mini compatible with the Fenix?

    2) Is it possible to use the foot pod with GPS on? I just want it for cadence measurements.

    Thanks in advance.

  47. Dave K

    I’m really itching to pick up a Fenix 3 HR but I know as soon as I do, Garmin will undoubtedly release info about the Fenix 4 HR. Do you think holding out is a good idea or should I pull the trigger now?