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Adidas Bluetooth Smart miCoach (Mini) Footpod In-Depth Review

It’s been about 8 months since the first Bluetooth Smart footpod popped out into the market, introduced by Polar shortly after the release of their Polar Beat app.  However, while it technically worked just fine, it lacked one thing: Elegance. … Read More Here

A look at the ScribeLabs Running Kinematics Footpod

Last month while at the ANT+ Symposium I had the chance to poke at and go for a run with a new running mechanics sensor that’s looking to hit the market next year.  The sensor, called Motion Scribe, is the … Read More Here

Polar Bluetooth Smart Stride Sensor (Footpod) In-Depth Review

Earlier this week Polar announced their latest product – though, it’s not a watch.  Or even anything connected to a watch.  Instead, it’s an accessory for smart phones that further illuminates Polar’s direction and protocol strategy going forward. The Bluetooth … Read More Here

Garmin Fenix adds footpod & indoor training support

Today Garmin (Nov 1st, 2012) announced and released a new firmware update for the Garmin Fenix watch – which has been primarily targeted at ultra runners and hikers.  This comes in firmware version 2.90.The watch itself came out over the … Read More Here

The Garmin ANT+ Footpod Calibration Tool

A bit ago I stumbled upon a really cool tool that allows you to determine your Garmin ANT+ footpod calibration factor based on existing run data that you might have already run with your footpod.  For example, if you’re like … Read More Here

Garmin ANT+ Foot Pods: Everything you ever wanted to know

Heads up: This is an old version, Garmin has since released the Run Dynamics Footpod. Check out that link for the full review! Thanks Tis the season when the weather goes from bad…to ugly, and as such – many folks … Read More Here