Photo of the day: Upside-down Garmin on a Olympic time-trial bike


On Wednesday, while watching the Women’s Olympic time-trial event, I saw a tweet from the guys over at NY Velocity noting that Britain’s 2008 Olympic Silver medalist Emma Pooley had her Garmin Edge 500 oriented in a rather peculiar position.  So I waited around for a half-way decent video shot to show up and sure enough, eventually I got to see what they were referring to:


She appears to have it mounted facing forward, upside-down, almost vertical, and on the spacers of her stem.  I believe that’s one of the more unique locations I’ve ever seen one mounted.


However, I suspect it may be because with her head down she can glance at the unit easily.  Though, I still find it hard to believe that’s the most visible mounting location for her.  But then again, I’m not the Olympic time-trial cyclist.


Anyway, thought you’d all find this enjoyable, and again – hat tip to the NY Velocity guys for pointing it out.

Hope everyone has a great time weekend ahead!  I’ll be up in London myself to catch the women’s triathlon on Saturday morning, as well as whatever other tickets I can scrounge up between now and Tuesday evening.  Anyone got a pair of men’s triathlon tickets they’d like to part with?  Just askin…

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  1. Is it possible that she intentionally positioned it to make it difficult to look at? Perhaps so that she has the data for later, but races off feel, or so that she only sees the data when she is deliberately looking for it and doesn’t have it staring at her.

  2. Yeah, I agree ith Victoria.
    She intentionally put it in a place where it was not constantly visible on purpose

  3. If so, than why not take just put it in your helmet? Aerodynamicaly that would make more sense I guess.

  4. Don’t you ever run with your gps watch on the bottom side of the wrist to not be influenced by the actual times you are running? I do quite often expecialy when I am trying to beat my personal best.

  5. Anonymous

    Pooley is tiny – and when I saw it during the race, I merely assumed it was on the only place should could actually put it.
    The stem is quite short and looked like an adjustable on, it drops and a large negative angle to get the front low enough for her, so while it looks angled away it’s just on the stem the best she can get it.

  6. Anonymous

    This is an image to show you what I mean by my last comment
    link to

  7. I’ve noticed her using this setup before. Here she is in photos on Slipstream Sports’ flickr page that were taken in 2011.

    link to

    link to

    And here’s a photo (also from 2011) from another photographer where you can see the quarter turn mount on her stem sans Garmin computer.

    link to

  8. Anonymous

    random- but i feel like maybe i read your blog too much.. had a dream last night that we were meeting you at a hotel room for hrm straps that hadn’t hit the market yet and we had all just gotten in and it was 730am.. we wanted to go to sleep- you said we had to eat breakfast before sleep. we thought you were crazy for it but you said it was normal. end dream.

  9. Here’s a really clear picture of her TT bike with the upside-down Edge:

    link to

    However, on her road race bike (what is that, a Cervelo R5?) it looks like she’s got it set up in a more conventional manner:

    link to

  10. doesn’t look very aero either.

  11. A little mirror inside her helmet mounted at the center just above her clear face shield would enable her to view the Garmin display right side up – while looking at the road ahead without changing aerodynamic form. Possibly. Also, ‘centering’ the image in the mirror might reinforce her optimal helmet and form position.

    Not that I know for sure – just thinking about it from a physics perspective, and considering that the non-aero mounting of the Garmin unit can’t be just happenstance.

  12. Hey Ray,
    I just got back from London and there are zero tickets for sale onsite, at the Olympic Park, etc. Your best bet is to go online to the official site. They are posting tickets online around 11PM-1AM each night. This is the only way I was able to find any. Good Luck!

  13. Very interesting comments/thoughts/ideas on why it’s done. I’m sure there’s obviously a reason. Perhaps once the Olympics settle down I’ll reach out to her and find out why exactly. Might be kinda fun as a follow-up.

    Noah – Yeah, I’ve been playing the midnight shuffle game all week. Even had men’s triathlon tickets in the basket earlier in the week – but alas, the usual ‘request and wait’ meant ‘request and wait to be denied’. Sad panda. I’ll keep trying though.

    I do have Womens Triathlon in about 10 hours – plus tomorrow night Team GB vs Korea in Mens Soccer.

    • Nice! I had a great time watching Gabon VS South Korea in soccer. They just now released a bunch of tickets online. I didn’t see any men’s triathlon though. Looks like they keep releasing them around 6pm local London time and then again at 1am. Hope you have a blast! If you have a chance to see weightlifting I would go in a second, it was amazing to watch live.

  14. Cool! We just got back from the Team GB vs South Korea game. Of course, not exactly ending in favor of GB – but they certainly didn’t play at the right level either.

    We’ve been watching ticket releases as well, I hadn’t seen the 6PM one previously – but you were right, lots released then. Been mostly watching the midnight-1AM ones. Though there’s tons of little ones all day long as well.

    Nonetheless, haven’t been successful yet. Do the basket dance but always comes back rejected. It’s all good tough, the Men’s Triathlon doesn’t really need tickets to see most of the course (only transition like I had today for Women’s), and Sunday we have the Marathon out in the open. Good stuff!

  15. check out the o-symetric rings on Chris Froome’s timetrial bike from the mens olympic TT

    link to