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Suunto Ambit to get full ANT+ functionality in November 2012, additional features in September 2012.

There’s some pretty significant news coming out of the Suunto camp around the Suunto Ambit – their GPS integrated watch focused towards ultramarathon and hikers that they released back this past spring. The unit is unique in its 50+ hour … Read More Here

The Nuremberg Runaround: Flock of Sheep Edition

Since leaving London and the Olympics on Tuesday evening, I’ve been in Nuremberg, Germany for work (though in German it’s spelled Nürnberg) .  It’s a relatively small little town, but it’s plenty cute and old world.  The whole center of … Read More Here

London 2012 Olympics odds, ends, and fun leftovers

Our stay in London was fairly short – only four days.  But we still got to see a lot during that time.  Including both the men’s and women’s triathlon – as well as the women’s marathon.  But we did get … Read More Here

Paris Blog: A time-lapse video–Moving into the apartment in 40 seconds (and what happens when a box falls from five stories up)

Last week, we showed you our final apartment selection with the House Hunters style series.  However, getting all of our stuff into our apartment was probably even more fun. This was for two reasons.  First, we quite honestly weren’t sure … Read More Here

My Spectator Report: London 2012 Olympics – Men’s Triathlon

Going into this morning, we knew the crowds would be big.  Really more like huge.  Gigantic even.  The media had warned how packed the Hyde Park venue and surrounding areas would be with the Brownlee brothers competing for another Team … Read More Here

My Spectator Report: London 2012 Olympics–Women’s Marathon

Unlike our attendance at the Women’s Triathlon the day prior, we didn’t have any tickets to the Women’s Marathon.  Instead, we’d just join a million or so others that would simply find a spot on the course and enjoy a … Read More Here

The (Olympic) Week in Review–August 6th, 2012

The Week in Review is a collection of both all the goodness I’ve written during the past week around the internet, as well as a small pile of links I found interesting – generally endurance sports related. I’ve often wondered … Read More Here

My Spectator Report: London 2012 Olympics – Women’s Triathlon

Going into this weekend we only had one pair of tickets for our four days of Olympics in London: The Women’s Triathlon.  I had gotten lucky last January when I managed to purchase them through the US distributor of Olympic … Read More Here

Photo of the day: Upside-down Garmin on a Olympic time-trial bike

On Wednesday, while watching the Women’s Olympic time-trial event, I saw a tweet from the guys over at NY Velocity noting that Britain’s 2008 Olympic Silver medalist Emma Pooley had her Garmin Edge 500 oriented in a rather peculiar position.  … Read More Here

The $800 Bike Part IV: The final result!

This may well be the longest running series (in time anyway) I’ve ever posted here on the site.  Not for lack of trying to make it faster, but simply due to a confluence of craziness that made this take far … Read More Here

Paris Blog: House Hunters International–Part II

(We left off last week with us narrowing it down to three houses from over a dozen…check out that post first if you’re just joining us) Before we announce our selection, let’s recap the houses.  After a lot of comparing … Read More Here

Eurobike: Got tips and tricks? Share them here!

With my Eurobike 2012 registration complete – I’ve started looking at all the goodness that is the massive bike show just a month away over in Germany.  In the course of doing so, I realized that I know so little … Read More Here