The $800 Bike Part III: Looking for your assistance trying to bike the bike…somewhere, anywhere.

We left off about a month or two ago with me having narrowed down your list of 120+ sub-$800 bike suggestions to my top five bikes.  You may remember that the goal of the ‘game’ was to spend a $800 bike credit that I have from work.  Yes, it’s pretty awesome, and no, I can’t really use it on anything else (except a gym membership, which I have plenty of, details in this post).  Shortly after hearing your final selections I narrowed it down to my winner: The Trek Belleville:


From there, I went ahead and rang up a few of the local bike shops that were listed on Trek’s website as being places I could pickup the bike.  However, after the first few shops, I found that none of them had it in stock.  In fact, none of them could even order it from Trek – as Trek apparently stopped making them this year (something not noted on Trek’s site).  Trek’s warehouse still has some of the smaller circus bike versions (that’s what I call the small 46cm frame size that The Girl uses), but nothing in the 58ish range that I’d need (I could make do with their 55 or 64 likely, since we’re not talking super-important position details here for running errands).

Over the past month as I’ve travelled around the US, I’ve rang local bike shops trying to find anyone  that may have one in stock – one that I could pay for shipping back to DC.  At present though, I’m coming up empty at every shop.  Mostly because nobody seems to have ever stocked them (possibly why they weren’t selling).  This is made more complex by the fact that plenty of shops have their online sites/systems setup to ‘pretend’ to have availability, but in reality, when you call – they’ve never had that bike in stock ever, let alone currently.

So here’s where I’m looking to get a bit of your assistance: If you know of a local Trek dealer that and are able to find out if they have one in stock, that’d be awesome.  I just need to know where to look.  And with thousands of bike shops in the US, it’s hard for me to call them all (well, I probably could, but that would take away from my limited cookie/cake/cupcake testing time).

For the first person that finds me one that I can get shipped to DC, I’ve got a bit of a ‘gift’ for you.  Fear not, I’m never one to be cheap in my gifts and giveaways.  Sound like a deal?  Good.

Just drop a note in the comments below if you know the location of: A new Trek Belleville – size 59 ideally or 55/64 if all else failed, preferably this years model, but I’m not super picky since I like the line – it could be a leftover from last year in the shop still.

Thanks again everyone, and have a great weekend!  Good luck to all those racing!


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  1. Seems there’s a 59 cm one here — and on special, too! link to

  2. That’s one bizarre, in a good way, looking bike.

    If Sara’s link doesn’t work, good luck with the search.

  3. Have you tried RacePace up in Baltimore? They are one of the biggest Trek dealers around. They have a few different stores in Owings Mills, Columbia and Catonsville.

    Good luck,


  4. You seem to have picked one of those bikes that are rarer than rocking horse droppings.

    The nearest I could find was link to

    Its a 55cm and supposedly in stock in the store, but its about 50ish miles from you….but it could be a nice day trip for you and the girl.

  5. There are two Trek dealers in Louisville. One of dealers has the Belleville on their website and says it’s available to order. I called them to confirm that they actually have one in stock and they don’t. I suspect this is the case for many of the other Trek dealers people are linking to. (I also checked the other dealer that doesn’t list it as in stock, and indeed they don’t have one in stock. )

  6. Oops sorry, just read the part about them not shipping it.

  7. Jay

    Hey Ray, I called all the Trek dealers in the Albany, NY area to no avail. Hopefully this crowdsource effort will pay off for ya!


  8. There is a 59 at Cyclesmith in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In stock, clearout at $600 – use the savings to have it shipped!

  9. I just called the two biggest bike shops in NYC that carry treks and they both told me that they are out of stock and that you couldn’t order them from Trek either b/c they were also out of stock. Ugh….I hope this works for you!

  10. I’m 80% sure I saw one of these at Mellow Johnny’s in Austin this morning. I was there for Bike to Work day celebrations, and am pretty sure I saw it hanging over the cash register!

  11. Mark J. in Dallas

    Ray, take this as a sign that you need to choose another bike. Save the energy and go with your #2 choice.

    Good luck.

  12. Tim

    Sara beat me to my favorite LBS link, but I’ve called and they do have the ’10 in stock.

  13. link to

    Here’s a 55cm one in Issaquah, for next time you make it out to Western Washington.
    Closeout for < $500.
    However, I guess it’s small for you.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. It looks like Skagit Cycle can also get a 2010 55 (in warehouse – wonder if they share a warehouse with Cycle Center in Issaquah).

  16. Wow, holy cow – you guys are awesome!

    I’m going to start in the morning (Saturday) and try and track down/convince some or one of these places to ship it to me. Totally awesome!

    Thanks again! I’ll circle back and let ya know which shop ended up laying the golden egg!

  17. I think I found a 59 – it says “in stock” for 55 and 59 only at both locations. It’s a 2010.
    link to

  18. Did you ever look at the Trek Allant? It’s a city bike with a rear rack. I’ve got the ’11 model and it’s been great for errands, fun and my commute (5 miles each way). It’s not as cool looking as the Belleville but it’s a great utility bike.

  19. Tim


    If needed, I could pick up the bike from my LBS and ship it to you. If you want to do that, post a comment and I’ll email you.


  20. I found a 59 for you at my local bike store. They want $659 for it and they would have to assemble.
    They weren’t crazy about the idea of shipping since they said it was “complicated”. If you want it, I could pick it up for you as I have a son in Baltimore and plan to visit soon.

  21. Marty’s Reliable Cycle in Randolph NJ has a size 59 Trek Belleville in Twilight Blue on closeout for $440. Their phone number is (973) 584-7773.

    link to

  22. This may not be front of mind right now and I don’t know how your Belleville hunt is going, but here’s another suggestion at the right price.

    link to

  23. Ray –

    Where did you end up with the pursuit of the Bellville? Any luck?


  24. Anonymous

    I have one in stock unassembled in the box.

  25. Anonymous

    I’m interested in picking up a 2012 55 or 56 Trek Belleville as well. I’m also in DC.

    Feel free to contact me at if you have one available. I can drive up to 100 miles.

    Thank you!