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The $800 Bike Part IV: The final result!

This may well be the longest running series (in time anyway) I’ve ever posted here on the site.  Not for lack of trying to make it faster, but simply due to a confluence of craziness that made this take far … Read More Here

The $800 Bike Part III: Looking for your assistance trying to bike the bike…somewhere, anywhere.

We left off about a month or two ago with me having narrowed down your list of 120+ sub-$800 bike suggestions to my top five bikes.  You may remember that the goal of the ‘game’ was to spend a $800 … Read More Here

Part II: Help me creatively spend $800 on a new bike!

Last week an astonishing number of you weighed in on how I could spend roughly $800 on a new bike.  As you probably remember, the $800 figure is based on a fitness credit I have from the company I work … Read More Here

Help me creatively spend $800 on a new bike!

We’re gonna play a bit of a ‘what-if’ game today, primarily, because I need some real-world assistance in deciding a conundrum.  One of the job benefits for the company I work for is that we get a fitness credit each … Read More Here