A Friday Giveaway

Sometimes I end up with smaller things that don’t quite make it into my larger giveaways.  Sometimes those are items that I’ve bought, and sometimes they are ‘unique’ items that others have offered up.

This time, I’m going to combine the two…just for fun.

Back at the ANT+ Symposium the founder of Brim Brothers offered me a limited edition jersey revolving around the Brim Brothers Zone cleat-based power meter.  It’s the jersey they give to their test team folks.  You remember me talking about it here.  It was for me, but I explained that in general I usually pass on items to you all instead.  So he agreed that was understandable and was good with me giving it away to you instead.  Thus, a limited edition jersey for you.  Apparently there were less of these made than honest politicians.


(It says test team, and yours will be brand new in a not-so-fancy plastic bag, and in your size)

But, just because I’m known for kicking it up a notch – I figured that if you’re going to be out riding, you should probably have a way to record that ride.  And since you’ll be riding with a power-meter companies jersey, you should probably have a bike computer that’s compatible with such a device.  And soon, the Garmin Edge 500 will be happily compatible with the Brim Brothers Zone – displaying Left/Right power as well as all the usual power goodness.

So because it’s Friday, and because it’s not Friday the 13th (that was yesterday, Thursday the 13th)…I’m going to give away the jersey, and toss in a brand new Edge 500 with a heart rate strap as well.  Just for fun.


Oh, and I’ll even include a DC Rainmaker sticker. Again, just cause I can.

But, because I want to reward all of you who just read day to day, I’m not including in the title that there’s an Edge 500 in here…nor will I tweet that there’s one.  And, the contest will only run till the end of Sunday, midnight eastern time (11:59PM Sunday the 16th).

Sound good?

If so – just drop a note below.  I’ll keep it simple.  Just tell me your last cycling workout (be it during training or racing).  How long, how far, how many squirrels you hit, etc… Winner will be chosen at random.  Goodness will be sent anywhere in the world.  From Arkansas to Zimbabwe.

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Didn’t hit any squirrels my last time out on the Schuykill River Trail outside Philly, but I did have to swerve to avoid a groundhog!

  2. Mathew Pottinger

    My last cycling workout was up a rather large hill to get to work from my house. The ride there is very slow going as it is all up hill, but the ride home down the hill after an exhaustive day takes a fraction of the time. No squirrels were injured during this workout.

  3. Biking to and from work. No squirrels hit, just a lot of darkness and rain. And my next workout? The same tomorrow, but maybe no rain.

  4. Limegren

    I just went on an easy one hour cross training ride, went really well.

    Almost ran over an already-dead garder snake though it was exploded all over.

  5. Serious!?! Giveaways just because you can? Awesome!

    I’m at the beginning of a base period at the moment, due to a long work induced layoff, so was supposed to complete a flat hour long ride in Zone 3 HR. Sadly, I had to cut it short at 32 mins due to a strand pain the developed behind my right knee. No warning, not a pre-existing issue, so I’ll rest up a bit and see what happens in a few days when I ride again.

    Awesome blog, I look forward to you posts!

  6. Does the hour trainer ride I just did to keep my head from exploding after getting my wallet stolen count? Yes? Good.

  7. Todd

    A dead flat, boiling hot, high humidity, 25-mile slog in the hair-dryer like wind of Houston, Texas. Pray God but I miss hills.

  8. Riding to/from work (60km total). Smashed my previous best time. Did’nt hit any squirrels but Cane Toad season it about to start and looking forward to hitting some of those 🙂

  9. last “workout” was sunday, bike is still in ups’ hands…

  10. I rode 83km, just over 3 hours on a easy ride to ‘Bald Knob’ on Queensland sunshine coast (Australia). No squirrels sightings or collision for me. It was however one of the damper rides I’ve been on in some time (complete with thunder and lightning!)

  11. Last workout would have been this morning, from home to work via the coffee shop. Beautiful spring morning, no wallabies, wombats or possums today (last wallaby I hit was a while back). Not sure if it counts as a workout because I was enjoying myself too much. 27km, 328m, 55 min (not including the coffee).

  12. Been traveling for work, so did two hours and fifteen minutes on the stationary bike at the Westin in Orange County early this morning. I got into triathlons earlier this year but think I’m getting to the point where I need to start doing more heart rate training to kick it up a notch so this would be awesome. Love your blog! Keep up the good work.

  13. On the local rails to trails. 20 miles. Mellow ride.

  14. My last “workout” was “Australia’s Ride To Work Day”. 60km’s round trip. However, I’m going to smash out a session on the trainer using trainerroad.com tonight (thanks for the heads-up on that awesome piece of software – makes sessions on the trainer awesome).

  15. Jake C

    Hey last ride was just 4 hours ago! Did my 2nd cyclocross race ever. Took 2nd. Nearly died multiple times. Need clip-in mtn shoes and cleats. Almost as much as a need a cool cycling jersey and especially a Garmin! : )

  16. Brian Sauerhage

    We rode 160 miles last weekend from North of LA to San Diego and raised $200,000 for wounded EOD technicians.

  17. i didn’t hit a squirrel, but i almost went over a rabbit. Last workout was a 6 mile run in issaquah. It’s getting chilly here now.

  18. Had exactly 15 minutes to spare between work and picking up my kids yesterday, so I went out, rode up the hellish hill that starts near the end of my driveway, and flew down.

  19. Bill D.

    About a 28-mile mtb ride on some great single-track. No squirrels, but took a nasty spill when I misjudged the size of a rock and clipped it with my pedal.

  20. Not exactly a workout but I went to LA for an interview a few days ago and I rode a cruiser alongside Manhattan Beach, which was quite enjoyable !

  21. Aaron

    the sufferfest revolver. one of my favourites!

  22. Shelby Forrest north of Memphis, TN on my cross bike because my road bike and I were hit by a car. I was chasing Strava KOMs with a friend and forgot to restart my computer after our rest stop. No KOM data got stored after a crushed a few climbs that were sure to beat the old records. 🙁

  23. Ben Richards

    46 miles round trip, up and down Mt Tam (Marin County, CA). Two flats on the way down, one at speed. Yikes! I had just the one tube, but people are amazingly friendly up there, so it turned out all right.

  24. Well I’ve spent the whole week recovering from my last ride. And reading DCRainmaker of course. Last Sunday was the Brisbane to Gold Coast 100k event which kicked off at 5:15am. Yikes. A cool 16C at the start and a steamy 30C by home time some 7 hours later. The race was great, and the ride back was very cruisy. The only wildlife in question were a couple of protective magpies.

  25. Well, recovering from injury so the last ride was very short (7 miles) and easy, dont want to ruin recovery.

  26. Mine was on my brand new computrainer that does not work properly. I could only manage 20 minutes as the resistance gets too hard to peddle. Waiting on a replacement part before I get a good workout. Luckily no squirrels inside the house.

  27. No squirrels, but there was a hawk-shredded rabbit along the way … last work out was an easy 20 miles of bike path

  28. My last cycling workout was a half ironman. Probably done riding for a while since the weather is turning toward winter in the northeast. Hoping to get a new tri bike this spring!

  29. Last workout was on my singlespeed 29er on a new to me trail under perfect weather. Absolute blast. It was only 10 – 11 miles (I would know a lot more accurate number with an Edge 500), but it was good for the soul.

  30. My last training was actually done on my trainer at home, mainly due to bad weather in Puerto Rico, for my first sprint triathlon event this coming November (had done a beginners oriented super-sprint before). Had to maintain a cadence of 60 for 1 hour using a 53/14 combo. That was followed by a 30 minute run. Needless to say, my legs were a bit sore afterwards.

  31. No squirrels around his time, but a deer almost run into me. Just a 60km ride enjoying a very unusual warm fall in Manitoba

  32. Hi Ray, thanks for the giveaway!

    Last weekend I did a metric century (we were a little short so we ended up going out and back a few miles until we made the 62 miles).

    It took a while, we were going slow, maybe 5 hours including a stop at the pub for lunch.

    We didn’t hit any squirrel, but I did manage to crash my bike, I got too close to a wooden guardrail, lost my balance, got caught on it, my bike stopped, I didn’t, I ended up swinging out over the guardrail, somehow landed on my feet, and barely got a scratch.

    My edge 305 wasn’t so lucky. I must have hit it on the guardrail because the LCD smashed. But at least I got back on the bike and did another 20 miles or so without incident.

  33. You’re quite generous there Ray!

    My last ride was to work and back. I’m in the Royal Australia Air Force and ride up to the base every day.

    Luckily it wasn’t raining for the ride, like it so often does, but it was windy. Hella windy.

    30knots on the nose on the way to work. Slowed me down a bit. But it’s OK, I thought – can’t wait for that as a tailwind on the way home! Wrong. Some miracle of science results in the wind shifting 180deg, causing me to have the same headwind on the way home.


    Thanks again Ray. Love your blog.

  34. Oh a great new toy… if only you could make it come my way, shipping would actually be cheaper.

  35. Turning dark fast during evenings in Sweden now adays, too fast. Was out 20 km when I started to realize that…. Was really pitch black when I got back to the car and no lights either….. gnarly…..

  36. My last cycling workout was this afternoon in front of the tv on my bike trainer while on a conference call… Gotta luv working from home. Had to stop every 10-15 minutes of riding to interject on the call, but none the less put in a good days of work

  37. The sufferfest…local Hero

  38. My last workout was only 10 kms on Kuakini Highway the day before Kona IM to make sure the bike was OK and to keep my legs ticking over. I raced the next day and plan to rest a while now.

  39. Gotta love your trickery!

    Last cycle workout was Sunday at 43 miles. 2 hours and 45 minutes. No squirrels but there was one that was trying to commit suicide. I barely missed him from bicycle bifurcation.

  40. My last workout was sadly a month ago… Went on vacation and haven’t gotten back in the swing of things. Hopefully i’ll have time on Saturday to put the bike to use.

  41. 50 mile group ride. It was supposed to be 70ish, but I was a wimp and cut out early.

  42. Your giveaways never cease to amaze; thanks for being so good to your readers! My last run was a perfect CT coast ride, from beach to beach. Even got sprayed by the Sound a bit. 🙂

  43. I had a explosive workout on the hills here in Belgaum, Karnataka, India. Didnt hit any squirrels as this is rainy season and most squirrels hibernate. Lovely overcast sky and weather. Just the perfect setting for a good interval training session.

  44. Andrew Tait

    Just finished a 1 hr basement trainer suferfest, fired up the computer and my outlook changed, giveaway from a cool site! No squirrels in the basement but a nasty black spider decided to drop down in front of me while on the trainer. Couldn’t stop, coach Troy kept yelling at me to concentrate and not lose focus, oh well the joys of living in the north and retreating to the basement earlier than most.

  45. My last significant ride was fun on so many levels. Went on a gravel road ride this week on the outskirts of Wichita, KS that started at 6 pm. I had my SS 29er with 2.4s, the rest were on geared bikes, mostly cross. Well, my gear was too short, so I had to spin about 100 rpm to keep up. First bit of fun.

    Second bit of fun: The ride was supposed to be 1 to 1.5 hours. I ate what I normally would for that duration. Didn’t bring any food with me. So of course, we wind up going way, way further on the out portion of an out-and-back. I started bonking about 1:50 into it.

    Because I was flagging, the rest of the crew was up ahead. I could see them, as it was dead dark out and we all had lights. I saw them turn and I kept heading that way. At which point, I hear a number of coyotes yipping and howling. Cool. Until I pick up the sound of a canine running behind me. I only had a bar light, so I could not see said creature behind me. That was the spooky part. Sprint up to the group and my bonked legs nearly lock up. I’m not overly worried about a coyote being too much of a hassle, but I sure don’t want them taking a nip, if you know what I mean. Fun #3.

    Kept slogging on, going slower and slower, until getting back to the lot… 3 hours later. About 34 miles. Oh, and I’m new to the area, so I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going when the group was out ahead.

    All in all, the most memorable ride I’ve had this year.

  46. Last Bike Workout — 20 mile commute from Larkspur, CA to San Francisco. Hills, flats, Golden Gate Bridge crossing.

    No squirrels hit, although in a strange Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom moment, a squirrel was standing in the middle of the road on the one big descent on the ride. Normally no problem, right? Well, it’s not a problem unless a Red-tailed hawk swoops by your head nearly knocking you off your bike, looking for a morning snack. Squirrel ran right in front of me. I had to swerve to avoid the squirrel, but I definitely faired better than he/she did. I didn’t hit it, but the hawk did.

  47. The Black Diamond Half Ironman in Enumclaw, WA on my way to a 2:44 bike split and a 5:33 PR. Great Day!

  48. Last ride was 109 mile AYCE Century in Huntsville, AL with my brother. Good times!

  49. One of my better training rides with our local tri club this evening. Garage ride on our trainers for an hour, I can’t get dropped!

  50. Tour du Neron, Grenoble French Alps.

    Not the last workout, no squirrels, but lots of technology used – there is a geolocalized video of it actually …

    link to youtu.be



  51. My last ride was on the F1 (Gilles Villenuve) circuit just off the island of Montreal. That was yesterday. Saw a fox and groundhogs,and a couple of squirrels too!! All happy critters enjoying the fall day.

  52. My last cycling workout was a very ordinary and mundane 30 minutes on the trainer.

  53. last cycling workout is commute 10 miles in a warm evening at south bay area, CA. nothing special, watching people driving on a packed freeway :p

  54. Feeling lucky? Last long cycle was about 60km along the isere river here in Grenoble, France. Training for marathon at the time as injury didn’t allow running.

  55. 56 miles and 7500vf in the Magic Mountain HIM. Run afterwards was painful!

  56. Hi, great site. My last traning run, was a MTB ride on a local trail around Ljubljana, Slovenia. I bet you have to google it to get some idea where that is. 🙂

  57. A short 20 mile ride that passed by a squirrel ( I think) that had been hit and ran over many times.

  58. Was doing a full ftp test according to the “training and racing with power meter” book.

  59. No squirrels injured in my last workout. Indoor trainer using traineroad, 1 hour and killed myself on the into zone 4 on the intervals but loved it all the way.

  60. My last ride was a Olympic distance tri that was going on the same time as the first US tri-star race. I was wishing I ha signed up for that :). PR though so smiles all around!

  61. I’m South African and live in Cape Town, so I cycle the Argus cycle tour every year and it’s time to start training, so last weekend I had the bike on the indoor trainer and while the meat was on the fire I was on the bike. It was a great work out as I kept having to hope off and turn the meat…

  62. Last ride was last weekend, mountain biking in a torrential downpour. Accidentally turned off my Forerunner 205 and didn’t realize it until several miles later. No squirrels, but I did almost get a few birds. 🙂

  63. My last ride was a 35k Saturday.

  64. last time riding was a 100k around some lakes here in dutchie land. And seeing almost no cars made it quite memorable(normally i can’t walk 10meters without crossing as many cars). The only pain i felt was a drafter tailing me for 30k and when i slowed down to eat he just took off. Not a very nice thing to do.

  65. Last ride was actually 4 weeks ago if we don’t count the trainer. 2 hours and 60km with the nice swedish autumn sun as a company.

  66. My last one was a commute to school and back. It’s been far too long, though, since I’ve done anything besides running.

  67. This is Santa Claus stuff Ray.

    My last cycling workout was actually a simulated criterium with my riding group. New kit and Garmin Edge will be nice for my next morning ride.

  68. A leisurely ride around the neighborhood with my 10-year old son.

  69. My last ride was a 100k ride through “Bergisches Land”, an area near Cologne, Germany. Just a nice, relaxing workout…

  70. Didn’t get hit by a squirel, but got stung by a bee on my last adventure that wrapped up my 2011 road season: the Harvest Century in PDX area. Weekend before that was the King Ridge Gran Fondo in Santa Rosa! My next workout? After a nice bit of rest, base training in Nov.

  71. i am in new york for a business trip. I dont have my bike with me but since i miss my bike for 3 weeks now. I tried a bike rental just for fun and biked around manhattan with a cheapo bike but it did the job and at the end of the day. i got to go around the city and enjoying my bike ride

  72. i am in new york for a business trip. I dont have my bike with me but since i miss my bike for 3 weeks now. I tried a bike rental just for fun and biked around manhattan with a cheapo bike but it did the job and at the end of the day. i got to go around the city and enjoying my bike ride

  73. i am in new york for a business trip. I dont have my bike with me but since i miss my bike for 3 weeks now. I tried a bike rental just for fun and biked around manhattan with a cheapo bike but it did the job and at the end of the day. i got to go around the city and enjoying my bike ride

  74. An hour on the computrainer given an injured calf and no running. Only the kitchen is being redone, to a fridge, microwave, hot pot, TV, xbox and receiver were plugged into an outlet run. As was the computrainer. Poof went the power when the wife made the coffee. Three times. Ooops.

  75. My last workout was in a outdoor velodrome with a very strong wind. headwind…neutral….tailwind…neutral… repeatx200 impossible to get any rythym! wont be rushing out to do that again anytime soon

  76. Last workout was nothing special just very beautiful autum landscape but VERY chilly 😉

    Awesom work you do – brights up my work days!

  77. My last MTB training was a technique session; so no word on distance, 3 hrs, zone 2-3 :).

    No squirrels out, bit did make a snake bite on my way back.

  78. My last ride was a charity race and i somehow came in 3rd. Been suffering with a cold ever since 🙁

  79. Dave Cochrane

    I did a short 30k blast as a beginning to my buildup for the Auckland 70.3 in March. Beautiful day, and only one squashed possum seen!

  80. Just the everyday ride to work.

  81. 112 mile easy ride in the land of Kona…..Took it easy so I could actually run a marathon afterwards, good training day eh?

  82. Hi, my last cycling workout was about 50 km around San Daniele del Friuli, in Italy. Do you know the famous San Daniele ham? There was a wonderful smell 🙂

  83. A hard hilly 24 mile brick session sandwched betwee two 5 mile runs. Prep for the Ballbuster next month!

  84. Last cycling workout was a feeler about 5 weeks after an ankle arthroscopy: only ~15 miles on flat ground, but the ankle felt great.

  85. My last MTB ride was:
    link to connect.garmin.com
    70 km, 1500+

    It was in Veneto-Italy, starts in Montebelluna (TV) then:
    – Mercato Vecchio
    – Colle Mostaccin
    – Monte Tomba
    – Asolo (TV)

  86. Last bike ride was cycling to work. 27km in 56minuts starting at -1C at 6:45. Brr…

  87. Last race went badly. Had a flat, a cramp and a broken chain. Next mountain bike race is in 2 weekends time. Can’t wait!

  88. Pick me! Pick me! No squirrels, but a few dead bugs. Added a few miles to my commute ride + backpack.

  89. it was a half ironman race 😀 no squirrels 🙁

  90. Last cycling workout was pacing a friend over the last 25 miles from Carlsbad to La Jolla Shores down the beautiful 101. He didn’t quite get to a century, but we had some good times.

    Thanks, Ray!

  91. The racing season is well over here in Switzerland, so my recent and forthcoming rides are all about enjoying being on the bike before the wintry weather sets in (but doing lots of running throughout winter of course, and in a couple of months cross-country skiing season will be here).

    During summer the high Alpine road passes are the highlights, but now for me, it’s mostly about mountainbike touring, some high passes thrown in before they’re permanently snowed in. The main aim is to get away from everything, be in the nature, and be away from motorised traffic. My last tour was part of one of the National MTB routes:
    link to mountainbikeland.ch

  92. My last and permanent cycling workout is a new work commute here in Worcestershire England, up something called Wychbury Hill. Nightmare!

  93. My last ride was with a good friend of mine north of Augsburg/Germany on a beautiful friday noon.
    I ended up with 104 km and came home just in time for some afternoon coffee and self made bakery. Delicious.
    link to gps-sport.net
    We just hit a huge road construction and tried to drive around it, but failed. So we had to drive through it.
    Anyway, it was a great ride.

  94. Sad but true, I had to look at Garmin Connect to remember what my last ride was: Saturday, July 09, 2011. Yep, that’s over three months ago and I blame the weather!

  95. Biking to and from work 10 days ago. A lot of darkness in the morning and I missed the sunrise. No squirrels. hit. Because of the coldness here in Germany in the morning, I’ve now switched to the gym.

  96. My last ride was on my mountain bike and it was nothing unusual. Just easy spin in the forest. No animals except one little frog.

    Now it’s time to train for an autumn marathon so running is the activity number one. And swimming too, regrettably. 🙂

  97. 2 km easy ride from home to the nearest beach with wife and sons, just to acustom the children to bike riding. Unfortunanely 😉 , no squirrels were damaged

  98. A few months ago my hip got injured kinda badly and I wasn’t able to run for quite a while.
    So, to keep up I borrowed a trainer bike from a friend, the idea was to put the bike in front of my laptop and watch TV-series and workout at the same time. No squirrels in my room though…
    Great fun the first few times but I’m happy I’m back running now =)

  99. Last bike workout was yesterday, easy 40k ride. To the beach; lots of runners, almost no swimmers and even less cyclists. Came back home through the city, gave directions to some backpackers at a set of traffic lights. Nothing out of the ordinary, just some honest and enjoyable training.

  100. Not counting commuting with bicycle every working day, my last cycling workout was riding 87 km (54 miles) in 2 hours and 45 minutes (rain and about 5°C/40°F) almost two weeks ago. I actually almost did hit a hedgehog.

    Soon it’ll be all snow and ice here (Finland), so that might turn out to be the last cycling workout of this year. On the plus side, I’ll soon get to dig out the skis from the basement!

  101. Last cycling workout was yesterday. 30K on the MTB testing my new Ki2 gearsystem from K-edge! Cool stuff. Thanks for a marvelous and readworthy blog.

  102. Hi

    I haven’t been riding much over the past couple of weeks due to a recurring cold which conveniently comes back every time I regain some fitness. Finally I got over the cold and managed to put in some good running training for a half marathon I was planning to do. Unfortunately I then had a fall and managed to break 2 of my fingers which ended up with me in a cast and no half-marathon. Things are looking up though, the cast is off and I did my first run again last week. As soon as I’m completely healed I’ll be back on the bike and training for the Cape Town summer league.


    P.S. the squirrels in my neighbourhood are excellent at dodging cyclists, runners and cars

  103. That’s a generous giveaway!

    One of my recent bike rides was a nice 73km out and back with my cyclocross, mostly on forest gravel roads. Zero squashed squirrels!

  104. My last cycling workout was nearly 2 years ago – when I got hit by a car. As summer is coming up I am willing to put aside my cycling fears and buy a new bike (mainly because my knees are shot from so much running).

  105. Chamac'h

    Going to check my leg !

  106. Aaron

    Its been close to a year since I’ve done a bike workout (Not very many road bike friendly places in Afghanistan) However I have been busy buying bike stuff anyways and really working out my wallet. Waiting at home a Trek SC 7.1, boxes of new parts, new wheels w/ powertap, and a new Trek Madone frame waiting to be built.

  107. My last cykling workout was in the basement yesterday at 21.00 after that I have sent my 4 children to bed. I managed to workout for 65 min, 30 km, then I was near to fall in sleep. Today it is -2 degrees celsius in Sweden so the indoor season is here to stay…

  108. My last training ride was a week ago now, it was a quick 14 mile lunch time blast with no squirrel hits…..not been out since as been sitting in the hospital after the birth of our son, mind you I was tempted to wear a gps device to work out how many miles I have walked around the hosptial from car park to room to vending machines etc 🙂

  109. My last cycling workout was a 101km ride out and back the three biggest hills here in Brisbane – it’s spring here, so the weather is beautiful!

  110. 90km group ride couple of weeks ago. Taking a break now before starting base period.

  111. Wednesday I did my first ride after a bad crash in a Gran Fondo. Wounds were healed, weather was fine, I was ready to ride again. All went well, untill I reached a small wooden bridge, covered with leaves (it’s autumn). I rode really slowly because I didn’t want to crash again and I took the bridge without problems. 100 meters down the road (asphalt) there was a right turn. I took it at normal speed and… my front wheel slipped on the leaves and I hit the asphalt again. Luckily without injuries this time. Next ride is scheduled for tomorrow. My main goal? Staying upright.

  112. Last ride was a commute on 23:rd of August on my way home from work. It was raining, but warm. Had to detour from my normal route due to some heavy road work and thereby going over a wooden bridge. On the downslope I had to use my breaks. The tires locked up and the bike just flew under me. My hand broke when I landed on the slippery wooden bridge.

    Going to do my first small try to get back on a bike now on Saturday or Sunday. But I’m starting out with my city bike since the hand is still much too weak to handle any road bike driving position or handlebar.

  113. End of season easy ride, riding for fun now, not for performance

  114. My last ride was last sunday for about 40k. I hit some rain and cut some wind.

  115. Last ride was two weeks ago (I’m working out of Vietnam this month). Nice 56 mile ride in the Poconos.

  116. haha, i am visiting the homeland right now, and riding a crummy bike at mach speed through amsterdam. the other night i dropped my chain. no hand brakes on this slightly rusty beauty. so i kept rolling -it took 4 blocks for me to be slowed down enough to dare set down my foot!
    was very glad this happened late at night on a quiet street!

  117. I’m just getting into cycling so my last workout was a couple days ago on a stationary bike, doing an hour at 113 watts

  118. Hi, my last workout was cycling up to the mountain “tusten” in Molde,Norway. About 4km 600 height meters. Good weeken to you all!

  119. Great easy cycling workout last night, clear skies, dry roads and nice temperatire here in the East of England. I like cycling in the dark makes you feel like your much more part of the bike! Ok, no squirrels but a near miss with a cat if that counts?

    Keep up the good work fella!

  120. I did’t hit any squirrels on my last 24Km cycle ride that took about an hour but there was one on the road completely flattened except for the tail. He didn’t need it any more so I finished the ride with it strapped to my bike seat.

  121. My last real cycling workout was my debut Ironman distance race in Kalmar, Sweden. Far too long ago, back in August..

  122. ride to work only 10min ago, 17km in 35min, while stopping by at the Applestore to see the crowed waiting for the iphone 4S 🙂

  123. Didnt ride a race bike since the Nice IM in June.
    I simply commute by bike on day to day basis, that’s enough so far.

  124. ’bout 6 weeks ago (after my first tri season) when I crashed…. Nothing broken but a sore frist since, hoping to be on the bike soon.

  125. while I can’t run due to achilles tendon I go biking out a lot more. Last workout I did was riding the course of the Ostend Marathon that was taking place on sunday. I was a bit more than 5 hours on the bike due to being extremely windy that day, glad to be home after a ride like that!

  126. I’m at the beginning of a prep period at the moment and I do a flat easy course durinmg 1 hour and a half.

  127. My last training round on a bike was a few weeks ago (getting cold in Sweden) 45km at the area around the royal castle. No squirells nor porcupine’s was injured during that workout, (just my ego).

  128. Last ride was a morning lap of the Swan River in Perth, done, dusted and in the coffee shop by 6:40am!

  129. beautiful workout after knee injury.
    Cold but sunny. No pain … Happiness!
    (not seen a squirrel 🙂 )

  130. My last cycling workout was “Fight club” on the turbo. It’s already too cold here in Scotland to be out on the road :-(.

  131. On thursday i rode 3h mountainbiking in really dark forest. it was only 20k, but that felt like 50k. it was incredible fun!!

  132. 112 miles in Kentucky. My bike is still in my bike bag. One day. Soon.

  133. Rode 106 kilometers this morning – no squirrels (Im in Australia) but swerved around a kangaroo or two 🙂

  134. Shubham Bawa

    My last cycling workout was a 20km cyclothon last weekend….

  135. My last bike session was yesterday, my first outing on the road bike in a while. 60km in a light rain in the west of Ireland. I’m not sure why, but it was one of the nicest cycles I have ever had. I felt great, the bike felt great, and the absence of wind was a novelty here in Connemara!

  136. My last cycling workout was at the lake district, I am now almost in transition apart from a half marathon on sunday

  137. Last cycle training (x-training): to and from work at the island Als (Denmark). Approx. 21,2 km one way in 46 min (to) vs. 42 min back.


  138. Last workout was yesterday. My second ride on my new (and first) CX bike, a CAADX 105. An hour hitting some running and horse riding trails in the local park/forest.
    Lots of fun!

  139. Last workout was when it was still good weather here in Holland. It was a 56km’s ride. The only thing I hit on this ride was a huge pile of horse droppings (and no rear fender on my bike).

  140. 3 hours trainer ride watching season 5 episode of Lost… No squirrels in my house…

  141. David (London)

    Last cycling workout was the Etape Cymru in Wales – 90 miles of hills and twisty country roads. Just under 6 hours of turning those pedals.

  142. An easy 20km ride around the administration capital of Malaysia. No animals were injured during the ride.

  143. Just biking to work, nothing too exciting! No squirrels were harmed in doing so, so I suppose this is quite a victory!

  144. MTB on local trails, just 30 km, though, but I didn’t hit any squirrels!

  145. 100 mile sportive through the New Forest in the UK. No squirrels – but lots of horse and cattle wandering across the road

  146. last ride – 60 miles in day 2 of the MS 150! no squirrels, but I did see a snake…

  147. Simon B

    My last workout was a a block of two times twenty at FTP. A bit late in the season for doing this, but I did rest for six hours between intervals… I’m going to work on cutting that down next season!

  148. Columbus Day Ride – went out and scouted a new route for our Sunday afternoon group ride – put in 50 miles.

  149. Did my first “winter” ride of the season this morning (25 km commuting to work). It was nearly freezing, but I was well dressed and enjoyed it!

    This was also just the second ride with my new GSC10 speed/cadence sensor combined with the trusty old Forerunner 305. This time with wheel size set to “auto” which yielded a (much) larger size than the one I got from some table. I guess I should do a rollout test this weekend to see which one is right. If the auto size is correct though, I have done more (and faster) km’s this year than I thought. 🙂

    I’m replacing my dying bike computer with this FR305+sensor combination now, and if I like it, I may get an Edge 500 for Christmas.

    All this inspired by your excellent product reviews!

  150. Edwin Lo

    My last cycling training was some weeks ago, a 10k time trial. Now my bike is all wrapped up in a nice box, ready for my relocation from the Netherlands to Philadelphia!

  151. 40 miles at 20.9mph in the rain on a 55 degree night.

  152. 40miles at 20.9mph in the pouring rain on a 55 degree night through CT.

  153. Here in the dark morning of Maine the deer are really moving around. Actually had a deer (could not tell if male or female) stand by the road side the other morning as I ran buy with my red flashing head light. My Garmin heart rate moniter was off the charts. Anyway, enjoy your reviews, just wish I could email you with questions. Thanks

  154. Tuesday early morning, 40K doing laps around Century Park in Shanghai (about 5k each lap). No squirrels here, but managed to avoid all motorcycles and Chinese old folks doing tai chi.
    Keep up the good job Ray, great blog!

  155. I’ve been very lazy bike wise, last bike workout was the bike leg of the ESi Augusta 70.3 on 9/25/11. But I’ve been running a lot since then……….lots of running.

  156. Hi Ray, it getting too cold for bike here. Instead, I go rollerski quite often, winter season is around the corner. On my last ride I nearly hit a deer crossing the road in front of me. Roller skis have no breaks, and by nearly I mean one or two feet. It was damn close. Have a nice weekend!

  157. a very sweaty 60 min spinning class on thursday, i must have lost 2lbs in sweat alone, on the bike this sunday hopefully

  158. Actually, I have taken a break from cycling training since my last race 2 weeks ago: it was a 100 km MTB race in another country (I am from Latvia and it was in Estonia). Race was called Haanja 100. Race was quite challenge, as I completed it in 6:53 (winners time 4h26). I felt satisfied with the result, being a “weekdnd warrior” type of racer 🙂

  159. 40k ride, no squirrel hit, just angry car drivers(as usual btw) 😉

  160. my last cycling was abroad, when my friends were out for a 100 km race and meanwile I was on my bike as photgrapher

  161. my last cycling was abroad, when my friends were out for a 100 km race and meanwile I was on my bike as photgrapher

  162. Anonymous

    Computrainer 10 mile time trial with a little run afterwards. Thank goodness no squirrels.

    Good luck this weekend!

    Eric A

  163. A very romantic ride with my new girlfriend through the countryside. I was impressed how she kept my wheel during intensive intervals.
    The edge 500 will be for her 🙂

  164. w

    Last cycling workout was a tour up my favorite hill around here. 780m elevation gain on a 75k round trip. That’s the most I can do around my home in Frankfurt.

  165. 75 minute interval workout, 27 miles, one close call with a squirrel, but everyone survived.

  166. My last ride was my usual saturday group ride… Four hours and 100k of leisurely riding.

  167. My last bike workout was just a quick brick in the country. 11k, 20 minutes. No squirrels, but I there were a few caterpillars running for their lives.

  168. My last cycling workout was 25k XC ride for about 1 hour. No squirrels were harmed but my face was full of small insects.

  169. Keeping it very very low, training for the best 20K race in Europe and only riding on Fridays back from the office home. Enjoying a nice Indian Summer lately, it is really nice to ride simply for fun, no HR or power or time worries…

  170. Sept 24th, 2 days before my meniscus surgery.
    63.52 km, average 24kph, average heart rate 142 bpm, cadence wasn’t measured as the battery of the sensor died in that training.
    Have to wait now for another week until I’m slowly back into cycling.


  171. Been taking it easy this last month and as such it’s mostly been commuting on the bike with some easy runs and swims.

    My last ride was last night on the way back from swim training. Which was cancelled when they shut the pool on discovering a “floater”. Lovely!

  172. Last training ride was Sunday after I ran the Army 10 Miler, I felt good so went home and jumped on the bike and rode another 40 miles to make it an even 50 for the day! Of course no hills makes it really easy to get done fast!

  173. My last cycling workout was a 20 mile ride through Rock Creek Park and downtown DC. I did encounter some “suicidal” squirrels, but none were harmed in the making of this workout.

  174. My last bike workout was a 20k dualathlon in st Augustine last weekend.

  175. My last cycling workout was a during a dualathon this past weekend. I didn’t hit any squirrels but there were a few along the course that appeared to have been freshly hit.

  176. Road ride on my jack of all trades cross bike. Threw in some gravel for good measure, No wildlife crossings but I did see two deer, at least one was a buck, standing awful close to the road and quite far from any sizable woods.

  177. I rode 60minutes to clear my head from all the thesis writing I’m doing at the moment. 2x8minutes FTP helps clear your thoughts!:)
    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  178. Last mtb ride was 25km with a big bastard hill in the middle. Any squirrels I hit were coming right for me.

  179. My last workout was a 140km group ride, I didn’t hit any squirrel but my friend did. For my part I did hit a small snake though 😉

  180. My last training real training ride was actually my first OD distance and the ride home from it afterwards (which was considerably more painful than the event itself).
    No squirrels here in Singapore, and rats usually only come out when it’s cool :p

  181. Last training was one more of testing my new canyon roadlite 7.0, and preparing for the first half ironman, only 30km’s and around 60 minutes, still adapting to a road bike.

  182. My last workout was a fairly miserable hour on my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine (6x6min “sweet spot” intervals). On the upside, very few squirrels were harmed;-)

  183. Well does yesterday’s ride to (and from) the very chilly lake swim count? Before that was cyclocross practice Tuesday night, 10 miles of lung busting hell on wheels! Not to many squirrels that I recall but the were a TON of Canadian geese hanging around the course that weren’t too happy with us.

  184. quick, after-work ride in/around Mason Neck Park. 1 hour of riding, 1 hour in traffic. I didn’t hit any squirrels, but I almost got hit by some of the cars zooming around that area. Tomorrow it’s the SeaGull Century. I found out this week that it’s known to send people to the hospital because there’s so many people riding in the event that they are bound to crash… Wish me luck.

  185. Last workout was a easy spin Wednesday night on the rollers. I’m doing the Black Bear Century this weekend, so it was a taper ride…

  186. My last workout was on a trainer riding an aluminum frame X-Planet road bike. So…no squirrels. This month has been a pretty low-key month but I am trying to stay somewhat sharp for a ride with Tom Danielson who is coming to CT tomorrow for a charity ride.

  187. last cycling workout was Tuesday from Brooklyn to Central Park and back for a total of 52+ miles.

  188. Last Sunday, about 30 km around the hills west of Zurich, Switzerland. Zero squirrels!

  189. Anonymous

    Nice hour trainer ride. Kinda early for it in NC!
    Clinton F from North Carolina

  190. My last cycling workout was Wed evening, 120 km on the indoor trainer (3h40). Boring as hell, but preparing for IMFL and daylight is too short for a longish ride on weekday eve.

  191. last ride was today(friday) on the trainer 45min EZ spin… no squirels just had to avoid the cat!

  192. No squirrels hit, but rode Sunday in my first tri of the season here in Brisbane, Australia. Good bike time (for me), not so good swim or run 🙂

  193. Last bike workout was a 17 mile ride with my 13 year old son. He’s a great X-C runner, but rides with me on Sundays for cross-training. We took it easy and chatted about iPods, Kindle Fire and tables. He’s in the market. 🙂


  194. Very few squirrels on my cold balcony in Sweden where I tested out my new Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer. Not a long session, it was to late at night and my bike needs to be serviced to lower the noise from the bike (not the trainer!).

  195. Oddly enough, my last workout did nearly involve a squirrel decapitation… It was a 50 miler to the Surrey hills south of London (UK).

  196. Training ride through the Cuyahoga Valley, I had to avoid the Wollybears!!!!

  197. My last ride was home from work on Wednesday. In a complete downpour. It was still better than taking metro 🙂

  198. My last training ride was from the centre of Sydney south to Botany and back, a pretty gentle 40km.

    I got my wheel stuck in a tram track about half a km from home and it threw me off the bike. No trams around and luckily no serious damage to anything except my pride!

  199. Hi Ray,

    Thanks for all the great give-away’s! I sure hope I win…

    My Last cycling workout was a scenic route stating in Loganville, GA. No squirrels were hurt during this ride, but saw lots of cows and other farm animals.

  200. Last workout was in my basement on my trainer. A short 45 minute cycle, but I managed to take out 17 squirrels and a badger.

  201. Missed you at the Army Ten Miler, kinda bummed not to get a (small) chance to meet you among the 30,000 plus folks. Sad panda indeed!

    But that will be perfect as I am moving to Kansas and riding a trainer a lot more, but I still have a few “epic” (over 40 miles) rides here at Fort Bragg! So NEXT workout is today (69 miles of hills)

    Hope I win!


  202. a

    My last cycling workout was the 13 mi. leg of a sprint tri–my first tri!

  203. It wasn’t a training ride, but I feel I should pass it on so that others don’t make the same mistake that I made. I was on the bike path downtown and just came around a turn. There was a group of people crossing the path so I slowed to a stop. While waiting I spit in to the bushes. That’s when I heard it “THEY CAN TRACK YOU THAT WAY”! I turned around to see an older man with what i’ll assume was all of his belongings in a shopping cart. I said excuse me. He then went on to tell me if I ever wanted to “stay gone”, that I should keep my spit in my mouth. The group had now passed, so I thanked him for the information and went on my way. So – if you find yourself on the run or you just don’t want to be found, keep your spit in your mouth.

  204. Tim B

    Century ride on the New England Seacoast. Started out in the rain but got much better as the day went on. The sixth time that I have done this particular ride and it gets better each year. This was the first year with my new bike and I wasn’t dyeing to get off of it at the end!

  205. Count me in Ray. Plus who would not read your posts daily. You have one of the best blogs I’ve ever read….and I read a LOT of them! Thanks for doing yet another awesome giveaway!

  206. The awesome hills of Arlington with a skeleton crew this past Tuesday was my last bike workout. With the threat of rain and dusk settling in early, it was a thrilling and fast ride. 27 bonus points were awarded during the ride to various cyclists for leveling off squirrel population levels in the area.

  207. My last training ride was a 50 miler from my house to the only hill in the DFW area and back.

  208. Just competed in my first road race this morning – 50k, flat as a pancake. Met my goal – which was simply to finish with the main group!

  209. I’m currently looking for a bike to begin some real workout, meanwhile i’m using my wife’s mountainbike to go left and right for a run.
    No squirrels were harmed for now, only a few unlucky flies in my unlucky eyes.
    I’m usually riding a few kms (2 to 10) and enjoy those ride as an early warm up before my run 🙂

    Next one ? This afternoon after work ! Yay !

  210. My last ride was at the Westchester Toughman Triathlon. 56 miles and I hit a top speed of 52 a PR. Which is the only PR I set that day!

  211. Last weekend ride: Gaithersburg to DC and back. Approximately 50 miles.

  212. I volunteered to help out at a local half marathon, so was on my bike patrolling an area, making sure traffic was moving smoothly etc. Turned out to be a relatively decent workout, in a 5km radius I cycled 40km. Good fun.

  213. Last ride was 15mi, sprint triathlon. Was a quick ride, had the fastest time. I’m now taking a week or two off to recoup and slowly start to gear up for 3 1/2 IMs and IM next year.

  214. Last Sunday. 80miles. ~5h. What’s a squirrel?

  215. Easy 45 min trainer ride using Trainer Road (big thanks for that one!). Racing on Sunday so nothing too strenuous. No squirrels to hit in Australia, do rabbits count?.

  216. Oh God! Finally an opprtunity to win a DC Maker sticker… (the rest is just icing on the cake!)

    Thanks for all ur hard work for us!


  217. Daniela

    My last cycling workout was the bike portion of a sprint triathlon relay back in September. It wasn’t a fast ride but it was the fastest I’ve ever done 🙂 Unfortunately I haven’t done any cycling since then, but I am looking forward to train indoors all winter.

  218. I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather last week to get a 25 mile training ride in.

  219. Last workout was actually not that long, I was at my SpinClass!!! Put in an awesome 90 minutes of blood, sweat and tears! The only thing I hit was my knee getting on the bike. Doh!

  220. My last ride was commute to work1 No squirrels but first puncture in months.

    David Mills. UK

  221. Free stuff on Friday. What could be better (already supplied bagels to my team here at work).

    Right in the thick of Cross season here in New England. Was out on Wednesday in the woods on my cx bike. 1/2 warmup followed by one solid hr of twisty tempo riding on trails and climbs in Rocky Meadows. Sweet stuff. Had the desire effect as my roady upper body is still sore from working the bike through the turns and climbs.

  222. VO2max workout on rollers while watching Alien Hunter via my Roku. Just getting to the good part the movie, maybe I’ll hit an alien.

  223. I watched a movie while training on my cycletrainer. No squirrels were hit, I didn’t even swallow a bug.

  224. Deep in the thick of my first full-on Cyclocross season. Was out in the woods on Wednesday for 1 1/2 hrs of hard charging through trails and climbs in Rocky Meadows, Belmont, MA. Sweet riding on my cross bike. Had the desired effect as my upper body is still sore from the effort.

    Great stuff and look forward to heading back there again today. Lancaster Cross this Sunday.

  225. 2 hour Zone 2 training ride with 15min warm up and warm down. Not so easy getting the HR up on the way out because of a HUGE tail wind but on the way back was pretty easy.. Gotta love winter miles..

  226. My last ride was at lunch time with some colleagues, easy 10 miles. Taking advantage of the nice weather before Winter.

  227. No squirrels but may have nearly hit a chipmunk. Went for an short but quick 20+ miler hitting some of the bigger hills in the area. It was a good ride but after 3 days of going hard my legs were shot.

  228. Alex A

    4x10min harder effort to get the legs for my first race back this weekend. Have been out from an accident since June and am looking forward to getting in one last duathlon before the season ends.

  229. Last ride was Poconos Ironman 70.3 two weeks ago – haven’t had the will to get back on the bike yet! Next week is start of winter training so that will have to be the next one.

    Great give away as always.


  230. My last cycling workout was Fatty’s 100 miles to nowhere. Right after that, I found out I broke my foot and was non weight bearing the whole rest of the summer. I’m hoping to get a couple rides in before the snow falls.

  231. Last cycling workout was my second ride on my brand new road bike. No more hauling myself on rides on my mountain bike! I’m so excited!

    No animal activity, though I did see four deer while running through the rain this week.

    vw: desurio. I very much desurio the jersey and Garmin!

  232. My last bike work out was in July! I’m a runner now!

  233. Last workout was a road ride with a local mountain bike racer who is in ridiculous shape and destroyed me for only 30 miles. It felt as though we had completed man many more. As usual, this was to simply supplement the run training.

  234. Emily Baran

    Last workout was a fun fide on my hybrid.

  235. It was an easy hourish ride around the “river” down here in Melbourne, FL. Since it’s pancake flat, the bridges at 60ish feet tall are the biggest hills available for … a long ways.


  236. Hmmm… last cycling “workout”… I rode a 2 person bike with my husband up the Greenbriar River Rail Trail to a swimming hole complete with rope swing… no squirrels were harmed.

  237. Riding to the train station for my MARC commute saw me dodge squirrels, rats, and cars. Oh Baltimore.

  238. Anonymous


    today 45 Km great , in Tel Aviv

    doron from tel aviv

  239. Rick S.

    Last ride was 12 miles of some rather technical single track, preparing for a “dirty” duathlon next weekend.

  240. My last bike involved a flat tire in the first 4 miles. The same thing happened the last week, same bike, same wheel, same route. What a pain.

  241. Chris N

    Last ride was the bike in Kona. 112 miles…5:05:xx.

  242. No squirrels on the fluid trainer 🙁 I’d move it outside but right now it’s set up for watching hockey. 30min with a GSC10 unit and a 310xt.

  243. My last cycling workout was a post-work ride with a couple of co-workers around Rock Creek Park in DC and Maryland, with some added hills thrown in around the Mormon Temple! Fun times, until it got dark! We were out for just under 2hr and 32 miles. No squirrels were injured but saw some deer run out into the street!

  244. My last ride was in a sprint tri in Palm Cast, FL thi past weekend. We has a crazy storm rolling through and the swim was cancelled (due to raging ocean conditions) and replaced with a 5k. Needless to say, the bike was a bit windy and nearly took me off the road a few times! My next ride is as soon as I stop reding your blog!!

  245. Hi – cycle to work this morning ;D. More seriously though, 120km on Wednesday, enjoying glorious weather before it gets cold and wet in UK!

  246. My last workout was the Aust. Masters Road Champs, last weekend – I’ve been lucky enough to have had put my feet up since then..

    I’m itching to get back on the bike again already.

    Not sure I say any squirrels though.

  247. I hit the pavement pretty hard on my last workout. Currently recovering.

    Love the blog!

  248. Just did a 13km bike ride this evening… Haven’t been riding for a long time due to school! Feels good to be back on the bike but was having a headache though..

  249. My last ride was my last 100+ journey before my 1st ever IM. Was a gruesome day at the beach as riding out I was pedaling at a 23mph effort, yet only going 16mph. Talk about a head game for a few hours! Luckily the wind held on the turnaround and gave me turbos for my ride in. Bring it on IMFL!!!

  250. As it was a trainer session in the garage (have an agitated wife and a 3.5 half week baby at home, what do you mean “I could have ridden outside”!!!!), I did not hit any squirrels. It was a boring trainer session of ~35 minutes.

    Silver Spring, MD

  251. My last ride was the bike portion of the Kerville 70.3 in the hill country West of Austin, TX. Its a fun, relatively fast course put on by the great folks at Jack and Adam’s bike shop (hey, how about a tour of bike shops one of these days?) and well worth the trip. I left the wildlife alone, but could see at least 3 deer who didn’t make it, sad to say.

  252. Last training ride was on the KKinetic trainer for an hour. Prepping for the Seagull Century this weekend!

  253. Brim + Edge. Love it!

    My last workout was last Sunday through the foothills of North Central, GA – Roswell and Marietta – trying to keep up with fellows who were faster. Ouch.
    One squirrel threatened, and I thought we were going mano y mano, but it backed down after a well-timed scowl.

  254. My last workout was a recovery ride after I completed a charity ride the day before. I rode easy for 1 hour at 85 RPM.

    Thank you for all that you do. I read your blog every day.

  255. Biking home from work, through the national mall, dodging tourists. No tourists or squirrels hit!

  256. My last cycling session was back in August. It was a brick prior to the Cayuga Lake Tri in NY. Thanks for a great blog, you inspire me.

  257. Last training ride was the course for an upcoming half Iron. It rained most of the ride which was really good since we are in a severe drought in Tx. most rain we have gotten in a day since Sept of last year.

  258. My last workout was on my trainer, an easy 30 minutes to loosen up the stiff legs from playing a soccer game after not touching a ball for 3 years before that! Really shows the importance of cross training for the body!

  259. my last cycling workout was umm…. in a sprint triathlon last month where i came in 2nd age group and 9th woman overall!

  260. My last ride was the bike part in my local sprint tri .. in early July. Only running since then.

    Love the blog

  261. Last workout was on an easy course, with plenty of short-ish hills. Was supposed to be about an hour, but met a friend on the way and an hour turned into almost two and roughly 50 km. Good times !

    Now, the weather is turning grey and cold. At this rythm, we’ll have snow in a few weeks, so out comes the indoor trainer.

  262. I’m only in because I WANT THAT STICKER! My last cycling workout was Tri the Mountains Sprint Triathlon on July 24th. I rode 18 miles in about 55 minutes.

  263. Jon

    A nice casual 30 mile ride with some smooth rollers!

  264. My last ride was 45km long, on a beautiful sunday morning here in Brazil.

  265. Hi Ray,
    My last ride was in augusto, a 56mile long on Ironman 70.3 Brazil. Not as funny as yours, no squirrels, but I made my PR on this distance on tri rides!

  266. Hi,

    I’m from Germany and yesterday I finished off my cycling-season with a nice four hour ride in the Black forest.

    My ride stretched over a distance of approx. 115 km featuring two massive climbs in the black forest one of them the Schwarzmiss ( link to kette-links.de ). Was rather cold and windy up there, but a really cool ride because there were hardly any cars or other people there disturbing the silence…

    Well, I did not hit any squirrels on my way but apparently some cars did…

  267. My last training ride was a blast! I just put new rubber on my bike and that always makes me a little more confident in the grip so I push it even harder in the corners. That confidence will no doubt be shaken after the inevitable first slip in a wet corner and i again will be reminded that indeed the laws of physics apply to me and my bike. Thanks for the giveaway.

  268. Last bike session was a 2hour Turbo session – 2x 1hour ‘RIDES’ DVDs SoCal & North Carolina. The garage floor was a sweaty mess

  269. The last I. Was on a bike I rode about 40 miles. The only problem with that is the last ride before that was about a year before that ride. It felt good to ride again but need more time on the bike.

    Thanks for all the contests.

  270. CKee Tan

    Just had enough daylight yesterday evening for an easy ride around the loop on the Guthrie Corridor highway just outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  271. Marcus Stromberg

    Unfortunately, my last ride was an hour long trainer session. But things look good for a ride outside on Sunday.

  272. No squirrels for me this year! Actually it has been two months since my last ride as I have been in full marathon mode…but with that behind me I cant wait to get some riding in this fall!

    Thanks for the great blog and another awesome giveaway!!

  273. clair.hutchings@virgin.net

    Last workout was at the local Wattbike studio for 1 hour.


  274. My last serious time on the bike was a duathlon last year (!). No squirrels were hit, but I lost 3 places during the bike leg (which I re-gained on the second run leg).

    Since then I’ve been tempted numerous times to dust up the trainer whenever the weather was particularly bad, but in the end I always went out running instead.

  275. Anonymous

    Eric V.

    Last ride was a wonderful early morning 50 miler along the gulf coast in SW Florida, one week before I moved to Chicago.

  276. Last one was in the gym in Dubai… still to hot to hit the road!

  277. Jack Slick

    I rode for an hour on my bike hooked to my Kurt Kinectic trainer on Saturday, on Sunday I went for gas for the grill, and promptly dropped the tank out of the back of my Jeep onto my foot. Now I have a broken toe, and a mandatory cessation of athletic workouts. Sad Panda!

  278. 20 miles, 1500 ft ascent. Good times

  279. Andrei S

    Last time on the bike i fell into a giant puddle of mud…..not very happy… :))

  280. From Chevy Chase, down the Rock Creek Park Trail, across the 14th Street Bridge, down the Mt. Vernon Trail and back! Fifty miles total in 2.5 hours. Almost ate it twice because of squirrels, which I believe are the same squirrels that tried to trip me up last time.

    Squirrel conspiracy? I think so…

  281. From Chevy Chase, down the Rock Creek Park Trail, across the 14th Street Bridge, down the Mt. Vernon Trail and back! Fifty miles total in 2.5 hours. Almost ate it twice because of squirrels, which I believe are the same squirrels that tried to trip me up last time.

    Squirrel conspiracy? I think so…

  282. Got to ride at PWFP with some friends. I loved the newly paved roads.

  283. Great writeup on the new 910. Gotta get me one of them!

  284. I always see squirrels, but so far haven’t hit any. However, while it wasn’t technically on my last workout, a couple weeks ago I came across some chickens on the trail. I had to stop and take a picture of it!

  285. Last hard ride was in my first triathlon a week or so ago. Riding my near 30 lb Giant Cypress for 18 miles after the canoe and run was not speedy, but respectable. And I had a blast! I could get hooked on this triathlon thing…

  286. 6 hours on an indoor trainer, in Chicago ….prepping for my first ironman in Arizona in 5 weeks.

  287. 30 minutes on the trainer, therefore no animals were casualties of my ride.

    It has actually been *forever* since I’ve been outside on my bike, since I wasn’t allowed to ride outside while pregnant (pesky potential to fall and upset the spawn into an early appearance), and since the baby trainer rides are easier for time reasons. But I can’t wait to hit the road again, probably in the spring!

  288. My last cycling workout? On the trainer watching a movie in the basement.

  289. Yesterday night I re-tested my FTP for offseason training, lets see if I can bump it at least 10% at the end of it, trainer months are almost here!

  290. Dousman Duathlon, Dousman, WI. 9-18-11. Got the win w/ 24.6mph ave over 21miles plus sub 6pace runs. No squirrels, but I almost stepped on one the other day on a run. From here till spring it’s going to be mostly running, maybe a new jersey and gps will get me back on two wheels!!! Thanks for the reviews!

  291. 12 mile taper run for my first marathon coming up….getting nervous!

  292. My last training ride was indoor using Trainer Road (thanks for the recommendation). Did one of their 60 minute pre-programmed workout.

  293. Awesome giveaway as always! I just got home from a tri sprint – 22.5km on a closed highway – always the best rides! it was the inaugural triathlon in Askelon, Israel. They did a great job and I scored with a PB! Very excited about it!

  294. Hi Ray,
    My last ride was home from work last Friday. Had to find a way to enjoy the 80 degree October weather in Minnesota.

  295. Mountain biking for one hour fifteen with my 8 year old son and the neighbor kid. No squirrels hit, but that 8-pt buck was pretty close.

  296. Did 15 miles ride last Sunday. Super flat…….

  297. A ~50 miler. The plan calls for Zone 2, so I got a chance to enjoy the scenery for a change.

    I keep meaning to try out TrainerRoad, but whilst the autumnal weather is holding out the turbo can stay in it’s bag.

  298. Exciting! I was saving squirrels on my last bike w/o, as I was cooped up on the trainer watching bad re-runs on A&E.

  299. 14.3 miles in the lovely hills of Maine.

  300. My last workout was a 20k TT, but it was really more of an excuse to try out my new race wheels! No squirrels, but we did have to dodge a combine and a grain truck!

  301. My last cycling “workout” was Cycle North Carolina – 500 miles over 7 days from the Mountains to the Coast of the state. It was a recreational tour, not a race, but day after day it was both fun and challenging!

  302. I just bought an Edge 500 based on your review, but boy does that jersey look sweet.

    My last workout was a Capital Bikeshare sprint from the Hill to Mt. Pleasant. Full gas.

  303. Hi Ray,

    My last bike ride was two hours in the rain. Very cold but felt great afterwards!


  304. Ben

    3 hours – 50 miles – no squirrels. Nice ride through the NC mountains enjoying the fall foliage with the wife.

  305. This is my last workout: Interval-tempo brick. Bike about 1 hour with 3 or 4 x 5 x 1k at race effort (2-minute recoveries) on a course that simulates your A-race course. Then quickly transition to a 20-minute run at 10k race pace. Walk for a few minutes afterwards to cool down.
    Thanks Ray!

  306. Hey Ray,

    I am preparing the 26th edition of the Venice Marathon, which is due next Sunday 23rd, during my tapering period I do several cycling workout. The last one was on Wednesday, 18km, with 96rpm average. I am cycling with MTB closed to the place where we had the 2008 Cycling word championship (Varese, Italy). I did not see squirrels around. You should eventually be here.
    Take care, Massi.

  307. My last cycling workout was a 60 minute, indoor spin class…thus no dead squirrels.

  308. No squirrels, but lots of donkeys (jackasses?) :). I was doing laps around the 2-mile state office campus here in Albany, NY. Every few laps I’d end up having one of those informal sprints to the line with a speed-skater who wanted to test his legs. Of course, I couldn’t let a glorified rollerblader have any glory so I put the hammer down each time!

  309. Training for IMFL so while the middle of the week has had me on the trainer I did 100 mi up and around Sugarloaf Mtn to Whites Ferry and then did it again. Came close to a couple of squirrels but thankfully for them they got out of Dodge. Read you 09 Florida report a few times and will even be staying where you stayed so thanks for the reviews and keep up the great (I’d say work but seems more fun) Fun. cheers

  310. Last cycling workout was an indoor spin class at the local gym, I know not quite the same as being outdoors and definitely not the right setup for data collection but it was well worth it getting someone else involved in the sport and building the foundation for races with her next year..

  311. no squirrels, and only 60km on roadbike from Csongrád to Szeged (Hungary) 🙂

  312. Awesome giveaway! My ultrarunning has thoroughly taken over my riding. Last ride was on the trainer back in March, yikes. Thanks for the chance.

  313. Tristan Jones

    Just an easy recovery ride after an 18 mile run. Squirrels were around but no casualties.

  314. last ride was on my single speed mountain bike… great group ride in some beautiful late summer weather on our great local trails.

    thanks for the contests.

  315. Last cycling workout was last week, before the Chicago Marathon, on an indoor trainer for 45mins. One squirrel hit, but he lived.

  316. I did an hour and a half mtn bike ride yesterday afternoon. No squirrels, plenty of mud.

  317. Catching up the last sunny day here in Germany – I went out for a smooth 45 miles ride trough the middle of nowhere last week – think the squirrels were out sun-bathing too – haven’t seen any of the guys 😉

  318. Last bike ride was an easy going 30 mile tour of the North Fork on Long Island. Great weather and good times with friends. No animals were harmed during my ride.

  319. Kmkoz

    Last ride was Monday. First ride since IM Wisconsin. No gps, no HR monitor, no power meter. Just me and the bike. It was great!

  320. This comment has been removed by the author.

  321. My last ride was not very pleasant at all actually. I got about 2 hours of good riding in the woods. Then I crashed. My back got hit. My physio therapist is saying that it is ok for me to do a shorter ride now to see how the back reacts. I will do a night ride tonight with some friends, looking forward to the first ride in 3 weeks.

  322. Last workout was the 10.8 miles in my super sprint Sunday. Have a metric century on tap tomorrow

  323. Last cycling workout was just a recovery workout on Monday after a half marathon on Sunday. Just an easy spin with late afternoon sun!

  324. Kevin V

    Last ride was on the trainer so there would be much bigger problems should I have encountered a squirrel. Hill workout…6x(2x1min stand, 1min sit, 1 min aero).

  325. No squirrels, but when you ride early mornings / late evenings in Central Park, you’ve gotta watch out for the raccoons — those guys can get mean!

  326. My last ride was a 3 hour RR suffer fest on the computrainer in the basement.

  327. In the middle of training for IMAZ so last ride was 112 miles with a timed run afterwards. No squirrels were harmed but saw lots of road kill and got chased by a pair of dogs that seem to know that we ride in that area every weekend at 7am. More mileage this weekend on the bike for Saturday and then long run and swim for Sunday.

  328. I’m in. 34 mile ride w/ 1,600 Feet of climbing. Thankfully no squirrels hit, but almost hit a chipmunk. Thankfully he moved at the last second.

  329. No squirrels — but when you ride the Central Park loop early morning or late at night, you’ve gotta watch out for raccoons… Those guys can be mean!

  330. Racing in my first olympic distance tri which got cut down to an 11 mile bike because thunderstorms had flooded out most of the course. Tried to take a wide turn on the turnaround (it was an out and back) and overestimated my turning radius. I ended up with both wheels on the last inch of asphalt on the shoulder…past that it dropped off a good 6 inches. I managed to hang on for about 10 feet until I could finally steer myself away from it.

  331. This is a great start to the weekend!

    90 mins on the trainer with 60 mins in the BFG. Steady,steady, steady.

  332. My last ride was 100km round the county, not the best of weather but a decent run out with the boys and I actually did hit a rabbit, the little fella jumped a bloody mile and bounced off my front tyre, ran away unharmed luckily, I think I was more scared than he was.

    Rode 99.82km in 3:24:56 not bad really given the shocking head winds … But we do it for the love of the sport right ?

  333. Neal

    My last “ride” was a miserable power test on the trainer (using trainerroad.com). So luckily no wildlife was injuried during the filming of my ride (wife would be pretty happy about wildlife in the basement………no!)

  334. It was an really nice mtn bike gorge ride following the riverside, followed by a hike & then jumped in some white-water rafts to float back to the start (great time!)

    As always, thx much for your generosity!!

  335. Arkansas to Zimbabwe, funny you say that since I’m in Arkansas!

    Thanks for hooking us up and the great blog you’ve got goin’. My last bike ride was a short but intense 7 mile Mt. bike ride. Rode under the philosophy that if you’re not bleeding/crashing then you’re not riding hard enough. Missed the ‘over the handlebars’ move, which would’ve made for a trifecta.

    All the best! – Ozarktri (Jason)

  336. Chester County hill climbing. Squirrels were still sleeping off their Mad Dog 50/50 bender from the night before.

  337. last workout was actually the NYC Triathlon. after that, I turned in my bike, helmet, shoes, for the more simpler, running shoes and headphones to train for the Philly Marathon that you’ll be in as well.

  338. Hi!

    Last Workout: 100+ miles, no squirrels, and I felt ready to tackle my first full in a couple weeks!

  339. Last bike workout was yesterday, just 30 minutes since bad weather was rolling in. Only my second ride using clip-in pedals. They seem pretty easy, but I’m still waiting for the moment when I forget I’m using them and fall over. Thanks for the blog!

  340. I almost hit a family of deer on my way to school this morning 🙂

  341. My last workout was on my rollers using Trainerroad, and so is my next one in about 15 minutes. At least I can still get in a good workout before I take my daughter to school.

  342. My 2nd ever ride on my new Lemond Revolution Trainer! No rear wheel meant I knew not what my speed or distanced traveled was but it didn’t matter. I did a 20 min. warm-up and then a 30 min. “inspired” effort followed by a 10 min. cool down.

  343. Very excited about the Brim Brothers power meter since Garmin decided to not use the Speedplay pedal.

    My last workout was 50 minutes on my local mtb trails on my single speed. It’s been a beautiful fall and the leaves covering roots and ruts provided an additional challenge.

    Two squirrels nearly met their maker this time around.

  344. No cycling for a month. Just runinng. Training for marathon coming in ten days.

  345. This comment has been removed by the author.

  346. Last workouts have been biking to and from work, couple close calls with squirrels, no casualties. Hopefully no rain this weekend to get in a nice ride.

  347. Last cycling workout was a 90mi combination of a predawn 25mi with my girlfriend (before she had to get ready for work) followed by a long group ride. No squirrels, but we did have a dawn encounter with a pack of javelinas (wild pigs) crossing the road ahead of us!

  348. Anonymous

    16 miles of easy riding. Now that it is out of season, easy riding is the ticket for a while.

    ryans in MN

  349. It was Thursday, with 3 more friends. 15,4km. we have such a good time.

    check it:

    link to sports-tracker.com


  350. 20 mi group ride last night. no squirrels were harmed.

  351. Another incredible offer! Last workout was on the trainer on Wednesday night. Some easy interval work as I didn’t want to mess with my tricky knee just a few days before tomorrow’s Seagull Century.


  352. Last workout was cut short by two flats, yes two. A measly 10 miles into my ride I had gone through my spare tube and walked home. Bummer.

  353. Oh goodness, now I feel bad, my last ride was *probably* my last race… at the end of August! DOH! I really do need to get on the bike again don’t I? Oh well, it was a good Oly distance Tri. In fact, it was also part of the inaugural TriStar111 series here in the US. I’d love to get my hands on a new Garmin cycle computer as I really need some Mac compatibility. I’ve finally jettisoned my last Windows PC!

  354. Does a weekly spin class count? If so, yesterday morning at the way too early time of 6:15 am. No squirrels. 🙂

    If it doesn’t count, I’m riding in the Hilly Hundred this weekend. Although I’m approaching it more as a tour-type ride with lots of picture taking of pretty leaves and less intervals.

  355. Last ride was a quick 20 road miles from the house. Zero squirrels.

  356. a nice easy 25 mile ride, took a break half way through after my buddy and I found a wallet. We found the owner and gave it back, turns out he lost it out on the bike. Bikers helping bikers!

  357. Hey Ray! I’m from Arkansas so now you just need a comment from Zimbabwe! My last cycling workout was with a friend who is training for IMAZ. We did about 40 miles as an out and back route with the back being into the wind and uphill. Hope you have a great weekend!

  358. Hi Ray,

    My last ride was climbing a col with a friend who thought he couldn’t do it, well he did and is so happy now :).

  359. Last ride was Wednesday with a short 11 mile fast pace ride around the vineyards in my area. Love the smell of grapes and the changing leave color.

  360. Last cycling workout was my first ride on my new Orbea tri bike. 31 miles in an hour and forty minutes with only a few close calls with squirrels and a few deer sited also as I rode part of the Ironman Texas course.

    I’m really going to like this new bike (and could really) use a new Edge 500 for it).

  361. No squirrels, due to being inside on the trainer for a lactate threshold test! Looking forward to hitting the pavement with the UVA cycling team this Saturday. 🙂

  362. My last wide was a quick one up Paris Mountain, quick by my standards, Hincapie could sleep ride up this climb faster. Only casualty was an armrest on my aero bars. Forgot to check their security. #dumb

  363. Natalie Gulleson

    On my last bike workout I went on country roads – me, corn and cows!

  364. Last bike workout was FAR too long ago. No squirrels were harmed. Not that I’m above harming squirrels, they’re a bit too uppity if you ask me. It’s just that I didn’t see any. They know better…

  365. Max Spradley

    Recovery week, so my last bike workout was 2 hours easy spinning (little ring only).

  366. Not much of a competative cyclist so it was some several months ago and the bike has had a flat ever since. This would be positive encouragement to go out again though.

  367. Anonymous

    My last cycling workout was in Mankato MN – did the Mankato River Ramble last Sunday with my husband and got to visit my daughter the same weekend! Susan in Shoreview

  368. Nice! And now I go bike to work in the downpour…

  369. T

    Last ride was two weeks ago… (busy atm with Marathon October).

    The ride was a two-day trip around the entire Lake Biwa of Shiga prefecture in South Central Japan with a total of 165 kilometers. Beautiful scenery and gorgeous wildlife out here in the countryside during a weekend of unbelievably nice weather. Slept overnight in a bed and breakfast and woke up to another long day’s ride.

    Took two weeks to shed all the skin off my arms from the sunburn though… *sigh.

  370. Last ride was the bike portion of the last tri of the year. Top-5 AG bike split on the way to a 5-minute Olympic PR. Beautiful fall weather today, so off-season training may commence.

  371. It was Wednesday, holiday in Spain. I am on my second week of Base 1 and had scheduled a 1hour E2 (Extensive Endurance) ride. Decided to go with the Mountain Bike and had a beautiful ride at dusk in the country side near home.

  372. Hi,
    Does 2 hours on spin bike in Gym count? Was raining outside and I am a wimp…Mick..

  373. I’ll be hitting up the Cervelo e-test ride tomorrow and testing out an R3 for an hour. I shall endeavor to avoid all squirrels, geese, and deer on the river trail.

  374. Hi,
    Does 2 hours on spin bike in Gym count? Was raining outside and I am a wimp…Mick..

  375. Monday mountain bike at a local trail. It took nearly 2 hours (1:57) to get 24km but only because I decided to just take it easy and have fun on the trail. Also to try out some of the crazy ramps, bridges and other features that our local trail builders so generously constructed. It was a great ride! Two endo’s and no injuries!!

  376. Hi,
    Does 2 hours on spin bike in Gym count? Was raining outside and I am a wimp…Mick..

  377. Last ride of any kind was in August (been a little busy with the running lately), but that will change soon.

    Bike – 14.5
    Got in a good evening/night ride in the Highlands Ranch Backcountry while waiting to pick up my kids. Felt good. Celebrated the noticeable lack of heel pain when hitting the jumps. My achilles tendons used to scream on the liftoffs and landings. Not even a whimper tonight. First time in 2.5 years…

  378. Wow, no chance I am gonna win out of the 100’s of people posting. But my last ride was a commute to work (Arlington to Alexandria) on Tuesday. Too bad the weather has been crappy since then. No squirrels to mention but plenty of people to race, despite it being a recovery day after a long run.

  379. Catching up the las sunny day here in Germany – I went out for a 45mile ride through the middle of nowhere – think the squirrels were out sounbathin’ – did not see one of the guys 😉

  380. My last ride was cut short because a drunk homeless guy stepped out in front of me. I bumped him with my handlebars while trying to make an emergency stop. I was so flustered that I turned around and went home.

  381. Last cycling workout was Wednesday night’s mtb – 12k commute on multiuse trails out to some grueling single track for 1.5h of riding, then the 12k back home. Saw 4 or 5 deer staring at me on the way back – made me a little nervous after that crazy video of the rider getting charged by the antelope in sa.

  382. LC

    Read a few chapters of “Going Long” on a stationary bike at the Hilton in Nassau (down here for work, yeah I know- it’s rough). No squirrels but definitely some interesting people watching.

  383. I did some good old fashioned one legged drills on a spin bike at the gym….good times. 🙂

  384. It’s been a while since my last actual workout aside from comuting, I was taking rest after my race season. so that would be Extreme Man Menorca (middle distance) triathlon. I came 4th AG!

  385. Ray,

    Last biking workout was a very easy “wine stroll” along the Missouri-Kansas-Texas rails to trails highway in Rocheport, Mo. Six people, 4 bottles of wine, a dozen photos, and tons of fun. Aboslutely awesome.

    The best part, no wrecks.
    The worse part, we ran over 2 snakes.

    Fun times!

  386. Quick small run with my brother, we went from Sanremo to San Lorenzo and back (Liguria, Italy) on the local bike lane. Awesome landscape, no squirrels (plenty of kids wandering randomly on the track tho 🙁 ).

  387. Bryan F.

    Just finished grad school, so took my old 15-mile, one hour standby. The one with the three-mile long hill. Perfect day, nice to be back in the saddle again. Road bike shifts a LOT more smoothly than the commuter!

  388. You’re awesome, as always, Ray!

    I had 90 minutes on the trainer last night with a 20-minute Z4 stint. Tomorrow, it’s 5 1/2 hours for the front half of my brick. Should be beautiful outside!!

  389. Last workout was a CycloCross Practice race were I blow a tire.

  390. Guillermo

    I live in Arkansas, which had great cycling btw, so I really hope you do mail it here. This weekend for example I am playing with a sweet Cervelo road bike at a demo a local bike shop is holding for us. Hopefully I don’t like it so much that I need to buy it! But if I did buy it or didn’t, that Edge 500 would have a couple nice stems to call their home. 🙂


  391. During a short trip I rented a bike in London and went for a spin in the dark. FYI: Everybody drove on the wrong side!?! Strange…

  392. Murphy’s Law dictates I will win this, because (1) I’ve tried relentlessly to win these giveaways when I –REALLY– need the item, and never do, and (2) I’m a horrible cyclist.

    My last cycling workout was on the trainer, practicing my aero position. I’m still recovering from injury, so it’s slow going. No squirrels killed, but I’m sure many of them got quite a side stich from laughing at me in the backyard learning to clip in/out of my pedals (oh yeah, I’m learning that too).

    Actually, I suspect that the founder will pay me NOT to wear his jersey!

  393. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been in marathon training mode, but I rode the Columbia tri course a couple weeks back. Zero squirrels were harmed in this effort.

  394. Last work out was a 42 mile ride. Didn’t kill any squirrels but did pass an un-mounted horse in the street.

  395. One hour of Training Pace around a nice lake path…no squirrels were injured but I did have to dodge road kill, several small children and some loose chihuahuas. It always makes for an interesting ride on a multi-use city trail!

  396. Spinning class indoors, 1 hour pretty hard.

    Last workout outside: Giant Acorn Sprint Tri. 12.4 mi, 40′ (I know, I am an average rider, but I just started…).

  397. WOW. I didn’t hit any squirrels, i did run over a snake though.

    My last cycling workout was 26 miles out and back on a local trail, averaged 19.3 mph (pretty solid tempo ride for me). I got home just as it was getting dark, good ride.

    I’d love to win the giveaway!!!!

    Thanks for having awesome giveaways!

  398. benpastor

    My last bike workout was (sadly) indoors, given the LOVELY weather of the past few days in New England. Z2 for an hour was enought to make me feel it.
    On another training note, I did have a Squirrel dart across my path on the big descent into Prince William Forest… cut it in half in my spokes, and the whole back of my jersey had blood on it. It was aweful.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  399. No squirrels, but lots of deer.

  400. Just finished my 7 mile ride to work through Westport. Slow today, due to rain and general Friday-ish-ness. Took nearly 30 minutes. Didn’t hit any squirrels, but I did get hit by a deer a couple weeks back. Sucker took a chunk out of my tire (you may have seen me tweeting about this…it was quite the incident…)

  401. First in 2+ months this morning. Post Marathon recovery. 1 hour, 19 miles easy spin. 4:40 am. 42 degrees. Was cold!

  402. towed my 2 kids to school in the bike trailer the other day — hauling 50+ pounds of “cargo” must count for an extra hill repeat, I think

  403. Bernard Maughan

    Well my last workout was an X-Terra event in South Africa, and this Antelope just blind-sided me and wiped me OUT!

    OK, it wasn’t me, and although from Zimbabwe, I now live in Singapore, so nothing except (surprisingly)squirrels, and (not so surprisingly) monkeys on my last workout on Wednesday. 69 km, 2:07

  404. 90 minutes including 4*(10 minutes zone3) with 3 minutes easy between.

  405. brettcole.sugarland@yahoo.com

    No squirrels – just acorns!

  406. Wowzers great give away, great blog!

    My last ride was my 6mile commute into work this morning in Bristol, UK on a nice autumnal morning. No Squirrels but did see a fox jogging past looking for breakfast! A nice little leg loosener for a 70 mile training rid into Wales tomorrow morning, get in!

  407. Went out and gave my first brick session a go – I’m going to try and give duathlon a go next year in addition to road racing. Queue a solid standard off-season training spin of 40km with interval sprints for all the speed signs, redline efforts on the hills and back to base. Grabbed a bottle, whacked on some runners and got stuck into ‘the run’.

    Didn’t want to pick something OTT to begin with so picked a flatish 3km loop near to home. I think I managed to cramp every muscle in first my quads and then my hamstrings within the first km, so it was less a run and more a hobble from there!

    How do you multi sport guys do this stuff!! A 160km hammerfest – no problem but a 40km finished with a 3km run and it’s a very different story. Good thing there’s a long off-season to get the kinks ironed out before the 2012 season rolls around!

  408. Took the cross bike across town, rode a ton of singletrack, then rode back home. No squirrels were killed, just my wrists.

  409. Took the cross bike across town, rode a ton of singletrack, then rode back home. No squirrels were killed, just my wrists.

  410. Last ride was 8 days ago. Night mountain bike ride on a familiar loop… clipped a tree with my pinky and dislocated it…. rode home, drove to the ER for relocation… came home and was happy my wife didn’t decapitate me…

    biketrevor gmail.com

  411. I did endless (OK, not endless, more like seven :)) loops around Hains Point to test out my new aerobars on Wednesday. No squirrels hit, but they tried their best to the contrary! 🙂

  412. My last workout was a easy 2hr ride, but I included a steep hill of 2km at 14-15%

  413. No squirrels… just semi frozen puddles! Great last time out as it was my first sprint distance Tri. Great blog, you have a new devoted reader. Thanks for the great reviews and info.

  414. It’s been a while since I did my last bike run (5.9.2011, 15km), but I’ve been working on my project bike 1983 crescent.

  415. Did the Timberman bike part, and did not break any teeth this time !

  416. Last cycling workout..whew…it’s been a long time. But this summer, I took the kids on a nice bike ride up the Chicago Lakefront path to the Museum Campus. The real treat afterward…soft serve ice cream. Call it a workout or not, but that’s what it adds up to.

  417. Rode the 17 miles Four Mile Run-WOD-Custis-Mount Vernon loop you have previewed here before. In between all the awful rain this week. No squirrels, but quite dark to start and some scary patches of leaves, especially on Custis.

  418. Last cycling workout was a nice 7.5m moderate pace ride through the Bike Trails of Minneapolis. Getting back in shape with the goal to try my first triathlon in the spring next year has been a blast and not caused any squirrel casualties yet.

    Thanks for writing such an awesome blog! Your reviews are both entertaining and informative and it’s awesome to read about someone who has a “real job” and still makes time not only to train but to put so much awesome info on the web!

  419. Doing an Olympic tomorrow, could have really used that Garmin during training.

  420. Riding to and from hot yoga on my 36 lbs cruiser with a milk crate to hold my yoga mat and accessories. Not much of a workout, only .5 miles, but the 90 min hot yoga was the real reason I enjoyed the ride. No squirrels were killed during this trip.

  421. Last saturday went out for a ride with a friend of mine.
    We both were riding brand new bikes.
    We tarted fooling around pushing shoulder against shoulder.
    One time i pushed to hard and he felt, hopefully nothing bad happened just a broken helmet.

  422. Cross training ride on my favorite trail. Lots of bunnies and fortunately none were injured or harmed.

  423. The last one was unfortunately inside on the training bike. So no squirrels were hurt.

  424. Gil

    Last workout on the bike was the bike leg of http://www.kingdomtriathlon.org , that’s 19m rolling hills.
    since then I have taken some time off 🙂

  425. Not much excitement on the last workout. Nightly interval training trying to get back in the groove now that the weather is getting cold in South Dakota.

  426. Went for a 2 hour ride in the sunshine. Was a hilly rolling course and gave ist to me on the climbs just for the fun of it 🙂
    Another beautiful autumn ride this year!

  427. Last cycling workout was a 2 hr mountain bike ride in the Double Lake recreation area outside of Houston. First time there and was very enjoyable. Sadly you could walk across the lakes due to the TX drought.

  428. StickmanInDC

    My last ride was a quick jaunt on the trainer to try out my new cadence/speed sensor. No squirrels, but that cat was mighty intrigued…

  429. Last ride was on the drainer to test out my new powertap! But unfortunately i am now on the recover from some tendinitus!

  430. Last cycling workout was on the trainer I just bought. I went about 20 miles and watched an episode of Jersey Shore. Not possible to hit anything (unless the bird that managed to get in my house two months ago snuck back in) but I did spill a water bottle twice.

  431. Last cycling workout was my normal Wednesday night ride, intervals with my team in preparation for IM Cozumel!

  432. Just an one hour mtb ride after three weeks of annoying cold. No squirrels, but a lot of slippery leeves!

  433. Last cycling workout was an easy 30 mile taper ride for my oly tri. This was my last ride before the race this weekend. I was stubborn so I was in full tri gear and it was cold for Tucson standards. I froze, but it was a good ride.

  434. My last bike ride was last night, 2:40 of night-time cruising. Had to break out the big lights for the first time this year!

  435. Last cycle workout was last night, indoors at the gym, with a bootcamp type instructor named Walter who yells “push, push, push”. He really kicks our butt, lots of sitting and standing hills. Last road workout was on the Greenway in Alpharetta, Ga. We headed out a litte later than we should have and was in the dark on our way back. Nothing like ridiing in the dark to motivate a person to ride faster. Love your site!

  436. Thought I would get off the road and went night MTBing in a Kingley Vale (UK). Amazing night – full moon, deer everywhere and owls hooting constantly. No squirrels but one or two slugs might have been clipped.

    link to connect.garmin.com

  437. last bike was a lunch ride. got in about 14 miles in 30mph winds with gusts up to 40! i did manage to avg almost 18 though. no animals (or people) were harmed in the making of that ride.

  438. Michael B. Lauritzen

    yesterday, 40 min full throttle mtb singletrack in the autumn sunset in Denmark:-)

  439. Have a great weekend in Chicago. Looking forward to your upcoming reviews this month!

  440. Computrainer. Ironman NYC course created from a .gpx file downloaded from Garmin Connect from someone who drove the course. Technology is a wonderful thing.

  441. I rode my bike to work last Tuesday, it didn’t rain much. That is the closest thing to a bike workout I could think of. Thanks.

  442. Last Sat. 26 miles. 1.5 hrs. 1st ride in 2 months due to a torn MCL. No squirrels were injured in the riding of this out-and-back.

  443. Last cycling workout…hmmm…let’s see…I guess that would be in June when I couldn’t run. Nothing fancy, other than some hill repeats, but it did start raining just as I was pulling into my house, so bonus points on the timing of that.

  444. Did a session on my Tacx Bushido trainer for 1 hour.

  445. Ken Wagner

    Last cycling workout was on a beautiful fall afternoon in St. Louis a few weeks ago.

  446. Did a 60m training on my Tax Bushido.


  447. last Sunday did 20 miles – 10 out and 10 back on a leaf covered trail. nice lunch at the turnaround point

  448. 90 minutes, 33 miles, steady tempo effort. Decided to ride out in the country. Almost got killed by a truck who decided to left-turn, cut the corner, and turn STRAIGHT into me. (This is why I typically ride the trainer!) Aside from this it was a PERFECT afternoon to be in the saddle.

  449. Spin class with my training group this morning!

  450. 32k in about 59min, just because I began the workout later than planned – to get home before darkness I had to make it a little bit shorter and a little bit faster than usually …

  451. Last bike workout was following my girl on a training run. Managed to avoid the squirrels, but did snap the rear derailleur hanger as I moronically shifted and threw the chain on the list hill in the dark. Brilliant, I know. Thanks as always!

  452. Squeezed in a short 20k ride between work and dinner on the 6th..gorgeous fall day, road kill free.

  453. Hey Ray,

    Recently move to Charlotte, went out for a ride on the Booty Loop named after the women that ride the loop.

    The loop has now been established as the route for 24 Hours of Booty, meaning there are always cyclists and runner out there (which I’m sure annoys the owners of the homes there, but makes for a great location where drivers are familiar with cyclists on the road).


  454. Last real cycling workout was a local sprint duathlon, riding the old-school Schwinn (only 20k, just over 30min). No squirrels on the road, but I saw three deer (nope–no moose in Florida!) during the first run portion of the du.

  455. Cape Henlopen sprint… 14 miles as fast as possible!

  456. Jeff K

    Trainer ride in the basement…getting ready for Hilly Hundred tour this weekend. No squirrels in the basement (I hope)

  457. My last cycling workout was a long lunch break at work. ‘Bout 40 km total with 5*5 min intervals. I did the ride with a coworker. No squirrels we harmed in the making of this comment.

  458. Last cycling session was part of quick weekend duathlon. No wrecks, no malfunctions equals good workout.

  459. My last cycling workout was the season’s last night racing at the velodrome. No squirrels, but some squirrely riders…

  460. Last workout — Olympic Tri last weekend. No squirrels, but a couple of gel wrappers.

  461. Just got back from Maui… Last ride was Haleakala. Can’t lose them all!

  462. You had me at the shirt! I didn’t hit any squirrels the last ride – I seem to be having more of an issue with Deer jumping out at me lately than the squirrels, but the last ride was thankfully animal free 😉

  463. I just sold my road bike so I have been riding my TT (Felt B16) for my training rides. My last ride was a 4 hour endurance/tempo ride. Oh the fun of spending four hours in an aggressive TT position!

  464. It has been a while, but my last bike workout was a 20 miler.

  465. FC

    Nice, mellow ride from Longmont towards Carter Lake Res.

  466. My last cycling workout was as the bike leg of a relay team for the Whitewater Late Bird Tri. It was 12 miles in the pouring rain and our tea took first place relay 🙂

  467. Last workout was an event ride – the Norton Cancer Center Bike to Beat Cancer. Did my first century (106.2 to be exact) and had a great ride in rainy, (relatively) cold conditions. Very fun day.

  468. Indoor trainer workout:
    10min easy spin warm up
    3x(3 min steady in hard gear-3 min steady in moderate gear)
    5x(5 min spin fast in easy gear-2 min spin normal in easy gear)
    10min steady tempo spin.

    Fun times

  469. 12km down the hill with bike – and walking back with half a beer bottle worth glass stored deep inside the tires.

  470. 40 miler along Chicago lakefront during our unusually sunny and warm October day.

  471. Thanksgiving day or 2010 was my last training session on the bike…..sad I know. Looking to start concentrating more on running and swimming this winter in preparation for a tri next season. You have inspired me DC.

  472. Ray, what an awesome giveaway! Last cycling ride was 30 miles last Saturday, along the bike path in town. No squirrels, but did see the largest pancaked bull frog ever! Wish I would have had my camera! Thanks.

  473. Last cycling workout was yesterday. It was a trainer workout 1×20′ followed by 1×10 @ 90% FTP. Was dead from the track work.

  474. My last ride was on Sept 18th the day before my spinal fusion surgery,my brother in law and I rode 45 miles around Lexington and Concord Mass. Could sure use a power system to help me get back in race shape.
    sign me posttoasty

  475. Chris Stanton

    Last Sunday 78 miles in the glorious Surrey Hills just a couple of minutes outside the gold standard for that Sportive at 4hrs 53 minutes. A really good workout.

    No squirrels were harmed during this ride.

  476. Did some interval work this morning for about an hour. Unfortunately, it was so early that the squirrels were still asleep…lucky dogs.

  477. Last cycling workout was yesterday. It was a trainer workout 1×20′ followed by 1×10 @ 90% FTP. Was dead from the track work.

  478. Biked to the track to do a workout.

  479. DS

    16 miles last weekend, in a triathlon in rural Mississippi. Took 57:20 — flatlander me was not used to the hills. Hit no squirrels, so I had to settle for pizza for lunch. Brett Favre was there, but he didn’t race. Puddin’.

  480. My last bike workout was Saturday and all I was trying to do was get a nice 22 mile ride in and enjoy the 80 degree day. I actually ended up getting hit by a car 15 miles in, luckily for me I was hit by the mirror and my bike took the brunt of the damage and I only received road rash from hitting the deck at 18mph.

  481. Last ride was a 45 mile ride across Manhattan, up the West-side bike path, across the GW bridge and then up the beautiful rolling Henry Hudson Drive. Weather was amazing.

  482. LOVE your posts- thanks for the awesome reviews (and giveaway!!)

    Last cycling workout, was a 5:30 am 1.25 hr ride on my trainer, not very exciting, but the only time I had to ride that day, and safer than riding in the dark!!

  483. This makes me really sad to say, but my last cycling workout was three years ago. I sold my bike when I moved to DC. I’ll be buying a new one soon though, so I could still use that 500 🙂

  484. Last cycling workout was up in scenic mid-coast Maine. Rode 35 miles thru Liberty, Appleton, etc. Easy pace allowed me to enjoy the foliage. Didn’t bring HR strap nor did I check the speed at all during the ride.

  485. My last bike workout was 3 hours on the rollers watching a movie. My brain and butt hurt after that. no animal sightings.

  486. Jose del Cueto

    Well, last cycling workout was in the Desierto de los Leones road in Mexico City. Translated “Desert of Lions” which neither is a dessert neither have any lions. Nice road for roadies and a lot trail for MTB. Here squirrels avoid cyclist as much as possible, running only over electric cables and jumping form tree to tree. Almost two hours, fall is here but was sunny and not too cold, really nice.

  487. Thursday – inside on a computrainer for 2:20 at 4:30 in the morning.

    I did bunny hop over a squirrel last week on a ride outside though. First time that happened to me in years of riding the same route.

  488. Count me in – last workout was a 60 minute spin class at a 24 hour fitness gym that needs some major updating.

  489. It’s been a couple months since I’ve done anything besides ride to work – spent the last half of the summer focusing on a couple 5ks.
    Doing a long ride tomorrow (Saturday) though! Shouldn’t have to worry too much about squirrel, maybe quail though.

  490. One hour ride on the trainer using the Trainer Road beta you posted about a couple weeks ago. Trainer Road is awesome… my power numbers, not so much.

  491. My last cycling workout was yesterday on the spin bike – 1 hour of VO2 max workout using the spinervals Tough Love dvd.

  492. about 3wks ago, before my first half. 25mi. No squirrels but did hit a rock that left a pinch flat.

  493. My last cycling workout was biking to the coffee shop for a latte!! I’m on a 4 week rest after coaching my team of 50 youth triathletes from March – October. We’re getting the bikes out again this weekend!

  494. Last ride was about a 20-miler with my 9yr old who is hoping to race next year. No squirrels but at the very end of the ride we found a turtle. It was far from any natural habitat so we kept an eye on it and got some info. Turns out it was a protected species so we released it back into a wooded area (which this species prefers).

  495. 25 miles, no squirrels were harmed in the production of my sweat.

  496. Gavin

    Did a short TT workout, and only had a road kill run in with an armadillo.

  497. My last cycling workout was Wednesday (10/12) evening; refreshingly chilly, damp and windy. Thankfully, no squirrels or other scampering Rodentia but I did have to navigate through a vicious herd of sedentary black walnuts covering my lane. Frankly think I’d rather take on a squirrel.

  498. my last bicycle ride was this morning on my commute to work. 6miles of fun city riding.

    bye sam

  499. My riding is limited with my daughter in the hospital! As a result, I’m stuck the trainer in the basemetn already! UGGHH…and no squirrels hit. just 1 dog on the hit, with a peddle. He’d forgotten how the trainer + pedals worked. He remembers now.

  500. Last Ride: 1hr on the trainer in the man cave. Did the Gayley workout on Trainer Road. Thanks for the tip!

  501. Biking to work. Alas no squirrels were lost in my endeavor. Next workout? This weekend… to work

  502. Hi Ray, my last ride was my weekly spinning (RPM) ride in the gym with an extremely fanatic instructor. Had a lot of fun, almost passed out 😉 Rather ride outside but autumn in the Netherlands isn’t very generous with sunshine lately.

    I’ll be attending BikeMotion Benelux http://www.bikemotionbenelux.nl tomorrow, nothing like Interbike or Eurobike, but hopefully Garmin will have their Vector with them!

    Am looking forward to your reviews the coming months.

    Have a great weekend.


  503. Did a short 10 mile lunch time ride around a 1 mile block near where I work. Nice safe right turns so I don’t have to deal with cars much or lights and stop signs. I don’t use a trainer so that’s how I get my workouts in. Almost like a time trial as I’ve done as much as 20 miles blasting away. 50 mile ride last Sunday.

  504. spent 90 minutes on my apartment’s spin bike. i shouldnt be complaining because my apartment has a spin bike, but still… 😀

  505. My last training ride was in search of the truth. Sometimes riding is about looking for answers or just getting away to think through life’ s problems.

  506. Last cycling workout was post Chicago marathon, get loose workout. 45 easy minutes.

  507. Two hour endurance ride as part of training for the Chicago Marathon.

  508. My last cycling workout was a leisurely spin on April 14th, the Thursday before flying out for Boston. Then I took off the rest of the summer 🙂

    Picking it up again in prep for IM next year and, boy, I am regretting the lack of consistency.

  509. My last ride was last night, 24 miles. In 1st week of taper week for the Austin 70.3 on Oct. 23rd! No squirrels hit, but lost a water bottle due to Texas Chipseal. Your blog is awesome, I always refer people to you when they want a good product review. Thanks for your reviews and I am looking forward to your next one!

  510. Francesca

    Great giveaway! My last bike workout was the bike leg of the Waterman’s Sprint Triathlon, my last tri of the season. It was 16 miles of rolling terrain and I kept my lead from the swim so was very pleased. I did see some roadkill but nothing I ran into.

  511. Triathlon! Tri Red down in Jekyll Island Georgia. They cancelled the swim due to the 30-40 mph winds. So it would be my first duathalon! It was a windy 14 miles! Most of us were out of the saddle for the first two miles as it was right next to the beach and unprotected. Head and side winds, even coming back to T2! Whew!! So the GarminFR60 told me: Average mph: 18, which was 2mph off. Cadence: 92. HR: 153 Time: 41.51.2


  512. Toyota US Open Dallas Tri

  513. Awesome giveaway as always Ray! Last ride was last weekend. Rode 25mi up to a charity ride for American Cancer Society and met up with some buddies. Rode most of the 50mi loop, but cut out early to return home. Got in about 85mi on a beautiful Missouri fall day.

  514. 50 minute recovery spin after a pretty disastrous race last weekend. 🙁 But, at least I didn’t hit a squirrel!

  515. My last cycling workout was commuting to work in August. Once the new school year for my daughter starts I’m resigned to running or, if I’m lucky, a weekend ride.

  516. lol my last workout the squirrels hit me and laughed at slow I was going, but with that said I’m on my grind looking to get my 1st tri in the spring

  517. Last training ride was, appropriately, in the trainer… But I commute with my bike, and two afternoons ago I saw a ferret cross the road just ahead of me. I think it was a ferret. Otherwise, we have some huge rats in this town!

  518. haven’t cycled for a while, but lookng forward with a new toy like the edge 500!!!

  519. My last cycling workout was on the trainer because of tornado warnings outside. I set up the trainer in a rush because I only had about 45 minutes to ride. Probably should have checked to make sure the bike was locked in place before hopping on. So…my last cycling workout included falling off my trainer. Good times.

  520. Very nice, thanks dude! My last cycling workout was during a sprint tri, and it was 12 miles and had two big climbs on the course. My calves cramped at the top of the second hill. :(. Plus I totally need a long sleeve jersey I don’t even have one yet and it’s getting cold out.

  521. I rode about 92 km with a friend. Was a fun ride and it was nice to have an entire ride without rain.

  522. My last workout was a hard tempo ride to work. Pushing hard on paved trails and bike lanes on the 22mi route to get the average speed over 20mph so that I have some room for the hill at the end of the ride to try to finish with a 20mph avg speed (Just missed it last time).


  523. Mountain biking around the woods, with the usual hill to get back home… It’s easier on the way out, when speeding down the hill…

  524. I’ve had some runners knee issues so I’ve been sticking to short rides lately, just a few 8-10 milers at the gym

  525. onderstroom

    Last ride was from work to home, touristic route through the woods. Not very exciting but nice.

  526. Rode two-man relay on the Furnace Creek 508. That would be about 250 miles in Death Valley! It was pretty desolate out there; no squirrels, a few desert mice and some turtles. Lots of flies!

  527. Last Saturday – beautiful day here in Iowa 77 miles in two different States (we live on the Mississippi) two large bridges and about 10 riders with a stop at a local bike shop that has a kitchen and an owner who KILLS at baked goods.

  528. Went for a fun 92km ride with a friend yesterday, and we didn’t even get rained on.

  529. Martin B

    Steady cycle after work, making the most of what is left of the English day light hours …


  530. Last cycling workout – hmm, it’s been awhile – but we got a new bike for my wife today!

  531. No squirrels but almost hit a possum!

  532. My last ride occurred a couple of weeks ago, a short trainer ride to break up my marathon training. An outdoor ride? That was way back in the August heat when daylight training hours were more readily available.

    Thank you!

  533. My last bike workout would have been last week. Set up the trainer and did some interval work for about 1hr.

  534. Last cycling was the Honolulu century ride. Was only able to get 75 miles in because of various other time commitments that day. Great fun to run with that many people and you can’t beat the scenery or the excuse to eat donut holes and shave ice at the aid stations.

  535. following maccormack twitter coach for the last two weeks.30 min warm up, then steep uphill 1min sit,1 min standing, 2min sit, 2 stand,3sit, 3stand 4 sit , 4 stand then down and all the way again.cool down as you desire!
    you’re great ray!

  536. dimitri from belgium

    Climbed one of the hills in the Jura mountains in Switzerland, from begnins to st cergue. Close to freezing and it was raining the whole ride, but loved every minute of it!

  537. it was a 30 minute mostly uphill ride out to my mothers. no squirrels but i did see several cows in the fields. Not really a threat to ruin my ride i guess.

  538. Hi Ray –

    Thanks for doing another giveaway!

    I’m tapering for the Austin 70.3 (my first HIM!) right now, so my last cycle workout was 30min with 3x3min at 100+ cadence.

  539. Didn’t hit any squirrels because it was a 45 min ride on the indoor trainer. 17 miles of torture.

  540. Hi – I love your reviews and website. My last ride was the Augusta Half Ironman a few weeks ago. 56 miles in 3:30 and no squirrels were injured. I want to get a waterproof mp3 player soon so I’m looking forward to your upcoming reviews. gajkelley@gmail.com

  541. Wild-life friendly trainer time on the same Tacx trainer that you have received in the post. Be interesting to hear your take on it!

  542. Short 12-mile loop around local lake last Saturday.

  543. I was biking home from work yesterday, waiting at a stop light and just as the light turns green, a guy blows me. I caught up with him at the next stop light, was initially impressed at how much more ripped his legs were than mine, but the admiration faded when I was stronger going up hills and was able to hang with him until our paths diverged.

  544. Cycling workout? Ugh. Not since last Sunday. Just a quick 33mi up Mt. Lemmon Hwy in Tucson. After my last HIM of the season- I’ve moved into running for the winter. Can I tell you about my running instead? How about the run I’m going to do tomorrow? It’s gonna’ be great. As a fellow data geek- Love your blog Ray!

  545. After my HIM two weeks ago, I’ve left the bike mostly parked, as now I’m into running season. I did do a short ride part way up Mt. Lemmon in Tucson last Sunday. 33mi. I just love that ride. Can I tell you about the run I’m going to do tomrrow instead? It’s gonna’ be great. 2.5mi to Saguaro park, then 1.5mi of trails to get to the loop. then 8mi around the loop, back on the trail, then back home for 16mi. I’ll be back home before my family gets out of bed.

  546. 30 Miles on the Queen K.

  547. I hit a small pothole on my bike ride into work this morning…

  548. This comment has been removed by the author.

  549. My last workout was up Mt Falcon, a steep climb that I have been wanting to do for a while now, but have been putting it off. I cranked it out! It was hard, but I powered through it.

  550. My last workout was on the bike trainer.

    Warmup, 3×10′ at 90% FTP, then cooldown.

    No squirrels were involved, except for the curious one outside that was watching me pedal and go nowhere.

  551. Last cycling workout was 20 miles in the cold and rain. Started at Redhook and rode the Sammamish River Trail. Enjoyed a nice Winterhook ale when I got back. Didn’t take out any squirrels on this ride.

  552. My last cycling workout was a couple of weeks ago doing a common loop here in Boulder, CO on Nelson Rd. I did not hit any animals on this one but a few years ago I decimated a Prairie Dog with my front wheel when I was doing about 35 mph! Felt bad about the Prairie Dog but I managed to stay upright so both of us were not hurt. I still record with an old wired PowerTap. The Edge 500 would be great!

  553. My last cycling ride was what I call my Hour of Power. Basically a 40K Time Trial out and back but this one ended up with me having a beautiful companion for the last 3 miles. Amazingly she was running beside me on the shoulder. Never a peep about going too fast or hurting too much…just kept plugging away, keeping a safe distance. She finally collapsed from exhaustion and I circled back, gave her my water and called her a ride. My TT time was terrible by the time I was home but enjoyed my companion…a Springer Spaniel.

  554. ‘Twas my usual 2 hour training ride from home in Seattle. Out the Burke Gillman trail on a fine fall afternoon. Oddly enough, did have to avoid a few suicide squirrels and discovered my Garmin 705 cadence sensor had failed. Oh well, the Brim Bros Zone will fix that!

  555. ‘Twas my usual 2 hour training ride from home in Seattle. Out the Burke Gillman trail on a fine fall afternoon. Oddly enough, did have to avoid a few suicide squirrels and discovered my Garmin 705 cadence sensor had failed. Oh well, the Brim Bros Zone will fix that!

  556. Anonymous

    Last workout was an hour long threshold session on the trainer. I had A/C set to 65 degrees, ceiling fan at max, and a video of Metallica in concert blasting away on the tube/stereo.

  557. ‘Twas my usual 2 hour training ride from home in Seattle. Out the Burke Gillman trail on a fine fall afternoon. Oddly enough, did have to avoid a few suicide squirrels and discovered my Garmin 705 cadence sensor had failed. Oh well, the Brim Bros Zone will fix that!

  558. wow- amazing.
    you have no idea how much i could use that edge 500 and well, it is just not in the budget 🙁
    you could be my birthday fairy, santa claus this year!!
    and that jersey is pretty sweet too!!

    last cycling workout was an easy 10 miles outside just to be out-nothing epic. No squirrels were hit but I did see several

  559. KC Krane in Maine

    my last bike session?
    last week on the stationary bike at my YMCA.
    not really biking, I know but it’s gotta count for something righ?
    last time I checked, they did not allow squirrels into the YMCA

  560. a giveaway just because you can? Awesome!

    just an easy commute for me on the west side bike path here in NYC, nice and smooth, weather was fan-tas-tic. Really nice. I’m definitely enjoying racing season being over here in the northeast 🙂

    no squirrels but plenty of near-head-on collisions with fixed-gear hipsters, commuter Freds and everyone else going around the runners, razor scooters and strollers… good times.

  561. My last cycling work out was the Waterman’s Half at Indian Head Maryland. Did not hit anything but launched a bottle.

  562. Anonymous

    This morning, Interval trainer workout. Cant hit a squirrel in the apartment, or at least I hope not.

  563. JC

    Haven’t biked since my half iron Sept 24th. Good ride except for my gels falling out of my back pocket into the port-a-potty…d’oh!

  564. Finally joined the guys last Friday morning for a two hour ride before work. Best comment was that they said normally newbies start earlier in the year. However I was doing some sprint tri’s in June and July.

  565. My last cycling workout was just an easy ride. Only some wounded snails. However just escaped from a bulls attack during my last run workout!

  566. Nefastino

    Last ride: on dolomiti mountains…70KM, 40km of climbingin with 3 degrees…Amazing ride!!!

  567. My last workout was immediately following an easy 6 mile run. I did a trainer workout to the Sufferfest video – “The Hunted” using TrainerRoad to record. It was a good time.

  568. Did a two hour ride in Litchfield County, CT. Saw 3 squirrels, 2 snakes, a chipmunk and an unidentified furry mass that had an untimely early death. None caused by me. Thanks

  569. Last workout was Halfmax Championship where I went 4:44 for 9th in my age group and a qualifying spot for Long Course Worlds

  570. The ride into work in the dark. The route taken was muddier than expected as the back is now 80% mud coloured. No squirrels spotted but did have to swerve around a flattened/exploded cat

  571. Last workout was HalfMax Championship where I took 9th my my age group and qualified for Long Course Worlds!!

  572. My last ride was on my cyclops liquid trainer in my pain cave: 15 min w/u, 4x ((8x 20s@ 360+w, 40s recover), 5min spin), 10m c/d.

    No squirrels were harmed in the production of this workout.

    BUT *today* Oct 14 – is my birthday 🙂

  573. After a week in Kona riding my new Trek Speed Concept 7.5, I got back to Rancho Palos Verdes, CA and got back on my “old” Cervelo S1 last night. The Cervelo is not as comfy or fast as the new Speed Concept, but its an old reliable friend. It’s carried me through 3 Ironmans, and I’ll use it in a couple weeks for Ironman Florida. Going down a hill on Hawthorne Blvd at 35 mph, and cruising along PV Drive at 20+ mph, the Cervelo with my Zipp Firecrest 404’s was a little slice of heaven on earth. I did have to dodge some roadkill, a squirrel, I believe. It was an unusually warm day with temp in 90’s, so I just took a short 1 hour ride.
    P.S. I’m looking at either the Edge 500 or 800 to link up with my new Speed Concept. Thanks…
    Alexander from Rancho Palos Verdes

  574. Thanks for the giveaway! I have not been on my bike since Ironman Coeur d’Alene, so…yeah. 112 miles.

    But I promise to start again soon if I win!

  575. 90 km last sunday, cold weather even though its spring here in South America…..

  576. 30km after work no squirrels but a few dead skunks and an awesome lighting show

  577. Rode the Arlington Fun Run with my daughter last weekend. The kicker is that my daughter is 8 and — on her one-speed little bike — did the entire 17 mile circuit with me. It was her first ride of 5 miles! I was a proud daddy.

  578. Hi Ray. I hope I win this time !

  579. This comment has been removed by the author.

  580. last workout was repeats up flagstaff peak in Boulder, CO

  581. My last workout was finishing Levi’s Gran Fondo. 103 miles and over 8,000 feet of climbing. The most brutal thing I’ve ever done.

  582. Last cycling workout was on a computrainer many moons ago sadly. I’m in full running mode for a marathon in 3 weeks so cross training is taking a back seat… for now.

  583. No squirrel’s but almost my dog, all inside on my trainer, 45 min of pain while the toddler finally went to sleep

  584. javier m

    last night in Key Biscayne park, aka raccoon’s land. 50 minutes easy, as the coach indicated.

  585. 45 min of trainer, no squirrels but almost my dog, all while kid sleep in next room. ( sorry if this is duplicated, still trying to work keyboard with no coffee)

  586. My last cycling workout was my last race- a month ago! I’m in full on marathon training mode and find myself staring longingly at my beautiful bike. It begs to be taken out for a spin!

  587. My last ride was a little ride to work and back. The weather is finally tolerable in Texas so it felt wonderful!!

  588. resipsa99

    60 km with the girls – no wildlife was harmed!

  589. My last cycling workout? Biking as fast as I could to make it to class! My last real workout on the bike though was on a trainer and it was riding 40k in about 1hr 20min.

  590. a

    last workout… trainer… 9pm to 11pm… because having a newborn means you train when you can, which is usually when they’re sleeping.

  591. My last workout was so hard I almost can t remember. I got really tired and can´t keep myself on the bike and had two knees injured.
    But I ready to another one!

  592. My last ride was last night, commuting from work. It was about 7.2mi in 22minutes. I DID almost have a possum get into my rear wheel! He was crossing the street and I made a noise to try and scare it, but he just kept on walking! Scary stuff. Possums are creeeeeeeepy! 🙂

  593. This comment has been removed by the author.

  594. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get on the bike since July. A brisk 19-miler used as a nice break from running. After the marathon on Sunday I’m hoping the weather will hold out a few more weeks so I can get some rides in.

  595. Did a large group ride with a new group on a route we shared with an MS-benefit ride. Two-lane roads + large groups + nice day for driving made for an interesting day. No serious injuries but lots of close calls

  596. last workout was intervals on the trainer: 6 x 2 miles (hard) with 2 min spin in between. No squirrels were harmed during this workout 😀

  597. Ray,

    Last ride was on my trainer do some intervals, showering my bike with sweat. However, tomorrow’s ride will be a different, 3 hours on the mountain bike.



  598. My last cycling workout was the Green Bay duathlon. No killing of squirrels but the falling leaves made it a very pretty ride.

  599. Short but sweet ride last Saturday. Easing back after over a month dedicated to running. Ran my first Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon 🙂

  600. My last cycling workout was Ironman Louisville…112 miles, 5.3 hours. I’ve been a completely lazy git since then!

  601. Last time out was 43.5 miles – longest so far. It was great – unlike a long run, there wasn’t any pain afterwards! Gotta love no pain……

  602. Rode around my neighborhood with my 3 young kids. Too slow to be a workout, but I look forward to the days when the kids can join me for a workout ride (my youngest just learned to ride w/o training wheels)!

  603. Andy Phillips

    My last cycling workout was the 56 miles in my first half-iron distance race (Mightyman Montauk) – went much better than expected, although I really should have practised the aero position more, rather than sitting up and watching TV on the trainer…

  604. Let’s see, my last bike workout was just over 20 miles up and down the foothills in Utah. Sprinkled a bit during the ride and the leaves changing colors were gorgeous. The bad part is that I kept dropping my chain off my crank and found out that my front derailleur is bent and almost broken. Hmmm… I don’t know what happened there, but that won’t keep me off my bike for too long.

  605. Gmehje

    Thorpe triathlon (I don’t include spin sessions). Ged

  606. Had a very good bike ride back here in Brazil on wednesday: a national holiday, so work was off. Along came my 15 year old son (my recent training buddy) and my younger brother (after almost a year away from bikes). Don’t remember the miles or the weather, just the fun.

    Keep the excelent job going on, Ray!

  607. Bike to work in Halifax NS…. Rain…. Wind…..Fog…. Burr

  608. Simon Brimacombe

    Last bike workout was a bike run sandwich, 6 miles to the track/running club followed by a hard hill session & then bike home in the dark. No squirrels around but plenty of car dodging.
    The shirt would be perfect as it captures the 1st 4 letters of my surname

  609. Worked from home the other day so I made it a car-free day. Rode the cruiser to the gym and to the store. Gotta love cruisers!

  610. My last cycling workout was my commute to work in Zurich, Switzerland. Didn’t hit any squirrels, but ran over some errant slugs. 🙂

  611. Meridian training ride in Colorado – no animal cruelty here!

  612. My last cycling workout resulted in two flat tires 🙁

  613. A nice fast ride going over the big bridge in Key Biscayne Miami. Didn’t hit anything, but enjoyed the awesome view of Biscayne Bay

  614. Last cycling workout was to and from daycare to pick up my son. Pulled an empty trail-a-bike there and he rode it back. 10.75 miles total, half of which he rode with me.

  615. I’m running a marathon on Sunday, so I haven’t been doing much biking lately. Fri, Jul 22, 2011 was the last workout, and unfortunately it was on a trainer.

  616. Rev3 Anderson. A challenging course to say the least. A well put on event and a new PR for me!

  617. Cycling has been taking a back seat to running since I have been training for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon. Now that it’s complete I’m looking forward to doing some nice long easy rides.

  618. Indoor trainer with @trainerroad software. Had to stop multiple times b/c the kid kept trying to put his hands b/t the spokes.

  619. A relaxed 15-miler through South Burlington and Shelburne, VT. (Pretty close to the USAT National Oly course, actually.) Beautiful ride.

  620. Inside m’y hotel fitness room after a full day of never ending meetings… I am sure you can relate 🙂

  621. Unfortunately, my last cycling workout was indoors. Fifteen minute w/u; 5 x (4:00 increase cadence from 75 RPM maintaining 240 watts on 5:00); 20 minutes at 90-95 RPMs at 230 watts; 5 x (30 seconds at 105-110 RPMs at high wattage); 10 minute cool down.

    Sorry it wasn’t more interesting.


  622. My last workout was actually a power test to figure out power zones. New (used) Powertap, yay!!
    Then I moved to New Zealand, and built it back up only last night. I do miss my bike!! 🙂

  623. Paul Bunyar

    Well, actually, I haven’t been on a bike ride in a couple of years. But if I had an Edge, I probably would try to set things up to ride a couple of times a week to cross train for my running.

  624. My last cycling workout was last night…my first set of rollers arrived today and I had to try them out…needless to say, I was very glad I put it up in the doorway because people weren’t lying when they said it’s like riding on ice.

    It’s definitely a learning curve I plan on conquering but I only had the time to spend about 30 minutes going about 80%-90% on it and it was a good thing because at that point I was getting pretty tired and sloppy handling was coming right in with it.

    REALLY thankful I tivo’d the TDF this summer so I’ll have something to watch in the new few weeks and I work on my balance and pedal stroke.

  625. 30 miles training ride, little bit of sweat, some climbing, no squirrels

  626. Last cycling workout was painful – rainy and cold, but a good prep for rainy PNW riding this year!

  627. Easy ride along the river here in Fort Worth. 0 squirrels, but the gnat death toll was probably off the charts.

  628. I did a 11 mile ride. I was a pacer for a local 5K. I haven’t been on the bike much due my training for the Marine Corps Marathon. I had a blast riding that day. I did a bunch of intervals and short burst of speed. Got up too 23 MPH on the flat road. I didn’t hit any wildlife, but dodged the water station!

  629. Man, I just started following you and had no idea of your generosity. What a bonus! Thanks, Ray.
    My last cycling workout was actually on the mountain bike. Sorry. After breezing through the easy trail, I hit the advanced. Yeah, like literally hit the trail, and the trees, and the ground when I crashed about a mile in.

  630. Last work out was on the Trainer doing 30-30 intervals… at Z5-Z3. So much fun, but at least there was a good TV program on. Oh.. do not allow squirrels in the house.

  631. Last cycling workout was on the computrainer. No squirrels were harmed.