A Friday Giveaway

Sometimes I end up with smaller things that don’t quite make it into my larger giveaways.  Sometimes those are items that I’ve bought, and sometimes they are ‘unique’ items that others have offered up.

This time, I’m going to combine the two…just for fun.

Back at the ANT+ Symposium the founder of Brim Brothers offered me a limited edition jersey revolving around the Brim Brothers Zone cleat-based power meter.  It’s the jersey they give to their test team folks.  You remember me talking about it here.  It was for me, but I explained that in general I usually pass on items to you all instead.  So he agreed that was understandable and was good with me giving it away to you instead.  Thus, a limited edition jersey for you.  Apparently there were less of these made than honest politicians.


(It says test team, and yours will be brand new in a not-so-fancy plastic bag, and in your size)

But, just because I’m known for kicking it up a notch – I figured that if you’re going to be out riding, you should probably have a way to record that ride.  And since you’ll be riding with a power-meter companies jersey, you should probably have a bike computer that’s compatible with such a device.  And soon, the Garmin Edge 500 will be happily compatible with the Brim Brothers Zone – displaying Left/Right power as well as all the usual power goodness.

So because it’s Friday, and because it’s not Friday the 13th (that was yesterday, Thursday the 13th)…I’m going to give away the jersey, and toss in a brand new Edge 500 with a heart rate strap as well.  Just for fun.


Oh, and I’ll even include a DC Rainmaker sticker. Again, just cause I can.

But, because I want to reward all of you who just read day to day, I’m not including in the title that there’s an Edge 500 in here…nor will I tweet that there’s one.  And, the contest will only run till the end of Sunday, midnight eastern time (11:59PM Sunday the 16th).

Sound good?

If so – just drop a note below.  I’ll keep it simple.  Just tell me your last cycling workout (be it during training or racing).  How long, how far, how many squirrels you hit, etc… Winner will be chosen at random.  Goodness will be sent anywhere in the world.  From Arkansas to Zimbabwe.

Have a great weekend all!


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  1. 106 km in the north of Israel. A lot of climbing.. A LOT!

  2. DC, let’s see … no squirrels but I ran across (literally) two deer, one skunk and something that was not really determinable (uck) while on my Saturday ride; 62 miles through Marin/Sonoma Counties (CA). HR test ride, trying to keep HR w/in 3-4 bpm of my warmup peak (153). At 48 miles I bonked and pretty much wanted to die for the last 14.

    Love your review; bought the withings scale and will be buying the Garmin 910xt b/c of them. Thanks, Dude.

    Regards, CJTri


  3. Two fjords and 72 year old who kicked all of our buts (he is the European masters champion for his age group). Launching attacks and had us dying.

  4. With the weather changing, the last cycling workout was a 40 minute TT on the indoor trainer.

  5. hi from czech republic! my last cycling workout was 07/22/11 then it was to close to my son birth date and I cannot leave my home for more than 0.5 hour. My son is born but I’m only running now but looking forward to next ride (it’s winter here)

  6. CDC

    I don’t have my new bike yet, but I did run a 5k yesterday.

  7. Thanks for the opportunity!
    My last ride was my work commute – I go through a large park and start in the dark. At that time of day it is raccoons that are the hazard – several families live along my route!

  8. My last bike workout was yesterday with my wife. Now it’s the triathlon off season we did about 40K in about 2 hours on a mix of single trail and forest roads. Fortunately no squirrels were harmed on our ride.

    Thanks, for the giveaway.

  9. As my last cycling workout was indoors I didn’t meet any squirrels or similar :/ Just some flies and bugs flying around me :D

  10. I’ve been training inside now for several weeks on a new Lemond Revolution….I really like it so far but don’t have a way to record speed/distance without a rear wheel on. Thinking of getting the Power Pilot but would like a review from DC Rainmaker first!

  11. Jim

    Last cycling WO was yesterday. 2×12@z4 and 2×15@z3. No squirrels hit but I did ride, albeit for a short time, with an awesome triathlete that did Kona.

  12. Hi,
    I went for a ride with my wife to ride (she not me) a little her new bike (Canyon ultimate slx 9.0 team, very, very good bike) we do a 60 km ride with up and down in the beautiful land of Switzerland (Lake of Geneva region , triathlete paradise :).
    Actuel focus is a half marathon in two weeks. Than run run run

  13. End of season epic (there’s snow here in the Yukon now) 5 hours (4 up, one down) in the alpine, up to the old Mountain Hero Mine near Carcross. Two Black Bear cubs and mom, one large Grizzly male, Ptarmigan, Caribou, Fox, Coyote, Pika… all on the same ride, so pretty freaking perfect.

  14. Anonymous

    Haven’t been biking in a long time… I’m waiting for my crank to arrive so I can finally piece together my new bike! Last real ‘ride’ was the local sprint. My bike split was 2/300+ :D

    can’t figure out how to add my email addy so I’ll just throw it in here: joshuabradley11@hotmail.com

  15. Hi, it was 58km, 2h 24m 54s ;) 0 squirrels :( BUT: Sunshiiiine

  16. Local 50km race in the weekend. New course so I guess it was a PB of sorts. No squirrels in NZ. Love the blog and will be interested in your thoughts on the tacx trainer / software.

  17. local 70km race over new course. No Squirrels here in NZ. Love the blog – will be interested in your thoughts of the tacx trainer / software!

  18. It was a Beautiful riding day. Wish I had hit a squirrel rather than the pickup hauling a bass boat. Have a great day. Dave

  19. 50km mountain bike ride through Epping Forest on Saturday. No squirrels :(

  20. My last workout was yesterday at sunny Barcelona. We headed to Collserola, the nearest mountain. 35km mountainbiking, 25sh ºC and lots of fun.

    Almost got hitten by a wild board which is way much more dangerous than a squirrel!!

  21. Having been sick for 3 weeks, i can barely remember, but since I’m mainly a runner, bike workouts are always painful… No wildlife were hurt though, only my legs.

  22. Last cycling workout was the bike leg of an olympic distance tri about a months ago. (I need to get back on the bike) It was a fun ride with a section on a fast bike path… would have been interesting with squirrels!

  23. Weather is really picking up down here in NZ. Got out for a very scenic, hilly 80k in the Waitakere ranges (in Auckland) on Sunday morning.

  24. My last workout was a 109 mile ride over 3 loops. No squirrels but I did almost hit a coyote!

  25. Tom

    Last cycling was on Saturday, October 8th and I wished that the Queen K. Highway had had some squirrels to break the monotony of the heat and the wind in the lava fields during the 112 miles bike leg of the IM World Championships. Apparently, the winds and the heat were not as bad as they have been in some years – however, sufficiently bad for a German based guy used to a much chillier environment …

  26. A 16 mile ride on the highways of South Dakota prior to the Chicago Marathon!

  27. Matthias

    Last cycling workout was the first one on my new tri-bike. A Canyon Speedmax Al 9.0. It’s my very first tri-bike :)
    Was for 40km and took about 1:10h. Have to get used to the tri-positon. :)

  28. My wife and I cycled the bluffs and ridges around the scenic La Crosse, WI area this weekend. Great with fall colors!

  29. Last cycling workout: Sprint triathlon, 11 miles, 35:22 (yes, I know I’m slow), # squirrels hit: 0. Actually a PB for me on the bike for the last tri of my first season, and top 10 in my age group :).

  30. Sunday morning group ride. I managed to hang with the A group, but just barely.

  31. jns

    Previous sunday, just a one hour ride. Would know the distance if my FR105 hadn’t died on me mid-workout. It’s now on its way to Garmin so I’ll be in the dark for +- 5 weeks.
    No squirrels were harmed.

  32. Mor

    Biking with my son on Saturday morning. no squirrels hit :)
    probably next Saturday my next cycling session

  33. I just finished the Pumpkinman Triathlon in Las Vegas yesterday. I don’t know if squirrels would survive in that desert so I’m sure that I didn’t hit any. However, on the bike course (which is 95% uphill) there was a “Y” in the road which they didn’t have marked which way to go. I unfortunately took the “road less traveled” and got in an extra workout that I had not planned on.

  34. Not really a true work out but my last ride was to work. Beats sitting in traffic. 20 miles round trip each day is pretty good.

  35. Long way to work to get a bit of a hill climb in. 24km total.
    No squirrels but I did get swooped by a Magpie.

  36. No squirrels hit, just a ride to grocery store

  37. Sunday I did two hours on the trainer with 5 intervals of 8 minutes at Olympic Distance pace with 2 minutes of easy recovery between intervals.

    I had Kona 2010 recorded on the DVR and it provided plenty of motivation.

  38. On Saturday I did 2 hours on the trainer with 5 intervals of 8 minutes at Olympic Distance Pace with 2 minutes easy recovery between intervals.

    The stave off boredom and provide motivation I had Kona 2010 playing. I love it when Crowie passes Macca at like mile 7 when he is cramping.

  39. It’s been super windy and rainy this week so it was pure trainer work -outs. Gah. No animals harmed in the process however.

  40. Went out for a short brick workout yesterday. Blew a tire in the first quarter mile…fun. Not to be deterred, i got everything repaired and had a great ride and even better run.

  41. 25 miles in Connecticut, no squirrels injured by me… two were car roadkill though!

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. 20 miles. No squirrels harmed.

  44. Quick workout on my way to work. I’ve been focusing on the run.

  45. Brian L @ 72764

    30 miles along the Tour de Cure route for next Saturday. Nearly tagged a little dog 500 yards from home. Other than that an uneventful ride, just as it should be.

  46. Had a beautiful mountain bike ride at calabogie peaks over the canadian thanksgiving weekend.

  47. My last workout was Thursday the 13th, a ride up WA State Hwy 504 to the Johnston Ridge observatory at Mt. St. Helens. I combined two 2011 goals…a century since I missed all the organized rides in my area and a ride to the volcano.

    Roughly 7200 ft of climb and with a little extra at the end of the ride it made 100 miles.

    I saw no animals but did find out that the recovering Mt St Helens Elk population greatly enjoys pooping on the road shoulder.

    Additionally, not being flattened by a log truck was a huge bonus.

    A truly rewarding day of riding.

    Thanks for your blog,


  48. Dennis

    Last cycling workout was 2 laps at the Olympic Oval. No, not on the ice, beside it on the trainer. Workout was a 2 lap race simulation complete with cobbles (standing) and last two minutes of each lap was open sprint time (sprint for 5 seconds every time one of the testosterone driven participants yells attack). No squirrels hit (although I could have used a few to help me out).

  49. Dennis

    Last cycling workout was 2 laps at the Olympic Oval. No, not on the ice, beside it on the trainer. Workout was a 2 lap race simulation complete with cobbles (standing) and last two minutes of each lap was open sprint time (sprint for 5 seconds every time one of the testosterone driven participants yells attack). No squirrels hit (although I could have used a few to help me out).

  50. trail ride in wichita, ks; 35 miles total. no squirrels, but did get an unlucky grasshopper.

  51. No squirrels. Started out to be a 2-3 hour ride but only ended up being an hour after it started to rain and I lost motivation and turned for home early.

  52. 5 uninterrupted laps (25 miles) around Stone Mountain. Located NE of Atlanta.

  53. Hi Ray,
    My last ride was a work commute… no squirrels but lots of pot hole close calls. 16 miles one way.
    Love your blog and your reviews

  54. My last cycling workout was chasing my 3 year old while trying to teach him to ride his new bike. He finally got it and now goes everywhere!!!

  55. My last ride was 20miles in my hood. It was super windy and really rainy. Especially for Nevada! It was totally Man vs. Nature out there, but I was glad I got out.

  56. My most recent ride was an easy 20 miles on a paved trail to destress and take in the great fall weather. No squirrels, but I did see a few deer. Keep up the awesome reviews! I have my eye on my next bike and I’ll need to deck it out with all the latest shiny tech.

  57. Awesome blog man, love reading…
    Latest ride was 27 miles on MacArthur. Mostly flats up to Potomac. Some hills closer to Potomac. Then cranking back down toward Loughboro and MacArthur…windy, but great ride.

  58. brent.gaudreau@gmail.com

    Peninsula ride Victoria BC, 74.3 km, two and a half hours, and no squirrels were injured in this training ride, almost hit a dear though.

  59. Krzysiek

    Hi, 1,5h of regular ride. Trees were white from hoarfrost when i was starting, and went green from beautiful sun during the ride. Nice change.