September Garmin Forerunner 310XT Giveaway

With summer essentially ‘over’, and only one long weekend worth of it left (well, for those in the US anyway) – I feel like I need to add a bit of excitement back into your summer sails.
Given the fall running season nearly upon us – I figured I’d give something away that works well whether you’ve still got a few triathlons left, or if you’re purely a runner (or cyclist).  And since I love the Forerunner 310XT – I decided I’ll give one of those away.  Here’s my in depth review if you aren’t familiar with the little orange device.
Like the last three giveaways, there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you.  Last month it was one by someone in Poland! I’m going about this like a random raffle drawing, except that you can get multiple ‘entries’.  Here’s the usual skinny on how:

One Entry: Simply place a comment below on this page, that’s it!  No lyrics to create, or poems to make.  No stories to tell, or anything complex.  Only comments on this page count (nope, comments from 2 years ago don’t count).
Two Entries: Three different ways to double up here.  In addition to the comment below, just put a link on your blog (if you have one) to this contest page.  Or the second option is adding your Twitter account as a follower of DCRAINMAKERBLOG and retweeting the contest announcement.  By simply spreading the word, ya get an extra entry.  (Note: If you’re already a follower, simply re-tweet and you get credit!).  The final third option for non-Twitter/Blog peeps is to Share this on FaceBook instead. Surely you have FaceBook, right?  There’s a handy button below the post for doing it automagically.
Three Entries: Triple-time baby!  This is easy – just do all three of the above!  Twitter (or FaceBook), Blog/Site, and Comment.  Ya max out at three entries though…no quadruple dipping here!

See, that’s pretty painless, right?
If you’re new around these parts – then I suggest getting the lay of a land from this post – it’ll get you all caught up on the most interesting stuff I’ve written this year pretty quickly
Please let me know in your comment below how many entries you’ve qualified for if more than one, as it’s super-difficult for me to lineup a Twitter account named “AwesomeRunner28” to a blog named “RunnerGuy” to a comment listed from “RunningCowTippers!”, and I certainly want you to get all your entries.  I don’t need to know your account names, just how many entries.  Also, if ya have technical questions/thoughts/comments/diatribes/poems regarding the FR310XT specifically, use that post page for those writings.
The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner 310XT (without HR strap).
The contest will run until Thursday September 9th, 2010 at 11:59PM Eastern Time when I’ll close the entry period.  I’ll announce the winner the following day.
For those curious on how the giveaways work (like the part about how these are funded by me…), here’s the full deets.  Thanks all!
(Note: If you’re active duty military and deployed and are unable to complete the three entry methods above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya counted for all three.  Thanks!)


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  1. Shannon D

    Ooo, ooo, pick me. 2 entries, a tweet and a comment.

  2. I’ll take an entry! Cheers

  3. runwild
    One lucky entry. Would not miss any of your reviews or comments, very enlightening.

  4. Three Entries for me!
    I’m glad I found this site and looking forward to reading your archives.
    Also, Thanks for helping our deployed military athletes participate. I know what blog I’m going to keep up with when I’m deployed (If only being under water for months at a time would help my swim time.)

  5. Anonymous

    Two for you and 310 for me.

  6. Martin

    2 entries please
    Here and Facebook


  7. G

    406 comments so far.

  8. @kateshirley

    Awesome! Put me down for two entries (here and a RT).

    Btw, I certainly hope you took advantage of the Bonzai discount earlier this week to pick this one up. 🙂

  9. Keep up the great reviews and please submit me for two entries.

  10. 3 for me. Comment, re-tweet, and facebook’d!

  11. I would LOVE this! Wow – what a prize

  12. I follow you on Twitter & re-tweeted (link to


    randi_lynn137 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  13. Count me in for a Garmin Forerunner 310XT.

  14. Jen

    Thanks for contest. One entry.

  15. Would love to try a 310XT. 😉

  16. Jim

    I’m in for a 310XT.

  17. Guillermo

    One entry for me. Thanks Ray!

  18. Hi, i want the Garmin too!

  19. One plesase.. thank you very much.

  20. 2 entries for me. Thanks!

  21. Hey, two entries please….this plus facebook…thanks

  22. Put me in for three entries. I am here, I Tweeted, and I posted this on my blog. Let’s see if I’m lucky this time.

  23. Two entries…comment and facebook. Love the blog.

  24. Here’s a comment. There’s a link to the contest in my blog too.

  25. DJ

    Here is my comment, thanks!

  26. Wow I’m in for one…hope it’s my lucky day!

  27. did all 3 – comment, facebook & blog link

  28. Count me in for one entry.
    Your summer may be coming to an end but down in Australia we have just started Spring

  29. Thanks! I re-tweeted you this morning, so I guess that’s two.

  30. @realmarkgc

    3 entries here – Back at it again, I haven’t done it yet but you better believe i’ll be in for the comment here, the FB post, the Twitter post and blog site recc.


  31. yay!! I get another shot at winning a 310XT! Thanks for this giveaway, it rocks. 3 entries: comment, twitter (jennrice) and blog post.

  32. Yay! Another chance!

    1. Commented – check
    2. Retweeted – check (moment_uhms)
    3. Blogged – link to

  33. i really could use a gps

  34. Retweeted and comment so two entries.

  35. Great giveaway! Count me in!

  36. I’m a follower and I just tweeted about your giveaway.

  37. why not. great site.

  38. Just the one. Thanks!

  39. Yes please! Only one entry for me. I’m a luddite.

  40. p_bunyar

    Only one entry for me. Please oh please pick me!

  41. Peter

    Three entries: Comment, Retweet, and Facebook. Cheers!

  42. No, I don’t have a Facebook account lol I’ll settle for my one entry : )

  43. Dawn G

    I love the Garmin 310xt!

  44. MF

    very cool that you do this…one entry for me

  45. Two entries for me…new follower and I retweeted your post link. Thanks!

  46. Anonymous


    doron from tel aviv

  47. One entry for me, thanks!

  48. One entry for me please, thanks!

  49. Post and Follow!
    I just bought a 305 on your recommendation (and through your amazon link, I might add), but a new 310xt for the wife would be nice too.

  50. Sent here through a friend’s blog. Fun new blog for me to follow!

  51. I’m in! Hope I can win 🙂

  52. Brucelan

    I want it (and can’t afford it).

  53. I read you all the time

  54. I read you all the time

  55. Jeb

    three entries for me! tweet/facebook/comment!

  56. Two entries. 01grimes Tweeted your contest! And this comment of course!

  57. I really want to win this for my husband, great giveaway! 1 entry for me! Thanks!

  58. Two entries for me; facebook’d it!

  59. Ellen

    Woot woot! 3 entries, please!

  60. Hook me up Rainmaker

  61. I feel this is my lucky entry!

  62. Iain

    One entry please (is there a consolation prize of either a fresh cookie or a poptart?)

  63. You’re reviews are awesome!! Very detailed.
    1 entry!

  64. Facebook as well so 2 entries, it’s gonna be my lucky day…

  65. Sweet! Here’s a comment, you’re linked to from my blog and tweeted. That would be three entries, I believe. Thanks rainmaker.

  66. Would love to win a 310XT. Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. Hi_One has to be in it in order to win it. Right?

  68. Hi, hope to win, and thanks for a great blog.

  69. Hi, great blog, hope to win, incredible prize

  70. Thanks for the great GPS watch reviews and the informative blog. Hope I can win the 310!

  71. Facebook and this comment 🙂

  72. Your posts on GPS tech for sport are just amazing! Have provided good advise and saved me many hours of frustration and steep learning curves! Kudos from Saskatchewan DC Rainmaker.

    BTW 3 entries 1) post 2) follow and tweet link (twink?) to contest 3) post on my facebook profile

  73. Three entries for me: this comment, posting on my blog, and facebook! I’m feeling lucky 🙂

  74. This is a great training device put in my two cents and two entries hope to win one!

  75. kiwi

    one for me

  76. groochu

    maybe this time…btw. great site!

  77. three entries please

    a tweet in dutch, a retweet of your original tweet, a facebook mention and a blog post!

  78. one entry only…I’m going by faith!!! 🙂

    Did I mention I really want a garmin forerunner 310XT??

    will put the contest on my page ASAP!

  79. One here, one on FB 🙂

  80. Ray, put me down for all three. FB, Twitter and this post.

  81. Two entries please….comment here and retweet.

  82. Two for me… this one and a RT

  83. Three entries for me please.

    1. comment
    2. Twitter & Facebook
    3. Blog post

    Thanks 🙂

  84. Found your site yesterday as I was looking for reviews of 305 and 405 – and just noticed a RT of the giweaway in my Hootsuite search for Garmin.

    Look out for a RT from getfit2009 as well as a blog post on soon

  85. Three entries for me:
    Facebook.. done
    Retweeted.. done
    This coment.. done

    all registered by or @jalocreille

    Another awesome giveaway! thanks ray!

  86. Post and Facebook, I need a garmin big style

  87. Anonymous

    Two entries from me please, this comment and a facebook post. Thank you!

  88. Pam

    Two for me, comment and facebook!

  89. 3 entries: Comment, retweet, blog link

  90. Hi DC,
    3 Christmas this year, you-hou!
    1 entry for me.

    Thanks for your great job – and for the giveaway for sure.

  91. Hey Ray,
    Two entries for me:

    1. this comment
    2. FB Share

    Keep up the good work!

  92. What a great giveaway. I know my chances of winning are pretty slim, but thought I’d give it a try!
    gentzkelly at hotmail dot com

  93. Hook it up RAY! 2x for me!

    Comment & Tweeter @albertpwu

  94. Love your blog, love your contest!

  95. Kaves

    I’m in for 1. As always great blog Ray.

  96. A 310 would be awesome for tracking my runs and rides. Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. 1 entry please! Thanks for all the awesome blogging and giveaways.

  98. Two entries for me! this comment and facebook! Thanks

  99. georgekr1

    Two entries please, comment and a retweet. Thanks!

  100. Sweet! Very cool of you. I’m off to Twitter and FB !

    (And read the rest of your site)

  101. Two entries for me!

  102. I’m in for two…maybe three! thanks for the great reads and givaways!

  103. Sweet, follow on twitter and comment.
    love the site, very informative 🙂

  104. 1 entry! Thanks Ray, congrats on three years!

  105. You got a re-tweet and a comment from me. 2 entries please. Thanks! Great blog by the way.

  106. thanks for sponsoring this.


  107. sam

    two entries: Commented and retweeted

  108. Jay

    Thx again for the great giveaway! I’m in for 3 this time too (this post, retweet & FB)

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  109. You can thank Coach Liz for this entry!

  110. J

    one entry for me

  111. Tom

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. Love your blog! Add me to the drawing!

  113. Tom

    I added a link to my FB account too!! Love the site and the giveaway. Thanks for having the contest.

  114. 3 entries please! Facebook, Twitter and this comment.

  115. put me down for two entries!!!

  116. I’m in for sure! Three entries.

    comment here, follow on twitter and retweet on twitter!

    You can reach me back on my blog!

  117. Put me down for 3 entries, please!

  118. Michele

    Two entries for and on facebook – michelemikkysigel. Thanks You!

  119. One for me (fingers crossed!)

  120. In for one. Thanks a lot.

  121. Three please. Comment, did a retweet @bjafle and a blogpost with a link on

  122. One for me as well! To celebrate my 1st Tri this past month!

  123. i will be re tweeting this. sweet giveaway!

  124. So aside from cool reviews and all, I can win a garmin 310? Count me in!

  125. So I get cool reviews and tips AND a chance to win a garmin? I’m in!

  126. Two entries for me please. Comment and Facebook. Thanks

  127. 3 entries please. Commented, tweeted, and linked to giveaway on my blog.

  128. 3 for me please !
    please !! 🙂

    comment +tweet + blog link to

  129. mo

    2 entries- I shared on facebook. And here I thought you had a garmin tree in the backyard.

  130. Just one for me.


  131. 2 for me, please. Comment + retweet.


  132. I did all 3 greats from belgium

  133. This comment and a retweet. Love the blog.

  134. Done and Done! FB and Blog.

  135. Love this blog, and facebooked

  136. I have 2 in!!!! This is awesome!

  137. I have 2 in!!!! This is awesome!

  138. Facebooked and retweeted

  139. Hi, I hope to try out the watch. Winnie 🙂

  140. Hi! one entry here!

  141. milo617

    Two entries.. post and twitter. congrats on your three years. awesome site.

  142. Three for me!, comment, retweet, blog, and facebook. Thanks!

  143. Tid

    Count me for three – Twitter, facebook and comment. I like free things!

  144. Three for me! Comment, blog, and facebook!!! I REALLY want to win this! I have been wanting a Garmin for so long! Just hasn’t been in the budget! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  145. Keep up the good work, your blog is incredibly informative and fun to read.

  146. I facebooked your post as well and share your info with my tri team when I think it can help them out. Have a good weekend!

  147. Two for me too, comment and facebook.

  148. Tim

    Put me down for two! Your the bomb!! – tbanty

  149. Two entries for me! Comment + retweet!

  150. Two entries…this comment and facebook…thanks!

  151. Two entries please…this one and facebook…thanks! John

  152. count me in, brother!

  153. Chris

    Congrats on three years! Keep the posts coming.

  154. 2 please! Commenting, and a link to your contest in my blog.

  155. Best sports blog on the web. Thanks.

  156. I am in. In all three 🙂

  157. I’d really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really REALLY love the Garmin Forerunner 310XT! I’ve also retweeted AND shared on FB 😉

  158. Bart

    Great reviews DC it sure helps me in finding my first cycling gps, keep up the good work
    Greetings from Belgium

  159. Followed, tweeted, facebooked and commented….. Now give me the Garmin 🙂

  160. MootsUK

    Great blog, keep up the good work

  161. Two entries please.

    Your contest entry lists are increasing with your fame – I hope you’re scripting the process somehow.

  162. Two entries for me, this comments and retweet from markwoodhall

  163. @CleoPompom following you and retweeting. I guess that’s two entries!

  164. bc

    commeneted and facebooked bertcord

  165. Thanks so much for these contests!
    Comment – 1

  166. Tweet – 1

    aphire Wanna free Garmin 310XT? Enter the giveaway! link to

  167. Facebook – 1

    Friends OnlyEveryoneFriends and NetworksFriends of FriendsFriends OnlyCustomizeCustomeditEveryoneFriends and NetworksFriends of FriendsFriends OnlyCustomizeAttach:PhotosVideoEventLink
    .Caleb Kinney Wanna free Garmin 310XT? Enter the giveaway! link to
    DC Rainmaker: September Garmin Forerunner 310XT Giveaway
    With summer essentially ‘over’, and only one long weekend worth of it left (well, for those in the US anyway) – I feel like I need to add a bit of excitement back into your summer sails…2 seconds ago · Friends Only · Comment ·LikeUnlike · Share

    Thats all three – cross my fingers.

  168. Two for me, this and facebook!

  169. Two for me! Twitter and a comment here!

  170. Count me in for three………in honor of the Blogiversary!

  171. Three for me, Mr. Rainmaker! I’ve posted on Facebook and my blog. Thanks for all of the fantastic giveaways and most excellent articles.

  172. Two entries for me. Comment and Facebook. Thanks for the great info.

  173. Thanks to Coach Liz for sending me your way. Another tri blog to put on the reading list. (and a new 310 wouldn’t hurt!)

  174. Thanks for this chance dc!

    I have re-tweeted as well as posted on my blog.

  175. This comment has been removed by the author.

  176. Awesome! Count me in for 1 please!

  177. anthony

    thanks for such a wonderful resource!
    one entry for me

  178. Two for me……Comment and FBook