Garmin Forerunner 110 Giveaway

I think it’s that time of the month again.

The time to give something away.

Well, ok, giving away stuff could occur anytime of the month – but I’ve got good reason to give stuff away this time of the month.

My little blog continues to grow – thanks to all your amazing comments and links from around the world – and for that I’m really appreciative!  It’s growing so much, that for the first month ever, I crossed the 100,000 page views in a single month mark.  And because of that – the month of June was officially the biggest month evah around these parts!

And guess what?  It’s only going to get more awesome over the summer!  I have nearly 40 posts already planned with great content from a guest post on how to take photos in a triathlon, to a post from The Girl, to how to pace with a power meter.  All incredible stuff.
But…the real point of this post…is the free stuff.  And free stuff you will get!

I’m giving away a brand new, never used Garmin Forerunner 110.  I’m wrapping up my Forerunner 110 In Depth Review, so I figured I’d give away a FR110.  Logical, right?  You get to pick between the men’s or women’s version (or generic w/o HR) – which will be sent straight to your doorstep.  And, it includes the ANT+ heart rate strap as well.

Like my last giveaway, there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you.  In fact, the last giveaway winner went to someone outside the US.
I’m going about this like a random raffle drawing, except that you can get multiple ‘entries’.  Here’s how:

One Entry: Simply place a comment below on this page, that’s it!  No lyrics to create, or poems to make.  No stories to tell, or anything complex.  Only comments on this page count (nope, comments from 2 years ago don’t count).
Two Entries: Three different ways to double up here.  In addition to the comment below, just put a link on your blog (if you have one) to this contest page.  Or the second option is adding your Twitter account as a and retweeting the contest announcement.  By simply spreading the word, ya get an extra entry.  (Note: If you’re already a follower, simply re-tweet and you get credit!).  The final third option for non-Twitter/Blog peeps is to Share this on FaceBook instead. Surely you have FaceBook, right?  There’s a handy button below the post for doing it automagically.
Three Entries: Triple-time baby!  This is easy – just do all three of the above!  Twitter (or FaceBook), Blog/Site, and Comment.  Ya max out at three entries though…no quadruple dipping here!

See, that’s pretty painless, right?

Please let me know in your comment below how many entries you’ve qualified for if more than one, as it’s super-difficult for me to lineup a Twitter account named “AwesomeRunner28” to a blog named “RunnerGuy” to a comment listed from “RunningCowTippers!”, and I certainly want you to get all your entries.  I don’t need to know your account names, just how many entries.  Also, if ya have technical questions/thoughts/comments/diatribes/poems regarding the FR110 specifically, use that post page for those writings.

Now go out and enjoy your (safe) long 4th of July weekend (for those in the US), and for everyone else…hope your weekend is enjoyable as well!

The contest will run until Wednesday July 7th, 2010 at 11:59PM Eastern Time when I’ll close the entry period.  I’ll announce the winner the following day

For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets.  Thanks all!


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  1. Hi thanks for a great blog. Bought the fr305 after reading your review and love it so far.

  2. 1 entry. Great Blog!

  3. I would love to have a Garmin Forerunner 110! I love running! Thanks!
    Jamie- nursrunner

  4. I would love to have a Garmin! Thanks!

  5. I would love to have a Garmin! Thanks!

  6. My husband would be so happy if I won this.

  7. Ben

    I sure am hoping to pick up a nice and shiny FR110.

  8. Ooh ooh, pick me! Love your reviews. You have helped me pick my new running trainer, the 305. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep sharing your blog w/ my friends.

  9. Sorry, forgot to mention that I posted this to my FB page as well. No twitter for me just yet (so that’s 2 entries for those keeping track at home).

  10. Hi!
    The Netherlands would like to join the Giveaway…
    Regards, Roberto

  11. Kim

    3 Entries please! I blogged it, tweeted it, and well, wrote it down here!

    Kimba the Trail Goddess

  12. 1 entry please.

    Great blog.

  13. 2 entries…

    Comment, and facebook

  14. In for 3 Thanks again Ray

  15. Great blog! New reader, lovin your productreviews!

  16. Great blog.. I ran my first triathlon about 12 years ago, and my first half marathon in Feb 2010. I’m gearing for another tri and could really ust this. Will be going with this to facebook for a second entry

  17. Awesome idea, thanks Ray!

  18. I was going to post some sort of witty comment about the heat down here in DC, then blogger beat me with the verification word “hoter”

  19. DC,

    I was travelling quite a bit myself and keeping your training regime is rather tough. But talking along your bike, that is insane :-)))

    Take care
    YouYou, Montreal

  20. From William,
    This site is makeing me excited about my upcoming half-iron man on sunday in providence. I wish I had a 310xt to run with so I can track all of my data. The data tracking has me most excited as a geek and an athlete. I want a hr monitor, a cadence sensor, and a pedal integrated energy monitor.
    Keep up the great work DC!

  21. poweroftherun

    Been following your blog for over a year now! Still have all the pics you so kindly sent me from Boston 09.

    Great reading!!

  22. Been following your blog for over a year now! Still have all the pics you so kindly sent me from Boston 09.

    Great reading!!

  23. Ok, leaving comments and then following directions so now I”m fixing it. :_
    I tweeted poweroftherun
    I facebooked Diana Shine Furey
    and I commented on the blog Coopersmiles


  24. Hi Ray… I work in DC and live in Annapolis, so postage would be cheaper should I win (hint, hint…)

  25. Cool blog. Just found it through a fellow Tri-NE’er.

  26. Come to me watch, come.

  27. milo617

    1. Post

    2. Twitter

  28. kd


    Here are *two* entries for the giveaway. One comment and one retweet. Cheers.

  29. kd

    hello, here are two entries, one comment and one retweet. Thanks.

  30. 1 entry for me. Thanks.

  31. Awesome. Thanks mate. All three done. Now, its Wait time. Thanks again. Your blog rocks.

  32. Just found you! Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance. I use a 301 right now, but hubby and I need a 2nd one (we clearly don’t share sweaty running gear very well). I am curious about the 110 and would love to win one!!!

  33. Leaving a comment, and retweeted as runeatrun. :D

  34. I just stumbled onto your blog while googling reviews on the garmin GPS watches. So happy to see a contest in which you are giving away your 110. Love the photos to by the way.

  35. Wow, a Garmin Forerunner 110, that’s incredible!

  36. My top triathlon blog, really enjoying your posts.

  37. I want to win this Garmin! I posted to facebook, tweeted and now commented. Yahoo!

  38. Great Blog. Just started training for my first sprint. Getting some really good info from your product reviews.
    Just this one entry.

  39. Nice blog. If I updated mine more often I’d say to check out mine at link to

  40. Commented, tweeted, and shared…three entries, please!

  41. Hey Ray-
    Thanks for the great blog! I tweeted/blogged and facebooked.
    TJ Tryon

  42. G

    Great contest, great blog, just discovered it. geez, how could i have missed it for so long! I followed you on twitter and RT the announcement, shared this on facebook and commented here. so three entries, right?

  43. Very nice! 2 entries here… comments & FB. Thanks!

  44. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Garmin – very cool toy!
    Nice to find your blog through a friend’s post on Facebook – advertising through giveaways works!

  45. If I win, I’ll give it to by brother-in-law.


  46. Hey Ray — Awesome Contest!

    2 entries (comment and Retweet!)

  47. Hook a bother up!

  48. I use the 405, but wouldn’t mind having a back up system.

    Enjoyed reading your blog.


  49. I would like to win this for my friend Billie at work who is training for his first triathlon! Go Billie!

  50. I am a runner geek

  51. chrisarisso

    WOOHOO, another giveaway!

  52. Bob

    Sign me up for 2 entries (blog link, I’m not on Twitter) and have fun cutting 500 pieces of paper, ha ha!


  53. 2 entries, here and on twitter @scottbradbury

  54. andgo1

    2 entries for me (I retweeted too) :-)

  55. Love the blog, Ray. Can’t wait to see your review of this one!

  56. CC_run

    Great Blog … I’ll be back for more. Also you can follow me on Twitter @CC_run

  57. Very interresting blog


  58. happyvibe

    I struck lucky as your blog came highly recommended. I’m looking for HRM reviews – and then saw the competition, could I really be that lucky?!?!