Can you name details about this picture?

For Tuesday I’m going to go with something a little bit different than a normal post.  Last week The Girl and I participated in a bit of an experiment…with our bikes.  This experiment took quite a bit of time actually to carry out, but it helps pave the way for future activities as a result.  It involved some dismantling, re-mantling, some twisting, some looking at it funny to see if we got it right, and then a bit more modification of the situation.  Thankfully, no animals were harmed in the experiment.

But I’m going to cut to the chase, in what will probably be my shortest post evah!  (You can stop celebrating now…no really…now is good).

So here’s the deal – identify details in/about this picture and you as a result win…well…nothing.  Yes, I know – some folks have fancy contests with all sorts of great prizes.  At the moment, I lack such features.  Maybe in the future I’ll be able to up the prize ante to something like semi-stale gel packets.

As for your quest, again, it’s simple – identify as much as possible about this picture outside of the bikes themselves (meaning, listing the tire name or bike brand doesn’t count):


Ye with the most correct details about what these bikes are doing wins the bragging rights.  As a side note, I’m also not above people telling me how awesome I am (or The Girl is), counting as a “correct detail”.  Nor am I against cookies and other baked goods being sent to count as correct details.

However, for those peeps ‘in the know’ (you know who you are), you don’t count.  But you usually get things like cupcakes anyway.

The only hint I’ll give you is if you do enough reading in my post archives for the year 2008, you might just find the answer.  But after I clicked on that link I realized it’s kinda addicting to read the posts backwards starting from December 31st…and soon I was fully distracted.  You might get that way too.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) at roughly this time, I’ll post the full back story.  In the meantime, post your best guess!  Good luck!


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  1. I’m guessing an international triathlon is in the works and you were seeing how you could pack both bikes for transport/shipping. Maybe some sightseeing around the world by bike while going to and coming from the tri. Just my guess. :)

  2. Wes

    Yup. Mike is quick. Two bikes in one box for Rev3 this weekend. See ya there :-)

  3. Kim

    damn it mike! yeah Rev 3 in Knoxville!

  4. I’ll say you are practicing your packaging skills for Rev3 Costa Rica….

  5. Shell’s Aeroshell 80 weight oil is typically reserved for airplanes, although it has other uses (anti-corrosion, etc). Quite possible you’re flying w/ this bike or are testing it’s fit in a small engine aircraft’s storage compartment; perhaps a Cessna 172SP although this compartment appears different. (Or it’s just coincidence the oil is in the photo.) Will you be using the rope to tie-down the bike? No need for worrying about aft-cg limits, that bike weighs nothing :)

    Diamond-gnurled tires are typical of training tires, so odds are you do a lot of mileage w/ this particular set-up (training).

    Magnet on the rear wheel means the sensor is probably located on your left chain-stay.

    Your front derailleur cable is also slightly looser than the rear in this photo, probably due to tension as the handlebars are cocked right.

    In sum, you’re flying with this bike in a small engine aircraft. Happy flying!

  6. post script: the FAA emblem and the word “procedures” is also barely visible :)

  7. The bikes are trying to mate and make more bikes….


    Ok, this looks like it may be a packing varriation to travel with them to some awesome venue but I would put some padding over that cassette so it does not scratch up the fork. I know your bike is not yellow so I am guessing that is a trainer in the background.

    I saw that info on Rev3 Costa Rica and I am interested to see the course maps when they post them.

  8. Werner

    It looks like the skewer in the rear wheel is of the CycleOps Trainer variety, supporting the notion that these are training wheels. So if it is a race, I don’t know that you would be bringing training wheels. Plus I don’t recognize this bike as being your regular race bike. Thus I conclude you are packing the bike to send to a remote location where you intend to stay/train for an extended period. Perhaps to have a spare bike in Seattle for example?

    The oil shown is used by a small engine plane, as was mentioned previously.

    Perhaps this is the Girl’s bike? I don’t remember every seeing her bike in a picture though. Is it s Fuji… can’t really tell from the picture?

  9. Wait, it is a Felt. There is a picture of it on your 4/29 post.