A snowy food filled weekend

Let’s just get right into the action, by starting where I left off on Friday evening as nightfall fell (hmm…does that mean it fell twice?) – it looked like this:


While the snow was starting to fall, the Girl got busy on a cupcake creation – Lemon Zucchini Pistachio with a Lemon Meringue topping.


Meanwhile, I got busy on pizza:

IMG_2209 IMG_2215

With cupcakes and pizza complete, fast forward a dozen hours of Blizzard later (not the Dairy Queen Blizzard, but rather the National Weather Service type), and here’s what it looked like outside:


Which, turns out is about 20-30” of snow.  I never bothered to measure it – I figured plenty of other people did that.  I’d guess in the mid-20’s though.  It didn’t stop snowing until about 3-4PM on Saturday.  Good times!

We took that opportunity to wander around a bit and check out the snow:

IMG_2294 IMG_2309 IMG_2322

After we were done on our little walk, we decided that the road in front of the house wasn’t too bad.  This is because the road is an emergency snow route, and thus really well plowed (constantly). By time nightfall came on Saturday, the snow had stopped, the skies cleared – and the road was completely and totally empty.  Very eerie empty (see above).

So what better way to make use of a massive impromptu ‘running track’ than get our previously planned run workout done?


We each put on a pair of Yak Traks and got to it – it’s all about getting the work done:

IMG_2343 IMG_2372

We had quite a bit of fun actually, and the paces were only a few seconds/mile off normal:




After we finished the cool down, The Girl decided to play in the street.  I have no idea what she was doing:


IMG_2378 (Funny, you can see her Garmin Forerunner 305 lit up on her wrist)

Afterwards (which was kinda late…) I got to work on a nice hearty beef stew:

IMG_2392 IMG_2402 IMG_2407 IMG_2410

Which…finally finished a touch after midnight.  But we had been a bit delayed all day anyways, so the delay wasn’t horrible.  But the stew was very solid!  (From this past month’s Cook’s Illustrated)

Oh, and The Girl put together a quick lemonade from some of the lemon’s Molly sent us (she had used the peel of this particular lemon on Friday for the cupcakes, then we used the insides for the lemonade):

IMG_2395 IMG_2400 IMG_2404

Today (Sunday) brought clear skies and more wandering around checking it all out:

IMG_2425 IMG_2443 IMG_2457 Cross Country skiing has quickly become the more popular way of getting around town these days…

IMG_2467 IMG_2479 IMG_2517

Mid-day we got on the trainers and knocked out a 95 minute workout, but we couldn’t get the swim’s in today since all of the rec centers and pools in the city are closed. :(

Later this evening for dinner I made Fresh Linguini Pasta with a Pork Ragu.  This was a trifecta of pig.  It.was.awesome.

IMG_2519 IMG_2524 IMG_2526 IMG_2532 IMG_2540

And finally, to top the weekend off, The Girl made an incredible tasting Cherry filled Lemon Shortcake with a lemon glaze on top…trust me, it didn’t last long (she just named it: Lemon meets Cherry Bomb).

IMG_2545 IMG_2551 IMG_2553

We now await Tuesday/Wednesday’s next winter blast, bringing yet another pile of snow…


As an aside, a couple of quick things into the random category:

I noticed on ST a thread this weekend rumoring some age-group testing for performance enhancing drugs at an Australian Ironman 70.3 event on Saturday.  Awesome!  You may remember my post on this a while back…

For DC/NY/Boston area folks: There’s a Multisport Expo thingy that’s free in March in a few cities, and the first 500 folks that register get a big ass swag bag.  You know I’ll be there…at least for the free stuff anyway…


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  1. made me hungry! very fun to read your post again! I’ve just been very busy lately, haven’t had a chance to the past few months!

  2. Jen

    I’m hungry now. Way to get out there… having 3 feet of snow here makes it hard although we finally got plowed at 2 in the morning.

  3. I hear they are changing the DC BIT TO “Dump Central”!

    Not sure as a snowboarder how I would fare? Maybe buy a dog or a gaggle of small children to pull me along?


  4. Haha! Glad to see the lemons got more use than they would have here!

    Holy snowstorm! Kind of jealous but not of all the shoveling and plowing :)

  5. that was quite the weekend, good food and good snow! it must be nice to live on an emergency snow route, it takes us a week to get plowed out!

  6. Crap, I should have thought to come be adopted by you and the Girl. I’ve been hopping from house to house because I lost power and heat on Friday, and as of yesterday they shut off all water/plumbing to my building. No resolution time yet for power/water/heat. :( The Lemon Meets Cherry Bomb looks amazing. mmm.

  7. Anonymous

    Do you have the recipe for the pork trifecta? Looks awesome.

    PS – thanks for the inspiration to pick up some yak trax – going to grab some today!

  8. Anonymous

    PS – great blog, just discovered via google search for forerunner reviews – learned a ton and look forward to being a regular vistor.

  9. Thanks all!

    Here’s the Pork Ragu recipe from this month’s Bon Appetit:

    link to bonappetit.com

  10. Wow, that is a lot of snow!!! Love the guy trail blazing on XC skis out there. That would definitely be the thing to do. Nice that you guys were able to get your workouts in too.

    Would you guys mind sharing your recipes for the Lemon Zucchini Pistachio cupcake and the pork ragu? Looks delicious!

  11. I should have scrolled through the comments, I see you already shared the pork recipe. Thanks…going to try making that maybe this weekend!

  12. Looks like you were well prepared for the snow onslaught. Great job, and even to get a run in, wonderful. Molly’s lemons are the best though, glad to she has found new ways of getting rid of them!

  13. Anonymous

    Yer not the ‘Geek Next Door’ is you?

  14. So what’s on the menu for Valentine’s Day? Even if it is a ‘silly holiday’ it’s a good excuse to make some tasty food… not that you need an excuse, obviously :)

  15. My stomach is now growling big time. I can’t believe you guys ran in that snow! Bleh.

  16. We follow your blog. We would like to invite you to be a part our Swim Coach Finder Facebook Group link to facebook.com

  17. That stew looks great. I will go dig out my Cook’s from last month and give it a go. They have a special Soups and Stews edition that came out a few weeks ago and the Loaded Baked Potato Soup is DA BOMB!!!

    Oh, I mastered white sanwhich bread last week! Now it is on to Challah and rye.

  18. Bob

    That pizza looks incredible. Don’t know about you but we’re bracing for another blizzard tomorrow.

  19. Hi Anon-

    RE: The Geek Next Door

    Funny about that actually. While some might consider me the geek next door…I am not. But interestingly, the person next door is actually officially ‘The geek next door’, they even have a little car that says so. Go figure!

    Hey Coffee Run-

    As for Valentines day dinner, nope, I don’t plan on cooking anything this year. But I do have reservations somewhere…

    I figure I make a ton of Valentine’s-day-like dinners all the time, so sometimes I feel like just relaxing a bit. :)

  20. Wow, looks like Minnesota when I was there last year!

  21. What a full snow day! More to come.

  22. Anonymous

    Re: Geek Next Door

    Cool, I was just wondering if that biz was a side endeavor of yours considering it’s proximity to your place (ironic for sure!).