Preparing for the worst

I am prepared.

I am prepared to sit back and do nothing this weekend.  Why would I be doing nothing?

Well, for those non-east-coastern folk – this be why:


However, I am also prepared to cook a ton, and likely continue my never ending friendship with Mr. Trainer – because riding him doesn’t require going to a closed pool or gym (treadmill).  And just to be sure he hasn’t forgotten about me (since Wednesday), I re-affirmed that friendship over the past hour:


As for the cooking – I am prepared like an Iron Chef.


Speaking of fun cooking things – I’m planning on making one of these (DIY geekdom at that link, go check it out):


What is it you ask?  Well…it’s a Sous Vide Immersion Circulator – which is freakin awesome.  Basically Sous Vide cooking technique is where you put something (such as meat) inside a sealed bag and then cook it at a very exact temperature in the water.  This allows you incredible control over the texture and flavor of the meat.  At $75 for all the parts, it’s about 1/6th the cost of the cheapest unit out there – and upwards of 1/40th the cost of most units out there.

This will finally allow me to actually use some of the recipes within Thomas Keller’s latest book that I got a while back – ‘Under Pressure’.  Currently that book just sits on the table and looks pretty.  In the future it will continue doing that same looking pretty role, but it just might occasionally also get used.

The parts won’t arrive until next week, so that won’t be this weekend’s snowed in food project(s).  Instead, the wide assortment of cooked things will be mostly out of the below (and…my overly large cookbook collection).


(Side note above…I’m still bummed that they killed off Gourmet magazine last month and decided to replace my subscription with Bon Appetite instead.  Boo!)

Oh, but best of all – fellow triathlete blogger Molly sent us a enormous box of lemon’s from her backyard:

IMG_2164 IMG_2185

Let there be lemons!

…well…lemon creations!

So yes…I am prepared for the worst…

…I am prepared to cook many meat creations.

…I am prepared to cook homemade pizza on a pizza stone.

…I am prepared to sit back and watch The Girl cook cupcake amazingness.

…and finally, I am prepared to eat every last little bit of it…and it will be awesome.

And now…onto watching the rest of that 30 inches of snow fall…



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  1. Jen

    I am in MD… so I feel your pain. I got in my run before it got dark… but don’t expect to get much in before Monday.

  2. I totally hear ya on having nothing to do this weekend but becoming friends (again) with the trainer. I’ll be doing the same thing.

  3. Sounds like a doozy. Stay warm and safe!

  4. I’ll be hanging out with my good friend KineticPro and probably doing some baking as well. Pretty excited for the snow.

  5. The difference between the winters from one year to the next is amazing. This year you are getting blasted and we have temps in the 40s day after day and week after week.

    Enjoy your winter wonderland!

  6. Hey, I have 4WD. Can I come over for dinner tomorrow? :)

  7. you can still go for a run :)

  8. hey, that road looks awfully familiar…Hope you’re surviving the night man! bundle up with good food, and good company

  9. Pia

    The weather on Washington made news even here in Finland: link to

    Hope you’re safe!

  10. I am impressed by all your preparations and provisions. I’m definitely looking forward to your personal post storm report. Spokane Al and I got to experience a couple similarly MASSIVE snowfalls the past two winters, but as he mentioned this year Spokane is completely the opposite. Minimal snowfall, most days are in the 40s and a fair amount of rain. It’s like we got transplanted into Western Washington for a year or something.

  11. Looks like the basics, food and exercise, are covered! Enjoy the snow and stay cozy!

  12. How much snow did you get??? We got about a foot here in NE Ohio! :)

  13. You are building your own Sous Vide??!!?? Wow! I want one too! You might give the Voltagio Brothers a run for their money. Cook’s is one of my favorites. There is a great brownie recipe in the new April issue. My family agrees it is the BOMB!

  14. :( Molly didn’t send me any lemons, although she did send me a kick ass splish for my bday!

  15. Kim

    Sous vide? Do you watch Top Chef also? The hubby and I need to get together with you and the Girl sometime. Between the food and the training it could be a great evening!
    We got about 18 inches of snow here.

  16. Enjoyed all your pictures: snow and food. (cute bike on a sign).