Friday Mail Call

I got all sorts of interesting things in the mail this week.  Both physical mail, as well as e-mail.  And I’m not just talking about the coupons either – we’re talking high quality stuff.

First up was a little Christmas Card from the folks at TriSports.  Now, I don’t buy a ton of stuff from them aside from little things like nutrition or random crap.  Though, upon further reflection – I guess that can end up being a fair bit between two people over the course of a training season.  At any rate, here’s the card – at first, just your normal card:


And then I open it up and there’s all these signatures in it.  The key thing here though is that these are REAL signatures – I can actually feel the pen press on some of them and the reflectivity of some of the pens.  These aren’t some auto generated cards with signatures in it (that’s super-cheesy btw).  I’m pretty impressed actually.  By the same token – I feel sorry for them, cause it would really suck to sign a gazillion cards.  I hate handwriting things, and my signature would end up being a straight line after a while (kinda like it is anyways).


Earlier in the week I was getting little UPS Info-Notices on my door telling me they were trying to deliver a package from the “Purolator”.  I have no idea what this percolator purell person is, but it sounded awfully sketchy.  Kinda a coffee filter and hand sanitizing stuff mixed together, only scarier.

Finally, the UPS man caught me at a time where I was home, and handed me the envelope:


Hmm…it’s got some French action on it.  Who in France land wants to talk to me?

Then I flip it over and it’s got a dude with a big stick on it.  Ahhh…French Writing + Big Stick Dude = Canadian.  Add in some little circles and now I know what these are.


We gots one batch of Vancouver 2010 Olympic Tickets!

IMG_5394 IMG_5398

Though, my batch is kinda like the red headed step child as I’ve only got 6 tickets, whereas the rest were shipped to my parents place in Seattle.  We’re all going to cross the border from Seattle to check out the action in February.  Should be a good adventure.

Switching over to e-mail, I received this yesterday from the folks responsible for Training Peaks.  They announced WKO+ 3.0 and have a few little free webinars if you want to learn more about it.  I have no idea if I’ll bother buying it (Training Peaks online pretty much does everything I have time to deal with today), but it’s like NBC ‘The more you know’…or something like that.  I’m always interested in learning new tech stuff, so I’ve tossed it on my calendar – figured I’d pass it along here. 

Dec. 21-Monday-Noon (EST, GMT-5) –How to use WKO+ 3.0 for Coaches

Dec. 21- Monday-6pm (EST, GMT-5) – How to use WKO+ 3.0 for Athletes

Dec. 22- Tuesday- Noon (EST, GMT-5) – How to use WKO+ for Athletes

Dec. 22- Tuesday- 6pm  (EST, GMT-5) – How to use WKO+ for Coaches

Last but not least, I present you nothing at all with mail-wise.  Just because I can.  The Girl and I went for a 10 mile run tonight – both of us in Z2.  Of course, most of the time that would cause issues due to our slightly different paces.  So, every 1/4th of a mile or so I’d do a little loop back on a side street to keep within sight of her.   I just thought it made a pretty funny overview map.  Without explanation you’d think I was probably the most lost person ever.  For the record though, I did run into two different post office parking lots along the route – so it’s kinda mail related now…


Ok…off to bed.  And tomorrow night and through the weekend – there shall be skiing!  Though, as it seems always happens, whenever I leave my little abode it snows at home.  It’s supposed to snow some crazy 10” here in DC.  Probably could have just found a small hill here and saved a 4 hour drive.  Though – that only means one thing for the ski trip:  Epic pow.

Ok…two things.  More Skiing with GPS action.



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  1. Very cool on the tickets to the Olympics! Have fun skiing this weekend.

  2. Have fun skiiing! I just picked mine up from the rents basement the other day.

  3. Wow, Olympic tickets! That will be super exciting!

  4. Olympics!!! Very cool. Say hi to Apolo for me.

  5. Have fun at Snowshoe. Probably one of the better “mountains” around the immediate area. At least there is a special lift for the Cupp Run and the other harder trails on that side. Keeps it from getting too crowded. I don’t think you could have picked a better time to go.

  6. Happy holidays! Purolator is the express USPS-equivalent service here in Canada as far as I know!

    I like the map. I want to try to spell something using my route one of these days!

  7. RWJ

    Did you make it out of the airport? It’s crazy here!

  8. Yup, I made it out. Though, we were driving – so while it took a touch over 8 hours (instead of 4), we made it. Skiing was solid today. The question is managing to escape tomorrow…