Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Edge 510 or Edge 810


Sometimes you just can’t decide.  Like when eating donuts. Apple fritter or maple bar?  That’s sorta how it was for this giveaway.  I couldn’t decide between the 510 or the 810.  Some folks want mapping, and some want a slightly slimmer model.  Thus, I figure I’ll let the winner decide.  You win, you decide.  And, if you want the slightly more aged Edge 500 – you can have that instead.  Your choice.

At any rate, the Edge 510 & 810 are the first cycling units on the market to connect to your phone and broadcast your current speed, cadence, power, heart rate, and location data to friends and Facebook feeds everywhere.  And, when it comes time to find the way, both units some various forms of navigation – just like I used last week.  Of course, you’ll still have to do all the pedaling, for that, it won’t do.

Giveaway Opens: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Now closed)
Giveaway Closes: 9:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 3 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Garmin Edge 510 & Edge 810 In-Depth Reviews

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left.  If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10MHD to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US.  Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 3-hour timespan specified above.  All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above.  Winners will be chosen randomly.  Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training.  Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them.  I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments.  So refrain from re-trying 28 times, fear not, it’ll show up.  Note, only one entry per person.

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Thanks all!


  1. Paul

    Another great give away

  2. MdBG

    Before going to sleep lets try…..beatiful garmin gadgets……

  3. DJAntero

    Ou yeah!

  4. Michael Arcilla

    This would be the perfect replacement for my Edge 500 – which was utterly demolished in a recent crash!

  5. ned

    Would be nice…

  6. Michael

    Yes please!

  7. JFH

    I’ll take one, please!

  8. Scott

    I’ve just started going thru this decision making process for a 500 vs 510 myself! Good timing (especially if I win!).

  9. Steven K

    DC Rainmaker and Clever training are great for having these give-a-ways!

  10. Etienne

    Yes Please!

  11. Kara

    Love your blog and love Garmin! Would love to win one!

  12. Paul R

    I’m trying to be a CleverTrainer so as to gain an Edge.

  13. John C

    Big bucks, no whammies!

  14. I’d love one!

  15. Joe Stromberg

    I’ll try again.

  16. Brian Dooley

    Pick Me

  17. tui2004

    Please !!

  18. Antia

    Another try!

  19. Daniel

    Oh I want so much!!!

  20. Damien Goh

    I can has one please? =D
    Will trade cheeseburger

  21. Oliver

    I need this Garmin, winter is coming!

  22. Daniel

    Am I lucky?

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  24. Brandess

    This would be awesome to have. Thanks!

  25. Trent Clowater

    I’m already thinking of buying one of these. Winning one would be perfect!

  26. austin

    Pick me

  27. Lisa Barton


  28. Nicole

    Great giveaway! Fingers crossed.

  29. Metaxnerd


    Looks like another winning product.

  30. Jim Percy

    Ooh Ooh, Pick Me, Pick Me

  31. Vincent Pimentel

    510 for me!!!!

  32. Joe Galli

    Yes, Please!

  33. Craig McMillan

    810 please

  34. Tiago

    Hi, I’m here again.

  35. Matt Dreyfuss

    One of each please?

  36. Jeremy Wood

    Hope to win

  37. Jeff

    The 810 would look great on my bike!

  38. Chris C

    Would love it even more if the 810 came with a P3!

  39. Nick C.

    Thanks Ray! Love the site!

  40. R.Y.

    Oh great!!

  41. Matt Fowler

    810 por favor!

  42. Robert M.

    Very nice!

  43. Mary

    Me please!

  44. Alan Moore

    Wow, will look good on my F1 !!

  45. T Bianchini


  46. Jason

    I just rode a century! Need more Garmin!

  47. martins ozolins


  48. LeAnne

    Fingers crossed!

  49. Alison F

    Pick me!

  50. Kim

    Would love the 810.

  51. Lozy

    Missed the quarq by 3 minutes!

  52. Leo

    What an awesome week!!!

  53. Kieran


  54. Shane

    Another great giveaway, Ray. Thanks for everything that you do for your readers.

  55. nocheese4u

    If you choose me I’ll give my 500 to a friend and pay it forward!

  56. Khoo Teng Hin

    Trying my luck!

  57. Johno

    How good does this get?

  58. Casey

    Go DC Go, Roll them dice!!!

  59. IzzyODT

    yuppp – I’ll let you know when I winn ;-))

  60. Matt Jadin

    i’m in

  61. Paul Schwartz

    Yay for Garmin!

  62. John Hessenthaler

    Free Garmin? Woo!!!

  63. tim

    Just in time

  64. Dave

    Great reviews and I love that you incorporate your travels into them!

  65. Adz

    Tough choice…

  66. Josh Oliver

    Please :)

  67. Yeah, well, when it comes to bike bling, I have none of this. Me want!

  68. Renz

    all the way from Asia Pacific, you’re the man DC ^_^

  69. Robin

    Yes, and I’d like cupcakes, too.

  70. Youngster

    Any of them would be great

  71. Jeff

    Love it!

  72. Managed to wake up just in time : )

  73. I would be honored to win a Garmin!

  74. Mhin

    810 for me !

  75. Allison

    Pick me!!!

  76. kyle

    Heck yeah!

  77. Steven Shearer

    Either would be great to win..:)

  78. Lior D

    Best. Extravaganza. Ever.

  79. Bruce Lam

    Let me win!

  80. the reds

    It would be nice to have one of these

  81. TheHut

    Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

  82. Jan

    More toys for my bikes!

  83. Kevin V

    What a great day on the DCRainmaker blog.

  84. Marius

    I want it!

  85. TY

    Either would be great

  86. Lance

    Big money, big money!

  87. paul galla

    luv free stuff!

  88. Patrick Byma

    Id love to win a 810! Will keep me from getting lost on wandering rides.

  89. Josh S.

    Winner winner chicken dinner?

  90. andrew nagy

    I am the winner!!!!!!

  91. Lawrence L


  92. David

    I used your site a year or so ago to decide on the Garmin 500. Keep up the great work!

  93. Timothy Jacobs

    810, I agree. All awesome though. Merci beaucoup !

  94. Shaska


  95. Chris

    count me in

  96. Merrill


  97. Brian M

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner

  98. Dave

    Very cool!

  99. Stephan


  100. Sienna

    This would be awesome!

  101. Stingray

    Love either one.

  102. JP

    Awesome! Count me in!

  103. Chris K

    Would be so nice!

  104. Romeo Cordova III

    am i still in? nice to choose..

  105. Preston Beasley

    Come on, pick me!

  106. Robert

    OK let’s try for this one!

  107. Frank M

    I desperately want an upgrade to my Edge 305. Pick me! Pick me! :-)

  108. Bruno

    Never take the wrong road again, sounds super.

  109. Tric


  110. This would look nice on my husband’s bike

  111. Joshua McLaughlin

    Yes please

  112. Bruno

    Just again.

  113. Zoe


  114. Ryan

    I am saving a spot for it

  115. Krista Lee

    Yes please!

  116. Peter Hirsh

    I’m in. 810.

  117. yucko

    Apple fritter…definitely. However, if it is free, I’ll take maple and there will be no complaints, just much gratitude.

  118. Luis OLiveira

    Me wants

  119. Keith wakeham

    10 better than the 500?

  120. Philip Kanjuka

    Oprah can keep her favorite things…this is WAY BETTER!!!

  121. Stephen

    Oh yes please

  122. velocomp

    I need the Garmin 800 or 500.

  123. lex sook


  124. Tom Albert


  125. Trevor d

    garmin – thanks for making amazing products and continuing to support Pro Cycling.

    ray – thanks for doing what you do.

  126. Tyler

    Pick me!

  127. Drew Kahns

    Weeeeee these are fun! You are way to nice to us!

  128. Jean-Philippe

    I’d really like the Edge 810!!!

  129. Deb Kelly

    Wow, great giveaway!

  130. Rick R


  131. Mehtab Singh


  132. Ben Diamond

    pick me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Darren

    Sign me up

  134. Mansi Gupta

    i’ll take that

  135. Kurt Bevington

    Thanks Ray!

  136. Sunita


  137. it would be great for my rides

  138. John

    Looks great!

  139. JB

    I’m ready to upgrade!

  140. Laurie


  141. Chris

    Yes, sir!

  142. Annelise Miller

    Wow, Ray! This is an amazing giveaway!

    I would LOOOOVE a garmin :) !


  143. Frankie Cheang

    Would love to ride with this baby 😛

  144. Ben

    just what I need for some bike touring

  145. Joe Powers

    I never win anything, this could be the time to break the streak !

  146. Jeff Larson

    Would love to win an 810!

  147. Matthew Savage

    Yes Please

  148. Mark

    Want it!

  149. Lynn in MD

    Thanks very much!

  150. Allison Fratto

    Looks great; would love to win!

  151. Brent Gaudreau

    I could find a use for one of those!

  152. Kevin M.

    Zebras scare me.

  153. Becca S.

    My husband is making me enter.

  154. Mark


  155. If I don’t win I am taking the playing cards out of my spokes.

  156. Kevin

    Please and again thanks!

  157. Vince Lau


  158. Jeff Bradley


  159. Larry McDonough

    Pick me!

  160. Lee

    Time to ride!

  161. AdeptJR


  162. Scott

    I would like to be a cool kid with a cool gadget

  163. Pinoy2C

    Love it!!!

  164. Angie Cheng

    Please pick me

  165. Brian Dominguez

    Man you sure have some nice goodies to give away

  166. Erica

    wow -ANOTHER great giveaway! thanks!

  167. Sam Weiksnar

    I could really use one of those!

  168. Edward Chan

    I want this

  169. Justin


  170. Devon Kijewski

    come to mama!

  171. Neeraj


  172. Rick

    This site is awesome.

  173. Darren wrigley

    Yes please!

  174. David Sanchez

    Amazing i would love to win this bad boy!

  175. Isaac Ramirez

    I missed the other two !! you are a god sent ! :)

  176. Ricardo do Canto

    I’d love to have it!

  177. Weiteng

    Count me in

  178. Tony P.

    Living on the Edge!!

  179. Chris O


  180. Clark

    I would like.

  181. Rodel Napaton

    Nice give away

  182. Ricky

    want this :-)

  183. Miriam Correa

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  186. John B

    I really really really want one of these.

  187. Tommy

    I’m in!!

  188. Fredric

    This is what I’m currently missing on my handle bar

  189. Bob Zipperlen

    Woo hoo! You never disappoint us!!

  190. Rick Doucette

    Would LOVE the 810!

    Thanks Ray!

  191. Michael


  192. Sam Hamilton

    Thanks for doing this!

  193. Brent

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  194. Kim Bo Jensen

    I’m in.

  195. Rafael

    810 for me, please !!!!

  196. Lparker

    Can I have both?!

  197. I love my Garmin Edge 800. My best mate would like one, but can’t afford one. I would love to win a Garmin and give one to him!!

  198. Adam H

    I need a map. I admit it.

  199. Tom

    Yes please!!!

  200. Tommy G


  201. Peter

    Love your reviews – would also love a garmin

  202. Ben

    Garmin Wins. I hope I win.

  203. Darrell

    can I have itttt? :))))))

  204. What awesome computers! Wish I could get my hands on one.

  205. Shelby

    Pick me!!

  206. chris

    Good excuse to but a new bike….

  207. Tom M

    My 800 is getting tired.

  208. Mark

    I’d really like this one!

  209. Alan Torrigino

    Once again you surprise me. Thank you for all you do for us. I appreciate it.

  210. Tina

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    thansk ray!

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    Would love a Garmin 510.