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A Few Random Things I Did This Weekend

Things are heating up! No, not the weather, but finally a bit more normalcy around these parts. And if you know anything about me and July, it tends to be one of the busiest months of the year, though usually … Read More Here

Converting a $99 Target Schwinn beach cruiser into my Wedding Bike

When we were planning our wedding that happened back in July, one detail that kept creeping up was our ‘departure vehicle’ – that is, how exactly we’d be departing the ceremony and arriving at the reception.  Often times the bride … Read More Here

Observations on training over the last month

I was going to talk about my excitement filled 8-mile treadmill run this evening and all the logic behind doing it indoors versus outdoors, but I wanted to first go through some random observational bullet points around training and fitness … Read More Here

The Honeymoon: Part II

We left off yesterday with us leaving the Amalfi coast town of Positano.  From there, we headed northbound on an assortment of trains via Rome, eventually ending up in a big long town that started with a ‘C’. I could … Read More Here

The Honeymoon: Part I

There were very few people who knew of our honeymoon plans.  In fact, there was really only one who knew the entire plan…me.  There were a few reasons for this – but mostly the simplest was that The Girl and … Read More Here


Today.  To be exact, a bit later today. Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days.  While I have a good slate of posts scheduled for the next two weeks, I didn’t quite think through posts for the … Read More Here

Swimming through the registry

This weekend was a pretty big hodgepodge of activities.  I covered all the usual sports, and a few other activities that with careful regulation – could probably be categorized as sport. First up was a Friday evening swim.  I’ve been … Read More Here

Man Overboard

This weekend was jam packed with stuff, up until this evening it was pretty much go-go-go!  Well, except a very long aquatic journey.  But we’ll get to that in a second… First up was Friday evening.  The Girl was busy … Read More Here