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The MySwimIt Safety Device: Good or bad for triathlon races?

This evening I got an interesting comment posted to an old post of mine from last summer.  My original post was about the NYC Triathlon swim deaths that occurred during the 2011 Nautica NYC Triathlon.  That post touched off a … Read More Here

Were the NYC Triathlon swim deaths preventable? A look at our sport.

It’s easy to look at the tragic deaths of two triathletes during the NYC Triathlon this past weekend and dismiss it merely as an unfortunate case of ‘chance’.  It’s easy to say that it’s simply a fact of life that … Read More Here

10 interesting items from the USAT 2010 Business Plan

Back a few months ago I was poking though the USAT charters, financial statements and annual reports for some information related to spend on their Olympic athlete programs.  While doing so, I stumbled into the USAT 2010 Business Plan document … Read More Here

Response: What has USAT done for me lately?

There was an article published back a few weeks ago from EverymanTri with the title ‘What has USAT done for me lately?’, you can go ahead and read it over there. In short, it highlights some of the structural changes … Read More Here