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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

We’re almost to the end of September, which means that I’m almost past what is a crazy busy time of year around these parts.  Just one more bounce back across the Atlantic this week before at least a week or … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

My weekend was effectively the weekend that wasn’t really a weekend.  Here, let me explain. 1) Flew down to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia First up was a really early flight that had me up and getting ready to go to the … Read More Here

A Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Runaround

After my meetings finished on Sunday, a run was in order.  Now ideally I would have done said run at 6AM on Sunday, well before my meetings.  But when my alarm went off there was lot of snooze button pushing and … Read More Here

An Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia Runaround

I arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Monday evening for two days of meetings.  I had flown first to Bahrain, and then drove across the causeway that connects the two countries.  The actual driving portion of the journey probably … Read More Here