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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

It was a wet and windy and generally miserable weekend in Paris.  But I still made the best of it! Here’s what was happening. 1) Night photos around town To combat the cold rainy weather, we started off the weekend … Read More Here

The 2015 Paris Half-Marathon Race Report

Ok, so I’m a bit behind on posting this race report.  Which is probably appropriate given it’ll match my running of the actual race.  No worries though, unlike Snapchat, the photos here don’t expire (though regrettably aren’t likely as titillating … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Past Weekend

Sometimes, I don’t know where the weeks go.  Before I knew it, I had flown to Wales and back for work, and it was already the weekend.  While I’ve still got to post my Wales Runaround from last week, here’s … Read More Here

Paris Half-Marathon 2013 Race Report

You know what I appreciate about the Paris Half-Marathon?  It started at 10AM.  Yes, 10AM! That means that we woke up around…ohh…8:15AM, walked a few hundred meters to the Metro, and took a short 11 minute Metro ride to the … Read More Here