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Significant updates to the Garmin GTU10 (Tracker), relevant for endurance athletes

This is a quick post, mostly informational as I happened to notice these things, and also happened to notice that nobody else seemed to notice. Thus, I figured I’d tell you.  Make sense? Over the past few weeks Garmin’s been … Read More Here

Experimenting with using the Garmin GTU 10 tracker during Ironman Boise 70.3

This past weekend I did a bit of an experiment with the Garmin GTU 10 (GTU = Garmin Tracking Unit), and Ironman Boise 70.3.  Many of you followed along on a separate Twitter account as both The Girl and I … Read More Here

Boise Bound…well…sorta.

This evening we hopscotched our way across the country, headings towards Idaho – home of French fries everywhere. But before we arrived at the airport there was first the cleaning of the bikes.  After all, I couldn’t show up at … Read More Here

Guest Post: Tracking a runner in the Boston Marathon with the Garmin GTU 10

Note from Ray: Last week leading into the Boston Marathon I had a reader (John) that e-mailed me asking if I’d like to follow along his wife’s progress on the day using the new Garmin GTU 10 tracker. As he … Read More Here

Rumpus in Bumpass Olympic Triathlon Race Report

When we arrived at the lake Friday evening to pickup our race packets, the weather was beautiful.  You really couldn’t have asked for a nicer evening perched on the side of the water. Regrettably…the weather would not hold another dozen … Read More Here

Spring meets DC, and I meet the 1980’s.

The last few days have been a great preview into spring weather around the nation’s capital.  The weather has been nice and warm, all while still being cool enough to not finish up runs/rides drenched from the heat/humidity. Additionally, my … Read More Here