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Behind The Scenes: DC Rainmaker Cave Tour

 Last weekend was the annual DCR Open House, which was the most packed it’s ever been. However, after the beer, tech, and dust settled, Matt Legrand spent the following morning doing a full tour of the DCR Cave. And … Read More Here

Behind the Scenes: An Impromptu Photo Shoot with Ray

Finally back home after a busy week with Ray in Las Vegas for the CES coverage, while backing up photo files, I ran across a few shots that a lot of you will find interesting.  Last Monday, my first day … Read More Here

Behind the Scenes: How I choose which products to review

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve got a few variations on the following question (for a variety of products): “Will you be reviewing the Bryton Rider 60 any time soon? If not please can you say why? I realize … Read More Here

Behind the scenes: The DCRainmaker Gadget Cave

Back a while ago I had shown a photo of the heart rate strap collection I have, where I stash the massive number of heart rate straps that I seem to have obtained (usually just because they came with various … Read More Here

Behind the scenes on my aquatic product review posts

Monday night I had my usual Monday easy swim, and since it’s summer, I was able to do it outdoors in the town pool (during the winter, I’m stuck indoors).  I had planed afterwards to spend a bit of time … Read More Here

My photo shoot day at Men’s Health Magazine

(Quick side note: If you saw yesterday’s post regarding wireless downloading from the FR310XT straight to the web via an iPhone without a computer, I’ve updated it with new comments from Garmin.  In short, they’re looking for feedback as to … Read More Here

Behind the scenes on product reviews

It occurred to me recently that it might be a bit entertaining to get a ‘behind the scenes’ view on how product reviews come together.  While product review posts actually total a very small number of the total posts I … Read More Here