Behind The Scenes: DC Rainmaker Cave Tour

Last weekend was the annual DCR Open House, which was the most packed it’s ever been. However, after the beer, tech, and dust settled, Matt Legrand spent the following morning doing a full tour of the DCR Cave. And atop that, a bit of an inside look at how I put together reviews. If you aren’t familiar with Matt’s channel, he covers sports tech including wearables, triathlon, indoor cycling, and plenty more.

He and his son flew over for the Open House (and presumably to sample various Dutch food delicacies). The above video outlines pretty much all aspects of the cave. But more than the cave, I take him through the day-to-day process of the workflow. From how tech stuff arrives at the DCR Cave, to unboxing, shooting, organization, and plenty more.

It’s a fun look behind the scenes that actually has a bit of a story woven through it. Maybe one day I’ll tell the story of that gondola…

Give it a watch, and a subscribe – Matt’s doing awesome work in the sports tech space!


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  1. This was fascinating! Thanks so much to you both for putting this together! And I’m drooling over the storage room! The wall shelving has clear plastic drawers that slide out? Where do you get them? Thanks!

    • Thanks!

      The shelving is actually just cheap shelving from the hardware store that’s seemingly always on sale here. And then the bins are from a dollar-store-type place here in the Netherlands (Action). Just cheap plastic bins,

      There may have been a brief shot of a mesh-like storage system at the end of that room (you can see it in this old Paris cave video: link to – around the 2:11 marker), and while that stuff is really nice (and stupid expensive), it’s actually not very practical for what I want, wish is to fish through bins quickly to find things.

      Cheap plastic bins on cheap shelving work great!

    • Thanks! Yes it’s actually the latter that caught my eye, those wall-mounted sliding drawer/baskets. Stupid expensive doesn’t sound appealing tho haha.

  2. David Walker

    don’t forget the 4 trainer desk reviews. Thanks for the look behind the curtains. Neat !