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CES 2013: Health and Activity Monitors–Bringing it back to reality edition

How about them apples? Seriously, that was first thought about seeing the below situation from afar.  The folks at the booth nearby had urged me to go over and try and ascertain what exactly was going on in there.  Given … Read More Here

Hands on with the new Leikr GPS sports watch

It’s been a touch bit over a week since the Leikr watch launched on Kickstarter.  The Leikr GPS sports watch has become instantly recognizable due to it’s larger full color screen – one that essentially looks like a Motoactv on … Read More Here

CES 2013: The Loot I’m Bringing Back

I’ve got 12 minutes until my flights departs here from Vegas to Chicago (and thus onwards to Paris), so this is gonna be super quick.  I’ve got lots more content than this, but I figured people might be interested in … Read More Here

Headed to CES 2013 next week, what do you want to see/hear about?

Like last year, I’ll be making a quick trip to the Consumer Electronics Show – which is pretty much the super bowl of consumer electronics.  The show is held annually in Las Vegas, usually on the first full non-holiday week … Read More Here