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Mio Alpha Optical Heart Rate Monitor In-Depth Review (Bluetooth Smart/ANT+)

The Mio Alpha unit may represent the longest I’ve ever actually tested something before writing a review.  I initially got the chance to use a unit back in July for a quick test run as they were in the midst … Read More Here


CES 2013: Health and Activity Monitors–Bringing it back to reality edition

How about them apples? Seriously, that was first thought about seeing the below situation from afar.  The folks at the booth nearby had urged me to go over and try and ascertain what exactly was going on in there.  Given … Read More Here


A day of continuous heart rate monitoring

Last week I had a day trip up to Brussels (Belgium), and I thought it might make for an interesting experiment: All day continuous HR monitoring. Except, unlike such experiments folks have done in the past, I didn’t wear a … Read More Here

A hands-on look at the Mio Alpha strapless optical heart rate watch

NOTE: This product has since been released, and I’ve in turn published a full in-depth review of it here. Late last week I got a chance to try out the new Mio Alpha watch, which is a strapless heart rate … Read More Here

Kickstarter sports technology projects I’m backing…and why.

Last night, I had the chance to run with a recently announced Kickstarter watch.  Now, I’m going to save my first look thoughts about the Mio Alpha for Tuesday, but based on some of the Twitter traffic after I tweeted … Read More Here