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Redshift Sports Aero System In-Depth Review

Every once in a while an endurance sports product comes out that piques my interest, even if it’s not directly a sports technology item.  A perfect example of that would be the Redshift Aero system.  I’ve followed it since they … Read More Here

Redshift Sports demonstrates Switch Aero System quick-release and quick-change aerobar/seatpost system

Back a number of months ago there was a Kickstarter campaign for the Switch Aero System, which takes the clip-on aerobars concept to a more flexible place.  Previously clip-on aerobars weren’t actually as ‘clip-on’ simple as their name implies, as … Read More Here

How and why I mount cycling gadget devices on my aerobars

I’ve always gotten questions as to why I mount various gadget devices on my aerobars, primarily from the belief that in doing so, I’d be blocking my ability to use my aerobars.  So, I figured I’d take a moment to … Read More Here

Using clip-on aerobars on a road bike…how I did it.

If you’re new to triathlon, or are considering jumping into the pool (no pun intended) – you probably at one pointed eyed getting a road bike and using that.  You may have even advanced that line of thinking to also … Read More Here

New positions early in the morning

The weekend’s training schedule ended up getting swapped around quite a bit at the last minute, which, afforded me the time to spend some quality time at Coach Alan’s place re-working my bike fit.  After the Bumpass in Rumpass Olympic … Read More Here

Aerobars Review Part II

I set out earlier last week to decide which were the best aerobars for me.  The bike shop guys were fairly useless in their ability to help me choose – but I was someone expecting that since it’s a ‘personal … Read More Here

Twofer: New Aerobars & New Running Group

Tonight was a good night in training land.  I had decided last spring when I first got my road bike that I would just get ‘decent’ at handling a road bike before I put on aerobars.  I reasoned that if … Read More Here