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Xert’s New Forecast AI Let’s You Pick Future Max Power

As we slide into the quiet period around the holidays and end of year, companies are doing their best to finish off projects. And one such project that Xert has launched into beta is their Forecast AI tool. Essentially, the … Read More Here

Wahoo’s Custom Alerts, Hammerhead’s New Features, TrainerRoad Strava Images, and Xert with Bike The World

The past 7 days have seen a nice strong sweep of updates for cycling tech, and even some new cycling units, like the Bryton Rider S500 (more on my recent ride with that, tomorrow). So, let’s just do a quick … Read More Here

Tech Tidbits: Xert Adds NPE CABLE Support, TrainerRoad Adaptive Training Leaves Beta

Indoor-focused trainer app news will be all the rage for the next while as companies try and pique your interest going into the colder seasons here in the Northern Hemisphere. Though, in this case, both companies also support outside workouts … Read More Here

Sunday Tidbits: Polar’s new Vantage V Titan + Roadmap Updates, Suunto Updates, and Xert iOS App

While this was a busy week when it came to new product reviews, there was a small undercurrent of notable sports tech news this past week that my brain couldn’t quite squirt onto the page. But…now that time has come. … Read More Here

Xert rolls out Segment Hunter Connect IQ App, doesn’t require Strava Premium/Summit

This week Xert, a training analysis/log platform rolled out their latest Connect IQ app – Segment Hunter.  While the company’s main thing in life is their adaptive training platform (which I’ve reviewed here), they’ve actually put together a growing collection … Read More Here

Xert rolls out free real-time FTP app on Garmin devices

Earlier this week Xert rolled out a new Connect IQ app.  Now I don’t normally cover too many Connect IQ apps.  In fact, I think I’ve only covered maybe 2-3 ones in total so far as standalone individual posts go. … Read More Here

Xert Training Platform In-Depth Review

It’s been about a year since Xert plopped onto the training platform scene, and in that time it’s grown both considerably in functionality, as well as users.  So what is Xert?  Well, it’s part training platform, part training app ecosystem, … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

It was a wet and windy and generally miserable weekend in Paris.  But I still made the best of it! Here’s what was happening. 1) Night photos around town To combat the cold rainy weather, we started off the weekend … Read More Here

The Winter 2016-2017 Trainer App In-Depth Guide

It’s been two years since I’ve last done a Trainer App guide.  And in that time we’ve continued to see the trainer app world expand with ever better options.  There are both new companies, and existing companies that have exploded … Read More Here